Donte Whitner wins matchup with Zach Miller

SAN FRANCISCO: Donte Whitner, who is quickly becoming the spokesman for the Niners defense, stood at his locker and answered questions after the game today. Here are a couple selected quotes.

On WR Ted Ginn’s two return touchdowns: “He bailed us out today. But that’s what a team is. The offense bails out the defense, the defense bails out the offense and sometimes special teams bails out both. We need to pick each other up and special teams will always be the wild card.”

On his matchup with Seahawks TE Zach Miller: One-on-one coverage, I was on him maybe 20 plays and he had one catch for maybe (six) yards, and he got another one in zone (coverage), so I feel like I had a pretty good day. Anybody that put him on their fantasy team, I hope they didn’t do well.”



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