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  1. I’m not at all sure that it’s that simple. Interesting to know ( we won’t) if the Vikes are more interested in CK than Ponder; maybe not.

    1. Do you remember what happened when Nolan went public with Alex Smith’s shoulder injury and called it a none issue. Smith got a second opinion, had surgery for what proved to be a serious injury made worse by Nolan continuing to play Alex. Yes, Alex picked his own doctor and followed that doctor’s advise instead of following the “team” doctor’s advice. That’s basically what Colin did.

  2. I think all that makes perfect sense. If he was healthy and played well he should be on the team. Now it’s a business decision and with business decisions, potential means nothing. It’s about dollars and cents and keeping Kaepernick in the event of an injury or more public distractions makes no sense.
    It’s time for Baalke to work the phones, take half the salary back and in return get a conditional pick and be happy about it!

    1. They have to wait 24 hours for cut players to pass waivers. Of course, they could find players on the waiver wire. With their number five draft slot, that’s a possibility.

  3. If the Yorks foolishly decide to cut CK7 then I will be done with this franchise forever.
    CK7 gets scrutinized for telling it like it is and if York the racist doesn’t support that, fine I’m out.
    Not only will I be done with the 49ers but may even consider moving out of this country for the clear lack of support to minorities and the continued ignorance the people in power display.

    1. If the Yorks foolishly decide to KEEP CK7 then I will be done with this franchise forever! He is a half black Muslim-liking adopted jerk who is a multimillionaire that thinks that this nation is racist! And, to think I am going to buy one more ticket to watch him is NEVER going to happen! He has been blessed and he thinks that he has encountered racism. Let him go to a Muslim country for the next 26+ years of his life and then come back here. I will never buy another NINER ticket if he isn’t cut. He hasn’t done a thing this pre-season to make this team and if the Yorks keep him then I am done!

      1. I support you being done with franchise. Whether you agree with Colin’s actions or not, it’s a good thing you don’t represent my team. I’d take 20 Kaepernick opinions over one of your ignorant racist rants!

        Maybe you can move in with Trump. I understand he’s probably going to need a new country to hide in as well.

        1. Clinton is the racist. “Super-predators”. Wake up. Trump employs thousands of minorities and has paid equal pay for men and women for more than 20 years. Don’t buy the establishment BS about Trump. He’ll actually improve the situation for minorities.

          1. Trump applied for thousands of international Visa’s so that he could bring cheap labor into this country and hire them, instead of hiring Americans. This is a guy who’s clothing line is made IN CHINA by cheap labor.

            And this is a guy who you think put’s America first?

            I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you Coachwolf.

          2. Bingo! I didn’t take the “taco bowl engagment” to well either.
            She can kiss and call a dead klansman here mentor but that’s ok I guess to some.
            Her and her hillbilly husband have been known racists for years!
            Now I’m not a “YUGE” trump supporter but I’ve known about the clintons for years. And just because she claims she’s a democrat doesn’t fool me a bit!
            Between her Bush and Obama!
            Ehhh nevermind. Some people will only buy what Fox News, CNN and NBC tell them. Waste of time! GO NINERS!

        2. If a person acts like a jerk and someone calls him out, the fact that the person is black (or half black) does not make it a racist statement. There is ample evidence that Kaepernick is acting like a jerk and he is in fact a Muslim, adopted and a millionaire. You seem to want to contribute to the conversation but too often deem others to be fools, jerks or idiots or less merely because they don’t agree with you. Using your logic, those times that you referred to me as a fool are solid evidence that you are also a racist because of my Italian heritage. Get over yourself.

          1. This guy isn’t calling Colin out for being acting like a jerk.

            If you think calling someone a “a half black Muslim-liking adopted jerk” and claiming Kap “hasn’t experienced racism “because he’s blessed” whatever that means, isn’t a racist statement Whine?

            You’re right, it’s racist and bigoted, my bad! And yes, defending those statements makes you an intellectual lightweight Whine!

            1. You’ve got every right in the world to dislike Kap, Whine. I’m not a big fan myself.

              But the bigoted and racist remarks this poster above made, don’t belong on a civilized forum. I assumed you were smarter than that Whine.

              1. He’s not. Whine defended racist comments on the last thread too, in a very condescending comment to me. He actually compared me to the boy who cried wolf, and then complained that I didn’t give him a thoughtful response.

              2. 49 – You seem like a smart guy. I am not a proponent of hate speech – comments directed towards anyone SOLELY because of certain historical characteristics which are facts of nature. I am just a little less inclined to jump to conclusions and ascribe motives to those who are not as careful as you might be with their language. And for that reason, I will discontinue trying to communicate with Grimey solely because I think he is a little too emotional about the issue now being discussed. That said, I never felt inclined to root against Kaep. The only emotion I have now is distinct sadness. I think he has made a huge mistake and while I am inclined to be understanding of his motives, my sense is wrong place, wrong time and I’m afraid that he will live to regret that the end just didn’t justified the means. All this racism nonsense is just noise. Sorry but no one is going to be better off for this (except maybe Gabbert)

        3. You still have not told anyone how to become as enlightened as you.

          Lots of name calling, yes……..rants and raves, yes…..heavy on your politics, yes…..But not a lot of love and tolerance for your fellow human beings.
          Where is the absolute overflowing of love?
          We love you-don’t you love us?

          1. I was taught that you don’t have to hate someone to criticize them, sawbrodie.

            I’m not sure that qualifies as “enlightened?”

        4. I am not a racist. I don’t care what you think and it’s NOT YOUR team! You do have a right to accept 20 of Kaep’s opinions over mine, but do you see the ratio that is required? 20 to ONE of mine! I’ll take that ration any day! Seems my opinion has a lot more weight that HIS or YOURS! You don’t understand much, do you because there is nothing about needing a new country that I have heard of? MY bottom line…lots of fans have made Kaepernick a millionaire and he is using his money to speak out because he can. My family experienced tons more prejudice than he has or that many blacks do today…..we were LEGAL immigrants so don’t give me any “racist” comments because you don’t know. This country made Kaep a multimillionaire~ and he is dissing us….not you!

      2. I agree with both predictions that the York’s will be foolish.

        I will add, that once peak foolishness has been achieved, the York’s will sustain their high velocity nonsense for several years.

        We have only begun to zany.

      1. Maybe they can carpool in their move away. Neither brings anything that will be missed.
        I have a teenage daughter who isn’t as dramatic as the blow hards here. This organization was successful long before Kaep and ant current player. Today people mistakenly think they are bigger than the brand.

    2. How about we ignore idle speculation from both sides and admit his potential release would have to do with his poor play?

      1. It’s not just his poor play, it’s his guaranteed money they team would be stuck with if he gets hurt again.

        The risk Colin presents on the books next season outweighs the potential benefit. Kap is a disaster as a QB, but he might have a strong career as a social activist.

    3. What about the fact that he simply isn’t good anymore, has been regressing for an extended period of time and has a contract that exposes the team to further financial risk if he’s injured again? Is it possible that taking on the combination of inept play and future salary risk simply isn’t a smart decision for a business that pays for production? I’ve been a Kaep supporter since day one, but regardless of his political views, he currently sucks as a QB and continues to get worse. Playing the race card in light of these facts is ignoring the realities of business in the NFL and making yourself look like a fool. Threatening to leave the country will only make people hold the door for you.

    4. bay, (if this is the “real” bayareafanatic), welcome back. Remember the halcyon days when we just used to argue about Alex Smith?

    5. That is just pure ignorance …. With nothing to back it up. Move to a country with real oppression and tell us what you think of the USA then.

    6. That is just pure ignorance …. With nothing to back it up. Move to a country with real oppression and tell us what you think of the USA then.

      1. You do realize people said the same thing to those who protested the Vietnam War, too. They were wrong about that.

        People said MLK was told he was un-American. They were wrong about that.

        People said we should invade Iraq. They were wrong.

        People said women asking for the right to vote was crazy. They were wrong.

        Think about it…

    7. See Ya Later bro. The real thing is that he is just not in to football anymore. Does not focus on craft. So leave the niners as fan and worship the Raiders or Hawks. Try moving to Saudi or Iran than you will see real bigorty.

    8. Good! Because a lot of players a lot better than Kaepernick have been traded or cut so if that’s your bar, we’re better off without you:

      YA Tittle — HOF QB traded to Giants to clear the way for John Brodie.

      Dave Parks — One of the 49ers best WRs. Allowed to go via the old-fashioned FA to the NO Saints even though they could have kept him.

      Forrest Blue — Best OC in the NFC. Traded to the Colts for a back-up QB because Spurrier and Brodie were hurt.

      Ted Kwalick — NFC’s best TE. Allowed to walk to the WFL by Spadia.

      Ronnie Lott — Didn’t make an attempt to keep him from going into FA.

      T.Owens — Drama Queen traded to Eagles during FA dispute.

      Jerry Rice — Let go to FA to elevate Tai Streets & JJ Stokes.

      Joe Montana — Traded to clear the way for Steve Young.

      Charles Haley — HOF DE traded away. Seifert later regrets mistake.

      George Seifert — The second best coach the 49ers ever had, stabbed in the back for a .500 college coach with one season.

  4. Yes! That’s exactly how I see this will play out. Although imagine if Kaepernick screws things up and plays great.

  5. Hopefully Kaepernick is traded instead of being released. I would like for the team to get something in return for his exit.

    1. Why Baalke will blow it on a no talent injured player who sits for a year and does nothing on his return. Well with all the Kap discussions . No ones talking bout baalke until season starts and ends

    2. Jed, Colin won’t rewrite his contract to benefit the 49ers especially since he was lambasted as a fool for signing it in the first place.

  6. Based strictly on the numbers, Kaep’s failure to perform at a high level or improve dictates saving the host. I agree cutting or trading him is best for all concerned. Regardless of what happens Kaep will be independently wealthy for life.

    1. I still think Colin was a long shot coming in. From my prospective, Blaine was a upgrade last season, and had a physical (3 surgeries to recover from) and mental edge coming into this season. And Blaine has a stronger locker room presennce. As much as I respect Colin, and support him, I think Blaine would have been more pragmatic about putting the team first, whether that’s right or wrong.

      1. Agreed,
        Blaine is not a good qb (stopgap), he is not very accurate and is not aggressive. However, he at least makes the correct reads and is athletic enough to run the offense and more importantly coaches can trust him to run their offense. Additionally, I would argue he is a bit more elusive than Kaep even if he is not as fast.
        Kaep’s ability is greater but the NFL is littered with Qb’s who had great ability but still failed due to poor decision making ability… Leaf, Russel, Young, Locker, Bradford, Boller are just a few examples of prototype qb’s who have not worked out at the NFL level.

        1. And none of his flaws aren’t shared with Kaepernick. And Kaepernick’s abilities do not exceed Gabberts. You go back and look at those old draft reports and discussion, Gabbert was rated, by many, higher than Newton including many pundits saying he had the strongest arm in the draft.

          1. I don’t remember any draft reports ranking Gabbert ahead of Newton. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any, but if there were, it wasn’t many. The draft reports that said those things were obviously wrong. Gabbert was not very good in College either. The only thing positive about him were his measureables. He was a severe downgrade from Chase Daniels in an offense made for huge numbers, didn’t win big games and was drafted solely on potential. He’s a backup caliber QB who will start because the Niners don’t have anyone better.

          2. When Kaepernick is healthy and motivated, his physical ability not only exceeds Gabbert’s, it’s not even close. Gabbert was not a very good college QB. Nobody said he was better than Newton. Kaepernick was thought to have the strongest arm in the draft, which is why so many people had him going to the Raiders. He seemed like the perfect Al Davis pick. In many ways, he was. Who cares what old draft reports say? They’re irrelevant six years later.

            Gabbert has been consistently bad since entering the league and Kaepernick has been consistently bad for a sustained period after a blistering start to his career. Gabbert’s best attribute is that he actually wants to be employed by the team. Kaepernick’s best attribute is being physically talented enough to make people hold out hope of him becoming a good QB. Neither of them are good QB’s, which is why they were competing in the first place. The 2016 NFL scouting report says they both suck and that the 49ers have one of the worst QB situations in the league.

            1. Big P,

              It looks like you’re not quite right on your claim that nobody said Gabbert was better than Newton.

              Here’s a partial list who said they liked Gabbert better than Newton.

              Mike Mayock
              Charlie Casserly
              Rob Rang
              Dan Shonka

              There were others, too.

              What was that you said to another commenter, the other day? Oh, yes, measure twice and cut once. Good advice, that…

              1. They liked Gabbert better as a franchise QB because of Newton’s maturity issues. Newton had a rough college career, which included laptop theft and transferring to J.C. before going to Auburn. The fact that he was even in the conversation for the top pick, with his baggage, shows how superior his skills were to Gabbert’s. Gabbert was often out of shape at Missouri, he didn’t win big games and he didn’t put up big numbers in a system designed to do just that. Jake Locker and Colin Kaepernick were thought to have possessed superior athleticism, but less polish. Even Locker went before Gabbert, based on upside. I remember viewing Gabbert as a very overrated prospect. He had good measurables but trouble hitting receivers in stride and fair accuracy that got substantially worse as he threw deeper. He hasn’t done anything to change my views or that of many others. With that being said, my statement was an exaggeration; there were technically people that liked Gabbert over Newton. I will cede the battle of technicality to you because the war of overwhelming common sense had already been won.

              2. Big P Im not overly enthusiastic about Gabbert but I would not right him off just yet.
                He’s got a pretty good oline in front of him and a stable of backs to carry him.
                All he has to do is really dink and dunk his way to moving the chains and hope his defense gives him a chance.
                He could very well follow the path of Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick

              3. Big P,


                Big P: NOBODY liked Gabbert better than Newton.

                This was in direct response to someone suggesting that there were those who like Gabbert better.

                You were strongly contradicting someone. Isn’t that an odd place to “exaggerate”?

            2. BigP,
              I would say their athletic ability is closer than people think, especially now.

              Kaep is faster (but not by a lot), and has a stronger arm.
              Gabbert is more elusive (but not by a lot), and has quicker release.

              The traits are there for both of them… but the most critical problem for them both is repetitive accuracy.

              The elusive statement may confuse many people but I will explain it like this. Kaep has always been fast in a straight line but his longer frame hinders his explosiveness which is crucial to elusiveness and he is not an explosive athlete per his combine numbers.

          3. I never said that they don’t share the same issues. To me that is the problem… there is no point in keeping two stop gap qb’s.

  7. Hey bay, I understand your frustration with this subject. Seems almost surreal that Colin is painted as the bad guy for peacefully protesting in a manner consistent with our values. Yet we have a presidential nominee in this country that actually suggests violent action as a valid form of protest yet he’s supported by the majority of one of our major political parties.

    Now for that we should be ashamed as country.

    However, I will tell you the grass ain’t always greener in different parts of the world. Racism isn’t a problem unique to this country.

    Grant, I am curious why it is that you think this decision rests primarily on Baalke’s shoulder when it seems appropriate for an owner to be involved with this type of decision when a player brings this much attention to the entire organization?

    And, by the way, don’t think this controversy gets you off the hook. Colin looked like a rookie last week and he’s guaranteed how many millions if he suffers a catastrophic injury this year?

    1. He is guarantied a ton if his career is ended by a football injury, but the 49ers will not end up paying that money because …

      Hell, you know as well as anyone what’s in Colin’s contract.

  8. Kelly not completely sold on Gabbert or he would’ve named him the starter already. I think deep down he hopes Kap can outperform him to win job.Reason he’ll be playing most the S.D game

    1. I think he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. Almost every veteran starter from last year was the nominal starter in OTAs. And since that time to now, never mind the QB competition, he has given everyone a fair shake so when they’re demoted (Tiller) or cut (Pears) or promoted (Buckner) everyone understands it was a fair deal and not some horse-crap ‘play favorites man-crush’ axe job.

      And that kind of stuff is very important because not all teams do it that way.

  9. Niners front office have totally mis handled this situation. Baalke once again tried to “out smart” the league and hold onto a tradeable player too long. Baalke needs to learn to cut his losses & move on as Walsh did. Overvaluing his own players has left us with nothing but egg on our face.
    Whether it’s Harbaugh, Aldon or now with Kaep -Baalke and Jed don’t know how to read the room. Now they are stuck in another no win situation.

    1. Cheers, Bandit for front office, Baalke, Kap and Seb to an uncharted NFL city and a séance to channel Seb’s uncle so he can finally explain to Seb why he fought for freedom to protest, guaranteed under the United States Constitution, not just to honor, mindlessly an inanimate object unless real meaning–democracy for all is symbolized therein.

  10. Nice post carl, finally some logic. Cut him, blain gets hurt game one, then what? I have to say I’m thoroughly embarrassed with my country right now, as well as our fan base. Every single person in our country has the right to protest, soldiers die everyday to give us that right. It’s what makes our country the best in the universe and one of the reasons we r targeted by terror. Ali is turning in his grave…..Kap is the best qb on this roster like it or not. Watch him light sd up in a couple days…..

    1. Your opinion about Kaep being the best QB on this roster is not convincing. In fact, there is evidence that he was once the best qb but there is more evidence that he is not and there is even more evidence that he is probably not currently the best one on the roster. Thad was probably the best before he got injured. Our rookie may be better! Your opinion is your opinion but it is not necessarily factual. In his last game he looked worse than Dris and Ponder! And, when was he last “good” game now? I only agree with your comment about our country but I bet we don’t agree beyond that shallow comment. The real reasons take more reasoning rather than just “opinion”

  11. It’s still a qb competition because thankfully chip is smarter than most of u over sensitive so called fans who probably never liked the tatted black qb that took over for Alex in the first place. Here’s your chance to defect to the 12th man or black hole, as for me I’m red and gold til I’m dead and cold, no exceptions.

    1. It’s not a competition Darrel kaep has regressed every season. If you don’t stand for the flag you’re a bum!! If you support someone that doesn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance your a bum!! As the GOAT jerry rice said “all lives matter” not just black ones white ones brown yellow purple pink. The racist people in this country are the ones saying there is a race problem because they are the ones looking through the segregated goggles!!!!!

      1. Jerry Rice is an Uncle Tom who’s never been known for his intellect.

        #VeteransForKaepernick illustrates that huge numbers of the military support Kap’s right to sit; in fact, many are saying they think his method and message are both on point.

        America is only 240 years old, and long before it became America, there was racism in the New World, starting against the native people of this continent, and then against those brought from Africa and Asia to build the infrastructure that immigrants from Europe enjoyed and still enjoy with the privilege of accepting American values as inalienable rights.

        Women, blacks, Asians, Hispanics: none were included in the original founders’ definition of “men”–at least not publicly–but the wisdom of the living documents that commemorate this nation’s independence is beyond reproach, so long as it is responsibly, maturely held and nurtured.

        The flag, the pledge of allegiance, the anthem–these are simple propaganda pieces, none of which were created by the founders, which have gained respect and adherence over time due to their symbolism and Americans’ nationalism, fostered by politicians and powers that aim to control our thinking. There is nothing inherently great about the flag, anthem, or pledge, so I cannot in my own good conscience hold anybody in low esteem for their use of any of these symbols for new messages.

        There are real dangers in the world right now–nationalism, militarism, terrorism, racism, corporatism–but we, Americans, are protected, not by our flag, our anthem, or our pledge, but by the vision of our founders, the document they created to guide us in times of deepest challenge, the Declaration of Independence, and the document they left us to ensure we never find ourselves in so deep a challenge, the Constitution.

        As long as Kaepernick takes action that promotes the ideals of the Constitution and wards off the type of oppression that gave rise to the Declaration, I am with him.

        Those who would see the flag, and hear the racist anthem, and forget that there is a Constitution that protects Kaepernick and a Declaration of Independence that encourages just what Kaepernick is doing, those people might consider listening, rather than speaking, and doing what they can do to be better Americans.

        1. JC, I hope you walk back your first sentence. There are some on this site that think Jerry Rice is kinda special. I think you have fallen victim of the taking sides debate devolvement, to tear down the other side’s references.

          History and progress move slowly. One hundred and 50 year ago, slavery was legal and fought over. They hunted runaway slaves with dogs.Jim Crow and segregation lasted until the 50’s. There were lynchings celebrated in the 60’s. There still are obscure laws that prohibit interracial marriages in a few states. Maybe they have been finally stricken, but seem to remember a mention on how tenacious they were, hidden in covenants.

          Back then, cops were even more trigger happy, but it was not snap chatted or filmed like today. The root cause is poverty, so it would be better to work for positive change than grandstanding for a cause. OK, he has effected change. People are talking and Kaep managed to have Trumpty insult him. Kaep should declare victory, and move on. Concentrate on football, and maybe lighten up on the social activism until hr wins a few games.

          1. Seb – This board is a cross section of America. Free speech is guaranteed unless you say something that others deem inappropriate. But you can’t have it both ways. Like JPN said, protest is painful. That also goes both ways. When you fire the first shot, like Kaep did, you better duck. What is sickening about this whole thing to me is that some just can’t understand that free speech is FREE for everyone. Calling someone a racist does not change that, and it certainly does not lead to solutions if you are really sincere. Like I said, if you chose to go down that road you’re going to get exactly what you see on this board and no one is any more “right” than anyone else. The future will unfold, games will again be played and over time we will see just what this accomplished besides turning us against each other for no good reason. (BTW – Hope is not a reason) I’m done with this. Grant says it all, “End of story. End of Kaepernick around here.” Let’s move on.

            1. WC, I hope you did not think that I was calling JC racist, but throughout American history, racism did exist. I am pointing out the history to show that we, as Americans, have progressed. It is not good enough, and MLK’s words do not ring true yet, but we have evolved from most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence being slave owners to accepting biracial marriages.

              Star Trek blazed a trail by being the first program to have a white man kiss a black woman. That was in the 70’s. Most female black roles were of maids, stereotyping a whole segment of the population until we watched Lt Uhuru help command a starship.

              Back then, racist cops existed, like in The Heat of the Night. Nowadays, police departments have evolved from lily white, to racially representative of the general population. Some racism still exists, but it is muted, and way less common or overt.

              I, too, am sick of the distraction this has caused, and would much rather be talking football, but that would be ignoring the elephant in the room.

              1. Seb – there was nothing personal about my post. I think I was trying to say that the elephant in the room is the team and not this other BS that won’t go away. Like we don’t have enough to argue about with just the team and now we got to go all political. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield – I went to a football blog and a political debate broke out…I get no respect.

              2. WC, I hear you.

                Oh how I would like to praise Kaep for his interviews and demeanor with the team, but this is a huge distraction that wastes time that they could have used to prepare for their next opponent.

                Instead. I see a combination of Malcom X and Castro, spouting revolutionary rhetoric. Do not see how protests will help win games, but the Niners are caught up in the hullabaloo.

                I would much rather talk about Ponder being traded to the Vikings because AP likes Ponder, and Shaun Hill is ancient. Ponder would be claimed by another team that needs a QB, so Minnesota might miss out unless they give up a possible contingent third round pick for him. Considering Goff went for 2 firsts and 2 seconds, a conditional third is a steal.

                Another possible trade would be Bruce Miller or Blake Bell to the Ravens, because John Harbaugh lost his starting TE on the first play of the game.

              3. I’m afraid Ponder will be our number 2 so if they’re going to have to find another backup if Gabbert goes down.

          2. Jerry Rice is a people pleaser, always trying to show the man he fits in, wears 5 jerseys a game because image is everything. He was also a tremendous football player and an even better worker. I love Jerry Rice the 49er, but he’s dead wrong to tear down Kaepernick.

            Police brutality is a flashpoint, it’s not the real issue. Mass incarceration and racial profiling are still the bigger issues. Systemic racism is still strong in the US, and there is no pride in that.

            You want to look at a piece of cloth and feel all warm and fuzzy about your country, go ahead. There are a lot of blind patriots running around these days, draping themselves in the flag and pushing Trump’s ideals.

          3. Jerry was a special football player Seb, but JC is correct, Jerry has never been known for being an intellect. Loved watching him play football, but I have literally cringed at times listening to him trying to make an intellectual statement. Let’s put it this way ….. I would chose Jerry to be on my flag football team, but I wouldn’t chose Jerry to be on my college debate team, given a choice.

            Claiming blacks don’t still face some oppression in this country and aren’t treated differently by a lot of white Americans because of the color of their skin is naive, and not a valid argument. And Jerry using the “all lives matter” mantra, as if Colin said something to the contrary, is not a very intellectual argument to make.

            If you disagree with the way Colin is choosing to express his feelings, by not standing during the National Anthem, that’s a valid point to make. Not one I agree with, but certainly a fair opinion. Someone may feel like it’s disrespecting everything that the flag stands for. And that’s an intellectual argument to make.

            Claiming racism no longer exist in this country is just plain ignorant.

            1. 49, no where have I said that racism no longer exists. I have said that while there has been progress, we have a long ways to go before MLK’s words ring true.

              Implying that a black man lacks the intellect to form opinions is not PC. You both may want to walk back that statement.

          4. The root cause is not poverty. It’s over population which causes poverty and starvation.

            The bottom line is that this world is too overcrowded and especially overcrowded with unfit people who can’t pull out.

            1. Are you calling for mass sterilization?

              Population control can be accomplished in 3 ways.

              War, diseases and an educated populace engaging in proper planning.

              1. Sebnnoying, what type of storm do you expect against guys that wont be playing in the NFL Thursday?
                Are you off your high horse knowing finally that CK is nothing but a quiff storm?

              2. Clearly we lack the power to engage in any of those.

                And why are you always trying to put words in peoples mouths? I want to call you an idiot, but clearly you aren’t. I respected you and your opinions but now I feel you just a big mouth with all the worlds problems in your hand with idiotic ways ways to fix them.

              3. Seb,

                Maybe the Ghosts of NFL Past (cuts) will sit you in the same jumbo jet aisle as Hayne and Kap, and the next storm will land you on an unchartered NFL city where you can build your own NFL roster sans this blog.

                When you come to your senses and declare Prime and I the personnel winners who actually choose quality players for the 49ers (thereby our actions speak louder than your words as to who is the better 49er fan) then your welcome back .

              4. TrollD, you are such a loser, you falsely declare yourself a winner, as if you want to convince yourself that somehow, in this world, you can find some relevance. Too bad you fail.

                You fail in so many ways, I almost pity you.

            2. Bling, I thought you could take it, but it seems like you can dish it out, but sure cant take it.

              I may go hyperbolic, but you were skirting the issue with your insinuation. Unfit people is just code for undesirables or less than human.

              Many have sworn not to engage me, but at least I say something, and can produce a reaction. Some of the reactions may not be positive, but I can take it. I usually try to match the tone of the poster, so if they are civil and polite, I can be too. JC and others have called me a moron many times, so I almost consider those screeds as obligatory.

              1. Yup, like clockwork, Prime shows how classy he is.

                Its OK, Prime, I consider being called a moron from you as a sign that I have un nerved you so much, you lose control, just like every loser I ever have had to deal with.

                Cant keep up and civilly discuss football, so you degenerate into juvenile screeds. Even if I did win a money bet, you would never pay up. You would probably conveniently have amnesia, and go hide in your igloo.

                Dang, I thought I drove you from this site. You did say that you were leaving, and would never come back. But like a moth to a flame, you come back for more. How can I bet such a liar?

        2. JT. Kap grew up in Wisconsin with a white family. Rice grew up in Mississippi in the 1960s. Who do you think is more qualified to speak about racial injustice?

          1. Exactly. But Kaep also grew up in Turlock CA, hardly the hot bed of racism, if anything people probably thought he was Mexican. Turlock is literally 60 miles east of Levis Stadium (as the crow flies). This is not the deep south in the 60s (or 70s or even the 80s).

    2. Not fair to call fans racist for not supporting Kap now. We were all hoping for him to be the savior of our franchise. Unfortunately he has regressed instead of improved. Like coach Parcell said, you are what you are, and he is just not a good quarterback. I hope his fight to end oppression is successful, we all do. That I can support… But stand up for this country and show you still believe in what it stands for, and then go and fight against oppression and racism. But don’t forget blacks and people of color are not excluded from hate in their hearts.

  12. This is my last comment on Kap’s protest. I hope this thing blows over by the end of this week. I was struck by the virulence of the attacks on him by internet trolls, even on this site. I just hope these public attacks on him does not induce some nutjob to try to inflict bodily harm on him. The psychopathic killer who murdered the Dallas cops seemed to have spurred into action in the days following the BLM agitation against cops.

  13. Kap hasn’t thrown since last year and didn’t participate in offseason ativities fully. He was just cleared before training camp so I don’t see the surprise in him having a sore arm when he hasn’t been able to work out. Then he’s asked to throw 80-100 passes a day? Nobody could do that. We are expecting way too much of a person. Plus it doesn’t matter anyway Baalke screwed everything up. He can’t do anything right. Instead of paying 5 million to send kap to denver he pays 12 just to cut him anyway. We shouldn’t be talking about whether kap should be kept or not we should be talking about why baalke is still GM. He can’t draft he doesn’t want to spend money with 60 million cap space. He can’t do anything. He’s more worthless than kap. He has single handedly destroyed this team. How you say? take a look at his 50+ draft picks that produced nothing and his no activity in free agency to even remotely offset any losses. Theres your answer.

    1. Stop it. Kaepernick would not take reduced or re-written contract. If Baalke paid the difference for 2016, how does Denver handle rest of contract? They wanted to re-write it, Kaepernick wouldn’t. Should Baalke have agreed to supplement remaining years as well? My guess is he was more than happy to cover the 2016 difference, Kaep wouldn’t budge on remaining years.

    2. stop with the kap hast thrown since last season cause he had surgery.
      first the surgery was on his non throwing shoulder. I am guessing part of his rehab was throwing the football

  14. Insert name here (could be either gabbs or Kaep) will start, we know what he can do, he will suck and fans will be screaming for the other one. That one will give us exactly what we know he will give us, because each of them now has a body of work. Then more fan screaming and in comes Insert name here (Driskel or Ponder). Cycle begins anew. Until a legit QB is on this roster the cycle will exist like an infinite loop. Getting a legit QB could take years….

  15. While I am frustrated at Kaep for being divisive, selfish, not a team player for being such a distraction, wasting time and energy, is unfair to Chip, and is attacking a symbol that I hold dear to my heart, Kaep is non violently protesting against injustices.

    I just wish he would fight for justice without disrespecting something I hold as a symbol of America’s greatness. Maybe he could disrespect something else.

    1. That’s a fair argument to make Seb. I think Colin’s protest has been counterproductive in a lot of ways because people have such deep connections to our flag.

      I wish Colin would have found another way to make his protest, because I think his message has become lost, and it’s become a huge distraction for a team trying to reinvent itself.

      I am curious about whether you believe the frustrations Colin is expressing are real?

      1. 49, you and I may differ on a lot of things, but in this case, you are spot on.

        I see Kaep acting out because of his Delilah, who is a bigwig in the BLM movement. She is manipulating him like a puppet on a string. Kaep should be devoting every second to studying hard to get better and help his team win. I feel like he has forgotten football, and wants to follow Obama’s footsteps and become a community organizer, or maybe even the second coming of Malcom X.

        Kaep may have kinda forgiven the FO for their slights, but he sure has not forgotten them. This may be Kaep just sticking his thumb in Baalke’s eye.

        However, seeking proper redress and justice are admirable qualities to possess, so I think Kaep’s heart is in the right place, even though I think his head is screwed on wrong.

  16. I don’t understand why you actually conduct interviews if you have your own translations and believe everyone lies to you. It’s so juvenile.

  17. What about this Grant… The FO is insisting that Chip start and play Colin extensively in this last game because there is almost no doubt he’ll come out and stink it up. Then they could cut him and it will be clear to everyone it was a football decision…

    Still doesn’t sound like Chip’s style…for some reason he sees the potential in Kap, maybe its his practices, who knows.

    I predict he’ll look decent against SD, he’ll be a back-up until he’s more physically ready, around week 5 or 6. We’ll also keep Driskel on the 53, that’s Chip’s handpicked guy.

    1. This is a serious question Leo, not more political bull. Has Kaep every played well in a pre-season game before? I can’t remember one.

      1. Good question. I think maybe his rookie year. But it was also due to Harbaugh not playing his starters very much and keeping his play-calling extremely vanilla.

        1. Even though it is just a preseason game, I bet many will watch just to see this drama unfold. This is the most important game of his life, so Kaep better score a couple TDs, or his career may be over, even if he stands.

          If he sits, he may very well be blackballed, and he will have destroyed his career.

          1. I could be wrong but I think that there are not many worse stadiums to dis the flag in than San Diego. There’s a huge Marine presence (My daughter lives there and her neighbor is a fighter pilot). I can’t help feeling that Kaep will end up regretting what he did. I saw the Giants play at Petco and there were there were 300 Marine recruits all sitting together in one section. I have no way of predicting but we will see what happens. Maybe he plays better with everyone booing. Maybe he gets a standing ovation

      2. I recall him looking pretty good in the last preseason game of his second year. I posted here at the time, paraphrasing ” I feel much better if Alex were to go down for some reason”

  18. It’s this brand of writing that drives me crazy about you. You ask a question, get a response, and then tell your readers the response was a lie. Why even ask questions? Just tell us what they are thinking since you apparently know what everyone in the 49er organization is thinking even when they tell you something different than what you say they are thinking. I’m pretty sure you could write your columns in your jammies without ever leaving your house or asking any questions.

      1. “I think “…we’ve got a real cooperative relationship as we’re handling the team moving forward. And I think the one thing about it is we see things the same way in terms of how to build a football team.”

        Translation: “We don’t see things the same way at all. In a sense, I’m at Baalke’s mercy. I can’t stop him if he wants to cut Kaepernick, or if Jed York wants to cut Kaepernick. All I can do is tell the media I consider him one of the two best quarterbacks on my team. Then the media can infer that Baalke overruled me if Kaepernick gets cut.”

        It’s one thing to be pessimistic about spin from a football coach but it’s quite another to imply the guy is lying through his teeth. It’s one thing to say Chip and Baalke are probably similar in their approaches but may disagree specifically on how to handle Kaepernick. You went full liar mode implying Chip and Baalke don’t see eye to eye so Chip is litigating his case through the media. I don’t mind pointing out potential spin but you went straight up over the top accusation of lying and organizational dysfunction. I think you’d be better served pointing out the probably spin without going full on Oliver Stone conspiracy of conflict in the organization.

          1. I liked your translations. Kelly is by far the smartest guy in the room, and Baalke will be out on his rear sooner than later.

            1. I actually agree with the Kelly litigation. Kelly learned quickly from his Philly days.
              I haven’t seen it in all the speculation, but taking it one step further, in Philly they called Kelly racist. Can you imagine the backlash if SF cuts Kaepernick?
              BLM will be in uproar.

            1. He doesn’t. It’s an opinion piece. I used to criticize Grant at times for his writing, but have come to accept that my disagreement is simply a difference of opinion, and more often than not, I can’t prove mine is any more legit than his. Grant has grown as a writer, and the provocative nature of the content is perfect for this type of forum.

            2. The only thing you know for certain when the 49ers organization men speak is that they are not being honest with you. Grant has to do what he does because of this fact. Just like every other OPINION on this board, some people think their crystal ball is way better than others. When left to speculate, Grant speculates…and he is generally better than most here. To paraphrase an old joke: How do you know Chip is lying? His lips are moving.

              1. WC, that is part of his job description. I do not fault Chip in the slightest.

                I, like Grant, just try to read in between the lines to get the REST of the story. (TY Paul Harvey).

  19. Thanks everyone for Constant US history lessons and with no end game other than hate & ignoring that there are 3 sides to history-yours, mine & the truth as below:

    Historians estimate that ten million of these abducted Africans “never even made it to the slave ships. Most died on the march to the sea”—still chained, yoked, and shackled by their own African captors—before they ever laid eyes on a white slave trader. The survivors were either purchased by European slave dealers or “instantly beheaded” by the African traders “in sight of the [slave ship] captain” if they could not be sold. Of course, the even more horrific and inhuman middle passage—the voyage of a European (and later American) slave ship from Africa to the Western Hemisphere—still lay before those who had survived the forced trek to the coast.

    This is the tip of an ugly world history that usually ignores the truth. Usually for profit on both sides and often ignored even by race groups that profit today by telling 1/2 truths & stories.

    1. Racism was institutionalized and tolerated back then. Now, after fighting a Civil War, it is illegal. We have progressed, but still have a long ways to go.

  20. As far as Colin goes, I think the 49er organization will keep him as the backup. They will hope the controversy will blow over and he will be good insurance in case Gabbert gets hurt. As a business owner I can tell you it’s very difficult to cut ties with someone when you have a lot invested in them even if they screw up or do something you find distasteful. The 49er Organization and the NFL could come to some compromise that is less controversial that would help Colin express his convictions while also honoring the country by standing. The NBA compromised with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf by asking him to stand but to pray silently. Colin could stand to recognize all the good the National Anthem represents but also make some gesture that recognizes his views on the difficulties faced by minorities. Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood for the Anthem but they made a gesture to draw attention to injustice. Seems to me Colin could do something similar and it would enhance the attention he’s receiving for his cause in a positive way. If that were to happen then it would be much easier for the 49ers to keep him as the backup.

  21. On Rotoword (source is Bleacher Report):

    “After speaking with seven anonymous NFL front office members, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman came away with the opinion that teams “truly, truly hate” Colin Kaepernick, and he may never play another down in the league.
    “I don’t want him anywhere near my team,” one front office executive said. “He’s a traitor.” Another team executive said, “He has no respect for our country. [Expletive] that guy.” And according to one GM, “In my career, I have never seen a guy so hated by front office guys as Kaepernick.” One executive said he’d rather resign than sign Kap. Freeman believes ’90-95 percent’ of teams feel this way, and he thinks it’s possible Kap will be blackballed once/if he’s cut by the 49ers. “

    1. I don’t doubt this at all. Kaepernick is through as a professional football player in this country. The CFL is tailor made for him.

    2. I hope Colin is not black-balled. As disgusting as I find his stance, I think the guy is basically a decent person. He’s just misguided. He is very talented so I hope he doesn’t lose his career over this.

      1. Kaep is his own worst enemy, and has brought this down upon himself. he should not borrow trouble, especially while trying to compete.

        He is not going to get much sympathy from the general public if he wears a Fidel Castro T shirt to his PCs.

        1. Seb

          Kap’s not stupid. He wore that shirt to stoke a little debate, and to help those in the debate identify the bloviators among us. You’re aware of who the other person on that shirt is, yes? Those who point to Castro have been marked.

              1. I guess he’s trying to say Malcolm X and Castro had a lot in common, and he thinks the way they did. Or something.

              2. Malcom X is kinda known as an agitator, and he said some pretty inflammatory things.

                Malcom X and Castro? Wow, Kaep is doubling down.

              3. The T-shirt meaning is that Castro was talking against America as well as Malcolm X and the american government called X a communist because of it

              1. JC, I just saw recognizable Castro pics, but did not recognize any photos from the other side. They were not in high detail.

                Castro may have my sympathy for being targeted with at least 5 CIA assassination plots, but he was also the dictator of a communist country, who abused its own people.

                Funny, in all the years previous, I never saw a politically active or socially PC Kaep. He was concentrating on football. Now he wants to emulate Castro?

            1. You did see Castro but in every pic Malcolm X is in them. Those are pics of Malcolm X and Castro when Castro came to New York for a UN meeting, he was not welcome at a hotel in Manhattan and Malcolm X welcome him to come to Harlem and stay at a hotel there. Castro accepted and there were pictures taken as they met and had a brief conversation.

          1. Anyone who supports Castro has little or no knowledge about Cuba. Cubans risk their lives on rafts to come to this country. Castro should be in prison.

          2. Kaepernick does not strike me as having a good grasp of the issues or even knowing much about Malcolm X and Fidel Castro as historical figures. He talks like he got the Cliffs notes version from social media.

            1. He may have gotten some from Social Media, but it appears the majority of his information and motivation comes from Dr. Harry Edwards.

      2. Why is his stance disgusting? Thousands of veterans are supporting him, and all he’s doing is expressing his support for American values in the most American way possible.

        1. I can only speak for myself and why I am disgusted by his actions. I defend his right to sit in protest. Freedom is the beauty of the American ideal. People are free to express their opinions without fear of reprisal from the government. That’s not the case in countries where real oppression exists. Obviously, others are free to express their disgust when they disagree with someone as I am doing here.

          I personally feel like burning the American Flag or not honoring our country by rising for the National Anthem are disgusting and ignorant, disrespectful acts. Our country has been a force for good that has transformed the world for the better. The ideas of freedom and liberty have spread throughout the world in large part due to the sacrifices of men and women in America. The American Flag and the National Anthem represent the good acts of America and it’s citizens. That does not mean our society is perfect. Of course there are problems as any country will experience. I say recognize the amazing opportunities every person is given in this country by honoring the American Flag and the National Anthem. If you chose to protest at those moments its as if you are saying all of that sacrifice does not matter. If you want to demonstrate to raise awareness about a problem then find another way to do it – just as John Carlos and Tommie Smith found a way.

          1. Houston

            Always appreciate your willingness to engage. I see the flag and anthem as empty vessels filled by the powerful with propagandist value, and therefore anathema to the true American Ideal, which I believe is exemplified in the DoI and the Constitution.

        2. It’s not disgusting. Thousands of veterans also don’t support his actions, so stop trying to use that as validation for his them. His social activism has mirrored his decline as a QB. It comes across as misguided to some when many other black players are actually working behind the scenes to help with community and police relations instead of sitting during the anthem. Those are the role models. Kaepernick comes across as a pus#% whipped moron who drew attention to himself by something other than his play.

          1. Yeah, it’s funny. He gets the new GF and becomes a social justice warrior and vegan. I’m like, does this guy have any internal direction in his life?

            1. “Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.” – Lorenzo the Bus Drive in A Bronx Tale 1993.

    3. I was just thinking this when we were discussing possible trade value…. Kap is toxic right now.. even if we cut him, no one wants that kind of distraction….kinda like Tebow, although Tebow it was just for his very pronounced and out-spoken Christian views. But even Tebow doesn’t come close to the Kap situation.

    4. It’s laughable that the NFL, with its Rooney Rule farce, is so dependent on black labor to pull in tens of billions of dollars per year, but so filled with racists at its highest positions. This is shameful.

      Oh, and yes, black labor is still cheap.

          1. So true that the white QB making a 1/6th of Kaepernick’s salary will start while the black QB making $12+ million is sitting on the bench. Keeping throwing things at the wall, eventually something will stick. Your level of ignorance is astounding.

  22. Kaep had no value even before this controversy. Remember they were trying to trade him in the off-season and there was only one team that really wanted him and even then they weren’t willing to pay for him. This is why our front office is totally inept. Baalke overvalues players and then we get stuck with them. Baalke probably looks at this whole thing like he does when he is picking another player with a torn ACL.

  23. The Kaepernick that signed that extension was worth it. He was a starting QB in the NFL, and paid like one. Who knew that his play was to take the nosedive that it did. Football minds like Grant still think he has it in him.

    1. There were a few on here, Grant included, who said the 49ers should not give Kaepernick the extension when they did because his long term prospects were not good.

      1. Yeah, Jack, I remember you and Oregon banging that drum. You wanted more evidence and more questions answered. Washington took the cautious approach with Cousins. If he does well, it will cost Snyder more money, but a good QB is always pricey. If memory serves, I wasn’t opposed to locking him up back then based on my perception of his trajectory. The way the contract was structured seemed sane for the team at the time.

        1. I remember all the talk at the time the contract touted as “team friendly” due to escalators and various other clauses.

          1. It still is team friendly, but they’d have been better served to wait a year. By the end of 2014 the direction of his play was even more clear.

              1. You could not of predicted the debacle of this Franchise. It was great to lock him up at the time.. Now we have to suffer through a year with Gabbert as the QB… 4-12 here we go

              2. “You could not of predicted the debacle of this Franchise.”

                The debacle of Colin Kaepernick’s play was pretty easy to predict though.

              3. His play was already on the downward trend. The high point of his career was 2012. It’s been downhill ever since. Not sure why that’s so hard for some to accept.

              4. I don’t think his play was at a downward trend. He was in an offense that was not suited to his strength like in 2012.. They began to try to make him into a QB that he was never going to become. Either way you slice it he has become a distraction and he hasn’t improved like you suggested.. Loved his ability but I always felt like he didn’t have it up top.. Always making the same mistake. Oh well let’s move on with what we got.

              5. “They began to try to make him into a QB that he was never going to become.”

                And they were doing that because they knew he was going to need to evolve if he was going to play at a high level long term. He couldn’t do it, and if I could see it the front office should have too.

              6. I believe I predicted it prior to the Bears game many moons ago! One game of egg in the face and now he might not be in the NFL. Wow!

              7. Hammer, well I believe a lot of his failures is due to his attitude. It went to his head and he chose not to really focus on his weaknesses. He has all the talent in the world but he is not football smart. You look Alex who athletically doesn’t come close to Kaep but he is mentally strong… Plus the will to prove people wrong. I hope Gabbert turns into Alex. Would be pretty cool not gonna lie.

              8. Yes they should have, but I think the feeling was that they had a competitive team at the time, and didn’t want Kap’s contract to be a prolonged distraction during a season they felt good about otherwise.

            1. It still wouldn’t have been crystal clear. The argument could be made that the 2014 play was a result of the team turmoil surrounding JH’s status and then the entire team dysfunction of the 2015 season. I’m not blaming this one on front office negligence as so many do. They get plenty other blame, and deservedly so, for everything else.

              1. Agree Rib, it would’ve been confusing as heck, but bottom line was he didn’t solidify his position. Would the team have let him go to FA or been dazzled as I was by his potential? Idk

            2. Somebody would have signed him to a large deal even after 2014. The reason they Niners got the terms they did was because they offered it a year before he was a FA. If he got to FA, somebody was going to pay him. Look at Osweiler for a clear example of what unproven QB’s get on the open market. Kap had gone to a SB and 2 NFCCG’s. 2014 wasn’t a great year, but it wasn’t bad either. He would have gotten a sizeable pay day.

              1. In hindsight sure, but at the time it was a good move. Re-sign the young QB for under market value and give yourself an easy out if he doesn’t fulfill expectations? It’s easy to say they shouldn’t have done it after the fact, but at the time it was a great deal for the team. The only reason it is a bad deal now is because they will be paying 12 mill for a backup QB. However, they still aren’t paying the QB position in line with the going rate for a true starting QB, so it mitigates that somewhat.

              2. Some of us were saying it prior to the fact because you could see what was coming. It was right there all along. He couldn’t play consistently from the pocket.

              3. It depends on what you believe in regards to how much the player can improve. At that time with the run of success he had, the team saw an ascending player as did I. There was always going to be the need to keep developing, but the talent was there. Those who predicted he would not get any better as a pocket passer were right, but at the time he had shown enough to see if he could develop that area of his game. For the first part of the 2014 season he was having some success in the spread passing system Harbaugh and Roman were trying out. It wasn’t until the Oline injuries that things really started falling apart.

              4. “Somebody would have signed him to a large deal even after 2014.”

                Not necessarily true. The 49ers could have let Kaepernick finish out his deal and then if they wanted to keep him used the franchise tag on him. They didn’t use it on anyone last season. This is the strategy that I said they should use and it would have saved them money while not putting them in the position they are in right now.

              5. Exactly. A lot of us made the point back then that the Niners had Kaepernick under control for two more seasons.

              6. Yes the franchise tag was an option. I was talking about the possibilities if he was a FA.

                The FA tag would have been close to 20 mill so not an easy decision to make and not sure how that would have affected the cap at the time.

                Bottom line for me is the deal they signed Kap to was a good one and while it hasn’t worked out, it’s still team friendly.

    2. The contract was and still is team friendly. They didn’t have to pay a monster SB, have the option of walking away with no cap ramifications every season and the base salary was never on par with most starting QB’s. He even has to pay for his own insurance policy. Sure it looks worse now because of his drop in play, but the contract itself has always been favorable from a team perspective.

  24. I have read posts calling DS a troll, TomD a troll and Seb a troll. The truth is none of them are or were trolls they were just posters that some here disagreed with. Now all of these new posters whose names you don’t recognize are are the very definition of trolls. They are not here for the 49er discussion they are here to drag this site into political screaming matches then sit back and laugh their asses off. Please do not respond to any of these new posters who are making inflammatory comments on either side of the issue.

    1. No, no, TrollD IS a troll. The constant negativity, the spamming posts, cut and pasting ad nauseum, and incoherent message.;p

  25. Greg Cosell has called Kaeps weaknesses since he started. See below from 2013. Though it hurts who he is comparing him to:

    “He leaves throws on the field,” Cosell said. “Kaepernick is very fortunate he’s on a team that is as complete as there is in the NFL, so if he makes a mistake individually, that can be camouflaged or compensated for by the rest of is team.”

    One could argue the same is true for Russell Wilson, but “he’s a pocket player first,” whereas Kaepernick isn’t necessarily.

    1. The same can be said for most NFL QBs. Rare is the one with enough talent to successfully overcome some other team-wide deficiency.

    2. I’ve often wondered if Kaepernick is the reason that the rift between the FO and Harbaugh was born. One could argue that Harbaugh’s insistence on Kaep set in motion a chain of events that knocked Baalke off his game and…well, here we are. I’m sure I’ll hear how stupid this is but i’m used to it.

      1. I suggested as much when it happened. I never bought that it was about winning with pride or antics on the sideline. It was about the ego’s of two men that couldn’t decide what direction to take the ship or even who should be steering it. I suggested that Baalke saw what some of us did back then and wanted to make a change and Harbaugh stood behind Slaperdick.

        I guess we’re both stupid.

      2. The problem with that theory is Baalke could have dumped Kap quite easily if he didn’t want him. There is also the fact Kap wasn’t playing that badly when the rumors started about Harbaugh being dumped after the season. I think this was simply a case of two Alpha males not being able to coexist and the owner wanting to part company with the HC. I suspect Baalke and Kelly will eventually butt heads over the same issues if they haven’t already. Baalke wants control and isn’t talented enough to pull it off.

        1. “Baalke could have dumped Kap quite easily if he didn’t want him.”

          No it definitely wouldn’t have been easy because in 2014 the team would have taken a big cap hit cutting him nearly 10M from the looks of these spotrac numbers: plus publicly he was still very popular and there wasn’t much notion outside of the walls at 4949 that there was turmoil so for Baalke to suddenly jettison Kaepernick it would have been anything but easy.

          1. If he really wanted him gone he could have done it.

            One other thing that I didn’t mention is the fact Baalke traded Smith to KC. If he wasn’t on board with Kap, there is no way he would have done that.

  26. Since guessing what people really think at the Niners is an entirely speculative exercise, here are some more guesses untethered by any facts:
    -Executives (Jed, Al, and Rasputin, I mean Marathe): my guess is they seriously don’t like Colin as a QB, a leader, a face of the franchise; and that’s not new. I was surprised by their prompt, free speech response. It was the correct move legally, and they took the high ground publicly It was a swift, clear and measured response. I wonder if they were aware of CK sitting previously and had given it some fore thought. It’s also possible they see CK as having greased the wheels for his own departure in terms of public relations in the home market. My 60/40 guess is they gave Trent some perameters, but will let he & Chip make the call.
    -Trent: If I think about TB’s quiet, patient approach with AD I can envision him swallowing any bile and supporting a recommendation from Kelly to keep Colin. Trent is about value in personnel, he’s very pragmatic. Trent will look at both long and short term interests, but will accept major input from Kelly. I suspect Trent doesn’t like Colin as a QB; that’s not new either.
    – Kelly has been dealt the Niners’ roster. He knew it coming in. He has to make the most of the tools (no pun intended) he’s got available to him. I believe that Kelly will make a football decision on Colin. I have no idea what that would be.
    -Colin: P3 was Colin’s Really Big Week, and it wasnt too impressive first time out.
    P4 is Colin’s Really, Really Big Week; stay tuned.
    So, Kelly will make a football decision, and Trent will let him, and Jed will let Trent. They won’t cut CK due to his political stance. They’d be delighted to trade Kap, but that seems a bit unlikely unless he lights it up in SD. They will cut Kap if he’s not the second best QB. They keep Driskel.
    ……I think….

  27. They don’t keep Driskel there F ing morons! This kid has all the tools to be very good. Especially in Chips system.

    1. That’s true. They’re keeping Driskel, though Grant seems alone among the journo group in his assessment that he can’t be stashed on the PS.

        1. I think with the Bridgewater incident, they will keep 3. They should trade Ponder to the Vikings for a conditional 3rd, and Keep Driskel as the third backup, and ST player.

          1. In what planet would the Vikings give the Niners a third for Ponder for the love of God.. You can’t even get a 6th for Kaep right now…Just give it a rest man!

              1. Considering Goff cost 2 firsts and 2 seconds, a conditional third is cheap.

                AP likes Ponder, and I bet he is pushing for the Vikings to acquire him. Ponder used to play for the Vikings, and his stock has risen since he beat the World Champions with both his arm and legs.

              2. Nonsensical. If/when the Niners release Ponder, he may not get a job in the NFL at all. 32 teams passed on him before SF called for a camp arm. A 7th would be desperation move for a guy they’re familiar with, but haven’t wanted recently.
                You know who will give up a conditional 3rd for C. Ponder?

              3. The Law of supply and demand is working here. before Bridgewater went down, you may have been right, but the Vikings are desperate.

            1. Maybe you do not know this, but the Vikings just lost their franchise QB. Their HC was crying openly. I think the Vikings may be a teensy bit desperate, since Sean Hill is now their starter.

              1. Seb, each team has 3+ QBs right now. Whomever comes in, will not be starting week one. While there are a few teams needing a new QB, the fact of the matter is that the QB will not start week 1 so why mortgage the future on a stop gap?
                Ponder is not a long term solution in Minnesota. The team would be lucky to get anything higher than a 6th rounder. I don’t think the team would part with Ponder for less than a 6th, but even at that level, it is for a player who will not make the team.

              2. The question is, do the Vikings feel comfortable with Sean Hill as their starter?

                AP said that Ponder has all the skills, but just needs to settle down and play fundamentally sound football.

              3. All this precludes the fact that if Ponder was worth a 3rd rounder why in the heck would this team trade him in the first place!

              4. East, because either or both Kaep and Gabbert will be the starters, and Driskel will be adequate as the third QB if he can also help on ST.

                Ponder used to be a Viking, and they are in a crisis with Bridgewater out. Shaun hill is only 36, so he may have 30 minutes left on his legs before being pummeled and carried off the field.

          2. Seb has a trade proposal. As usual, its ludicrous. A conditional 3rd for a guy that was a street FA two weeks ago? Good lord.

            May as well suggest the 49ers should trade Devon Cajuste for a team’s next 10 years of 1st round picks. Get it done Baalke! If you don’t, your a chump!

            1. Scooter, you of all posters should at least acknowledge that I was right to advocate for trades so the Niners do not cut players and get nothing for them.

              I admit that I do not think Baalke is smart enough to pull off a multi player deal, but nonetheless, Baalke did make trades.

              1. “I was right to advocate for trades so the Niners do not cut players and get nothing for them.”

                You’re a regular Sherlock.

                Nobody has suggested that was a bad idea, because it is a bleedingly obvious good idea to trade a player you aren’t going to keep to try and get something in return. What has been questioned is the timing of the deals you’ve suggested, and the terms of the trade.

            2. Scooter,

              It would be much smarter for Baalke to trade Kaepernick and Cajuste to Indy for Luck and TY Hilton. Maybe we can even throw in Kelvin Taylor in return for Gore.

              1. Sorry, Jack, Baalke is WAYYYYY too cheap to take on Luck’s contract.

                I do like the Gore trade tho……

    2. A lot will depend on what happens tomorrow night. If Kap is awful again, then there is little doubt they will keep Driskel. If he plays well enough to give the Coaching staff a glimmer of hope, it’s questionable as to whether they keep Driskel imo.

      I know many are already believers in the potential of Driskel, but look at it from a league stand point instead of with your fan blinders on. Driskel was not sought after in the draft, he’s been ok but nothing special against scrubs in the preseason, and any team that claimed him would have to add him to their 53 man roster. Very few players are claimed after final cuts and the ones that are quite often get released in short order.

      Having said all that, looking at Kelly’s history, he has kept 3 QB’s previously while in Philly so there is a chance he will do so in SF.

  28. Grant, would you say its fair to let him go if he played poorly? He hasn’t done anything football related in 10 months and was medically cleared a couple days before TC. Maybe they over did it by calling it a QB competition but I never considered him starting until around the 4th or 5th week even if he played the first 2 preseason games. I think Chip has handled this well and has looked to ease Kaepernick back into getting in football shape,something I hear the experts same all the time and say is very important. To me, to say this is his last chance to be the starter,especially if he plays with those who are on the bubble or just auditioning for other teams, or even have a roster spot is seemingly unfair.

      1. Grant, do you also factor in the real possibility that Colin could conceivably get hurt bad, which could keep the 49ers on the hook for 14 plus million next season?

        This team could be looking pretty good going into 2017 without Kap’s salary on the books, especially if they can find a way to finish dead last this season. If they release Colin, it helps their chances of losing 14 or 15 games, given their QB situation behind Blaine, (and of course their disaster at WR).

  29. Chris Biderman ‏@ChrisBiderman · 1h1 hour ago

    #49ers Arik Armstead says he’ll play in season opener, by may eventually need shoulder surgery | @TheNinersWire |

    I’m not liking how this injury sounds. I believe him when he says he’ll play the season, but I also believe it will effect him more than he thinks. We could see his power reduced quite a bit, I’m still hoping for a breakout year for him and hope it does not require surgery.

    1. Very very difficult for d lineman or o-lineman to play with a torn labrum. If that is what it is then you can expect Armstead will struggle this season. A torn labrum is what ended Tony Boselli’s career.

            1. agreed…. at least he has youth on his side, which JS did not. I hope he doesn’t allow it to effect in the long term, as opposed to getting it fixed now

            2. I thought Justin had a partially torn triceps, and Aldon had a labrum issue?

              “While (Justin) Smith was hampered with his arm injury, the other half of the team’s vaunted pass rushing duo was also bothered with a physical ailment. Aldon Smith, who racked up 19.5 sacks during the regular season, required surgery in the offseason to repair a torn labrum he played with during the last two months of the season”.

              However, I do remember Justin saying that one of the reasons he was retiring was that his inside shoulder (meaning the shoulder he relied on most lining up on the right side of the line), no longer performed up to his standard, due to wear and tear.

              1. Smith’s shoulder was hurt in training camp when he was going up against Iupati. And whenever he tried to push with it, it was extremely painful and weakened.

                I don’t remember all the details, but I think there was some bone-on-bone going on in there.

    2. I agree with everyone who sees that injury as not being good. Armstead needs to have the surgery and not play until fully healed.

      1. Meh, injuries are part of football life. Obviously its not good, but if it was something he couldn’t play with he’d be having surgery now. If every injured player had surgery to correct the issue before the end of the season there would be a lot of teams struggling to field a decent team by the end of the year.

        1. He can play through a torn labrum… But if it’s worth it depends on how bad the tear is. If it’s full year he should just get surgery… This year is a rebuild year.

  30. And 49er’s WR corps takes another hit.

    Eric Rogers is now joined by Bruce Ellington (hamstring) with season ending injuries.

    Anyone want to reassess their 4-12 W/L 49er record in 2016?

    (Fans, don’t forget to factor in Jim Oneil whom Brown fans offered to buy a greyhound ticket just to get his defense out of Cleveland).

    1. Fans,

      Was able to review the Seahawks/Dallas 3rd preseason game.

      Major hitting by the ‘hawks caused Romo to leave via compression fracture of a vertebrae.
      Sherman hit QB Prescott so hard on a sideline scramble he went 3 yards backwards and was fortunate to get up.

      I’m revising my Superbowl contestants. Seattle’s offense looks better than it’s Superbowl year with Beastmode, and so does their D…..Seattle vs. Raiders.

  31. 1. ‘I Can’t Stand Him’

    Across NFL front offices, there are team officials who are not offended, and even embrace, the controversial position of Colin Kaepernick. They are out there. Statistically, they have to be. But they are keeping a low profile.

    They seem to be far outnumbered by the members of NFL front offices who despise him. Truly, truly hate him.

    “I don’t want him anywhere near my team,” one front office executive said. “He’s a traitor.”

    1. What is Kap’s trade value, anyone???

      Thank’s, Baalke, doubt you could get a GM to trade you a PB&J for Kap at lunch today….

      Keep up the great work in that front office Trent, when I suggested to you that you acquire Tim Tebow + draft picks 11/2 yrs. ago when Kap was a hot commodity, as I realized they had very similar skill sets.

      At least Tebow still has a shot at an MLB career…What’s Kap gotten you, Trent?

  32. What you people seem to forget, including Grant, is that Kap was playing for peanuts when he took us to the SB. If you spread his salary over all the years he played, he’s getting below average money. More money than me, but low NFL $$$$$
    His salary is partly compensation for past perfomance, unlike rookies that get paid for projected perfomance.

  33. Kelly saying that Kaepernick is one of the 2 best QB’s on the roster is a brilliant move on his part. It allows him to be completely free of the whole “racism” debate if/when Kaepernick is shown the door.

    The rest of his comments are just hot air regardless of how true or not they might be.

      1. Kelly’s train of thought: Baalke is gone after this year and Jed is backed into a corner after hiring me. Mission accomplished.

        1. No question. Still doesn’t mean York will keep Kaepernick as a backup. He’s more afraid of losing $14.5 million next year than alienating his coach.

          1. Grant,
            I totally agree with you. In the spirit of cheapness, how much blame does York deserve for not trading Kaepernick to the Broncos when they had the chance? I’m sure he thought of it as he would be losing ~$6 million instead of possibly exposing the team to a 2 year, $25 million loss on a useless player. It seems like something he would do. Is that on Baalke or York?

              1. Why is it Jed’s fault? Baalke is the GM; he makes these decisions.

                And, it’s better for Jed to stay out of these decisions. That way, he can fire Baalke without verifiable reports that Jed had interfered with Baalke running the team into the ground.

          2. +1 Grant

            It’s too much of a risk for 2017. I did find Chip’s comments stating Colin was 1 of the 2 best QB’s on the roster, to be very interesting. And very calculating knowing Chip.

      2. I think Kaep is sticking his thumb in their eyes. The animus is palpable, especially after characterizing he just had a conversation with Baalke, not that it was a good conversation.

    1. Jack,
      I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the Shrek movies. I think it’s Shrek the third where there is a scene where Pinochio is being interrogated by Prince Charming. He starts circumventing the questions in hilarious fashion in an attempt to prevent his nose from growing while lying. That scene reminds me of a coaching press conference.

  34. Kaep is a vegan now, which would explain some of the muscle mass loss in addition to his rehab. Football doesn’t seem like a priority at all for him.

    1. His passion is now Nessa, and not football. Thanks for your service, memories and good luck to you in the future, young man!

    2. Football may not be his priority, but his choosing a vegan diet doesn’t imply that. One can get all the protein and calories necessary on a vegan diet to bulk up to monster size. He lost muscle mass because he couldn’t work out.

      1. Many other NFL athletes have tried vegan diets and many started eating meat again after suffering from substantial muscle and weight loss. It’s hard to keep that much muscle or weight on for many of these guys.

    3. Football may not be his priority, but his choosing a vegan diet doesn’t imply that. One can get all the protein and calories necessary on a vegan diet to bulk up to monster size. He lost muscle mass because he couldn’t work out.

      1. Hmmm. Everything I’ve read on vegan diets indicates that vegans generally have to be concerned about getting a sufficient amount of protein. I’d say there’s a good chance he supplements his diet with protein shakes (and you can buy protein powder made from vegetarian sources; whey isn’t the only choice).

    4. Was it ever? Remember those reports that he didn’t watch film? Maybe Kap is tired and wants a change and has seen his talent take him as far as it can go.

  35. On the NFL Network an analyst said if the 49ers give Kap gets the starting nod over Gabby even if he goes 15/15 it’s the equivalent of giving an MLB player a job based on his batting practice, since all NFL teams rest their starters in PG #4.

  36. I don’t think the 49ers will cut Kaepernick now. There is no reason to do so. They owe him the full 2016 salary anyway so might as well keep him around and see if he can get back to his 2013 form.

    Some have suggested that the 49ers should cut him now in case he gets injured and they get stuck with his 2017 salary as well. That is a silly argument. You cannot run an NFL team that way. What good does it do to throw away 12 million now in the off chance that they may not be able to cut him after the season.

    I am beginning to think they will do to him what Washington did to RGIII. They will keep him on the bench for 2016 unless Gabberet gets injured, and then cut him after the season.

    Of course, Gabbert might get injured and Kap step in and lead them to the playoffs. All bets are off in that scenario.

    I still believe Kap was very misguided in the way he approached this issue. There was no need to mix up the national anthem with police misconduct. Police are a local entity and there is no national or federal oversight. Proper thing to do is to highlight the police misconduct in some other forum without disrespecting our national symbols.

    Bottom line: I am not a Kap fan, I am a 49er fan. I supported Kaepernick because I thought he gave them the best chance of success. With this unnecessary distraction, I am not so sure.

    1. Can’t cut Kaepernick if he plays and suffers an injury which he decides needs surgery. Like a knee scope or something.

      1. Grant,

        If I was Kap, I would decide I need a Knee scope around Jan 1, party with my friends, and give one of my Dr. friends a portion of next yrs. 14 mil. for a minor infection that would linger threw training camp, 2017.

              1. Like those two 2nd Rounders he got for Smith? I bet you were saying he was a genius when that happened.

            1. I hope not Prime. I’m afraid of how many picks he’d have to give up for someone to take Kap!
              (Just kidding, couldn’t resist)

              1. Hes gonna have to eat some of that 11 million. The alternative is pick up another 14 if he gets hurt.

              2. Some? Try all plus some incentives based on the reports on what the other teams are saying. Kaepernick will either be released or kept. The opportunity to trade him is closed and probably will never open again.

        1. I’m thinking $500,000 would be enough incentive for an MD to perform the scope, then he and his family could spend the winter in the Carribean, where some tax shelters are well known.

          1. >>That’s what 49ers management is afraid of.

            With million$ at stake wouldn’t the team demand second, or multiple, medical opinions.

              1. And, with NFL players offseasons, there’s always a degenerative body part that’s in need of shoring up.

              1. I would hope, that with a clause that guarantees full contract payment in case of injury, there is also language that stipulates more than just taking a Dr. Feelgood’s word for it. If there isn’t, that is truly negligent on the team’s part.

              2. Ribco,
                Of course there has to be more than a player claiming injury and their private Dr.’s diagnosis. If their wasn’t no player would ever be cut before the end of their contract, there would just be injury settlements. Come on Grant its just silly to say any different.

      2. Is it possible (or likely) the 49ers could ask Colin Kaepernick to remove the rolling injury guarantee from his contract? If he refuses, then release him?

        1. Per the CBA, there are three different classifications of guarantees:
          1. Skill: money is guaranteed even if the player’s skill (subjectively or objectively) diminishes;
          2. Salary cap: money is guaranteed even if a team is forced to cut a player for cap reasons;
          3. Injury: money is guaranteed if a player is injured and unable to pass a NFL physical.

          Via NFLPA

          1. Guarantees

            Again: NFL player contracts are not fully guaranteed. The breakdown of the guaranteed money between the different classifications of guaranteed money, then, is critical to understanding most contracts.

      3. I would really like to know the exact terms of the injury clause in Kap’s contract. I keep reading theories that he could milk an injury to get his money guaranteed, but I doubt it’s that easy. There would have to be parameters in place so the team gets to have a say in who examines him. Yes he picked his own surgeon in Colorado, but the injuries were minor. They could have negotiated a settlement or they also could have released him and gotten the offset on whatever he signed for elsewhere. I don’t think there was any intention to release him this offseason. A trade maybe, but I truly believe Kelly took the job with the notion that Kap would be on the roster, and if so that would explain why he is giving Kap so much leeway in competing for the starting job and a spot on the roster.

        1. What about the insurance policy we hear about? I thought there was some insurance money due as an offset but don’t see that being discussed.

      4. I am not sure why Rick thinks you can’t make decisions now regarding next seasons salary cap, when it comes to the way Colin’s contract is structured.

        As a matter of fact, I think they would be foolish not to consider next seasons salary cap implication. I think there is a good chance the 49ers will have an opportunity to draft Deshaun Watson. If they do this, and make WR a priority in the upcoming free agency and draft, with the talent this team has in the trenches and in their secondary, the 49ers are one year away from returning to relevance, IF they play their cards right.

        1. The 49ers are about 30 million under the cap now. I don’t think they will have any problem signing a couple of top flight wide receivers in free agency even if they are stuck with Kaepernick’s salary next year.

          In any case, teams reach injury settlements all the time. And why are we all assuming Kap will get hurt this year (particularly if he is a backup to Gabbert). the way NFL protects quarterbacks a backup quarterback is a safer occupation than an insurance adjuster.

          1. Also: I am sure the 49ers have already taken out an insurance policy with Lloyds of London or some other insurance company which will reimburse them if they have to eat Kap’s 2017 salary in case of injury.

            As Rocket said earlier, the assumption that the 49ers kept him this year only because of his 2015 injury is pure speculation. I believe they kept him because Kelly wanted a chance to work with him to see if he could return him to the 2013 form.

            1. As I understood it, the 49ers stipulated Kaepernick would have to take out insurance against injury, which would pay the 49ers as part of his contract….

    2. Rick,
      As long as he isn’t injured, they will be free to release him after the season. The risk is that if he plays and is injured, you’re in the same spot next year again with a disgruntled, overpayed and ineffective QB.

      “Of course, Gabbert might get injured and Kap step in and lead them to the playoffs. All bets are off in that scenario.”

      SMH. The playoffs would be out of the scenario because the frost from hell would have permeated the turf at Levi’s.

  37. TomD. Can you please stop boasting about having been in the “industry”.

    We know you were in the “industry”. You have told us at least a hundred times. enough already.

  38. Rick,

    Injuries are nothing to boast over. I was setting the record straight for injury clauses within a players K.

    Sorry U took it that way.

    1. If you think this is setting the record straight:

      I’m thinking $500,000 would be enough incentive for an MD to perform the scope, then he and his family could spend the winter in the Carribean, where some tax shelters are well known.

      No questions asked by the team? Ridiculous, I can’t see that happening in a million years.

  39. Bummer that Armstead might need surgery down the road. Glad that he can play in the opener. Maybe even last the season.

    Shoulders are complicated. Aldon Smith badly hurt his shoulder in the 2nd half of the game vs the Patriots. He was never the same after that (though his substance issues were certainly a contributing factor).

    This fueled the myth Aldon’s sacks were 95% the doing of Justin Smith. Funny, no other pass rushers who played along side Justin had anything near Aldon’s sack rate.

    Smart of the 49ers for being careful with Arik in the preseason.

    1. They are complicated and I question the wisdom of letting him play through it if there is any chance of further damage and long term repercussions.

      1. Good point. Is delaying the surgery making it worse long term? He said “may” need surgery later, but the 49ers are famous for underplaying injuries.

        I messed up my left shoulder and neck running jackhammers in the early 80s. Hurt every day since.

      2. If its a partially torn labrum as suspected, or something similar, guys play through these types of injuries all the time. If they didn’t, a lot of guys would rarely play.

        Man, just look at what JJ Watt has played through in his career.

        1. If it’s a slight tear in the labrum, 2 problems:
          he will have limited strength to avoid Olinemen holding him, and it will get progressively worse as the season goes.

          1. Sure. Perfect world he isn’t injured.

            The questions that need to be asked are:
            – Can Armstead with this injury still be an effective player? Even if he is limited to some degree, he still may be effective, and better than the alternatives.
            – Is the risk of making the injury worse something that can create a long term problem, or is the damage pretty much already done? If the damage is already done, and making the injury worse doesn’t really impact on his long term health post surgery, there isn’t much of an issue so long as he is happy to play through it.

            Sounds like the injury is either a labrum or rotator cuff related. The severity of such injuries can vary quite significantly. Based on what we are currently hearing, the current injury sounds like it is something they believe can be managed with limited negative impact on his ability to play.

            1. We’ll see how he plays with it, but as I said, if there is a chance of further damage and his play suffers as a result, there really needs to be some caution used here. He’s a second year player they are relying on for the future, and taking a risk on an injury that could require intensive surgery and/or rehabilitation is not a good idea imo.

  40. Help wanted: Though losing Ellington hurts, the subtraction of receivers Jerome Simpson, DiAndre Campbell and Eric Rogers (on IR) weren’t surprise moves, but it offered a reminder of the fact that the 49ers need some help on the perimeter. DeAndre Smelter (hamstring) and Bryce Treggs (knee) out.

  41. Sports News
    Ross Benjamin
    NFC West Preview
    August 29, 2016

    Nevertheless, Kelly’s coaching tactics and leadership abilities have been openly questioned, and specifically so by current and past Eagles players. The provocative former Oregon Ducks head coach hasn’t seemed to figure out how to handle NFL players, compared to those on a collegiate level. There’s already been whispers of a divided locker room in San Francisco, and at the time of this writing, we’re still two weeks away from their season opener.

  42. Off Topic but I just saw that Gene Wilder passed away. What a great actor. His roles with Richard Pryor were fantastic.

    In the PC world we live in today with everybody having to walk on eggshells regarding race, it is refreshing to go back and watch some of the classic Wilder and Pryor films. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

    One of my favorite Pryor / Wilder scene is the bathroom boot polish scene from “Silver Streak”. I read somewhere that originally the person who was supposed to walk in the bathroom and come upon Wilder practicing to be “black” was a white actor. Pryor was very unhappy with the entire scene and it was Wilder who suggested changing it to a black actor and added the lines about “whiteys” having a tight a$$. the end result was perfect comedy.

    RIP Gene.

    1. Wilder and Gilda Radner were hilariously funny, and a touching love story. While it is sad to hear of his passing, I am glad they are together again.

  43. There’s unequivocally no doubt in my mind, Seattle will be able to maintain a top five defense. The strength of that intimidating unit is in the back seven. The weakness is clearly at both defensive tackles, and even then it’s really nitpicking. A secondary which has been labeled “The Legion of Doom” will be arguably the best in football. Last season, Seattle’s defense allowed the fewest points (17.3 PPG) in the NFL.

    Ross Benjamin Sports Handicapper Picks –

  44. Rotoworld is reporting:

    Free agent James Jones indicates he’d like to play for the 49ers.
    “It’s just a waiting game for me right now,” Jones said Wednesday after being released by the Chargers on Monday. “I just want to play football and stay home in the Bay Area.” Two teams are located in the Bay — the Raiders and 49ers. The Raiders aren’t an option, but the 49ers might be a fit. The 49ers’ receiver depth chart is laughably bad. Jones would probably be their best.

  45. Chiefs shopping QB Aaron Murray as more cuts loom

    By Kevin Patra
    Around the NFL writer
    Published: Aug. 30, 2016 at 10:32 a.m.
    Updated: Aug. 30, 2016 at 12:50 p.m.

  46. Given the Chiefs also have Alex Smith, Nick Foles, Tyler Bray, and Kevin Hogan on their quarterback depth chart, they may be forced to outright cut Murray

    1. CBSSports: Kevin Hogan appears to be fifth in line at quarterback for the Chiefs and stands little chance to make the 53-man roster. However, the rookie fifth-round pick out of Stanford could be a candidate for the team’s practice squad.

      According to what I have heard, Kevin Hogan has not been good. His accuracy in camp has been very, very bad. However, it’s been reported that he’s a hard worker.

      1. However, Cook has looked better.

        Connor will get his first extended run in an NFL game (and probably his last for a while) on Thursday. The No. 3 quarterback expects to play the majority of the preseason finale and it will be important repetitions for him and the Raiders.

        Backup quarterback Matt McGloin is a free agent after this season (and currently the highest paid quarterback on the roster, ahead of even Carr). The Raiders will need to figure out if Cook is their backup of the future and they hope this will be their last real look at him until next season.

        “All the stuff that I’ve learned thus far, go use it,” Cook said. “This is time to cut loose and have fun with the guys.”

        My money is on Cook beating out McGloin. We’ll see.

        1. 247 Sports: “With a strong performance against the Seahawks, Cook could leap McGloin on the depth chart. McGloin did not look good against the Tennessee Titans last week, while Cook has shown steady progress throughout the preseason.”

      1. Excellent point Grimey! Here are a few more NFL draft prospect interview questions:

        – “if you had to murder someone, would I use a gun or a knife?”
        – “If you could kill someone and not get caught, would you?”
        – “Do you find your mother attractive?”

        1. Kap puts his career on the line for what he believes.
          NFL executive cloaked in anonymity calls him a coward.
          Things that make you go hmmmmmm…

          1. Hmmm. NFL execs who allow dog killers, drunk driver killers, Rapists, women beaters and even child beaters to play are now up in arms about some one silently non violently protesting for justice.

            Bravo, they stood tall.

          2. Grimey
            Check out Nate Boyer’s “letter” to CK, and if you can, an interview with Boyer on NFL Network. He supports Colin’s rights, explains his feelings as a vet and its compassionate and I think you’d like it. Very respectful.
            Heck guys, I think everyone would, check it out.
            When asked what he’d say to Colin if he had a minute with him, he answered, “Oh I’d just listen to him.” He said that plenty has been said, he’d want to just listen.

            1. I actually just listened to Boyer on KNBR. He’s very thoughtful. And him talking about just listening to the message really jumped out to me.

  47. I have just read Grant’s Wednesday article where he again puts forth his theory that Colin cheated in order to fail the April 1 physical — a provision that was put into Colin’s contract by the 49ers to save money. The 49ers were very proud of that provision because it was supposed to avoid having to pay to cut Colin.

    Grants theory caused my devious mind in this direction. If the 49ers cut Colin after the San Diego game Svengali Colin contacts the Vikings with this offer. I’ll stand for the anthem and I’ll play on a contract for one year at $1.00 per game, or for $1.00 for the season if $16.00 is too much.

  48. While I truly wish he had taken another form of protest, regardless of how this effects his football career, Colin Kaepernick should continue his activism, and he certainly shouldn’t worry about the hate some people are expressing towards him today.

    Jackie Robinson once said “I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag. I know I am a black man in a white world.”

    Robinson was one of the most hated people in America back then. Today he is almost universally loved and respected.

    And when I hear the argument that Colin has made millions of dollars, so he can’t preach about oppression in this country, I think back to Muhammad Ali, who once said “If I kept me mouth shut just because I make millions, then this aint doing nothing. So I just love the freedom and flesh and blood of my people more than I do the money.”

    In March of 1966, Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.) refused to be inducted into the armed forces. As a result, he did not fight from March 1967 to October 1970, from ages 25 to 29. During this time of inactivity, he spoke at colleges across the nation, criticizing the Vietnam War and advocating African American pride and racial justice.

    Muhammad Ali was probably the most hated man in America after he antagonized the white establishment in the U.S. by refusing to be conscripted into the U.S. military, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War, using his platform for civil activism.

    After his death, Ali was mourned globally, and is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century!

    1. For a while every American sports celebrity who converted to Islam was showered with hate. Terrorism wasn’t an issue then, but the color of their skin sure was, and the color of our president’s skin is an issue today.

  49. Given the anonymous comments by top officials for NFL teams about Colin Kaepernick, will the NFL approve his request to be able to wear a tinted visor?

  50. When Colin starts in San Diego tomorrow nite the boos are going to rain on him like a hurricane. I figure he’ll either shrink under the deluge or step up and shut them up with his play. If he can’t handle that how can he expect to ever beat Seattle in Seattle. I wish I could be sure he’ll step up but I’ve seen him struggle in Seattle too many times already.

  51. I am glad the team stood by Kaep.

    I hope Kaep will stand by his team.

    The team should ask Kaep to stand with them, because every other player will stand, They should tell him that Kaep has sat down, so he accomplished his goal. He does need to sit again, he has done it.

    Kaep will show leadership and solidarity if he stands. If he sits, he will give every other team in the league extra motivation to defeat them. Kaep, as a leader of the team, should think about the good of the team. Making it harder to win to make a point is counter productive.

    Kaep should declare victory because he has generated a firestorm of dialogue. He has effected change, no matter how much his detractors will downplay.

    Kaep could do so many more positive things, but I think he is stubborn, myopic and narcissistic.

    He is also getting bad advice.

    1. Seb says…
      Kaep should declare victory because he has generated a firestorm of dialogue. He has effected change, no matter how much his detractors will downplay.”

      Soooo. The 85 percent of African American murders by their own has stopped? Now that’s would be some real “change”

      What dreamworld do you live in?
      Save the sappy nonsense and start realizing this jaggoff is done! All of the win one for the gipper nonsense you’re living by isn’t going to work. His teammates don’t need this garbage from a former “potential!” Man you spill more sap than a thick forest!

      1. MD, I really object when our law enforcement officials start whitewashing incidents when people, both black and white, are being shot in the back.

        Just because there is black on black killing, it does not justify white on black killing. All killing is bad, and killing without accountability just holds back progress.

            1. Coward! For months you talked a big game, storm was coming. Now the guy hangs onto a football career by the skin of his arse. Like I said all along, one trick pony QB.
              You supported him now conveniently used his protest to turn on him. Weak!
              I don’t bet avatars, that’s childish. Be a man, support your idol!

              1. I asked you! I even gave you the liberty to pick the terms. You said no because it had to be avatars. I said we are grown men, let’s bet cash! You turtled like you always do. Wether it’s tour ridiculous posts, trade suggestions, contradictions and now sell out of your hero, you are nothing but coward! Yellow!

              2. When I said terms you knew I meant what CK would accomplish this year. Don’t play stupid Seb. Those were the terms. The winner would receive cash. Like always play dumb when you lose! Yellow!

              3. Prime, I am brave enough to bet an avatar, something you refused to do because you are afraid of a little ridicule.

              4. Betting Avatars is for children! Be a man, open the wallet, show our faith in a guy you could not shut up about all offseason.
                You talk a big game yellow!

              5. Prime, I had a gentleman’s bet offered, but obviously, you are not a gentleman. You are so afraid of an avatar bet, you would probably welsh on any monetary bet.

              6. Obviously neither. You are not gentle in any manner. A Blustering bloviating, belligerent bullying bombastic burbling babbling blatherskite, in a crass crude cowardly and contemptible manner.

              7. Prime, yes, I did call you a blatherskite, You may have to look up that word to know what it means. However, the other words just describe you.

              8. Prime, I lose because of name calling? No, you lost long time ago when you said words like- coward and yellow

        1. Do some research. More black people kill whites. This division in this country with whack ideals like BLM is ridiculous. Sweeping away the truth about what’s really going on with some bad apples in law enforcement. And bad apples in society. You won’t find a bigger advocate for civil rights when cops are given way to much power!
          However to ONLY talk about black lives and act like they’re seriously oppressed like it was the 60’s and prior is again ridiculous!
          Especially when he has an oppressing bank account! I’m not mad he’s excercising his right, it’s the reasoning behind it! Total bs to sit their and back a racist organization.

  52. Have anyone ever consider Kap7 is trying to work his way out of SF and at the same time forcing York to look foolish doing so. I say demote him to 3rd string QB for the whole season, have him sit at home watching the game so no distraction to the team. We not going to win with him anyway, he regressed as a QB. Heck he have all the time to join the protester in the street if he likes. Then release him next season.

    1. He had his chance to go to Denver. Didn’t want to take the paycut! So No! He’s not trying to slick his way out of SF. He should be looking into good investments. Because he will never be a starting qb in this league unless the real starter goes down.

  53. I’m completely over this guy! He’s nothing but a distraction. He got what he wanted his face plastered all over ESPN, he can’t play the game at this level so he’s got to have something to market I guess. This guy checked out when he threw those picks in Arizona. He’s learned his athleticism isn’t going to carry him anymore. In my opinion he faked this dead arm thing to miss playing against denvers defense and thought since he’s done well vs Gb in the past it would give him a boost. It didn’t so now is taking full limelight in this not standing thing. He’s been sitting for weeks while its played and when people finally noticed while he was dressed to play he got what he wanted. It’s a firestorm of some thinking others want to bash his right to free speech, others see it as a spoiled rich kid trying to fit in with the urban culture and has never faced the real struggle. Either way it’s his show now. Sad that he has to go here for attention and not on the field. I mean really talking about oppression with millions in your pocket being a black man in America. Get real Colin. While wearing a friggin Castro shirt. Smh! Cut this guy before he slips on a mouthpiece and tears a ligament! ASAP

  54. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Kaep’s decision to sit during the national anthem, this guy should be cut if he doesn’t win the starting job. The money side of things is one part of it. But the larger part is his play has declined sharply, he simply doesn’t want to be at the 49ers, and he is a distraction. He made it greatly apparent he doesn’t want to be part of the 49ers on numerous occasions, starting with getting surgery right after he was dumped as the starter last season, to his trade request, and his comments about Baalke/ the FO.

    He is also a distraction completely outside of his latest actions. There were rumours of discord in the locker room last year, this offseason has been Kaep focused, and if he is the backup QB he will continue to be a distraction merely by his presence.

    So any political agenda aside, he really should be cut, and for purely football reasons.

    1. Kaep’s posturing and grand standing may be exactly be his intent to be let go. Niners have been patient and respectful, but seething underneath. This social activism is exactly what the team does not need if they are attempting to win games.

    2. You’d make a fine politician Scooter, you tease the middle then jump ship as soon as it’s the right move to make.

    3. I agree Scooter.
      Before all of this I was leaning toward keeping him. However, if he can’t beat out Gabbert, I believe that keeping him could lead to a very divided locker room. This is a rebuilding year and Chip needs to see what he has on the field without outside distractions.
      Also, I think this is a case where Baalke needs to step in, cut Kaep and explain why they did it. He can’t have Chip explaining due to his past history and race relations.

  55. More off-topic. Skip on by if you don’t want to play; understandable.
    I’d love for thoughtful weigh-in for those interested. Wordy post:
    >> I was 10 in 1960 when the civil rights movement hit the news (or fan, if you will). White boy in Pa. The tv videos and the photos in the Staurday Evening Post, and Look, and Life magazines were shocking to me. The reported violent demonstrations (Selma?) looked like peace marchers to me being abused with high pressure fire hoses and aggressive k9s. I’m not sure I noted it at the time, but I decided right then that I never wanted to be on the abusive side of those fire hoses ever in my life.
    At 17 when I joined the Marines I was forced into contact, conflict, and working it out with black guys, many of whom were angry as f in’67. My 80-man platoon at Perris Island had this demographic.
    5 – white boys from Philly (me)
    15- tough ghetto black guys from North Philly & South Philly
    40- white crackers from Alabama & Florida
    40- rural black guys from Alabama
    It was a highly volatile mix. We had to work it out, and we did.
    That was my chance to get demystified about black folks for the first time. We had one brawl where the 5 Yankee White’s sided with the Yankee blacks. Worlds collide! We worked it the f out! I figured out that people are people. My journey.
    >>Now I’m 66. As I look back with perspective, I smile about guys like Malcom X; the dude was sent here by fate to help us, LOL!
    MLK had the message of love and acceptance, of peaceful protest, of following Jesus’ teachings, and America living up to America’s (USA) self proclaimed ethics. He wrapped himself in the flag and the Bill of Rights. He was “The Good Cop”.
    H.Rap Brown, Stokley Carmichael, and Malcom X were scary guys saying all sorts of scary stuff to us Anglos. They made us uneasy, Oh My!!
    In retrospect, they were the Perfect Storm. How easy would it have been for comfortable White America to ignore, deflect and marginalize MLK, Abernathy, Bond,Young and others. With the complicity of the mainstream media, very doggone easy. The Three Amiogos (mentioned) stirred the pot. They made us KEEP thinking about it.
    >>And check this out: Since the ‘situation’ wouldn’t go away, (and got much worse with the urban rioting), after a bit MLK and his approach looked much better to the status quo and even an evolving status quo among the establishment and Joe Sixpack.
    So in ’68 George Wallace runs on hate and racism, and makes a splash. Then he fizzles a little and his constituency is seduced by Nixon.
    Soooooooo,ooooo, in the rear view mirror, sharp tongued critical rhetoric did help the cause. I didn’t and don’t like CK’s tactic, but who knows, in the long run it could help the on-going process.
    >>Since the cops are pulling the triggers, they must be brought into the solution or nothing changes. That requires collaboration. That will require mutual understanding.

    1. Thanks Brotha,
      A few months ago, my car broke down on a relatively busy road. It was already dark and in the 45 minutes that it took the tow truck to arrive, five cars stopped to ask me if I needed help. They were all Mexicans…. They saw someone in need and were able to relate and act on it.
      If we only believe the stereotypes, (cops are good, BLM is bad) we’re not.
      What Colin did takes courage and conviction, I don’t see anybody else be free enough or brave enough to do the same.

      1. Dee
        I’m not a church guy, but I always have been captivated by the Good Samaritan story in the New Testament. The Christians and Hebrews do all realize that the Good Samaritan was a Muslim,….right?

        1. Enjoyed the story, BT, but according to Wikipedia, Islam began in the early 7th century. Some further description.

          “Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man. Jesus is described as telling the parable in response to the question from a lawyer, “And who is my neighbour?” whom Leviticus

          19:18 says should be loved. Jesus answers his question in who is his neighbour, but also tells him to love his neighbour.[2] His answer corresponds to his words the Gospel of Matthew 5:43-48, to love his enemy.

          Portraying a Samaritan in a positive light would have come as a shock to Jesus’ audience.[3] It is typical of his provocative speech in which conventional expectations are inverted.[3]”

          1. Let me just add one more thing I think is wise in its application to the world today:

            Martin Luther King, Jr. often spoke of this parable, contrasting the rapacious philosophy of the robbers, and the self-preserving non-involvement of the priest and Levite, with the Samaritan’s coming to the aid of the man in need.[41] King also extended the call for neighbourly assistance to society at large:

            “On the one hand we are called to play the good Samaritan on life’s roadside; but that will be only an initial act. One day we must come to see that the whole Jericho road must be transformed so that men and women will not be constantly beaten and robbed as they make their journey on life’s highway. True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.[42]”

            1. Thanks Cubus. My knowledge of Islam is thin. I guess I was confused by the shared lineage to Abraham I assumed the religions had risen side by side.

    2. People call for no politics discussion on a sports blog, and this last week has forced us to confront the notion that some of our co-posters do not – *horrors* – share the same viewpoint as we might.

      But without widening the topics available we wouldn’t have seen this beautiful and illustrative post. Thanks Brotha. And, I guess, thanks Kaepernick for initiating it.

    3. BT,

      That was one heck of a post. I’m a major history buff so I’ve studied the things you mentioned, but didn’t live through them. I know it wasn’t the intent of your post but just wanted to say I have great admiration for the people like yourself and others on here who went through the living hell of Vietnam, and wish the sacrifices made by the soldiers in that war were remembered with more respect.

      That was an era of major change in race relations and it was people like yourself that helped it to come to fruition. You should be proud that you had the fortitude to do what you thought was right instead of falling into a mindset that permeated a large portion of the country.

  56. Simple solution to Kap’s grandstanding during the National Anthem = Confine Mr. Kaepernick to the locker room away from the field during the playing of the Anthem. Takes the spotlight away from him, denies the opportunity to make his disruptive statement. After the Anthem is played release him to enter the arena to face the hostile reception.

    Of course this will not solve any of the larger issues such as his place on the team or violence in America but it help defuse the Kap power and attention grab.

    Just a thought

    1. And it might cause a hefty law suite against the 49ers and the NFL. It would certainly keep Colin’s issue in the news.

      If Colin’s right to sit is accepted it’s likely that the intensity will diminish.

    2. Kaepernick is pulling his stunts at work. Are you saying employers at their place of work cannot legally control where, when and how employee perform their assigned duties? If Kap and his apologists want to sue for his “right” to disrupt the workplace they will be spending a lot of their own money on a losing cause. Let them.

      Do not give this troublemaker their spotlight. Lock him out during the Anthem

      1. The team supports his right to do it. You don’t and want the team to adopt your view. As ht said, this story will diminish unless the team or somebody else tries to take away his right to protest.

  57. I saw all of this many years ago on Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali. I’ll ignore their race is bozos that is filtered into this thread just like I ignored them years ago when I was a member of SNCC and registering voters and getting my ass kicked in the process. I don’t think Colin thought it through about his protest but he certainly has a right. I am frankly embarrassed by the reaction to it however Kama just as I’m embarrassed by some of you I can’t say it above. But just for the record, Chip Kelly is a hell of a coach, Baalke is a bozo, and the ownership are laundering billions of dollars through that franchise. Wise up.

    1. Yep. If he really wants people to respect his message, stunts like that aren’t the way. All that does is fuel the issues and social division, not agitate for improvement.

      1. Scooter,
        One interesting point I heard was that the problem with this kind of protest is that it allows those on the other side to claim the flag as their symbol and take up patriotism… this then leads to little attention being paid to what the protest is really about.

      2. It’s divisive and only leads to polarization. Solutions to problems occur when cooler heads prevail. Scooter summarizes my position with one concise sentence.

    2. There is using the to freedom of speech and then there is being an idiot. Unfortunately, Kaepernick is leaning more towards the latter.

    3. Yeah, I saw that. No rush to judgement here – those socks might be some cartoon character or something. BUT it sure looks like it’s a totally disrespectful act. If so, it certainly taints his anthem protest. Kaepernick just went from John Carlos/Tommie Smith “dignified protest” territory to Bill Ayers “advocating violence against the police” territory in the amount of time it takes to slip on a pair of socks.

  58. I come from an interracial family. I am embarrassed and sick and tired of the outcries. My parents are old school. They taught each of us that you have one of two choices. Either you can be a victim and cry about your situation or you can work hard and change it.
    As long as there is something to differentiate us from one another there will be discrimination in this country.
    The people holding on the tightest to that discrimination are the ones who want to play the victim. Slavery ended almost 151 years ago. (December 6th 2016, it will be 151 years ago.) Quit with the references. It’s embarrassing. So we were segregated until 1964. My parents and grandparents overcame that. They’d slap me silly if I tried to say I was a victim of discrimination today.
    Jews were killed in the millions while the US stood and watched, many are still continuously discriminated against today. Japanese Americans were imprisoned for nothing more than being the wrong nationality in February 1942. 62% of these imprisoned were US citizens. Until 1978, it was legal to shoot and kill a Mormon on site in Missouri. Every nationality, race, and religious sect can show discrimination, but the only ones making an excuse for persecution are the ones who refuse to police themselves.
    I am not a victim. It is embarrassing the voice of the few outweighs the voice of the many who are hard working and not interested in joining BLM or any organization that wants us to be victims.
    Kaepernick needs to get down from his cross. He does not represent me or my views.

      1. Seb-That’s a silly response to chris’ comment.

        Chris gave a comment about real atrocities that have happened in our world. For you to compare it or even mention kap being crucified, cheapens all of humanity and brutality that people have gone through.

          1. Why the history lesson? Because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Slavery was declared illegal, but discrimination was institutionalized for 100 years. There have been great advances, yet we still have a long ways to go.

            There are those who whine and complain, and others who act. Sounds like Kaep is acting to fight injustices.

    1. Nice post. Yes let’s keep this in perspective. Kaepernick the fading football player has voluntarily signed up for ‘negative feedback’ by acting out in his employers place of business. Now he thumbs his nose at the police with the piggy socks. I’ve seen more than enough.

    2. Nicely stated Chris. I don’t deny that racism still exists, but you cannot deny the fact that there are opportunities for everyone in this country, and especially in CA- let us not forget that Ward Connelly removed the race question for UC admissions about 15 years ago…….

  59. What I wouldn’t give for a filter button. I thought reading about stupid madden trades was bad… but reading TOM’s repeated admit I won, admit I won posts is a new low. Act like an adult and move on…. sore losers suck… but poor winners are just A**h****

  60. Interestingly enough… the person who quietly is looking better in all of this is Greg Roman.
    Tyrod Taylor is looking good as qb and based upon the way Colin has looked the past two seasons it makes one wonder how much he had to be managed by the OC.

    1. I began to think this, especially after he couldn’t read a wide open T. Smith. I think Harbaugh and Roman severely limited and protected Kap.

      1. That is what happens when a QB cannot change plays because the coaches told him not to, and the opposition knew where the play was going to be run.

        DB read his eyes, and cheated up at the last second.

        Hope Chip lets Kaep become the field general, and is allowed to make calls and adjustments on the field.

      2. When Jaworski was breaking down film on CK even back in ’14 he talked about how Roman was calling really simplified pass plays in an attempt to make Colin’s reads easier; and it wasn’t solving the recognition problem. I recall Jaws saying ‘I don’t know what more Roman can do for him.” This from a guy (Jaws) who’d said in ’12-13 that Kap had the potential to be the best QB ever. Last year Mathieu scoffed at the simplistic system CK was running.
        For whatever reasons, not all smarts translate to the field. CK is smart guy but he doesn’t play smart. Joey Harrington is a smart guy, wasn’t good in the NFL.

        1. I posted this over a year ago, but I wonder if processing time is a key factor. Kap may be smart but it takes him longer to process the “data input” and make decisions than say Tom Brady or Peyton. Now by longer, I mean relative to the game of football. His processing time might be plenty fast enough for a regular human being just not for a football QB.

          1. I have very poor eyesight. I wonder if Kap has some peripheral vision issues that e.g., affects his depth perception in those areas. It may explain both his inaccuracy on sideline plays and well as his inability to detect pass rush.

            The difference between “analytical/intellectual intelligence” and “football intelligence” is that the latter depends a lot on the combination of sensory perception (processing visual and aural inputs for monitoring the play development and pass rush simultaneously), fitting the developing play pattern into the learned patterns for determining the response, and then actuating the play that involves contrasting levels of speed and agility (e.g., moving about rapidly in a small pocket while making a deft mid-range touch pass) — all at a very high speed. “The game slowing down” means that the above combination is happening faster and more smoothly.

            So many things among the above can be sub-optimal for a NFL QB that it is not surprising that we have so few quality starters out of the hundreds of candidate QBs coming out of college.

        2. Personally, I blame the coaches, Roman too.

          Kaep ran the pistol in college. That requires multiple reads and snap decisions. Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit, and played to his weakness.

          1. Chip wants to win. He is smart enough to accentuate Kaep’s strengths, and hide his weaknesses.

            Kaep should thrive in a Chip Kelly offense.

          2. Seb,
            Just stop. I was a huge Kaepernick supporter but his recent actions have validated all of the negative things said about him during his career. Immature. Conceded. Selfish. Unaware. Stunted. The idiot is walking around at with pig socks at practice. It’s uncalled for, it’s incredibly immature and it makes him part of the problem. Is Kaep smart? Yes, I believe so. Is he football smart? No. In football terms, he’s stupid as sh#% and has proven that with his inability to progress as an NFL QB. We’re talking about a grown man that sheltered himself from the world with headphones and now he’s trying to do it with a visor. Just call it like it is. His career is basically over and he’s too much of a child to accept responsibility for it. He’s setting up the victim and race cards to throw at the Teflon wall of QB ineptness. The race card won’t stick as it pertains to his own ability as a QB and his ability to influence matters will fade alongside his career. He’s only relevant right now because of these stunts, not because of his QB play.

          1. There are also such things as intrinsic talents and leadership intangibles. Watch the Boise St game again. Kaep willed his team to win even though they were the inferior team.

            1. Seb,

              College isn’t pro. The speed is different. The processing time may have been adequately suited for the college game but he isn’t cutting it at the pro level.

              1. East, that is another myth. The Pistol is just a variant of the read option concept.

                GB at times ran the Pistol. RW ran the read option last year, and made Lynch look foolish.

                Chip is going to run the Zone read, so he will be smart enough to utilize Kaep properly.

              2. I fail to see your response as anything but a redirect. I was speaking speed, not concepts. In pro football they run many of the same plays as college. The speed at which they run them however is vastly different. That matters.

            2. Seb,
              What intrinsic talents and leadership abilities have you seen from Kaepernick over the last three years? Who cares what he did against Boise State when you have seen what he does against the Cardinals, after they told him what they were going to do? He hasn’t willed this team to win for years and hasn’t shown any indication of rediscovering the old Reno magic. That is the problem. That and the fact that WAC teams aren’t on the schedule anymore.

              1. Big, please do not state the same old tripe about how Kaep cannot get past his first read.

                The pistol requires multiple reads, First, he has to read the defender to decide whether to hand off or not. Then he looks for the quick slant. If that is not open, he goes to the option down field. Then if all those options are covered, he uses his legs to make something happen.

                Kaep, in that system, did what almost no other QB has ever done. He passed for 10,00 yards and ran for 4000 yards. Joe Montana, Steve Young, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and a host of other QBs never came close to those stats.

                So Kaep, even though he had perfected running the pistol, only ran it a handful of times while a pro.

        3. BT,

          They did the same for Smith. Nothing changed much in the passing game until 2014 when they started running more of the multiple WR spread concepts. Mangini was asked about it a few days ago and mentioned that Kap went through a change in system last year, meaning Chryst went away from a number of the things Harbaugh and Roman did previously. It was telling that Tyrann Mathieu was talking about how predictable the passing game was, when in the years before that Kap had actually had been quite successful against AZ. Last year was a disaster in many ways, and Kap’s shot confidence was a big reason why.

      3. East, no no no. Roman did not protect Kaep if his protection collapsed like a house of cards. Even his most ardent detractors cannot say that all 80 of the times he was sacked that it was solely Kaep’s fault. Other teams knew exactly where Kaep would be so they could line up and rush to a spot. Defenders admitted they knew what the play was before the snap just by looking at the formation. The defenders admitted that their strategy was to contain Kaep in the pocket, and the Niner coaches kindly obliged.

        1. Look, if you cannot see that Kap is a limited QB then, I guess there isn’t much to discuss. I’m sorry I don’t see what you see in the guy. He has some gifts, sure, but his football abilities are seriously subpar.

    1. It’s possible they’re both on the team for the first 4 games. After that will likely come down to who looked the best over that time.

  61. Ahh, the 4th pre-season game. The inevitable overreaction to third stringers playing well against future cuts and/or practice squad players followed by outrage when said superstars are cut the following day.

    I expect we’ll have a 3 preseason game season in the very near future. I don’t know if they’ll ever go down to 2 but a reduction to 3 is likely not far off.

  62. Coffee,

    Your Harbaugh/Kaepernick/Baalke take is a pretty good one. Could add more context to Grant relaying how Baalke pounded his fist in the St Louis press box screaming “throw the ball”.

    1. Other than that little tidbit, there is really nothing to lend credence to the idea Baalke didn’t want Kap. He traded Smith, they signed Kap to an extension, and he’s still here.

      1. He traded Smith in 2013 which is before this started and the extension he signed came at the end of a lot of speculation about whether it would happen at all.

        The extension also came after the draft. Was there a QB in 2014 that the 49ers might have been interested in? If that QB had made it to where they felt his value was and they selected him would they have still extended Kaepernick? It’s all speculation but it is interesting that the team didn’t want to extend him until after the draft. No small point is that the extension has been called team friendly from the very beginning. None of this points to a front office that is fully on board with a player and instead sounds like one that feels he is the best choice for now and signed him to an extension that allowed them to exit when a better choice came along and now one has. Scary as that thought is.

        1. It was before the rumors started but Baalke wouldn’t have traded Smith if he had questions are flat out didn’t want Kap. It would make no sense, and Harbaugh would have been fine with having both Kap and Smith for another season. The trade was all Baalke and getting draft picks.

          Who knows why the extension happened when it did and really what does it matter? They could have taken a QB in that draft or the one after it and didn’t. Just more reason to dispute the idea that Baalke didn’t want Kap. The only tangible piece of evidence to go on is that the extension happened, and Baalke wouldn’t give the go ahead to do that if he didn’t want the guy.

          The team friendly aspect was due to the fact Kap still hadn’t been a starter for very long and he wasn’t making much. He was willing to accept a team friendly deal because it meant 13 mill in his pocket right away, and fair compensation if he played well.

          I completely disagree that the FO hasn’t been on board. Jed routinely talked up Kap as did Baalke before last season happened. By trading a good QB like Smith, extending Kap and not drafting any QB’s while he was the starter, they showed they were on board quite convincingly imo.

  63. Seb,

    We live in a republic style democracy–one man one vote…I have asked you to stop with your loser roster picks as well as the posters below. We have a vote, and you are overruled.
    So take a hint and hop a flight with your loser roster picks, Hayne and Kap to an uncharted NFL city and build your fantasy roster w/o involving the rest of us in your player crushes on every post!


    September 1, 2016 at 8:40 am

    There are also such things as intrinsic talents and leadership intangibles. Watch the Boise St game again. Kaep willed his team to win

    Prime Time

    August 31, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Betting Avatars is for children! Be a man, open the wallet, show our faith in a guy you could not shut up about all offseason.


    September 1, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Just stop. I was a huge Kaepernick supporter but his recent actions have validated all of the negative things said about him during his career. Immature. Conceded. Selfish. Unaware. Stunted. The idiot is walking around at with pig socks

    1. TrollD, that reminds me, I plan on posting a lot more, and you cannot stop me.

      I do like Kaep, but I also have been very critical of him.

      Since you keep engaging me, I shall post something I wrote on 1-17-14.

      10 Things Kaep (Niner QBs) Should Do On Sunday (Game Day)

      1.Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise. (Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Consider if he stops wasting time, the Niners could get at least 2 more opportunities to score).

      2. Always put a Man in Motion and read the defense’s reaction.

      3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out other way to befuddle the defense.

      4. Invite the blitz, and roll away from the blitz or complete a quick pass. (Target the area the bilitzer just left).

      5. Take advantage of Defense’s speed by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.


      7. Consider time outs to be precious, and save for (legitimate challenges and) the last 2 minutes (of each half).

      8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling. ( Act with class and respect).

      9. After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and give autographed hats.

      10. Get the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands as much as possible.

  64. Silver lining to tonight’s snooze fest is that it possibly marks the final time we’ll have to look at Kaepernick in a 49er jersey.

  65. EastCoast9er

    September 1, 2016 at 8:51 am


    College isn’t pro. The speed is different. The processing time may have been adequately suited for the college game but he isn’t cutting it at the pro level.

  66. Kap’s just forced the York’s to make a decision:

    The York’s can not have the police guarding Levis Stadium and Kap wearing Pig Socks simulstaneously

    I believe Kap will be cut before sun up tomorrow.

  67. Colin Kaepernick’s remedial reading skills are documented:

    Cosell: As defenses studied, Kaepernick didn’t advance mentally

    Kaepernick doesn’t see the most wide open man in the world:

    Trent Dilfer following the 49ers loss to the Carolina Panthers game on Sunday. Dilfer employed the word “remedial” to describe Kaepernick, who was sacked six times on the day, and his ability to advance through his progression of reads during a given pass play.

  68. mattbarrowsColin Kaepernick’s sock choice over two days in Denver. Also wore money-themed socks on day he signed contract. #49ers

  69. York and Baalke greatest fear is if Kaep lights it up tonight. They are praying that Kaep will play like Kaep of recent, which means he is not very good.

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