Colin Kaepernick says U.S. justice system should be dismantled, compares police to slave patrol


This is a few days old, but I’ll post it anyway. Just after the policeman who shot Philando Castille was found not guilty on June 16, Colin Kaepernick posted the following tweet:

I understand Kaepernick’s anger — the killing of Castille was tragic and disturbing. But the comparison of police officers to slave patrollers is as offensive as the socks Kaepernick wore last year that depicted policemen as pigs.

Before Kaepernick posted this tweet, I thought he was taking the necessary steps to save his career. He had announced he no longer would kneel for the National Anthem, and then he went silent for most of the offseason. That’s what I would have advised him to do if I were his agent. I would have told him to stop calling attention to himself for non-football issues. Show the league he’s focused on his future as a player.

This tweet cancels out everything Kaepernick did this offseason to resurrect his career. Now, he probably will become a martyr who sacrificed his NFL career for social justice.

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    1. @Alan & Bill why do you feel that he is his own worst enemy? Answer yourselves with honesty. Because anyone knows that there is Good and evil in every area in life. All policemen aren’t qualified for the job. If your that afraid that your firing multiple shots when you could TASER a suspect your AFRAID. Example, Castille; the officer was standing right in his face, he had to step back to shoot him. FEAR.
      These are the officers I believe Mr. Kaepernick are referring to. That doesn’t make him anti-police. He’s against brutality and unnecessary force. If that makes him his own worst enemy then we need to understand what society as a whole has done to African American men. Especially if the majority of the officers that are exhibiting this henious behavior are white officers. Why are these particular type of people consumed with this degree of fear that they will KILL another human being and use excessive force. FEAR. TIRED OF EVIL

      1. Collin Kaepernick Is His Own Worst Enemy !!! I’m sure they were intending it to be the No1 reason he hasn’t been invited to work out with other NFL teams. His mouth. If you were an owner or head coach, would you want this crap (his remarks) putting a wedge between players and their beliefs. It’s difficult enough to keep 53 players focused on one goal every day, week, game or season, (winning)without having them distracted by the QB continually challenging authority by voicing his personal opinions on Police Tactics, Preferential Treatment for Races or how he would do away with certain Government Crime Fighting Programs. His last year on the field was painful to watch. Maybe when he gets the urge to preach his thoughts, he should just lock himself in the film room and study the upcoming weeks defense. Clearly he doesn’t have the ability to do both. Personally, I don’t believe he will ever see another NFL film room unless a team needs to get a QB with experience to cover for another injured QB. It’s kind of shame, he was playing great with Harbaugh in his corner. When York got involved, that entire organization imploded and you could see it coming like a slow train. Note to John Lynch : If it’s at all possible, keep that little Napoleon Punk on the East Coast during the season. What can he possibly tell you about football operations that you haven’t lived , already, for many years……

    2. Aint that the truth! Kap does more than simply shoot himself in the foot repeatedly. The word I am thinking of is schadenfreude.” We saw what was going to happen, once it became clear he’d be spending too much time all alone with his own thoughts. It was only a matter of time before he’d finish putting all the nails in his own coffin. The man cannot shut up to save himself, much less educate himself on socio-political issues. By the time he realizes he has been an ignorant idiot, his career will have long been over.

    3. It is very interesting that many find his (Kap’s) words more troubling than watching a man killed unjustly by the state in full view of a four year old who was also in the line of fire. I have found few who will seek to justify Castile’s killing as just. Yet those people will not go so far as to speak out against that injustice as strongly as they will against Kap’s protest. Twisted priorities and perspective.

  1. You know what Grant, you sound like a typical low on info white reporter. Your poorly veiled sneakiness is noted. Instead of writing this drivel (that I spent my valuable time reading & learned absolutely nada) to appear correct in your assumptions, how about a more in depth inquiry into the issues? So your assumption then is that he is indeed being blackballed? Can you give us a context: why did Harry Edwards (my former prof btw at UCBerkeley) say that he is his generations Muhammad Ali? Is that true? Do I have to do your job for you? Damn man! Do better!

    1. He may be Ali, but Ali caused almost as much harm as he did good. He could of caused mostly good if he was smarter. We need young black men to fight for justice, but kaep has botched it at almost ever turn. Suggestion #1, instead of kneeling, black glove, fist in the air. Be powerful, not submissive

    2. you didn’t actually expect something informative here did you? He got daddy’s job writing about sports. It’s all a huge waste of time and money. Sports only exists for gambling (profits).

    3. Whether he is or he isn’t being black balled isn’t the complete issue. It is whether Colin wants to play in the NFL or not. If I was looking for employment for any job, I wouldn’t start screaming my radical views on sensitive subject matter and making myself a political face on the matter. If he wants to be a political advocate then more power to him. It may effect him getting a job in the NFL or anywhere for that matter. No perspective employer wants to hire radicals that talk out and try and make statements while they are at work. That is exactly what Colin did. He made radical political statements while on the job. Many times. Not just once. At this point his inability to adapt to the NFL and his radical political views out-way what skill as a QB that he has.

      Maybe at this point Colin and his agent know he isn’t going to be hired in the NFL. Now the only option he has to play might be to force the NFL and an NFL team with unjustifiable legal action into forcing Colin’s employment once more. Remember Colin quit football. He chose to become unemployed by a team that on the surface seemed to be backing his cause. So, now we will see if Colin and his agent try and force the NFL into taking someone else’s job away from them and giving it to a known quitter.

      1. Colin Kapernick’s epitaph: I was the biggest horse’s ass in the history of the NFL.

        1. Colin Kaepernick is an idiot. What he does well is run for his life and throw the length of a football field. What he doesn’t do well is think on his feet, shift his eyes receiver to receiver, go through progressions, come remotely close to completing his deep passes, and execute 4th quarter passes in the clutch . Inevitably, defenses learned how to take away his running and how not to fear Kap’s deep passes, since they can’t hit the side of a barn. Kaepernick is an athlete who is not very good at playing quarterback.

      1. That was going to be my point, thanks for making it. If it was Russell Wilson who kneeled, he wouldn’t be off the team in the first place. And if he was, he’d have a job within days if not hours, after he was off the team, even if he had become a raging Black Lives Matters spokesman. People who support Kaepernick can post all the statistics they want that “prove” he’s a good QB. The only statistic that really counts is wins. Great QB’s find a way to win, make things happen even when they don’t have great players around them. Kaepernick does some things well some of the time and not so well other times. But he NEVER makes things happen. Meanwhile, I’m glad he’s spouting this dribble. It brings him ever closer to the end of his NFL career.

    4. Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest fighters ever. He also had a positive charisma and a good sense of humor. Some of the things Ali said back in the day were divisive and dumb, but ultimately people of different viewpoints admired him for his positive qualities. Collin Kaepernick is a mediocre quarterback who conducts himself with a chip on his shoulder. If Harry Edwards did, in fact, compare Kaepernick to Ali, I think he is off the mark. Kaepernick does not have the charisma or the redeeming personal qualities to persuade those of differing points of view. (And for what it’s worth, if he’s willing to drop his demand to backup money, then I think some team will eventually sign him. I suspect he’s ignored now because he’s still holding out for an opportunity as a starter with a corresponding starter’s salary).

      1. So as an athlete, you have to be great in order for people to listen to you? Is that what your saying?

        1. You can be stupid and people will listen to you. People are listening to Kaepernick and millions do not like what they are listening to because it simply is not factual. AND he is not great.

    5. Harry Edwards has said some good things over the years, but not this time. Comparing Kap to Ali is ridiculous. Good grief. C’mon, man. Pull your head out.

    6. Harry Edwards is incorrect. Kap is no Ali, not even close. If Edwards does think Kap is “this generation’s Ali,” that is a sad statement about this generation because he falls far short of Ali not only in the athletic arena but also in his social impact and depth of his statements.

    7. Melly Mel: Cohn has never been accurate on anything. He’s just plain pathetic. He’s never researched any thing in his life. After all the complaints about wasting space in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the sports editor finally got smart an canned him. He thinks he’s a top reporter for the Niners. The majority of sports fans I know, hate him. You’re dealing with a child that should be writing for a Jr. high paper.

    1. I don’t mind this one. Its a good quick reminder of how much of a dumb ass keep is and why he is being blackballed.

  2. I think the fact that he’s willing to be the voice for those without a voice and risk his livelihood to continue the national conversation he stared last season is a trait we should all desire to have. It’s a shame that in a league dominated by African American players who themselves have been subject to injustice directly or indirectly, are silent while a mixed breed, raised by white parents qb is the only one brave enough to take a stand, knee, seat whatever u want to call it. And as always we focus on the messenger and not the message. Castile was shot dead infront of his wife and child. But we knew there’d be no conviction, hell it’s so bad now a days I get more surprised when they are actually found guilty. That’s just sad.

  3. It’s hard for me to believe that a man like Colin Kaepernick has a solution to fix the US Justice system. There is no perfect system in the entire world and the Castille ruling appears to be a miscarriage of justice. That doesn’t change the fact that we live in one of the wealthiest, most free countries in the history of the world. Colin Kaepernick’s net worth and ability to freely express his desire to dismantle the US Justice system is proof of that point.

    Now for the love of all things Holy, can we please ignore Squidward. He’s not a 49er. Hell, he’s not even in the NFL.

    1. Love the squidward reference. I have been trying to figure out who he reminds me of and you just nailed it! Thanks.

    2. Twelve people had all the facts. That includes the mind of the policeman. They didn’t rule whether it was ‘right.’ But given the narrow range of facts did the policeman feel his life was in danger. They decided yes.

      And situations like this is why:

      And put your big-boy pants on. The policeman is killed in this video. You can hear his death screams and the fatals shots. He waited too long. He did it the way ‘the police are always wrong’ critics want him to do it.

      Not so easy. Though it’s easy to get on the high-horse and point fingers.

      1. Man stop it… now I don’t know you, but in this case that young man never brandished a firearm and was shot dead after telling the officer he was legal/licensed to carry. 7 shots. The issue is not with officers but single minded jurors who feel it’s their duty to TCOOO (take care of our own) regardless of the offense. If you/yourself are licensed to carry and you inform me of that, I ask you for identification and fire 7 shots at your body for simply moving then dammit I’m wrong.

  4. Grant- he isn’t simply comparing modern police departments to slave patrols. He is (correctly) identifying slave patrols as the historical root of policing. Modern police departments directly evolved from slave patrols. You should do some reading about this. This isn’t just a conjecture, it is established historical fact.

    Here is a link to get you started, but you can seriously just google this. There is a wealth of published materials from reputable sources on this.

    1. “Always remember who they are” means all police officers are racist slave patrollers. If that’s not what Kaepernick meant, he should have chosen different words. Or a different meme.

      1. Says the privileged white kid who never had to stand up and risk anything. Says the white kid who doesn’t have to worry about his father being shot for a traffic violation or for jaywalking. Says the white kid who is woefully ignorant about slavery, Jim Crow, Ali, and how the evils of slavery exist in other institutions that control us all. Kaepernick will be remembered far longer than this little white privileged kid.

        1. You do know that kaep is mixed race and was raised by a well off white family?

          He hasn’t suffered like many black folks. He is a poser, zero street cred

          1. You remember when they wrote all those fluff articles on Kaepernick. His dad is the VP of Operations of one of the 200 largest privately held corporations in the US (Hillman). WHen Kaepernick wanted corn rows, they had to drive out of their white bread town, half-hour each way, to get them.

            He’s the privileged (adopted) son of a rich man. Who, growing up, suffered for nothing.

            1. Yup, if you don’t count the times he was asked if he was white or black while growing up.

        2. Says the kid who never had to endure slavery himself. Steve, I’m thinking you never endured this treatment either.

      2. Yes. The biggest problem is the statement paints all police officers with the same brush. It’s like saying the police are evil… but if I replace “the police” with Blacks, Mexicans, Arabs, Indians, or Whites is the statement not obviously prejudiced ?
        He destroys his own message of the injustices police profiling by profiling himself.

    2. That’s one of stupidest revisionist loads of academic malfeasance I’ve ever read. Civilizations around the globe have come up with policing. Even before we have slavery in the US we had policing. The first police departments in the US were Boston and New York, free states, and they did not return run-away slaves.

      Now, that doesn’t mean there weren’t ‘slave patrols.’ But there were relatively insignificant and we had police long before South Carolina set up it’s first slave patrol in the early 1700s.

      In the end, it’s also completely irrelevant. It would be sheer idiocy to assume that police in 2017 are the same as the slave patrols that operated over a hundred and fifty years ago. And therefore conclude that the profile of law enforcement in the United States — and around the world — has not changed throughout its existence. The fact is that even the ‘slave patrols’ of the South have changed dramatically over this time.

      Yet we get these idiotic articles and people giving them credence. So what.? Every group of people in this world have done terrible things to other groups.

      And Kaepernick wants to talk slavery. He needs to ****ing learn about it. But you can find real-world slavery articles all over the place, though it’s not the US. But it is in other parts of the world, including Africa, where people to day are held as slaves or slave-like conditions:

      Slavery still haunts Africa, where millions remain captive
      October 17, 2013
      |By Robyn Dixon | This post has been updated. See the note below for details.

      JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — African countries dominate a new global index on slavery, with 38 of the 50 nations where the scourge is at its worst found on the continent. The Global Slavery Index, released Thursday, estimated that nearly 30 million people remain enslaved globally, millions of whom are in Africa.

      So, revisionist history, an ability to see how things change over time, and complete ignorance of real-world slavery… Yeah, there’s a winning position…

      1. Thank you Moses. For those who forget aspects of history there have been other forms of slavery as well. Recently in the twentieth century there were slave factories during WWII where people were worked to death in some instances. For those who are near sighted to talk white priledge forget that many of these where very white Jews. Not all mind you, as my grandfather, a Spanish Republican, was also a slave in France during the war and spent the war in concentration camps. We don’t whine about Germans or privileges or oppression. We get on with life. Everyone should. For goodness sake the only way to get on is to make the best of what you have before you.

      2. The travesty of JustCallItLikeISeeit’s post is that a person so ignorant that they regurgitate something so stupid actually gets to vote. This person is a poster child for required IQ tests for voting eligibility. Modern policing rooted in slave patrols? Jesus H Christ. I guess places like Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco were all taught how to police by those policing experts over in Montgomery Alabama. Birthplace of modern police techniques.

      3. Interesting fact: Around the time of the American Revolution there were around 450k African slaves in the US. At the same time, there were about 1.2M white slaves in northern Africa. The Barbary slave traders kidnapped Europeans and enslaved them all over northern Africa. Look up the meeting between Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman of Tripoli and Thomas Jefferson & John Adams in London in 1785. It’s a fascinating read. One could almost call Abdrahaman the father of modern policing.

      4. “white slavery” existed here in the “new” America long before “black slavery” ever made it from the Ivory Coast, etc. The British brought over in the earliest days of colonization white slaves (indentured servants) from Ireland. Also, one of my relatives from Ireland fought with Lafayette in the American Revolution, went back to Ireland after the war instead of accepting a “quarter section” of land in the colonies, and told relatives of his adventures.

        Also, regarding all of the comments referring to Harry Edwards’ alleged claims of comparing Kap as this generation’s Ali, I hearken to the words of Lloyd Benson in the VP debate with Dan Quayle……Democratic opponent Lloyd Bentsen’s response to Quayle intimating that he was the “new” Jack Kennedy: “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy”……..just as Kap is no Ali

        Harry Edwards is reaching, and he forgets that some of us old-timers were around back then.

        Not buying it, Harry!!!!!!!

          1. and you know this how??????

            “white” indentured servitude came to the colony of Jamestown just after 1607. the first “blacks” to arrive in the colonies was around 1619, so your “indentured servitude” had at least a decade head start. it was not until around 1641 in the colony of Massachusetts, I believe, before “laws” regarding “slavery” were formally notated.

            regardless, nothing can justify either practice

          2. Yeah it as much, much worse. I’m not going to spend my time writing about it here but so-called “indentured servants” had it much worse than African slaves because help me here — they weren’t “owned.” They could not be sold or , heaven help us, bred. They were worked literally to death. Those that somehow survived literally headed for the hills, the hills being the Appalachians. The heritage there is First Peoples and predominantly Irish or so-called Scots-Irish and that is why the people most of you look down on as white trash stay the hell away from government.

    3. You saying the British police force came from slave patrols? What about those in France, Germany, or any other country other than the US?…

      You know there were police forces of some sort almost 1000 years ago, well before America was ever a concept.

  5. Grant you posted this article one day after the Dash Cam video was released to the public. I did watch it? “I understand Kaepernick’s anger — the killing of Castille was tragic and disturbing.” A young man was murdered in front of his child and her mother. It’s a little more than tragic and disturbing. Castille is dead and the person that murdered him is free and get’s to live on with zero consequence. “This tweet cancels out everything Kaepernick did this off-season to resurrect his career.” So because he brought attention to the fact that another LEO walks free after killing a person of color his career should be over? Grant I’m not implying how you feel about this particular situation… but maybe try to think of “Why?” Kap posts these tweets regarding social injustice. IMO I have no issue with his comparison of Police today with Slave Patrollers of the past in this specific incident. A LEO pulled over a car because he said they resembled 2 people suspected of armed robbery. He said the driver had a wide-nose. Castille in a calm manner let the LEO know he had a firearm on him and within seconds he was dead. 7 shots fired into a car next to a woman and her child. Zero consequence.

        1. you need to get out of the bitter barn and contribute something of value instead of meaningless drivel.

        2. Walking on eggshells is better than walking around with a chip on your shoulder.

      1. The writing was on the wall. This is a PR stunt to bully the NFL into a position. No team was going to offer him a position, so now his only retort is to play the race card and hope that the NFL will pressure him onto a team. Didn’t Sam do something similar to the RAMS?

        1. No, Sam was open about it at Missouri it just became national news leading up to the draft. He was not inciting anything just revealing. Kaep on the other hand is profiling policemen while pointing out their profiling.

    1. Criminal case may be over but there will be consequences. A civil case will be filed and I’m sure that will be successful.

      Having said that, Kaeps tweet is absolutely moronic. He subscribes to theory and logic that has no basis in fact, reason, or reality. The guy is a pariah in the NFL because he’s an absolute loon who comes up with crap like this where he compares cops to slave owners and people of color as their victims. This is not true in the least. I grew up in what anyone would call the hood and there were always more good cops than bad cops that risked their lives to protect people. Kaep deserves public scorn – not Twitter followers.

    2. It’s such a tragedy know doubt.
      But questions remain.
      Do you normally keep a gun in your hand when driving? I know it’s a right to carry state but it seems like a bad idea nevertheless.
      There was a trial right?
      A jury decided this case?
      As far as Kap goes- he thinks cops and society are racists? That they are out to kill black people?
      I’ll be you police officers save thousands of lives every year just by their presence alone, especially in crime ridden areas occupied by gangs.
      Imagine no cops?
      Maybe since Kap is about done wearing a uniform in the NFL, he should go to the police academy and join the men and women in blue.
      Those are real heroes, risking their lives daily to protect society.

    3. Fully agree with you. I can see Kap’s anger after you watch that video. He has ( i hope I am wrong) sacrificed his career to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Football is a very small thing compared to the social justice that Kap is demanding. He may not be Ali today but I think looking back we all will look at him as another Ali

  6. The kid in Minnesota, Castille, IMO, was murdered and the Officer, Yanez, skated because all Officers have a huge protection. When they fear for their life they can shoot in defense.. In this case Yanez approached the vehicle on a “Broken light stop”.. Castille told him he had a license to carry a weapon and had a weapon. Yanez responded “don’t take it out” to which Castille responded, “I am not taking it out… In less than 2 seconds after that comment, Yanez opened fire and killed Castille.. There was another officer on the other side who never fired his weapon and obviously did not feel a similar threat.. IMO, Kaepernick is on the right side of justice in this case but spins a radical tweet on the matter.. Dismantling the justice system is a non starter. Colin should know it. But he has a right to say whatever he feels. A guy who ambushed the NFL last season, by taking a knee, rubbing many Americans the wrong way, might find it very difficult finding a job in the NFL based on last season’s QB performance and political stance then and now..

  7. I agree with Kaep’s overall point of view but holy crap, this guy steps on his own D more then anyone. He is turning into exactly what racist want him to be. I’m starting to think he is on the kkk payroll.

    I love his message, but kneeling was weak. He needed a show of strength (this is our country, not your racist country). He needed to go “black and proud” !

    Now he is crapping on the whole justice system the same way racist cop crap on all black people……not smart.

    Plus he didn’t vote…..

    Kaep, you are hurting the cause now, not helping

  8. Grant Cohn, who got a cushy job via his daddy, is on here making social justice evaluations.

    1. Why don’t you do some research on Colin’s cushy upbringing and put that same sort of attitude towards him making these outlandish statements…a guy who is worth 40 million dollars and grew up in the central valley, I’m sure he was OH SO repressed.

      *insert laugh*

        1. Yeah, I’m sure that every black man (or woman or child) is a walking target every time they leave their house.

          Just ignore that 957 people were killed by police in the year 2016, all races, religions, sexes. Out of a population of 324,118,787. Thats .00104 percent of the population was killed by police (armed/unarmed/guilty/accident).

          Of the total US population, 74.5 million (sad that’s more than the total votes of both Clinton and Trump, off topic) is considered “black”. Now lets say ALL of those 957 people killed by police were black…that would equate to 1.28% of the entire black population had lost its life to police. But we know that isn’t the case. Of police killings in 2016, we know that 54 percent of them were white people, with 28% being black and hispanic are 18%. So of the 957 police killings, 267 were black people. 267 out of 74.5 million people.

          Does it not bother you that in 2015, over 6 thousand black people were killed by other blacks (and presumably the same in 2016). 6000+ vs 267. That’s striking.

          The numbers don’t add up.

          No one will ever argue that police don’t need much better training and the bad seeds, poor seeds need to be weeded out, need to be better vetted before entering the system, but seriously, perspective is needed.

  9. I understand Kap’s outrage. And I agree with his comparison in some cases. But not every cop is bad.

    Dismantle the system? That would be a disaster. Anarchy is never the answer. The military would run whatever area it wanted. Gangs would have more power. The rich people (Kap included) would live in gated communities with private security.

    Everyone else could be robbed, raped, or murdered. With no threat of arrest or trial our country would devolve into lawlessness.

    Stores would be looted by every race, as would the trucks delivering goods to the stores. The stores would then shut down. When people get hungry, LOOK OUT. People will do anything to feed themselves and their family.

    No doubt our system is pretty F’d up. But dismantling the system is a terrible suggestion.

    1. But he got his message out, even on to Grant’s blog! Isn’t fascinating that celebs can do that?
      Grant has to come up with things new and different. He needs to fills the pages. Sometimes its just a empty idea day.
      i pitty the fool. Time for a vacation, or talk about what Baalke is doing. Nothing? Same as Kap. By the way Sly Stone called and asked Kap. for his fro. back.

  10. First off. Policing didn’t come from slave patrols. Look a little further east to Great Britain and Robert Peel. It’s not like American cops just formed up during the Civil War because there were too many slaves running around. You telling me there was no law enforcement prior to that? It’s fun for everyone mad at us to compare us to the “slave patrols,” but try harder.

    Secondly. I worked for years in Hunters Point. Why is it Kap didn’t give a F about “social justice” until he started dating Nessa Diab? Candlestick was in the hood, yet I never once saw him out there doing anything for the community. Nope, just drove the back way to the Stick, and left just as quick. Maybe instead of insulting us at home games, he could have, ya know, done something for the Bayview. Of course, it’s a lot easier to run your mouth and blame the 5-0 for community and societal problems.

    I was glad when the Niners left. Still am.

  11. Damn, you guys get nasty real quick just because Grant A) correctly interpreted Kaepernick’s tweet and B) is correct in his evaluation of Kaepernick’s NFL employment status.

  12. Grant, you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this twaddle. I am a white, conservative, gun-owning Democrat who follows the 49ers casually, and I didn’t care much for Kaep’s antics when he was on the team because I believe that the QB should be focused entirely on winning games when they are about to begin, but his comparison of police officers to slave patrollers didn’t offend me in the least. The lesson of the Castile case is that the 2nd Amendment and civil rights generally (including the 5th Amendment right to life) do not extend to black people. Your “‘Always remember who they are’ means all police officers are racist slave patrollers” is pathetic because it obscures the fact that although not all police officers are consciously hunting black people, the ones who don’t will still enable and cover up for the ones who do as part of the thin blue line of silence. If some officers regard black people as a monolithic species with common universal traits, why should not some black people regard officers the same way? Your “Now, he will probably become a martyr who sacrificed his NFL career for social justice” is pathetic because it suggests that football is more important than social justice. I get that you’re a police apologist who wants to ingratiate himself with the local force, but I read sports columns for sports commentary, not social commentary, which I think you should avoid because you’re no good at it. Don’t you gratuitously dump on a man who’s done more in his life than you ever will.

    1. Just ignore the fact that 50% of fatal cop shootings in 2015 were against white people vs only 26% being black…but I guess that doesn’t help your narrative.

      Or ignore that 12 % of white and Hispanic homicide deaths were due to police officers, while only 4% of black homicide deaths were the result of police officers. 96 out of 100 black homicides were committed by everyone else but a police officer….but that doesn’t make for good news, doesn’t sell the books and get people to turn on their tvs,

      Racism will always be there when you look at everything as a color.

      1. Just ignore the fact that the officer said that he pulled over Mr. Castile because he had a “wide nose”, just like the suspect in a recent bank robbery. Nothing racist about that!

        1. So blame the whole for the actions of the few? Thats smart thinking right thur.

          And you know when police ask someone to describe what the perp looked like, and they do a sketch of them…in your world it would be just a circle with 2 dots for eyes, a vertical line for a nose and then one horizontal of the mouth…oh but wait, if its done on white paper that would be racist because then it would mean the perp was white….

        2. Hey, Murdock………….

          You cherrypick the incident you want, to make your subjective point….you would really have us believe there are no racist people of color??????????? And that this represents police everywhere?????????

          Damn right your a modern democrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. So because there are more white people or whites/hispanic their lives mean less? More whites were killed by cops but that doesn’t matter since theres more of them, they could use to lose a few…is this what you are saying?

  13. Every person has the freedom to express themselves in this country, and we all need to realize that there can be consequences to that. We are seeing that with Kaepernick now. Teams will deal with distractions from players that produce, however back-up players rarely produce much if anything. The result is that they don’t want the headache which is well within their rights as well.

  14. Nobody cares about their BS because they cry about EVERYTHING.. Give us free food, give us free homes, give us free power, free cell phones, give give give… so i can afford $200 Nikes and more poverty ravished chidren.

    Its everyones else fault until the facts come out in court..

  15. Nothing like Politics or Religion to bring out the worst in people.

    I’ll just wait for the next topic.

  16. Grant, you are not only blind, but privileged, and so you spit out this drivel through your ignorance and judge, condemn make superficial suggestions and simply pronounce your opinion without ever getting out on the street and doing the dirty work that needs to be done to return this democracy back to the true principles of equality for all. Until you do that, shut up!

  17. Kap’s insult to and indictment of the entire justice systems is highly provocative – which makes it easy to dismiss or push back hard against. We all know (or at least have to believe) that the majority of the police officers and legal system is well-intentioned and cares about the people it is charged to protect. Moreover, we all see on “Cops” and the everyday news the thugs and lunacy the police have to deal with on a daily basis – heck no wonder they are so jaded and callous.

    What we are missing – is that is seems to take “radical” statements (accurate or not) to get the system and people’s attention that the problems have become systemic and big change needs to occur. But it’s not on all the police, its on everyone:

    1. The bad police need to be disciplined and releaved – and if that takes civilian oversight then so be it. There must be transparency to build trust. The police departments need to stop fighting this and embrace it.

    2. Same goes for the overly-zealous prosecutors that care more about winning a case than justice. What made America great is the innocent before guilty priority. This seems to be lost on many modern prosecutors that even fight letting new evidence free innocent people.

    3. Communities need to be committed to lifting themselves up – helping the police – and throwing out the thugs. Too often today, communities are held hostage by fear or are sympathetic to their supposed lawless elements.

    Only when all parts come back together to cause change – embrace change – will the finger pointing end and things get better. SAME GOES for our darn politicians!!

  18. Kaep always seems to be a step ahead of society at large. Edgy in his unique Kaep like way. Enough of that what I want to know is Kaep spending his free time at EXOS working with Kurt Warner? Secondly, does Kaep still have his massive pet tortoise?

  19. As a fan of Kaep, I could see why he is upset. Looks like an American was executed for having a gun. Thought there was a second amendment protection.
    As a fan of the game, Kaep went hyperbolic, and painted a whole class with a broad brush, when in actuality, it is a relatively rare occurrence, and 99% of the police force does not condone those actions. Kaep very well may have sabotaged his career, and it was an unforced error. Equating the whole law enforcement apparatus as akin to slave patrols is counter productive, and bound to anger many people. It is also very wrong. He is getting bad advice.
    However, one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. There needs to be better training, and more emphasis on de-escalating situations.
    There should be a one shot rule, where an officer who is not under fire should shoot only once, and then assess the threat. Unloading his weapon at Castille, meant he was just trigger happy, and the police officer should never be allowed to carry a fire arm again. Going after a bank robber is commendable, but shooting an innocent person is counter productive, and should not be tolerated.
    The worst thing about the situation is that the police officer was not found guilty, and I firmly believe that the gun was planted on Castille. Why? because wearing shorts and sitting on a gun would seem to be very uncomfortable, and sitting on a gun may seem to me to be a very good way to shoot oneself in the buttocks. I may be wrong, but that is my opinion, which makes this case even more tragic. A 4 year old daughter watched her father suffer capital punishment for being truthful, and a trigger happy rogue cop got away with murder.
    I hope Kaep will play this year, but expect more doors to be closed for him. If a player who beats his wife, beats his child, kills dogs, commits rape or breaks a woman’s jaw , can play in the NFl, maybe a guy protesting for social justice, can, too.

    1. Seb, unfortunately the NFL is now all about profits and big business. These guys do not have the moral courage to bring in Kap. It is a sad commentary on the league today. They will hire women beaters, and murderers but cannot stand the heat a social justice activist will bring

    2. Kap never complains or cherry-picks the injustices of all others………….Why is that?

  20. Come on, let’s stick to damn sports will you. You preference an article referencing the death of a man shot dead (regardless of ethnicity) who exercised his amendment right to bear arms yet was killed without ever brandishing a firearm. You preference the situation as tragic offering no opinion of whether for or against but quickly jumping over this former players stance. Of course he’s upset. Not upset only about the incident, incidents happen. He’s upset over the TCOOO (take care of our own) injustice of everyday courtroom jury (s) that feel it’s their responsibility to acquit when the victim is of another pigmentation. Nobody wants to live in America without police (especially people of color). The man speaks of those who go unpunished and certainly not those who faithfully serve and protect.

  21. The guy is an idiot!

    BTW, Kap….if armed thugs climb in your window at 3 AM ….do not call the police, whom you evidently despise. Handle it yourself, Punk!

  22. This verdict does appear to have been a miscarriage of justice. Here’s an account from The National Review — which, as most of you probably know, is a conservative magazine — that lays out what happened and draws the same conclusion:

    So I can easily understand Kaep’s reaction. However, this is a sports blog, and since Kaep’s no longer a 49er, I hope, Grant, that you never make him the subject of one of your blogs again.

    1. I vehemently disagree, George.

      Social commentary when an athlete’s involved is perfectly proper and and a refreshing escape from zone blocking schematics drawn up by posters on this site for the zillionth time.

      1. I may add that above and beyond the zone blocking schematics are Seb’s 15 player trades, 15 times per month that he posts.

  23. Kap and Seb, two cackling, cacophonous, me people that come complete with their own motto:

    This motto is on full display anytime an agent advises Kaep to disengage from politics….For Seb, the motto is on display anytime he’s asked to stop yammering about his gun collection….Here’s their collective motto:

    “Me 1st, Fu-k U.”

    1. TrollD, this is why you should not talk about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. You are a gun nut, and your attitude is why there are way too many gun casualties in America. I am advocating for sane gun laws, stricter background checks and better police training. When police are better trained, guns do not kill as many people, especially when they implement de- escalation tactics.
      I win again. Just cannot keep from hurling expletives, can you?

  24. The only thing Seb adds to this site are his 15 player trades he suggests the 49ers copy that include the worst players on their team for better ones on another team.
    This clown parade is truly worth the price of admission and the reason Seb is known as “The Fool on the Hill” by Prime and others.

    Fool on the Hill, by the Beatles, performed by the Sergio Mendes Band:

    1. TrollD, you advocated for a Kaep for Tebow trade, and now you are trying to puff up Hoyer.
      Talk about the real fool on the hill.

  25. Why tf do you still bring up this left-facist trolls’ pathetic discharges? He’s gone and out, learn to live with it.

  26. Typical modern day liberal.
    Make a whole group the enemy without proof or reason. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Look around you, they’re the poster child of whiny, thin skinned hypocrites. I hope he just goes away for good. Or better yet I hope he needs an officer one day to help him out.

    1. Pre-training camp rehash. Those who were on vacation now have a chance to respond.

  27. Grant,
    You recently said that Aaron Lynch “has no self control.” You seem to have the same flaw. Using this board to cover any news regarding Kaepernick is taking on the look of no self control.
    I would venture that most here could do fine not having any more reports on the FORMER 49er player.

  28. Who cares. Colin sucked as a qb and his opinion about law enforcement doesn’t matter. Listen to the police or suffer the consequences. People forget there are actual consequences for their actions. That’s what’s wrong with this world.


    According to Florio, if the Redskins are offering anything less than the franchise tag total of $23.94 million and next year’s transition tender of $28.7 million at signing, a deal won’t get done.

    Florio adds that Cousins has both the leverage and the financial security in this situation, which means there’s really no reason for him to not to maximize his situation.

  30. I believe there is a problem in the USA with unarmed civilians being shot down by police, and it’s no secret that the vast majority of this class of victims are black people; although to generalize to “people of color” is not unjustified.
    IMO, the solution is with engagement with LE about their rules of engagement and fire discipline, which is a matter of policy and training.
    We need to change the minds and practices (SOP) of the people pulling the triggers. We don’t do that by demonizing them.
    Tearing down the system is simplistic, moronic, and counter-productive.
    Ergo, in my view, Kap’s well-meaning crusade is misdirected.
    I hope this is my last missive on this subject, or CK in general.

  31. Why does anyone actually care what Kaep tweets anymore? How is it that a former backup qb, marginal starting qb, currently not any type of qb… how does he still have such a loud megaphone? It’s perplexing. Now clearly this blog gets whipped up around Kaep topics for obvious reasons, but outside this blog is anyone listening anymore?

    1. It’s called the media shoveling sh!+ down the throats of the people regardless of how tired the people are of it.

  32. Move to Venezuela bro. Then you’ll see what happens when dumb ass ideas like yours are implemented.

  33. Kaepernick is not this generations ali. He’s not as intelligent, or informed as Ali was, nor is is already dwindling career a comparative sacrifice to Ali’s time in prison. I’m black and I appreciate Kaepernick bring things to light, but I don’t think he has the done requisite research or has the ability to affect society in the way Ali did at a much more tumultuous time in our history.

    His rhetoric can be hyperbolous and even cringe worthy, but he ultimately is expanding the conversation of racism in 2017.

  34. There is so much crap about injustice and one claim is greater than the next. There hasn’t been legitimate slavery in this country since 1865. After that it was just prejudice and ignorance. Every ethnic group in this country has suffered the same prejudice at one time or another, but some just keep using it as a excuse to get away with almost anything they want to. It is always the other guys fault. The Irish, the Jews, the Italians, the Japanese and on and on were discriminated against. At Lake Tahoe years ago they closed down a black jack table because Ertha Kitt sat down to play and she was the head line act at another casino. Jews have been excluded from golf clubs, hotels, and residential areas to buy a home as were the Irish and the Italians. Mormons were slaughtered as they crossed the country in the 1800s. When I got out of college I applied for a job, got the job and after I filled out the application I no longer had the job. It appears that religious preference on the application lost me the job. How many cops have been shot by black men? How many children have been killed by drive by shootings or gangs? The gangs are black, Latino and Chinese and I don’t here any screams for justice there? I guess it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Injustice is injustice whether it is social, economic or political and everyone on this list is subject to it in one way or another whether they are white, black or any other ethnic or religious group.

    1. That’s why true constitutional capitalism is the only system that can work. Every other system fragmts people into groups of colors or creed, limits speech & pulls away their guns. True constitutional capitalism allows all of these things to co exist no matter how flawed chasing and allowing for the only things that really matter-God & Green= individual liberty.

      1. I disagree. Many equate the present capitalistic system as a form of economic slavery in which rich people exploit poor people for financial gain with no thought towards elevating society or giving back to the community.
        ‘ You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter dont you call me ’cause I cant go, I sold my soul to the Company store’. -MT.
        They establish drug laws that disenfranchise large segments of the population, and use the drug laws to appropriate property with no recourse or repercussions, while filling up the prisons with people who just want to pursue happiness.
        Historically speaking, the United States may have a system that has endured, and is a work in progress, but the progress has been slow. American history has also been blighted by the system of institutionalized slavery. It has also employed genocide against the native population. It had incarcerated a whole segment of the population just due to former nationality (Japanese Americans). While they fought the Civil War to end slavery, Jim Crow Laws were in effect until just recently. Looking at the news, Racism is alive and well in America, despite people telling us it has been eliminated or no longer a problem. The injustices of police officers shooting innocent people and getting off scot free just shows how badly reforms are needed. I do not think that they should dismantle the system, because that would lead to anarchy. I just want reforms.
        Sports has played a big part in reducing racial discrimination. Breaking the color barrier was emblematic of societal change when heroes like Jackie Robinson and Kenny Washington had the courage to stand tall. Society changed when Black players changed the game. It has come full circle with the NBA, where the league now has an unwritten policy to include some whites on the team to placate the white fans. Otherwise, many teams would be all black. 70% of all football players are black, yet the owners are all white and conservative.
        Now we have a mulatto who advocates for social justice, yet many consider him an uppity black person. He is blatantly being blackballed. Some deny it, but when thoroughly less qualified QBs are being signed while he got only one interview, it is all too apparent.
        Constitutional Capitalism? Sounds quaint, but it is not what really matters. One should separate the Constitution from Capitalism because they can be antithetical to each other. What really matters is the Constitution, and the rights and freedom it espouses. Capitalism is an unjust economic system where the rich get richer, and exploit not only resources, but people, too. Free market economics with restraint on monopolies may be a better goal to aspire to.
        The problem with the Capitalistic Golden Rule is- the guys with the gold make all the rules.
        What really matters is peace, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, with liberty and justice for all.

        1. It’s called Graham v. Conner and has been around since 1989. It’s the objective reasonable standard as it relates to force used by police officers.

          It’s already being taken away from officers doing their jobs as evident by the criminal indictments in court on police officers who unfortunately have to use deadly force that results in actual death. Of those officers indicted and found not guilty of the crime of murder, it shows that courts have no respect for the appellate laws laid before them. I understand that all laws are mostly subjective because of the appellate courts, too.

          LE officers alike are starting to do less because they don’t want to face prison time and the stress that an indictment puts on them. This allows the criminals get away with more or more and whiny folks with no experience patrolling the streets, or trying criminal cases attempt reform in favor of the criminal.

          Everyone is seemingly a Monday Morning Quarterback, especially you.

        2. Seb..

          Wrong again. In this economic system, you largely reap what you sow. That is just. Not so in your communist and socialist systems, which is rampant with jealousy and envy with anybody who has something that they do not. So who gets “stuff” in your workers paradise? The govt employees, and its distributed in a pecking order.
          Your a free person, Seb-because of the blood thats been shed by others. You sound like something out of the Communist Manifesto. So give your stuff to “the people” i.e. the govt…….and be done with your hatred of this country.

          1. Saw. the classic communist and capitalist systems are becoming extinct, and are being replaced with free markets with a social conscience. This system is not utopia, and there are a lot of people going hungry and living on the streets. This is also the only major industrialized country that lets people die because they cannot afford medical care.
            Hate this country? No. I love this country, and think it could be even better. You want to descend back to the dark ages. Believe it or not, you espouse the same ideals as Isis when you want to take away women’s reproductive rights and defund planned parenthood.
            Redistribution of wealth? Maybe you should go after corporate welfare, that is where the big bucks go. BTW, I have owned my own business for 30 years, paid taxes and do not like them going to fund the military industrial complex. Sure do not think that I am a government employee.
            You are free, too, because past people invaded California with an insatiable lust for gold, and committed genocide against the native populace. There was a lot of blood shed for that, too.

  35. I believe that Kaep is frustrated that he hasn’t been re-signed and will not accept the fact that he lost his job because of poor play. Many times in my life I have seen individuals who did not understand that they had a job to die for and took for granted that it would continue to be there for them. Right or wrong, as Jack Hammer said above, the organization has the right to demand that there not distractions and divisiveness even if we don’t agree with the specifics as we see it. That also includes the issues mentioned by the NY Giants ownership about (again right or wrong) their fans negative reaction to Kaep’s actions. There is a time and a place for everything and just because something is legal it does not make it right. On this board there is constant support for one’s right to “speak out”. But I note that that right is generally limited to saying the things that each poster believes are the most popular or accepted things to speak out about. The right to disagree is a two edged sword and anyone who forgets it does so at his own peril. If Kaep can disagree and speak out while representing his employer, then the employer has the same right to disagree and provide consequences. A rule that allows speaking out for the side perceived to be more popular and takes away the right to speak out for the side less popular is just as wrong as no rights. Right now, Kaep is justifiably upset but will not accept that he did this to himself. Consequently he is making himself into a martyr by portraying himself as someone who dared to speak out instead of being more diplomatic and respectful of his employers rights. This is a case of where you stand depends on where you sit – no right or wrong. In The Natural, Roy Hobbs makes an unfortunate decision with a young woman early in his career that sidetracks him until it is almost too late. He wanted to be the best that ever played the game and, but for that event, might have been. Realizing the devastating effect of his decision he says in the end; “I SHOULDA SEEN IT COMING, I should have seen it coming, I should have, but I didn’t.” Kaep SHOULDA SEEN IT COMING. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t feel sorry for him.

    1. WC, I respectfully disagree. This is not the case of living in a society where the thought police controls what a person thinks. This is a courageous person standing up for what he believes in. This is America, and one should not have to agree with every point of view in order to be employed, because that is disingenuous if that person thinks that beating women is just fine, like Mara did.
      I also think that Pete Carroll is right. He thinks Kaep is an elite player who can lead his team to championships.
      However, I do agree with you in the fact that Kaep just committed another unforced error, and has nobody to blame but himself.

      1. Kap hasn’t done Krap on the field for years……..and it’s always….ALWAYS without exception, somebody elses fault. Ridiculous. Even more, its irrational.

        This kid who came back from North Korea in a coma and died–HE’S a victim. Why arent the bleeding hearts and sob-sisters crying over him? Because it does not fit their narrative………, Seb-skov?

        1. Philando Castile was also a victim, but you are not crying over him. I am not going to defend the North Korean Government, but also will not applaud a kid who steals posters and gets sent to a hard labor camp because he did not take the possible consequences of his actions seriously.

        2. Not true. The kid in North Korea negatively drew attention to himself and suffered the consequences.

  36. Everyone has a different view of what is right. Those that scream that segregation is wrong and that things should be integrated are just fooling themselves. Everything is done for one economic reason or another. They integrated baseball with one black player and watched the dust settle and they did the same with football. Then the scream came that proportionally there went enough African Americans on the teams to express a proportional balance of the races. Now that the sports have predominantly African American, what happened to the screams for an ethnic balance. Should the teams be made up of players proportional to the racial makeup of the country or of their local area or is talent the sole criteria? The same goes for the downtrodden. You drop out of high school and expect to be paid the same as a doctor or a lawyer and claim that you are being discriminated against. It is someone else’s fault that you are impoverished. Take the last verse from Seb’s song. ” I sold my soul to the company store” That was his choice, not societies so why should society be held responsible. If you can’t get a job because of discrimination that is wrong, but if you are the cause why blame others? If you have tats on your face and arms and can’t get a job, could it be your fault or the employers? You are free to have all the body art and piercing that you want, but the employer also has the choice of what someone should look like that represents his/her company. It all depends upon which side you are on as to what is right or wrong.

    1. He sold his soul to try and make a living, and feed his family. However, in coal mining Appalachia, the only jobs were in the mines, and the coal owners exploited their workers in a despicable manner.
      I guess he could leave to find work elsewhere, and the diaspora from the coal mining regions is the end result, but it also was not without a lot of pain and suffering.

    2. “There is always inequity in life, Some men are killed in a war and some men are wounded, and some men never leave the country, and some men are stationed in the Antarctic and some are stationed in San Francisco. It’s very hard in military or in personal life to assure complete equality. Life is unfair.” – John Kennedy. Life is unfair. Some people can get over it and move on and some can’t. Fact is no one will ever change it.

      1. My favorite President. That Democratic party was taken over. Are we better for it? Eh, Seb-skov??

  37. What a wonderful exercise in racial indignation….we can come up with new examples of bad things happening to people…but I have to pass by, because other than my vote…I haven’t come up with a solution…which IMHO is not much more than cynical hypocracy….So back to the 49ers…I hope to see both Aaron Lynch and Eli Harold as our starting edge rushers….I’ll leave the social commentary to other, wiser folks….

  38. Will Marcus Mariota also deserve to be one of if not the highest paid QB’s in the league?

    Through 3 seasons:

    Carr – 60.9% / avg 3731 yards-season / 27 td-yr / 10 int-yr / 6.5 ypa

    Through 2 seasons:

    Mariota – 61.6% / 3122 yds-yr / 23 td-yr / 9.5 int-yr / 7.6 ypa

    Carr(after 2 seasons) 59.6% / 3628 / 26 / 12.5 / 6.25

    The Titans have been put on notice.

    1. We’ll see. So far Mariota has been good and getting better so he could be in line for a big extension as soon as next year. The good thing for the Titans is he has another 2 years contractually after this one they can use to soften the cap hit a little.

      1. If the Chiefs don’t want him, the Niners could use him. He’s better than Hoyer.

        1. Oh FFS Grant did you really need to go there?

          That’s like a nasty fart. You’ve made this place uninhabitable for the next few hours while everyone deals with it.

        1. I find that baffling. He’s had a decent record with draft picks and the team has been performing well. And why let Ballard go if they wanted to get rid of Dorsey?

          There has to be some backroom politicking at play here.

          1. There’s definitely more to this. A couple of months ago there were suggestions that the Packers wanted to bring Dorsey back to GB when his contract was done to take over from Ted Thompson. This may be a case where Dorsey let his intentions be known and the Chiefs let him go now.

          2. Everything suggests that this decision to part ways with Dorsey came recently. If this was just about bad team management they wouldn’t have let Ballard leave for Indy and they wouldn’t have given him (Dorsey)free reign over the draft if they planned on replacing him shortly after.

            My guess is that Dorsey wanted a new head coach. If Reid wasn’t onboad with Mahomes then one can say that Dorsey has been making a lot of moves that his coach doesn’t like lately. When the time came for Dorsey and Hunt to discuss Reid’s extension I believe the two didn’t have the same plan. Hunt likely wanted to stick with his head coach especially with the new rookie QB on board. Dorsey has been making moves in preparation of having a new head coach and possibly made it a him or me type talk and Hunt made his choice.

            The Chiefs are in bad cap space next year but bounce back out the season after. Can’t see this as the reason to fire the GM given all the other success he’s had.

        2. I don’t think Dorsey’s firing has anything to do with performance or relationship to Reid. I think he wants to go back to GB and turned down an extension.

            1. Again don’t think that had anything to do with it and I doubt that was a factor as usually their is a cap manager in charge of that.

              There was no reason to fire him as the Chiefs have done well in personnel and on the field.

              1. Grant Cohn says:
                June 23, 2017 at 8:30 am
                They fired their cap manager a month ago, so the cap was a factor.
                What was Dorsey’s role in the cap if they had a cap manager?

            2. Mahomes was a horrible pick, especially since they gave up a number one pick for him. Way too desperate, especially when they had bigger needs elsewhere. They now have no first round pick with several potential franchise QBs available next season.
              Wonder if they watched Mahomes in the OTAs and mini camp, and got mad that they paid a way too high a price for a flawed player.
              Cutting a good player did not help.

              1. Big time. They ignore crucial needs on offense and defense in favor of over drafting a raw QB and let go of their top WR without a sound replacement. Now they let go of one of the better GMs in the league. Expect the Chiefs to be dead last in the AFC West.

              2. Well, it sure looks like they took the advice of Madden.
                They chose a coach over a suit, because suits are easy to replace, but good coaches are as precious as rubies.

    1. Hmm, they said that AA was the best 3-4 lineman. Too bad they are converting to a 4-3.

      1. Yes. This article is from Feb. 15.

        Armstead hasn’t been good enough against the run to be considered an every-down defensive tackle, nor has he proven quick enough off the edge to be an end in a 4-3. His best role might be as a situational pass rusher from the interior, potentially limiting him to 60 percent of the snaps. Is that the type of role the 49ers envision for the former 17th-overall pick, or does he have more value to a 3-4 team on the trade market?

        This is why many of this blog’s commenters predicted Armstead would play 3t and Buckner would play LEO. Armstead didn’t get many sacks in the 3-4. His production was disruption. Since he lacks quickness and will line up further away from the QB, he will go from almost getting to the QB to almost, almost getting to the QB. That’s not good enough.

  39. I believe Kap was on an island, not comprehending the appropriate avenue to vent his frustrations.
    So, without proper advice he painted with a broad brush.

    I mean, who can deltete the image from their minds of Philando Castiles’ shooting death, posted, via facebook, by his girlfriend.

    By now, all have seen the 2nd video posted that shows the 4 yr. old let out the passenger door by the mother, who had the presence of mind to do so amidst a police officer who just shot her boyfriend, and now is screaming in rage at her.

    All witnessed the officer trying to cover his tracks, after the 4yr old had already crawled half way across the sidewalk, by saying, “let the baby out of the car!”

    However, by painting the all police officers with his broad brush, Kap angered an audience who may well have had his back.
    If Kap had simply stated a small percentage of the officers, police forces across the US would have agreed with him.

    That same brush has painted him into a corner that he can’t escape.

    The same holds true for Seb.

    Seb paints with the largest brush on the internet. When losing an argument, he resorts to lies, innuendos and ommissions of posters arguments when responding.

    In my case, Seb out right lied about the gun issue.

    Seb claims I break into gun safes and create nightmares, when that statement came from me about him breaking into Aldon Smith’s gun safe after Seb doubled down one too many time on gun aphorisms.
    Seb was politely nudged by CassieBaalke and Prime by joke, to stop using his gun sayings, so Cassie turn one of Seb’s sayings around on him like: “Seb shot himself in the foot.”
    Unfortunately, this didn’t work and Seb only got worse—tripling down on gun sayings and lying about me.

  40. More negative leaks emerge about Colin Kaepernick
    Posted by Mike Florio on June 22, 2017, 4:52 PM EDT

    “As one Niners employee explained it, Kaepernick wouldn’t stay late at the facility during the season like many quarterbacks routinely do, saying he’d take work home,” Breer writes. “And there were examples where coaches saw what looked like shoddy prep surfacing in inexplicable mental errors in games. Another staffer, asked if he thinks Kaepernick wants to keep playing…

    Breer has clarified that the person who expressed the belief that Kaepernick wants to play “to stay relevant” was employed by the team a year ago…

    The irony of Breer’s article is that his broader point — Kaepernick needs to speak on it….

    Multiple members of the media have been trafficking in these anonymous opinions, passing them along without scrutiny and thus necessarily presenting them as true.

    Breer’s item becomes the latest example of King’s website being all over the map when it comes to Kaepernick. King has consistently and repeatedly argued that Kaepernick …

    Andy Benoit, have made their views on Kaepernick clear. Benoit received sharp criticism from Drew Magary of for making a football-based argument that all 32 starters and 15 backup quarterbacks are better than Kaepernick. ..

    1. Joe Staley, 49ers Players Marvel at Kyle Shanahan’s Football Acumen
      Posted Jun 20, 2017

      “This is awesome,” Joe Staley leaned over and whispered to Daniel Kilgore during a recent team meeting.

      The pair of offensive linemen watched as San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan dissected game film in the Levi’s® Stadium auditorium. Shanahan broke down each play with meticulous detail.

      The coach covered the responsibilities of all 22 players on the field. He explained which defender the offensive play call was designed to put stress on. Shanahan shared that on this particular running play, the slot receiver would determine whether or not it would work.
      Each player knew their job, but more importantly, they knew how their role impacted the overall success of the team. Shanahan always explains the “why”. That way, there are no excuses for missed assignments…
      “He’s the smartest coach I’ve been around,” Staley told reporters …

      Shanahan’s premier football acumen is coupled with a standard that he established at the onset of the offseason program. Accountability is paramount and nothing short of maximum effort is acceptable.

    2. TrollD, you can run but you cannot hide. Just because I stated that I did not want the Niners to keep shooting themselves in the foot, you went hysterical and made some outrageous statements. You accused me of wanting to break into a gun safe and speculated that there would be nightmares created. Then you doubled down and wildly accused me of wanting to use Aldon’s assault rifle, and conjure up atrocities. I did not make those statements, you did, and now you are accusing me of lying about them. Too bad I have a good memory, and any poster could access the archives and find exactly what you said.
      I, on the other hand, want a well regulated Second Amendment. I want sane gun regulations so the carnage will not continue. I want strict background checks and more accountability. I want gun sellers to lose their license to sell if one of the guns they sold is used to commit a crime. I want the people who profit from guns to pay for the medical bills of the victims of gun crimes.
      I also do not think that all gun references should be eliminated from all football talk, since they have shotgun snaps, bullet passes and pistol formations.
      TrollD, maybe you should think before you shoot your mouth off, because I will remind everyone about what you said. Oh, no, another gun reference, I hope you do not go hysterical again.

  41. Niners’ Hoyer Wants to Keep Momentum Going

    Brian Hoyer is new to the 49ers. So are wide receivers Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor and Aldrick Robinson. So are tight ends Logan Paulsen, George Kittle and Cole Hikutini.

    So, while the team as a whole will be on break now until the start of training camp in late July, Hoyer plans to get together with his receiving corps for some extra work. He doesn’t want the momentum that’s been built during recent offseason practices to slow.

    “We’ll get as many guys together as we can,” Hoyer told Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.
    So we’re going to get together, get three days in and then come back ready to go July 27 (the start of training camp).”

    Head coach Kyle Shanahan said he approves of Hoyer’s plan.

    Bryan_Admin: Hoyer taking on leadership like Alex Smith


    “As one Niners employee explained it, Kaepernick wouldn’t stay late at the facility during the season like many quarterbacks routinely do, saying he’d take work home,” Breer writes. “And there were examples where coaches saw what looked like shoddy prep surfacing in inexplicable mental errors in games. Another staffer, asked if he thinks Kaepernick wants to keep playing, answered, ‘I do think he wants to play — to stay relevant.’”

    It’s not clear on the surface of the article whether the leaks come from current or former 49ers employees. Breer has clarified that the person who expressed the belief that Kaepernick wants to play “to stay relevant” was employed by the team a year ago, but Breer has not clarified whether the Niners employee who chided Kaepernick for taking work home is still employed, or whether the leak came before or after G.M. John Lynch told PFT Live that he apologized to Kaepernick

    1. Hmmm, I thought Lynch was going to stop the leaks. Maybe he should talk to Paraag.

  43. This is a difficult time of year.
    The temperature in Death Valley is a point of interest, which tells you plenty about the national consciousnesses.
    But still, the Kapcentric approach here is lame and elicits pathetic responses from the usual suspects.

  44. The equation hasn’t changed much.

    Mediocre NFL quarterback + extremely divisive sideline activism + more divisive statements = unemployed mediocre NFL quarterback. Period. I stated many times that his actions were career suicide. Any doubt about that was put to rest with his latest asinine statements. The information put out about his non work ethic was common knowledge. He’s done. Signing him would be the equivalent of someone having a cancerous tumor voluntarily implanted. Not going to happen. He should focus on his crusade outside of football. Take a civics class. Maybe run for office. Maybe even vote someday.

  45. Calling Kaep mediocre is somewhat insulting to mediocre quarterbacks everywhere….

    1. No, I will believe Pete Carroll, who has coached against Kaep many times. Pete said that Kaep is a starter in the league, and is a fantastic player, who will lead his team to championships.
      I think Pete Carroll is a better judge of talent than the peanut gallery.

        1. Sorry for not being precise, but that is quibbling over semantics. It also depends on the team he lands with. They need to be of a championship quality, unlike last season’s team when Baalke dismantled a championship quality team, sat on his hands and did nothing to improve.

      1. Carroll was being polite. You know this, Seb.
        Why hasn’t the rest of the league taken a flyer on this guy?

  46. Yea, your right Max. I was being nice. Mediocre is a stretch over the last few years but I refer back to his early days with the team where he actually WAS mediocre playing on what was clearly the best team in the league. Unfortunately, his mediocrity came to fruition at the 5 yard line, and it ultimately cost us a Super Bowl championship. His play over the last two years can only be described as crappy. What coach who thinks a player is capable of being a championship guy signs Austin Davis instead? Like Lynch with his “The door is still open ” comment, Carroll is just being classy with his statement. Both statements were “Tongue in cheek”. The fact that Carroll signed Davis is proof of what he really thought. The same with Lynch, who couldn’t get him OUT that “open door” quick enough. They both were obviously really thinking “Good riddance”. Kaepernick worshipers like Seb need to take Lynch’s and Carroll’s words figuratively, not literally.

    1. No, Pete Carroll signed Davis because he had no cap space, and Davis signed because he was willing to take the league minimum. It certainly was not a case of talent, because Davis sucked so bad, they replaced him with Goff, whose first pass was an interception.
      If Kaep wanted to be a backup and sign for the league minimum, he would be a Seahawk. However, Pete said he was a starter, and Kaep probably wants to be paid like a starter. He also is patient, and knows that there will be attrition, and there will be future opportunities. Some team will lose their starter, and want to win so badly, they will take a chance with Kaep, especially if they have a chance at the playoffs.
      You may not believe Lynch when he says the door is still open, but I will not call him a liar. The fact that Lynch apologized to Kaep about the leaks just means that he is still leaving the door open to returning, or he would not have bothered to have done that. Maybe they are waiting until the Cousins situation is resolved. If Cousins signs a long term deal, and becomes unavailable, the Niners will move on to plan B, which may include signing Kaep, because the present QBs have demonstrably shown their limitations during the OTAs and the mini camp.

  47. In the ultimate “mediocre quarterback” update, even Blaine Gabbert, I’m talking freakin’ Gabberts, found a spot.

    Signed with Arizona. Even Gabbert can find a home.

    As they say in the courtroom, when the topic is brought up of Kaep’s viability as a QB in the League….”asked and answered”

    1. Maybe the reason they fired Dorsey was because he drafted Mahomes, then signed Gabbert, who was so bad, he was demoted to third string.

      1. How exactly did John Dorsey in KC sign Gabbert to Arizona’s roster?
        WTF are you talking about now? You’re so busy trying to defend Kaep that you can’t keep simple facts straight? The Seb Chronicles

      2. Kaps on a string, too, Seb-a puppet string. And if he doesn’t tow the line, he’s going to be living off of your couch!

  48. My comment to Dee, looking at this through a different lens. The issues Kaep shines the light on (attempts to shine light) are real. We have police profiling going on. Not by all cops, some cops. We have people of all color, including african-americans, committing crimes. Not all people of all color, some people. Not all african-americans, some.

    Kaep does 2 things. First, his presentation wants to say Police are bad. All police. This is not the case.

    But worst of all, he doesn’t elevate the dialog on the issue or how to address it. Because it seems to come back that his protests only make him the spotlight. That does not help anyone, including african-americans wrongly profiled.

    Speaking one’s mind, free speech..this is all good. But making that voice effective is the responsibility of the one speaking. This is where I see Kaep failing. It comes back to all about Kaep, and does not bring focus, dialog and action to the real issues that affect us all.

    Look at MLK. He led, he brought people in to the idea, to the movement, so that their collective voice was heard. MLK was a hero, because it was not about him. He led, and made the conversation about oppression, prejudice and the fact this was not right, for humans, for Americans. And through him, action happened. This is how free speech can work for everyone, not just One.

    One man’s opinion.

    1. Max, you are contradicting your own point.

      But worst of all, he doesn’t elevate the dialog on the issue or how to address it

      He has made it an issue to discuss, the fact that you and I are talking about it right now is how he has elevated it!
      Have you or I done anything even close to making it a national issue???
      Your point that it becomes all about Kap is not his doing, he wants to draw attention that all is not OK in the world.
      Yes it is possible to play football, have money and have an opinion on abhorrent social issues.
      The two are NOT mutually exclusive.
      But Americans don’t want their entertainment mixed with social injustice. They want the Yesnigga for their entertainment. If it wasn’t for sports and entertainment how do you think most blacks would be doing in the USA?
      The powers that be, and unfortunately that includes Grant and maybe you Max, don’t like inconvenient truths.
      Maybe not all cops are bad, but almost all cops will cover up misconduct by other cops. Does that mean they are still good cops?

      1. Why is their so much racism in Africa?? The oldest human remains come from Africa–and they are STILL fussing and fighting each other over there……….

        1. What does Africa have to do with police brutality against minorities in America? Are you saying that this is OK because there’s racism in Africa? Or are you saying that it is inappropriate to speak out against racism unless you also speak out against every example of racism in the world today, and you have to give an essay on the worldwide history ofracism and slavery?

          It doesn’t matter what else is going on or what happened in the past. We have a real problem in America today and it needs to be fixed. And before anyone says something stupid about gun violence in Chicago, know this. People are constantly speaking out against it. The article in this link is only three days old.

    2. Grant, I can’t get over your patronizing statements regarding Kap and de facto free speech.

      I would have told him to stop calling attention to himself for non-football issues. Show the league he’s focused on his future as a player.

      WOW Are you aware that people were put in jail, had their careers and family lives ruined during the McCarthy years because they were accused of speaking or thinking about social issues???You might not have been picked up, but your dad more than likely would have been accused of something.

      For you to suggest that Kap should not speak his mind while you as a journalist can concoct whatever you want is very disturbing. If Kap had done or said anything during a game or a practice, you’d have a point.
      If you were his teammate and had said that he was disruptive in practice or during a game, you would have a point.
      Now with your posturing you are actually suggesting that YOU can say or write whatever you want especially about other people but Kap should just shut up.
      That’s Grant-standing!

    3. Good points. And why, if he is a rational and knowledgeable person, does he not want to participate in an extended, meaningful, and productive dialogue?

      He comes across as emotionally charged, impulsive, and irresponsible–all the things he shouldn’t be on behalf of a group battling those stereotypes.

      1. Alan, your perception of how someone should be or how they have to talk is in itself demeaning.
        Are there people that are more articulate and or more persuasive? Yes there are.
        Can you name one that has the same name/issue recognition as Kaep.
        Rosa Parks sat down to get arrested.
        Kaep sat down to remind people that everything is not OK.

  49. Moderation need for links is a bit heavy handed. Anyway to loosen those controls a bit?

  50. Dee..respectfully disagree. Kaep has not elevated the issue, he has elevated the discussion about Kaep’s method and effectiveness of protest. The issues that need to be elevated take a back seat to discussion about Kaep. That is the lost opportunity.

    It’s moot point now though. It takes a special platform to reach the masses. Athletes, star athletes, have this platform by nature of their public prominence based on success on the field, on the court, in the ring,etc. Kaep’s platform is diminshed and near done.

    Soon, he will have a no better plarform than you and I. We might even seehim debating in this blog. Talk about dimished platform ;)

    1. If he would do that, he would command some respect from people who see no evidence that he is capable of debating the issues.

      1. I hope Kaep stays away from these blogs, and just concentrates on preparing to play.
        He does not need to be here, he has posters like me to do all the debating. I like to debate.

    2. Max, you think he has not made a difference, but he has. Before, the issue was largely ignored, but now there has been a big spotlight shown on the ugly truth. Police are now aware of non lethal alternatives, and with better training, they can de-escalate situations so more people survive, even cops.
      Kaep is on the side of history. When they blacklisted people during the McCarthy era, they eventually were exonerated, and the perpetrators of the oppression were exposed and vilified. The NFL is not covering themselves in glory by blatantly persecuting a player who had the courage to advocate for social justice. .
      The good thing is that Kaep is leading the way, and more players will use their platform to be socially responsible, instead of being meek and submissive, and selfishly ignoring a big problem in America.
      Just like the protesters who burned the American flag over the atrocities committed in Vietnam, it caused many to be knee jerk reactionaries and declaring them commie sympathizers and traitors, but those protesters stopped the war, even at a big personal cost. Their actions saved lives, on both sides, because it stopped an unjust war.
      No wonder the NFL is losing an audience. They act in a reprehensible manner, attacking a player for being ‘uppity’ by blackballing him, while they let domestic violence criminals play. The NFL reaps large profits, yet throws former players into the gutter by not taking care of them, even with proof that they ignored and downplayed the effects of concussions. In fact, they denied the existence of a problem, then say they are taking the issue seriously while scheduling Thursday Night games with only 3 days rest.
      The NFL is shooting itself in the foot by persecuting players for silently and non violently protesting.
      The NFL is also wrong, and has succumbed to reefer madness by their intolerance of pot which might help players medically, especially as an effective alternative to opioid drugs.
      The NFL is blatantly homophobic, so it needs to grow up, evolve and become more socially conscious, otherwise, it will lose even more fans.
      Kaep may be blackballed, but some team will have the courage to stand against the hate, and let him play. The argument that he is not a good player was blown out of the water by the comments by Pete Carroll. If Kaep does manage to play again, and leads his team to victory, many teams will have egg on their face, especially the ones who have crappy QBs and are struggling.
      I hope John Lynch has the courage to stand tall against the haters. It would show me that he has the courage of his convictions, and is truly doing everything in his power to try and win games. Sure am glad that he left that door open.

  51. I truly hope Kaepernick enjoys football retirement & is able to earn a living in the real world.
    Of course there is the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL if he wants to play football.

  52. It feels like it is time for the occasionally public statement from Kaep- raw entertainment. Not his agent, surrogates, parents, or a 140 character tweet. The suspicion mounts when we don’t hear and see the focal point of our attention speak publicly for themselves. Once again Kaep’s actions or lack of action strikes me as manipulative and exploitative. Typical Kaep M.O. he is fully aware of the news cycle and is taking full advantage by seeping information about his plight in the NFL. Kaep could ease our collective mind and put the rumors to rest with another classic presser.

  53. It is very interesting that many find his (Kap’s) words more troubling than watching a man killed unjustly by the state in full view of a four year old who was also in the line of fire. I have found few who will seek to justify Castile’s killing as just. Yet those people will not go so far as to speak out against that injustice as strongly as they will against Kap’s protest. Twisted priorities and perspective.

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