Dilfer: “If you’re a skill position guy for the Niners, you’re only getting the ball if the play was designed to get you the ball.”

Trent Dilfer answered questions about the 49ers’ offense Wednesday morning on 95.7 The Game. Here is a transcript.

Q: After last game, Michael Crabtree talked openly about wanting the ball more. He was visibly frustrated after a couple of plays. How does a quarterback handle that?

DILFER: After you learn the hard way early in your career how to deal with it, you kind of like it. You want a guy who wants the ball. You want a guy who has the brass to stand up and say, “I want it in difficult situations.”

Colin is the leader. He’s going to handle that stuff well. He’s going to appreciate Crabtree wanting the ball. The harsh reality though if you’re a skill position guy for the Niners, you’re only getting the ball if the play was designed to get you the ball. They don’t have the type of offensive structure and Colin isn’t the type of quarterback that there are five eligible receivers and anyone can get the ball. This is a run, run-action, pick-and-stick team. They’re calling a play for a defense, for a player and, if that play is called wrong, that second, third, fourth option isn’t going to get the ball very often. So, Crabtree’s complaints should be with Greg Roman. Say, “Hey, you’re not calling enough plays for me,” because that’s how their passing game operates.

Q: How much are the 49ers going to miss Bruce Miller?

DILFER: I think they’re going to miss him a lot. Versatility of their scheme. They love to play big. They love big packages. Miller can play in the backfield, he can play inline tight end, they split him out and displace him to create looks in the secondary. For a big, thick guy he’s pretty agile. You can’t just put another guy out there and think you’re going to have the same versatility. I do think there’s going to be an adjustment period for the 49ers, trying to find another way to play in those personnel packages.

Q: Do you think they’ll just plug in Anthony Dixon? Or might they use Vernon Davis in the backfield a bit?

DILFER: I think you might see Vernon be more of a movement guy. That’s a good call. They can create some of the same looks by doing that. They may have to start playing more three-receiver sets, which is going to create different looks for them defensively but that could be advantageous for them as well. It puts more of a burden on the offensive staff of the 49ers to find some stuff that can become their bread and butter late in the season and into the playoffs.

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