Do 49ers have “IT” factor this season?

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey (69) against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers have “it,” strictly lower case.

“It” has indefinable, intangible qualities that matter greatly to a football team. When Steve Young was a player, he always used to say the 49ers had uppercase “IT,” which helped them win five Super Bowls. For Young, “IT” had something to do with the highest standards of play and conduct and self belief. It was the stuff of champions. Young’s 49ers had “IT” with capital letters. They may even have had it in neon lights.

The current 49ers, to their credit, have lower case “it.” They are working toward the big “I” and the big “T.”

“I think we have ‘it’ so far,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said Wednesday. “Any team that finds a way to win consistently, no matter how or what type of win it is, usually people start to say that (team has “it”). But that has nothing to do with this week and going forward.”

The 49ers still must prove they have big-time “IT,” even though they’re 9-1. Because “IT” doesn’t come from winning games in September and October. “IT” comes from winning big games down the stretch and in the playoffs. And the 49ers have many important games left to play. Their next three opponents — the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints — each are 8-2.

Those teams have “it,” too.

Here are five reasons the 49ers should feel confident heading into the toughest stretch of their season, as they strive for uppercase “IT.”

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  1. One thing to consider on Jimmy G and interceptions…. is that Shanahans offense is complex and he is still learning it. Matt Ryan, as a seasoned veteran, threw 16 INT’s his first 16 games playing under Shanahan, the next year he threw 7, the fewest of his career, and went to the pro bowl and was named all pro (first and only time).

      1. Looking for the the Great White Shark to put a bite on a a ron this Sunday.

        So Grant looks for IT help, and the blog gets phishing spam posing as a reputed internet security company?!

        1. It’s pretty common to just use logs and search data to tailor phishing scams somewhat. Though I doubt that’s the case here, just looks like a random bot.

  2. The 49ers have the Internal IT factor. Obvious these guys play together and have a great team dynamic working. It really has been next man up. Genuine excitement for guys who have success when they finally get their opportunity. What the 49ers lack for the media types to gauge the IT factor is a superstar. Outside of George Kittle the 49ers don’t have a big name guy who’s been a major contributor. Jimmy G has flash but he hasn’t built the substance yet. Breida and Coleman don’t have super high Q ratings. The Ravens are the team with the IT factor right now. 49ers need to take that from them.

    1..2…3… Family!

  3. These next 6 games are telling…”the rubber meets the road” on this next portion of the season……we will know for sure when we go to Seattle… “IT” won’t look good if we lose 4-6 games then no “it” or “IT” …if we ball out and win 4 games or more than yes to the “IT”…….

    PS PRess Democrat won’t let me open the article without paying??? wtf??

  4. Benching Moseley would be a big mistake , they got lucky with him cause they didn’t know what they had , was pressed into service , and he’s kicked ass … they should keep riding there good fortune

    1. Why would it be a mistake? Surely the coaches are watching Spoon in practice to see if he’s up to speed. It’s not like E-man’s skills will turn to pumpkin at midnight if he rides the pine and adds depth.

      1. Because Moseley has played better these last 6 weeks than Witherspoon has ever played… throw in the fact that AW will be rusty and going up against an elite QB , not your best situation

        1. You may be right about the rust, but I have heard beat writers / analysts say that Spoon was playing better than Moseley is currently playing before the former got injured.

  5. Nice write-up Grant. Completely agree. The 49ers have been the hottest team the 1st half of the year, but we’ve seen it every year, its about who’s hot at the right time. This is usually the time the Patriots turn it up and when the real contenders in the NFC start separating themselves from the pack.

    I’ve said it before, but that 1st round bye will be huge. if we can manage to go 1-2 vs these teams, and win the rest, we should get that 1st or 2nd seed. That early bye really worked against us, especially considering this brutal part of our schedule.

    We need Kittle back healthy as possible for this final stretch if we really want to compete in January. We seemed to hit a bit of a lull these past few weeks in our running game especially. But the silver lining is that we’ve had to rely on Jimmy more, which seemingly is helping him mature into a better QB. I was really unsure about Jimmy going into this season, but I mostly like what I see, although there is still a lot to clean up there. I think he has a high ceiling, and his floor has come up quite a bit as well.

    Either way, its been an incredible season and I’m loving what I’m seeing from the youth of this team and coaches. Our future is very bright.

  6. Good thing is this team travels well, and possesses more than one poison from which to pick from if you’re the home team.

  7. I am cautiously optimistic about Packers. They like the short passing game to their RBs. Our Warner/Greenlaw will need to step it up and keep an eye on Aaron Jones.

    Niners 27-20

    1. Also, because despite last week’s pass interference penalties, Sherman is still ranking among the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Quarterbacks are averaging only 8.9 yards per completion and 5.4 yards per target against Sherman, and QBs have a rating of 50.8 against Sherman this year. You don’t take away the team’s best cornerback.

  8. Do the Niners have-IT? Very possibly.
    The other teams may also have -IT, but the Chargers shut down the Packers, the Falcons shut down the Saints, and Cleveland gave a 40-25 beat down to the Ravens.
    There are 4 reasons why think the Niners have -IT.
    The Niner defense is legit, and are playing NINER FOOTBALL.
    Like Grant says, the Niners are resilient, and seem to have good depth, so that when a player goes down, his replacement steps up and produces. Dwelley is a good example.
    JG is the real deal. Yes, he does make mistakes, and has bad luck with receivers bouncing passes to the DBs, but he moves on from his mistakes, and does not let them affect him. Tom Brady may see all 11 defenders on the field, but JG has played in 20 games, so he is still inexperienced. JG is a true professional, and does not throw his receivers under the bus, but states that he should throw a more catchable ball. JG has the touch and accuracy that I covet in a Niner QB, and his leadership skills are impressive. JG is the type of QB that can lead comebacks, which he has done many times this season. Now if only his receiving corps can improve, and they can sync up more, the passing game will be so dangerous, the running game will flourish, because the defense will have to defend against both.
    JG is the type of QB that can throw into triple coverage, and completes passes. I hope the Niners prepare him so thoroughly, that he can be the field general and run the no huddle with quick, varied snaps.
    The 4th thing that makes the Niners such a formidable team, with the -IT factor, is the improved coaching. They are not perfect, because KS should have settled for a tie, instead of letting RW defeat them, but generally, he has shown he can make a good game plan, and finish games. KS is learning to consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half, because he saw when other teams wasted time outs like a drunken sailor, and how they could not stop the clock, at the end. The Seahawks burned all 3 to stop the clock, but then had no time outs left, so KS should have just ran the ball to assure a tie. Last game, he ran the ball, and ensured the win.
    The loss of Hafley and Zgonina cannot be stressed more. Kocurek may have Ford and Bosa, but they are finally putting the players in their best positions to succeed, and the front line is the strength of the defense. Woods has improved the DBs, and his DC experience has greatly aided Saleh.
    Saleh has shown he can make quick adjustments, so he thinks quick on his feet.
    My catfish may try to start with 3 posts, but he is fooling no one. He tries hard, but just cannot help himself, and gives himself away every time.

    1. Just as expected, the catfish is trying to impress with a miasmal of words, and failed.
      A telltale for the ones that have been following me is “the improved coaching.”
      Everybody knows how I have been advocating for an OC. KS just doesn’t get it. There will be no playoffs without an OC! We still have time to fix it.
      My ploy to move Sherman to FS is brilliant in its simplicity and needs to be implemented ASAP.
      Nice try but you lose, catfish

      1. My ploy to move Sherman to FS is brilliant in its simplicity and needs to be implemented ASAP.

        Here is Talk to Transformer’s brilliant expounding on Seb’s brilliance! Seb himself couldn’t have said it any better:

        Regardless of whether Sherman is a great player, it has become the consensus that he’s one of the top corners in the NFL. So, with the passing trends of the NFL and how Sherman just tends to get burnt, the need for a veteran or young player is apparent. That player may be NFL long-snapper Nate Boyer, who has a good relationship with the club. Or Boyer might be the guy who would be cast on the outside in a 2-3-5 defense and attack Sherman from the slot. Or Boyer could be a guy like Coty Sensabaugh, who has great speed and also has great closing speed, which would be awesome because he’d be able to get to the corner, see that Sherman has him, and then go in for the tackle.

    2. As an educated man with a plethora of phrases at the tip of my tongue, I’m appalled to witness the incoherent mumbling, stumbling and fumbling of this catfish.

      He tries hard, but just cannot help himself, and gives himself away every time.

      Please get an education.

      1. Kaep was that rare jewel that got us to the SB. If it wasn’t for that miraculous hand of Sherman, we would have won it too!
        Compare JG’s rating to Kaep and tell me what jumps out at you.
        This team with Kaepernick at the helm would be 10-0

        1. You, I hope, are aware that we didn’t play Sherman in the SB, right? You, I hope, are aware that the 49ers and Seahawks can’t actually play each other in the SB, right?

  9. I believe the 49ers have one weakness and one weakness only. Very bad karma. I have closely followed pro football for almost 60 years and I don’t think i’ve ever seen a team have the injury problems over 3 consecutive seasons that this team has experienced. It hasn’t been their training staff. It hasn’t been their conditioning staff. It hasn’t been the way they practice or who they draft/sign. It has been just terrible horrible luck and I don’t want to hear that its just part of the game and good teams just deal with it. That may have been true pre salary cap but in the cap era the teams that get to or win SB’s are the teams with great health (luck) that season. I don’t know what York or Shanahan did in an earlier life but they need to have a Karmic cleansing of some sort. I guess my point is if this team can ever get 90% of their injured players on the field at the same time they should be the favorite in the NFC to make the SB and to win it all. imho

    1. (response to OldCoach)

      Three years ago there was a Niners Nation piece showing 49ers had far more loss play time to starters due to injury than most teams 2014-2016. Since 2016 the injury curse has continued.

      That’s why I’ve had a hard time making preseason predictions.
      – 6-8 wins if the injury curse continued (thankfully I was wrong about that)
      – A dangerous post season predator if they got a handle on injuries.

      When did it all begin? 2013 postseason was a brutal 3 game road trip thanks to a bogus roughing penalty on Brooks for sacking Drew Brees. An increasingly contentious relationship between Baalke and Harbaugh didn’t help.

      1. Brodie,
        I am getting so tired of it. I hold my breath every time a players hits the turf fearing that he won’t get up. Every season I tell myself that this is the year it stops and every year i’m wrong.

        1. Well said old coach
          I’m in the same state of mind.
          I “complained” the other day about not being able to enjoy a win. Every game a piece is out.
          It’s old. But damn they’ve got to be due, for a healthy stretch.
          Maybe it’s aligned for them to get theirs now and be healthy by the end of the season.
          To start a streak of health for the next three years and reverse the curse

      2. Its tough to call it a curse when they continue to draft guys with big time injury issues coming out of college, and with free agents also. Aside from the obvious and obligatory ACL picks, they continue to go after guys coming off an injury or ignore the obvious injury concerns that even the common fan can see. Loo at Ford and Kwon having big injury concerns, and look where they both are now.

        1. At first I Was OK drafting players with injury histories. The 49ers had a packed roster, and comp picks were not tradeable at the time. Didn’t see harm in red shirt seasons because NFIs are RFAs after their final contract season.

          I was not OK with things when Baalke started drafting injured players after 2014 when the roster was depleted. He kept taking these guys as if to prove a point.

          I like Lynch and Shanahan. The results are good. But they spend big time cap space on older and/or hurt players.

          Pierre Garcon
          Malcolm Smith
          Jerick McKinnon
          Dee Ford
          Kwon Alexander

          If Ford and Alexander ultimately turn out to be long term contributors than great. It’s what we all want. Richburg was on my wasted cap cash list, but he’s doing great this season. I’m holding out hopes for Ford and Alexander.

          Never mind all the patient “build for the long term” stuff Lynch always says. Lynch and Shanahan have been in “win now” mode from the very beginning. If it works, great. If not we blew alot of cap space.

          1. Football is a game that invites injuries to anyone at anytime. If they have had a lot of injuries in their career and they are in their 30’s, then sure you probably want to avoid them, but Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander were not injury prone with their former teams. Alexander didn’t miss the majority of a season until his final year in TB when he tore his ACL. That injury had nothing to do with him tearing a Pec this year. It’s just bad luck as mentioned. Dee Ford started almost every game in 4 out of 5 seasons with KC. Do you look at the outlier of one injured season and decide not to trade for him? If you do that there isn’t going to be many players to draft or sign. All you can do is look at the body of work and see if that player fits what you want. Looking at the possibility of injury is a fools errand. Any player can have a season ending injury at any time in many different ways. That’s football and the 49ers are not the only team suffering from injuries in this league.

          2. Yes I like them too, but they have their fair share of head-scratchers in FA and the draft. Their saving grace seems to be how well they’ve drafted in the mid to late rounds, which have really been the building blocks to this turn around. Also a few under the radar signings and re-signings such as Person, Tomlinson, Ward, Kwaun. Overall the future is bright. I wish we could keep both AA and DB, but Buckner would be my top choice of the 2, they need to make that happen.

            Should be interesting how they approach off-season from an entirely different position in terms of draft position, cap space, and overall status. They’ve all been in aggressive rebuilding mode for the past few years, now how to you maintain and stay successful.

      1. Hell no to AB…….he is a law suit waiting to happen

        3 years from now he will prob be in Bankruptcy Litigation….no thanks

  10. ESPN is currently paralyzed by hand wringing over Myles playing the race card during his appeal to the NFL. They can’t talk about anything else, aren’t getting anywhere in the discussion, and it’s probably unprovable He said/ He said dispute.

  11. We are going to eat some cheeseheads on SNF! 9-1 and we still have doubters? haha the media is never satisfied, lets bring IT.
    I expect the niners to go up infront of the cheeseheads early in the game and will have Aaron Rodgers playing catch up all game long.
    1 Half – 49ers 24-Packers 13
    End of game score will be 49ers 34-Packers 27

    Go Niners!

  12. Their next three opponents — the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints — each are 8-2. Those teams have “it,” too.

    Do those teams get one uppercase – an It or iT – due to recent season success the Niners haven’t had? Or does player and coaching turnover make that “meaningless”? The Packers still have Rodgers, the Saints Brees and Payton, the Ravens Harbaugh, those guys know what a late season stretch run is all about.

  13. Will be excited to be in my season ticket seats with my law school buddy and his son (big Cheeseheads; the buddy was born in Green Bay, lived in North Dakota during his childhood).

    Areas of concern:

    1. Packers cornerbacks vs. Niner receivers. King and Alexander are becoming the best young cornerback tandem in the league (yes, better than Moseley and Witherspoon), and with Savage earning his stripes at FS (how I wish the Niners had been able to draft him), the Packers secondary is going to be a major advantage over the Niners receivers. It will be tough for the receivers to get separation, and any tipped balls will most likely end up in interceptions. Need Kittle to be active, so he gets 15 targets in this game and the Niners don’t have to rely on the receivers beating the cornerbacks.

    2. The Smiths vs. McGlinchey/Skule. Preston and Za’Darius Smith have been great this year for the Packers, and given the deficiencies in McGlinchey’s pass blocking (I actually think Skule will hold up better than McGlinchey), this could result in a lot of rushed throws by Jimmy G (which, with the Packers secondary, will likely result in at least 1 or 2 interceptions).

    3. Aaron Jones running against the Niners. The run defense has taken a step back, and Aaron Jones running the ball is a recipe for concern. Because if Jones is able to establish a strong running game for the Packers, once the linebackers start creeping up Jones and Jamal Williams will hurt them with their plus pass catching abilities.

    The Niners need to come out of the next 3 games with at least 1 win, and the Packers are the best chance for that victory compared to the Ravens and the Saints in New Orleans. So, even with these areas of concern, I see this game being a lot like the Steelers game in Week 3; close, Niners down at some point in the game due to a turnover, but eventually pulling out a close one. Niners 27, Packers 23.

    1. The Packers defense is not good against the run or pass. The 49ers offense should have a lot of success against them.

      The Smith brothers have been good, but not good enough to stop teams from moving the ball at will against this defense.

      Other than giving up a 100 yard game to Kenyon Drake the first time they played AZ, the defense has done a decent job against opposing RBs. Where they have struggled is containing the mobile QB’s they’ve faced over the last few weeks. Rodgers is mobile but he’s not Kyler Murray. He may run for a couple of 1st downs but he’s not going to put up big rushing numbers.

      I agree with you that they need to come out of the next 3 weeks with at least 1 win, but if healthy I think this team can beat anybody. The Seattle loss actually cemented that belief for me. If they can be in a position to win playing without some of their best players against a good team while also gift wrapping 21 points to them, that tells me the Niners were clearly the better team undone by misfortune and mistakes. I’ve watched every game both SF and GB have played and the Niners are clearly the better team. The only way the Packers win is if the Niners are missing key players again and commit stupid mistakes that cost them points for and against.

      At least you aren’t moaning and predicting failure like some on here. I appreciate that.

    2. What are you on? The Packers defense is not good.
      They started off good, but then again they played whack offenses.
      They’re giving up almost 70 percent on pass plays.
      The secondary is trash.
      The whole team is trash.
      I’ll say it again. The only teams that scare me as a niner fan is Baltimore, NO, Cardinals and Patriots. And a healthy Chiefs team.
      The packers are overrated and should be in the Carolina slot. Playoff team. Not title contenders

      1. It is not good, but neither is McGlinchey against the rush or the Niners’ receivers against tight coverage. Regardless, I predicted a Niner victory.

  14. So Pettis is truly a bust……?

    Hard to believe after we saw him last yr….

    But if it looks like and plays like it…..must be a bust

    1. Pettis made his mark in College returning Punts…..this team is trying to turn him into a fulltime wideout…

      He needs to go to a team and return Punts….

  15. Close win this Sunday night for the Niners. Defense will find a way to ground Rodgers as long as the defense contains Addams.
    Bears D keep Rodgers contained in the first game of the season and our defense is as good of not better than the Bears.
    Niners wide receivers will need to catch the ball and Jimmy needs to keep his passes on target not high.
    With Kittle back the run game should start showing up.

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  17. Hmmm. Last year. 33-30 loss at GB with CJ at the helm and 3 turnovers. This year, at home with Jimmy behind center with a much, much better defense. GB’s defense is average, but they have Rogers. I’m seeing another shootout. Haven’t placed a bet yet but leaning toward Niners -3 and the over (47 1/2). That could change slightly getting closer to game time. Their offense is slightly better because of Rogers. Our defense is way better. Overall advantage to SF.

    SF 28 GB24

  18. Other than my post at 9:55, this is my second post.
    Five things I want to talk about.
    Kaep is accurate, with his 53 out of 60 completions in his workout, and I saw him throw with touch, over the LBs and in front of the safeties, many times. He has thrown a 400 yard game, and in college, he was the first player to pass for 10,000 yards and run for 4,000 yards. He has a 90.7 QBR, which is decent.
    Attrition is part of the game, and the Niners should obtain fully healthy players, instead of bargain basement players with an injury history. There have been way too many teams that have failed to win a SB because of injuries.
    Maybe the Niner coaches should not coach their players to play with violence, if they want to have less injuries.
    The Packers do have weaknesses, and I hope the Niners exploit them. I hope the pass rushers can get a hand up in the air, so Rodger’s line of sight is disrupted. Maybe get a tip, with a pick. I think they can rush Rodgers with only 4, and collapse the pocket to contain Rodgers, and get some sacks. I think they will keep Jones under 70 yards.
    I hope they give Richie James more snaps, and they line up Julian Taylor inside. Bosa needs to stop crashing inside, and leaving his side open. Wilson needs more snaps, running inside, and getting more involved in the passing game.

    1. Dang this catfish’s writing is getting good! The fact that he says he only posted twice today is a dead giveaway though that he is an imposter.
      I post two posts in the morning
      I post two posts at night
      I post two posts in the afternoon
      It makes me feel all right
      I post two posts in time of peace
      And two in time of war
      I post two posts before I post two posts,
      And then I post two more.
      I will not be outposted!

  19. Doesn’t really matter Seb. If Kap was 130 of 130 while having 53 guys rushing him, it still wouldn’t matter. Right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. He’s kryptonite. Self inflicted. No OWNER will ever sign him. As Paul Zimmer would say, “I guarantee it”! Bet?

    I have to say, the Sebfish does Seb as good, or bad, depending on how you look at it, as he does. Both are quite palaverous. ;-}

    1. I like to think out of the box.
      We should sign Kaep, but use him as a RB to sow some confusion. Maybe even have Breida throw some long balls.
      The important thing is to not let the opponent shape you. Pass when they expect run, and run when they expect pass.
      Surprise is the ultimate weapon!

  20. Sure seems like this place is in a recession. Biggest game of the year coming up and it’s crickets. Maybe the fact that roughly a third of all comments are from one guy or his doppelgänger?

    1. Yes Jack…..Maybe folks are trying not to jinx the team???…..and yes the legend of Seb is getting out of hand…now there is three of them…yikes…..

      I really hope to see Kittle Sunday,, if team can get Kittle Sanders and Samuel on the field relatively healthy we will torch em….the pass may open up the run game……

      Bosa should get a sack or two… thinks Rogers is not as mobile as the last two QB’s we have seen

    2. Could be… theory is that lot of the guys might not have anything to crib about. Wait till a couple of losses pile up and we will see if my theory holds good.

    3. That’s definitely part of it for me. This site has become more about Seb’s disciples than about the 49ers. I still check in regularly, but not really getting much inspiration to contribute.

      Strangely, part of it is there just isn’t really that much to discuss. The team is good. We’ve all covered that. To the point where while some players are being nit-picked, aside from a bit of a heated debate on JG a couple weeks ago nobody really has their heart in complaining about a player to create much debate.

      1. We could always explore the approach to the 2020 draft. Here’s what the 9ers currently have…

        Round 1 (own)
        Round 5 (own)
        Round 5 (via Broncos in Sanders trade)
        Round 6 (own)
        Round 7 (own)
        Round 7 (via Lions in Eli Harold trade)

        Going in, drafting toward the end of the 1st round, and not picking again until the 5th will present a challenge. Of course, much can change later this winter.

  21. Yes, my catfish is making this site unpleasant as possible, so many posters do not want to post here. Guess they think that being obnoxious is making them look clever. Blame them, not me.
    Yesterday, I posted twice, so my catfishes did the rest.
    I am going to continue to post about the team I love, and make comments on strategy and tactics.
    In this upcoming game, I hope they put Moseley on Devante Adams. Otherwise, the Packers will do like the Cards did with Kirk, and line him up against Sherman.
    I would like to see the Niners run left, let the defense flow to that side, then have the RB cut back and run to the right. This would take advantage of their defensive speed, and use it against themselves. Mostert and his speed can turn the corner. More snaps for Wilson would help the run game.
    I really hope they go conservative with Kittle. Yes, he could help the team, but he could also be limited, and further injure his knee. With Dwelley playing so well, it is not critical that Kittle returns, and JG seems to be in sync with Dwelley.
    I really think Saleh is going to take away Jones, so the Packers will be one dimensional. Can Rodgers beat the Niners with his arm? Maybe, but if the Niners can generate a pass rush with 4 players, that will leave 7 in coverage. Other than Adams, I do not think the other receivers are a big threat.

    1. It must be clear to anyone reading and doting on every word coming out of my brilliant mind that I would never cast aspersions about people posting to much on this blog.
      Only a catfish would.
      If you don’t like my posts, just scroll past.
      I’ve always strived to make this blog a pleasant experience with my whip and quip!
      I’m the victim.

    2. Really?

      Guess they think that being obnoxious is making them look clever.

      To have this coming from the master of annoyance is rich. For years you have aggravated, insulted and attacked people. People have left because of YOU!
      Now that the tables are turned you say ” Blame them, not me.”
      To see you whining about this like a HS kid who got his first ticket is ‘poetic justice’ (PT)

      1. agree click…..For years you have aggravated, insulted and attacked people. People have left because of YOU!

        Paul the real bottom dweller Russion River Carp never had class…..

      1. I actually didn’t think The Godfather III was that bad; once I understood the plot (though, it is no Godfather I or Godfather II).

        1. As a parent of a daughter, one of my favorite Al Pacino scenes is at the end of Godfather 3, where his daughter takes the bullet meant for him, and dies in his arms; capturing the pain and heartache, and drowning the viewer in a watershed of emotion.

          I also thought the way the executions were choreographed into the operatic score was rather clever and entertaining, and of course the climaxing death of Don Altobello ever so satisfying….

    1. Yes great night to score about 38 points…..send the cheese heads home with a loss

      I am hoping Rogers meets Bosa a few times…should get the D jacked up

  22. I have consistently been civil and respectful to most posters. Some think they can attack and hurl insults, but if I respond in kind, I am the one in the wrong, and all my detractors are absolved of any blame. I never start it, but I do like to have the last word.
    Like Grant says, I am the one abused, I am not an abuser. Fortunately, I have a thick skin.
    Bullies are like that, they can dish it out, but whine and cry when some one responds in kind. They think I am the only one who hurls insults and invective, but it is all archived. Now, they are guilty of schadenfreude, delighting in these catfish attacks.
    I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, but some want to use me as a pinata, when all I want to do is discuss the Niners in a calm civil manner. Sure, I like to differ, present new ideas and can enjoy a debate, but the vitriol and hate is coming from them, not me.
    Generally, I have stuck to football, but my stand on Kaep generates the same kind of pushback Kaep gets. Unreasoned hate. Still, the NFL tolerates women beaters, whipping a child, drunk drivers and drug addicts, but heaven forbid a player exercising his right to protest against police shooting unarmed civilians in the back. Conversely, it seems to me that they want to defend the rogue cops, and their heinous actions. Kaep’s methods may be counter productive, but I admire his courage, while also think he is talented enough to play in the NFL, especially with all the drek QBs struggling. Sure, he may be blackballed forever, but politics may be going in a new phase, for the better. I think Hoodie wants to win so much, he will tolerate the ABs of the world, so Kaep is superior to Stidham, and Kaep would be an upgrade. He would provide better insurance, if Brady finally feels his age, or becomes injured.
    Back to the Packer game, Bosa needs to stop crashing inside, giving up the edge, and stay on his feet, if he wants to be more effective. I look to Buckner and Armstead having a good game.

    1. Like Grant says, I am an enabler. Fortunately, I am kinda thick and will shoot myself in the mouth repeatedly.
      Luckily it’s all archived and you can see that I started calling people trolls and other names from day one if they didn’t agree with me.
      I like talking about myself.
      I am the victim.

    2. Sebnynah, you are one confused dude. I understand that at your age the world is a little confusing but take some responsibility for your actions. Whatever is happening to you, you brought it on yourself. NO ONE else has so many negative reactions as you. NO ONE has as many posts as you. NO ONE has been asked to get lost as often as you. Stop hiding behind Grant and using him as a justification for your actions. It’s just his opinion. Are you going follow Grant on how to dress like Grant too?
      If you were to have a poll to see if you were a nuisance than, I bet more than 90% would tell you to get lost.
      You have admitted in the above post that you are a bully and now that you have found your equal, you cry and whine and look to Grant to save you once more.
      Have some balls, apologize and CHANGE!
      Many people would appreciate it.

      1. This deserves a response. I have engaged many posters, but I certainly have not been bullying them, like they do to me. If you look at all my posts, I have tried hard to be civil and respectful, but it seems I bring out the worst in some. Yes, I return some salvos, but I certainly have not been the instigator, although I do take up where we left off, with some of my more determined detractors.
        I post here not to be winning a popularity contest. I post here to give my opinion on how the Niners can improve, and win games. I like talking about the players, and how best to utilize their skills. Guess some cannot act like mature adults, and think hurling insults and invective make them look smart Your intolerance to my posts does not make you superior to me, and your judgement on what constitutes good behavior needs adjusting. I did not admit to being a bully. I intensely dislike bullying, since some make a sport of it. Most blog sites have rules and protocols, but Grant seems to let things go, because he knows that the ones who hurl spite and invective, are the ones who look bad.
        Maybe you should apologize for your insults and abusive behavior. Your intolerant screeds have nothing to do with the Niners. The Niners are 9-1, and you cannot think of a thing to say about what strategies they need to employ so they can keep winning. You would rather attack me, for some reason.
        I will apologize to the ones who are civil, and just want to talk about the Niners. They are the ones who do not deserve this rodeo. They see that I try very hard to be civil and polite, and try very hard to stick to football. You cannot complain that I am posting way too much, when it is the catfish that is responsible for most of these posts. Yes, some have left this site, and some do not dare post, because they see what I have to put up with. They just must feel like they would get the same treatment, if they had the temerity to post something that some in the peanut gallery would object to.
        I have changed, I am now not engaging with other posters, and will just stick to writing my comments, with no expectation of a response. I have repeatedly asked posters to just scroll past, but like a moth to a flame, you just cannot help yourself.
        Maybe you should change, yourself, by growing up, and acting like an adult.I certainly do not like your posts, but I also do not tell you to get lost. A person with more character, would give kudos, when I advocated for Dwelley to be used more as a receiver, Richie James should get more snaps, and called for Jeff Wilson and Julian Taylor be activated for the last game. All those things helped them win against the Cards.
        Maybe the best advice, would be to stick to football. The Niners are poised to making the playoffs, and many want to jump on the bandwagon. They have exceeded expectations, and I am jumping for joy.
        I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who wants to write about a team I love. Guess you cannot handle that.

        1. What a pompous prick you have grown into paul.
          Like a real bully, you attack the people that are trying to help you!
          If it wasn’t for people like Click and catfish you would still be assaulting everyone.

          You are the victim of your own mind
          But I guess you cannot handle that……

          1. Even though you make a good point, Dee Phiant there is no need to belittle someone with a mental illness. Delusion can run very deep and he is clearly projecting.
            Sebnynah’s tortured soul has very little stability and like he admitted above, it takes very little to throw him of kilter. If he’s on the mend, let’s welcome him. Let’s give him the community he so desperately seeks at this young age so he can grow into a stable, mature man.

          2. Good ol’ Doxie Dee, you hurl insults, the claim I am the bully.
            Blame the victim. It is the MO nowadays.
            With ‘friends’ like click, who needs enemies?

            1. How funny, the bloated ego of seb-nena making spelling and grammatical errors!
              You are probably going to claim that your catfish, your alter ego, is the one who calls people names.
              Not you.
              Right Paul?
              Bullies always call themselves the victim…..

            2. But I must say I wear it as a badge of merit that you came off your high horse just to make an exception for me and contradict yourself once again!

              I have changed, I am now not engaging with other posters,

              What are friends for!

  23. I am really excited about the upcoming three games. These games should be absolute crackers if all teams play at or close to their potential. We’ll have a better understanding of where the 49ers are at by the end of this stretch, but more importantly, we should hopefully all be in for a treat of top notch football.

    All three upcoming opponents have very good pass pro OLs. I am really looking forward to seeing how the 49ers pass rush performs against these units, and also how the defensive backfield (and LBs) hold up in coverage if the pass rush isn’t as effective. I am also interested to see how the D goes defending the run – it has been an issue and each of these upcoming teams has some very dangerous runners.

    On offense, can JG keep putting the team on his shoulders? Can the run game re-assert itself? Will the guys coming back from or dealing with injury play at a high level? The offense will need to play well and make some critical plays to win games over this stretch.

    Get excited folks!

    1. I’m with you Scooter. Cannot wait for these next 3. If they can go 2-1 with the only loss being to Baltimore that would be the best case scenario. That being said, I’m going for the trifecta. This team has the potential to be a really special group.

      1. Going 2-1 would be huge, especially beating the two NFC opponents for seeding. Of course that will only really help so long as they win the division.

        How good would it be if the week 17 matchup was not only for the division, but also for 1st seed in the NFC?!

        1. These next three games are exactly what this team needs. Everyone is talking about how difficult the Niners schedule is, and that’s true, but these games are going to give the team, especially the younger guys, the battle scar experience they will need come the playoffs.
          The key to the next 4 weeks is stay healthy and get the running game going again.

    2. If we had a healthy team I would be very excited.
      I’m worried that maybe we have peaked too soon against ho-hum teams.
      I have more trepidation than excitement, 9-1 sounds so good.
      If we turn into a 9-4 team, we still have a good shot at playoffs but the momentum will be broken

      1. I don’t really understand this line of thinking tbh. Whether the team goes 3-0 or 0-3, or anywhere in between, we fans should be excited about the prospect of playing meaningful games in November and December, and getting three games on a trot against other playoff calibre teams. The football on show should be outstanding. Obviously it will be more fun if the teams wins some of these games, but even if they don’t, enjoy the ride. So long as they don’t get crushed over the next three weeks the team should still be capable of making the playoffs.

        I get the feeling some fans have taken the 8-0 start as a signal that anything less than a SB victory will be a disappointment. Crazy when you think at the start of the year most fans were just hopeful the team could make a playoff run.

        1. I get what you’re saying Scooter, but you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot mate. They heated it up by starting 8-0, and speaking for myself, that first loss was a punch to the gut for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because we were the better team and should have prevailed. Thanks to Harbaugh Inc., we piddled away our last opportunity to win it all, leaving the only blemish on our SB record. I want that 6th Lombardi so bad I can almost taste it, and if we don’t win it, you’re damn right I’m gonna be disappointed, frustrated and sick. Rightly or wrongly, if this team is special, then let’s get on with it because there’s no guarantee that next year’s will be….

          1. Maybe what I don’t understand is how important to their happiness some fans make the success or failure of the team they support. I really want the 49ers to win this year, just like any year. But if they don’t it won’t affect me much. Professional sport, from a fan perspective, is meant to be a fun passtime imo. It is more fun when the team you support is good and winning, and better yet if they win it all. If they don’t it should still be fun.

            As for this year, I understand they have put themselves in a position to potentially win it by starting 9-1, but really the only game against another very good team they have played they lost. They are one of a handful of teams that have a chance of winning it. At this stage I can’t agree that the team is “special”, just that it is very good and should have a chance to beat anyone any given week.

            What we should be hoping for is that this organisation is good enough to keep the nucleus together, keep replacing guys they lose with other talented players, and keep putting themselves in position to win it most years. If you do that, chances are you’ll win a few.

            1. I’m with you on this Scooter. Cannot wait for tomorrow and watching how this whole thing unfolds. It’s great to have meaningful games in late November/December again.

  24. I’m excited about the final 6. It’s gotta be about as tough a schedule as any team in the NFL. GB will be a hand full. The Ravens are very good, especially at home. New Orleans is formidable, and the Super Dome is a house of horrors for the Niners. Atlanta is playing much, much better and won’t be a cakewalk, the Rams look like they’re returning to form and are always tough, and of course Seattle, in Seattle. Ugh. Not much success there. In my preseason prognostication I had the team at 8-2 at this point, losing the next three, then two wins at home and then losing to Seattle. I think they’ll win this week however, and then follow my script, finishing at 11-5. Nothing to sneeze at. That’s a really tough last six games. Everyone needs to look at the season in totality. If they end up 11-5, be happy. I know I will be. Playoffs baby! All you can ask for is a chance to be in the dance. They’ll be there! Have faith!!

  25. Would be fortuitous if the 9ers were so comfortably ahead in two or three of the remaining games that Mullens could get some meaningful snaps prior to the playoffs. Just in case….

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