Decisions await 49ers as draft day approaches

Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Sunday, March 3, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers are open to trading the No. 2 pick in Thursday’s draft. General manager John Lynch made this clear Monday during his pre-draft press conference in the 49ers’ “war room.”

“By the nature of having the No. 2 pick and the players available in this draft, I would imagine there will be some interest,” Lynch said. “We will certainly listen.”

Lynch said he would feel comfortable trading down all the way to the middle of Round 1, if necessary. “We’ve done our due diligence there as well,” he said.

Lynch was speaking to local reporters, but also sending a message to the rest of the NFL, and the message was something along the lines of, “Call me. I’m open for business.” The 49ers currently have just six draft picks. It would make sense for them to trade down and acquire more picks to fill lots of needs.

Lynch hasn’t received many offers yet, though. “So far, a couple calls, but nothing of substance. I imagine if there is interest, those things will heat up,” he said. “We’ll listen. We also feel extremely comfortable that we could get some game-changing players (with the second pick). That’s a good feeling.”

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  1. Be still my heart. JL wants to trade back multiple times into the middle of the first round? Smart.
    Sure am glad he is advertising the fact that he is open for business. A few teams should realize that by standing pat, they might lose out on the player they covet. Even the Jets and TB are thinking about trading back, too.
    I am not worried about the lack of interest, so far. Everything depends on what the Cards do.

  2. At least there isn’t a Soloman Thomas this year who has bust written all over him at the top of the draft..Soloman Thomas was a huge reach and alot of people knew it including GM’s who were quoted back in that draft saying he was a second rounder,yet Lynch took him #3 overall..At least this year Williams Bosa or Allen will all be solid players in the NFL and have ahown flashes worthy of being #3 overall picks,so it’s hard to F this one up…Unlike Thomas who literally had one good game and then got way over drafted to be played out of position when he wasn’t even dominate at the position he originally played in college…Lynch couldn’t utterly destroy a draft for the third year in a row could he?

    1. Come on, people were hyping Thomas up at the draft. Hes not a bust. I’d give him this year. I think were gonna see a difference as long as he has found closure to his situation. Everyone handles that stuff differently. Now it’s time to play ball. If it wasnt us who took him someone else would have. I think the FO knows what it needs. Like coach said we need closers.

    2. Thomas seemed to come around late last season, so they might give him this year to see if he comes in stronger or it will be his last probably.

    3. One good game!? clearly you are not a Pac12 or a Stanford fan big Tone. Thomas was absolutely dominate…he was a game wrecker for Stanford in 2016…#3 pick dominate? i will give you probably not. But people discount (or dont even get) what he was going thru last year. Kid loves the game…and people write him off after 2 years in the league…. being played out of position!? SMDH…Think SOME people are gonna have to eat their words.

  3. I agree with Scot McCloughan. If they don’t trade down and both Bosa and Williams are available – don’t f* it up John Lynch – pick Quinnen Williams.

    1. Williams would be a horrible pick. Fills no need and will be just another in the line of overhype, under performing Bama players.

      Interior linemen they got, guys who truly get after the QB from the outside they need. Ford teamed up with a guy coming from the other side, as well as Buckner and AA in the middle (AA had a ton of QB pressures) will make the secondary look like the 2014 Seahawks.

      1. I like both players immensely, but for me, Nick Bosa makes more sense at #2, if they truly feel like they can be competitive this season. Neither Armstead nor Thomas are very well suited as pass rushing specialist, so, unless they can find a pretty darn good pass rushing DE/OLB, in the 2nd or 3rd round (which is always a crap shoot, and the spot I’ve mocked to them a WR, and Safety) they ought to stick with Bosa, as long as they feel like he can fit in in the locker room. Of course, that’s a big IF, IMO.

        That said …. I could be convinced Q. Williams makes plenty of sense IF they can move Armstead or Thomas before, or during the draft.

  4. Bold predictions:
    1. Kyler Murray will drop out of the top 10
    2. Nick Bosa will drop to the Raiders at #4 – which is OK. There are plenty of rednecks in Las Vegas

    1. And there’s plenty of liberal cry babies in the Bay area so what’s your point cup cake?If Kyler Murray drops to ten you will say it’s cause of “racism” right?Take your Berney Sanders hat and go go cry at the correct gender bathroom you hippy communist

      1. Lol. The only crybaby who’s been crying is one of our resident MAGAs who has claimed he will quit Niners fandom if the Niners don’t select Bosa.

          1. Nah, if Hillary had won, the corrupt 115th Congress would have impeached her hours after taking the oath. No biggie.

            So back to your whining. Are you turning in your red and gold if Niners bypass Bosa?

            1. Ha! You’ve been crying in here for the last 2 years about how Mueller was going to put President Trump in jail!🤣🤣

              1. 2 years of whining and crying over how President Trump is about to go to jail vis-à-vis the Mueller report. That’s a lot of kleenex!🤣🤣🤣

              2. Unlike you Seb, I take Razor at his word. I’d be very, vewwwy disappointed if he was lying to all of us here.

              3. I’ve been a diehard 49ers fan since ’79. I have an entire room in my house that’s nothing but 49ers. Wallpaper, carpet, memorabilia, you name it, it’s in there. My cat Weasley was born in that room. They pass on Bosa for that reason, along with what I am seeing and hearing in here, and it will be the first time in my life that I will consider turning in my faithful card. I do not engage in any other sport nor have I ever. That will leave me with Notre Dame, and it will leave Grant with one less commentator. Peace to you there in the coffee nation!

                Don’t misrepresent what I said Rubio. It just makes you look like Adam Schiff.

              4. They pass on Bosa for that reason

                You know they aren’t going to reveal all (or any) of the reasons. Unlike other chief execs, they don’t have unfiltered motormouth. But if they do pass, you can bet your bottom dollar that had a large part to do with it.

              5. A legend like you Seb? The difference is that your legendary status proclamation comes at ridicule. You still don’t see that.
                That’s whats funny.

              6. Ribico, there was also that pesky adverb in front of that pesky verb, as in “strongly consider”. Just a minor detail you left out in your troll parade….

              7. But but…..That would leave you with just Notre Dame…and Grant with one less commentator. You said so yourself. More mixed signals there than 45’s stance towards China, big guy. Is just remembering a previous posting considered trolling now?

    2. Stop with the ignorant and childish slams. Also, lay off the f***ing politics already; all the subject does is bring divisiveness and mind-numbing stupidity to the blog.

      1. Mixing politics and sport, eh MWD? Ok for Bosa, just “speaking his mind”, but not for us? He has, no doubt after a stern smackdown from his agent, toned it down. But none of us are top 5 draft picks, are we?

        1. Just stop the pity party parade Ribico. First, Casen Point used the term “redneck” in order to insult a certain group of people, and that is on the same level of those who use terms that are racist, sexist, etcetera. Second, sharing are political views would be fine if we all could actually having a civil discussion about them, but the simple truth is that we cannot; far too often, the it is my way or the highway response is used by those who seem to think politics needs to be included on the blog, and all that does is result in a petty (and sometimes derogatory) back-and-forth that ends up swallowing the comment section of the blog. Look no further than this thread as an example of the ridiculous back-and-forth.
          What makes the situation worse is that some seem to think that what a player believes in justifies not having him on the team they are rooting for. It happened with Kaepernick, and now it is happening with Bosa. Tell me when a player’s political views should matter when discussing whether said player can help the team.

          1. Mid, people here and elsewhere are going to argue. I’ve seen MUCH worse insults hurled at posters here for their takes on athletes, sporting opinions, writing styles, etc than for politics and religion. People are contentious no matter the topic, so save me your pity party parade.

            Tell me when a player’s political views should matter when discussing whether said player can help the team.

            Does it matter? Unless we are privy to what goes on between the player in question and his teammates we are in no position to answer. Kaep won the Eshmont award. That should have put that question to bed. Did it? Hell no. Bosa’s teammates, by all indication, have no problem with him personally. Will that put that question to bed? Doubt it.

      2. Thats a fact, MidWest………………but they can’t help themselves. their self-righteous attitudes keep them from seeing any other way—and they MUST have their way.

        1. Mid, you know Cat is only talking about liberals. Liberals can’t help themselves. Liberals are self righteous. Liberals must have their way. Liberals blah de blah. And you with your “sad truth” in agreement makes your whole upthread whine a bunch of hypocritical BS. Politics is OK, as long as it agrees with your politics. Right Cat? Right Mid?

          And furthermore, he’s a big boy, Razor can take a bit of razzing. I can take just as good as I give. No harm no foul. If it offends your delicate sensibilities then just move on. And spare us your two faced responses.

  5. Mock draft 18 with a trade back to 15.
    First trade back. The Niners give up their number 2 overall pick to Tampa Bay for their first and second round picks (5, 39), plus a 2020 second round pick. Arians selects Bosa, the best edge rusher in the draft.
    Second trade back. Niners give up the number 5 pick to Cincy. Bengals give up their first and second rounds picks (11, 42), and swoop in and poach Haskins before the Giants can pick him.
    Third trade back. The Niners give up the number 11 pick to Washington. They give up their first and third round picks (15, 76), and select Jones, after Denver selected Lock with pick number 10. Washington selects Jones by leapfrogging over Miami.
    The Niners trade back 3 times for 13 spots, and end up with pick numbers 15, 36, 39, 42, 67, 76, 104, 176 212, and a 2020 second round pick.
    Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to select within 6 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    15 – Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    36 – Chris Lindstrom OG.
    39 – N’Keal Harry WR.
    42 – Juan Thornhill S.
    67 – Elgton Jenkins OC.
    76 – Germaine Pratt ILB.
    104 – Foster Moreau TE.
    176 – Gary Johnson OLB.
    212 – Keelan Doss WR.

  6. Looks like somebody conveniently left out the part where Lynch said about trading back, “If something came to us too good to be true, there are players we’d be comfortable taking in the middle rounds”.

    1. Now, even the Raiders are thinking about Haskins. but could also be in the Bosa sweepstakes. If the Raiders offer their 4th and 24th picks for the Niners’ number 2 overall pick for Bosa, the Niners may think that is an offer too good to refuse.

        1. ‘We’re also prepared that if something came to us that was (almost) too good to be true, Players that we have graded the entire draft, but players we would be comfortable taking in the middle of the round, at 10 or whatever. We’ve done our due diligence there, as well.’
          If something came to them that was too good to be true, it would not come to them, because it would not be true.

        2. ‘We can move quickly. Like I said, we’ll listen, but we will also be prepared that if we like someone there enough that if we do not get something incredibly special, we’ll just sit right there and take a player we think can impact us in a really positive way.’ -JL
          JL said something incredibly special, not something too good to be true.

        1. He needs to only have about 3 mocks, not 18 plus. One two weeks before the draft. The 2nd a week before, and the 3rd a day or two before the draft. And Seb is trade back crazy, doubt they do half as much. Sheesh!!!

          1. JL stated that he would consider every mock. I am just taking him at his word, and presented them as a demonstration to show what could be possible.
            Sure, it takes 2 to tango, but I am glad JL is advertising that he is in the business for a trade back.

            1. Sebby
              * Definition of narcissism: The pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealised self image and attributes.
              * Seb: “JL stated that he would consider every mock. I am just taking him at his word, and presented them as a demonstration to show what could be possible.”
              * Seb: Line #2; Jed York, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan for you…..ROFLMAO

              1. When JL does 8 out of 10 things I advocated, I do not need to talk to him.
                Now, if only he avoids the red flagged players and avoiding making the unforced errors……

            2. Seb-
              Do you see, with some self analysis, that when you get something in your head you become like a horse with blinders on–you see one way and absolutely no other way………….

              The idea is to procure talent, playmakers—not draft-picks. Quality, not quantity. And the one does not necessarily lead to the other. Is this the kind of draft you can keep trading back indefinitely and get play-makers at all levels?
              Walsh pulled that off, Sebs-Walsh. A very, very rare eye for talent. With each trade-back, the chance lessens of getting play-makers……….a little bit, each time. The GM and his crew have to be extraordinary to pull that off.

              Your crazy.

              1. Saw, I was pleasantly surprised when JL managed to almost pull off as many deals as BW.
                Sure, there will never be another Bill Walsh, but it is wise to try and emulate him.
                It is inherently advantageous to get 3 second round picks over just one pick. Missing out on Bosa and Allen may not be the end of the world, because they also have question marks, and there is no guarantee that they will become Pro Bowlers this season. Fortunately, this draft is deep in pass rush talent, so trading back several spots will allow the Niners to select more than one pass rusher, while getting those multiple draft picks in the second round that may become starters.
                No, I do not want three- 7th round picks, I want 3- second round picks.

  7. Bosa will give us the perfect 3 point attack, 2 bookends, 1 in the middle……
    QW is an unconventional, 3 pronged attack I guess……If they do draft QW…..I hope the sing Ansah to balance the pass rush! the only thing better than an EVEN 3 point attack is an even 4 point attack!

    no predictions, just hopes-
    1. DL

  8. The trade back strategy is sound and undoubtedly there will be some going on. Will the 49ers find trade partners? Who knows?

    Will someone take credit for predicting trade backs if they happen? You betcha! Will that individual claim he is the only one who has advocated trade backs and others decried these scenarios as impossible? Yes again! Will any of this be true? Nope. He was lambasted for ridiculous multiple trade back scenarios. Will any of this stop him from patting himself on the back? Nope! He’s impervious to self reflection and critical analysis. The more things change….

    1. To be fair to Sebbie, he has been told multiple times that Niners will not trade back at all because Bozo/Williams/Allen are all too good to miss. If the Niners do trade back multiple times, I definitely feel he would have earned some bragging rights.

      The biggest problem I have is I don’t thibk the picks the Niners get back from his mocks are high enough. If the Niners are going to move from two to 15, they need at least an extra 2020 first rounder.

      1. Sebbie is not the only person on record to call for trading down. If it does happen, and Sebbie gets patted on the back for ‘calling it’, then others need that recognition too. Sebbie ain’t the only one.

        1. To clarify, Sebbie isn’t the only person on this blog to favor trading down.

          From Grant’s poll….

          Who should the 49ers draft with their first pick?

          Nick Bosa (39%, 329 Votes)
          Josh Allen (30%, 249 Votes)
          None of them — trade down (22%, 188 Votes)
          Quinnen Williams (9%, 74 Votes)
          Total Voters: 840

          1. Quit trying so hard. I was the first on this site to advocate trading back, even in 2017. Many posters derided that notion, and said it was impossible. The Niners did manage to trade back, get a boatload of picks, and even get 2018 second and third round picks.
            I even got to crow that they traded back, garnered more picks, and even selected the player they initially coveted.
            Now, posters are finally jumping aboard my trade back train. Glad they finally recognize that it is a shrewd way to leverage that precious number 2 overall pick to garner more picks, but do not downplay my initiation of the strategy.

            1. No Sebbie. Check the archives. You are not the first. Trading back has been around for decades–long before you ever played Pokémon. Every draft since this blog was launched has had more than one voice suggesting/calling for trading back. Do you credit them? Of course not.

              Trading back is a good strategy to always have on the table. Alas, the strategy does not owe its existence to you.

              1. Sure, I am just channeling Bill Walsh, but you and many others thought it was a terrible idea, and derided me mercilessly. Rocket thought it was impossible, so it was just a waste of time to even contemplate a trade back. Yes, it is all archived, and if you can bring up a poster who did advocate a trade back, I will give him or her kudos for being so smart.
                I was the first on this site to put up many mocks with trade backs. So many, that you were begging me to stop.
                In fact, I think another mock is forthcoming, just to annoy you.
                Mock 19, a triple trade back that garners a bunch of picks, and the Niners still get the player they covet.
                Niners trade back with the Raiders who covet Bosa. Oakland gives up their first, second and 4th round picks ( 4,35,106) along with a 2020 third round pick to even out the TVC.
                The Niners then trade back with the Giants, so they can select Haskins. The Jets select Josh Allen at 3. The Niners give up that number 4 pick for the Giants first, third 4th and 5th round picks ( 6, 95, 108, 143). The Giants get Haskins, and keep their 17th pick, and still have 9 overall picks.
                TB selects Jawaan Taylor to protect Winston.
                The Niners end up with pick numbers- 6, 35, 36, 67. 95, 104, 106, 108. 143, 176 and 212, along with a 2020 third round pick.
                Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
                6 – Quinnen Williams DT. The player JL covets.
                35 – Chris Lindstrom OG.
                36 – Brian Burns EDGE. Jaylon Ferguson is also available here.
                67 – Terry McLaurin WR. Parris Campbell is also available here.
                95 – Lonnie Johnson CB.
                104 – Joe Giles- Harris ILB.
                106 – Amani Hooker S.
                108 – Lamont Gaillard OC.
                143 – Caleb Wilson TE. Drew Sample is also available here.
                176 – Gary Johnson OLB.
                212 – Keelan Doss WR.
                Niners trade back, garner a boatload of picks, and still gets Q Williams, the player JL covets.

              2. DXXVDC (525,600) trade downs…. Number is so high I can’t reflect the proper Roman numeral designation (bar above DXXV)…

                Give us more Sebbie! Every permutation possible!

              3. Here’s just one example. Feel free to pat Scooter on the head.

                Scooter_McG says:
                April 12, 2016 at 4:16 pm
                Ok, here is my latest attempt at a mock draft.

                I still think Kaep will end up being traded, and in this mock I assume they get the Broncos 3rd rounder (94). I also assume Goff, Wentz, Tunsil, Ramsey, Jack and Bosa are gone by pick 7.

                49ers could take Buckner in this scenario, but I am starting to think a trade down would make some sense. Some people have suggested the Bears as a potential trade partner (moving up for Elliott), and I’ll go along with this. 7th pick gets the 49ers picks 11 and 72.

              4. I have always though Scooter has very good football knowledge.
                I recently praised him for advocating trading back, and getting multiple second round picks.

              5. Yay! Thanks for acknowledging that others have called for trade downs too. For that, you’ve gained two credibility points!

              6. I will give Scooter kudos for also presenting a possibility that the Niners trade back from pick number 36.

              7. To be clear, Rocket and I both said your multiple trade back scenarios (as you presented them) were impossible and silly. The scenarios you come up with many times are laughable.

                Both Rocket and I advocated trade backs and still do.

            2. Yeah, Sebs, trading back is a good idea if they can do it and don’t see what they want-at that moment. Big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Sebs, when you develop the cure for Cancer, then toot your horn.

              I predict…………….your going to be pruning a bush and some bumblebee is going to sting you right in the arse!!!!!!!!! Nature appreciates humility……….a strategically placed stinger will give you a dose of it.

      2. Ren, you are a true gentleman. Yes, I will also claim to be the first poster on THIS blog to nail Kyler Murray going with the first pick in this draft, if it happens. Many were saying he was not on the draft boards, because he was going to play baseball.
        I just remember that Oct 28th Kingsbury interview.
        Sorry, all of my mocks do not have a team giving up their 2020 first round pick, because all the teams know Tua, Herbert and Fromm will be available. Giving up a 2020 first round pick means possibly missing out on one of them.

          1. This is a blog site, and many say many things.
            Maybe if you could think of something smart, and be the first to say it here, I would give you kudos for being so prescient.
            However, I am not going to hold my breath, waiting for pearls of wisdom to be forthcoming from you.

          2. Seb needs kudo’s it seems. And yes it sounds like he’s full of himself and it’s childish. He tries to deflect it by saying if you could come up with something first to brag about and that he’s not holding his breath for pearls ect, that’s pretty lame. Just so you can say, Hey I said it first like a 8 year old.

            1. Yes, posters seem to go out of their way to deride my comments, so when I hit on one, they look foolish attacking me, although they then say it was easily predictable. and just common sense.
              However, one comment I am really proud of, is when I advocated the Niners trade back, and accumulate 2018 second and third round picks. No one else had any inkling of them doing such a thing, so I got to crow. I sure wish JL had followed all of my advice and avoided the red flagged players, avoided ACL players and avoided making unforced errors.
              No one else predicted in their last mock in 2017, that the Niners would trade back, garner a boatload of picks, and still get the player they coveted. You certainly did not do that, because you did not have a clue.
              When posters make a prediction, and it comes true, I usually give Kudos. My detractors cannot bring themselves to congratulate me, because small people do small things.
              Petulant 8 year olds? You must be talking about my detractors. That is their maturity level.

    2. 😂😂😂

      I love it when that person claims the coaches read their posts and claims they changed their play calling because of what they wrote.

      1. Sure am glad JL openly advertised the fact that they would be entertaining all offers to trade up. That is exactly what I said he should do.
        With enough and thorough preparations, ‘A battle is won before it is ever fought.’ With proper planning, the Niners should have talked with a team ahead of the draft, and set up a trade scenario ahead of time.
        Hopefully, the Niners will be getting teams into a bidding war for that precious second overall pick. Several teams need a QB, and many here think Bosa is so good, other teams may want to move up to get him.

        1. Sebs-you are the blogs “Walter Mitty”-living in a world of fantasy. He always saw himself beating everybody.

          But what’s REALLY going on? Your bored, and trying to stir it up. It’s sport for you-like when you used to provoke Prime……………”…like a moth to the flame”……………….

          You ain’t foolin nobody, Sebs.

          1. Saw, you seem to live to attack me. Why the obsession? Lonely? You only feel important if you throw shade? Please seek help.
            Better yet, just try to stick to football, and actually say something interesting.

      2. At the end of day, it’s just football, fallas. All of us approach it in our own way. There are diverse personalities on this blog no doubt, but we all enjoy the game and hopefully love our team.

        No one voice (post) on this site is gospel no matter how insightful or far-fetched. But we’re all fans.
        Now let’s kill this draft!

              1. Hahahaha!!!!!!

                Thats as bad as any stupid joke I’ve sent you, Sebs! Just really bad……….I do believe your off your game tonight, Sebs……….

          1. Seb,
            Storing it away until draft day, bud.
            I’ve been an advocate for a trade down myself, but also on record that if we stay pat on #2 that we are getting a game changer type player.

            This draft should be the one that propels and solidifies the team for the next 5+ years because of the great amount of talent throughout.
            I compare this draft to the day I bought my fiance her wedding ring – my biggest concern was not to lose it or drop it.
            There are some diamonds in this draft. All Lynch has to do is not lose them. 💎

            1. Yes there are many diamonds in the rough, and I hope the coaches can cut and polish them until they shine with brilliance.

        1. AES, diverse personalities eh? I don’t think anyone was claiming gospel truth, rather pointing out the circular self prophesy that passes for opinion sometimes.

          I am perfectly fine with Seb posting his theories and opinions. I draw the line when he starts to fantasize that coaches or GM’s are changing their minds because of what he wrote here. That’s lunacy.

          1. I am just happy that JL has shouted from the rooftops that he is in the business of wheeling and dealing.
            Sure, he probably got to that point without my help, but he is also doing exactly what I want. He also announced that they may not get any good offers, so they will be content to take a really good player at their designated draft position. I just did not want them to act desperate, so other teams will take advantage of them. I also mentioned that strategy previously, so i hope they only take win/win deals.

  9. Trade back is possible but not necessarily wise unless it is too good to be true.

    1. Our strategy should be to draft Bosa or Allen in the first. There will be several very talented WR at the top of the 2nd and we should then draft one of them. Then we should move on to CB, S, G not necessarily in that order.

    2. Trading back is not a great idea. We have not demonstrated discipline , knowledge and skillfulness in recent drafts . More draft picks would lead to more underperforming players. Scenario 1 is pretty close to a slam dunk.

    3. What if cards dont draft Murray or what if someone has an irrational love for Bosa. What if they are willing to trade their first this year , first next year and second. A trade not unlike the Skins Rams trade for RG3. I guess we would have to entertain that.

    4. Anyway, I am pretty sure it will be Scenario 1 because coaches and front office read my posts.

    5. Go Niners

    1. Look at my last mock. The Niners draft an OG, WR and S, in the second round. Your strategy will draft only one of those.
      I am sure they are reading your posts, but not paying any attention to them, because JL is shouting from the rooftops that he is business for a trade back with another team. He has done his due diligence.
      Once again, I will emphatically state that NO team will trade away their 2020 first round pick, and possibly miss out on Tua, Herbert or Fromm.

  10. What ever happened to Josh Allen? At one time there was a huge debate about Allen vs Bosa and that just died. Why not Josh Allen with the #2 pick?

    Trade scenario: Cardinals shock the world and draft Nick Bosa

    49ers trade the #2 pick to the Giants for the #6 pick in the ’19 draft + #37 pick in the ’19 draft + the Giants 1st round pick in the ’20 draft.
    Giants select Kyler Murray with the #2 pick.
    49ers select Brian Burns with the #6 pick
    49ers select Deebo Samuel with the #36 pick (Own Pick)
    49ers select Taylor Rapp with the #37 pick.

    Additional trade possibility: 49ers trade the #36 + #37 picks to the Steelers for the #20 pick and the 49ers select WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside.

    1. My trade back scenario has the Giants giving up their first, second, 4th and 5th round picks (6,37,108, 143) plus their 2020 second round pick. The Giants have 2- 4th and 2- fifth round picks, so they would be amenable to give up one of each of those picks in those rounds. They will not want to give up their 2020 first round pick because Tua, Herbert and Fromm will be available in 2020. Giants get to keep their 17th pick, and still have 9 picks this draft.
      Niners get 9 total picks in this draft, and a 2020 second round pick which will replace the 2020 second round pick they traded away to get Dee Ford.
      It is a win/win for both teams.

      1. If the 9ers trade with the Giants, they need to demand the Giants first round pick in the ’20 draft. The Giants are going to be terrible so it will be a top 5 pick.

        1. Exactly. That is why they would never do that. Gettleman may not even draft a QB early, stick with Eli, and wait until 2020 to select their franchise QB.

    2. The trade you have if SF has..#36 + #37 for #20 is too high for SF to give away. More like #36,67,212 for #20 and they select WR A.J. Brown or Harry.

  11. Arizona can save the 49ers from disaster by drafting Nick Bosa @1. Don’t buy the Bosa hype. He’s unproven, often injured commodity with a tendency to quit on his team.

        1. Niners are going to get a trade offer that is ALMOST too good to be true. They may miss out on Bosa and Allen, but will get a boatload of picks, because that is the best way to rebuild the team.
          Hope the Niners get an offer too good to refuse.

            1. If it is almost too good to be true, it is something incredibly special.
              Niners are dealing from a position of strength.

          1. 2016 NFL Draft top 5 picks:
            Jared Goff
            Carson Wentz
            Joey Bosa
            Ezekiel Elliott
            Jalen Ramsey
            2015 NFL Draft top 5 picks:
            Jameis Winston
            Marcus Mariota
            Dante Fowler
            Amari Cooper
            Brandon Scherff
            2014 NFL Draft top 5 picks:
            Jadeveon Clowney
            Greg Robinson
            Blake Bortles
            Sammy Watkins
            Khalil Mack

            So every player selected in the top 5 of the 2016 NFL draft has made at least 1 Pro Bowl. Three of the top 5 in the 2016 NFL draft have made multiple Pro Bowls. From the 2015 NFL Draft, 3 of the top 5 picks have made at least 1 Pro Bowl (Winston, Cooper, Scherff). From the 2014 NFL Draft, only 2 of the top 5 picks have made a Pro Bowl (Clowney, Mack).
            Seems like the top 5 in the NFL draft are a real crapshoot. Is this year a 2016 NFL Draft or a 2014 NFL Draft. The #2 selections haven’t faired all that well in any one of those drafts. It’s Wentz, Mariota, and Robinson. If the law of averages tells us anything it’s that this years draft is due to be a letdown. I don’t know but it really seems like the football Gods want the 49ers to Trade Down.

  12. Stanford players suck. Stay away from JJ. The last Stanford player the Niners drafted who was halfway decent was Greg Clark.

    Thomas — Trending bust.

    Garnett — Bust

    Harris — Bust

    Then they signed the suicidal marshmallow Jonathan Martin — Another bust.

    Please, no ex-Stanford players.

    1. I’d hold off on Garnett as a bust if for no other reason than how he got inside Donald’s head by manhandling him a couple plays.

      1. So was John Elway and umm, John Lynch.
        But for some reason we haven’t had luck with them. There may be some Stanford players that we’ve drafted over the years that have stood out, but the one who comes to mind (for me) is Gene Washington back in the late 60’s.

          1. All of those players were drafted by OTHER teams. Niners track record in RECENT years stinks with ex-Stanford players.

            1. “The last Stanford player the Niners drafted who was halfway decent was Greg Clark.”
              That Heitmann fella they drafted in the 7th round of 2002 and who started 114 games in 10 seasons with the Niners wasn’t too bad.

              1. Another Stanford offensive lineman drafted in 1993 in the sixth round was Chris Dalman. He started 64 games in seven seasons with the 49ers, and was the backup center and guard in the 1994 Super Bowl winning team. He first started all 16 regular season games in 1996 as center, and would have probably played for several more years but retired because of a serious neck injury (he had had a spinal fusion surgery in college but came back). He went back to coach O line in his high school in Salinas. His son Drew now plays guard for the Cardinal:

    1. It is not an ACL, but it is a medical risk. Hope the Niners draft only fully healthy players, with clean injury histories.

        1. Yup. he had shoulder surgery, but has come back strong. Tweaked his ankle in 2017, but finally started in 2018 after Murphy went down due to injury. Lawson had 30 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 6 passes defended.

  13. Would be interesting to learn where players coming into the draft would prefer to play. Yeah, nearly all say ‘publicly’ that they have no preference, no favorite team to be part of. Just happy to be drafted and play in the NFL.

    Players being people, they do have their ‘gut’ preferences–for any number of personal reasons. Where would Kyler Murray want to start his career? Bosa? Williams? Oliver? Haskins?

    1. Niners should ask for the Bears 4th round pick.
      I will not fault him for wanting to be closer to his family, but with his salary, he should be able to move to California, and find a 3 bedroom apartment. ;p

        1. Hey, were we the ones that released him? Nope, we put him back on the map. Not to mention we thought enough of him to make him our franchise player. Nothing personal, just business and business pays really well this year. Show up, do your job, get paid or retire. That simple really, unless the Bears want to send us #126.

      1. Yup. I really don’t know the dynamics of football GMs relationships with agents/players but in my world this would no longer be about my relationship with that specific employee. This would be a reputation issue related to every relationship I had with every player and agent. The set of considerations totally changes. If I give in to this player how does that impact my relationship with everyone else? Do Agents now just play hardball with me because they know I’ll cave? Or could it be viewed as a good thing by agents and players that the team will always do right by them. Tough call. We don’t know the behind the scenes but it would have been nice if Gould requested this trade before the Franchise Tag was placed on him. Tons of aspects to consider but I come down on the side that you can’t let this episode play out the way it has in this sequence and then cave to the player. Make him retire.

      1. Unless he wants to run afoul of League policy, he’d better stay away from the crazy little women there, better not get himself one. Isn’t that what happened to Foster?

  14. Wouldn’t this be fun…

    Seattle sends it’s two 1st round picks in ’19, 3rd round pick in 2020, and Bobby Wagner to the 9ers for SF’s 1st in ’19. Then, Seattle selects Bosa…

      1. Don’t underestimate the value of gut spilling. Wagner would be hugely valuable. Seahawks get no guts in return. A net gut gain within the division.

        1. I bet the Niners do not want to face Bosa twice a year.
          Stick to the snark. Cognitive thinking is not your strong suit.

      2. Cassie’s trade would help the Niners more than the Seahawks. In fact, it is so unrealistic that Seattle would make such an offer just for Pick #2, it is almost sebnynah-like. =)

        1. Okay, 9ers throw in a 5th rounder in 2020. Sebbie will tell ‘ya, gut spilling (in this case, Bobby W.) is priceless.

  15. It seems that the niners would really prefer to trade down but are not getting much in the way of offers.
    It appears there are some interested parties in Murray but opinions differ wildly on the next best qb. Without a consensus it would seem it’s harder to drive up the price for the 9ers pick. This is not to say it’s not possible but rather that they may need to accept lesser offers to move back. If that is the case I would only take an offer to move back within the top 4.

    1. Niners should only accept legitimate good offers that are a win/win for both teams.
      If no trades are forth coming, the Niners should be content to select Bosa or Q Williams.

    2. I’m not so sure that saying if there was an offer too good to be true signals a strong desire to trade down. I think they’re quite comfortable with taking either Bosa or Williams.

      1. It does when he, Jed and Kyle all mention it.
        I’m not saying they will take any offer… but the fact all of them have mentioned they are willing to trade speaks volumes in my mind.

        1. I’d be very surprised if they get an offer that’s too good to be true unless Murray was still on the board.

          1. Razor,

            What do you expect Lynch to say, “We’re looking to trade down and it really doesn’t matter what the offer is, we’re going to to trade out?”

            Of course, he’s going to say something to the effect that it’s going to take a ton for another team to get the 2nd pick. To do otherwise would be GM malpractice.

            As for the 49ers picking Bosa, he may turn out to be great, but I have concerns: 1. He may be close to maxing himself out. All reports are that Bosa is nearly flawless technically. If this is so, how will he improve his technique? 2. He’s not a freak athlete. He’s a very good athlete, but not a freak. Very good athlete + pro level technique may be enough to dominate in college, but might limit him to being just very good in the NFL. 3. He has an injury flag. ACL in high school, only played 10 games at OSU, and his brother has injury issues, as well.

            All in all, Bosa is a pretty safe pick (with a high floor, but not a super high ceiling), if he stays healthy, but, for my money, I would rather the 49ers accumulate more picks. Failing that, I would rather the 49ers select Williams at 2.

            FWIW, Bosa’s politics have nothing to do with my concerns about him as a number 2 pick.

  16. “Hypothetically, let’s say Murray goes one, and the Niners are on the clock,” Schrager said on Tuesday morning. “Everything I’m hearing is that Nick Bosa is the clubhouse leader for the 49ers.

  17. It’s contingent upon what pick the Chief’s get next year but if they have a similar season than the Chief’s in terms of draft value just used the #18 pick on Frank Clark then gave him a $21 million a year contract.

    I don’t think he was worth that much especially in draft value. 49ers got a lesser player but they got a better deal.

    Says a lot about the kind of pass rusher they(Chiefs) felt like they could get in this years draft.

    1. Only KC would pay that kind of money to a kid that could have a character relapse. According to Staley, Ford is more problematic than Clark.

      1. Sam Monson

        Verified account

        4h4 hours ago
        Total pressures in 2018:
        Dee Ford: 78 (1st)
        Frank Clark: 64 (10th)

        Total pressures last 3 years:
        Dee Ford: 146 (27th)
        Frank Clark: 174 (14th)

        1. Interesting stats.
          I would guess Ford’s pressure totals are slightly inflated due to KC’s offense turning every game into a shootout.
          However, if I remember correctly he also graded out very highly in pressure percentage by rush.
          I loved the signing due to the flexibility it provided but would argue they still need another high end edge rusher to provide a safety net.

  18. The Oakland Raiders sent home their scouting department before the draft for fear of leaks.

    Could that anxiety stem from an expectation that new Raiders general manager Mike Mayock and coach Jon Gruden are planning a bombshell maneuver on Thursday during Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft and want to ensure a report doesn’t scuttle the plot?

    NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said on Up To The Minute Live that his understanding is what that the “Raiders are looking at is some sort of surprise pick at No. 4 that would necessitate absolute secrecy.”

  19. if the Niners draft Bosa, they can offset the political tension by drafting Gay, I’m talking Matt Gay, the uber-accurate kicker from Utah. Gay looks like he could make a few tackles too, at 6’1, 225.



    PICK 15:  TE Noah Fant
    PICK 24:  WR A.J. Brown

    PICK 36:  DE Montez Sweat
    PICK 46:  C Garrett Bradbury

    PICK 67:  WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

    PICK 105:  CB Isaiah Johnson

    PICK 177:  P Jake Bailey
    PICK 214: 

    RB Bryce Love
    WR Jalen Hurd
    OT Trey Pipkins
    S Evan Worthington
    LB Ty Summers
    K John Baron II

    *This mock is one that I did 1 1/2 weeks ago, but I couldn’t post it because I needed to take care of some personal issues.

  21. I understand why lots of people are urging the Niner’s to trade down this year, but I would like to understand why.
    It is probable that Williams turns into a pro bowl player, Bosa maybe one too. Do you not take one of those players in an effort to get 2-4 additional players? I think the answer is in how you rate all of the players. If Williams is a great player I think it is foolish to pass him over. Remember Walsh didn’t always trade down. He stayed where he was and picked Ronnie Lott. He traded up to get Jerry Rice. I assume no one thinks those were mistakes
    I think the real issue is how good can Williams or Bosa be? If they are pro bowl caliber players the Niners should not trade down. If the conclusion is they are not, then a good trade offer should be taken, I’m just not sure they will get a real good offer.

    1. Probably why Lynch stated unequivocally that it would take an offer “too good to be true”. So essentially it’ll need to be what Snyder gave up for RG3….

  22. At 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, Bosa looks the part. And with his pass rushing ferocity as well as his edge-setting abilities against the run…

    There are, however, a few glaring downsides to selecting a player like Bosa.

    After undergoing surgery in September to repair a core-muscle injury, Bosa did not return to the field, thus missing the final 11 games of the 2018 season for the Buckeyes. Bosa also entered Ohio State with a partially torn ACL, and though the two are unrelated, his injury history has to be a consideration, and a concern.

  23. I prefer Allen over Bosa. What do you think, Cam? Greetings from Tijuana go Niners! (@elguerosfgiants)

    I see Bosa as a ready-made star. The 49ers have met with him at least four times, so perhaps they’re not as convinced. Offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey only needed a 15-minute sitdown at the combine to win them over for last year’s top pick.

  24. Many on this blog want Bosa. Some are open to other options.

    Does Bosa want to play for the 9ers? Wonder which team he prefers?

    1. Cassie Baalke,

      After calculating the statistical mean from Seb’s numerous mock drafts, is there a concensus on what he does at # 2 ? Seb has left himself many options to, once again, claim he predicted what the 49ers will do, and why the front office reads only Seb, not the Press Democrat

      1. Sounds like they not only want to trade back, they want to trade back into the middle of the first round. They might accept multiple trade backs. QB hungry teams will facilitate this scenario, because there are many teams that need QBs, and only 4 first round ranked QBs. I even think there may be a bidding war for that precious number 2 overall pick, so the Niners may garner multiple first round picks.
        No matter what, I am ecstatic, because they are doing exactly what I wanted. Both Larry and Grant think trading back is smart, and Scooter thinks getting multiple second round picks will greatly aid the rebuild.
        JL filled all the holes in free agency, so there are no major needs, and the Niners can be flexible. maybe the best strategy will be for the Niners to make 2 modest trade backs, and still get the player they covet.

  25. Bigger need: WR or CB? (@ninerscentral)

    Go with cornerback, considering last season’s historic feat of no interceptions by a 49ers cornerback.

    Cardinals taking Bosa at No. 1. Do you disagree? (@leeo1212)

    Disagree. They’ve got edge rushers in Chandler Jones and Terrell Suggs. I’m expecting them to take Kyler Murray since they hired a coach who’s spoken so highly of him. That said, defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is projected as the No. 1 pick by Arizona Republic columnist Kent Somers.


  26. I really like Bosa and the idea of Bosa to the 49ers. From a schematic viewpoint just a great fit filling an area of need.

    But in terms of who I think the best player in the draft is, that’s Quinnen Williams. If the 49ers took Williams (even if Bosa was still on the board) I would be happy with that. It’s a shame it is a position where the 49ers already have a lot of high round picks invested, but I think Williams is better than any of the DTs the 49ers currently have and would still be a significant upgrade to the pass rush.

    But I have to say my preferred option is to trade back, if at all possible. Obviously passing on a guy in Bosa or Williams that most people expect will be an elite talent would increase the pressure to make sure they get the picks right, but the idea of adding three talented players in the top 36 picks to this roster is hard to ignore for me.

    1. You’ll get your three talented players in the top 36 if and only if the Cardinals pass on Murray. Otherwise, it’s either Bosa or Williams.

  27. Any moment from Grant…

    Grant Cohn

    Follow Follow @grantcohn
    Just filmed a 30-minute video breaking down the biggest sleepers in the upcoming draft. Uploading now.

    2:53 PM – 23 Apr 2019

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