Donte Whitner rips Ahkello Witherspoon

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon before an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

This is must-see Instagram.

Former 49ers safety Donte Whitner spent Monday afternoon posting critical Instagram video clips of current 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon. Whitner even used a telestrator and slow motion just to show just how worthless Witherspoon is at his profession.

The 49ers drafted Witherspoon in the third round last year.

To view Whitner’s video, click here, then click on Whitner’s picture at the top-left corner of the page. The video clips should start immediately.

If you can’t view the clips, here are the highlights.

Note: Sometimes Whitner talks about Witherspoon, and other times Whitner addresses him directly.

WHITNER: “Watch how this receiver doesn’t respect you (speaking directly to Witherspoon). That starts something you don’t want. Receivers are attacking you after the play. That may seem like a small thing, but it’s attitude. Are you going to push him back? What are you going to do? Get pushed around all season?”

WHITNER: “You’re supposed to be here and you’re lollygagging. There’s no sense of urgency to get back and do it properly.”

WHITNER: “Even when (Witherspoon) does get a press sometimes, he’s still not doing any damage because he’s not stronger than the wide receiver. He needs to work on his upper-body strength.”

WHITNER: “(Witherspoon) shows he has all the physical capabilities to get it done. Good back pedal. Good job widening the receiver, looking back for the ball, getting him toward the sideline. He can do it, but can he do it each and every snap? That’s the problem.”

WHITNER: “The tackling is an issue. (Witherspoon) is shooting low and just rolling, not wrapping. Teams see this on film. Run through his facemask. You’re a 6’3″ corner.”

WHITNER: “Preseason game No. 3. This is the dress rehearsal. (Witherspoon) is supposed to be getting ready and tuned up. No jam. Open the gate. This guy is running wide open. These are things that come back to bite you in the season.”

WHITNER: “Man-to-man coverage again. You’re supposed to be getting tuned up for the season. You open the gate, jam with the wrong hand and this guy is open a-gain. Teams watch this film.”

WHITNER: “Here’s that go-low-and-roll type of thing. How many tackles do you think you’re going to miss doing that?”

WHITNER: “Third and five. Man to man. Bad technique from the get go. No jam. Opening up the gate. You’re letting the guy run straight down the football field, so now you have to grab and get a P.I.”

WHITNER: “Things last year were covered up for this guy. When you win at the end of the season, you can give up a couple plays people will overlook. But when you’re losing, they’re going to nitpick everything.”

WHITNER: “No sense of urgency to get over there. And then watch what the receiver does to (Witherspoon). (The receiver shoves him). I told you. It’s all about attitude.”

WHITNER: “I told you about bad eyes on the back side. You have this guy here. Don’t be looking in the backfield. That’s your man running open. These things come back to bite you if you don’t correct these things.”

WHITNER: “Are you really trying to get off this block, or are you just getting ran out of bounds? Like, come on.”

WHITNER: “Now we’re in to Week 2, and now they get film. They’re starting to scheme. You see this wide receiver motion down. Here’s (Witherspoon). Look what they do. They know he has bad eyes. Run play action here, get his eyes here (on the running back) because he’s undisciplined and doesn’t want to watch his guy, and they slip this receiver right behind him. It’s all fundamentals, things that started in the preseason that didn’t get corrected.”

WHITNER: “Here’s a play that shows the willingness to get to the football. We see you covering the guy. The ball goes here (away from Witherspoon). Everybody else is reacting but you. That’s what makes a good defense — everybody, even the backside corner, has to run and react to the football.”

WHITNER: “We talk about want-to. The back is here. (Witherspoon) can get off of this block and make this tackle. Or did he just pull back? I think he just pulled back.”

WHITNER: “Here’s another one. Because of your unwillingness to jam or stay square or be physical, you’re going to get double moves all year long.”

WHITNER: “Here’s the first time (Witherspoon) threw a teammate under the bus.”

WHITNER: “Here we go, Cover 2. (Witherspoon) is (supposed to) jam the man, open up, take away this (sail) route and then come up to make the tackle in the flat. Let’s see what we get. No jam. Break. Dive. Miss. That’s just bad football.”

WHITNER: “You’re really hoping they throw a bad ball. And then you celebrate. You didn’t affect this play at all.”

WHITNER: “Watch this. This is sickening. Look at this effort (Witherspoon is jogging across the field). (The running back) is still running. He’s still running. He’s still running.”

WHITNER: “Now the league has film. (The Cardinals) put one of their fastest guys (on Witherspoon). First play of the game. Let’s see what happens. No jam. Let the guy run. Now we have a 75-yard touchdown.”

WHITNER: “This is (Witherspoon) doing it correctly, and this is what is should look like every time. I was starting to think he couldn’t do it, but here it is. Watch the jam. Physical. On top of the route.”

WHITNER: “Another play showing effort. Somebody must have talked to (Witherspoon). Getting to the football and trying to be physical.  Somebody must have said something.”

WHITNER: “Play No. 1, Week 8. Remember how I talk about how receivers don’t respect you and think you’re soft? Well, let’s see how this receiver attacks you first play of the game. Running play. (The receiver shoves Witherspoon in the face). They’re seeing it on film.”

WHITNER: “You get off the block. Good job. Got the (ball carrier) in a phone booth. You close your eyes and launch and miss. No contact courage. Give me some courage out there.”

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    1. I enjoy reading Grant and I think he is fair. Nobody is always right but he has been right many times. I appreciate his diligence and forthrightness.

  1. “(Witherspoon) shows he has all the physical capabilities to get it done. Good back pedal. Good job widening the receiver, looking back for the ball, getting him toward the sideline.”

    “This is (Witherspoon) doing it correctly, and this is what is should look like every time. I was starting to think he couldn’t do it, but here it is. Watch the jam. Physical. On top of the route.”

  2. When asked what changed after being down 13-0, Andy Reid replied, “we stopped shooting ourselves in the foot”. Now we know who Seb really is.?

    1. Andy Reid is a coach who I really admire. Came from the BW coaching tree, and was not afraid to move on from AS once he drafted Mahomes.

    1. Exactly. Whitner has the right and the acumen to dissect DBs play. Who the hell is Grant Cohn to ever talk about someone being worthless at their profession?? Lol

    2. FYI EVERYBODY – Grant does not write the headlines for this site. As a former sports writer, sports editor, journalism instructor, faculty advisor, free-lance writer and broadcaster on radio and TV unfortunately Grant is at the mercy of somebody located miles away cranking out a headline or two.

      If you think Grant is harsh, sometimes the truth is tough to swallow. Remember, he is not an employee of the 49ers and not a hired cheerleader. Just go to the New York papers or their sports talk shows, or even to Philadelphia football talk, and you would realize Grant is mild. Even 79 year-old Brent Musburger on the air Sunday in the Raiders radio cast of the game vs. the Cardinals openly criticized the Raider players and coaches on multiple occasions.

      There are a myriad of reasons why the Niners are what they are just as there are many reasons why the Saints, the Rams, the Chiefs are what they are. If the Niners covered better, tackled better, shed blockers better, blocked better, ran better, kicked better, coached better, threw better, ran routes better, caught balls more consistently, drafted better, etc., they, too, might be in the same category as the aforementioned teams.

      It is what it is, but players and coaches have the opportunity every day to be better than they were the previous day.

      1. He is nothing more than a shock journalist deliberately being contrarian. And I write also, and while your editor MAY request certain article subjects, they also allow you to write freely if you have earned it..he does it for click bait..Niners are in a long-term rebuild, and many “fans” and writers seem to forget the shape this roster was in 2 yrs ago..they are headed in the right direction.if you dont see that, you dont really know football

      2. Nicely stated.. There is plenty of athleticism on the 49er roster but they just don’t get the pro game. An interesting Q and A with Jared Goff after the Rams beat KC. He was asked what makes Seam McVay a great coach? He said Sean has the ability to teach complex football schemes and break them down to it’s simplest form for all to understand..

  3. Whitner even used a telestrator and slow motion just to show just how worthless Witherspoon is at his profession.

    Yah, I can’t imagine why anyone would think Grant Cohn is anything but level-headed and unbiased?

    Is there another “beat reporter” on the planet who shows this kind of disrespect for the team he covers? I doubt it! It’s certainly not professional, but this kind of insult seems very personal to me, which begs the question: do Grant and Witherspoon know each other personally? If it’s not personal, it could be one of two things:

    a) ENVY, Witherspoon probably makes more income per game than Grant makes on an annual basis

    b) GENERAL DISTASTE, for everything related to the 49ers

    I suspect it has more to do with Grant’s general distaste for the 49ers as an organization, than anything else, but sometimes I wonder.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Witherspoon’s nonchalant attitude is hurting him. And I do see inconsistency when it comes to Ahkello’s effort, but I’m certainly not going to pull a Grant Cohn get all in your face with the personal insults when critiquing Ahkello because frankly, I don’t know the guy. I’m not around him all day at practice, meeting rooms, etc. And to be honest, if Donte Whitner stooped this low while critiquing Witherspoon, I wouldn’t feel so defensive as a fan, because at least Whitner has been there and done that, right? Donte is a guy who’s earned the right to call out a fellow player because Donte lived it. In fact, I’ll never forget that EPIC hit Donte Whitner laid on Pierre Thomas in the NFC divisional round of the playoffs vs the Saints. Of course nowadays, he’d probably be ejected for that same hit, which really set the tone early in that game.

      But who is Grant Cohn to call Witherspoon worthless at his profession (pro football player)? Has Grant ever played a down in the NFL?

      This is all about Grant grandstanding and patting himself on the back because he didn’t like the Witherspoon pick from the word go. Sure, Grant is often wrong. In fact, he’s wrong about talent as often as he gets it right, but he’s like a little child when it comes to his need for validation. It’s one of his biggest flaws as a football reporter and analyst. Instead of calling balls and strikes, every year Grant will single out a couple 49ers draft picks whom he disagreed with, and he’ll spend the rest of the following couple years criticizing those players any chance he gets, unless of course they end up proving him wrong, in which case it’s absolute crickets.

      Off the top of my head and can point out a number of players he’s done this with recently:

      Grant tried to do it with McGlinchey this year, pointing out a few struggles in camp. And he went as far as to pretend the Pro Football Focus is somehow completely flawed in the way the grade players, even though he won’t hesitate to use PFF’s grades when they support Grants analysis.

      Does anyone else feel like Grant could hardly wait for Richard Sherman to struggle this season so he could remind us all how skeptical he was of that signing, and how he doubted Sherman would be much good coming off his achilles injury this season?

      Grant was all over the Joe Williams pick, thought he was the best RB in the class. And even though Joe came into OTA’s out of shape as a rookie, and was also nonchalant in his approach, all we heard was crickets from Grant, with the occasional “Joe Williams was the best player on the field today” during the random mini-camp or training camp practice.

      He told us before the start of this season that Laken Tomlinson would always be the bum he was in Detroit. Ends up he’s played pretty darn well this season. He told us how critical Joshua Garnett’s success would be for the 49ers this year, ends up he never could beat out journeyman Mike Person, who has been decent this season. He told us Matt Breida was too small to be a featured RB – ends up he’s 10th in the league in rushing yards this year, despite being forced into a featured role.

      I could go on and on and on but the point is, this kind of petty, childish behavior should be below someone who is supposed to be a beat writer, covering a major sports team for any publication. And the thing is, when Grant acts like a professional football analysts and sports writer, he’s pretty darn good. He definitely has talent as a writer, and he’s no dummy when it comes to the sport of American football. But it seems to me that he often crosses that line and he seems to have an anti-49ers bias and an axe to grind with the organization, and it seems to drive his negativity on a constant basis. This article is just like almost every other piece Grant writes about the 49ers these days. Just nasty, mean spirited, anti-49ers propaganda if you will, and it’s kind of sad to see as a fan. I look elsewhere for my 49ers coverage these days, not because I don’t think Grant knows the 49ers and the NFL, it’s because I don’t have room for all of the obvious anti-Niners bias and negativity, 24/7.

        1. It should be your job to be fair and objective. 49reasons is correct in that you tend to focus on and single out certain players to validate your previous predictions. I also agree with him that you really have a lot of potential if you would quit you pettiness. Often your insight is stricking,but it loses itself under your tendency to promote personal bias.

      1. « He told us Matt Breida was too small to be a featured RB – ends up he’s 10th in the league in rushing yards this year, despite being forced into a featured role. »

        And he was correct on that. Despite being the most explosive back on the team Breida is off the field quite often. His average of 12.8 touches per game ranks 32nd among running backs.

      1. What makes you think you are any better at your profession than he is in his? That your daddy and the likes of Seb gives you props? Well whoopty damn do.

    2. 49, when a team is 2-8, they deserve criticism. If they were 8-2, I could see your point.
      Grant is just doing his job. Go read the Matts if you want vacuous saccharine pablum.

  4. Don’t get it twisted, the only person “worthless” at their profession is Grant “can’t get a job based upon his own merit” Cohn

    1. Does anyone ever get a job based on their own personal merit in todays world. No such thing. There are a lot of worse writers or sports personal who successful in the industry and are not even as good as Grant. Some of you guys are as bad as Grant. You fail to see him objectively just because he sometimes is full of it. Just judge each article on it’s own merit. He often does write good ones.

      1. you can do your job without getting beef with the worthless comment is he doesn’t do it to the guys face he does from his keyboard. When the union hall would send out some guy who couldn’t do the job and we had to send him back i still wouldn’t talk to him like that. you leave a person some dignity.Besides you probably would have to fight the guy.

  5. I quess Goff is not the bust some on this board claimed he was after his first year.
    Patience is a virtue even in football.

    1. Hmm, Rams ran the no huddle with quick snaps. Niners do not need me to tell them what to do, they should just emulate the Rams.
      Sean McVay>>>>>>>>>> Jeff Fisher.
      However, it also helps having a decent O line. Greg Robinson LT was a bust for the Rams.

      1. Niners do not need me to tell them what to do, they should just emulate the Rams.

        You mean season after season dwelling in the basement, picking up high draft picks year after year? It’s looking like perhaps the Niners are emulating that. I thought that’s what we don’t want.

          1. Without the players they were able to accumulate through years of sucktitude, all the play calling, coaching and game management in the world would be for naught.

  6. Donte Whitner? The guy the Browns released? I must have missed when he became a relevant analyst on anything but late hits. Cohn and Whitner, Irrelevant and Bitter.

    1. you seem like someone that has never played football period let alone pick up a ps2 controller and play Madden. If you truly understand the sport then you would truly understand that Donte is speaking it like a DB coach teaches it at the collegiate level. Donte was amazing for thee Ohio state, the bills and the niners. He went to cleveland at the twilight of his career.

    2. Whitner is like a breath of fresh air. Really knows the game, and can explain it in layman’s terms.
      Sure wish the present Niners could instill the same fear that Whitner imposed on the opponent’s receivers.

      1. Whitner may have legitimate points , but is it his responsibility to publically criticize Donte. He is not even associated with the Niners anymore. I mean what other player ever did that sort of thing. Seems like in doing so he has a personal agenda to promote and that itself puts into question his objectivity.

        1. Whitner used his football acumen to dissect plays, and the criticism is well deserved. He did say that a few plays were good, but he stressed that AW is inconsistent.
          DW is in the media, and he was just doing his job. AW is on a 2-8 team, and AW is partly responsible for that record. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  7. Oh boy, did the Rams deliver! What a game!

    The LA Rams got it done for my Southern California brethren.

    I’m proud of Sean McVay’s Rams, and I am happy for all of the fans who filled LA Coliseum on short notice, with that electric California – West Coast energy, knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs in the process! That was a MNF game for the ages, lifting our collective California spirits in the process, after such a heartbreaking couple of weeks.

    NFC Championship Game

    NO Saints – 39
    LA Rams – 37

    I encourage everyone to reach out and do what you can to help all of those affected by the devastating wildfires and senseless mass shooting. You can donate your time or you can donate supplies, but cash donation are almost always the most efficient way to help in a disaster, and I encourage those of you who have the means to make a cash donation to a non-profit like – The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund and/or Gun Violence Survivors Foundation at the links posted below –

    Goodnight from California!

  8. Grant has the right to post this, do we always need the fake fair weather show?!!
    If i where Spoon i would do my utterly best to be one of these best in the business cuz he has talent.

  9. What was his motivation to so thoroughly rip AW? Is he trying to dog him to show 9ers kept wrong guy? What’s the agenda?

    1. They should sit Witherspoon until he learns to turn his head to track the ball.
      He came here with the rep being a soft tackler.
      He has an NFL agenda. Play like he does, and he will be here- Not For Long.

    2. Max Agenda — Exactly my question as well. Seems like his criticism is self serving and that sort puts his objectivity into question.

  10. If the Chiefs had a middle of the pack defense they would be unbeatable.

    Team Total Defense? 49er are 10th in the NFL.

  11. Twitter exchange.

    “You ripped Witherspoon. And you were accurate.”

    “Donte Whitner didn’t rip anyone. Donte Whitner just verbalized what’s on tape. If I lied anywhere in my videos please point out when & where.”

    See Grant, there’s a difference between being critical of someone (Whitner on Spoon) and ripping on someone (you on Spoon). Whitner also mentioned his good plays, Whitner was critical, but fair. You, on the other hand, gleefully ripped him by saying he is worthless at his profession.

    1. I am sure that Spoon hears the very same thing form the coaches and Sherman. Does Whitner think he needs to point this out to him in public. He is not only ripping Spoon but the coaches and Sherman. Whtner couldn’t carry Shermans jock as an analyst. Seems like he is trolling for a job by making himself look good at someone else’s expense.

      1. “He is not only ripping Spoon”

        Yeah, he ripped him without snark, unlike Grant. It reads like the weaknesses section of a scouting report with advice mixed in. Nowhere does he say something like Witherspoon is “worthless”.

        1. +++++

          Grant being Grant… Just can’t resist tossing a grenade into the mix. Nice work Grant–very consistent of you.

        2. I played for a legendary Bay Area coach that liked to tell players when they didn’t measure up: “You’re play is lower than whale sh!t, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean”. That was one of the nicer things. Other things he said would not pass Grant’s filter. I guess those sensitive types that object to Grant’s call for Spoon to Man Up either played for more sensitive coaches or there has been a major change in protocol since my days. Tom Brady has publicly complained about his treatment by Bellichick for example shouting during practice something like: “&&#^^$&, the quarterback for Foxborough High can make that throw. What’s the matter with you?”, when he misses a certain pass. It is also known that Bill Walsh was not always his professorial self when dealing with poor play either. If the 49er coaching staff has not said things to Spoon about his play that are much more insensitive than what Grant said, then we need a staff that is more like Bellichik and Spoon needs to learn to de-sensitize.

          1. whine, are you really equating criticism from a nobody like Grant or a run of the mill DB like hitner to that of two of the greatest coaches in the history of the game?

            1. There is apparently a disagreement here between a former football player and a journalist. One of the definitions of ‘rip” is to insult or CRITICIZE someone. I would give the upper hand to Grant on this one. Hitner absolutely did criticize Witherspoon. I accidentally posted more in response to your question below. Whether or not Grant knows more about football is day to day for me.

    2. « there’s a difference between being critical of someone …. and ripping on someone ….. . »

      Not really.

      If Witherspoon was good at his job would there be so many people talking about the 49ers need to fix the CB position this offseason?

        1. It’s not really any different than saying someone is classless. Stop being so sensitive.

          The faux outrage at Grant reminds me of « I can call out and talk bad about my family but nobody else better »

          1. « I can call out and talk bad about my family but nobody else better »

            Does that mean we can’t rip into Grants dad now?

              1. ‘Calling a professional “worthless’ is classless.’
                Prime, just like you do with Kaep.

          2. Worthless? These guys lay it all on the line. They don’t sit behind a computer screen playing judge and jury.
            Have a little respect and class and if you think Im being sensitive, well I don’t get paid to rip people publicly and call them worthless.

            Cant people you are advocating that calling a pro worthless is ok.

            1. Wait, does that extend to Saleh? I often see calls for players to be cut and coaches fired. Isn’t that the same as calling them worthless? Personally I prefer scrub!

              1. Of course it is East. That’s exactly what I’m getting at. Everyone is fine with ripping a plater/coach until it comes from someone else.

      1. So why did Whitner immediately shut Grant down following the “you really ripped him” comment? Because he wasn’t ripping him and Whitner isn’t a petulant child who thinks it’s cool to rip on someone. Like I said, cue Grants next piece where he will slam Whitner due to the perceived slight lobbed at poor Grant . You think he’d be used to it by now.

  12. “That’s just bad football.” – You don’t have to have played in the NFL to see it and he could have been talking about any number of people on the roster.

    “Don’t be looking in the backfield.” – Did anyone see Jimmy Ward on OBJ’s first touchdown. Hello Jimmy – That’s OBJ standing a few yards from you in the end zone with his arm up. You know, their go to guy in the red zone? Couldn’t see him because of….eyes in the backfield. Seriously, it’s on film every game Jack calls it guarding grass. We have an excellent run defense (statistically) because our DBs and LBs are focused on the run. They are visibly terrible at pass coverage. I think it’s Saleh’s scheme. Statistically we look good because of our run defense but it’s an illusion. Most every team believes in the same theory: Run first. So they run and run even though they don’t have great success. Then when they want to or need to score, they pass and score at will. You’re watching other teams use the rope-a-dope concept in pro football and our record proves its success. If any team came out and dared the 49ers to stop the pass (like KC maybe or the Rams) the score would be 50 plus to 12 (KS would get 4 trips to the red zone and 4 field goals). The only thing stopping them is the mantra of head coaches that: On any given Sunday, even the 49ers, Browns, Raiders etc. might win a game.

  13. I was suggesting that the sport I know was and is still not the gentlemanly endeavor that some here believe. Hitner might be run of the mill but he undoubtedly knows proper defensive techniques having played on teams that could compete and win. Parsing words like did he “rip” Spoon is a waste of time. He was brutally honest. I think that that was the same standard Grant used when he referred to Spoon as “worthless”. I don’t see it as a personal comment. I believe that he only meant that Spoon’s play was worthless in terms of successful pass defense. The plays in the film and what I have seen with my own eyes makes me come to that conclusion. Remember NFL stands for Not For Long. Spoon will not be in the league much longer if he continues as such. The only thing we don’t know is whose fault it is: His or the coaches.

  14. The only problem that I see with this article is the headline. Grant doesn’t write the headlines. Grant only reported what was out their for everyone to see/hear. If any of you have a problem with this article then you need to take it up with Whitner. Headline should of read something like this, Whitner has good sound advice for AW.

    I don’t have a bit of a problem when a player retired or not gets down on another player for his poor play, and its poor play. These guys are payed a heck of a lot of money and their performance is out there for everyone to see, I don’t see a problem with public criticism, when he does good he is called out for doing good, when he does bad he is getting called out for being bad. If a player cant take the heat he should not be playing a man’s game or they can improve their game then no one takes notice. I like AW I hope he turns it around if these remarks by Whitner doesn’t do it then nothing will – THERE ARE NO TROPHIES for sucking.

    Truth hurts lots of times but its still truth. AW man up and deal with it by getting better, its on you, no one else.

        1. Maybe he forgot a word… Your worthless…comment, vehicle, opinion, Christmas gift? Nah, maybe your worthless grammar? But maybe it was ironic self reflecting.

        1. You’re better than this UC.

          Use that ‘deep state’ tool called Google and Google ‘girls women american football’. Keep your head in the sand if you like while things pass you by. Will women be playing in the NFL next year, or the year after? Likely not. Will any be playing 10+ years from now? Fifty? What will pro football even look like then? Different.

          BTW, how do you feel about women serving in combat positions in the armed services?

          1. Cassie I shake my head because you take the littlest thing out of context. I am too old to change even if I wanted to which I don’t. How do I feel about women being in combat. My answer to that is both my girls are well versed in two different types weapons. Guns which includes rifle and pistol and they can reload ammo, and bows, both compound and cross bows. My youngest just got her first deer with a bow. My girls would laugh at you for even asking that question. As for you being in combat you yourself are too weak mentally for that, evidenced by your outcry of the pitiful “man’s” thing, my girls on the other hand I would trust to the upmost over most guys in combat, they were taught to shoot by me. Maybe try not being so sensitive and you can take the political correctness and have a discussion with Rib, or 80, or Seb or any of the others that hang in the world of left, it doesn’t work with me. I say what I say without intent to harm but you have to construe it into bullsh!t and that’s on you. Only weak women need to make the kind of comment that you did, strong women don’t bother with it because they are secure within themselves. Yup you think you tagged a guy who doesn’t think women should/can excel in life, that makes you ignorant. My daughters in some respects are more man then a whole lot of young men and they are a lot more woman then you will ever hope to be. Are they special, damn right they are…I raised them. Don’t give me any of this woman’s lib, feminist crap I am not listening. – just saying

    1. Undercenter

      Correct…Donte Whitner raised the fear level to WRs when they came into his ‘zone’….All of them knew where he was on every pass play…He didn’t have the pizzazz that Ronnie Lott had, but truthfully…Who DID ? I would equate Whitner with Carlton Williamson who left many WRs wondering ‘why they even went near him…’They were known as ‘enforcers’ or ‘equalizers’. That he took the time to ‘critique’ Witherspoon should be taken as a compliment…football is a game of muscle and blood, and if you can’t show it…you can’t play it…and now you’ve heard it from an expert…Donte…

  15. I almost checked out at the assinine “worthless” remark, but I read on to gauge Whitner’s Motivations for going after Spoon. It seems it’s just a critique of fundamentals, though harsh. Whit’s points are valid, he knows what he’s talking about.

    It is striking though, that if the superior Mr. Cohn thinks Spoon is so worthless, why hasn’t he provided a detailed critique with examples of the specific flaws in Spoon’s game? Isn’t that the job of the journalist covering the team? (Or is he an Opinion Writer?)
    Nope. We get a link to someone else’s opinions with a “Yeah, me too” attached like a pejorative post-it note. Zowie, that’s some World Class coverage!

    Rocks and glass houses and all that…..

    1. Yup!

      Comforting to know that Grant judges people to have no value, to be worthy of contempt–and is quite comfortable saying so.

      Any other 9ers worthless at their profession?

  16. I have a hard time calling someone who underachieves “worthless”.
    Whitner wouldn’t have written this, and we wouldn’t be having this discussion, if Witherspoon lacked an incredible amount of talent and ability. That’s the good news here. What he does with that talent is super-frustrating, especially for someone like Whitner who knows what he is capable of doing.

    The better question is, does he have the motivation and work ethic to learn the right way to play CB, or is it just not clicking for him.

  17. I am hoping that Donte continues to improve his game. As Whitner has pointed out Donte has the tools and can make the plays.

    My prediction?

    Donte Witherspoon will become a much better CB when the currently non existent pass rush improves.

    1. Pretty much agree. More experience and much improved pass rush will help. Plus, let’s not forget about recent rule changes which have favored the passing game at the expense of aggressive play on the defensive side of the ball.

  18. It was actually a good breakdown by Whitner. It is harsh at times, but I guarantee you Witherspoon has heard a lot worse during his time as a player straight from Coaches. The kid needs to start playing with more consistency and awareness, that is a given. He has all the physical attributes to be a really good player in this system, but he’ll get nowhere until he starts to focus on the details.

  19. Grant….

    Please take a look at rule changes over the last few years which appear to favor the passing game. How have these changes influenced play in the secondary–if at all? What lies ahead?

    Looking forward to your analysis. Thanks in advance.

  20. I loved hitner when he was on the 9ers and i was mad when he went to the browns. If he is offering constructive criticism AW better take it. Lots of plays were given up by AW. The question is why arent the coaches correcting it or sit him on the bench.

  21. I have two commandments for this secondary that should never be broken:

    1. Turn to look for the ball when the receiver begins to slow down and raise his hands.
    2. Deep to Eucking short.

    1. Donte Whitner doesn’t want anyone to think that Donte Whitner is «ripping » a 49ers player because Donte Whitner wants to have a job on NBCSN again next year.

      1. Actually, Donte may be better at being a DB coach than TV commentar.
        But than again, like his (hitner) playing style the NFL would not approve of Donte’s aggressive coaching style.
        Let’s face it, the new NFL is becoming the No Friction League.

  22. Grant’s worthless comment was not only insulting, it was pure hyperbole. All you have to do is read Donte’s words to see that Grant was wrong. At the very least Spoon keeps Mabin off the field.

  23. Wow. Not often you see a former player go after a current player. BUT Whitner isn’t wrong. The tape doesn’t lie. Kinda makes you wonder what the coaching staff is telling Witherspoon. They must see the same things.

  24. Whitner was on point in his analysis…basically that Witherspoon’s letting the opposing offense dictate their will on him. That must change if he’s going to become a legit NFL CB. That said, there’s some good FA talent to be had come next March…Cincy’s Dennard would be a great addition. He covers, hits and tackles well. There are others, like Bashaud Breeland, Eric Rowe, Jason Verrett, P.J. Williams, Ron Darby, et al. Adding a talented young vet or two would elevate the secondary immediately. Another DB of sorts to consider is Deone Bucannon ((AZ)…dude’s a playmaker no matter where he lines up. Sherman needs some help to teach the youngsters how it’s done. After FA, make CB a priority in the draft.

  25. Whitherpsoon s a disgrace to any reputable defense. He looks like a complete pus*y out there. No discipline, piss poor effort. What a joke. Get real dude. This is the NFL & you need to do you job which is to never get beat deep and actually cover your receiver. If I were him I’d check myself off the field and let a real DB step in to show the team how it’s supposed to be done. Next man up.

    That showing last week was embarrassing and to see you pretend that you couldn’t understand why penalties were being called against you is straight hilarious and totally unacceptable. Just do your job- and try your damn hardest to do it the best you physically and mentally can.

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