Deebo Samuel on 49ers quarterbacks Brock Purdy and Trey Lance

Brock Purdy. Trey Lance.

The 49ers offseason has been dominated by questions about the quarterback situation.

On Monday Deebo Samuel joined the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. By now, most have heard the clip where the 49ers receiver abruptly ends the interview. However, prior to ending the discussion Samuel made some interesting comments regarding Purdy and Lance.

When you look at your QB roster right now, that’s been a big topic of conversation. But when you look at Brock Purdy everyone’s expecting him to be the starter. Do you think he’s the best quarterback on the roster right now?

DS: “I don’t do too much talking about that. That’s for Kyle and John Lynch.”

What do you think he can do during an entire season? We only saw him for about six, seven games.

DS: “I mean, what he did last season.”

So, you think he can do that during an entire season, what he did last season in a small sample size.

DS: “Yes sir.”

Let me ask you about this then. Trey Lance as a quarterback, what is he because I still don’t know?

DS: “Very versatile, strong arm, smart young man.”

What has he (Trey Lance) kind of shown you over the last few years?

“How fast he can pick up things because everything was thrown at him at once. His first year he was behind Jimmy Garoppolo and when he first got a chance to show people what he could do he got an injury.

Just coming back into minicamp and watching Trey, it’s been a significant improvement.”

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  1. Very smart by Deebo. He wants whoever the 49ers QB ends up being to know he backs them. The idiot reporter was trying to draw DS into a controversial comment. It is easy to see why players hate the media. David Lombardi had a interesting take on this reporter on his youtube channel.

  2. “His first year he was behind Jimmy Garoppolo and when he first got a chance to show people what he could do he got an injury.” Deebo

    That’s been my position all along. No one knows what he is capable of until he puts in 5-7 (consecutive) games. Lance has to beat out Darnold in order to solidify the QB2 job. If he can, Trey could get a chance to go out and show-out, if Purdy misses any time.

    1. Or not if Trey Lance gets hurt again instead and misses any more time. Who knows what will happen.

      1. That’s why teams carry 3 QBs on the game day roster and now have a new rule just implemented by the NFL that teams could use a 4th QB that won’t count against the 53 man roster.
        Actually called the Brock Purdy rule.

        “Or not if Trey Lance gets hurt again instead and misses any more time. Who knows what will happen.”

        Or, he could light it up in TC and preseason.
        Who knows.
        So, yes, Lance could get injured if he plays. It’s football, and football equals contact.
        But, you’re right, who knows what will happen.

        1. AES,
          Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that the rule change was that the game day roster was still 46 but if a team has a 3rd QB on their 53 man roster he doesn’t count against their 46 but is eligible to play if their other 2 QBs ate injured and can’t return.

          1. I think you’re right Coach. The 49ers lost both their QBs in the Eagle’s game, and CMC took over before Purdy finished the game.

            Right now, Allen could be the unofficial 4th QB in TC. If the 49ers keep 3 QBs during game days, does Allen go the PS and not count against the roster if he has to play?

            1. AES,
              I have been hearing from a number of sources that the 49ers will be trading Either Darnold or Lance whoever is #3 at the end of camp. Allen would be #3. Thats why they signed Allen and are paying him 1 mill.

              1. Trading Lance or Darnold would be a good move for either of them. This would likely give them a much better opportunity to start on their new team.
                The question would be, who or what do the 49ers receive in return?

                Also, there was some positive news during OTAs and mini-camp regarding Allen, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the 49ers would be comfortable keeping him in the fold.

                TC is almost here, Coach! It will be very interesting to see what the 53 man roster will look like at the end of August.

              2. AES,
                5days but I really don’t know what that first week with rookies and PS players will be like.

    2. Agreed. The kid has a lot of practice and should be great. I fear a kappernick unfortunately. Great one game, 3 ints the next.

    3. I am not convinced Purdy wins the starters Job. Lance is more versatile has a better arm and has more upside IMO. Purdy is good and fits the Niners system well but is short and has a lot of passes deflected. I don’t know….. Kyle will have to make the call.

      1. Kyle has already made the call. It’s Purdy. In order for lance to beat Purdy, he has to be better than purdy in real games. So far it’s not even close.

        1. No tf he didn’t. He didn’t beat Trey last time so why tf would he this time???

            1. Felix,
              At the moment, Purdy is the Starter. But if Lance kill’s it during TC, things could get interesting. And if Purdy regresses during the season either Lance or Darnold could step in and hold the job for a while if they win their games.

              Nothing is ever written in stone when it comes to sports. That’s what makes sports so intriguing. A few years ago Zack Wilson was being touted as the next big thing, now he’s going to get a front row seat watching A.Rodgers.
              We can forecast and predict all we want (I’ve had my share of doing so) but things can change in an instant in football, just ask Trey Lance.

              1. If Trey kills it during training camp, he still won’t start as training camp doesn’t beat out actual game performance. Lots of guys were big in college and didn’t make it in the NFL. Zack is one of those guys, Purdy is not. We don’t know about Trey yet.

        2. Not close, only because Lance hasn’t played.
          Actually, he hasn’t started a single game in which he wasn’t injured, except for one in monsoon-like conditions.

      2. “Purdy is good and fits the Niners system well but is short and has a lot of passes deflected”

        Purdy’s had 7 passes deflected at the line of scrimmage in 233 attempts. (3%)

        Lance has had 5 passes deflected at the line of scrimmage in 102 attempts. (4.9%)

        1. Drew Breese 6’0
          Jeff Garcia 6’1
          Brock Purdy 6’1
          Joe Montana 6’2
          Steve Young 6’2

          1. Kojak, I think Purdy is actually 6′-5/8″, he appears short and stocky
            but Mahomes is 6’2″ and Wilson is 5’11”

            1. Dee, thanks for keeping me honest about Brock’s height. Re Mahomes and Wilson, I was scratching my head about whom to put on that list and totally forgot about those short guys.

              Who loves ya, baby?

  3. There is little in this post of value to Niner followers. Samuels doesn’t say much at all, and what he says is stuff we have hear/read in the past. So we learned nothing to help with the quarterback speculation this off-season.

  4. 6 days to go!!!!
    Jack will the 49ers practices with out Vets (18th-24th) be open to the media?

  5. Riveting..tell us something we don’t know…but very ‘team’, in his answers..good work, Deebo

  6. I think that all of the experience Purdy had in college bodes well for him as far as reps go. This year I think he will be even better because of his experience last year, knowing the system well, and very motivated to come back strong and keep that QB1 position that he might have had to wait for a few seasons if it did not work out the way it did last year. As far as being short and getting passes deflected, it happens to taller QBs as well because those pass rushers jump pretty high and time it just right if they are not able to get the sack. Purdy had the exact coach he needs to be very successful as he proved last year. The offense, just seems so confident when they are on the field with him because they can feel his leadership and they know he is very good at getting the ball to his playmakers. He has proven that he is a winner. In last year’s playoff when he got injured, talk about leadership, he even went on the field after the injury and still tried to manage what he could, even though it really was nothing because of that injury. I predict that he will bring the Niners to the playoffs. I predict several of his playmakers will be Probowlers because of him. I predict that Lance will come in and mop up games that the Niners are winning big with a few minutes left. Let’s see what happens.

    1. Matt Maicco,
      “I think, right now, we just don’t have enough information, and I don’t think the 49ers have enough information to tell you who is in line to be the backup. I dispute the notion that the 49ers have soured on Trey Lance. I think, personally, in my opinion, is that they like him now more than they ever have since they’ve had him with the 49ers, but they just don’t know how he would perform.”

      This was in response to earlier comments made by S.I’s Albert Breer, that the 49ers have soured on Trey Lance.
      I believe that some fans view Lance as the QB that’s going to beat Purdy for the Starters job. Based on Purdy’s 2022 season he has to be viewed as the Starter going into 2023 (and possibly beyond).

      But that doesn’t discount the fact that we still don’t know what a healthy Lance is capable of. And I fully agree with MM on this. Let’s see how it shakes out in TC, before going down the Albert Breer road.

  7. 4 days to go!!!! Jack, is the media going to be there for the practices 18-24?

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