Deebo Samuel patterns his game after Anquan Boldin and Golden Tate

South Carolina wide receiver Deebo Samuel runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

SANTA CLARA — Check out 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel’s interview from rookie minicamp.

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  1. Goodwin-X

    Garoppolo shouldn’t have to stand around waiting for a guy to get open this year.

      1. An awful lot can happen during TC and preseason. Too many unknown “ifs” to project which receivers will be starting and at what positions on opening day. But hey, it’s only entertainment, so have at it. And in the spirit of things, it’s probably not too early to call the Niners first pick in the 2020 draft, either.

      2. Bourne might not even make the team.
        and depending on Kyle has in mind and providing he is healthy, Trent or Hurd

    1. If the team gets no help at OG and passblocking JimmyG will be lying on his back or breaking another body part LOL

      1. Don’t worry about the OL or the backfield! Shanny is a genius and will scheme guys to eradicate the holes at The interior of the OL, will have all the DL put so much pressure that the DBs will lead the league in TOs! We will beat Seattle and the Rams twice and get home field advantage through the playoffs. Shanny will lead the 49ers to the promised land!

        However, once the season starts, injuries and the realities of ignored position groups in the off-season, plus the realities of Shanahan’s anemic scheme in the RZ will be once again an issue.

        1. Don’t forget the first 8 games and our record on the road. KS will need all 6 years to get to .500 in those categories.

    2. Razor,

      I call that a list of midget receivers. Is there another team in the league with a smaller WR group?


      1. How tall was Welker?

        Most seasons with 105+ receptions: 5
        Most seasons with 110+ receptions: 5
        Most seasons with 115+ receptions: 3
        Most seasons with 120+ receptions: 2 (tied with Cris Carter and Antonio Brown)
        Most consecutive seasons with 110 receptions: 3 (tied with Antonio Brown)
        Most games with 12+ receptions: 9
        Most games with 13+ receptions: 5
        Most games with 15+ receptions: 2 (tied with Jason Witten, Brandon Marshall, and Antonio Brown)
        Most games with 10+ receptions in a season: 7 (tied with Andre Johnson)
        Fastest receiver to have 500 catches with one team (New England Patriots) (70 games)
        Longest touchdown reception: 99 (2011 vs Miami Dolphins) (tied with 12 others)
        Most receptions of any undrafted free agent in NFL history: 903
        Most career punt returns without a touchdown: 264
        Most career punt return yards without a touchdown: 2,584

        1. Welker played the slot. New England had bigger WRs to compliment that. The current 49ers WR lineup are all short. I predict the redzone troubles will continue.

          Unless, Hurd and/or Matthews can contribute, this team will be limited in the redzone.

          1. Welker’s impact on this squad will be massive, if he can let some of that Patriots Mojo rub off on the Niners.
            I am sure he will be a big help in the preparations.

    1. Goodwin might not be able to answer the bell for the first season game, unless the snakebit Niners miraculously avoid their repetitive injury bug, especially with those fragile lightweight players in the skill positions.

    1. One can only hope….He hasn’t even played a game yet …. was hoping this team would put their big boy pants on and draft AJBrown…dude did 25 reps on bench and has awesome hands……Deebo only did 15 reps and has the occasional drop…

      1. So AJ Brown would have meant big boy pants, and I guess Deeboo is big boy shorts. 👍🏽 Got it buddy

      2. AJ Brown declined to do the agility drill. Deebo ran a 7.03 three cone. KS liked that.
        I also think the QBs count Ta’amu threw a more catchable ball than Bentley. That is just my opinion watching their games with Brown and Deebo.

  2. However, once the season starts, injuries and the realities of ignored position groups in the off-season, plus the realities of Shanahan’s anemic scheme in the RZ will be once again an issue.

    THIS times 10……JimmyG might get killed again….I predicted him getting killed and everybody thought I was crazy….Even CJ and Mullens got slammed into the grass several dozen times …per game

    1. Googled for a Jimmy G obituary and haven’t found one–same for any form of death-related press release. Googled Darren5000 and found a pile of stuff…

  3. Questions facing the 49ers:

    1) Will JG progress through his injury as expected or will he have setbacks once he hits the field.

    2) In the event JG can’t start, who starts and will they be any good?

    3) Will our expensive RB do the same as question 1? Will he lose his burst. Will he worry about contact? Will this affect his game?

    4) Will Breida have nagging injuries all year?

    5) Will the interior line be up to snuff? What happens if they aren’t? Will Shannalynch panic?

    6) Will Bosa sign? Will Bosa get hurt? Will Bosa underwhelm once on the field and fail to live up to the hype?

    7) Has Ford been exposed by the Patriots? Will he be anything like what we expect?

    8) Will Buckner be the monster he was last year?

    9) who will be better (or worse) Armstead or Thomas? Who will live up to their promise?

    10) Will Street take the field? What will be his impact?

    11) Will Witherspoon regress mor or bounce back?

    12) Will Sherman lose another step?

    14) Will Gould play and for whom? Who will be the kicker if he doesn’t? Will it mean our 4th rounder has to play 2 positions? Will it answer the question of who is more important to victory, a punter or a kicker?

    15) In the event that Gould isn’t on the field, will that mean more losses?

    16) Who exactly will be the starting safeties and will that matter to on field performance?

    17) Will Warner suffer sophomore jinx?

    18) Who will be the starting linebackers? Will the unit gel immediately or will it take time for them to work into a workable unit?

    19) Will Salah finish out the year with the team? How many times will he use the word “violence”.

    20) Will Deebo be a criminal like his alter ego? Will those who live with him shrink in fear? Will he end up like Rueben Foster?

    And bonus: Who will be the first player to get onto IR and how many more will join him?

        1. I can’t help it, I like the methodocrisy. Next years draft is much stronger at cb and the secondary. Contrary to Grant’s belief, front to back philosophy is an approach I happen to agree with. I know Scooter doesn’t think the 49ers look out to future draft class positions of strength as part of their plans, but I firmly believe they have and continue to do so….

          1. Sorry to disagree. They at least should have traded back at 36 to get another draft pick, and selected a FS. Yes, it is a sound way to build a defense front to back, but if they lack that single high safety, the Pete Carroll defense will struggle, like it did without Earl Thomas.
            They should have drafted Juan Thornhill, and hoped Deebo would fall to 67. Or with that additional pick, move up to get him. Adderly, Rapp and Thornhill went 60, 61 and 63.
            They even passed on C Chauncey- Gardner to draft a punter.

          2. I said I don’t think they look two years ahead to draft classes, which is what you were saying at the time. Too hard to project who will be good and who will be available that far ahead. One year ahead I imagine there is a little bit of thought given to.

  4. Said it for the get go. He reminds me of Bolden.
    Hopefully he can have a career like AB.
    He sure is as tough as AB was.

    1. I agree, I also hope he can have a career like Bolden , but he is much faster than Bolden.
      I think Golden Tate is a better comparison, who he also mentioned.

      1. Seb… I can see that too.

        Rib…. ouch I remember that. That’s got to be one of the most painful injuries next to have your walnuts crushed.

        1. Yeah, that was frightening AF. And played again like in what, the next week or two, with a wired jaw? Iron man.

    1. Yes, I believe they do, but might part with them for a box of Skittles, a couple of bandaids and a rubber duck for the bathtub.

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