Deebo Samuel to Micah Parsons, “It was already personal”

“Laugh now. Cry Later”

That was the message Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons had for 49ers tight end George Kittle.

Parsons comments came as he voiced his displeasure with Kittle on his podcast, The Edge with Michah Parsons, following the 49ers 42-10 thrashing of the Cowboys on Sunday night.

What Parson’s had an issue with wasn’t that he had been shut down to the point it appeared he had forgotten to board the Cowboys flight to Santa Clara for the game.

Instead, it was that Kittle had chosen to wear a shirt under his uniform with “F— Dallas” across the front similar to the one worn by former 49ers linebacker Gary Plummer for the 1994 NFC Championship Game.

“I just feel like he’s making it way more personal than it had to be,” said Parsons. “Kittle’s my guy, but I’m gonna say this: Laugh now, cry later.

“We got something for that, just trust. If we see them again, just trust. … If you wanna make it personal, we can make it personal.”

Deebo Samuel had a simple response to Parsons’ comments.

“It was already personal before the game started … 42-10, I don’t think you want to see us again. It might be a little worse,” said Samuel on “Up & Adams” Tuesday morning. “I don’t think he wants to see us again.”

San Francisco has now won three straight against Parsons and the Cowboys.

Sunday night’s victory was the most dominant of the three and the score could have been more lopsided. Kyle Shanahan pulled most of his starters just minutes into the fourth quarter and his team holding a 32-point lead.

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  1. I guess i’m just a cranky old get off of my lawn kinda guy but I wish Kittle hadn’t worn that shirt and Deebo hadn’t responded to Parsons because they might just meet in the playoffs and who knows what kind of shape either team may be in come Jan. We don’t need to create any bulletin board material.

    1. OC, Dallas supposedly came into the game with a score to settle because they lost last year.
      They got served a 42-10 bill!

    2. I’m with you Coach. But, trash talking has become a big part of sports whether we like it or not. Muhammad Ali was the best at this. As Ali would say, people will pay to see me win, and people pay to see me lose – either way, I’m getting paid.

      Like you, I’m not a fan of trash talk. But, I must admit that when I was young and playing sports, I did some of my own.

      1. I believe that timing is everything. When G. Plummer revealed his F Dallas shirt it was after the NFCCG not after a week 5 win

  2. Cute story but will have no impact on any future games with Dallas. If they meet in the playoffs, both teams will have all the incentives they need to win. Parsons might have overreacted a little, but understandably because Dallas got thumped big time.

  3. Dallas could easily wind up the season 10 and 7 and the number 7 seed, playing in Philly in January in the first round. If so, they will go no further.

  4. 1994 (95sb) Was a great year for the Niners- the year Mike Shanahan got his first ring. Hopefully 2023 is the same for his son and 9ers. Interesting, 5& 6 will be back to back SBs for the 9ers with both Shanahans; pretty cool when it finally happens.

  5. Micah Parsons would be well served to stop whining like a loser and HOPE he and the cowgirls get another chance to play the 9ers again this year……
    Like Deebo said…”it’s already personal and could get worse!” The Big dogs mark their territory and little dogs get used to smelling it! The only question left to be answered is, are the cowgirls good enough to make it to the playoffs?

    Teams Dallas will have to beat, if they hope to get there:
    * Eagles at Philadelphia: Nov 5th
    * Washington at Dallas Nov 23rd
    * Seattle at Dallas Nov 30th
    * Eagles at Dallas Dec 10th
    * Buffalo at Buffalo Dec 17th
    * Miami at Miami Dec 24th
    * Detroit at Dallas Dec 30th
    * Washington at Washington Jan 7th
    * If Dallas loses their next two games to the Chargers at LA on Sun Oct 16 and the Rams at LA on Oct 29th, those games become MUST WIN games if Dallas expects to play in the playoffs….
    * After getting punched in the mouth by the 9ers, lets see how well Dallas responds in the next 2 games.

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