Colin Kaepernick’s pre-game warmup vs. Peyton Manning’s pre-game warmup

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick and Peyton Manning warmed up differently before Sunday’s exhibition game.

Kaepernick started by dropping back and throwing passes to Jim Harbaugh who was standing straight in front of him. Then Kaepernick took snaps from a ball boy and threw passes to the right and then to the left.  A static warmup.

Manning started his warmup by throwing straight, like Kaepernick. Then Manning did a pocket movement drill — sliding left and right and forward and backward while looking downfield. Then Manning took snaps from the shotgun and threw four short passes in a row rapid fire — left, right, left, right. Then Manning threw quick short passes off his back foot, lofting the passes as if a lineman was in his face. A dynamic warmup. Manning was preparing for a game, not limbering up his arm.

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  1. It’s warm-ups man. Not a game. Warm-ups. I cant believe we’re sitting here talking about warm-ups. Not the game . Warm-ups.

  2. Look #7 is handsome and has lots of muscles but he aint and never will be manning (either of’em) bress, rodgers, luck. Just another athletic qb with a strong arm. Hasnt shown great “accuracy” yet.

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