Dolphins @ Steelers live stream

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick warmups before an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

This is the live stream for the Week 9 Monday night game between the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers. Ryan Sakamoto and I will announce the game live on the HotMic App. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app in the App Store using invite code COHN10 and sync our call to your television. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch the stream below. It’s about 10 seconds behind the television feed.

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  1. You’ve got your work cut out for you on this game, Grant. A real snorfest. Whoever scheduled these MNF games should be sacked!

    1. Razor, man.. ball-sweat sniffing is really addicting. Can’t get enough of this stuff. Love that smell of odoriferous bacteria after a long day.

  2. At least Chis Collinsworth and Al is out of the booth..these two should never ever announce football…….gonna try the hot mic thurs Grant…thanks for that option…

    Looks like you have a new fan Razor lol

  3. So as of right now the 49ers have a 1st round, two 5th round, 6th round, and two 7th round picks in the 2020 draft. Is that correct?

    1. If the 49ers make a trade I would think the idea would be to recoup some draft picks rather than adding players. I hear about Taylor Gabriel but I’m not sure that makes sense. Get some picks for Beathard if possible. He’s taking a roster spot unnecessarily IMO. Not sure I’d trade away Solomon or Pettis at this point. That seems like a bit of a rash decision.

      1. I believe he is at the gate waiting standby on the team charter to Arizona getting ready to call errrrr hot-mic this week’s game.

        As of this morning he has improved his position from #19334 down all the way to #18998 on the list (there were a few cancellations).

        1. I do too!! Right now I don’t see any team that can beat the Niners. However, on any given Sunday the best team does not always win. :)

      1. Thanks for asking

        3rd Down stats

        Smith: 38-56, 67.8%, 386yds, 5 TD/3int, 94.8 rating

        Garoppolo: 35-51, 68.6%, 1 TD/1int, 85.0 rating

        1. Colin Kaepernick had a nearly 100 QB Rating in his first year as a starter.

          Then defenses adjusted, and no one wants him. Alex Smith’s ceiling was/is at Jimmy G’s waistline.

          What’s your point, Jack?

    1. Got to keep in mind one is a veteran of many games/years and the other just finished a years worth of games that took four years to accomplish. Not sure what you are trying to say.

      1. He’s trying to say that Alex Smith delivers the goods under duress. That he’s aware in the pocket, and moves seamlessly in it. That he’s got a little gunslinger in him. That he…you get the idea….

        1. For me its a win win situation, I happen to like both QB’s very much and I would venture to say each could play in the others system and do well.

            1. And a question of perception. People perceive Alex Smith as a game manager, and remember his early years. JG has the sine and people see him as a gunslinger, even though both can compare.

              1. Just mentioning the term gunslinger and Alex Smith in the same sentence makes me want to wash my mouth out with soap….

            1. AS was a much different QB after Harbaugh got to him. What we saw from that point on is a really good QB that can get you to the playoffs and his ceiling had been reached. With Jimmy his ceiling I do believe is still very high with lots of unknown. I like Jimmy a lot…

              1. Exactly right. Alex Smith cannot take you to the promise land. Harbaugh shined a turd, and Andy polished it. In the end…it was still a stinker.

      2. “Not sure what you are trying to say.”

        Sorry UC, missed responding to your question.

        Just pointing out the similarities between the two and the type of offenses they were/are running.

        Right now we are hearing a lot of stories about Shanahan’s dynamic running game, how it uses deception and presnap movement to disrupt the eyes of the defense. Go back to 2011/2012 and people were saying the same thing about the 49ers.

        Both successful times because of killer defense and outstanding run games, with passing games that run through the TE. Both want to be the bully. And Kyle, like Harbaugh did, get wet dreams about running the ball. D/run games travel.

        1. I Love running the ball. ( wet dreams – only to be young again). Watching this all unfold has been a great joy. The schemes are different but the philosophy’s are the same. It seems throughout football the running attack is returning and for me that’s a very good thing.

        2. I liked Harbaugh. He provided relief to us long-suffering fans. But even when he was hired, everyone knew he had a short shelf life. Are they saying the same thing about Shanahan?

          In 2011 the 49ers were ranked 26th on offense averaging 311 yards per game and ranked 11th in points per game at 23.8 points.

          The 2019 49ers are ranked 6th in yards per game at 387.3 and 3rd in points per game at 29.6. Not only that, but this offense is a hell of a lot more fun to watch.

          Probably most importantly, we have a HC and GM who are in “lockstep” with regards to building a team. Harbaugh and Baalke – not so much.

            1. Thanks. Roman’s offense did not inspire confidence that it would improve. Shanahan’s offense, OTOH, is producing high yards per game and high points per game even though the QB is essentially being asked to play as a game manager.

          1. “But even when he was hired, everyone knew he had a short shelf life”

            Only reason for his short stints prior to taking over SF was moving up the ladder from USD-Stanford-SF.

            This really wasn’t meant to be a comparison between the two. Just a note of the similarities which even goes back to the 1997 Broncos. (See 11:20 comment below)

            1. OK. But did you see my point about how the offenses really are different. The 2011 and 2019 years feature QBs who are “game managers” (Alex because that is his nature and Jimmy because he is being directed to be a game manager) yet the results on offense are quite different.

              1. “The 2011 and 2019 years”

                The numbers of the QB’s were from 2012 and 2019.

                “yet the results on offense are quite different”

                Average yards per game thru 7 games:

                2012: 376
                2019: 387

                Average points per game thru 7 games:

                2012: 27
                2019: 29.7

                Wow! What a difference.

              2. Okay, we seem to be looking at different years. But if you remove the WA game from this year’s statistics, which imo is fair because it was a game played in near-monsoon conditions on a field with poor drainage, the team is averaging 33 points a game.

                Oh, BTW, I just double-checked your numbers and in the first 7 games of 2012, I calculated 23.6 points per game not the 27 that you have.

              3. Even if you don’t remove that game, there’s a substantial difference once you use the correct numbers for 2012.

                But hey, if you prefer Roman’s offense to Shanahan’s, have at it.

              4. “if you prefer Roman’s offense to Shanahan’s, have at it.”

                Where did I state that I prefer one over the other?

                And you are right on the ppg

              5. The LMAO comment was uncalled for under the circumstances. I was just giving it back to you. If that bothers you, then don’t make snide comments particularly when you are talking out of your a**.

              6. Giving it back to me by writing that I wrote something that I didn’t and laughed at you wanting to pull a game out to make the numbers better for your argument? Okie dokie.

                I made a mistake, and said as much.

                Talking out of my ass? By showing that their ypg is close and the ppg is 6 per different?

                Super impressive when you consider the strength of schedule differences between the two.

                2012: 55% 27-22
                2019: 33% 16-33

                These teams are very similar. The 2019 defense is more dominant though.

              7. For a guy who in almost every thread LOLs or LMAOs other posters, you sure are awfully sensitive when the tables turn.

                Let’s get back to football. Posey had an interesting post today regarding pressures. When I first was on the blog I was a big supporter of sacks, but it was suggested to me by many on this blog that pressures are more important. Eventually, I started to agree. But here’s what Posey wrote today:

                “I will always be a sacks>pressures guy, and the 49ers defense is a prime example of why. I’m well aware of how much of an indicator pressures are for success. I’ve also seen too many times where a player beats his man, pressures the quarterback, only for the quarterback to escape and find a receiver for a first down. That’s not an option when you sack the quarterback. ”

                I think Posey is dead on because of the trend in starting QBs who are highly mobile (such as Wilson, Mahomes, Jackson, etc) feasting off of plays that breakdown under pressure.


              8. Sensitive?

                Nah. Just trying to figure out where I said that I prefer one offense over the other. LOL

                QB pressures are an overrated stat. It does help out the defensive backs, but I’d say it goes…sacks > qb hits > pressures

              9. Thanks for the post, Razor.

                But I agree with Jack’s hierarchy. The article was from back in 2015 when, IIRC, there really only was Wilson who could kill you when he was flushed out of the pocket (Rodgers also, somewhat).

                I think the point of Posey’s post was that the pressures need to be finished as a sack when going against today’s mobile, elusive QBs – which, of course, is far harder to accomplish.

                But my thinking is still that this team has not faced a mobile, elusive QB. It’s the last test as I see it. I really am concerned that Wilson (who is now a very smart QB) is just going to run through the gaping holes after plays breakdown to move the chains. If the team can stop him and Jackson, then wow. I do wonder, though, if some smart stunting can take away those gaping defensive line holes that Wilson will see pre-snap. Saleh’s going to have an interesting test, and like you said, it’s good that he’ll have a warmup when the team faces Murray this Thursday.

              10. I’m not scared of off schedule plays, because of the way our secondary is playing. Our defensive front is too fast and athletic, and Wilson’s escapability is diminishing as we speak….

              11. Regarding pressures, the thing to keep in mind is not all pressures are equal. Some have a huge influence on a play as they either flush a QB into a teammate’s arms or force a bad throw. Some are completely meaningless as they don’t affect the QB at all, or are easy for the QB to avoid.

                In recent seasons the 49ers had a lot of meaningless pressures. This was mainly because just one guy would be generating a pressure on any given play, and that can be pretty easy to manage and can actually result in plays getting extended to allow big plays the other way.

                This year we are really seeing multiple players collapsing the pocket regularly. Pressures are being translated into errors and sacks as a result.

              12. Exactly, Scooter and if I may I’d like to add, with your permission of course, that the multiple pressure points are applied in conjunction with the secondary. When the off schedule quarterback rolls up into a lane looking to throw, those windows are no longer drafty….

              13. Jack, if it makes you feel any better about QB comparisons 2011-2019, there’s a vocal bunch that wants to see JG outahere also. “jimmies” vs “haters” redux?

              14. Scooter:

                That’s true that not all pressures are equal, but all sacks are. The thing about Wilson is that he can keep a play going for so long that the secondary either stops playing because they think he was going to get tackled or sacked or they lose their assignments. I’ll bet over Wilson’s career the number of times a WR has been wide open deep down the field after he’s been running around numbers close to 100 or more. The sack eliminates any such possibility.

                That doesn’t mean that pressures aren’t important, of course. I’m really anxious to see how this D performs against mobile, elusive QBs.

              15. That’s true about Wilson cubus.

                What I am trying to say though is that in the past it wasn’t that hard for an elusive QB to extend plays against the 49ers as the pass rush was too often allowing escape routes by only getting pressure from one spot. This year it just seems like even when QBs evade the first guy there is another couple of guys there to clean up. Not a lot of space for the QB to get away.

                I know they haven’t faced the most elusive guys on their schedule just yet, but the pocket collapsing from multiple spots should put the pass rush in a good spot to take down the Wilson, Murray and Jackson’s of the QB world too.

              16. “I know they haven’t faced the most elusive guys on their schedule just yet, but the pocket collapsing from multiple spots should put the pass rush in a good spot to take down the Wilson, Murray and Jackson’s of the QB world too.”

                This makes sense and I logically agree. It’s just that I’ve seen too many games where Wilson has spun his magic. And Lockett seems even better than Baldwin when it comes to those types of passes. But yeah, we clearly have a much better chance of shutting him down this year than in the past.

              17. If you can, go back and watch the 2013 game at the Stick. That should give you an idea of what we should see on 11/11 from the defense.

              18. @Jack

                i assume you were talking to me.

                I might just do that. But I think you’re forgetting one thing. Wilson is a much more seasoned and experienced QB now. Except for that one game against Baltimore, he has really been playing at an MVP level. I was thinking that watching the Seattle – Baltimore game might be a better indicator of what to expect. My initial thinking is that Saleh will try to key off of what the Ravens did well in that game.

              19. I’m referring to the team speed on defense.

                Also, the defense has done a good job against Seattle at home the last 2 years. This defense is much better.

        1. By following papa’s blueprint.

          In Big Shanny’s first two seasons in Denver he threw more than he ran. In year three that changed.

          Guess what Lil Shanny has done in years 1/2 and what he’s doing in year three.

  4. Grant,

    How about an article reporting the incredible decrease in 49ers penalties. That has been a huge issue the first two years of this regime and is seems to be corrected. How and why? I have some ideas but I would like to hear your take.

  5. Recall all the hand-wringing last year over what was meaningless and meaningful? Have we crossed the meaningless/meaningful threshold–are we there yet?

  6. Oct. 29 – TRADE

    The Rams have shipped CB Aqib Talib and a fifth-round pick to the Dolphins for a future draft selection, says ESPN. Talib is currently on the Injured Reserve with a rib injury.

    And Talib had an opportunity (it seemed) to become a 9er a while back…

    1. Speculation is that the future pick is actually less than the 5th round pick the Rams sent (probably a 7th round pick). If so, Miami has essentially purchased a 5th round pick.

      1. Anyone dissatisfied with getting Sherman over Talib? I’m not, and I hated Sherman with a passion unknown to mankind….

        1. I still strongly dislike Sherman. I find his personality to be quite annoying. It’s not like he’s a bad person. I just don’t like the guy. And I think it’s the height of racism for people to glorify the guy because he can string a few coherent sentences together. They don’t expect a guy with dreadlocks to speak intelligently so all of a sudden people want to act like the guy is the next Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s a jerk. He might be a smart jerk but he’s still a jerk. As long as he’s not giving up TD’s I can tolerate the jerk wearing a 49er uniform.

              1. Timeout for what? There’s no foul language. If he feels it should be deleted that’s his prerogative.

              2. Jack should not get a timeout for that. I started it and his comeback was funny. It’s a football blog. You pansies should get over it.

              3. Touché Jack.

                I’ve been reading this blog long before you arrived, “Jack.”

                Back when Maiocco ran it and guys like “Andrew from Rishikesh” and later 23Jordan, BayAreaFanatic were the regular posters. In fact OneNiner and Darren both were here well before you, chump.

              4. Chump….LMAO!

                Andrew was a good poster. Funny how Bay and Jordo disappeared shortly after Smith was traded. Too bad. They were funny guys.

          1. it’s the height of racism for people to glorify the guy because he can string a few coherent sentences together.

            I think he’s funny as hell at his pressers. He’s an articulate 1000% energy guy, no matter skin color. Compare, say, to Bosas pressers. That not’s a knock on Bosa, just the two have wildly different personalities.

        2. What Grant had to say back in early 2018…

          Grant Cohn says:
          March 12, 2018 at 7:02 pm

          Here’s what happened, via Adam Schefter:

          “An example of how simple decisions this week affect players, teams and futures.

          Aqib Talib rejected a trade that was agreed to between Denver and SF; wouldn’t report. He later is traded to LA.

          So SF doesn’t get its CB, Richard Sherman is released and he winds up in SF.”

          Talib was the 49ers first choice.

        1. Looks like the Rams just did a Brock Osweiler move. Giving up picks to move on a salary. Given Talib is still good when healthy this tells you all you need to know about where they are at salary cap wise.

          That Ramsay move is looking very expensive now. Not just the draft capital and what it will take to re-sign him, but also costing them extra draft picks to get rid of other productive players. Crazy.

          1. It really is nuts. I wonder if McVay is on board with this strategy. He’s pretty young and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is not really consulted with regards to the overall strategy. I don’t really have any evidence on this. Some weak support is the fact that he handed over the defense to Wade Phillips and doesn’t really seem to be involved at all with what is going on with his defense. I could see him doing the same thing with regards to overall team building strategy simply because, like defense, he might think Snead knows more and he, McVay, doesn’t know enough.

            1. Shanny has more football knowledge in his pinky than McVay has in his entire body, and that’s why they needed an experienced DC to buoy him….

        2. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Talib never plays a down for the Dolphins. I suspect they might look to trade him next offseason for more picks.

            1. Well, guess they will just let him walk then. Makes the move even more of a headscratcher. The Rams must be so tight aginst the cap that just the marginal benefit of avoiding paying his salary this year to carry that saving over to next year matters.

  7. Off topic, but Sony is shutting down its internet TV service, Playstation Vue. I had the service for a year and just switched last week to YouTube TV. I could see the decline in reliability, but it’s surprising to see Sony shutdown what was considered to be one of, if not the top-rated internet TV service.

  8. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Kyle Shanahan says it is doubtful that Joe Staley plays on Thursday night but there is a slight chance. With a short week, it’s tough to give him enough work/reps to have him ready and have it be safe for him to play. #49ers

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    Shanahan is, however, feeling pretty confident about Kyle Juszczyk, Mike McGlinchey, and Joe Staley all returning for the Seattle game on Monday night 11/11.

  9. Looks like Mr Allen over in Jax has the same amount of sacks as our Boy Bosa.
    Now before y’all get your undies in a bunch.
    I wanted Allen for the first because of health issues. The only reason and his ceiling is ongoing at this point.
    I’m very happy with the Bosa pick. Especially if he stays relatively healthy for the Super Bowl this year.
    I just like to see the other “hot draft choice” doing well on a crappy team.
    7 sacks and less snaps he’s played.
    Pretty impressive, but they’re not talking about him much. That sucks. He’s going to be a monster. And who knows he might be a niner one day.

    1. Allen is also having a very good year, but in terms of snaps you are wrong. He has played 362 defensive snaps over 8 games. Bosa has played 270 defensive snaps over 7 games. Bosa has taken 75% of the snaps and 1 game less than Allen to get his 7 sacks.

    2. « they’re not talking about him much »

      Probably because he’s in Jacksonville and they’re mediocre.

      SF is one of the NFL’s glamor franchises and their turnaround this year grabs attention.

  10. For all the hype Saleh has been receiving, this week against the Cards will show how his growth as a DC is coming along.
    The Niners haven’t faced a team with the mobility of Murray yet. This is no cake walk game.

    1. Meh…. they are a screen team. Stop that and they will get abused. And it’s about time. This offense isn’t scary at all.
      I doubt they even get one TD.

  11. Arizona defense is very suspect and their offense sputters. The Niners will win their fifth road game in eight games. The onslaught will continue.

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