Delanie Walker on Aldon Smith: “He’s a little wild dude.”

Delanie Walker spoke on a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: You’re on pace to have the best year you’ve ever had. What’s going on out there to make you be so productive?

WALKER: Mainly because I’m the first read at tight end. They put in plays for me to get the ball and to try to make plays. That’s all I ask for and I think that’s why I’m here.

Q: Did it ever get frustrating for you being second fiddle behind Vernon Davis?

WALKER: Not at all. I wasn’t drafted as a tight end. I was drafted as a receiver so I was trying to become a good tight end in the NFL. I felt like learning behind Vernon was a good opportunity for me to see how to do what he did blocking-wise and that’s what I tried to develop. Now, I think it’s a good opportunity that I had to break off from that and have my own identity.

Q: Knowing Aldon like you do, did this catch you by surprise or did you almost see it coming?

WALKER: Aldon is a young guy. He’s a little wild dude. He’s kind of wild. I didn’t think something like that would happen during the season. I just read what had happened. I didn’t think he would get into any more trouble after what was going on, but I don’t know. I don’t know how he has changed. I haven’t been out there in San Francisco, haven’t talked to him in a while. It kind of did surprise me a little bit.

Q: What are your thoughts on Eric Reid?

WALKER: He’s playing fast. He’s trying to become the second Whitner, or the Hitner. He’s coming up and making big hits and great tackles. I can’t wait to get out there and play against him.

Q: You mentioned Hitner. What do you think of the pending name change?

WALKER: It fits. He does hit. He likes to come up and try to destroy people. It fits him. If he keeps playing that way, I ain’t mad at him if he changes his name to that.

Q: Everything considered, was this a good move for you to go to Tennessee?

WALKER: Yeah. It was a great move for me. I’m happy here with the organization. The coaches are great. I’m getting the opportunity that I want. I feel like I should have more, but hey, slow process, we’re going to get back on pace and I think I’m going to have more receptions and bigger games.

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