Could 49ers’ Nick Mullens be a starting quarterback in NFL?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens passes against the Seattle Seahawks during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

SANTA CLARA — Nick Mullens just might have a future as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Through four starts with the 49ers — one quarter of the season — Mullens, an undrafted free agent in 2017, has outproduced both Jimmy Garoppolo and C.J. Beathard.

Garoppolo, a second-round draft pick of the New England Patriots in 2014, signed a five-year, $137.5 million contract with the 49ers on Feb. 8. He started the first three games this season, completed 59.6 percent of his throws, averaged 8.07 yards per pass attempt, threw five touchdown passes and three interceptions, took 13 sacks and posted a quarterback rating of 90 before tearing his ACL.

Beathard, a third-round pick in 2017, started the next five games. He completed 60.4 percent of his throws, averaged 7.41 yards per pass attempt, threw eight touchdown passes and seven interceptions, took 18 sacks and posted a quarterback rating of 81.8 before losing his job to Mullens.

Mullens, a practice squad player until Sept. 26, has completed 64.5 of his throws, averaged 8.13 yards per pass attempt, thrown seven touchdown passes and five interceptions, taken just seven sacks and posted a quarterback rating of 91.5. Mullens’ numbers are better than Garoppolo and Beathard in just about every category.

“(Mullens) is a really good young quarterback,” Broncos head coach Vance Joseph said on a conference call. The Broncos will play the 49ers Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.

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    “The first is his inconsistency in press coverage, where he’ll often get into trouble by opening his hips too early, punching with the wrong hand or not jamming at all.”

    “We don’t always know what is going through their mind or what physical ailment they are dealing with, but based on the information available to us, Greedy Williams’ effort left a lot to be desired in certain moments last season.”

    “Rarely do you see a 6-foot-1 corner with his length and size move the way he does, or make some of the peak plays that he does, but press technique, staying in phase vertically and consistently finishing with strong effort in coverage and in the run game are important areas of playing cornerback. If Williams has his eye on being a top ten pick, it’ll be his improvement in these areas that eventually make or break him in 2018.”

  2. No.
    He’s a serviceable backup but he’s severely limited as a thrower, which limits the offense.

    He’s basically Ty Detmer, a qb who might stick around the league a long time as a backup due to his intelligence and and work ethic.

    1. I know alot of carpenters that sorely missed income averaging before it was axed (I think back in the 80s).

      I bet alot of NFL players that had shorter careers missed it even more.

      1. Income averaging was one of the things that benefited the working class people more than anyone and it was a shame that it was removed.

  3. He’s been mitigating his lack of arm strength by getting the ball out on time, and improved lower body technique. At this point I wouldn’t push all my chips in on him being a starting quarterback in this league, but I certainly would wager a split bet on him. This season is setting up next year to be highly competitive at two key positions, quarterback and running back….

  4. Q:“… Could 49ers’ Nick Mullens be a starting quarterback in NFL?..”

    A: … He already is …. but … here’s a thought …

    The Butt Fumbler is … also … a starter, too !
    so-o-o … there’s that as well

  5. McGlinchey has a Flair for the gold! Kudos to Shanny/Lynch/Staff for identifying a cornerstone at a position of grave importance.

  6. Seriously?
    He can’t throw an out to the sideline.
    Any corner who takes outside leverage against him should be fined.

    To be a successful quarterback in this league you need:
    1. Pinpoint Accuracy
    2. Football Smarts well beyond average (know where 21 guys are at all times)
    3. Ability to move the pocket to extend plays
    4. A Rocket Arm

    Montana had 3 out of 4.
    How many does young Nick have?

  7. Pete Carroll learned his lesson about running the football in the Super Bowl. Shanny hasn’t had a healthy stable of running backs, but his entire offense is predicated on running the football….

              1. Kinda reminds me of the line from Meet The Parents where Grant Focker says, “Oh, you can milk just about anything with nipples”.

              1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣28 points isn’t doing it’s job? I concede a certain running back didn’t do his job which resulted in the the qb getting hit and losing the ball.

      1. 49ers Rank

        # 12 – Rushing Attempts
        # 8 – Total Rushing Yards
        # 7 – Rush yards per game
        # 9 – Rush yards per attempt

        All while losing their feature back before the season and their backup playing injured and/or missing significant time. A practice squad player is now the feature back. SMDH, get a clue dude.

        1. They can’t run the ball in the red zone or to close out a game in the fourth quarter. Do you even watch this team or just look at the stats?

          1. You think? Why can’t they be capable without showing they can? Sure, we’d all like to trust that they can, but like you and others, we too would like some verification. Adding McGlinchey told me Shanny’s serious about the running game and he’s a factor in the equation. I expect will get some answers next year. Until then, “can’t” is dubious to me….

          2. Little Cohn, you wouldn’t know a football if it fell out of the sky and landed in the soup sitting on your coffee table as you watch the 49er games on your TV like the rest of us. You didn’t say the 49ers can’t run the football in the red zone or that they can’t run the football in the 4th quarter. You said, “He wants to pass. He’s not committed to the run game. He’s more committed to play action.” I posted stats showing you’re a twisted fool. Shanahan is running the football at a rate better than half the league. In 11 years as an OC, Shanahan has placed in the top half of the league in Rush Attempts in 6 of those years. The system he comes from has always been heavy on the rush attempts from Steve Slaton to Terrance West to Alfred Morris to Matt Breida. Shanahan runs the football. You have no clue what you’re talking about – as usual.

            1. Shanahan pretends to want to run the football. But when push comes to shove, such as in the red zone, or during the four-minute drill, or during the second half of the Super Bowl when leading by 25 points, his pass-first nature reveals itself. He wants to be a genius and a genius has to pass. You owe me a nickel for this lesson.

              1. The 49ers are #5 in the NFL in red zone rushing attempts. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ll send you a nickel and you can send me back 4 cents in change. That’s the value of your lessons.

              2. Little Shanny’s red-zone running game is one of the worst in the league. It’s dead on arrival. If you really think his whole offense is based on the run, that just means he’s a worse coach than I thought, because his situational run game stinks and he has no understanding of how to run against a loaded box.

                Now you owe me a quarter.

              3. You keep moving the goal posts. You say “He wants to pass. He’s not committed to the run game. He’s more committed to play action.” Shanahan has called the 5th most run plays in the red zone this season. His team is not effective in red zone rushing and he’s still calling quite a few run plays in the red zone. Due to injury his team is playing 2nd and 3rd string running backs and he’s still calling the 5th most run plays in the red zone. If Shanahan deserves criticism it is that he’s calling too many red zone run plays given his current personnel.

                I didn’t say his whole offense is based on the run. I said his offense has always included a heavy dose of rushing attempts. Obviously, Shanahan prefers to use the run to set up the play action pass. To say Shanahan pretends to run is just plain silly. Shanahan has almost always been in the top half of the league in rushing attempts.

                I’ll send you that quarter and I won’t even demand the 24 cents change you owe me. Keep it as a gift so maybe over time you can save enough money to afford a ticket to actually go to the 49er games.

              4. You said it. He runs to set up play action. He can’t run to close out a game or a drive. He’s not committed to running. He ultimately wants to pass.

              5. I agree with Grant. Look at the Seahawk game. Passed twice as much as they ran the ball, and gained a measly 63 yards.
                Just my 2 cents.

              6. Grant you are an idiot. To run in those situations you need a great running back. Scheme only gets you so far. The rams and cowboys can do that because they have elite running backs. When defenses stack the box and you have 200 pound breida scheme won’t dont do that much. You are just mad that Shanahan doesn’t respect you. Little do you know that you are a terrible writer who acts like a football coach, does zero research, and does not report anything. Hot take artist

              7. I beg to differ. Carson is pretty good, and the Seahawks are averaging 148 yards per game. Cannot do that with scrub RBs.
                Their first round draft pick, is the backup to Carson, and Penny had that 19 yard TD run where he was untouched.
                Niners, if Grant is as bad as you say he is, why are you even commenting? Personally, I think Grant is like a breath of fresh air, and he is a must read, to me

              8. sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

                The brown nosing is sure to help your status!

                FU Seb!

              9. Prime, did some one pee in your Wheaties?
                You sure are regretting that you admitted Kaep took the league by storm.

  8. Razoreater – you say, “Shanny’s entire offense is predicated on running the football…” Frankly, Shanny’s lack of being able to construct a viable RZ run package and 4-minute run games to close out wins contributes significantly to losses. If your hypothesis about the construct of Shanny’s offense is correct, he indeed has not done a good job.

    Pete Carroll addresses a few issues which may enlighten Shanny supporters as well as critics.

    Monday night’s game between the Vikings and Seahawks features a pair of old-school defensive coaches who harp on running the ball offensively.

    So why do defensive coaches want to run the ball so much?

    “Because it’s the best way to not screw it up,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters on Thursday.

    “It’s the best way to play the game because the games are always lost [when] you make errors. That’s why the turnover issue is of paramount importance to us. It’s the most important thing that we taught. It’s the first thing I ever say to our team every single year we get together. Every year I start there because that’s what determines the outcome of the games. When we don’t turn the football over, our winning percentages are ridiculously high. . . . When we’re in the plus, our numbers are phenomenal and they always have been. How can you play to make that factor a strength of yours. Right now, we’re plus-11. That’s a good spot to be, but if we wind up plus-18 or something like that, we’re going to have hell of a finish this season. We’ve got to keep going and pushing on it. That calls both sides of the ball and everybody’s consciousness to get that done. I think most all defensive coaches are pretty tuned in to that.”

  9. Shoup and others a bit too quick to pour ice water on Mullens’ ability to play in the NFL need to remember that Tony Romo, I believe an undrafted FA from Eastern Illinois, was on the Cowboy roster in 2003, 2004 and 2005 with absolutely ZERO pass attempts in a regular season game.

    Does anybody remember the scouting reports on Romo coming out of Eastern Illinois and how his skill set at that time compared to what Mullens possesses as a FA from Southern Miss who has spent just 1 year on the practice squad prior to this year where he was thrust into action due to CJB’s lack of productivity/injury?

    Give the kid a chance to grow, to mature and to develop before you indict him as no better than a back-up.

    Romo had 3 years to grow into his role.

    1. Mullens has the prototypical makeup for one of those once in a million lottery tickets that you may end up glad you held onto….🎫

  10. Hi arm will always hold him back. Clout the middle of the field and force him to throw outside consistently. Can he be a serviceable QA? Sure. Will he be a solid #1 that puts fear in the opponents minds?- not likely. But at least he’s way more suited for this game than Colin is.

    1. Penchant for Poosy – Absolutely nobody thought Tony Romo could develop into a solid #1 either when he was signed as a UFA in the spring of 2003. Otherwise, he would have been drafted.

      Arms can change a bit, too. As a QB grows and matures, it has been reported by some of these QB gurus that it is possible for an increase of velocity up to 5 mph.

      Also, nobody was bragging about Bernie Kosar’s arm and especially his delivery when he came out. Romo never had a great arm, either.

      Kaepernick was blessed with an outstanding arm and still could not throw successfully outside the numbers. In fact, how many QBs really can do so from the far hash even though the ball basically is in the middle of the field as hash marks only are 6 and a fraction yards apart.

      Anticipation also can improve once a QB grows in his knowledge of NFL coverages and learns more about pre-snap disguises, etc.

      1. Tony Romo actually was known for his arm strength, Mike. All his physical tangibles were solid (size, strength, mobility, arm). It was his prior performance that held him down.

        1. Penchant for Poosy – Here is part of the scouting report in 2003 draft yearbook on Tony Romo – “He has a good arm with the ability to throw the short and intermediate passes exceptionally well. He needs some work on the deep ball with improved arm strength and better foot positioning necessary to increase his completion %. He has a good feel for pressure in the pocket with the mobility to avoid tacklers and make a good throw on the move. He makes things happen outside the pocket with the ability to hit receivers on the money. Over his career, he made nice strides in all areas of play, especially decision making. He goes through his progressions well with the quick decision making to deliver the ball to the right receiver at the right time. He has the complete makeup of an NFL starting QB – athletic, sound arm with the ability to make quick smart decisions consistently.”

    2. Mullens should not be touted as better than Kaep unless he can get to the SB after 10 games, and sets playoff rushing records.
      Kaep is being blackballed, and he is subject to the most biased assessments of his skillsets. They are so afraid of Kaep come storming back, they have to lie about him.
      Kaep, with the proper support, could easily take a team to the SB. I am hoping that some team, eager to make the playoffs, would sign Kaep. However, the Racist Redskins, who like women beaters, would rather lose without Kaep than win with Kaep.

      1. sebnynah says:
        August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
        If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed.

          1. Own it Sebbie. A direct quote from you on that August night when you saw a glimmer of hope for a strong 9er season. I’m not twisting your words.

            Shame on you for abandoning your principles. Shame.

            1. This is how it would go, Sam. Kaepernick would return to defeat, and look even worse than he did in his attempt to keep Gabbert on the bench. Then out comes the excuses. Well…he’s been outta football for 2 years, he needs time to gel with his team mates, blah, blah, blah…you get the idea. So, as much as I’d love to see a good train wreck, I’m not sure I want to see it over, and over again….

              1. No, no, some one said that Kaep took the league by storm.
                With this improved squad, Kaep could take the league by storm, again.

              2. I am actually surprised Kaepernick hasn’t followed Tebow into baseball.
                If I were a Nike executive I’ d be pushing for exposure on any national sports setting.

          2. sebnynah says:
            November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
            Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

            Sam, meet Seb. He thinks there is a promotion in his future and thinks of this blog as step towards gaining some sort of respect or credibility.

            Hey Seb, FU!

            1. Prime, thank you for proving that you are a potty mouthed simpleton. Cannot think of anything interesting to say, so you hurl expletives.
              Sure am glad that you admitted Kaep took the league by storm.

      2. Kap regressed, Seb-an important point you purposely leave out. You take a virtual “snapshot’ of Kaps career, and then say, “See, thats Kap!!!!!!” And for a very brief moment, it was.

    3. It sure didn’t hold him back from throwing for the 3rd most yards in Seattle since 2010.
      I mean that’s impressive.
      Pete knows defense. If it was so easy to stop him with that method as you said, why was he so successful?
      I mean Seattle needed the W.

  11. Lol. As usual, what would have been a nice read about Nick turned into another hit piece on Shanahan. Shocking. I new it was coming. It’s standard these days from Coach/GM. I almost didn’t want to turn the page of the paper knowing that the nice article would digress into taking a another shot at Kyle. Coach/GM C. just can’t help himself. It’s uncontrollable. Two totally different questions in the last two paragraphs. To Shanahan, the question was “does Mullens have a shot at being a “VERY SUCCESFULL” quarterback in this league? Answer. “I think the game is not too big for him. But I’m not going to go there yet”. To Joseph (Bronco head coach), when asked if Mullens “MIGHT” be a starting quarterback someday, he replied “I “THINK” he has a chance. Shanahans answer is fine. What do you want him to say? Yes, he’s going to win 5 Super Bowls? Come on! Shanahan has succeeded in getting in Coach/GM Grants head. That’s what I get from this piece, instead of of just being a nice complimentary piece about Nick. Too bad.

    1. ‘I think the game is not too big for him, but I am not going to go there yet.’
      Jeeze, this is his starting QB. Maybe he could benefit from some effusive praise. KS does not seem to like NM enough to assert that he believes in him. KS should say that in private, and say what Joseph said in public.
      KS has started NM for 4 games, but does not have much confidence in him?
      Grant does not need to disparage KS, KS does that to himself.
      Looking at Mullens, I think he could be a starter for many teams. He is accurate,which is his biggest positive, and what many starters like Kessler, Peterman, McCoy, Fitzpatick, Butt and many rookie QBs lack.
      Mullens does not have much experience, and he would benefit from sitting and learning a few seasons, but he has acquitted himself nicely, so far. The Niners should trade CJB to the Skins for a fifth, and keep Mullens as the backup to JG.

      1. In a large pot, heat 4 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat. Add shallots and cook, stirring frequently, until soft and translucent, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute more. Do not brown. Add wine and increase the heat to medium high. Boil until the wine is reduced by about half, 3 to 4 minutes.

        Add crushed tomatoes, clam juice, sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, red pepper flakes, oregano, thyme sprigs, and 1 cup of water. Add cubed halibut. Bring to a low boil; reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for 25 minutes.

        When the stew is done simmering, remove and discard the thyme sprigs and stir in the butter. Add clams and scallops, and bring the stew back to a simmer. Cover and cook for about 6 minutes, until clams have mostly opened. Gently stir in shrimp and bring the stew back to a simmer; cover and cook until the shrimp are just cooked through and the clams are completely opened, about 5 minutes. Discard any unopened clams. Add the chopped thyme, then taste the stew and adjust seasoning, if necessary.

        1. Very likely Washington looks to the draft for their next QB. And no way CJB goes for anything higher than a 7th if he remains on the bench the rest of this year.

        2. Washington has the Butt Fumbler. Need I say more?
          AS is going to retire. His injury has complications.
          CJB is a decent backup and Bobby Beathard will be touting him.

  12. Grant you remind me of a Country song, wait till Mullens has a few more games and when he struggles, you will throw him to the curb and say he should be cut immediately and the Niners need to sign Kaep now.

    1. Grant’s like an old book in a series you’ve read more than once. Every once in a while, one of the sequels surprises you. Case in point, signing Kaepernick….

      1. I think it is a millennial thing, they need instant gratification,a fierce need to be right, they lack logical deep thinking skills, although they know everything about everything and blame their Parents because they don’t know how to drive a stick or change a tire.

    2. No, I am resigned to the fact that KS is intentionally tanking, and starting Mullens is proof of that.
      KS is content to lose, and Jed is jumping for joy.

  13. Seb, I can always count on you to be the great defender of Coach/GM. Like a moth to a flame! ;p Sorry, with all due respect, I’ll take Kyles take on Mullens rather than from folks who wouldn’t know where to line up if told to play QB! But that’s just me! ;-)

    1. Juan, I will assert that the Niners would have not been 1-9 since JG went down, if only KS had signed Kaep.
      I fully expect you will disagree with me, but 1-9 with the present QBs is not hard to improve upon.

        1. The team with the defense that gave up 200 yards rushing to third string RBs? 31st in the league?
          Kaep actually had that offense 6th in rushing. He had a 90.7 QBR even with numerous drops, and had a 16-4 TD to pick ratio.
          Sure, blame Kaep for everything, but I remember well, that season.

          1. Coulda, woulda, shoulda…. Such fond memories… If only, if only….


            Did Nessa steal your guy Sebbie?

          2. Seb-

            You remember a snapshot. And your true liberal outlook always peeps out………… was all the D’s fault, he’s a victim.

            We all saw Kap play his entire career here…………..was he ever responsible for ANYTHING he did that was less than satisfactory??????????????

  14. Wow. An UFA has a QBR better than Jameis Winston, Baker Mayfield, Matt Stafford, Alex Smith, Case Keenum, and Joe Flacco? That’s impressive. Kyle Shanahan must be doing an outstanding job coaching that young man and calling excellent plays to put him in a position to succeed. Great job, Kyle.

    1. And yet all of those guys have a better record. Is this a sign that the coach is responsible for as well?

      Remember guys this is the same argument the Seb makes all the time regarding a certain QB. Not sure you want to go down that rabbit hole.

          1. As soon as you admit Kyle has done an outstanding job improving the offense and coaching Mullens. Say it. Give the man some credit. The “Lets Get Kyle” them that has taken over this blog is mind-numbingly stupid. Say it. Kyle has done a good job Coaching Mullens. Say it.

            1. I will say it when/and if he deserves it. I saw what he did with CJB so jury is still out Houston.

              Some of us never fell for the Kyle Shanahan Enshrinement Program. Doesn’t mean we are out to get him.

              When he earns accolades. I will give them to him. When he deserves criticism, I will give that to him also.

              1. So double digit improvement in Total Offense and Total Defense in terms of yards and scoring for both facets deserves no credit. Got it. Pretty damn stupid, but you be you.

              2. “double digit improvement in Total Offense and Total Defense in terms of yards and scoring for both facets”

                Compared to when? There definitely has not been a double digit improvement in points scored or points allowed under this regime compared to 2016.

      1. Coach is responsible for every stinking thing…every detail. Player cannot be faulted. Ever.

        BTW, nice name–Sour Yeast

            1. He was having a back and forth with our favorite Canadian Goose and wrote “Sorry East” but apparently it was spell checked to “Sour Yeast”. I thought it was hilarious.

              1. What’s not funny is that our airplanes have the equivalent of spell checkers flying our airplanes now. Just ask Lion Air if you don’t believe me.

  15. Pump the brakes on Mullens guys. Yes he could turn into a capable starter, but he could also flop once opposing defenses have enough tape on him. Only time will tell what path he will end up traversing.

  16. The last thing you want to do as a coach is fill your young players ( young as in new to the level they are at) head with unrealities.. You want them to continue to strive to get better. Nobody wants Nick or CJ to succeed more than Kyle. Also, every player has a different personality, a different mechanism of dealing with positive or negative praise. I’ll trust Kyle’s approach with these two being that he’s with them every day rather than some sports scribe who’s just looking to create controversy.

  17. Mullens has shown that he can play at this level. There’s a few limitations to his game and I think that’s why Shanahan tends to play him down a bit.

    Worst case, the kid has shown that he can be a backup QB in the league for a while.

    If he can pull off a win in the next 3 weeks it would be more impressive than any win from the last 5 weeks a year ago.

    1. “If he can pull off a win in the next 3 weeks it would be more impressive than any win from the last 5 weeks a year ago.”

      Still means nothing going into next year. Mullins with the team almost two years JG maybe six weeks, more impressive eh, stretching it a bit but I suppose you can make a case for it.

      1. “Still means nothing going into next year.”

        Correct. But it would be the next step in his growth as the backup.

        “Mullins with the team almost two years JG maybe six weeks,”

        Mullins was playing Safety on the scout team until Garoppolo got injured.

        “more impressive eh, stretching it a bit but I suppose you can make a case for it.”

        49ers haven’t beat Seattle at home since 2013. The Bears are one of the best teams in the NFC, which I believe is the tougher conference.

        It can certainly be debated, but that’s my feeling on it.

  18. My 10 Reasons why no team will ever sign Kaepernick. His football career is over.

    1. He’s just not very good. You know the stats. 11-24 in his last 35 starts. 1-10 in his last season including a franchise record 9 loses in a row. Whats interesting is Kaep proponents blame everyone around him for the dismal record, calling the OL turnstiles, the receivers dropping balls, the defense was porous, etc, while also saying management stabbed him in the back, and so on and so on and so on. None was his fault.
    2. He hasn’t played in two years and counting. If only the NFL were so easy that you could just walk on the field and, as Seb put’s it, “take the league by storm”. Not likely. Logic would say that at best, he would continue where he left off, (see above), not take a time machine back 5 years. More like a light drizzle than a storm.
    3. No owner is going to risk alienating at least half, if not more, of his teams fan base. For every fan that is clamoring for his return, there is at least one or two fans that would be up in arms (pissed off) at his signings for a variety of reasons, including their hostility towards him for kneeling during the National Anthem. His poor play in his last 3 years of his career doesn’t help.
    4. Most if not all of the owners are billionaire conservatives. Enough said. Whether they are colluding together is a non issue. I’m sure they did. So what. They own the teams. They can sign who they want to sign or not sign who they don’t want. Even if Kaep wins his case, and he might, they can’t force a team to sign him. He might win money, but he will still never ever play again.
    5. Angry fans are not the only problem for the owners. Advertisers would be a big problem. Yes, many companies would pull their support the very second Kaep put his name on the dotted line. Money talks, and all those angry fans would aslo take it out on the advertisers that continued to support the team. Would all this grief be worth signing a mediocre QB who hasn’t played in years? No.
    6. Can you imagine the media frenzy that would accompany his arrival? No team is going to like that kind of distraction, no matter what any sports writers claim. The locker room dynamics would be changed. Many of the players in the locker room hold the same values as the angry fans.
    7. He’s a one read QB that can only play in one system. The NFL figured out that system fairly quickly and that is why he was not very good his last 3 years. Does it make sense for any team to completely revamp the offense to fit a QB that couldn’t win much playing that said offense? No.
    8. What guarantee is there that he wouldn’t pull some other sideline protest or public stunt once he is on the roster? The owner doesn’t want to have to worry game in and game out whether that is going to happen, as they would indeed. Again, is that worry and pressure worth the gamble? No.
    9. Kaep wants far too much money for a QB that hasn’t played in over 2 years.
    10. Kaep is no dummy. In fact, he is very intelligent. He knew as early as 2014 that the league had figured him out. He knew his career as a productive QB was crumbling. He was right. He needed a way out, but still keep his income intact. He decided to become a voice for social justice and kneel during the National Anthem, a sacred piece of America to many, which he knew would eventually lead to his leaving the league as a player. He also knew the owners, being conservative, would never sign him because of not wanting to lose their conservative fan base. He knew exactly what he was doing. He’s made more money now, in this new occupation, then he ever would have as a player. His Nike contract alone probably exceeds all of his probable future earning as a player in the NFL. He has actually outsmarted everybody. Good for him. But he will never play in the NFL again and I’m sure he’s just fine with that. His plan worked.


    1. You, sir, are very astute, but tragically wrong.
      I know some one who thinks Kaep took the league by storm.
      I thought that once he won his lawsuit, he would be able to play, but the attrition rate of QBs has escalated to the point that Kessler, Peterman and Sanchez have been starting. The poor QB play has amply demonstrated that all screeds against Kaep are specious.
      Gruden looks like an ignoramus to bring in Josh Johnson as a backup, and still refuses to even let Kaep try out. He decries some one protesting for social justice, then accepts a 3 time DV perpetrator.
      So Juan, maybe you should advocate that Kaep play, so he could prove your theory right. He may fall flat on his face.
      All I see are teams who would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep, Niners included.
      Hmmm, 10 point plan? Wonder where you saw them before? ;p

      1. What was it Kap said? All cops are pigs???????? Fidel is a hero? We spend nothing on education?
        These are juvenile rantings, Seb.

        …rather lose without Kap, then win with him? That is simply false, nothing complicated about it. What did his last 3 yrs do to make any head coach want him?????

        Like his girlfriend, you want to use him to recreate ’68.

        1. Kaep wore socks and a T shirt. He did not write a manifesto.He is against rogue cops, not every cop.
          Kaep silently, non violently and respectfully exercised his First Amendment rights, fighting for social justice. He did not beat a woman.
          Kaep is a SB QB who has set playoff records. He is light years better than some of the present starters.
          I am not a huge fan of Nessa, but love is blind.

  19. Grant…

    Follow 9er carnage long enough and it leads to the Yorks. Let’s just go straight to the top…Denise. Jed’s a bump on the path. Leave John out–going to Eddie’s sister makes for better copy. Interview Denise and ask the tough questions. If you can steamroller players, Shanahan, Lynch, and others, you can get some time with her.

  20. Beginning to sense that teams in need of a franchise QB are thinking they may find one early in the 2019 draft. Some of us experts may feel that’s hysterical, but it doesn’t stop teams (some of them desperate) from overvaluing the 2019 QB crop. Not so hard to believe when one looks at all the QB buzz beginning to appear. The 2019 class isn’t quite on par with that of 2018, but some teams are beginning to salivate.

    The combine and draft will be fascinating. Cannot wait for Grant’s breakdown of the 2019 QB class.

  21. Throwing outside the numbers is more about confidence and accuracy than arm strength, and that takes time to master. I think Mullens has the strength to make the throws. But, just like Pete Carroll said the issue is turnovers and when you miss on that throw, it’s not only potentially a turnover but a pick six. What I have seen is not the ability to make the throw but the confidence. He has to move from worrying about a turnover to knowing he can make the throw. I’m willing to bet that Mullens has the arm strength but only needs to get the reps that builds confidence.

  22. Quick question, if next year the team continues to improve in overall offense and defense, but yet doesn’t win too many games (say 4 for arguments sake) while still remaining close in all the games, would you consider that a successful season?

      1. Even if they have major injuries…..this season should be a learned lesson on getting quality back up at all positions…..

  23. Nick Mullens in respect to Quarterback position only is better than Jimmy Garopolo and C.J. Beathard. Nick throws the yards, moves in the pocket, progressions to more than 7 receivers in a game ( more than what Jimmy done), leads the offense in the huddle, knows the playbook left and right, only errors are from an entire offense not quarterback issues. I am committed to Nick Mullens 100% and 49ers can be a top 5 scoring offense with a few changes made.

    1. Put down the pipe and walk away. JG is the franchise QB and he is the reason I am not calling on them to sign Kaep long term.
      JG walked onto the team, and 3 weeks later led them to 5 straight wins against 3 playoff teams.
      Mullens is good, but there was a reason he went undrafted. JG has the BB pedigree, and was the heir apparent to Brady, until Brady decided to keep playing.

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