Combine: Forget Sanu and Randle. Enter Wright and Hill.

The wide receivers ran their 40-yard dashes this morning at the combine, and just like that, you can forget about Mohamed Sanu.

He ran a 4.67 40-yard dash today at the NFL Combine, which means he’s slower than Michael Crabtree, which means the Niners probably aren’t going to drafting him.

So, that narrows things down a bit. What else did we learn?

Michael Floyd ran 4.47. He’s probably not going to drop to the Niners.

But Kendall Wright ran a 4.45 and 4.5 unofficially, and then recorded an official 4.61, which is embarrassing. Maybe the unofficial times were more accurate. Also, scouts say Wright plays faster than he times. Still, everyone expected him to run a 4.3, so he’s probably going to drop in the first round. If he drops all the way to the Niners, I expect them to draft him. Robert Griffin III, Wright’s QB at Baylor, said on the NFL Network today that the 49ers met with him and asked him all about Wright. Perhaps these poor times will deliver Wright to the Niners.

Alshon Jeffery did not run or participate in any drills. You could say he chose not to compete, which is not a 49er-thing to do.

Rueben Randle ran a 4.55, which means he’s about as fast as Crabtree, which is not exciting. He’ll probably be available when the 49ers draft at pick 30, if they want him.

Stephen Hill (6-4, 215) ran a 4.36, the fastest time of all the receivers at the combine. He also jumped 39.5 inches vertically. He’s got to be a first round pick, now. He’s exactly what the Niners are looking for, but he may rise up draft boards past the Niners and get picked somewhere in the 20s.

Tommy Streeter (6-5, 219) ran a 4.4 flat.  He didn’t produce much in college, so he’d be available when the Niners pick first, but after running such a fast 40 he might not be available when the Niners pick in the second round.

Cal’s Marvin Jones (6-2, 199) ran a 4.47. That’s quite fast. He’ll probably be available in the second round when the Niners pick, and he’d be very good choice. He’s quick and fast, he runs very good routes and he returns punts. On offense, he can play all three receiver positions – flanker, split end and slot.

Here’s how I think all this affects the Niners draft plans: If Wright falls, he’s the pick. If not, Hill is the pick, unless someone else falls they like better (like Peter Konz, an interior lineman; or Janoris Jenkins, a cornerback.)

If none of those guys fall, Randle probably will be the pick. He didn’t time well, but he had no problem separating from SEC cornerbacks in college. He’s not a “plodder” as his 40-time suggests.

If the Niners pass on Randle, they could draft Streeter or Jones in the second round.

Which receiver do you want the Niners to draft?

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