Kaepernick on Baalke: “We have a business relationship. That’s the point that we’re at.”

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick answered questions in the 49ers’ locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: Have you had any issues with your shoulder this week, or has it been normal?

KAEPERNICK: Everything has been going great. Everything has been going as planned. Excited to get out there this Friday.

Q: The approach was very cautious. Do you think you could have played and returned to practice earlier?

KAEPERNICK: No. I was following doctors’ orders and what our trainers had recommended. It was something we wanted to make sure we stayed on top of because it is the preseason and we have a long season ahead of us to make sure that everything is going as planned going into that.

ME: Do you still think you have a fair chance to win this quarterback competition before Week 1?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah. Most definitely. I’m going to go out and show everything I can these next two games and make sure I put my best foot forward to show this organization, this team, this coaching staff what I’m capable of.

Q: Are you going to wear your visor during this game?


Q: Chip said you’re not on a pitch count this week, but did you have to do anything additional before or after practice to manage the shoulder?

KAEPERNICK: No. Same maintenance that I’ve always done. Not something that I’m concerned about at this point. Just making sure I do everything I can to go out and put my best foot forward.

Q: Do you think Blaine Gabbert has an inherent advantage in this competition given he took all of the first-team reps the last two weeks and during the offseason training program?

KAEPERNICK: No. I can only worry about myself. I focus on the reps that I get and the mental reps that I’ve taken, so when I step on the field I feel like I’m very prepared.

Q: How are you feeling physically after throwing again?


Q: Your arm is good?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah. Ready to go.

Q: Has the tinted visor been approved for the regular season?

KAEPERNICK: Still working on that.

Q: But you can do whatever you want during the exhibition season?

KAEPERNICK: From my understanding.

Q:  How frustrating was it to basically watch while you’re in the middle of a quarterback competition?

KAEPERNICK: Very. Very frustrating. Not something I was expecting, but at the same time it was something I had to deal and make sure I was prepared for it this coming game.

Q: Where do you think you are in terms of getting your full strength back that you had before all the procedures?

KAEPERNICK: I feel very comfortable with my strength. I’m prepared to play and ready to go. Not something I’m concerned about.

Q: What do you think of this offense? Does it suit you?

KAEPERNICK: It has been great. It’s something that I think I’m very comfortable in. It’s very similar to what I did in college. At this point I don’t think there’s any reason to be cautious or be uncomfortable in the offense. I’m very excited about what we’re capable of doing and the opportunities that we do have.

Q: You said in early June you hadn’t had a chance to talk with Trent Baalke since you got back. We talked to Trent last week and he said you’d had a good conversation together a few weeks ago. What is your relationship like with the general manager?

KAEPERNICK: We have a business relationship. That’s the point that we’re at.

Q: You had a good conversation? Would you characterize that as accurate?

KAEPERNICK: Uh, we had a conversation.

Q: Do you feel good about the way your situation physically has been handled by the team?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, I’m not getting into all the specifics, anything like that. We’re focusing on football. My focus right now is this game Friday.

ME: When you initially hurt your shoulder, you said you’d felt that tightness before when you played baseball and you bounced back quickly before. Eight to 10 years later, do you find your shoulder recovers less quickly than it used to?

KAEPERNICK: No. At this point I would say I bounce back quicker than I did in the past. Baseball is very taxing on the shoulder. Football not as much.

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  1. Twice the question: What’s you’re relationship with Baallke and twice the asser: “We have a business relationship.”

    One can deduce there’s no love loss with this organization and Kap….and Baalke could be the casualty by season’s end.

    1. No Tom. Baalke, by the numbers, has been one of the NFL’s best drafting GMs. The 49ers, under Baalke have a .611 winning schedule.

      Were mistakes made, yes. Harbaugh had a man crush on the tattooed clown and Baalke traded away Smith to keep a guy who has been widely recognized as incapable of reading defenses, making progressions or understanding route combination since 2013.

      In a QB league, Harbaugh’s man-crush proved disastrous.

      Surprisingly, outside the toxic confines of 49er land, lots of people recognize this…

      1. No Tom. Baalke, by the numbers, has been one of the NFL’s best drafting GMs. The 49ers, under Baalke have a .611 winning schedule.

        There are many factors that have led to the winning percentage. Baalke’s drafting percentage since 2012 has been among the worst in the league, but they still won due to a great HC in Harbaugh, some good vets left over from the previous GM, and some players that Baalke brought in. Since that HC left, and some of the players from the previous regime left, Baalke’s winning percentage isn’t so good.

      2. Mosses,

        Are you a 49er IT employee.

        Because, from now on, if I ever hear you say that again I’ll cut and paste articles about McCloughan being superior via WashRedskins.com, while Baalke did not even make the list….Good God, how often do we have this argument.

        How about we use a math formula here, Mosses, I’m too tired to go to that site.

        If Baalke is as good as you say, then why is this year his last….I’m in the industry, and mark my words, he’s done nothing since McClouhan left with his own picks…

        Show me a WR, QB ProBowler….\\

        And if you doubt my words….Las Vegas oddsmakers say Baalke is gone!

        1. Las Vegas has been wrong before. You do know that the line on the 49ers is also adjusted to the niners being bet on by their team a lot don’t you. If you are in the industry then prove it instead of using Vegas odds. BTW-they didn’t bet on JH in his first year and were wrong in JH last year. If the 49ers win 5 games or less, Baalke will gone. If they win 8 games or more and the offense is better and the defense gets back up in the top 10/5. He will stay-much to your dismay of course.

      3. Almost all of those players that contributed to that winning percentage were scrutinized and drafted by McCloughan-not Baalke.

        Going into his 6th year, Bulky has yet to draft an offensive skill player of note. Hyde looks like a talented guy, but has yet to stay healthy.

        Bulky needs to go……………Eddie would have sent him packing with the other deadwood.

      4. Dude, you really want to go down memory lane with Baalke’s drafts. They have been horrendous since 2012. We will see about this years crop. Look promising for once. However, if we lose, or they don’t develop, he’s gone. He should have been on the hot seat two years ago.

    2. If Baalke were to be be fired at the end of this season, it would not be for Kap-management (or Kap-mismanagement). It may be because Baakle has misfired on too many picks on offense, esp. receivers.

  2. Good questions, Grant. You asked what we all wanted to know.

    Did Kaep sound open, honest and friendly? I bet those Baalke questions were tough, but sounds like he was being diplomatic.

  3. Players that don’t like each other can still work together and get the job done. The problem is when they think they can do it without each other like Kobe and Shaq.

    1. I’m excited too. I don’t expect Chip to open up the playbook much in the next two games. The St. Louis game will be fun, assuming Kap starts.

    2. Yea I gotta say I’m pretty excited. I still feel like Kap’s not a 100% physically and has the disadvantage of very limited reps. So even if he comes in and does reasonably well they still may be cautious and start BG until CK is more up to speed, imo.

      But I want to see him succeed, if he does than the team will as well.

  4. Baalke is his boss whether he (or you) like it or not. He never misses a chance to show what an immature */&%$ he is.

    1. Yep, I agree. Baalke has never missed a chance to show what an immature Dbag he is. From orchestrating a whisper campaign against JH. The leaking of lies and smears against Kaep. Insulting him by sending the leaker to insist that Kaep takes a pay cut. Forcing Boone to LG so he did not have to pay him more, when Boone was desperately needed at RT. Meddling by coaching up the DBs. Insisting they play Devey because he traded for him, even though the Pats fans labeled Devey as a QB killer. Micromanaging the roster by playing cut couch potatoes while wasting Hayne’s talents by putting him on the PS. Cutting a player on the team bus. Holding AD hostage to his whims, and not getting him back because he could not control him. Not keeping his word to retain veteran leadership.

      Even though I do not want him fired right this second, the Niners will never act with class while he is the GM, because he treats the players like they are chattel. Baalke is on thin ice, and it sure was satisfying to see AD come back the same day Gamble was promoted.

      Kaep has grown and matured. Life has given him some harsh lessons. Kaep was smart and mature not to leak or say a word all off season. Kaep is being mature by describing the relationship as a business like one. Kaep has moved on, and is looking forward.

      Baalke says that they had a ‘good’ talk. Kaep said they talked, but did not say it was ‘good’ at all. I kinda believe Kaep over Baalke.

      Kaep has followed President JFK’s advice. Forgive, but dont forget.

      1. Baalke is hurting the team. I can understand missing on some draft picks. It happens. But the way he treats players is unacceptable. We will have to pay free agents more than anyone else just to be considered.

  5. I’m excited for Kaep in this offense too. If he can’t make it in this offense He may be done. I’m to the point though where I just want to see these two guys play the next two weeks in May the best man win.

    All the little side gossip between Kaep & the front office is a little tired at this point-just play.

  6. How can you take a man wearing a Malcolm X hat, seriously? Or conversely, if it’s an X-man hat, seriously?

    This dude is such a fool.

    1. Political Analysis by chapeau? Novel.
      I’ve got an Aussie, a couple of Stetsons, a smokey bear, and a fedora.
      So, hmmm, I guess I’m a……well ….um….Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider..?

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