Coordinator search enters fifth week

The Great Coordinator Search is on Day 28. The 49ers do not have any candidates scheduled to formally interview for the position today. But we can only assume the work continues behind closed doors.

There are a lot of questions every day from readers of this blog who wonder why the 49ers have not considered Mike Shanahan or Jon Gruden or Dennis Green or Ken Zampese or Al Saunders or Ken Anderson and so on.


My answer is: I’m sure they all have been considered. There have been a lot of names kicked around by coach Mike Singletary and GM Scot McCloughan. You can rest assured that many phone calls have taken place in the past 28 days to investigate potential candidates for the job.


Perhaps the real question is: Why haven’t those individuals been brought in for formal interviews? Thus far, there have been seven candidates who have sat down for interviews, including Dan Reeves and Hue Jackson, who were in Santa Clara on Friday.


If a person isn’t interviewed it is because either the 49ers did not wish to pursue that person or there is no interest on the other end. In the case of former successful head coaches, it’s easy to understand that few would want to take a step back and assume the grunt-work responsibilities of becoming a coordinator.


The 49ers find themselves in the same position as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs have a head coach, but they do not have an offensive coordinator. The Patriots don’t have a coordinator, per se, but coach Bill Belichick will reportedly handle those duties.


The Chiefs and Raiders do not have head coaches – and, therefore, they don’t have coordinators, either.


Are the 49ers in competition for offensive coordinators? Probably not. It seems Singletary has a unique vision of what he wants from that position. Perhaps his deliberate nature prevented Scott Linehan from accepting the job. But at least nobody can complain Singletary is rushing into a hasty decision.



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