Colin Kaepernick selling his house in San Jose for $2.9 million

In case you hadn’t heard, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently put his San Jose house on the market for $2.9 million. In related news, Kaepernick also reportedly bought a condo in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan for $3.2 million this past July.

Kaepernick probably wants to be closer to his girlfriend, Nessa Diab, who lives in New York City. Kaepernick also may want to play for the New York Jets next season, who almost certainly will need a new quarterback in 2017.

The New York Daily News reported on February 2 that Kaepernick wanted to leave the 49ers to join the Jets, who had apparently had no interest in Kaepernick at the time. Do you think they will have interest in him next year? If not, do you think any other NFL team will have interest in Kaepernick if he opts out of his contract? Or will he have to give up football and become a minor league baseball player like Tim Tebow?

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  1. What would Kaepernick bring to the Jets? He’d be the worst QB in the division. He just isn’t very good.

  2. Start spreading the news, he’ll leave before May
    He wants to be a part of it, New York, New York
    Those vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
    Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York

    He wants to wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep
    And find he’s king of the hill, top of the heap

    That Chip of fools, is sailing away
    He’s gonna make a brand new start of it, in old New York
    If he can make it there, he’ll make it anywhere
    It’s up to you, New York, New York

    1. B.J. Thomas… Eyes of a New York Woman

      He’ll be in New York City
      When the lights shine bright tonight
      Where his woman waits for thee
      Arms that hold him tenderly
      Lips as sweet as honeycomb
      Love that waits for Kaep alone
      Deep in the eyes of a New York woman

      …Seb won’t be far behind…

    1. Every move he’s made after being benched, has been in close collaboration with Nessa Diab. He’s kitty whipped….

        1. Brilliant. I’ve often thought that Kaep’s protest is born of the fact that he’s never seen any other country (other than from a $1,000 a night hotel room), so he reads a headline, and thinks this is an abusive, totally racist nation.

  3. Baseball? I could see him signing with the Mets. He’d end up with their farm team the Brooklyn Cyclones. Finally, that storm Seb has been predicting.

  4. I hate biting on such garbage but I can’t keep readin the trash silently. First of all, the Jets HC was the cardinals DC during Kaepernicks downfall. His CBs called the qb trash. That is probably rhetoric feom their meetings with the coaches.
    Secondly, what team would take a flier on Kaepernick who has shown he can’t even grasp a playbook that is so simple that every NFL reporter is calling Kelly an offensive imposter.
    Third, a GM would look at the jets roster compare it to the 49ers and say how in the hell is this has been going to improve beyond Fitz?

    1. Actually Kap had a fair bit of success against Bowles defenses when he was the AZ DC. The bad game last year came after Bowles left. Don’t let that ruin a good rant though.

      1. The question is, will the Jets GM channel his inner Matt Millen and make a move for ANOTHER QB? We should send him cards and letters encouraging him to do so or we may suffer a boomerang effect. PapI Le Betard predicted Jay Cutler would be there, LOL!

        1. I can’t see the Jets being interested in Kap. Cutler….would they really pair him up with Marshall again? The Jets have to see if Petty and Hackenberg are any good.

          1. They signed Fitz for $15 million, that tells you all you need to know about what they think of Petty and Hack. I could see Kaep getting a one year prove it deal, where he competes against both of them….

            1. It also tells you all you need to know about what they think of Kaepernick.

              1. The 49ers were wanting a third round pick, but it still does not change that the Jets passed on Kaepernick for Fitzpatrick.

    2. Have you forgotten what Kap did when he had a good team around him? A super bowl and two NFC title games? Has Flitz ever done that with any team he’s played for? No he has not;

  5. I liked the kid when he came out of Nevada and his first season or two, but it seemed he developed a huge head, (not just the hair), and started talking chit! For me, he really lost my respect with the kneeling! He talks big, but shows little in solving these problems! I wonder how many of his neighbors are poor and black?!! Grow up kid and keep to football, which seems to be leaving you, which might mean not buying houses! Might not have all the money in the near future!

    1. >>I wonder how many of his neighbors are poor and black?

      In his new neighborhood, *Kaep* is the poor one.

      >>he developed a huge head, (not just the hair), and started talking chit! For me, he really lost my respect with the kneeling!

      The most reviled athlete of his time, Latrell Sprewell, had a pretty good run after he swapped the bay area for NYC. Could happen again.

          1. You automatically lose any argument when you bring up fantasy stats as a line of defense.

  6. Does NY have an Arena team? In a parallel universe Kap chose to pursue baseball after the Cubs drafted him. He was really good in his first ten starts, analysts and fans were calling him a phenon. Then he got figured out. The Cubs tried to trade him but there were no takers. After his contract expired he tested free agency. Again there were no takers.

  7. This is why we needed to draft a developmental QB last year because going with Kap and Gabbert makes the rest of the way no sense.
    Driskel for instance could have gained valuable playing time instead we’re stuck with two bums who can’t do anything!
    All signs point to Kap leaving and if it happens, party at my house!

      1. You look even dumber still advocating for Kap. What an epic failure last week. From your lip babbling 400 yards passing to a stunning 8 yards. You lost homey!

        1. Prime, I consider that game an aberration. You cannot dismiss that 400 yard game, either.

          Niners tried their best to stab him in the back again. They leaked more smears and benched him for a QB that gave up a safety.

          Guess what? Kaep was named as the starter, so some one in the organization is smart enough to know that Kaep gives them their best chance to win. With the defensive ineptitude, just expect more losing, but Kaep will hopefully bounce back.

          Sure am glad that Baalke is taking all the blame.

  8. We need to find a leader of men from the QB position. Someone who respects the game and his teammates. Someone that sleeps and breaths football. We don’t have anything close to that. A Derek Carr for example!!!!! That hurts to say being that he is a Raider.

    1. Finding a solid franchise QB is more difficult than finding a competent HC. No one guessed how good that Carr or Prescott would be. If a team lacks a franchise QB, any GM worth his salt sould draft one QB BPA (or BQBA) in the first two rounds, and another BQBA in rounds 3 or 4 UNTIL they have a proven franchise QB. After they have a franchise QB they should still draft a BQBA in round 4 and later every year. I believe that Bill Walsh opined that a team must draft a QB every year. Drafting is a numbers game, and QBs win games in this league.

    2. RAW

      I would agree with you, except that if we find one in the draft, some brilliant FO bozo would trade him for a bag of dogfood and a Hi school cheerleader like WE did with Alex Smith. You get a player like Alex who despite playing through Pop Warner team mates for 5 seasons (minus 2 for injury) until we started began showing signs of life, every once in a blue moon….and then you dump him unceremoniously. Were it not for the money, I can’t think of a reason that a bona fide Ace QB would want to be drafted by the niners….LOYALTY ? I’ve traded in tears of frustration for laughs….this is toooo silly….

      1. If Smith were truly a Franchise QB he wouldn’t have been traded. He was traded because there were still questions about how far he could lead this team and the younger guy showed a better skill set at the time. Most teams in the league would have done the same thing the Niners did.

        1. The fact that the 49ers traded Smith proves nothing. They blew that just like they’ve blown almost every personnel move since 2012.

          1. It proves he was not viewed as a Franchise QB. Nothing he has done before or after the trade puts him in the Franchise QB conversation either. It looks like a bad trade now because the 49ers have a lousy QB group and because Baalke did nothing with the picks. That has nothing to do with Alex Smith the individual. If we had a half decent QB no one would be pining for him.

              1. And QB is the most important position in sports. He has a lot to do with his record. He’s the best QB pre snap in the NFL. Makes great decisions. Doesn’t lose the game. Very accurate.

              2. Yes because he’s played on some really good teams in that time period. What was his record before 2011 Jack?

              3. He’s not the best in the game at anything, but he is very smart, and as I have said repeatedly, his best attribute is not turning the ball over. Still doesn’t add up to a Franchise QB.

              4. Early in his career he played with a terrible team and was dealing with injuries.

                What QB do you consider a franchise QB that plays on a bad team?

              5. Smith wins when he doesn’t have to be the main component to winning. That’s what his career should tell you. That was the case in SF and it’s the same thing in KC. He won’t get you beat but he won’t win either unless he’s given a great running game and defense.

              6. “He’s the best QB pre snap in the NFL.”

                Now that Manning has retired, he’s right up there. It’s an underrated attribute. Everyone focuses on post snap decision making, mainly I believe because it is considered a given an NFL QB can make pre-snap reads, but its not really true and being able to consistently make good/ the right pre-snap reads is a very useful attribute to have for a QB.

              7. Smith wins when he doesn’t have to be the main component to winning.

                What a fallacy.

              8. Brees and Rivers are good. Can’t be franchise guys though because they don’t have a good running game or defense and aren’t winning.

              9. Mid,

                Show me a season Smith had a winning record without a great defense and running game to support him.

              10. You asked me to name a Franchise QB currently playing for a bad team and I gave you two off the top of my head. Great QB’s don’t always play for winning teams because there are 3 parts to football and if you are really bad in any one area, chances are you aren’t winning.

              11. You keep saying “Show me a season Smith had a winning record without a great defense and running game to support him” while at the same time giving other’s a pass because “there are 3 parts football and if you are really bad in any one area, chances are you aren’t winning.”

                You’re talking out both sides of your mouth.

              12. Show me a season Smith had a winning record without a great defense and running game to support him.

                Your comment about how Smith wins did not once state a season. If it did, then please state where.

              13. What exactly is a franchise QB in todays NFL? In todays NFL you need a QB who can make all the throws, be a leader, make others around them better, and adapt to different schemes. Id say Smith does all those things.
                Asking a NFL QB to strap a team on his back and win games is unrealistic. Only one guy can do that right now. Tom Ace!

              14. You keep saying “Show me a season Smith had a winning record without a great defense and running game to support him” while at the same time giving other’s a pass because “there are 3 parts football and if you are really bad in any one area, chances are you aren’t winning.”

                That was in response to your statement about Smith being one of the winningest QB’s in football over the past few years. It doesn’t happen without a good team around you. What I’m saying is Smith is dependent on the other areas for success whereas the upper echelon QB’s are often able to overcome not having a great team around them and still perform at a high level. Smith didn’t start performing consistently at an average level until Harbaugh came along. Guys like Brees and Rivers are up at the top of the performance scale year after year no matter what they have around them. Smith is not that kind of QB.

                You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth

                You are saying this after all the goal post moving you’ve done in our discussions today? Really? Look in a mirror and gain some self awareness Jack.

              15. rocket: Smith wins when he doesn’t have to be the main component to winning.

                Mid: what a fallacy.

                Show me where the fallacy is.

              16. What exactly is a franchise QB in todays NFL?

                A QB who can consistently perform at a high level no matter what he has around him.

                In todays NFL you need a QB who can make all the throws, be a leader, make others around them better, and adapt to different schemes. Id say Smith does all those things.

                I disagree. He can’t make all the throws. He rarely if ever throws outside the numbers because his arm isn’t strong enough. Anything deep that is not down the seam is not always accurate. As far as making others around him better, who has he made better exactly? He went an entire season without throwing a TD pass to a WR. That is insane in this day and age. Smith is good if he’s not asked to play outside of his comfort zone. He’s good at what he does no doubt about it, but what he does is not on the same level as the better QB’s in the league.

                Asking a NFL QB to strap a team on his back and win games is unrealistic. Only one guy can do that right now. Tom Ace!

                It’s a figure of speech along the lines of QB’s being able to raise the level of play of their teammates. Nobody can raise the level of somebody else’s play just like they can’t win a game by them self, but there are players that show greatness no matter what the situation and Smith is not one of those guys.

              17. Rocket, when Smith first went to the Chiefs, do you believe he had a good supporting cast around him on offense? I think he had a good RB in Charles, but his receivers weren’t good and his OL was pretty average. Yet he continued the success he had in his previous two years under Harbaugh.

                It took Smith time to develop, of that there is no question. But nowadays he is a pretty good starting NFL QB, and doesn’t need to have outstanding talent around him on offense to put up good starting QB numbers. They aren’t fantasy QB stats, but who cares other than fantasy football fans?

              18. Actually that was a response you made to Mid, not me.

                As for moving goalposts, not quite.

              19. Show me where the fallacy is.

                Opening game against the Chargers this season and playoff game against the Saints to name a couple that show the fallacy in your comment.

              20. Mid,

                We are talking about seasons here, not finding single game examples from different points in his career.


                I’m responding to 4 different people. The just of the post explained my point and yes you have moved the goal posts repeatedly which is why your comment showed a complete lack of self awareness.

              21. Again Rocket, show me where you talking about a season and not winning in general. Or better yet, give me the name of a QB without the support of another unit on the team, for which you appear to be knocking Smith, that won it all.

              22. Nope. I’ve based it on wins/losses the whole time.

                Smith needs a running game? The Chiefs are in the bottom 1/3 of the league in yards per game and 20th in yards per attempt. Far from good.

              23. Rocket, when Smith first went to the Chiefs, do you believe he had a good supporting cast around him on offense? I think he had a good RB in Charles, but his receivers weren’t good and his OL was pretty average. Yet he continued the success he had in his previous two years under Harbaugh.

                Success is relative Scooter and things haven’t changed since KC added more weapons offensively. In the 3 years Smith has been in KC prior to this season they have finished 21st, 25th and 27th in total offense. This is under a HC and a scheme that routinely was top five to ten in Philly with other QB”s. They are having success but it is a completely different style than Reid has had success with previously.

                It took Smith time to develop, of that there is no question. But nowadays he is a pretty good starting NFL QB, and doesn’t need to have outstanding talent around him on offense to put up good starting QB numbers. They aren’t fantasy QB stats, but who cares other than fantasy football fans?

                I’m not saying Smith is a bad QB. I’m saying with his skill set and style of game he needs support from his running game and defense more than the upper echelon QB’s do.

              24. One other thing I forgot to put in that last response Scooter. During those same 3 seasons the KC passing game has ranked: 24th, 29th, and 30th. Again unheard of for Reid offenses in Philly. He’s managing Smith differently because Smith is a different type of QB.

              25. Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker all got big money because Smith got them the ball and each guy had career years under Alex.

                Davis didn’t have great receiving numbers compared to the top TE’s in the league. He had one season where he scored a lot of TD’s though. Walker didn’t get big money until he had played with the Titans for a couple of years. He didn’t have much in the way of stats when he was in SF.

                He has been able to remain in the league and play at a high level because he can make all the throws. The scheme he is in and was successful in, in SF and now KC is very much so dink and dunk cause that’s what he is good at. He can throw deep and has thrown deep and if he couldn’t he would be a floundering like the guy you once called a franchise QB!

                Absolutely no basis for this comment Prime. He can throw deep because he wouldn’t be in the league if he couldn’t? C’mon man.

                Sure they can and all the good QB’s do it. Its called distributing the football across your playmakers. Its about going through progressions, reading the defense and finding what is open or what the defense is giving.

                No that is called playing QB. You can’t catch a football for your receivers and you can’t block for yourself so you can’t raise the level of their play. You can help them out by throwing accurately and not holding the ball , but you have to rely on them for your success.

                That’s what Smith does well. If he dinks and dunks and is successful in moving the chains, why does he have to throw deep?. That’s why he is smart and makes others around him better, reading the field, scanning and finding the open guy. He has made Kelce look like an all world TE!

                Because sometimes teams take away the short stuff and force you to go down the field. Kelce is a very talented player. If he was playing with one of the top QB’s his numbers would be through the roof.

              26. Nope. I’ve based it on wins/losses the whole time.

                In the discussion about Reid and QB’s after McNabb you said Reid’s downfall could be traced to when McNabb left. That was not true and when I pointed that out you started to move the goal posts and focused on wins and losses. It’s all there above if you need a refresher.

                Smith needs a running game? The Chiefs are in the bottom 1/3 of the league in yards per game and 20th in yards per attempt. Far from good.

                True story and they are again in the bottom third of the league in total offense. They’ve found ways to make up for it with defensive and ST’s scoring the past two weeks. Not a way to win consistently, but it’s worked for them.

              27. Again Rocket, show me where you talking about a season and not winning in general.

                Read the previous entries in the discussion you joined. We are talking about Smith’s career; not a few games.

              28. We are talking about Smith’s career; not a few games.

                Then you are not talking about a season either.

            1. Rocket says”As far as making others around him better, who has he made better exactly?
              Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker all got big money because Smith got them the ball and each guy had career years under Alex.

              “I disagree. He can’t make all the throws. He rarely if ever throws outside the numbers because his arm isn’t strong enough.
              He has been able to remain in the league and play at a high level because he can make all the throws. The scheme he is in and was successful in, in SF and now KC is very much so dink and dunk cause that’s what he is good at. He can throw deep and has thrown deep and if he couldn’t he would be a floundering like the guy you once called a franchise QB!

              “Nobody can raise the level of somebody else’s play just like they can’t win a game by them self”
              Sure they can and all the good QB’s do it. Its called distributing the football across your playmakers. Its about going through progressions, reading the defense and finding what is open or what the defense is giving. That’s what Smith does well. If he dinks and dunks and is successful in moving the chains, why does he have to throw deep?. That’s why he is smart and makes others around him better, reading the field, scanning and finding the open guy. He has made Kelce look like an all world TE!

              1. Davis rarely had the kind of numbers the top TE’s in the league did Prime. He had a season where he scored a lot of TD’s, but overall his numbers paled in comparison to a lot of other top receiving TE’s. Walker barely registered in the passing game and didn’t get a big contract until he had played with the Titans for a few years.

                He’s still in the league so he must be able to throw deep? Yeah that makes sense. He’s not in the bottom of the league in passing every year because he’s lighting up the sky with footballs Mid.

                What you described is not raising the level of play. It’s called playing QB. The QB can’t catch the ball for receivers or block for himself, he can only try and make it as easy as possible by throwing accurately and getting rid of it quickly. Like every other position in football, the QB is reliant on others to be successful. It’s up to them to play at a level that achieves it.

                Kelce would be having success with any starting QB. His numbers would be a lot better elsewhere too.

              2. VD has been one of the more overrated TE’s. He’s the model for inconsistency. One year he’s great the next he’s OK then he’s good then he’s bad… you get the point. His stats look like the profile of a really fun roller coaster.

    3. Scooter,

      The problem with Smith is that we now live in the era of fantasy football and ESPN highlights. Smith is boring. He doesn’t make the crazy ESPN Top 10 plays. He doesn’t put up gaudy numbers. All he does is win. He knows who he is and sticks to it.

      1. This is about how he rates on the overall QB scale and what he is capable of without the running game and defense. He can’t do the things the top QB’s can do in the passing game. He’s a dink and dunk throw down the seam guy, who is careful with the football. As I said he’s found a way to succeed and have a good career. There is nothing wrong with Smith’s game as long as the other parts are in place to support him.

          1. McNair would be killing it right now. He’s Kaepernick with great pocket skills.

            1. Thanks for tagging in CFC. I’m done and off to enjoy a haze of painkillers for the rest of the evening.

        1. No he’d be excelling playing in an offense that passed the ball more than they did back then.

          1. He of the career 81.6 passer rating. Sure he would. In seasons he was asked to throw the ball more than 440 times he only had one season with a passer rating above 81.1.

            1. Different rules back then too Scooter. I’m not trying to defend Troy Aikman and don’t think he belonged in the HOF, but you can’t compare how a QB performed at that time to how they would play now. Terry Bradshaw barely had a 50% completion rate yet is in the HOF. Different times, different rules and different ways of playing offense.

              1. Sure. No doubt he would be putting up better statistics than he did back then. But then so is Smith. Do you honestly think Aikman would have transformed into a guy that consistently put up 30+ TDs and passer ratings of around 95+ each year? I don’t. Not without the same type of dominant players he had around him back then, anyway.

                Also, both Harbaugh and Reid are guys that believe in the running game. One of the reasons Smith doesn’t put up massive fantasy numbers can also be linked back to the fact he’s been playing in systems that aren’t designed for the QB to be putting up those kinds of numbers. Aikman would have been a perfect QB for Harbaugh and Reid.

              2. Scooter,

                Aikman’s stats from nearly two decades ago are similar to what Smith has now over the same number of years. Aikman has more TD passes and more Ints, but their yards per game and YPA are very similar. If Aikman was putting up numbers like Smith twenty years ago, it only stands to reason his numbers would be a lot better in this pass friendly league we have today.

                I went back and looked at passing stats from 1995 and there were 3 QB’s who had more than 30 TD passes. 4 who had 4000 yards or more passing. In contrast last season there were 11 QB’s with more than 30 TD’s and 12 who threw for 4000 yards or more. The game has changed a lot and made much easier for QB’s to throw the ball. It’s not even close.

                As to Reid and Harbaugh sure they like the running game, but Reid’s offenses in Philly were routinely in the top 5 or 10. In KC they’ve been in the bottom 3rd.

                Aikman would have been a good fit with Harbaugh especially.

  9. Kaep will be out of football next season. The owners are conservative and don’t want to alienate their fan base. I see the Niners cutting Kaep in April, think they are fed up with him, he is not a student of the game,and a crappy QB. I have a inside source that he will be playing for the Havana Cigars next season. Take it to the bank, my sources Grant are as good as your predictions. lol

    1. He’ll be on a 5day rotation. He’ll spend 4 days in Manhatten and then commute down to Havana to throw high and wide to batters. He’ll then quick commute back to Angela Davis in TriBeCa for fear of being imprisoned for saying the wrong thing. He’ll also note that in the Socialist Paradise the plumbing kinda sucks. Lots of skeeters too.

      1. Bro – Good thing you didn’t go to the Dakota, its a mite cold and a tad windy there.

        1. Well, a crisis on 12/8 (the Vets’ Linked Arms Day vs the Army Corp of Engineers’ Deadline) was averted by Obama’s influence, so I don’t feel as guilty for my absence, but there is A LOT of money on the line here (a route change will cost a fortune!), so I’m staying tuned for a couple of years on this one. If The Tribes had been given a legitimate voice in the public input process the plans could’ve been modified earlier in the process and SAVED that fortune. I credit social media as an equalizer.

  10. I’m hoping Baalke sells his house and petitions to work for the Jets.

    At that point this mess will finally start getting better.

    Fire Baalke!!

    1. Wait! The Diety, Harbaugh The Mgnificent, made a mistake?
      He drafted CK. He promoted CK. He signed the release warrant on Alex. He personally coached up his chosen and annoited QB. His QB failed despite his whispering. When he left his QB and his offense were struggling.
      So the team sucks since he left so he’s declared a wronged genius?
      Yes the team sucks. No, he’s no genius nor Quarterback Whisperer.
      In the business world his management style gets improved results for 2 years, then gets diminished returns. Media rumors had his nano-micro-management style was wearing thin in the locker room. Hmmmm.

      1. “In the business world his management style gets improved results for two years, then gets diminished returns.” I agree, I expect Michigan to lose 3 to 5 games next year. In our case we should have promoted Fangio.

    2. It was not even a debate. Smith was always twice the QB. He made others around him better. Is he an upper echelon QB, no but he was a team first guy, functional and worked on his game and has improved since being drafted. The other guy is a joke, might not even be in the league next year!

      1. Prime, it was not a debate, because Jim Harbaugh made the call. He tried to repeat history like when Brady supplanted Bledsoe.

        JH thought that Kaep gave them their best chance to win. Kaep started out poorly by throwing that pick six on the frozen tundra, but came storming back by setting a playoff record of 181 yards rushing.

        The Niners were put in a 17 point hole at Atlanta, but Kaep came storming back.

        In the Super Bowl, the Niners were down big, but Kaep came storming back to be within 5 yards of winning a ring.

        Kaep did well so far this year, but last game was a regression, but Kaep is still the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers.

        I hope Jed is not stupid enough to cut him, but I do not think it is possible to under estimate his intellect. Just like with you.

        1. Yeah yeah Seb. Keep bringing up past performances to justify Kap as a good player. You sound embarrassingly desperate now. I win pal, Kap sucks!

          1. Funny, you seem like the biggest loser I know…You were not right about Kaep. He is the starter. You did not win that bet. I was too smart to bet you because I knew Baalke would do everything in his power to help Gabbert. You claim to be a Niner fan, but just become giddy when they lose. I cannot see one thing you should be proud of. Sounds like you are afflicted with the loser lurgy.

              1. The Niners lost, and you seem to be having an orgasm. Put it back in your pants, you are exposing yourself.

    3. It’s easy to go back after a few years and pick anything apart. At the time the right decision was to ride Kap as far as he could take them. As good as Smith was playing before the concussion, he was only a couple of weeks removed from a truly awful performance against the team most thought they would have to beat to get to a SB in the Giants. So awful in fact, I remember most in here calling for him to be benched in favor of Kap after the game. Why ruin a good hindsight story though?

      As far as Smith getting traded after that decision was made, that was all on Baalke. Harbaugh would have loved to keep Smith on the roster, but if a team is offering you two 2nd round picks for a guy most thought was an average at best QB, it’s hard to turn down.

      The next thing you have to do is look at the situations both QB’s wound up in once Smith was traded to KC. Smith took over a completely different KC team under one of the best HC’s in the NFL and a new GM from the factory in GB. They have quickly built the Chiefs into a very talented and balanced team that is solid in all three phases. Contrast that with the 49ers who fired Harbaugh, replaced him with Tomsula, saw and exodus of players leave via FA and retirement, and did nothing to replace them other than making poor choices in the draft.

      It’s easy to look at each QB and say the Niners made the wrong choice, but that is a simplistic take on the situation. If Smith had been kept and Kap had been let go, I see no way Smith would be having success here either. The roster around him would still be poor, the Coaching would still be incompetent and his conservative game would not be scoring enough points to overcome a historically bad defense.

      The real turning point for this team that took them down the black hole they are currently residing in was when the rumors started flying almost immediately after the NFCCG loss in Seattle. That set up Harbaugh for a season of having to answer questions about his future and the support from the FO and locker room. That combined with a terrible string of injuries that depleted the roster set the stage for York destruction 2.0. Keeping Smith would not have been able to overcome that Tsunami of incompetence.

      1. The guys calling for Smith to be benched in favor of Kaep were the same guys calling for Carr and Troy Smith to replace him. Kaepernick was just the next guy on the sidelines.

        1. There were more than that after the Giant debacle, but after Kap’s first start there weren’t many around here lobbying for Smith to get his job back. Prime was the one guy I remember who didn’t like Kap, but most of this board was in agreement that Kap was the guy once he got in and had a chance to play.

          1. I wasn’t one of them. I thought they needed to keep him because we didn’t know enough of Kaepernick for the long term.

            1. I didn’t say everyone wanted him gone. That’s a different story. I know Harbaugh especially, would have loved to keep Smith, but Smith didn’t want to stay as the backup and the offer of two second round picks was a pretty good deal.

              All I’m saying is, if we look at this from the perspective of what was going on at the time, the Niners did what most teams would have done in giving the young guy the reins and maximizing the return on an asset. That article from Purdy was a pat on the back to himself and lacking context about how things were at the time.

          2. I was not one of them either. In fact I was pissed, and I made some ridiculous statement concerning Smith’s benching and Jack quickly noted – UC that was the worst thing I ever saw you post here. It probably was.

            1. UC,

              I’m not trying to out people here. I’m saying that at the time few were wanting Smith to be put back in after Kap came in and played as well as he had. There was nothing wrong with what Harbaugh did imo. The idea a player can’t lose his job due to injury doesn’t exist. It’s who gives you the best chance to win and Harbaugh felt that was Kap and it’s hard to say he was wrong considering they went to the SB.

              1. Rocket I didn’t think you were. If I thought that, I would of not commented at all. I liked Alex, thought he was a fine young man and wanted him to succeed is all.

              2. I did too. I liked Alex a lot and kept the faith through all the shoulder issues and losing seasons. He was a great story and lesson in determination. However at the end of the day, he’s just an average QB in terms of talent who is very smart and doesn’t turn the ball over. He’s found a way to succeed and good on him for that, but he’s not going to lead a team without a lot of talent around him to a Championship.

          3. I was also not one of them. I was however one of them who wanted Smith to resume being the starter which would allow Kaepernick to continue to learn about the QB position and challenge for the starting role the following season or two.

    1. Good read .. #80 …

      “…..The San Francisco 49ers are one of the worst teams in the NFL and will likely fire their general manager Trent Baalke. …”

      Oh .. if only I could believe …

      (sorry .. Cassie)

      1. Not likely to happen. Gore leads Craig by a far margin in total yards and touchdowns and is still playing. Gore wont likely catch Craig in receiving yards but he wont be too far off when he’s done and his receiving TD’s are almost equal.

      2. Craig had some good years but his numbers simply aren’t HOF worthy when you look at the total career accomplishments. As much as I love Craig and what he meant to the Niners, his resume is not HOF worthy. There are a lot of unworthy players in the HOF right now though so he may still make it eventually.

        1. First player to run and receive 1000 yards, and has 4 rings.

          He did the dirty work, and did not care about his stats as long as they won rings. A true team player.

          Roger Craig deserves enshrinement for everything he has done both on and off the field.

          Hope Gore gets in, too.

      3. Craig only having 3 1000 yard rushing seasons in 11 years played doesn’t help his HoF chances.

  11. For your information.

    Frank Gore Monday night:
    20 carries
    79 yards
    4 yard average

    Great job Baalke

      1. Yeah cause it was time to move on. Indy won’t win anything and neither will the 49ers with your limited hero.
        When’s the storm coming Seb?

        1. Prime,

          You have been calling Hyde a china doll, I agree BTW. So why wouldn’t you want Gore for cheap. He would keep Hyde fresh and possibly healthy. As a short yardage back, Gore is as close to automatic as it gets. As long as the line doesn’t get destroyed Gore can fall forward and get 2 yards easy. Gore always hits the right hole, think the end of the NFCCG against the Falcons.

            1. That doesn’t mean that Hyde is a better running back. Our super special GM told him(Gore)that the team saw him in a back up role going forward and that they weren’t going to pay him starter money. He was smart enough to know that if they used a high pick on a RB it wouldn’t matter how good he(Gore) looked in the off season. There wouldn’t be a competition.

              1. Ah, OK. I thought you meant Gore would have been beaten out by Hyde in a fair competition. My mistake. Our crappy GM could have gave Gore a chance to compete. We had the money and Hyde was still on his rookie contract. Another Baalke blunder IMO.

  12. He wouldn’t of done anything with this team. Plus would of been a bad fit with Chip. Hence why he chose the Colts instead of the Eagles when he was a free agent.

      1. Sebnnoying when is the storm coming? Next week? Week after, week after that? We are running out of time?

        1. Prime, while you are reveling in these Niner losses, I am kinda sad.

          However, being a true die hard faithful Niner fan, and not a Raider/CFL lover. I will hope for the best.

          Someday soon, Baalke will be fired, and the Niners can get back to their winning ways.

          Sure am glad Baalke is falling on his sword and taking all the blame. I could see his fingerprints all over that loss.

          1. Yeah who cares about Baalke at this point. Him and Kap will be gone.
            4 weeks left Seb, when is the storm coming?

              1. Seb did you see what Fangio did to Kap? He schooled him so bad that Kelly felt sorry for Kap and took the ball out of his hands. Benched him! Wow! That’s bad for what was suppose to be a storm coming. Oh well, another loss for Seb. Enjoy the crow!

      1. No Hyde is a very good fit he just has a Sh**ty line and QB… Plus his running style gets him hurt. McCoy was a great fit too.

        1. OK, I’ll give you McCoy because he is a threat in the passing game. Why did the Eagles get rid of him again?

          Hyde is not a dual threat HB. Our line is built to run, but not to run a gimmick offense.

          Hyde 2015 Avg. Yds. per carry 4.1
          Hyde 2016 Avg. Yds. per carry 3.9

  13. Notice how Kaepernick went full social activist after he hooked up with Nessa who’s a big social activist herself? Aldon wasn’t having it. Kaep is her main mouthpiece and she has him hook, line and sinker (the $3.2m NY condo proves this even further). Way to think for yourself, Kaep. I can’t wait until this guy is gone along with Baalke and the rest of these clowns at 4949…

  14. On the flip side, there have been times when the Bears seemingly have no answers for what the opposing offense is doing. Major pieces of that defense have been banged up and the talent gap between some of the starters and their backups is difficult to overcome, but sometimes the game plan just simply seems wrong

    This is from an article discussing the possibility that Fangio might not be brought back next season. That game plan excuse is a popular one.

    There must be a required course as part of the sports journalism major that incorporates the idea that if you can’t figure out what the actual problem is, to just blame the game plan.

  15. Word on the street is Chip already has a deal in principle for $6 million a year with the ability to make $9 million through incentives to come back to the Ducks. Apparently Oregon has been looking for a DC….

    1. That original ‘meeting’ (tryst?) was indeed a business lunch. Seemed suspicious.
      Was. Tsk, tsk.
      How much worse can it get? Muck Fee!

  16. Falafel!
    If Chip comes back (I expect) I’ll live with it, gritting my teeth.
    If Chip leaves, I won’t cry, I’ll wait to see what dog and pony show Jed foists on us.
    By 2/28 we should know whether to boycott Jed’s Fail.

  17. I want to predict that it will be Willie Taggart. Walsh disciple and good at organization. He turned around that program and will be a good recruiter.

    1. Seb you should not predict much except when you need to go potty!
      4 weeks left? Predict the storm again and makes us all laugh!

          1. Prime, you were the one who said that Kaep took the league by storm, so you are just dissing your own statement.

            That’s OK. You are the one everyone is laughing at. You seem to think being a potty mouth makes you erudite.

            1. Just let me know when Kap returns to 2012 form.
              Lowell wrote Kap is a fraud QB. That must sting!

              1. No, that is just Lowell employing some reverse psychology, making Kaep want to prove him wrong.

                He did the exact same thing with Bill Walsh. Even Eddie received the treatment, as he has joked about it.

              2. Nice try Seb. Keep making excuses! Lowell tells it like it is. Truth hurts doesn’t it Seb? Kap is a fraud! Storm countdown in 3….2……

              3. Kaep has returned to 2012 form. In one game, he passed for almost four hundred yards. In another, he ran for 100 and passed for three hundred, so he has shown that he can throw and run. The new era of the dual threat QB has arrived. From Kaep, Cam, Wilson, Mariota, Winston, and the new emerging QBs like Jaylen Hurts and Lamar Jackson, the new QBs need to be mobile.

              4. But….. he lost and followed that up the next week with laying an egg, and another loss. Fraud Kap and fraud Sebnnoying!

              5. How can I be a fraud for wanting the Niners to win?
                Sounds like you are a fraud of a Niner fan, praising the Raiders and dissing the starting QB.

              6. You are a fraud because you run your mouth saying Kap is all that but he keeps laying eggs but you keep saying he is all that. That’s a fraud, you are a fraud.

              7. Prime, if you think that Kaep is the sole reason that the Niners are losing, My opinion of your football knowledge will be even lower.

                If you think that you can badger and bully posters on this site and not look infantile, you are just as clueless as I think you are.

              8. Seb, Kap is a fraud QB and you are a fraud 49ers fan. Your only agenda is Kap. 4 weeks and counting storm chaser!

              9. Hmm, Willie Taggart. Guess my prediction came true.

                Prime keeps running his mouth, but I seem to have some football acumen.

          2. I agree that Seb can be a pain, but a normal post like the one he made does not deserve a troll post in response.

            1. Agreed,
              I have no problem with the occasional needling of someone, but it seems every time Seb posts we see the standard “where’s the storm” response… even when its not related.
              I think it’s safe to say Prime is obsessed with Seb. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Prime has a wax mommet doll and pictures of Seb’s avatar posted all over his mothers basement at this point.

              1. I just like to tell people who run their mouth like Seb, whose done it since coming on here, how wrong he was about Kaepernick! He pretends that he knows everything, that the organization reads his comments and basically is a narcissist. Nothing wrong with a little humble pie for the old guy!

              2. Prime,you should be the last person in the world to talk about running his mouth.

                Maybe you should take a big piece of humble pie yourself. You keep hating Kaep so much, yet he is still the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, so despite your venom, your lack of football knowledge is apparent for all to see.

              3. Seb you fraud! Starting in SF is not something to be proud of. And Kap starting and laying eggs and playing losing football is nothing to be proud of as well. You think I’m happy about losing? The only thing I’m happy about is Ive said Kap is a terrible QB, you said he is not and that he would re-invent himself and become the guy he was in 2012. Well, since regaining the starters job, ZERO wins! Some shady passing numbers and got benched! FRAUD!

              4. Prime, I want Kaep to score 7 times and throw for 500 yards while running for 200 yards just to shut you up.

                If he had a decent supporting cast, he could do that, but with this team, just expect more losing.

                Jed, with an 11 game losing streak, must be jumping for joy, because he wants to be rewarded for losing

                Glad Baalke put all this losing on his shoulders. He is a dead man walking.

  18. “In those last 25 games started by Kaepernick, #49ers are 6-19 and averaging 16.44 pts per game.”

    From the great Al Sacco.

  19. Can we put a moratorium on using the phrase ” best chance to win”? Forget about a win, lets just try to put a team/players out there that “give any shred of hope to compete”. Once “compete” is solved, then on to winning. It looks kind of ridic to be arguing about best chance to win when on a 10 game kamikaze run.

    1. Well, that is better than the best chance to lose.

      Give any shred of hope to compete? How about display some semblance of competence?

      Best yet, how about- Stop Sucking.

    1. All of the lines I checked on the Bears game were either even or had the Bears slightly favored. Not sure where they’re getting their info on that one from as I had looked as late as the night before the game.

        1. “Not sure where they’re getting their info on that one from as I had looked as late as the night before the game.”

    1. On this list I like Kyle Shanahan the best.
      He can develop a qb, grew up in the business, runs the west coast offense and can take advantage of the Bill Walsh archives.

      I also like Chris Peterson.
      If anyone is interested here is an article regarding his offensive philosophy. To save anyone not interested, I would say the two main takeaways were,
      1 he runs plays not an offensive system and
      2, He uses a ton of motion to reveal the defense and establish mismatches or leverage points, (this would be similar to Harbaugh as he seems to run a lot of two TE sets).

  20. I don’t see any reason why Fangio/Donatell can’t come back. The DC is hired by the HC and not Baalke/Jed. Sure he didn’t get the HC job, but that’s life. I don’t recall that he had other HC interviews two years ago; who else is hiring him as a HC?

    Kelly would be the one hiring him and make him the best paid DC in the leage (not sure but maybe around $3 million per year plus bonuses tied to the defense’s performance). IMO very small price to pay to field a decent defense.

    1. Fangio would not ever come back to this organization that dumped him for Tomsula, and he would never ever work again for Jed and Baalke.

    2. Count me as one who would love to see them come back if we keep Kelly.
      Although at this point, I have to wonder was Tomsula better than Chip? And if that is the case perhaps he should be replaced.

      1. Gosh, I was touting Fangio for HC, and thought he would provide continuity, and of all the candidates, he was the one most likely to have retained Cowboy and Willis.

        But there is too much water under the bridge, and they wanted to get rid of every vestige of JH.

        1. I would have preferred Fangio to Tomsula when considering all things. I was hoping Tomsula would have been moved to D. Chord under Fangio but rumor had it that the niners wanted Tomsula as D. Chord which was a deal breaker.

          Apparently this was also a sticking point for another potential hire (According to the rumor this was dropped by Jed not Trent). And as any respectable HC would, balked at being told who his staff would consist of.

          1. If that was the breaking point, they were obtuse. Fangio should have had the authority to build his own staff, not have coaches thrust upon him.

            Gase also balked because of Tomsula. While I like Tomsula, he needed to be sacrificed for the good of the team, especially if the HC objects.

      1. Bad hire. Guy has had one good season. Very little experience. Feels like their second choice.

        1. Yes you were, and my guess is Seb had no idea who the man even was until his name was thrown out as an option in the rumor mill.

      1. Do not know if the question was for me, but Schiano did well at Rutgers, but his stint in the NFL with the Bucs was forgettable.

  21. Feels like another one of your predictions failed once again. I can’t believe it!

      1. Ya your one talk…. Predictong all off season long that Kaep would be gone… Actually did predict that the Niners would hire Chip. I also predicted that Chip would prefer Kaep as his QB.. I was wrong on who would start the season. Oh I predicted the Niners would draft Buckner. Not bad as far as predictions go but I wish I was wrong on the hire :)

            1. Why now? Before the start of the year he was the next best thing to slice bread for you and Seb. Seb has kept his stupidity but just curious to know why now you want him gone?

              1. I want him gone after the stunt he did this year. My respect for him went out the window. Can’t stand the guy now. All I have said this year about the guy is that he is a good fit for Chip and that I could see him returning for 1 year. I hope I’m wrong cause we need to move on from an organization stand point.

              2. Ya Prime I respect your posts as well when you don’t engage with you know who. I understand it’s difficult but it would help this blog out more if there was less of that. Looking forward to talk off season football with you all. Going to be fun.

              3. Again fair enough. But I think as fans we have to honest in the product we are passionate about. I simply cannot understand the value in moving forward with Kap.
                As for Seb, he is a Kap homer. Blaming all his play and protests on others instead of the guy himself. Its weak and I like to remind him of that.

      2. I predict Prime will say something incredibly mean, incoherent, and uninformed.

        Prime will get his panties in a twist and start foaming at the mouth, spewing insults, and devolve into an infantile potty mouth brat.

        Prime will keep repeating his screeds.

            1. Seb, please stop being a fraud! Lowell said it, the entire NFL knows it, Kap is a fraud and so are you!

              1. So, now Lowell is a savant? He has gone from being a Negative Nancy to now a genius?

                Please, you keep embarrassing yourself.

              2. You were just in here last week saying the Cohn’s write insightful things. Now that he tells the truth about Kap you disagree? Fraud, the both of you!

              3. Like I said, I rarely read what Lowell writes, because of my past experiences reading his writing.

                I have not even read that article you are crowing about, because it is probably so formulaic, I could have written it myself.

                I have moved on, and now read Grant, and am perfectly content, even though he also throws shade at Kaep. I just consider it par for the course.

              4. Its par because its the truth of the matter and a fraud like you and the guy you support cannot handle it. BTW, when is that storm coming? We are running out of weeks here Fraudnynah?

  22. It’s hard for me as a patriot to stomach Colin Kaepernicks ignorant protest. To personally witness slums in Brazil or children literally starving to death in India and then return to hear a millionaire athlete with every reason to love & appreciate the amazing opportunities provided to him in this country complain about non-existent oppression is infuriating. What would be interesting to me is to see how Kaepernick would be received in New York if he were to play for the Jets. I have many colleagues in NYC and out in Long Island that feel the same way I feel about CK’s protest. Although NYC is very liberal, the patriotism and love of first responders ever since 9/11 is very, very strong in that area. I would guess that all would be forgiven if CK lead the team to wins but there will be a good chunk of those fans who would be very upset if the Jets hired CK. I really wonder how Fireman Ed would respond to a CK signing. The J-E-T-S chant was started by 2 NYPD officers and Fireman Ed sort of made it known nationally. The Jets have tons of fireman and police following. Would be interesting.

    1. Great post Houston. Kap should have focused on football instead of disrespecting his country. As a Canadian, we respect the patriotism that Americans have for their country and we envy how proud each of you are for that.
      Seeing what he did this year just furthers my belief in him that the distraction he brought to the 49ers, NFL and America was selfish and no team should want this type of individual on their team.

      1. Kaep does not seem to be a distraction on the field. Like Chip says, he is all football when it is time to practice and play.

        Kaep may get dissed for his social activism, but he is putting his money where his mouth is. He also cares about children with heart problems, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help them. So you may say he is not doing much, I will just have to disagree.

        1. Too bad you are the only one who does not see what he is doing as a distraction. His teammates bombarded by the media in every city they visit answering questions about his social activism. The organization under the spotlight as bad as they are on the field now having to endure another problem wondering what Kap will use them for, for his personal platform. Its selfish. Of course you would not know what that is being a narcissist. You must be a foreign American aren’t you?

            1. What does being American have to do with anything moron? You support a guy who disrespects your country. Fraud could not describe you better!

              1. He is non violently protesting, which is about as American as it gets. He is fighting against injustices, which, to me, is admirable.

                I notice that police shootings of unarmed blacks is down, so he has been effective, especially after everyone was discussing the subject for a whole week, and his monetary donations to social causes will help in the future.

                Still see you name calling, which just defines you.

              2. Why use the team as his platform? Why disrespect a country that has given him so much? You cannot tell me the USA has done more bad than good for what he is protesting about.
                You get called names because you have zero clue or argument about anything. You act like he can do wrong on the field or off. Fraud defines you perfectly along with may others that I would love to share but cant!

              3. I liked how those Vets apologized to the Indian tribes for all the broken treaties and systematic genocide. Most politicians have ignored that stain on American history, both Dems and Republicans.

                They want to bring back water boarding, so I hope Kaep and others keep protesting against injustices.

    2. I’d agree that CK’s baggage is an issue for some fans in every NFL market, and I hear and read that it’s an issue with execs as well. There are some markets that just could not sign him for fear of fan reaction. His brand would suffer even if he were really good. He’s not. Who will sign him? Idk
      Contrast with Boldin. He sees social issues to address. He focuses his effort and achieves results through his personal involvement. He does so without calling much attention to himself, and without creating any locker room distractions. And he actually gets something done.

      1. To a certain degree I’m actually embarrassed for CK. Hearing him talk about social issues is like listening to a 7 year old regurgitate talking points from his parents or teacher (or in CK’s case – girlfriend) about a topic that he can not possibly fully grasp.

        Interviewer: Little Johnny, please tell us your feelings on the impact of climate change on people living in poverty.

        Little Johnny: Well I’m glad you asked. The cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of action. Great leaders like Fidel Castro spent quite a bit of time, effort, and money on population control and restricting access to cars, electricity, and the internet. Consequently, the carbon footprint of the average Cuban citizen is far lower than the US.

        Kaepernick has absolutely no idea how foolish he sounds. It should be embarrassing for the 49er organization to give this moron a platform but then again York is as clueless as Kaepernick.

    3. Houston you are entitled to your opinion as is everyone, but saying the issues Kap has brought to light are non existent is wrong. There are clearly some pretty serious problems for the people and situations Kap has brought to light. Being a Patriot doesn’t mean ignoring the fact the opportunities and treatment of people are not the same for everyone in this country. Kap has been pretty clear about who and what his protest is about and it has nothing to do with the Military, and honest Police officers. It has to do with the murders of unarmed people of color by cops that aren’t trained properly or vetted enough to get an idea if they are mentally capable of handling a stressful vocation. It also about the profiling of people simply because of their color or area of residence. You can deny it all you want, but it’s there and until people stop putting their heads in the sand and wrapping themselves in the flag in a fit of faux outrage against the messenger, nothing will change.

      1. Rocket
        Did you Ned CK to raise your awareness of the issue? I didn’t. If, like me, it’s an area of concern for you, did you cast a vote to try to make the best choice you could to make a difference? I did.
        That some people cannot get the “equal protection under the law” is a big problem. That unarmed civilians are getting shot in the streets is a problem.
        CK’s Jane Fonda rhetoric does nothing whatsoever to help. Jane Fonda (now) doesn’t believe Jane Fonda (then).
        Changing LE behavior is done by engaging them in moving towards a better paradigm. You make a far better case than Castronick does. You’re complaints are focused and explicit. His are just nebulous attacks on the USA in general, and I seriously doubt he’ll accomplish much with his movement. In fact, the smoke and mirrors may distract from more effective efforts for progress.
        As his career winds down and his fame fades he’ll become less and less relevant, and he won’t mind because he doesn’t have a clue what to do anyway. His political takes come across like a strident college freshman.
        The end does not justify the means.

        1. BT,

          No like you I didn’t need him to bring that to light for me, but there are many that did need his protest to raise awareness for them, and to try and make people understand there is a big problem here that many are trying to pass off as a small percentage.

          I don’t see his protest as an attack on the US because he explained what it was in the Q&A right after this all happened. He started to take a knee expressly because he didn’t want it to seem like he was against the Military. He has also said this is not an attack on the good Police officers who do their jobs well, yet many continue to hate on him based on the belief he is against both. It’s either wilful ignorance or a lack of intelligence, but it continues to overshadow what the true intent is.

          What’s happened now is that because he didn’t vote, and has never voted, many seem to view that as a reason to criticize his intentions and credibility. Meanwhile he has setup his own charity to donate his own money to programs that deal with his concerns. To me that means a lot more than lip service and voting.

          You’re right in that he has made mistakes and he probably doesn’t totally know what to do or what the end game is, but at least he has attempted to try to use his voice to bring awareness to something he’s obviously passionate about. Dr. Edwards said he and Kap have been talking about these topics for a long time. It’s not like he just did it out of boredom to get attention or because he has a girlfriend he wants to impress.

          Imo, the rhetoric isn’t coming from Kaepernick. He’s been open about what he’s trying to do and has answered every question. That got him some heat in the Castro story even though what he was saying was misrepresented by the writer, but he’s done it and continues to do it. The rhetoric I’m seeing is from those that want to paint him as an unpatriotic malcontent who hates his country. It’s a case of disregarding what he’s saying and instead creating something to be angry with because people don’t like like to be told the Emperor has no clothes. We have clearly been reminded by the murders of unarmed citizens and the election circus, that there is still a lot of racism and profiling in this country. No matter how you feel about Kap personally, the cause is very real and worth pursuing.

      2. No it’s not wrong. Oppression does not exist in the United States. If Colin Kaepernick wants to understand true oppression he should go to Cuba and wear his pig socks or criticize the country or it’s leaders. Colin Kaepernick would quickly find himself in a prison or in a ditch somewhere. That is true oppression. Sure, in the United States there are some police officers who act inappropriately and they should be disciplined accordingly. CK’s protest of police is based on lies and internet memes instead of rooted in real facts. But CK isn’t only criticizing police officers. He is criticizing the country as a whole. CK said,

        “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,”

        He said our “country” oppresses people. He said he has no pride in the American flag. That is unpatriotic. That is hatred for a country that has showered Colin Kaepernick with fame, money, and glory. It’s pure ignorance. You can dishonestly try to claim CK is only criticizing the police but that’s not what Colin Kaepernick said. He said our country oppresses people of color and that is patently untrue.

        1. Houston, you’re right about the oppression in Cuba. Some of the worst oppression, torture, intimidation and abuse is and has been practiced at Guantanimo in the name of US!
          Prisoners without a trial or conviction is a human rights violation!
          of course if US does it, it doesn’t count because we pay black people millions so the white owners can make billions…..

          1. You crack me up. That was funny. Did you know prisoners in Gitmo have internet access but the citizens of Cuba do not have internet access? The US treats the most hardened terrorists in the world better and with more rights than Cuban citizens under Fidel Castro. Yeah, the same guy Colin Kaepernick was praising. One prisoner even had a profile on which said,

            “Detained but ready to mingle.”

            You just can’t make this stuff up. There’s a lot of bad people in the world who wish to do harm to the United States. GITMO serves a purpose. The people held at Guantanamo Bay have more rights than Cuban citizens. Pretty interesting contrast. Thanks for bringing that up.

            1. OK, now you’re really starting to loose your marbles, houston. Been reading too much fake news at alt.right?

              1. Actually I didn’t know that. Thought there were 50 or 60 left. Have all remaining prisoners been released?

              2. Thanks for sharing your ignorance. By not naming the prisoners as prisoners they don’t have rights as prisoners.
                If Cuba where to do something like this you would it a totalitarian regime…

              1. LOL usetone!
                Pictures of mcD, and lounge chairs for the guards and chairs with shackles for the inmates!

              2. You’re funny H,
                All your links do is prove that your facts don’t add up!
                Nothing about inmates at Gitmo
                Serco’s Director of Operations Scott McNairn said the error “allowed for limited access to the internet, policed by a web filter which blocked access to inappropriate sites”.

                “No email, social media or adult sites were accessed.”

              3. If you READ the link you provided, you’ll find that Warner set up the account FOR the inmate!!!!
                The inmate did NOT set up the account from Gitmo.
                EDUCATE AND READ H or you’ll be just another trumpeteer….

              4. Your funny. I wonder if the people of Cuba can call Warner when they want to set up a profile.

        2. Houston,

          Comparing the degree of oppression doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That’s simply saying it could be worse so shut the f*ck up and be happy you don’t live somewhere else. That point of view doesn’t help fix a problem and is the typical attempt to deflect attention away from the issue.

          As to your last paragraph, He has clearly explained what this is about in a 20 minute Q&A in the Niner locker room. You are a mistaken if you believe he hates the country and if you want to read his exact thoughts, I have provided the link for you.

          1. Rocket,
            Houston and many others are upset that black people take money and don’t keep their mouth shut. They should be grateful that they have a job at all!
            Poor people can’t stand up for themselves, they depend on rich people in many ways! It takes a lot of guts to stand up for others ESPECIALLY when you have so much to loose, like Kap does.

            1. That’s what makes this so frustrating. Somebody stands up who doesn’t have to and gets criticized at every turn. So many either don’t like the message or want to remain blissfully ignorant so they direct the venom at the guy trying to do something instead of focusing on the problem itself. That’s why nothing ever changes.

          2. Official oppression does not exist in the United States. There is no problem whatsoever with oppression in the United States. The problems we have are individual incidents that do not amount to oppression. People’s civil rights are certainly violated and those incidents are dealt with accordingly. There are around 900k law enforcement officers in the US at the local, state, and federal levels. From Jan 2015-July 2016 1,502 people were shot and killed by on-duty police officers. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race). In that time, 100 unarmed people were shot & killed by police, 50 white/50 black. Included in those unarmed numbers are innocent bystanders who were shot as an officer wrestled with or was entangled with a person who was trying to kill the police officer. You can argue the rate of police shootings for blacks is higher than whites (2.5x) but then you also have to recognize the likelihood of a black person being involved in a violent crime is over 6 times higher than other groups. You also need to bring into the equation that a good percentage of the police officers involved are themselves black or hispanic. Based on crime statistics the number of violent encounters between black people and police officers should be much higher.
            You also have to look at the dynamics of the police experience on a daily basis. There were 1.2M violent crimes reported in 2015. Over 55k police officers were assaulted on the job in 2015. Of those, 14,453 officers required trips to the hospital to treat their injuries.

            My point in this is to say the facts don’t match Shaun Kings talking points that Kaepernick likes to regurgitate. Police are not oppressing anyone. Our country spends over $100bn every year on anti-poverty programs for people in the US. The US is a great place for all people. Every US citizen has the same rights as everyone else and in some cases fame and fortune are handed to a lucky few – see Colin Kaepernick.

            As far as your link, ive heard it all. Kaepernick refuses to stand for an anthem and a flag of a country that oppresses people. That is exactly what he said until he got some backlash. His protest is against the country. His words – not mine.

            1. Houston,

              No matter how you choose to define it, the problem exists. Posting stats to try and diminish the overall extent is another attempt at deflection which you have done repeatedly today. No one – including Kaepernick – has said the United States is a terrible Country that offers nothing to it’s citizens. He’s stepped up to point out some atrocities that have happened due to racial profiling, oppression, racism or however you want to label it, along with shedding light on the extremely low training requirements for Police officers.

              Again your last paragraph says more about you than it does Kaepernick. You dismiss anything that doesn’t fit with your confirmation bias. He clearly stated exactly what the protest was about in that Q&A that took place right after it was noticed he was sitting for the Anthem. If you choose to ignore it and focus on a false narrative, that is your problem not his.

    4. I think Kaepernick is just as much a patriot as you. He has never said anything negative against the armed forces or the country as a whole. He is merely trying to highlight the issue of trigger happy cops killing unarmed African Americans. Try looking at the matter from the prospective of a black person. It might just open your eyes.

      I know this is a great time for all you right wing-nuts. You managed to elect a thoroughly unqualified person to the presidency and control all three branches of the government. Enjoy it while it lasts. The working class whites who voted for Trump will realize sooner rather than later that they were duped by Trump and the present day Republican Party does not care about their interests . Once that happens, the Republican Party will become a footnote in history like the Whigs of the early 19th century.

      I don’t remember who said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, but the line fits people like you to a T.

      1. Oscar Wilde said that- patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

        I see that racism and misogyny are alive and well in this country.

        1. The following lines from “The Great Gatsby” might have been written with the present day Republican party in mind.

          “They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

          Obama cleaned up George W Bush’s mess. Four or eight years from now the nation will once again turn to the Dems to cleanup Trump’s mess. Which leads me to yet another quote from Gatsby:

          “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

          1. I tend to agree with lifelong Democrat Steve Wynn when he said,

            Obama is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime.

            Obama cleaned up nothing. His corrupt administration was an abject failure and voters responded accordingly. Under Obama Democrats lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. Keep quoting lines from Gatsby while others take real action to address concerns of the working people in this country.

            1. Let’s see. When W left office Unemployment was close to 10%. Today down to 4%. Sounds like progress to me. I prefer to look at actual numbers rather than quote a disgruntled casino owner with a personal axe to grind.

              Also, I really want the Repubs to repeal Obamacare and see who is hurt the most. I guarantee it that a majority of Trump voters will be clamoring for Obamacare to be brought back within two years if the Repubs are dumb enough to repeal it.

              Republicans never have and never will address concerns of working people. They are still using the racist playbook devised way back in 1968 by that king of crooks, Richard Nixon, in order to dupe poor whites into voting for them. It is only a matter of time before people wake up and realize who the Republican party really represents. Certainly not the working people of this country.

              I agree that Democrats made a mistake in nominating Hillary Clinton. Of the two I would have preferred Bernie Sanders. With this defeat, we should see the next generation of leaders come to the forefront. Time to let the seventy somethings ride off into the sunset and let younger people take over the party leadership.

              Democrats got over 2.5 million more votes in the presidential election, and were ahead by over 5% in the generic vote for the house of representatives. Gerrymandering, voter suppression measures, and fake news can only take the Repubs so far. Now that they have total power, sooner or later they will have to show actual progress. There will not be an Obama around to deflect blame next time.

              I suggest two books if you have not yet read them: Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance, and Nixonland by Rick Perlstein. Very illuminating.

            2. So the Republican opposition to practically everything the Obama administration tried to pass over the past 8 years has nothing to do with the failures is that what you are saying? Obamacare looking nothing like it was originally drawn up to be due to that opposition is simply his failure? The fact he took office in the midst of one of the worst deficits in history racked up by the Bush administration had no effect on how his term played out?

              I’m not affiliated with any party and have voted both parties in the past but this idea that Obama was terrible and achieved nothing due to his own incompetence is the biggest fairy tale going. The problem with Politics in this country is partisan voting and no regard for most of the people that populate it. Until that changes every President will be viewed as a failure.

          2. Obama is the worse president this country has ever had! He did nothing for this country… The people Voted! They spoke…. Get over it…

      2. Typical liberal. Keep preaching your ignorance. I was a NeverTrumper. Didnt vote for him. Don’t like him. I’m hopeful responsible people make his inexperience irrelevant. But you keep trying to cast those stones. That got you Democrats so far in the last election. You and your politicians are clueless and if you keep on the same course your party will be extinct.

        1. Interesting to see the Niners sucking so bad, we are talking politics to avoid talking football.

          Yes, I agree that the Dems just shot themselves in the foot again, but they are not going anywhere.

          Why? Because there are a lot more poor people than rich people. Trump duped a lot of people to vote against Clinton, but he will not get a bed of roses, and the Dems will finally get smart, organize, and sweep out the entrenched oligarchy.

          I, too, am not too concerned about this next administration, because if they fail to keep all their promises, and they promised some big whoppers, the reaction will not be pretty.

          The genius about the Constitution is that it divides power so one branch cannot dominate. Trump with his minority selection, will not be able to claim a mandate. He lost the popular vote, and I expect he will rue the day he ever won.

          You may diss Obama as a disaster, but he pulled the US out of a possible depression, and avoided another 9-11.

          As for the legislative losses, money talks.

  23. Kap does go to NY from time to time since Nessa is there. So I do not think this has any bearing on whether he leaves SF or not. Better yet it has no bearing on if he plays for NYJ.

    Personally I dont see him commanding a big market if at all. Even if he finishes this season on a high note, it wont change things. Many owners and/or coaches will not tolerate his civil rights movement. I already seen the Dolphins and Bills boo him in the own stadiums so I also take it many fanbases wont welcome him either. Besides 49ers and Jets, I cannot see many teams putting up with him. I could see the Jets taking a flier on him to hold the fort down because they spent recent draft picks on Hackenburg and Petty so they might use Kap while those guys develop.

    I also have doubts about him not playing in SF next year. Not too long ago we saw Chip Kelly put his foot down and run the Eagles with an iron fist. He wont say anything about Kap now because Chip himself is at a point where he is trying to regain his reputation and if he says anything or takes action, Chip could possibly endanger his reputation once again. They will probably move on from Kap in a more subtle and less hostile way by not agreeing to re-sign him. I cannot see a guy like Chip putting up with Kap every game and every year kneeling during the anthem over long term. Even Coach Kelly has a threshold.

    As far as Kap goes it is either SF, NYJ, or nothing at all. Personally I would not mind if he stayed another year to be a bridge while we find a new QB and address other positions as well but at the same time I think it is best for SF to move on from him at some point so even if he isnt the bridge guy I would not be mad either.

  24. I’m not trying to be rude here, but can we shut the @#$/ up about politics already?!

    1. If those guys play well, Baalke would look smart and Kelly would look dumb for not playing them sooner.

      1. If they had seen anything to make them think Ponder and Rush could help them win they would have activated them a long time ago. When a team sucks the most popular players are always the ones not playing.

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