Contrast in coaching styles

The 49ers and Seahawks’ offensive game plans were polar opposites Sunday night. Let me explain.

The Seahawks did what the whole world expected – they ran at Ricky Jean Francois and they threw at Carlos Rogers. The Seahawks’ message was simple: We’re going right at your weakest links. Stop us.

It was as basic as an offensive game plan gets, and it worked.

The 49ers did the reverse. They over-finessed their game plan. The simple thing to do would have been to run Frank Gore up the middle from the beginning of the game. It worked for the 49ers the first time they played the Seahawks this season. What’s more, the Seahawks had been giving up 5.3 yards per carry since that game. The Seahawks needed to prove they could stop Gore, but the 49ers pre-stopped him. They handled it on their own.

Their attitude was the Seahawks were expecting Gore to run, so throw. Not only that, throw at Richard Sherman, the best cornerback in the league. That will fool the Seahawks.

The Niners shouldn’t have to fool teams. They have the most talented roster in the NFL. Just keep it simple.

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