Day 4: The good and not so good from training camp

San Francisco 49ers cornerback D.J. Reed walks on the practice field during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Saturday, July 28, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out to me during the second padded practice of training camp.


1. RB Jerick McKinnon. Caught a screen pass and picked up 20 yards. Later, ran a wheel route, burned linebacker Korey Toomer and caught a 40-yard pass up the left sideline. McKinnon is one of the best receivers on the team and he’s not even a receiver. He will catch at least 70 passes this season if he stays healthy.

2. WR Pierre Garcon. Made his first two catches of training camp. Beat nickel back K’Waun Williams with an out route, and corner Tyvis Powell with a dig. Also beat Richard Sherman with a go route up the right sideline, but Garoppolo threw a back-shoulder fade behind Garcon, who kept running deep. The ball landed out of bounds.

3. WR Dante Pettis. Apparently embarrassed every corner he faced during one-on-one drills. I didn’t see exactly. I was filming the linemen on the other end of the field. Every minute and a half, fans in the bleachers would yell and cheer, then I’d look over and see Pettis wide open about to catch the ball. He’s like a basketball player with a killer crossover. I watched him carefully during team drills. He ran a jet sweep and gained 15 yards. And he ran two deep outs and beat Tarvarus McFadden and Tarvarius Moore. Pettis thrives when he’s one on one against a defender.

4. TE George Kittle. Caught the first pass of practice – a tight end screen. Gained 15 yards after the catch. Decidedly more agile and explosive than last season. Seems to have become the fulltime starter at tight end.

5. OG Laken Tomlinson. Won every rep during one-on-one pass-rush drills for the second day in a row, although today’s drill technically was two-on-two. Tomlinson and Joe Staley faced Arik Armstead and Sheldon Day, who used twists and stunts but got nowhere. Tomlinson and Staley couldn’t have blocked them any better.

6. CB K’Waun Williams. Flew. It was third and seven, and Jimmy Garoppolo threw a 10-yard pass to George Kittle, who seemed open, until Williams dove and knocked the ball away. Still the most consistent corner on the team.

7. CB Jimmie Ward. Played linebacker in the dime defense, which technically made him a dime back. Clever way to use him. On his first rep at dime back, Ward blitzed around the left edge and stripped Garoppolo. Maybe this is Ward’s natural position.

8. CB D.J. Reed. The backup nickelback. Intercepted a pass intended for Pettis during 11 on 11s. Outjumped and outmuscled him for the ball.


1. CB Richard Sherman. Marquise Goodwin smoked him during one on ones. Sherman looked alarmingly slow, like he would run a 4.7 or a 4.8 in the 40-yard dash.

2. CB Tarvarius Moore. Gave up an acre of separation to Pettis, who left him in the dust with a deep out route. I haven’t seen a 49ers corner get beat that badly since Dontae Johnson last year.

3. FS Adrian Colbert. Gave up a deep pass to McKinnon, and later dropped an interception. The drop in particular bothered defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. “There’s a difference between being a good and great defense,” Saleh said. “Good defenses play pass breakup and tackle football. Other defenses get the ball and score. When you get those opportunities, you’ve got to come down with it. They’re not dropping them on purpose, but there’s a mindfulness and a relentlessness to take the ball. When the opportunity actually gives it to you, you’ve got to come down with it. That message hasn’t changed. We actually talked about it yesterday. It happened a couple times yesterday.”

4. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Completed just 9 of 16 passes (56 percent), fumbled and threw the pass Colbert should have picked off.

5. WR Dante Pettis. Watched Reed intercept a pass right in from of him, and later dropped a pass over the middle because he took his eyes of the ball, anticipating contact. The ball bounced off Antone Exum’s hands and fell incomplete. Pettis is a good punt returner and he can beat man-to-man coverage as a receiver, but he’s not a physical player. He’s a finesse player.

6. OG Joshua Garnett. Missed practice with a knee injury. The 49ers say he banged it during practice and the injury isn’t serious. Still, it’s troubling he couldn’t stay healthy for more three days.

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  1. Knew you’d keep on this “Richard Sherman is slow” BS after he got run past by an Olympian sprinter. Enough with your baseless bull.

      1. I did not think of him as slow but rather thought he was holding back – he is coming back from a such a serious injury that I just think it will take a week or so running at full speed to get over what his mind is telling him.

        As one other article stated – speed is not his game, knowing where to be is. Even on the play in in the NFC championship against Crabs – he was beat deep had Kap put some arc on the ball.

          1. Now we have to establish players mental health by looking at them????

            It never ends from the King of Bull.

      2. First we had to guess players weights by looking at them, now we have to guess their speed?

        More bull from the king of bull.

          1. He looked like a player coming back from serious injury not going full out in an early training camp exercise.

            Why did you attempt to ban my access here?

      3. Well, he ran a 4.54 40-dash in the 2011 Combine, after training months specifically for it.

        If he can run a 4.70 seven years later, in his first full paded pratice after tearing his Achilles, I’ll gladly take it.

        He should improve his speed before week 1. He has over a month for that.

    1. He’s got safety help over the top in cover 3 and he’s not even supposed to be back after that Achilles tear for 2 more months. We good.

  2. 2. WR Pierre Garcon. Chemistry building. Garcon will get his 1,000 yards if healthy.

    3. WR Dante Pettis. “Apparently embarrassed every corner he faced during one-on-one drills.” Pettis being Pettis.

    7. CB Jimmie Ward. “Played linebacker in the dime defense,” Interesting.

    “Sherman looked alarmingly slow, like he would run a 4.7 or a 4.8 in the 40-yard dash.” Well that’s alarming.

    1. Great question. I will ask Shanahan about him, Trent Taylor and the rest of the injured players on Tuesday.

    1. Niners traded their first 2 picks to the Pats for the number 16 pick, so he was coveted by Bill Walsh who claimed he ran a 4.56 forty.
      For all the myths about his slow speed, Rice had game speed, and rarely was ever caught from behind.

  3. Funny to read people act like Sherman isn’t slow. If he can’t get his hands on the receiver he has no chance.

    1. I don’t know why Sherman being slow surprises people. He wasn’t that fast before the injury. Recovering from an injury isn’t exactly going make him any faster.

    2. Pointless discussion. Sherman will win with his hands and his play diagnosis, not foot speed, when regular season commences. Also he is far to smart to push himself at this stage, and so are the coaches.

      1. But he has been pushing himself. Most Achilles take over a year to heal. Sherman is trying to come back after 9 months.

        1. I’d think he’d be pushing to do the things that the rehab plan has him doing at this stage. Pushing to cover NFL’s fastest receiver on off coverage is probably not on that plan for now.

    3. I wouldn’t say Sherman is slow but your point is basically correct. He is physical and he holds at the LOS which helps him keep up with the receivers. The concerning thing to me wasn’t the straight line speed since Goodwin can make most guys look slow. The concerning thing to me was Sherman seemed to lack the agility and quickness to tie up Goodwin at the LOS. If Sherman can’t do that then it changes his entire style of play.

      1. Houston
        I think we all agree with you about Sherman, but most also know it could be mid season before he’s back and give Mabin, Williams and the other CB’s some playing time.
        Personally, I want to see the rookie DB Tarvarius Moore get some field time. If memory serves, the 9ers are converting him from S to CB? I’d also like to get a good look at McFadden and what he can do.

      2. The man just started practicing again, give him a break. As has been said many times, Sherman has never been a burner and wins with physical play and smarts. The fact he got burned in a one on one in his first practice in pads is not a surprise. That is what TC is for and my guess is he’ll be fine by opening day, or at least as good as he’s going to be which we don’t really know yet.

      3. The concerning thing to me was Sherman seemed to lack the agility and quickness to tie up Goodwin at the LOS.

        Wasn’t that his very first 1 on 1 action post rehab? I’ll give him a mulligan.

      4. “A lot of hand-wringing about Richard Sherman getting beaten by Marquise Goodwin yesterday. Noteworthy that #49ers D has been playing very little bump coverage, its strength. Working on zone and off coverage so far in camp.” – Matt Barrows Twitter

        Another note to put things in perspective. You’re right though Houston, Sherman is all about getting physical in man and playing leverage in zone. He’s not going to chase people down very often, especially not Goodwin.

          1. He was playing the same as all the other DB’s in clips I’ve seen from yesterday. They are playing up close, but not really trying to get tied up. More of man, trail.

            And also, not trying to discredit anything or anyone. Just trying to give and get an idea of the specific techniques that they may have been working on at different points.

  4. It appears that Kyle’s idea of red zone threat is an ankle-breaking receiver who can be moved all over the field — rather than the tall and powerful possession receiver/TE.

  5. The thing about Sherman is that the man ran a 4.6 40 coming out of college… It’s why he was a 5th round pick. He may be slower after the injury, but he also wouldn’t be on an island against one of the fastest players in the league one on one… He’s been a top notch player in this league for years. Not because of his speed and athleticism, but because he’s one of the smartest players in the league. He knows where he has help, when to back off of a guy, how to leverage and funnel receivers to his help, etc…. Worrying about Sherman getting beat in one on ones early during TC is folly for fools. Of course Grant would see this as an alarming development. This is on par with him saying that the FO should trade away Jimmy and sign Kirk Cousins. Idk a 49ers faithful that does or should take ANYTHING this guy says seriously…

    1. Geese guys,
      Richard slowing down was a major question mark, which lead to less of a market than he expected. So why go nuts when it’s pointed out how badly he got beat? This is something that bears watching, as there is a base level of athleticism that is required to play the position regardless of technique.
      Yes, Grant can go negative at times but this one even had a video to reference… he hardly a made up slander piece. What’s he supposed say Sherman closely trailed Goodwin by 7 yards?

  6. Grant covers the 49ers like the beat writer for the Oakland Raiders would: faint/grudging praise (always, yeah, but), and, every misplay/mistake in a practice means the guy is worthless and SF will be doomed. He still thinks they could go 9-7, so they must be doing something right off of 6-10 last yr and worse two yrs ago.

    Don’t forget SF lost 5 games last year by less than 3 points each and lead most of them at at halftime. I suggest they have more talent this year.

    Most of us know SF won’t be 12-4 in 2018, but we still like to be optimistic about our players and team’s chances. Grant seems to think he needs to be different than any other 49er reporter as the total pessimist and Debbie Downer in order to stand out, and, to temper fans’ dreams.

    Couldn’t you see him as a NE Pat’s reporter?
    “Brady is over the hill, slow, and at rsk due to their questionable OL… NE WR’s are slow and not athletic, it’s only their scheme that helps them. No established RB’s that can succeed with an unknown OL. No top 100 players on defense. Gronk is not committed… The only reason they win is because Buffalo, Miami and NYJ are pathetic etc etc”


    1. AZ Niner,
      Where in AZ you from? Just moved to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area with my wife and looking for a good place to watch games?

        1. Haha don’t disagree but when you don’t have Sunday Ticket, not always a lot of options to catch all the Niner games

      1. No, he compared you with beat writers on the Patriots and you didn’t come out well.

  7. “Maybe this is Ward’s natural position.”
    Yeah… Maybe the position at which he had his best year (nickel/dime back) is his natural position.

    To me, moving Ward to outside CB was a bad idea from the beginning. Sure he was our best CB, and I understand why you want your best CB on the field most of the time. But he isn’t a good outside CB, he is more of a hybrid Safety/Slot CB

  8. Jimmy G made 64% of the passes according to the other better journalists . And you wonder why you’re not working for the Athletic .

    Including quite a few deep balls that you said were a problem

      1. As Shreeves says, what about the deep balls that he made? Based on the format you’ve been using for previous reports, Jimmy should have made “The Good” list as well.

      1. No. Just asking for some balance. The deep ball has been a concern expressed by many. So, when Jimmy connects on some during a padded session, why isn’t that considered a plus?

        1. Lol ! Balance?! Really?!
          I guess that you missed the part about the “good”.
          So JG connects perfectly on ONE long ball and we’re supposed to do what? Super bowl!? He has very questionable long ball skills (poor mechanics has been suggested), proved out by past performance. And that’s being generous.
          I don’t want Grant to sugar coat things. I also think that he may be a bit of a negative Nellie sometimes, but he’s clear with his reasoning why. I’m not there to see first-hand for myself. I trust his eyes more than some of the other Niner lapdogs out there. I get my “balance” from comparing Grant to their vanilla reports.
          If you think Grant is “over the top” negative, factor it into what you read.

          1. It was more than just one long throw, if you read the reports of other writers. Why is an almost interception more important than several long ball completions?

            Grant does a good job of providing more information than the other beat writers. If you read the other writers many are proclaiming that concern for the pass rush is overstated given how many “sacks” the defense is racking up. But watch Grant’s video and you’ll see that the “sacks” are often made by 1st string DL and edge rushers versus 2nd and 3rd string OL. Good job, Grant!

            Grant challenges us to respond to his blogs and posts. You get your “balance” where you want to, but I’ll continue to challenge Grant, when I think it is warranted, to provide more balanced reporting, especially when the format he’s using for the training camp reports provides a clear method for doing so.

        1. Now with Jimmy G its unicorns and rainbows! Having a franchise QB after 15 plus years makes this team finally legit again.

  9. Sherman did look slow but it’s too early in his rehab to determine how much slower. His game is hands on a receiver and disruption so I won’t worry until I see him in game 3 preseason..

  10. I understand that Fann on is a homer, but where’s the narrative on the two passes that Sherman DID defend against during 11 on 11 (okay, Garcon is slow, but he still made the play).

    “Sherman rebounded from a tough start during 1-on-1s with two passes defended in 11-on-11s. He broke up a pass intended for George Kittle and then kept up with Garçon stride for stride down the right sideline on another play. There will be some rust to knock off so it’s important to exercise some patience with Sherman. The most important thing is that he looks completely healthy.”

    1. Kittle was flexed out and he ran a 10-yard curl. Sherman didn’t have to run. They set him up to look good on that rep.

      Garcon had a step on Sherman. They’re both so slow.

      1. Sounds like it. Haven’t heard much about Tartt, whose responsibilities will include helping Sherman over the top.

      2. To be fair, Garcon is not really slow reciever he ran a 4.48 at the combine. He’s not a blazing fast player but he’s not exactly a plodder either.

          1. I can still remember
            How that music used to make me smile
            And I knew that if I had one chance
            I could make those people dance
            And maybe they’d be happy for awhile

          2. That’s true, but he’s not exactly Anquan Boldin either.
            He was able to get open down the field a lot more than expected last year, especially when considering teams knew he was the primary target.
            Now, as I am not able to see him at camp, does he appear to be much slower than last year?

          3. You cannot always go by 40 time in shorts. It’s football speed that counts. You know that. I saw Garcon get open deep several times last year, before he got injured, they just never got the ball to him.
            I love what he brings to the game. He’s really the best, most complete, receiver on the team IMO.

  11. Grant, there is going to be new rules concerning the lowering of the helmet. What are the Niners doing to prepare for the new rule?

    1. Apparently the Eagles had an NFL official come in and explain the new rules and were more confused after the explanation. This is going to be rough especially in the early going because you know they are going to over officiate it to try and set a tone.

  12. As said before, every single NFL receiver is fully expected to beat any defender in a one on one battle with no pass rush.

    Shoot, even Grant could beat me one on one.

    Well maybe. His huge ego would slow him down a lot.

      1. I think that depends on who he’s lined up against. If he’s in the slot for Taylor, then you could be right. If he’s lined up at X, he’ll be going against players like Rhoads, Peters, Talib, etc.

    1. There was another nice clip of Pettis shaking a DB out of his jock on a post out route.

      Read a reporter this morning who said that the 49ers have been only working off coverage so far in camp during 1-on-1’s. Another tidbit that adds perspective to some of what has been seen through the first 4 practices.

  13. I have a brother in law similar to Seb. We call him Mr. “Duh”! , but “captain obvious”works just as well. Lol!
    Actually Seb, keep your long worded, repetitive, obvious monologue’s coming. I personally enjoy them. It’s great nap prep. Love ya brotha!

    1. Thanks, Juan. Here is another.
      10 ways JH (KS) can improve. (JT and Chip did not follow this advice.) 12- 31- 2013
      1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem- IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use biting humor to get your point across. channel Bill Walsh. Study the game winning drive before -The Catch.
      2. Consider time outs to be precious, and used for (legitimate) challenges, and the last 2 minutes (of each half).
      3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep (JG) he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time, (2 more opportunities to score).
      4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate the delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting. (Vary the snap count to try and draw them off sides, so it becomes a free play, which should be morphed into a long strike down field.)
      5. Expressly forbid Kaep to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. ( With JG, he seems to have total command, and is crisp and efficient, so I have never seen him call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.)
      6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. Stop forcing Kaep (JG) to be only a pocket passer. Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense. ( Good thing JG can throw accurately on the run.)
      7. Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes down field.
      8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint. ( attack their weaknesses.)
      9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels. ( Run the same play out of different formations. Have a set formation that JG can run many different plays from.)
      10. Niners will win if Kaep (JG) can get the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes, ( jet sweeps, end arounds, double reverses, RO, OZ, flea flickers) and even the Statue of Liberty.
      Thanks again for asking for this list. Sure, I have been advocating the same things for years, but these points seem timeless. Glad to hear that the players practiced sweeps and pitch backs.

      1. 11. I know the Statue Of Liberty is a popular gadget play, but don’t overlook the Annexation Of Puerto Rico.

  14. Saleh has called sacks the “most overrated stat,”
    Is that just at “disconcerting” level? Or is it worth of being elevated to “worrying” status?

          1. Maybe we need a sliding scale ranging from “unsettling” to “alarming” from which Grant can choose as he deems appropriate… Sort of an earthquake scale for Niners doom status..

    1. It kind of depends on context.
      Sacks are one of the best “drive killers” out there, but on an individual level they may not hold as much value as they do to the team. Sacks are nice but are often not as good of indicator of how disruptive a player is as pressures are. A case in point would be be Buckner gets immediate pressure, and forces the qb to step back. The qb then sees Marsh coming around the corner so he runs away from him only to run into a well blocked Attouchu who just kept playing to the whistle. Here Attouchu would get the glory and the important number but the best play was made by Buckner.
      With that said the sack holds a lot of value to the team, as a loss of down and yards is the second best possible outcome possible for a defense.

      1. Nicely put.

        I agree Shoup. I guess it all comes down to how many yards and points do you let the offense score.

    2. They are , you would rather have someone like Buckner who got 2/3 sacks last year but the most pressures vs someone who got more sacks but only a handful of pressures (ie Ziggy Ansah) .

  15. I would be worried if the team came out on fire. It’s practice, their posed to fumble, hold, screw up. Get it out now, then clean up. Last year Grant was saying how good Hoyer was.
    I’m not here to bash anybody, but the few that actually stick up for Grant are pathetic……What stands out to me is Garnett is a bust and waste of a 1st round pick

    1. Grant mentioned how Hoyer looked good as a Practice Warrior. However, during the games, Hoyer pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself.
      Interesting. Grant has been ripping Garnett, and now you seem to agree with him. How pathetic.

  16. Practice day 5 so far is looking like, well, practice. That pretty much sums it up for all 32 teams if your interested in the competition. Kudos to KS for keeping in lock step with the rest of the league. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report.

  17. Cassie Baalke says:
    July 29, 2018 at 7:11 pm
    Sebbie… You have a dizzying intellect…

    Chris says:
    July 29, 2018 at 7:25 pm
    I’m not too sure posting the same idea/message over and over again means much the 234th time. New idea or takes would be greatly appreciated and well received please and thanks

    sebnynah says:
    July 29, 2018 at 11:58 pm
    Since you asked so nicely, I will present a new strategy. you have read those same things 234 times.
    Psyche, However, there is a strategy to repetition. imprint, bomb thoughts into the target…

    Reply: Seb your lectures on the Greek god, Psyche grow weary. What does the soul goddess have to do with the gridiron ? Also threatening to bomb people again for the 234th time demonstrates the only changes you have made in your life is how to outdo your self in lowering the bar for the readers.

    1. Yes, SSL errors. Was only able to get here from a bleacher report redirect. Grant, your webmaster needs to check it out.

      1. The Press Democrat IT department (if one can call it that) is transitioning from the Commodore 64 environment to the IBM 386 architecture. Soooooo buggy…

  18. What do we all predict will happen to Garnett this season? Trade? Or cut? Doesn’t sound like he’s making the roster.

    If trade, where do you think he will go? Anyone think he won’t get picked up if he’s cut?

  19. “Anyone having issues accessing the blog?”

    Yes. I can access the homepage fine, but none of the threads will display. I had to clink on a link to this page from a google search to make this comment.

  20. Having site problems here too. Had to click a link from a google search to get this page to display. I’ve been getting SSL errors like Rib said. I just tried to say all this, but my comment didn’t show up. We’ll see if this one goes through.

    1. Me too, so I read some posts on NN. They sure do not like Grant. One even thinks a player will lose his cool and attack him, just for telling the truth.
      However, the players are much more mature than the fans. They know it is the job of journalists is to be objective, and not be kiss ups and sycophants. If they let a journalist get under their skin, imagine what an opposing player could do. They should expect criticism, and deal with it like a professional. McGlinchey should take pointers. It is not what happens when everything is fine and dandy. It is only when a player faces adversity, does his true character emerge.
      Some blogger named Akash, actually wrote this. ‘I am confident Robert Saleh will not put Sherman in a position to have to single cover the opposing team’s fastest pass catcher.’ Interesting, as the number one starting CB, is not that exactly what Sherman was signed up to do? They ignore reality, and make all sorts of excuses for Sherman. They do not think that Sherman is showing any ill effects from tearing his Achilles 9 months ago.
      He claims Grant has a sad and lazy hot take, with absolutely no context. He thinks that trailing 5 yards behind the receiver is normal. What I saw, was that Sherman whiffed on the check at the line of scrimmage. Then he got smoked. Sure, it is not good news, but it is reality.
      I said that the Niners need to be conservative, and bring back Cooper and Sherman slowly. Glad they designated Cooper to be PUP. Bringing him back too soon may cause a relapse. Sherman should get the same treatment, because he is painfully slow, and it is now documented. Sherman needs to fully rehab his Achilles, so maybe he can get back to his All Pro form.
      Saying something original, I think that they will shelve Sherman since he just does not look fully recovered. They will not put Ward in on the other side from Witherspoon. I think DJ Reed may emerge, and he will be a starter while Sherman gets healthy. Sounds like Reed is playing them tight, and his interceptions prove his talent.

      1. “Some blogger named Akash, actually wrote this. ‘I am confident Robert Saleh will not put Sherman in a position to have to single cover the opposing team’s fastest pass catcher.’ Interesting, as the number one starting CB, is not that exactly what Sherman was signed up to do?”
        – No, he was brought in to be a starting cb and player coach not a shutdown corner, you can tell this by the amount he was paid. Second, since when do teams have their number 1 corner follow around the fastest player on the field, simply because he is fast? And Last, while Goodwin blowing by him is somewhat disconcerting, it must be understood, that this drill is set up for the offensive players to win. There is no pass rush, no safety or linebacker to guide the receivers into and the db’s are not playing press coverage. Basically if a wr can’t get open under those circumstances, he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

        What I saw, was that Sherman whiffed on the check at the line of scrimmage. Then he got smoked. Sure, it is not good news, but it is reality.
        – (see above) Per Grant and Matt Barrows, he didn’t whiff at the line, because they are were not allowed to check at the LOS in this drill.

        Knowing this makes me less concerned with those reps than I initially was, as they share no similarity to game conditions. We will have to keep an ear to what is being said about them in scrimmage reps (7-7 and 11-11) and watch them in the preseason before rushing to any conclusions.

            1. Crocker has interesting thoughts about Garcon being traded depending on how the Niners feel about the playoffs this year.

            2. There was an interesting muted suggestion that Garcon could be traded in order to continue to develop young receivers. I figured Garcon would most likely not be on the team for the 2019 season, but didn’t occur to me that that could happen this season. Low probability in my mind.

          1. So noted.
            However, the crux of the matter is that Sherman looked slow, in many drills. He has not fully recovered from his Achilles, and it is not a personal attack, it is just accepting medical realities.
            Interesting, they signed Sherman, who was supposed to be the All Pro Sherman, who can be set on an island to shut down their best WR. Now posters are saying that he was never fast, and accept that his best skill is to be grabby.
            I hope they shut him down, and let him participate, but only play after 6 weeks. That way, he will have avoided the toughest contests, and can be fresh for the later part of the season. it will give his Achilles more time to heal and rehabilitate.

  21. Gosh, I am such a “Grant apologist”, but he’s just giving us his observations of PRACTICE….Practice?… Ok, I wont go all AI. I have noticed that he does have his theories about certain players and likes to point out evidence that his opinion of their weaknesses are valid, but he does praise those same players, all be it a bit back handed, when praise is due. He has been right about certain players: Bowman declining and being let go, Hyde didn’t get cut, but he did have a good season and was not offered a contract, which showed that he was not a good fit going forward for the offense, Vance McDonald not being a legit pass catching TE and being expendable, Aaron Lynch being a disappointment. At this point of the mini camp, we expect rust and mistakes. Sherman losing a step is alarming, but he is just starting to come back from a serious injury. I’m sure he and the coaches want him to come back slowly and not at full speed right out of the gates. I do hope that the defensive scheme plays to his strengths, I am sure opposing offenses will test him early to see if he is still worthy of concern. So it is something to keep an eye on. I am not as worried about Pettis. They will use him in space and create one on one match ups and not make him an over the middle guy. I am pretty optimistic about this year, we had a lot of close losses, that should have been wins, last year. We have a QB who can read the field and make accurate throws (deep balls TBD) and much more “scheme friendly” talent at skill positions. Looking forward to seeing these guys in game mode in preseason!!

    1. Big ten,
      Grant has had a few whiffs as well.
      The most notable “Frank Gore has no more legs” about what, 5 years ago. He’s entering his 14 season and could likely be the starter in Miami. Not bad for a player with no legs.

      I guess my point is that I hardly take any comment around here as gospel.
      That said, we have posters who are very knowledgeable and have the ability to breakdown the finer points of the game which keeps me coming back.

      1. AES, Ha! I forgot about that Frank Gore whiff. Man, Grant did go on and on about that one. I am sure there are others I missed. I always love it when I see his statements grow legs and get reported and his name cited by other media outlets as fact.

  22. Sebber, the Seahawks just got Jerome and the Cardinals just got Hodges. How much intel do you feel they’ll be able to provide them with?

    1. Seahawks already got Dontae, so not much.
      Considering the Card defense, Hodges’ only contribution may be intel.

  23. After one week, the actual good , bad and ugly .

    1. RG situation is a huge question mark and concern.
    2. RT – McGlinchy is undergoing some growing pains , but better now than in September.
    3. Foster’s press conference was pretty raw. He seemed grateful , remorseful and understanding of the situation he is in and that the must be on the straight and narrow path .
    4. This offense is looking like a top 5 offense.
    5. Prediction – Niners will have 5 RB and WR with at least 500 + receiving yards.
    6. I still dont understand why Ward’s 5th year option was picked up.
    7. I’ve said it before, this website needs to be modernized.

  24. Graham Barfield

    Replying to @GrahamBarfield
    Just a sample of what you can expect from my Tiers column…

    George Kittle’s 11.78 yards per target in Jimmy Garoppolo’s five starts is the best clip for any rookie TE since target-tracking began (in 1992).

    9:28 AM – Jul 25, 2018

    1. Sounds like the 9ers will be at full strength for the first time today. I am most anxious to see Cooper compete.

          1. If Cooper was a DB, he’d be known as DB Cooper (not to be confused with the guy who jumped out of a 727 in 1971 with many $$…).

      1. Same here…Garnett has been a huge disappointment and Persons definitely doesn’t ease my mind. Cooper needs to play solid this year.

    1. Never fails. Ward and Armstead, Armstead and Ward. Like death and taxes. Can’t count on ’em. Can’t win with ’em.

        1. The team did pick up his option. Just posted on Rotoworld:

          49ers DE Arik Armstead is week to week with a hamstring injury.

          The injury will not threaten his Week 1 availability, but it is yet another injury for a player who has played 14 games the last two seasons. The 49ers picked up Armstead’s fifth-year option in April, but he likely needs a healthy season for them to keep him around at his $9.046 million salary in 2019.

        1. Oldcoach,
          One 49ers beat writer noted that rookie Jullian Taylor was looking good and even played with the first string D today. Shanahan said that Jullian has been practicing well and has earned his spot with the first string.

          JT will be an interesting player to follow throughout TC and preseason.

        1. Without a doubt. Peters is one of the best CB’s in the NFL and while he has a bit of an attitude, I can work with that. What I can’t work with is a guy who is in the tub instead of on the field.

      1. Rocket,
        Ha! The only surprise here is that he made it through 4 practices.
        Armstead is the football version of former Warriors player Andrew Bogat.

        Shanahan gave rookie Jullian Taylor some nice recognition today. Taylor got more first string reps than Ronnie Blair.
        Not sure if that’s because Blair might be a little dinged or Jullian is making some serious noise.
        Taylor looked pretty good in Sunday’s practice. He might emerge as a surprise player this year.

          1. Grant,
            It’s looking more like Armstead chose the wrong sport to play.
            And that we chose the wrong time to pay him.

            1. I don’t get the give up on double A. For years people have been giving Jimmie Ward all the love and he’s been twice as injured as Arik Armstead. A lot of guys have had the injury bug early in their careers and once their bodies matures and is conditioned properly, they go on to become good players.
              My point is this fan base has already decided he is done. I don’t get that.

              1. From what I’ve gathered, his conditioning contributed to the hammy injury. The hammy injury will cause his conditioning to deteriorate further. Taylor is strong and maybe his body is more conducive to a profession of violence. Unless and until Armstead performs at a high level this year, he won’t be on the team next year. Same goes for Ward….

              2. I agree Razor. It’s a make or break year for both guys. Id hate for the 49ers to have to part with such high draft picks even though they were not this new regimes.
                Hopefully both guys have big years but my guess is AA will have a good year.

              3. Prime,
                Armstead showed some nice flashes in his rookie season. If he can stay on the field he could become a good player.
                But he is bitten by the injury bug which has been his albatross.

                I’m not counting him out. His penchant for injury is starting to count him out.

              4. Like all of us, we are disappointed but also witnessed the flashes that he can be a force on the dline like you said. I agree, the guy needs to show some durability. The more depth we have the better off we will be and if all goes according to plan, the dline could be a major strength this year.

  25. Sherman just intercepted Jimmy G during one on ones. It doesn’t really mean anything but Sherman is probably enjoying the payback.

  26. Just watched that rep after seeing the other 2 he got burned on. Its weird not seeing Sherman being more handsy…is it to prevent injury? is it the scheme they’re running? Its like he’s fighting with one hand tied behind his back…don’t understand it. I really curious to see him in a game.

    1. They don’t play press in one on ones. It’s really a drill for WR’s and QB’s to get timing down which is why nobody should be sweating what happens during these drills.

    2. Not sure, but I don’t think they are allowed to be too handsy during those one on ones. Have you thought about a new avatar?

        1. He already earned one of those incentives when he was medically cleared to practice to practice in training camp. :D

  27. Let’s not pick up Arik’s option and trade him while he still has some value. Remember that? Too late now. We should have resigned Tank to play Big End.

    1. Yep I didn’t think they would pick up his option based on his history, but it’s only guaranteed for injury…problem is Armstead is likely to be injured when it comes time to pass a physical which will guarantee the 5th year.

  28. Anybody know how I can watch KS presser after today’s practice. Link in NN doesn’t work. Can’t seem to find it on


  29. Shanahan just said that it looks like Ward tweaked something during 1 on 1. Some of these guys might benefit from doing yoga to help them stretch. Or maybe they just need to spend more time warming up; it is an individual thing.


    “Taylor got the spot over Ronald Blair and the rest of the defensive line, but it sounds like he was working towards an opportunity before the injury. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Tuesday that he has solid size and power, and had through a week of camp had earned a chance for some first team work.”

    “Taylor’s name has not shown up in many practice reports, but the film is speaking to the coaching staff.”

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