Discussing John Lynch’s job security

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, left, general manager John Lynch, center, and owner Jed York, right, smile as they listen to Richard Sherman, the team’s new cornerback, answer questions during an NFL football news conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Sherman agreed to a three-year deal with the 49ers. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

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    1. Seb,
      GM’s and Head Coaches face the spector of losing their jobs every year. Add to that, that Orgs face the possibility of GM’s moving on to others teams as well.

      Baalke was GM of the year and not long after was run out of town.
      No job is permanent especially in sports.
      I doubt that Lynch feels that his is a lifelong gig. And I’m sure that he also understands the ramifications that come with doing a poor job – just like everybody does.

    2. Not a setup, just a failure of having a figure head GM with a coach who is choosing poorly from behind the scenes.

    3. Sebbers
      * “JL looks like he is being set up to be the sacrificial goat for other’s failures.”

      * It’s OTHERS…. And you’re fired from the grammar police Seb, turn in your thesaurus

      1. GEEP, if you insert a name in the place of ‘other’, the English seems correct.
        JL looks like he is being set up to be the sacrificial goat for Paraag’s failures.
        When trying to diss some one about correct grammar, make sure you are correct.
        Keep trying though, I like your spirit.

        1. Sebbers
          LMAO: One of your favorite playground retorts Sebby: “TRY AGAIN.”
          * “Other’s” refers to a possessive adjective such as mine, yours etc. Turn in your Thesaurus!

          1. When in a hole, the best option to escape is to stop digging.
            When I wrote ‘other’s’ I was referring to a single unnamed individual.

              1. I’m a little late in jumping into this debate, but the use of “other’s” could have been easily resolved by using “another’s” which correctly points to a possessive for one item or individual.

              1. Seb can help but put his foots (both of them) in his mouth!

                His explanations had me rolling and undermined whatever case he thought he had made!

              2. Geep the grammar police has NO place on this site, with the exception of Mr Knowitall and his drivel. Seb’s explanation that he ” was referring to a single unnamed individual” is suspect and nonsensical unless he was also alluding to who that “single unnamed individual” might be.
                Therefore it is logic that he was alluding to multiple unnamed individuals and it should have been “others” or in this case others’.
                Apostrophe after the ‘s’
                Since Seb didn’t try to get the last word in, I think he stopped digging that hole of his!

              3. Thank you East, you just proved me right.
                Other’s FAILINGS. Paraag’s Failings.
                I was referring to a single individual, with multiple failings.
                I do not think there were multiple leakers.

              4. Geep-ers Creepers, that Seb should be a landscaper, he just keeps on digging and digging his hole deeper and deeper. He just can’t bear to be shown that he’s not erudite as he assumes he is.
                Just like Razor he has too much time on his hand to prove that he’s not that perspicacious…..

              5. Dee, you may claim that you know so much, but to quibble about an apostrophe just shows how desperate you are to try and score a point against me.
                In the English lexicon, there are many different ways to spell words, and correct spelling may just be derived from the writer’s point of view, or through his/her intent. It aint always precise, but if one kinda likes local colloquialisms, they be cool.
                I wonder why the Niners do not carry an apostrophe, but I do not consider that wrong.
                I correct spelling of an irate troll who has lost all controll spewin’ venom just to defuse his message.
                I do correct some poster’s mistakes, but I do not abuse them either. Lord knows, I have made my own errors, and try to own up to them. I will accept corrections with a duly noted, and civil polite acknowledgement.
                Now you are trying to say I am wrong, but I just gave my reasoning for why my intention was correct. Then you seem to say your way is correct, but you omit the apostrophe when it could be placed at the end of the word.
                Go ahead, crow that you are a superior English major. I just know this is a blog, not the Library of Congress.

              6. Yip, Seb needs to have the last say. It doesn’t matter whether it’s accurate but he’ll try to obfuscate the whole issue while trying to divert your attention to his proclaimed innocence.
                His voluminous and constant stream of words bubbling out his of mind masturbation is so deluded that he doesn’t realizes how he contradicts himself either in the same or the next paragraph.
                “I correct spelling of an irate troll who has lost all controll spewin’ venom just to defuse his message.
                I do correct some poster’s mistakes, but I do not abuse them “

                Calling people names and characterizing them as irate and venomous is pretty ABUSIVE, Paul!

              7. No, Doxie, Dee, I am used to all sorts of abuse, just like from posters like you. Sometimes they even devolve into expletives. There is a big difference between the hate filled emo trolls, and regular posters who do make inadvertent spelling errors at times. I can be kind and civil towards the latter group.
                This is a blog. Fingers are flying and some are multi tasking. I think that I have enhanced the diction on this site. I bet many do not want to be corrected, so they proof read everything.
                I have also been on sites, where the English is so atrocious, one has to guess about meanings and interpretations. I generally do not correct some, whose English shows it is a second language, just as long as they get their meaning across.
                Go ahead, keep quibbling about where an apostrophe should go. It is nice to be precise, but also seems a little desperate. If I am incorrect, so be it. I will acknowledge my mistake. However, I do not think I am wrong, unless Marion the Librarian deems it necessary to chime in.
                Oh and yes, it is always good to have the last word. Do you know why? People remember the last thing said. It is just a common debating tactic.

              8. LOL Subbie, flattery will get you no where! Your verbal incontinence prevents you from understanding what’s being written including your own effluent!
                Would you consider this one of your eloquent ‘English’ phrases?
                “No, Doxie, Dee, I am used to all sorts of abuse, just like from posters like you. “
                Three words, three commas??? Not only do you have problems with apostrophes but you also don’t know where to place your commas.

              9. Dee, I used those commas for emphasis. Maybe you do not read much, but writers do use commas.

              10. Like I said before, Paul, YOU did not use the commas correctly.
                Your ‘No,Doxie, Dee,’ is nonsensical! It only serves to emphasize your buffoonery!!!

              11. Oh Sebastopaul, if I wanted to out you more I would be less cryptic about it. Since it was you after all who made yourself known and promised on the grave of your living wife that you wouldn’t post and harass people anymore. How quickly you forgot.
                People here were betting on how long you could hold your breath.
                Tell us about those lonely months, Paul.
                Plow that field.
                You’re a stand up guy….

              12. No, my wife saw how unhappy I was, and said it was OK to post again. She is one brave woman, who almost died in a car crash a few years ago, so she thinks one should live their life to its fullest, and since they are massacring people in places of worship, no place is safe, anywhere.
                Me, harassing people? I am not the one spewing hate and venom, with threats.
                Harassing is when some one doxes a person, like you have.

              13. Well, well, well are you getting a taste of your own medicine?

                Me, harassing people?

                ~I hope you are not that delusional to think that you can find a single person on this blog that will say; NO, not Sebbie, he NEVER harasses ANYONE.
                ~Actually Paul YOU encouraged me, in one of your bellicose rants, that it was OK to use your real name. The chicken has come home to roast?
                ~The thing that irks you the most is that you don’t know squat about anybody else. You, our SuperTroll, would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to inject some personal facts in your diatribes. You already try to do that, but they are based on your odious interpretation of other people’s musings.

                I am not the one spewing hate and venom, with threats.

                ~Is this statement meant ironic, sarcastic or rhetorical?
                ~You continuously are spewing venom when you call people names! I don’t know who’s threatening you but it sounds like it is all part of your drama Queen act. Please Paul, read your own post to your wife and ask her if they are kind and caring. Maybe after 40 years of marriage you’ll finally hear what she’s been telling you all along…..

              14. Doxie, maybe you should look up the term troll.
                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, posting about a team I love.
                Please show me an expletive that I have written while attacking a poster.
                Name calling? I have been called every name under the sun, but what names have you objected to? I called you a doxxer, because that is what you are.
                I just present my ideas about how the Niners can improve, and win rings. Why such harsh pushback? Unless you are one of Paraag’s minions, who attack because they do not like the truth.
                You really do not know what a real troll is. Cassie is a troll, with her snark and haunting posts. She incites trouble and feeds dissension. She refuses to answer a question, but demands you to answer her question. Now, after refusing to post a mock, she is calling for others to post a mock. I am just responding to posters, who address me.
                Yes, I do not know you, and frankly, do not care to know you. The vast majority of the posters on this site are polite, civil and can actually carry on a informative conversation. Many do have a lot of football knowledge, and can present ideas in a cogent manner. Your intolerance to a differing opinion is what is wrong with America today.
                Yes, this is not my first rodeo. In the end, they realize the best thing to do is just ignore me, but you seem full of hubris, and want to engage with me. You really should stop wasting your time, and stop wasting my time.
                My missives about Paraag must really hit home, to see so much static.

              15. You can play by your own rules, but according to mine, if you falsely claim victory, you lose.

              16. Since troll is one of your favorite slander attacks, let’s look at what makes a person a troll
                =someone who posts excessively
                =someone who attacks people
                =someone who mocks people
                =someone who calls people names
                =someone who thinks it’s all about him/herself
                =someone who gets off on getting attention
                =someone who thinks they are smarter than others
                =someone who presents their opinion as a fact
                =someone who uses big words to give the appearance of importance
                =someone who needs to have the last word….
                only one person fits the bill on this blog, and it’s YOU Paul!
                ~ I win again!

              17. Glad I occupy so much of your psyche.
                Here is some food for thought. Weak minded people let the smallest things upset them.
                I do not need to win anymore, you are just losing.
                Try sticking to football. I need a laugh.

              18. Sebbie you got me in stitches!

                “Weak minded people let the smallest things upset them.”

                Hence your constant verbal effluence to defend your self….

              19. Yup, went right over your head.
                Here is another one. Weak minded people are easily amused.

              20. It looks like the wife had a little talking to you…..
                Got you you all straightened out!
                Feeling better now?

      1. Sebbie-Knows-It-All….just ask him.
        * Ahhh, poor whiney little victim of abuse Sebbey and his fragile as glass ego. All the big boys picking on him! So genius, were you born an obtuse cretin, or do you have to work at it? Get that last word in so people will remember you……Little do you know, who could forget YOU?
        * It’s time for that BIG PROJECT Sebbey……Whack those weeds, dig that ditch! LOL

        1. GEEP, yes, I have taken on a whole blog before, and not worked up a sweat. i must say, I am disappointed in you. Such juvenile yammering, and you are trying SO HARD.
          I am unforgettable? Mission accomplished. Your problem is that you never write anything a person wants to remember. I have posters parroting things I wrote years ago.
          BTW, Paraag thinks he is so clever, trying to deflect the blame towards the coaches and scouts. All JL has to do, is ask them if they were the source of the leak, and when they deny it, it will boomerang on Paraag. Hope Jed keeps his word. He SWORE he would fire any person who he finds is leaking.

            1. Sebber
              * “GEEP, yes, I have taken on a whole blog before, and not worked up a sweat.”
              * Yea, right! You’re a bloviating, keyboard warrior, that can’t kick your way out of a wet paper bag!
              * Sebbey, you’re nothing more than my whiney, little B-I-O-T-C-H. I own you and we both know it!

              * SEB: “Beating up elderly men may be your style.” Snivel, snivel, whine! LMAO
              * I called you out wimp, and what did you do? Wet you pantaloons and run like scared little
              * Your mouth is still writing checks your a$$ can’t cash…..Talk is cheap, put up or shut up!

              1. LOL, I have gotten you so upset, you have devolved into hurling insults, and expletives.
                I win again.

              2. How insignificant one’s life must be to spend all his time getting his — handed to him day after day on a blog? And with all the time he devotes to it he can’t seem to learn anything about football.
                “…..catch the ball and immediately fall down to avoid injury.” A fundamental lack of understanding of the game. Hasn’t got a clue. He never leaves his keyboard, he must be on House Arrest with an ankle tracker.
                “I win” Hoo-Boy.

              3. Franklin, it is just a game I play. If I manage to rile up a poster so much, he starts to hurl expletives, I declare victory.
                That just makes them even madder.
                The game of football is a game of attrition. Why did I advocate running past the sticks, catching the ball, then falling down so the defender could not bludgeon the ball carrier? Because that way, the WR does not get injured. The Giants WRs in the NFCC Game did exactly that so Rogers and Whitner could not lay the wood to them and separate the ball from them. They could also continue to play, and since they ran past the sticks, they got a new set of downs.
                IICRC, Whitner was so intent on hitting the ball carrier, he knocked out his own player from the game.
                Sure, it is macho to stay upright, struggle for every inch, and never go down, but the defense is trained to hold the ball carrier upright, gang tackle him and strip the ball from him. It is counter productive to lose the football, or lose a player. Guess you do not care if that happens.
                Also, I am semi retired, so I can pick and choose my jobs, and one job I choose to have is posting on this site. I love the San Francisco 49ers, and hope they win more rings. With the present coaching, who seem unprepared, unfocused, lack finishing skills and seem out coached, I do not think they will have a winning season. The HC is so filled with hubris, he declares he does not need an OC. ANY 4-12 team needs all the help they can get. No OC, and you wonder why they have red zone struggles? Get a clue.

              4. Ssshhhhh. Each post makes you seem stupider than the last.
                (and thanks for all the hard work, but I never read past the first sentence of your manifestos).


              5. Franklin, you seem persistent. You deride my comments, but do not read them, so how can you intelligently comment?

            2. Sebbey
              * “I win again”
              * Yea Sebbey, YOU WIN….The narcissistic, bloviating buffoon award. If arrogance were brains, you still wouldn’t be as intelligent as you claim to be. So carry on dotard, the entertainment you provide is priceless!
              * Is it time for that BIG PROJECT yet? Are you whacking weeds, or a little whacky on weed?

              1. I find it amusing that those who continue to engage Seb are actually making him this site’s most popular poster.
                Seb has definitely occupied a space in their head.

              2. Actually, he’s more like a wind up toy.
                You wind it, to make it jump.
                Very predictable!

    4. I don’t believe for a second that there is any animosity between Shanahan and Lynch outside of the scope of what should be considered a healthy working GM/HC relationship. A little bit of tension is not only expected, but also constructive, because I think a little bit of friction that tends to accompany differing opinions, is usually a good thing. .

      Ultimately though, as is the case in all professional sports, it always comes down to a matter of winning and losing. If the current regime finds success in the near future, all will be well at 4949 Marie D. Debarto Way! It’s important to keep in mind that winning cures all, but on the flip side of that coin, if the current regime can’t get this ship turned around within a reasonable amount of time, then it’s fair to question everyone’s job security, whether it’s the GM, the EVP of Football Operations, or the Head Coach.

      The 49ers draft opinions have been somewhat of a mixed bag, but they have been generally receiving positive grades for the most part. In fact, NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah was just on air discussing how much he loved the 49ers draft. Personally, I absolutely enamored with their first 3 selections. Bosa, Samuel and Hurd is a winning trifecta as far as I can tell, and I’ve been around long enough to know how hard it is to predict the success of draft prospect who are drafted ion Day 3.

      However in the end, the only thing that matters moving forward is whether or not the 49ers can start winning games on a regular basis, and although I love their chances if they can stay relatively healthy, the success or failure of this current regime is yet to be determined.

    5. from the looks of that picture for your post Grant, it looks like Jed needs to work on that “muffin top,” as the women say. looks like he has something to spare! obviously, not missing too many meals!!!!!

      1. Sebbey
        * The truth hurts doesn’t it? You can run from the truth, but you can’t hide. Upset? How can I be upset when I’m rolling on the floor laughing at you? Seb, I’ve paid good money for comedy like you provide, you should try stand-up slapstick! If your frail ego needs to believe I’m upset, to avoid looking at yourself, go for it!

          1. Sebbey-debby
            * “Some day, you will learn your lesson.”
            * I offered to let you teach me sebbey, but you chickened out! REMEMBER? Your pantaloons dry yet?
            * Glad to see you’re no longer hiding under your bed Sebbey, who else would we have to laugh at?

              1. Seb:
                * “Hmmm, you DO sound like Prime.”

                * You back on crack Sebber? In your mental state of confused delusions, either
                I’m Prime or I’m not! Which is it genius? Are you just a figment of your own

              2. Well I finally got you to hurl an expletive. Usually I just need a couple posts to set off Prime, and now he has the obligatory expletive, initialized.

  1. According to sources in the team’s scouting and coaching staff…we know it wasn’t Mr. Cobb but what about Baalke leftovers?


    Following Following @MaioccoNBCS
    Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch signed matching six-year contracts in 2017. They both have four years remaining on their deals. There has been no indication of any acrimony or distrust from what I’ve personally seen and heard.

    11:17 AM – 30 Apr 2019

    1. Here’s a simple possible explanation for any discord. I wouldn’t be surprised if KS’ dissatisfaction has to do with the fact that he had to spend a fair amount of time evaluating punters. In the after-draft pressers, KS did not try to hide the fact that he hated having to evaluate punters. Perhaps Lynch forced him to do it as part of their agreement on how the draft process is handled. If that’s the case, I think any discord will blow over fairly quickly.

          1. Someone in the organization must have said something to Matt Miller; whether it is true, or just vitriol due to office politics/Baalke loyalty/hatred of Lynch and Shanahan/whatever else, Miller is just reporting what he heard. Miller also happens to be a 49ers fan since his youth.

            1. Pot you’re right, Miller points directly to the scouts and coaching staff for the source. It could be untrue, either way like you say it’s another symptom of dysfunction.

              1. Precisely!

                It either points to discord within the two head honchos relationship, or it points to discord with their underlings, or it points to higher ups planting discord, or those within the organization. Either way it could spell some rough roads ahead.

            1. Aren’t those exactly the same thing? Commentary is expanding with opinion. I wasn’t saying Grant is right on his take. Miller is reporting what someone shared with him whether right or wrong. Grant did say he was going full conspiracy theory. That should have been an indicator for the rest of you of what this was going to be like?

              1. Who’s speculating, Bleacher Report or the beat reporter who won the Pro Football Writers of America award on three separate occasions?

              2. Clearly winning awards lends authenticity to one’s stories! Lol.

                Besides, I was implying you were speculating not MM. Dunno if the story is true but it does point to trouble in Jerusalem either way.

        1. As often as I disagree with him, I smell York and Marathe up to their old tricks. Grant is prolly right that as long as Marathe is involved in the operations, the 49ers will never win in a championship.

      1. or maybe they had someone targeted in the 4th round and Lynch convinced Shanahan that they could still get him if they traded down, only to not be able to get him and settle on taking the punter.

        that could easily cause the type of outburst that would catch scout(s)/coaching staff attention as well as consciously or subconsciously cause one to make snide comments about the player they end up with. although what the difference in “vision of the offseason and the future of the franchise” is, i cannot surmise.

    2. Exactly-this is Grants ax to grind.

      barring a rash of injuries like last year, we’ll know a whole lot near the end of the year-maybe sooner.

    3. Raz

      I’m sure they’d check with you first before feeling acrimonious to each other….this blog is beginning to get ugly because of a few (< 10) know-it-alls who post at least 15-20 times daily….give it a rest…there are new posters who can't be heard….

  2. A solid winning season would do wonders. Until then and even after some success, I don’t see how a GM and coach can avoid some type of friction. Especially where the two backgrounds are opposites.

    I personally think the leak was based on some agenda. Not so much Paraag but probably some DB coach who didn’t get his player.

    1. Somebodies jealous we got Nick Bosa. The attempt to derail the pick by twitter storm failed, and smelled of a political stunt right before an election….

      1. Poor Gruden. He lost the coin toss which cost him McGlinchey, and he lost the tankathon for Bosa. He had to settle for a Miller and a Ferrell. He’s a settler!

        1. 11. I think this offense will be nearly impossible to completely shut down, and the defense will take a step forward….

    1. I can’t say I have seen anything that has impressed me about shanahan either. This team has talent on it now. If this season is another disappointment it’s on both of them. They were hired together. They should be fired together.

      1. While the offense has had redzone problems, it is far more interesting and exciting to watch than at anytime since Mooch was the coach, imo.

        1. I’m more excited to see this offense than I was about our last Super Bowl’s defense, and that’s saying something. I like defense, but the possibilities of this offense with Shanny at the controls is so diversified, that I’m not sure anyone will be able to completely shut it down….

        1. SY,
          I was generous in giving them 3 years because of their depleted roster 2 years ago.
          I’m expecting them to get between 6-8 wins which I believe is enough to keep the divorce attorneys away.

          Sometimes it seems like many here forget how incredibly bad this team was just two years ago. Instant success overnight or in two years was never feasible for me.

          Expections for the new regime were set much too high with many on here predicting 8-10 wins in the first year. That was complete over exuberance.

          The honeymoon is over with with a 6 under win total.

          1. You will notice that I predict 6-8 wins too. The former is more realistic to me because I believe 8 is the high water mark with all key personnel remaining healthy and no hiccups in their giddy up! Don’t see that happening. Four wins is the floor, in my opinion. But that is if the wheels come off.

            I believe JL gets fired with 4 wins and Shanny is on the hot seat, and with 6 JL is on the hot seat.

            I think the honeymoon ended October 28th of last year. It was at that point I started to see leas fluff pieces on Shanny and far more critical ones.

            1. Garoppolo and McKinnon going down gave Shanahan and Lynch a reprieve for 2019.
              You have to see what these guys can do with a healthy roster before backing up the U-haul.

              1. Only on a limited sense though. This was, for the most part Shanahan and Lynch’s team last year. If they falter out of the gate this year, last year will no longer be looked at as an outlier but will be indicative of what they are.

                I do think that JL will find his seat warm this year. Not necessarily from the FO but the criticism from outside will be heavier. Peter King didn’t mention the 49ers in his long draft wrap up. Far cry from 2 years ago when there was a glowing piece on the new regime.

                With the non-production of Thomas and the implosion of Foster, alongside the cautionary tale of Williams, and the poor performance of Kyle’s hand selected QBs (remember that JG and Mullens were not really on KS’s radar), I think the shine is most definitely off the golden boys.

                There is still the sense that they can do good things but I haven’t seen dark horse talk regarding the team like I did last year. I saw one commentator who generally praised the draft question the 4th round pick (and there have been several) and say the team did need a punter and Kyle must be expecting to punt a lot. Different tone.

              2. SY,
                “Only on a limited sense though. This was, for the most part Shanahan and Lynch’s team last year. If they falter out of the gate this year, last year will no longer be looked at as an outlier but will be indicative of what they are.”

                I’m in total agreement with you. If they falter there should be some blow-back. But before it comes to that, they (Lynch/Shanahan) should have the opportunity to operate with a full deck. It looks like they will get their chance this season.

  3. According to Mike Triplett of ESPN.com, the Saints have traded up 17 times in the last 13 drafts, including nine deals that involved picks in future annual selection meetings. In that time, they have traded down exactly zero times.

    “Well, it’s calculated, right? So when you have the opportunity to go get somebody, to go get a player that you covet, you go get ’em,” Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said. “I’m not saying it’s 100 percent, but it’s a successful formula for us — and I think for other teams.

    “If you like the player, go get ’em. That’s our philosophy.”

    1. Seahawks and Colts have traded down and went from a rebuilding team, to a playoff team.
      Pats have traded down, and also traded up, and just won the last SB.
      Multiple trade backs and trades ups also sound like a winning formula.

      1. Sebbie…

        Can you explain in 1000 words or so the wisdom of trading back? You’ve rarely if ever mentioned it before. Please elaborate.

        I get the idea, but 9er brass doesn’t. And since they DO read your material, you should go bold and school them.

        Thanks you.

              1. You’re describing exactly what I tried to do with Grant when he fell in love with Josh Allen.

  4. I never thought Lynch would be the 9ers GM over many, many years. I don’t believe he has hard-core GM blood in him, the kind needed to be a highly successful 30+ year grinder. If the 9ers are anywhere better than seven wins this season, I think he hangs on for one more (2010, perhaps reaches 9-10 wins), then departs–the sense being that the 9ers–with Shanahan as HC–are on a winning path. Lynch will be thanked profusely for being a central figure in the team’s turnaround. Hopefully, Jed will be all the wiser and bring in top drawer, experienced GM-level talent to go forward.

    Imagine if Lynch had Rich Kotite or Rod Rust as a HC….

  5. Grant….

    If Sebbie hasn’t told you yet, you should consider selecting a more flattering image of yourself when posting periscope material. You make the three guys in the 9er photo look poised and polished. You look frantic, in a disheveled way. My apologies if Sebbie has already consulted with you.

    1. Grant did have a mirror behind him. Running a comb through his hair should not have been too hard to do.
      I still think Grant should have a Niner poster behind him as a visual prop, considering he is covering the Niners. It might make the periscope look a little more professional.
      Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the periscope. That hour and a half just flew by, and I wanted more.

      1. I still think Grant should have a Niner poster behind him as a visual prop

        Why? Grant goes to great pains to protect his “just doing my job with no favoritism” image. A poster, any kind of Niners merch or imagery, would just open him to team friendly bias accusations.

    1. Tred lightly…. You’ll be outed as a despicable 9er toady, someone who isn’t interested in winning. Ever.

      1. ribico says:
        April 30, 2019 at 7:03 pm
        Grant used to cite Cosell often in the Alex Smith days. Now?

        Razoreater says:
        April 30, 2019 at 7:12 pm
        Not so much.

        And this little conversation is where Seb and Grant vanish.

  6. Trade down in the second and pick up some draft capital.
    Take that draft capital and trade up from the 3rd up into the second
    With the two seconds, then you can still take Deebo, and also get Adderley or Thornhill.

    Now that would be a good draft and some good maneuvering.

        1. I was hoping they would have traded back for more picks, selected Juan Thornhill first and still could have drafted Deebo at 67. Hurd in the 4th and MW in the 5th.
          To all who say the Pats would have traded up to get MW, they would have had to have traded up 16 spots. The Pats did trade up, and got a DT. Belichick was patient, and let Bailey fall into his lap.

          1. Your hope should have shifted from all that crap to health and prosperity for the upcoming season. You’re just wasting your emotions on something that is over and done with.

            The Pats had no choice but to trade up for Bailey because Wishnowski was long gone. Not only that, but they already have a punter, so unless he cuts him, he’ll be carrying a punter, a kick off specialist and a fg kicker.🙄

            1. Pats already have a punter, so your argument went up in flames. They were not desperate for a punter, and they had 10 picks.
              Also, Belichick can do whatever he wants. As a 5 time SB winner, he can choose a RB in the first round, or a punter in the 5th.

              1. Pats already have a punter, so your argument went up in flames. They were not desperate for a punter, and they had 10 picks.

                Why’d they trade up for the 2nd best punter, Hephaestus?

                Belichick hates 5th round draft picks for some reason.

              2. Pats traded up 3 spots to take a DT, then traded up 4 spots to take their punter. He certainly would not trade up 20 spots to leapfrog over the Niners to take a punter.
                It was a luxury pick that BB could afford. Only 2 punters were taken, and 2 kickers selected. The rest of the teams either were set, or just waited until after the draft.
                I know for a fact that Belichick loves 6th round picks.

              3. Browns chose not to take a punter in the draft. The Niners had a punter, but selected MW, and cut their punter.
                The Browns already have a punter that they are happy with.

              4. The Browns missed out in the draft.

                The Niners signed a ruse at punter to hide their intentions.

                The Browns were forced to settle and sign a Scottish punter.

    1. Craig Robinson,
      It takes two teams to tangle. How do we know if the 49ers didn’t try to make deals.

      Some people here were upset that the 49ers didn’t try to acquire OBJ when in fact they actually did.
      Sometimes it’s OK to believe that Lynch and Shanahan got the players they wanted.

  7. Yes, I seriously doubt that Shanahan wants to give up his evaluation process. I also seriously doubt that when it comes to offensive players, that he trusts any opinions other than his own. Beathard, Joe Williams, McGlinchey, etc. All we read about is how Shanahan is looking at tons of film and they have exactly the attributes he is looking for.

    1. Just look at KS’s track record. Foster, CJB, Joe Williams, Pettis, trading away Brown, picking a punter in the 4th round. It has not been a stellar draft history for KS.
      Maybe he should delegate authority, and let JL and the scouts do their job.

      1. But seb, you say that like his draft history is any worse than anyone else’s. They all have it, this one just happens to be running you’re favorite team.

          1. This draft was full of trades. Many teams traded up and traded down.
            The Niners even managed to trade back and even bundle a player and a pick.
            All one has to do is propose a FAIR deal. Not one too good to be true.

            1. Seb:
              You almost got it right! You’re DAFT and full of TIRADES…..There, that’s better….
              * Waiting for your best grade school, playground retort……………..

              1. GEEP, you really seem desperate. Try upping your game. I feel like I am in a game of wits against an unarmed foe.

              2. Sebbers:
                *”Try upping your game. I feel like I am in a game of wits against an unarmed foe.”
                * Thanks for admitting you’re playing a game Sebbers. That’s the best playground
                retort you can up with? Really? * You disappoint me Sebber, I was counting on you to come up with something
                new, something I could laugh at, not the same tired old drivel you’ve been
                regurgitating for years. How boringly mundane!

      2. Seb-
        How in the h-ll do you know what KS is doing with respect to JL and the scouts?

        This is how you always get yourself worked up-you put out a theory that specifically supports your narrative, then you speak about it as if your also in the front office. And it ALWAYS is a negative summation.. always.
        If someone points it out, you start calling them homers, or some such foolishness……………

        Can’t you see the team is headed in a good direction? Their simply not going to run the team the way you insist…………try to be a positive person and appreciate their efforts. This team clearly looks poised to make some waves this year.

        1. Saw, yes, I want the Niners to win more rings, but reaching in the draft, and failing to capitalize on leveraging that number 2 pick is counter productive. Maybe if the Niners do something impressive, will I praise them.
          Maybe you should try to be more positive, stop haunting my posts, and try sticking to football.
          Did I see a mock draft from you? What about player assessments, team tactics and strategies? No, you just troll away.
          Say something positive? I am glad that you have stopped calling me a Nazi.

          1. Seb
            * “Yep, I like games. I like using you as a punching bag.”

            * LMAO: Now that, little man, is something I can get behind……Tell me when and where?
            Or is your big mouth writing checks you a$$ can’t cash?
            * I’ll put $100 on me…..what say you, lord of the flies?????

            1. Seb
              * “A verbal punching bag!”
              * LMAO: Yea, I thought so little man. Are you a man or NOT? Is that a yellow strip running down the middle of your back?

              * “Although, beating up elderly men may be your style.”
              * Were you an elderly wimp, when you threatened to use me as your “PUNCHING BAG,” or just a bloviating old cretin, pretending to be a man?
              * Did you wet your pantaloons Sebby-blow-sky? Were you a scared little rabbit pretending to be a man, when you threatened to use me as your punching bag? Are you now admitting your mouth was writing checks your a$$ can’t cash? You better run home and hide under your bed, so your wife can protect you…..LMAO
              * Let this be a teaching moment for you Seb! Do NOT issue threats to someone, if you’re afraid to back it up, someone may take you up on it!

  8. I hope we get a chance to see Lynch’s red “Trade Down” button some day. The trade down button can force a team to trade up with you at chart or better compensation. Every GM has one. I’m certain of that.

      1. Razor
        * Most political zealots know better than expose their insecurities……So what’s your excuse?
        * It’s a sports blog, remember? Let’s keep it that way, no one’s here for your political opinion(s).

          1. Razor
            There’s an old adage in Indiana about opinions, a$$ holes and everyone has one? Want to hear about mine? Yea, didn’t think so!

            1. Here’s another “old adage” from the great Indian hunting grounds of Indiana:

              How come every time you feel real good
              Somebody drops you a piss off bomb
              How come every time you roll the dice
              Somebody offers you the wrong advise
              Oh no not again, just when I’m feeling happy
              Oh no not again, just when you’re feeling fine

              Take it slow, don’t go fast
              Looking good never lasts
              Different day same old song
              Then somebody drops you a piss off bomb

              1. Razor
                * Don’t know if it’s an “old indian adage” but here’s an old adage you should consider!
                * It’s better to be “pissed off,” than “pissed on.” You into “golden showers?”

  9. I don’t get the discontent on Grant’s part with the Deebo pick. I favored AJ Brown as well, but do I really think anyone here is more qualified to select a WR than KS? I think it’s a plus to be able to work with a prospect for a week prior to selecting him. Also, just because AJ Brown slid does not mean you wait on picking Samuel. With all of the misinformation that is out there during draft time, there’s no way they can be sure of which team picks which player. Samuel pretty much universally had a 2nd round grade and that is when he was taken.

      1. Razor
        “Peelievers?” Really, Is that the best you can do? If that is an attempt at humor, it’s about as funny as a rubber crutch in a geriatric ward.

          1. Razmataz
            You’re a good sport, I’ll give you that. Little slow between the ears, but other than that…..not bad.
            Remember to keep your head where the sun don’t shine and you won’t get a sunburn.
            BTW: How’s your OCD condition coming along?

              1. Razmataz
                We’ll there is hope for you, as long as you’re not a blind squirrel looking for a nut! (seb’s taken). Now if you could just get the OCD under control!

      1. That’s my point, Grant, it’s very hard to tell, esp. because he universally had a 2nd round grade (even spot on at #36). I think the fact that they got to spend a week with him and coach him was an important factor in selecting him. Teams rarely get this opportunity.

        BTW: I agree on the Tim Harris pick, except that he was the best pick on day 3 of the draft, not the entire draft.

        1. It came down to Harry or Samuel for the Patriots. We got one of the best route runners and separators in the draft.

          1. The Patriots were looking for a receiver who can win jump balls downfield to replace Gronkowski in the pass game. Samuel is not good at winning jump balls downfield.

              1. They went after the player I mocked many times. N’Keal Harry. I did not think AJ brown would be available, but he was picked 51. The Niners could have traded back multiple times, and still could have selected Deebo, or if he was gone, AJ Brown.

              2. I wouldn’t get too excited about Bill choosing Harry, because of his track record at the position. A guy that can take a slant to the house is more dangerous than a big bodied, box out receiver, not to mention his special teams ability, A+ route running and versatility to play inside or out.

                “Could” have selected Deebo? Like in, I coulda been a contender?

              3. Sorry, I respectfully disagree. Belichick is a master talent evaluator, and his record speaks for itself.
                I coulda been a contender, but my own brother screwed me up.

              4. Seb-a-niah, come with me and lets you and I take a walk through Belichick’s wr record, and burn one:

                Braxton Berrios
                Devin Lucien
                Malcolm Mitchell
                Jeremy Gallon
                Aaron Dobson
                Josh Boyce
                Jeremy Ebert
                Taylor Price

                Anyone on that list scream “master talent evaluator” to you? Take you time. I’ll Bogart this doobie while I’m waiting…. 🚬

              5. I suspect they didn’t. Samuel doesn’t have the skill set to fill Gronkowski’s role in the pass game.

              6. Grant, let me get this straight, you’re saying that although the Patriots brought Samuel in for a pre-draft visit, they had no interest, and he wouldn’t have been able to take a Gronk slant to the house?

                You can get a receiver like Harry in the 4th or 6th round.

              7. Even with all those whiffs, he still won a SB.
                Belichick is so good, he can afford to swing and miss, because he has hit 5 grand slam walkoffs.

              8. N’Keal Harry was consistently around 35. That is why I selected him as the Niner second round pick in my mocks, many times.
                Belichick took him at 32.

              9. Just think how many more he’d have if he could evaluate the position in a competent fashion.

              10. The Niners have not won since 1994. Maybe they should win one, before we talk about competency.
                Belichick should be considered an equal with Bill Walsh , because he has done it in the age of the Salary Cap. Walsh drafted some doozies, too. The draft is a crapshoot, sometimes hitting your number, and sometimes rolling snake eyes.
                Yes, Belichick has missed on a bunch, but he has hit on enough to get 6 rings.

            1. If Deebo can give us 5-8 catches and 80-100 yrds per game he doesn’t need to win every jump catch.

              Except for Kittle’ play last year, the team did not have anything resembling consistency. The 49ers are in need of continuety on offense and Deebo is going to be a big help in that area.
              If Samuels had to make a jumpball catch on every pass then I’d be concerned. But that ain’t hap’nin.

              1. Barring serious injuries, the 9er running game should be improved.

      2. No one knows and it is irrelevant. Niners thought he was their best value (not someone else’s value) at that spot.

    1. My problem with the 49ers draft isn’t the Deebo pick. He was a 2nd round talent and he got picked in the 2nd round. There were still good WR’s on the board but the 49ers liked Deebo better. No issues on that one. My issue was with the Hurd and that GD punter. Lynch picked Hurd with Hakeem Butler still on the board. If you’re looking for a big WR then Butler is actually bigger than Hurd and he is an actual, you know. wide freaking receiver that didn’t quit on his team. The 49ers could have drafted a Safety or CB that would have addressed a major need in the 3rd round and then still selected Hurd in the 4th round. This draft will live and die with the performance of Bosa and Samuel so maybe it doesn’t matter. I just think Lynch has an attitude that picks after the 2nd round really don’t matter because those guys will only ever be backups. It’s just a bad approach.

    1. What a fictional thread put to rest by the coach himself very quickly and verbally quite clear! Grant Loves this TMZ news. He feeds off this to get clicks. You guys want accurate information just go to the real source Matt Maiocco.

      1. Yeah, MM has his cell phone number and texts with him. No organizational person from the 49ers blocking the door, but instead a direct line that KS’ own family uses. Assuming it’s all true, and there is no reason not to, MM is the guy.

      2. I like Grant, but whether it’s the twitter smear campaign against Bosa while backslapping Maiocco with his pious pen, the TMZ clicker bait, or using personal info on a poster that he had been entrusted with, to determine he was lying about being a coach; just doesn’t make it any easier to respect the author as an unbiased and trustworthy sports journalist….

      1. Like I said above Scooter, if there is any truth to this instance, it’s probably because KS was pissed off that he had to spend a fair amount of time evaluating punters (he made no secret of his displeasure). Lynch probably reminded him of their deal and KS reluctantly agreed. Some underlings heard the discontent and may have reported it. All of us complain at some time about something we have to do with respect to our jobs.

        1. I’m sure it won’t be long before Seb “puts 2 and 2 together” and realises this was a leak from Paraag as payback for Kyle’s quip about trading the team away behind their back. 🤣

          I jest, but tbh, I find that more plausible than the two have had a falling out – they have shown no signs of not being on the same page.

          1. Scooter, I already did that.
            Of course, he would try to throw one off the trail by claiming a coach did it.
            Who already leaked, got caught, was stripped of a title and banished, then was allowed to come back?
            Who did JL have to apologize for when the reporter heard Paraag disparaging a player?
            Who thinks he has more power than JL? Certainly not a position coach.
            Who is best buds with Jed?

            A leopard never changes its spots. It is just business to him.

        2. Cubus,

          This is the kind of scenario I’d also envisage. Kyle is a straight-shooting no-nonsense guy who hates having to go through the scouting process but understands the necessity. He has said so much in interviews to KNBR in the past. Both he and Lynch have said that they (and Peters) have had heated arguments over individual players. Some disgruntled staff (or ex-staff member e.g., in the erstwhile strength training group) may have misinterpreted their interaction.

          I have no reason to believe there is any deep philosophical difference between the two in how to build a winning football team. Nor do I believe that Matt Miller is lying intentionally. Miller just wants attention and clicks just like Grant does :)

          All this will blow over once Jimmy G is seen with at a club with his new date.

            1. She’s 45 — so sounds about right! I’d have recommended Priyanka Chopra but apparently she’s tied up with singer Nick Jonas…

              1. Like Marissa Tomei (only younger)? You’d better register your advise with Jimmy G soon, Razor. Bay Area often changes folks’ tastes and worldviews insidiously and irreparably after a decade of living here….

      2. Scooter, you think Stinky Pete Carroll is behind it? Afterall, he might have realized his team is inferior to ours and is worried about Wilson’s strength getting sapped. He’ll no longer be able to buy time to throw deep under a 3 prong attack….

        1. Pete Carroll feels sorry for the Niners, and does not consider them enough of a threat to do something like that. He will just let them implode on their own.

          1. Perfect application of Su Tzu’s methods. Lull the Seahawks into a false sense of security by having the 9ers appear to be weak and bumbling.

            C’mon Sebbie, you know it’s quite clever.

            1. The only problem is that the weakness does not need to be feigned.
              Pete Carroll gets a ton of intel from the Niners. Remember, he just signed Cassius Marsh.

          2. That why he’s bringing in the old hooptie Ansah? While we role out in the new Ford Bosa, driven by Buckner!

          3. Ha! More negative spin………..Cheatin Pete has never proven to have a handle on KS offense…….
            When the 9ers start to put it together next year, I’m going to verbally nuke the Seb’s. Your going to call me every kind of “hate-monger” name you can think of as a result, as well as try a few sun zoo/Jedi misdirection/pivot tricks…………watch for it.

            1. Saw, I am not going to hold my breath, hoping for another SB. I expect them to win 8 games, which I consider big progress, since it would double their win totals from last season.
              I do not know why you think I would hate on you, I want the Niners to win, too.
              However, I also remember the lack of talent and coaching, so I am just keeping it real.

              1. Not all of it Sebbie, but parts of it yes. I was laughing at the spelling though, it has to be intentional. It just has to be.

              2. It is a good read. I highly recommend it. It is a short read, but filled with wisdom, not only for war, but also living your life.
                Yes, they use that to diss it and try to make fun of me, but Belichick has read it, and used its teachings to win 6 SBs. He even has a quote on the locker room wall.
                ‘Every battle is won or lost before a blow is struck.’ That means. with enough preparations, the outcome of the battle is predetermined.
                Every coach in the NFL tries to apply its strategies and tactics. They call Zimmer- Zim Tzu. Well, maybe not KS, he seems to be a victim of those teachings.
                Bill Walsh was also a disciple of Sun Tzu, and his books- Building a Champion, Finding the Winning Edge and The Score Takes Care of Itself, takes Sun Tzu’s teachings to heart.

            1. It seems like it doesn’t it, but that’s because real journalism is on it’s death bed. A real journalist does not report without sources who go on the record….

              1. Yet we didn’t know who Deep Throat was until almost 40 years later. Only the nuttiest nutcase wouldn’t call Bob Woodward a real journalist.

  10. Well I’ll conti to say, no head coach and GM has ever been givin the rains to see a “rebuild” through. No coach in the history of this game could have came in here, torn down the mess, and built it back up in less than 3 years. Especially in the day of the salary cap. Some of you, including the blog commander have had unrealistic expectations since day 1. So the ones you should be upset with, are yourselves. You have it in your head that this is easy. “Oh man if we don’t win 9 games in year one, they should be fired”. That crowd shouldn’t exist in this nfl. But it does. So I say get over it. Let them boys finish what they started. If they fail, they will be fired. Until then, Let em play.

    1. Or they could listen some of the advice offered here, take the Cleveland route – churn through coach after coach, staff after staff, lose enough games year after year, amass #1 picks year after year…. Eventually fall into enough talent to finally get projected above .500

  11. Grant’s reporting on a Matt Miller piece. Lots of people have loved Miller’s takes on players and drafts, but now, apparently, Miller is a liar and a sensationalist just like Grant.

    This is a dysfunctional organization because Jed’s relationship with Marathe has been the one constant in all of the losing seasons. Marathe was there when Dr. Pee was running the show and he’s there now that Jeddy is running it.

    Just make Paraag the GM and get on with it. But Paraag would never be the GM because there’s too much responsibility and accountability with that gig. He’s not the wizard behind the curtains as the GM and he could be fired based on the team’s performance or lack thereof.

    Marathe always gets a pass because he’s never out front, taking the flack.

  12. Maiocco, Jennifer Lee Chen and others who are around Shanahan and Lynch enough to be creditable, have seen nothing. Kyle Shanahan calls it bulls–t. Story broke at 9:47.

    I notice, by the time stamp on the video, that by 10:01, Grant was out spreading “The Truth” (aka BS). Way to really research the facts.

    1. You guys know Grant does this stuff. He said he was going full conspiracy theory on us. He did exactly what he said.

    2. Grant was planning his periscope to start at 10 AM. This story broke at 9:47, but I am sure Grant had nothing to do with when Miller published his story.
      I would just call it a fortuitous coincidence.

  13. ‘Bad’ people…

    For Avenger Endgame fans, who’s the Thanos in all this bad 9er coach/exec behavior? Grant likely views himself as Tony Stark (Iron Man–the slight, snarky, moody, cocky dude).

    For followers of Game of Thrones, who’s the Night King, or Cersei? In this case, Grant would have made a passable Littlefinger–too bad he didn’t seem to make it past season 7.

    1. I don’t think any really fit Thanos. Thanos’ threat comes from the overwhelming scale of his power, and no one in the organisation really works that way. The Song of Ice and Fire analogy is closer, and in that case it’d probably be Paraag. Or Goodell, even, if you really want to dig into conspiracy.

  14. Best line of the periscope “Kyle is like me on steroids”

    Referring to Grant saying “Kyle thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.”

    1. “Kyle thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.”

      If Kyle didn’t think that way I wouldn’t want him as a HC.

      1. Didn’t Grant also take a shot at Chip K….implying that Chip believed he (Chip) was the ‘smartest in the room’?

        Gotta love 7th grade posturing.

    2. Let’s see: Grant doesn’t like KS. But Kyle is like him on steroids, so is the subliminal message here that……..

  15. Grant gets the past right. He understands the era of excellence, from Walsh to Seifert.
    This team isn’t anywhere near that braintrust and mindset.

    1. When I look at our roster, I can’t help but feel excited about where we are in year 3 of a complete overhaul.

        1. No but I get dizzy spells, nausea, cold sweats, hot sweats, fever blisters, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, blurred vision, involuntary trembling, dead hands, numb lips, fingernail sensitivity, and pelvic discomfort….

    2. So you envisioned Walsh after two seasons of 2-14 and 6-10 doing what he became later? ??

      I believe Kyle is on a similar path..

      Losing close games…Being an offensive wizard, and tactician…People questioning his personnel moves and play calling..
      People arguing his needs for “his system”.
      So when i hear these things…I think yall would have been hard on Walsh too….

      I’m not saying he’s Walsh…or that he’s going to be Walsh…but he’s damn near close to it as we seen since that era…
      History does have a funny way of repeating itself though.

      So does that mean Harbaugh was this generation’s Dick Nolan and Kyle will be Bill Walsh???Who knows..
      Time will tell. I hopeso though.

      But This is an Offense first team…make no mistake about it…he’s taking us back to those roots…

      I’m personally excited about the possibilities of what the future holds..
      This is OUR TIME now! 2019 and beyond..
      Let’s dominate!

  16. OMG not only did they draft a punter in the 4th round they went and SIGNED him to a contract! A four year contract at that. Are they crazy? Don’t they read this blog?
    They should be focusing on the relationship between JL and KS. Perhaps couples counseling would help. But we all know Marathe would leak it to the press in hopes of taking over the team as GM and HC.
    The Horror!

        1. Awesome. Iceland is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. What prompted the trip, and why the hell didn’t you go with, Seb?

          1. They went to a wedding, and afterwards, my son proposed to his gf in the beach. It was very romantic, and now you know one of my projects.

              1. Hey Reb, long time no see. Hope your rebuilding efforts are going smoothly. I have one friend here who just took the insurance money and moved away because he could not rebuild. He also said FEMA kinda jacked him around, with all the red tape.

            1. Seb, with all due respect, leave the bride and groom toast to others. No one wants to sit through a three hour recitation.

              1. Wait for his 20 point plan on successful honeymooning! Not for the feint of heart.

                The part on unforced errors has been banned in some countries….

  17. Thanks Rebuild for that link earlier on Cosell’s take. It’s exciting to think of the prospects of the young WR corp, but what does everyone think of the fallout yet to come? Dunbar is out. So we have (in no particular order):

    Goodwin, Matthews, Pettis, Taylor, Bourne, Samuel, Hurd, James, (Bolden, is he still on roster?) Six make it at best, but most likely 5. One or two may get to PS.

    Perhaps trade Taylor and James to Denver for Chris Harris?

  18. I wish I was a fly on the wall in the draft room to figure out if drafts were 100% Kyle, and what the others felt about all options during the draft. I think I’d agree with Grant that I am in the “underwhelmed” camp when reviewing the last 3 drafts. If it’s mostly run by Kyle, it makes me wonder if the “I’m the smartest person in the room” attitude is the reason for the questionable choices, and if John and Kyle are reaching at times to make sure Kyle get what he wants.
    I would think NFL organizations would keep track of scout’s ratings and team coach’s / GM’s ratings of players, and then a year or two after the draft go back and see if you can see who’s ratings were spot on and who’s were wrong. That way you could weed out the poor evaluators and improve the draft results. Don’t honestly know if anyone does that.

    I read some of the hype about Bosa, then saw the 265 weight and the injuries, and wonder if we’ll end up regretting his selection next year. We’ll see. If he and Ford prove less than stellar, our secondary may be in for some long days. Given the questionable state of the 49er CB’s, they really should have drafted someone higher.
    However, given their drafting of Witherspoon, I also wonder how good their talent evaluation is. Is the problem poor judgement at the top, poor scouting, or what?

  19. I am honestly trying to figure out the idiocy behind the claims that Samuel was a reach with the 36th pick. A simple Google search shows that most analysts were expecting Samuels to get drafted in the second round, with some predictions giving him the offset chance of being taken in the latter part of the first round but more likely in the early part of the second round. Heck, even some on here predicted that Samuel would get drafted by the 49ers with the 36th pick. But now Samuels is considered to be a reach all of the sudden. Why? Because Brown was still on the board? Was it because the current 49ers regime selected him? Someone please explain this hot take.

    1. Mid: I posted pretty much the same thing up above. Scroll up a ways and you can see the conversation it generated.

  20. How did the 49ers f$?k up the negotiations with Robbie Gould? They’ve had time and have the cap space. I’m wondering what went wrong.

    1. Have you ever had a girl you were in love with tell you she wants to date other guys, so you rebound with another girl. Then one day, your ex calls you to say she wants you back and you come a running leaving your rebound in the lurch?

    2. I think it has more to do with the fact that Gould wants to return to Chicago to be with his family than what the 49ers did wrong.

      1. Clearly he missed on how amazing and exciting it is to be within the Shanahan shadow! I mean none other than BB respects him so much he traded JG to him! Something must be really wrong with Gould not wanting to be on a team in ascension!

        If nothing else, maybe he was tired of the workload! He is getting up in his years and with Shanahan’s track record in the RZ he would likely be kicking quite a bit!

          1. It was all tongue in cheek brother. It’s all good. Just pointing out some the silliness that we see here.

        1. SY,
          “Something must be really wrong with Gould not wanting to be on a team in ascension!”

          I see the sarcastic humor here, but the real reason for Gould wanting to leave is that his family is in Chicago. He is also very popular in Chicago and would likely want to finish his career as a Bear.
          As I recall Gould said “once a Bear, always a Bear. ”

          It seems to be an oft occurring situation with older athletes who would like to play out their careers closer to home.

          1. I’m intrigued by this soccer kicker we have, Jonathon Brown. Spent some time in Cincinnati. Said to have a leg, and has worked his way up to achieve his opportunity. All he needs is some game experience. I’d like to see him be a feel good story just in case Gould turns out to be foolish….

          2. The team is in a tough spot now. With the franchise tag on Gould, he becomes the highest paid kicker in the NFL. This may impact/limit trade options. I’m not sure if the team can rescind the franchise tender since Gould has not signed it yet. It seems that the 49ers played hardball and were blindsided by Gould’s decision.

            1. Sure wish this could have been resolved before the draft. now the Bears can only offer 2020 picks.
              Although, they do have the Raiders second round pick.

          3. Oh I get that. Poking a little fun at those who constantly say how everyone wants to be a Niner now that Shanahan and Lynch are the new sheriffs in town.

  21. Couple points…
    1. Based on the slant whoever “leaked” this information has an agenda? Is it a disgruntled scout? Does Adam Peter’s believe he’s doing the heavy lifting? Who knows.
    2. Moneyball tactics that don’t lead to wins??? Theo Epstein disagrees, I would recommend a different example.
    3. I don’t disagree that it was a bad draft, but why bash their 2 best picks. I haven’t seen any experts bashing those other than Grant. Also Bosa was not drafted to play the Leo, he was drafted to play the big end/ edge rusher just like his brother does… and neither Armstead or Thomas is effective off the edge.
    4. As to the QB thing I disagree with this argument… in the AFC, KC and Houston both have rookie qb’s who are both really good… they are not just cheap. Chicago had a stacked team that couldn’t advance because Trubisky sucks… Also SF still has a ton of cap space after signing Jimmy Garapolo so they could easily stack their roster as Grant says… lets wait a little bit before calling this a trend.

      1. The Bears failed to advance because of their offense. Which includes Trubisky. They had a two-prong running game with a playmaker in Cohen, as well as decent receivers. Their kicker did not bail them out when they needed it.

        Trubisky has the potential to be good. Just hasn’t shown it yet.

        1. The Bears kicker cost them games where they could have won, and obtained a first round Bye.
          That double doink was also painful for them.

            1. Trubisky is a gimmicky QB. His last 6 games he had a 5TDs 5Ints once the league was adapting to that offense that was getting figured out. They did a good job masking that QBs deficiency’s. The Bears will take a major step back this year because he can’t play in the pocket.

              1. He was so far behind the 8-Ball when he came out as far as mechanics and experience that he’ll probably never be anything much more than that….

      2. If he’s so good why were they kicking field goals? Why did he only manage 14 points against the worst secondary in the league?

        The only team that scored fewer points against our defense was Oakland, even Arizona scored more against our vaunted defense.

    1. I think the Giants panicked and didn’t play their board. I don’t think they are immune to this behavior. Lots of teams seed stories to get other teams to react and falter in their draft strategy. I think the Giants and 49ers fell into that trap.

      I know there will be those that think my comment ludicrous, however, look at the Williams and CJB picks as indicators of similar behavior.

      Also remember at the time how people deferred to Shanahan’s expertise on evaluating QBs

  22. John middlekauf said his sources in the 49ers building say it’s BS I saw his periscope last night

      1. I am sure there were differences of opinions. JL like Q Williams, but he ended up taking Bosa. JL is intentionally taking players KS wants, because he wants to be on the same page as KS.
        KS just needs to let JL and his scouts do their job without meddling.
        Matt Miller is supposedly good friends with Baalke. Read between the lines.

        1. Excuse me, Shanahan is meddling? He’s the friggin’ head coach it’s kinda important he knows what type of players he’s getting. Of course he has major input with drafting and pu-leaze, John was more than happy to select Bosa once the Cardinals put all their eggs in one basket taking a microscopic QB.

          1. Look at Baalke. He ignored JH, JT and Chip. They were the Head Coaches.
            The coaches thought Baalke used their reports for toilet paper.
            JL is a remarkable man. He is a consensus builder and a leader. He and KS have a great working relationship, and he allowed KS to talk him into moving up to draft Joe Williams even though he was not on JL’s draft board.

        2. Seb:
          * “KS just needs to let JL and his scouts do their job without meddling.”
          Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be that obtuse, or make a bigger fool of yourself, you prove you can!

          1. KS convinced JL to move up to draft Joe Williams. How did that turn out?
            Assessing KS’s impact on the draft selections shows that KS does not need to be HC and GM.
            You act like delegating authority is a terrible thing to do. I call it teamwork.

      2. Maybe but when there was trouble in the Baalke/ Harbaugh era neither came out and denied it during that time there were crickets that’s how you know it was true. The difference this time is Shanahan clearly came out and called it BS no way he does that if it were true

  23. Grant Ferrell was projected to go late first to early second so it was more then just a reach lol. Still didn’t get anything close to the value of Mack and Cooper

      1. If you don’t know the distinction between reaching badly for the 4th overall pick in a stacked defensive class and reaching for a Punter a round early there is no helping you.

      2. Michael Silver
        Raiders would trade down from 4 if they got a decent offer… if they stay and make the pick I agree with the
        7:40 PM · Apr 25, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

      3. Michael Silver
        In Monday’s mock-draft exercise at Raiders HQ, which I shared here Tuesday, Mayock took Clelin Ferrell 13th overall after trading down with Miami
        7:48 PM · Apr 25, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

  24. I dont know why but I think John Lynch will call it quits and return to the booth. Then the 49ers will promote Adam Peters as GM. John is just a bridge until Adam is ready. Unless John doesnt quit things. Then I think it will happen instead of the 49ers firing him.

    1. I think JL will serve his entire contract, because he is in a great position, and he is back in the game. He will get into the HOF quicker if he can mange to win a SB within those 6 years.
      Sure, if they go 2-14, he will be on the hot seat, but I expect improvements, and if they can avoid major injuries, a shot at the playoffs. I expect 8-8, but winning a couple more games is possible.

      1. FWIW – I think it’s too early to speculate on the length of KS and JL’s contracts. Steve Wilks was not fired and Kyler Murray was not drafted by the football minds for the Cardinals. They were bean counter casualties here in AZ. You know as well as I do that the great football minds are Jed and Paraag and they don’t limit themselves to football analytics. They also lean heavily on fiscal analytics. Time will tell.

  25. Clelin Ferrell draft rankings.
    Draftek- 18
    Walter- 14
    Draft network-11
    Sporting news -8
    Ferrell was not a huge reach, and every team’s draft board is different.

      1. I heard somewhere that Mike Mayock did a predraft mock draft before the draft and he ranked Ferrell 15th on his board so YES that is what u call a reach

      2. Michael Silver
        In Monday’s mock-draft exercise at Raiders HQ, which I shared here Tuesday, Mayock took Clelin Ferrell 13th overall after trading down with Miami
        7:48 PM · Apr 25, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

    1. Seb,
      When it comes to draft analysts placing numbers on perspective players, I take it with a grain of crock.

      The fact that your list shows that no one was in agreement with each other proves to me that they are in the dark.
      Also, I would like to know how many of these sports outlets sat down with any of these players and had a one on one conversation, because as we know, it is imparitive for organizations who are forking out millions to know the players character these days.

      I have to believe that the teams top brass have much more information than the “numbers guys.”
      These guys seem to be getting paid for disagreeing with each other. That’s far from gospel to me.
      I’m just fine passing on their so-called numbers.

      1. I had Ferrell at 15, but I also had Miller, OT, UCLA at 25 when the Raiders drafted him at 15 last year.

          1. LOL, not hardly but thanks. I just get lucky sometimes, and sometimes I don’t. I had Metcalf like 22 and Greedy in that area too. I had Murphy top 15. It’s all a crapshoot, but the resources of the teams, and their ultra experienced personnel narrow it down to more of a science….

      2. AES, yes, but when the draft is over, one can look at where the players went and match those results to the rankings, and see which boards rang true.
        Draftek had Murray at 4. Some had him out of the first round.
        Sporting news had Lindstrom at 51, he went 14.
        They do spend a lot of time and energy formulating the draft boards, but every team has their own, for their own need and ratings.
        The draft is an imprecise science, but is is so critical for a team’s future.

        1. Seb,
          You came up with some of the best draft/trade scenarios of this board, but at some point we need to let the pros do their jobs.
          Lynch and Shanahan could have had AJ or Butler, but the fact that they picked Samuel makes it obvious that they got the guy they coveted. There were good players on the board in rd three, but again they got their player in Hurd.
          We don’t know what journey these players will take until they play. But I’m satisfied that Lynch and Shanahan picked the players they wanted.

          1. Yes, they are getting paid the big bucks, but they are also going to be graded by their picks.
            I submit to you, that there may have been superior options available. Hurd sounds great. However, he had concussion issues so severe he wanted to change positions, then quit on his team. He had problems with both shoulders, and surgery on his knee. One has to look at the risk/reward evaluation. High risk, high reward.
            AJ Brown and Butler were low risk, high reward.
            Personally, I would have taken AJ Brown and Hakeem Butler over Deebo and Hurd, but we will have to see how all 4 play before we can make educated assessments.

            1. Seb,
              “Yes, they are getting paid the big bucks, but they are also going to be graded by their picks.”

              Absolutely agree that they should be graded. But (to me at least), I happen to believe that it’s ridiculous to grade players/draft simply because the 49ers draft board didn’t match theirs.

              Let’s give these guys a chance to perform before we throw out the grades.
              I can’t really give Shanahan and Lynch a grade at this point, except to say that they went after the guys they targeted.

    2. Drafttk= Bosa 1, Deebo 78
      CBS = Bosa 1, Deebo 48
      Walter = Bosa 2, Deebo 34
      SportingNews = Bosa 1, Deebo 52
      Draft Network = Bosa 2, Deebo 35

      Oddly enough the draft network had Deebo above both AJ Brown and Nkeal Harry

        1. I doubt he had N’keal above AJ Brown either.

          I would have chosen Brown between the 3 myself (Deebo’s hamstring scares me). However, the wide receiver bust rate shows just how tough it is to select quality receivers in the NFL. Even the great teams whiff on these constantly. So as long as we improved a position of need and drafted a guy that actually should go in that area I have no problem with the selection and that is the reason I was fine with the Deebo pick but didn’t like the Hurd selection.

  26. Grading Seb’s commentaries over the last 7 days via Sun Tzu’s draft trade value Chart in addition to Lao Tzu’s

    Seb boasting that he proposed a 49er transaction before Grant and implying that 49er upper management cares what he thinks falls under 2 famous quotes:

    Famous Lao Tzu Quotes:
    1. Accomplish but do not boast; accomplish without show,
    accomplish without arrogance, accomplish without grabbing, accomplish without forcing.

    Famous Sun Tzu Quotes
    17.) “”Unhappy is the fate of one who tries to win his battles and succeed in his attacks without cultivating the spirit of enterprise, for the result is waste of time and general stagnation.” – Sun Tzu

    Final Grade: F-

    Seb broke every rule of the ancients.

    1. “Listen to the fools reproach! it is a kingly title! ” — William Blake

      Not every so-called-ancient (of days).

  27. 49ers sign UDFA,

    The Draft Network’s Joe Marino believes it’s time to put Wake Forest redshirt senior S Cameron Glenn “on the radar.”
    This comes after Glenn’s massive game against NC State where he racked up 11 tackles, four tackles-for-loss, and a sack. Marino added, “Wake lined Glenn up in a variety of places and used him in attacking/slashing role against NC State’s zone rushing attack.” Glenn has two “quality collegiate seasons” to close out his career and will likely be on the draft radar in 2019.

    1. I like Matt Miller, but I’m having trouble with his word “friction” which gave this story wheels.
      Since when does a disagreement between Shanahan and Lynch reach a “friction” level? Miller’ word description heightened a situation that never should have reached this conclusion.
      This was a poor example of journalism.

      1. I do think they had a spirited debate, with JL liking Q Williams, and KS strong for Bosa. In the end, KS won out, so JL kept things smooth by being on the same page. Sounds like they are getting along, and JL is a team player with a consensus approach.
        Just like here on this blog. Razor liked Bosa, and was defiant in the face of a lotta pushback. In the end, he was proven right, and everyone wants Bosa to get 10 sacks and help the team win games.

          1. I would have posted an over/under number. Kinda sticking your neck out….no? What’s with the Ra post? Were you having second thoughts. 🤣

              1. Whine,
                “Bosa Nostra” now that’s funny. Careful, you might be giving Razor a run for his money on nick names 😉

              1. Glad to hear that. A friend who is a speech therapist told me if you repeat the same thing too many times you may develop a stutter. Glad to hear that’s not your case.

      2. he probably just used the word that his sources “in the team’s scouting and coaching staff” used. it’s not like this was a 49er piece. this was just Miller reaching out to his sources in various front offices to get their impressions on the draft…

        GM’s were drafting safe, the Giants panicked and went QB at 6 instead of 17, the Cardinals botched their leverage with Rosen, and this 49er tidbit :/

        i wouldn’t be surprised either way since this is their 3rd draft. the honeymoon period is over. there’s not much evidence either way that Lynch is good at maneuvering the draft or at evaluating players. whether it’s truth we cannot say, but based on reports it sounds like the general consensus by draftniks & around the league over this time is that they haven’t been getting great value in the draft in order to “get their guy.”

  28. Just wondering is everybody knows Seb wanted the 49ers to trade back for more picks?
    Did everyone get this memo? So he can shut up about it?

    Gawd it’s like reading the same terrible headline over and over again.

    Dude.. we get it!

    1. Yep, JL did that in 2017. Now, they seem to be taking my draft suggestions, and doing the exact opposite. Red flagged injured knee players who quit on his team with concussion issues, were not on my draft board. Now, we have an ACL AND an MCL player. Such good value.
      They panicked, too. They got so much grief about the day 2 picks, they accepted non team friendly deals just to move back, but missed out on C Gardner-Johnson. I was incredulous that they actually bundled a player and a pick. So many declared that it was impossible, and will never happen.
      Why do I reiterate these points? so the Niners can learn from them, and avoid making more mistakes.
      The Giants made the same mistakes, and would not make a deal, then reached big time, then panicked. In hindsight, the Giants should have traded up with the Niners. They had the draft capital to do it. Niners needed bodies from the second round. For moving up 4 spots to take Bosa, the Giants could have given the Niners their first, second, 4th and 5th round picks (6,37,108,143) to the Niners, plus a 2020 second round pick to balance it out on the TVC. The Giants could have taken Bosa at 2, then an OL at 17, or maybe Jones. Niners would have missed out on Bosa and Q Williams, But Josh Allen was available at 6. Too bad Gettleman took Jones. With the acquired 37th pick, the Niners could have selected any one of the next players drafted.
      Greg Little OT, Cody Ford OG, Sean Murphy Bunting CB, Trayvon Mullen CB, Dalton Risner OT.
      Also Elgton Jenkins OC, Jojuan Williams S, Greedy Williams CB, Marquise Blair S, Erik McCoy OC, Ben Banogu and AJ Brown WR, were chosen soon after.
      Imagine, instead of just Bosa, the Niners could have selected Josh Allen and one of any of these other players. along with Deebo, or maybe any two later players. I would have liked Elgton Jenkins and AJ Brown.
      That, to me, would have leveraged that number 2 overall pick into tapping into that second round. The 4th round also had quality players, and if they had that 5th round pick, they could have selected MW there.
      In hindsight, I bet the Giants would have taken that fair deal, because they panicked, and gave away their second, 4th and 5th round picks for Baker. JL should have proposed that deal. It would have been a win/win for both sides, and I would have given JL an A for the draft.

      1. I am not trying to be rude Seb, but absolutely no one associated with the 49ers franchise cares what your draft strategy was or is.

        1. Guess what. I am writing like they dote on every word. If I were truly serious, I would flood them with emails.

          1. May I suggest you not do so? All that does is make you sound as sane as the people who marry inanimate objects.

            1. I kindly suggest- take my posting like Juan does. They will not hurt you, and you only get upset if you let them get you upset.
              Please scroll past, that is the quickest way to save time.

              1. sebnynah says:
                April 30, 2019 at 7:37 pm
                “They went to a wedding, and afterwards, my son proposed to his gf in the beach. It was very romantic, and now you know one of my projects.”

                Somehow this is Paarag’s doing…

      2. Seb…
        And yet a lot of others who have played, scouted and know about football say otherwise.
        But you roll with how you feel buddy.
        Nothing wrong with that unless you repeat it 59 times in two days.

        A side note. It’s kind of difficult when you post so many times. And they are as long as the day is.

        1. Nah, I am pretty sure more than 24 hours passes by when one is reading the long posts by Seb.

            1. Cassie
              * “Sebbie is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot, escaped from a Stanford”

              * CORRECTION: Sebbie is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot returned to Stanford for
              defective equipment!

        2. Md, it just takes one finger to scroll with.
          You will be happy to know I am about done with the trade back scenarios.
          Now, I am about to start in on the coaching…..

      3. The worst, most biased subjective interpretation yet on this blog…………..You better hope they suck like youve been saying in so many different ways, Seb–otherwise, not even sun zoo can save you……….

        1. Saw, I do want them to win multiple rings. You seem to think that a single negative comment means I want them to be perennial cellar dwellers. I make constructive criticisms so they can learn from their mistakes and avoid making further mistakes.
          Sounds like you hope they suck, so I am not proven right.
          I expect the Niners to win 8 games. That is doubling their win total from last season. How is that hoping they suck?

  29. From The Ringer regarding Deebo Samuel: “San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan has more say in the draft process than most head coaches due to his unique partnership with general manager John Lynch, so the 49ers drafting Samuel with the fourth pick of the second round suggests Shanahan has a strong sense of how he wants to use Samuel on the field. Samuel’s numbers at South Carolina weren’t exceptional until his senior year, when he snagged 11 touchdowns in 12 games. His otherwise pedestrian numbers don’t do justice to his play. He’s great in the red zone and in the open field, and unlike many college receivers, he is already an advanced route runner.

    That skill set makes him versatile, a crucial aspect to playing time in a Shanahan offense. Samuel could quickly become the best receiver Jimmy Garoppolo has ever had (unless you count the six quarters he played with Julian Edelman). He could also see playing time quickly. Wide receiver Pierre Garçon is gone, Marquise Goodwin has had trouble staying healthy, and while Dante Pettis broke out at the end of last season while catching passes from Nick Mullens, he profiles as a less athletic version of Samuel. If Samuel can eventually step in as the no. 2 receiver (behind tight end George Kittle) in Shanahan’s offense, he could quickly become one of the most prolific receivers in football.”

    1. There are other analyses similar to this on Samuels. His strengths are all in areas that receiving corps was weak in last season, so why the complaints about him from some of the fans?

      1. Because they all have their pet favorites. My favorite was AJ Brown, but that didn’t mean I didn’t think Samuel could work as well. Most people, including Grant, are seeing this as black or white, instead of shades of grey: it’s either my person, or s**t. So they think well, since my pick was still available, we could have traded back…but if Samuel is your guy, and he has the right grade, then you pick him. You don’t know where other teams have him on their boards, so why risk it?

          1. Hey seb, yeah lots of red tape we are making progress however the house we are in now in Chico was hit with flooding about three weeks ago lost stuff in the garage but house is ok, heard frogs hit the window the rest of the night. Going o make a shirt that says fire, flood, and frogs bring on the zombies and locusts. Feel butte county should change its name to hazard county. Calistoga Red was right ,it gets better over time but still lots of scars , not an easy path, but I am thankfull and great full, thanks for asking!

            1. Wow, if it does not kill you, it just makes you stronger. Sounds like a scourge of biblical proportions.
              Glad to see you keeping up your spirits, but I had no doubts about you. Being a faithful Niner fan, you are used to adversity.
              Googling Paradise, everything looks green, but then when I zoom down, I see all the grey home sites. Interesting, some houses survived. I am sure they are beset with survivor’s guilt.
              My friend Tim got burned out from the Tubbs Fire, moved to Paradise, and guess what happened?
              He feels cursed….

              1. My best to your friend Tim, a new neighbor here in Chico moved from Long Beach to paradise last June, he flew down three times to drive the haul trucks himself so nothing would be damaged lost it all in the campfire, is new house is three houses down from ours, had standing water from the flood so their flooring and some drywall needs to be replaced, they feel cursed to, they seem to be great grandparents.

                Yeah even though some green has returned lots of destruction remains burned out buildings, trees and cars every where, literally going to take years but people are working hard. My brothers and also my mothers house survived and are a handful of houses that weren’t burned in the Montana neighborhood. They diffently have mixed emotions. Very odd Easter at moms house but healing also, lots of mosquitos now!
                Hope the team does well mixed emotions there also, I am very happy with the two receivers, feel Hurd will be a jack of all trades like Delaine walker was. Super excited about Debo Samuel, listen to dynasty nerds podcast, wide receiver part 2 evaluations, they saw what I see on the film I have watched. I feel he could be special but I have been wrong before.

              2. So glad your family is safe. They are what are irreplaceable.
                I am not too excited about Hurd. I thought he was drafted too early, since Butler was still available. I am just hoping he can stay healthy.
                I think the Senior Bowl practices helped the Niners because they got to coach Deebo. I agree, he has the potential to be special, and it sounds like he is the type of WR KS is looking for.

      2. Mid… that draft hype is real.
        This is what most don’t get.
        Solid and great coaches draft players that fit those little needs they lacked the year before.
        This espn hype , fantasy football and Madden seriously turns normal Joes into armchair GM’s.
        Is there a disease name for this? 🤣🤣

        1. Yesss. It’s called STUPID!!! And not because it’s anyones opinion, or that they don’t see it like I do. It’s because they throw it out there like it’s gospel. Like whatever they write is correct, or whatever a commenter says is the truth. What they dont get is, it’s their opinion. And all this Grant tells it like it is bull crap. Grant tells it like he sees it, doesn’t mean it’s correct. I have no problem with Mr. Cohn. He makes you think of things differently. But those are his thoughts and beliefs. I may have a difference of opinion, doesn’t make me right, it means we agree to disagree.

          1. Yeah Cohn is always wrong…he said last year the Niners would win 8 games they won 4….This team stinks from the top down. Until Jed sells the team last place it where it belongs…..

    2. PK,
      High endorsement from the Ringer, but everything at this time is premature until the players hit the field.
      Still, I can’t help but to be excited about our draft picks.

      1. Of course it depends on production; but media needs to make their licks and make their money, so we have this cottage industry on analyzing drafts, predicting results, etc.

        I haven’t gotten around to writing out my thoughts on all the picks to join in on this of course…

      2. AES….
        you’re excited about th draft picks and you got them with 6-8 wins????
        What kind of Witchery is this thinking process? 😏

        1. MD,
          Ha. I think that 2 more wins then last year gives the team a little relevance and something to look forward to for 2020.

          8 wins puts the league on notice that we will be contenders for years to come. If we can get to 10 wins, we might need to plan for the playoffs.

          But honestly, I don’t want a little relevance, I prefer to put the league on notice that we are going to be in the hunt for years to come.

    3. Deebo was one of my favourite WRs in the draft and was a pretty obvious match to the 49ers (as evidenced by multiple draft resources linking him to the 49ers at #36 prior to the draft). I definitely think he will be a great fit and look forward to seeing how Shanahan uses him.

      One of the things many of us have commented on is how Shanahan is great at scheming people open, and that when you pair that with someone that also has a good ability to get themselves open through route running then good things will happen. They now have Deebo and Pettis who both look like they will provide that element, as well as good run after catch ability to make the most of catching the ball in space.

      1. In my opinion, I don’t agree with that, he’s better than Thomas on the inside. Unless Thomas and Street show dominance in camp, then I don’t think they trade any of them.

      1. The minute that $9 mill became guaranteed back in March was when you knew he wasn’t getting cut, and the chances of a team trading for him was slim to none….

        1. Yeah, if they can’t unload at least a significant portion of that salary, then I can’t see him getting cut. But if he is cut and picked up by another team, is there typically an offset clause that reduces his cap hit to the 9ers?

    1. That is crazy funny!
      I believe that even the clouds over NY Giants stadium spelled the “F” word.
      Thanks for the laugh MD!

    2. Good grief people, get a life!!! It isn’t the end of the world.
      Thanks for posting this MD. My favorite reaction was at the end where the guy just walked out of the room whilst his friend was laughing his head off.

      1. The NY/NJ fan base and press is a lot of fun to witness. That’s why I wonder why fans get so mad at Grant. You should see the Philadelphia fan base too.

        Im surprised at the restraint in some of these guys. Lol

        1. Sour… the eagles fan eatthat**ssy Guy was hilarious. I was so invested in his rants I had to watch his reaction to the Super Bowl win he witnessed.
          It was magical. 🤣

      2. Mid…. that was mine too. Because that’s what my boys would do to me, and I’d do to them with their teams.

  30. Kinda funny… Mike Golic and crew on ESPN this morning are already breaking down the top end of the 2020 draft. The conversation is getting shrill, given the raised voices of a few pundits. Perfect timing. Let’s begin shouting past one another over the 2020 draft. Hey Grant (Sebbie too…), how about a 2020 mock?

    1. Don’t worry, no matter how it shakes out, Razor will claim credit, defend why it’s the best miner draft yet, come up with inane nicknames for players that will never be used, overhype someone to do an about face without a hint of humility, lambaste anyone who calls him on his mistakes, etc., etc.

      Seb will do much of the same.

      Grant will predict many things that do not come to pass and some that will. Poster will only remember the former and forget the latter and skewer him constantly about it.

      Cassie will still post irreverent and snide if sometimes funny comments.

      Scooter will be a voice of reason.

      Brother Tuna and Razor will still be missed.

      Coffee’s comments will be pithy and biting and many times right on the money.

      The rest of us will waver among these.

        1. Exactly!

          How is it you post so much with those short little arms? Is it voice to text? I would think that Voice to text would be difficult with that huge jaw as well…

            1. Vacation in Tokyo. I need to score some plutonium so I’ll be safely away in the Marshall Islands for a couple weeks.

            2. AES, with these particular symptoms you have to wonder if Prozac was the right choice. These kind of manic episodes suggest to me that Librium might be a more effective management tool….

              1. Nah, SY is a good poster.
                Last year I was starting to take this site to seriously and it was a great help for me when I took a couple of weeks off.
                I came back refreshed and with a better perspective.
                The best lesson learned for me, was that if I’m letting a poster(S) get in my head it’s time to take a break.
                Now this may not work for everyone, but it worked for me. 🏖️

              2. AES has come a long way.
                He used to get bashed by certain posters that were in love with Alex Smith.
                He’s a new man. Lol Cheers AES

          1. No, he was referring to BT and rocket leaving this site, but included you, instead. You have not left this site.
            He also said it was the best miner draft yet.

            1. Reading is fundamental. I said Razor would State that in 2020.

              I did not say how I felt. For the record, I’m ok with the first two picks. Not sure how good Bosa will be though I acknowledge Grant’s, CFC’s and Houston’s misgivings
              about him. I also like Deebo, saw him play quite a bit, though I am not sure about his play at the next level.

              The rest of the draft is either ok or questionable. But we shall see.

              I did make a mistake regarding Rocket as you pointed out, however.

              This is what I get for typing stuff out on my phone and not with my reading glasses.

    1. I guess they will keep him this year as a depth option and let him walk next year to get a COMP pick.

    1. They should have traded him away, and gotten something for him, instead of now possibly cutting him, and getting nothing for him.

    1. I lostened to his interview on KNBR. A man of few words, very succinct. None of that fake display of excitement and enthusiasm that I see in players after they get drafted. I am guessing that this guy will be the Niners best receiver since T.O., and I say as someone who’s high on Pettis’s development.

  31. Here’s some film review of Bosa by the new head guy at NN (Kyle Posey). Man, I really like the way Bosa dips that shoulder and is able to lean towards the line of scrimmage to get even lower while running fast. As Grant points out that means that sometimes he loses traction and falls down, but he seems to win a lot more than he loses. Hopefully the poor field at Levi’s won’t impact his ability to get around the corner.

    I also like this comment by Posey: “What I like about Bosa is that he has a plan to rush the passer. If his initial plan doesn’t work, he has a counter. Not many pass rushers in college can say that.”


  32. 1. Giant fans are in need of some serious help.
    2.If the Niner’s stay healthy, I think they can win 9-10 games. They lost 5 fairly close games last year and I think they will be better with starters being back, the free agents and some contribution from the rookies.
    3. The hype around the NFL Draft is awesome to behold. They approach the draft like the best players who have ever played in the NFL are about to be selected, instead of the truth that about 1/2 the players will be out of the league in 5 years. The amazing focus on almost everything but production on the field never ceases to amaze me. But the hype has already started for the 2020 draft because lets face it the NFL is a giant hype machine.
    4. Can’t wait for the regular season to start.

  33. Dre Greenlaw vs Auburn….
    OMG!! Did Lynch & Shanny see any of this game on tape?? Greenland looks even smaller on tape. He is awful against the run (at least in this game). He doesn’t know how to get off of blocks, he appears to not know that he can use his hands and throw people off of him. He get pushed backwards like he’s on roller skates.
    This is clearly a special teams pick or maybe he can develop into playing in nickel coverage on 3rd & long plays.
    Watch it for yourselves, please tell me I am wrong about this guy. Yes it’s only one game but this is pitiful linebacking!
    What a waste of a pick! 😲

    1. They also picked up a player who tore both his ACL AND his MCL. I think they signed him just to thumb their nose at me.

      1. You would think they’d snub you Sebbie, but no, it’s not about you.

        PS… Greenlaw stands a decent chance of being a solid special teams player early. How about we see what unfolds in camp and preseason. Too much to ask?

    1. CFC –
      I have not given up on Lynch but that guy is damn good!

      I was thrilled we got Bosa and I like the Deebo, Hurd and Tim Harris picks. I did not like any of the other picks.
      I believe we have a legitimate shot at the playoffs if our studs stay healthy.
      Win those first two road games and we’re styling!

    2. Disagree big time. He had Andrew luck. Enough said. It’s like the guy in Green Bay, if the coach wins, he has Aaron Rodgers. If Ballard was here he would have neither and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t ha e drafted mahomes. The roster would look very different because he had his own philosophy. But I’m pretty sure I’d jed told him to clean house like John had to, you would have 3 years of top 10 picks

    3. Ballard wanted nothing to do with Jed and Paraag AND he chose Jim Irsay, along with a team without a head coach over the Yorkville Niners. What does that say about the team and it’s structure?

      The Niners will flirt with mediocrity for as long as the Mantis, aka Marathe is the voice in Jed’s head.

      1. That’s poppy cock, GM’s turned away from this job because they wanted to pick their own hc, like John Elway said, he didn’t hire Kyle because they would have butted heads over some personnel. All Gms want that. They want to run the team in their eyes. Not through the guys who will actually be putting these guys to work. And unless you have an elite QB or defense, a GM that doesn’t mesh with his head coach doesn’t win championships. That has nothin to do with jed,that has everything to do with ego.

    4. The Athletic did a post-draft evaluation using their consensus big board and Jimmy Johnson and Chase Stuart trade charts. The considered position value and need along with BPA ranking of the board. Then they came up with a draft ranking for the teams.
      The top ranked teams were Tennessee, Washington, Carolina, Buffalo and the Jets. The bottom five were Pittsburgh, Seattle, Oakland, Indianapolis and Atlanta. New England came in at 16 and Niners at 24.
      They don’t take their analysis as seriously as some others, but it does show how random (& meaningless?) these draft grades and evaluations by fans and pundits tend to be.

  34. Grant on Twitter…

    Follow Follow @grantcohn

    Scot McCloughan’s take on the 49ers’ top three picks:
    Nick Bosa: Good, not great. Quinnen Williams would have been better.
    Deebo Samuel: Slot receiver/returner. Zero in common with Pierre Garçon.
    Jalen Hurd: Doesn’t want to block. Not comparable to Delanie Walker.

    1. That mans 1st act as 49ers GM was to draft Kentwan Balmer… But let’s call him the greatest evaluator ever😂😂😂

      1. David Jeremiah gave the 49ers an A for their draft for the exact same reasons I did. Got the best player in the draft without the number 1 pick, and added two wr’s that will smash in this offense….

        1. Is he related to Daniel Jeremiah? The guy that works for the NFL Network, but used to work in the NFL as a personnel guy?

      2. He was under pressure from Nolan, or at least that’s what the story was at the time to draft Balmer coming off a massive Senior Bowl week/performance. Let’s not forget that he followed it up with the legendary Chilo Rachel.

        That’s the draft they passed on DeSean Jackson and Jordy Nelson.

        Bad moves.

        I do think Scotty Mac does have some football acumen.

        If you could take Baalke’s trading skills, Mac’s overall talent evaluation and John Lynch’s people skills and roll them into one GM. you’d get um, Chris Ballard?

      3. Oh yes, that blockbuster 2008 draft…Thanks Scot!

        Kentwan Balmer, Defensive tackle, North Carolina
        Chilo Rachal, Guard, Southern California
        Reggie Smith, Safety, Oklahoma
        Cody Wallace, Center, Texas A&M
        Josh Morgan, Wide receiver, Virginia Tech
        Larry Grant, Linebacker, Ohio State

          1. 2009 wasn’t any better.. So he must have been drunk for 2 straight years🤔. But again let’s call him today’s best player evaluator

        1. Great interview by Barrows at the Athletic:
          Good to hear from Scottie again. The man has stayed true to his philosophy that “football is a big mans’ sport”. Worked well in rebuilding the expansion team he and Nolan inherited.

          I always thought that he and Harbaugh would have been a great complementary GM-coach pairing. Scottie can do his work while playing second fiddle to a egomaniac coach as he showed with Nolan. Like Shanalynch, Harbaugh would choose the offensive players while Scottie would have selected the players on D.

          Scottie is old-school with not a whole lot of faith in player metrics advanced stats, etc. He seems to depend solely on game film and eye tests and likes big, strong, good-character, hard-working, versatile players who love football (the last four also prized by Shanalynch). Under him, the Niners assembled what Tolbert calls an all-airport team that looked physically impressive getting off the bus.

          His approach breaks down on three or four key positions where play making depends on imagination, mental strength and smarts including some cockiness, and perhaps athleticism over size/strength: the QB, receivers, cornerbacks and to some extent, the edge rusher. His vision of the power running with the bell-cow, short-passing offense is now retreating into history.

          Barrows listed Scottie’s WR selections:
          ’05: Rasheed Marshall (5B), Marcus Maxwell (7B)
          ’06: Delanie Walker (6A)
          ’07: Jason Hill (3A)
          ’08: Josh Morgan (6)
          ’09: Michael Crabtree (1)

          1. Also, Grant hawt take on Barrows interview is typically distorted by leaving out stuff that puts Scottie’s comments in perspective. Have to read the whole interview.

        2. Quotes from the Press Democrat…

          “Defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer, No.29 overall, 2008: He gets on the field for about a dozen snaps a game, either at defensive end in a three-man line or defensive tackle when the 49ers play four linemen. He has yet to make a significant impact, though McCloughan said he feels reassured that Balmer will justify his first-round status. Balmer is a hard worker who just needs to gain experience.

          Guard Chilo Rachal, No.39 overall, 2008: He was inactive for the first two games. Rachal has suited up for the past three games, but has yet to get into a game. Rachal is 22 years old, and probably would’ve remained in college for his senior season. But Rachal’s mom grew ill, and he had to make the jump to the pro ranks to help out financially. Rachal had tremendous strength. The club believes he’ll become a very good lineman, and at some point could make the move to a tackle position.”

    2. Grant’s tweet lacks context. Having read the article on The Athletic, here’s also what McCloughan said:

      “of the 4-3 defensive ends, he was the best I watched.”
      “He can be 275-280 pounds and he can play big. These undersized defensive ends, it’s like, ‘OK, can they convert speed to power? Can they hold up at the point of attack?’ The thing with Bosa, he’s a three-down player, which is cool.”

      “You know what, I like him a lot. I wish he was taller, of course. I think he’s a slot receiver and a punt and kick returner. I don’t know him personally, but people I know have told me he’s a great kid, great kid. He’s going to work his tail off. He’s going to show up every day and be the same person. Very, very consistent. He’s got big-play ability.”
      “Well, he’s thick. But he’s a different animal. He’s going to win with quickness and speed whereas Garçon won with toughness and thickness. Does that make sense?”

      “It’s a totally different competition level (they faced) in college. The thing about Delanie I fell in love with was the fact that he caught — whatever — (61) balls his senior year. He was a punt returner, a kick returner — he did everything. Back then it wasn’t a big (trend) to take a guy and make him a tight end. Nowadays, it’s everywhere.
      The thing about Delanie is he wasn’t a big-time blocker. He would compete, but he wasn’t a big-time blocker. “

      1. I remember Delanie making a crushing block in the Superbowl on a Frank Gore TD run from around 5 yrds out.

  35. I don’t know too many players that are comparable to Walker. He’s what. 6’1, 235/240 lbs, has soft hands, came into the league with 4.45 speed and could knock your block off. The Niners descent picked up speed once he left. That run game wasn’t quite as good.

    He’s a very unique player. I thought MarQuise Gray could be Walker-esque, but he can’t stay healthy.

  36. Jon Middlekauff on The Athletic has a better take on the Lynch/Shanahan report: https://theathletic.com/956032/2019/05/02/middlekauff-even-if-the-49ers-friction-story-is-off-base-the-pressure-has-never-been-higher-for-shanahan-and-lynch/.

    Behind a paywall; didn’t want to post the whole article because it’s long. But here is the main takeaway:

    “Does that mean there have no been arguments? Of course not. We would all be naive if we thought that any two NFL leaders always agree on everything. But let’s get to the reality.

    If Shanahan didn’t like Lynch, the GM would not be here. Same goes for Peters. The only reason Lynch got this job and even got an interview was because of the coach. Lynch was Shanahan’s handpicked guy. This was not Jed York or Paraag Marathe’s idea. This was all Shanahan. And 49ers ownership desperately wanted harmony, so York trusted the new coach.

    Why? Because Shanahan’s the boss. He received a six-year contract back in February 2017, just like Lynch, but for substantially more money. Shanahan also has final say on everything, if he chooses to exert that power. And unlike the Jim Harbaugh/Trent Baalke situation, when the power struggle was real, that really is not possible in this situation. Shanahan would win any power struggle with ease. He already has all the power and also is clearly the much more difficult person to replace. If he was fired, he would get another head-coaching job immediately, despite the 49ers’ poor record in his first two seasons at the helm. The same cannot be said for Lynch.

    Even taking the report on face value, if Shanahan wanted to move on from Lynch, he would then just be back where he started — responsible for finding a personnel man to help him run the 49ers. It would be his choice. Just like it was when he picked Lynch.

    Here is what I do know: People inside the 49ers building rave about Lynch’s leadership and ability to get the ship going in the right direction. The scouts who work for him think he is an excellent boss. I haven’t come across one person in the industry who has a remotely negative thing to say about Lynch. To my knowledge, his respect level in that building could not be much higher.

    Peters, who has worked in front offices run by Bill Belichick and John Elway, is known as an up-and-coming star in the business. He has been part of three Super Bowl teams and was a trusted advisor to Elway. The only reason he was allowed to leave the Broncos for the 49ers was because of Elway’s respect for Lynch. And through my own personal experience in the league, Peters is one of the more impressive guys I’ve been around. High character, excellent evaluator. Not sure what more you could ask for.

    Now, is it possible that certain issues have come up over the last several years that have caused problems? Of course. . . To sum this up — do I believe this is Harbaugh/Baalke 2.0? I do not. And I pride myself on not being naive to these situations. I’d be the first to throw a red flag if I heard some rumblings. But I won’t deny that, after two losing years, the heat is on. The fans are ready. No more talk or excuses for players and decisions. Just win some games and nothing else will matter.”

    1. No surprises, and pretty much sums up the thoughts I had on the topic as well. It’s nice having a coach that can draft wr’s, and scheme against any defense he faces….

      1. KS owns Joe Williams. He was not even on JL’s Draft Board.
        Like Pot says, KS gets his way. I am sure JL wanted Q Williams, and KS wanted Bosa, and they had heated discussions and riveting debates. Then they drafted Bosa, and JL was extremely happy they got him. JL is a team player, and it was a consensus decision, but KS probably also liked Deeno, since he coached him in the Senior Bowl. Maybe it is a good thing that KS gets the player he wants, because then he gets to coach him.
        However, he will also get the blame, when players like Foster and Joe Williams disappear.

        1. Big deal, Sebs.

          Walsh made his screw-ups, too. You know this. He moved on from them immediately, he didn’t belabor it-just like KS.

          Give me $20 bucks for every Walsh bust I can name??

        1. I’ll bet David Fales is there somewhere on the list….
          Also, WR Malik Wilson is still available — Niners picked the wrong WR Malik — Malik Henry :)

  37. WRT to Samuels pegged as ‘only’ a slot receiver by a number of pundits, Coach Cohn said the same thing about OBJ when he came out of college.

  38. NFL.com

    C+ Grade.

    San Francisco fans who spent the back half of last season rooting for losses — do we still call them Niner Faithful? — were NOT pleased when Nick Mullens quarterbacked the team to back-to-back December wins, dropping the 49ers out of the No. 1 overall pick. Fortunately, San Francisco still ended up with the No. 2 pick — and seeing how Arizona ended up taking a quarterback (a position the Jimmy Garoppolo-led Niners had no interest in), John Lynch was ultimately able to select the top player on his board. Hard to argue with the Bosa pick. San Francisco had already used three straight first-round picks on interior D-lineman from 2015-17, which sapped the allure of Quinnen Williams. And thinking about the 49ers’ defensive front — with Bosa rushing off one edge, Dee Ford off the other and DeForest Buckner coming up the gut — it’s safe to assume San Francisco won’t rank 22nd in sacks again. So, yeah, kind of a no-brainer at No. 2 overall. The 49ers’ second-round pick of Deebo Samuel made a ton of sense, as well. San Francisco lacked this kind of catch-and-run weapon. Deebo and Kyle Shanahan will make sweet music together. But after the first two picks, the 49ers’ draft went in ways that I don’t entirely understand. Hurd, who initially starred at running back for Tennessee before transferring to Baylor and transitioning to wide receiver, feels like the kind of gimmick player who’s a lot better in concept than reality. Then San Francisco spent an early fourth-rounder on a punter. With apologies to Rich Eisen, this does not seem like the best usage of draft capital. Think you let your jealousy of Seattle’s leg cannon (Michael Dickson) get the best of you, Mr. Lynch. The Niners came into this draft with a crying need for secondary help, yet they didn’t draft a DB until their final pick. There was plenty of CB/S talent available when Lynch got cute in Rounds 3 and 4.

        1. TomD
          Thank you. Looks like Henry has speed, quickness & good hands, but not enough video to evaluate ability to separate! He could use a little more sand in his pants and may have trouble getting off the LOS. He did address the issue, saying he needed a better diet to help gain weight & add strength. With all the WR’s already on the 9er roster, it will be a big step up in competition. He could be a candidate for the PS?

  39. Quote from another great article from The Athletic (this one about Kentavious Street): “The 49ers’ offseason hiring of Kocurek also might alter the nose-tackle position a bit. The 49ers don’t want the traditional, 320-pound run-stuffer at the spot. Instead, they are looking for quicker players who can fire off the line of scrimmage and attack the gaps in the offensive front. ”

    Given this fact, it definitely opens up the possibility of Street, Armstead, and Thomas all playing 1T alongside Buckner.

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