A draft game plan for 49ers and GM Trent Baalke

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  1. Good write up Grant, could’ve been great had you not started out with the condescending tone. Not necessary, and takes away from the substance….

    1. I thought it was good with or without the tone. It puts Grant’s own little sin on it, its his M.O. I don’t like it but I stopped caring

    2. I say pretty much the same thing every time Grant puts out one of these obnoxious articles. It’s one thing for us as fans to complain on a message board and think we know better than guys who do this for a living, but for somebody in his 20’s, with about 5% of the football knowledge Baalke has and nowhere near the information on these players, to write an article like this is ridiculous. If you think you truly know better Grant, I’m here to tell you, you don’t. None of us do which is why we are sitting here talking about it instead of doing it. If you had written this article as a “this is what I would do” piece that’s fine, but to ridicule somebody who is so far beyond your scope in regards to this game is truly embarrassing. .

      1. absolutely agreed. the condescending tone distracts us from your core point. the mr.know-it-all act reflects poorly on grant, but he is what he is, and we come back to this site cause of the community, not cause of grant and his self-proclaimed superior knowledge of football.

      2. Rocket

        well said…Don’t kill the goose nor the gooses spirit if it’s wearing 49er gear
        We are all 49ers fans after all…Good content though….

      3. Grant, why? Seriously, why? Why do you insist on being so over-the-top condescending? When you take this approach, it comes across as if you are lampooning the subject of the article. Your article reads like satire, and not something to be taken seriously.

        You may think Trent Baalke has done a poor job with the 49ers roster. But, to pretend as if you know more than Trent when it comes to scouting, and identifying talent, when you have a fraction of the experience, and nowhere near the resources someone in his position has, just makes you look like a fool. And it makes it hard to take you seriously. Honestly Grant, why would someone in Baalke’s position give you the time of day, when you come across like a petulant little boy, who clearly isn’t qualified to even write for a national publication? If you were qualified to do what Baalke does, wouldn’t you be doing that, instead of what your doing? It surely pays better, and garners a lot more respect. Doesn’t it?

        FYI, there is nothing special about your draft choices you present in this article. Do you know how many armchair GM’s there are in this country, who think they can put together a better mock draft than you?

          1. “First, grab a pen and a notebook. Good. Now, open the notebook and write down what I tell you. Yes, just like that.”

            It puts the lotion on its skin

          2. Grant I kinda of enjoyed it. I have liked to agree and disagree with them. TRENT needs to think outside the box on this one.

        1. 49, maybe the reason is that Grant smells blood, and Baalke is like a wounded animal struggling to survive. Baalke took some big hits so far, and his coaching search did not go to his liking. If free agents avoid him like the plague, he will be further weakened. His draft history is not stellar, so he will lose total control, and I think that is a good thing. Baalke micromanaged the team last year, and the results were catastrophic. He lost a ton of respect by the way he handled Hayne. Refusing to play him while trying to promote couch potatoes who saw the playbook 5 days before the game. Cutting him on the team bus was petty and insulting.
          Grant is just returning the favor.

          1. Seb, I am anything but a Baalke apologist. Trent’s made a lot of mistakes, IMO, and micromanaging is certainly not something I want from a GM. I hated the way he handled Hayne as well. While I thought Jarred was a little to raw to play RB, ecept in an emergency, I think they were way to quick to pull the plug on him as a punt returner.

            That said, the condescending tone of Grants article is laughable, and doesn’t lend a sense of credibility. Not to mention how premature it is for any serious mock draft.

            1. Mocks have started since before the season ended. There will be one before the Combine and after the Combine, before FA and after.
              Maybe the tone in Grant’s article mirrors the sentiment of the general Fandom. Maybe they need to hear that the general fan is not pleased, and that they need to swallow a big dose of medicine. Baalke is walking on thin ice. He did not shine assembling a coaching staff. Any GM who whiffed on an entire draft class better be receptive to input. If it is because of Baalke that the Niners cannot attract and sign elite FAs, maybe Baalke should stop poisoning the well.
              I am kinda glad you have started posting, because this is a tough crowd. I have been getting all sorts of grief over my sunny, optimistic outlook. Hope you keep it up and stick to your guns. Only, dont shoot yourself in the foot. ;p

              1. Of course mock drafts have started before the end of the season. The problem with Grant’s mock is that he wants us to believe that it’s a serious mock draft. “Prescriptive” is how Grant put it. How can any draft this premature be anything other than for entertainment purposes?

                Grant’s logic is terribly flawed. Does anyone know if Grant wants us to take his mock draft seriously, or is this a form of mockery? I suspect it’s pure mockery, because a mock draft in January simply cannot be serious.

              2. No mock before the SB will be taken seriously. The only mock that will be taken seriously are the ones just before the draft and after the Senior Bowl, Combine, Free agency and taking into consideration sundry trades.

        2. nailed it. $20 Grant has never watched a full game of over half the guys he’s talking about. Lawson is no where near worthy of the #7 pick either.

    3. Agree… Over-the-top condescension is lame. Would expect that of an 11th grade columnist writing for a high school paper.

          1. No, no, that is one good way to lose an argument.
            And you know I NEVER want to lose an argument, I just stick to the facts, Ma’am.

              1. Like the Black Night, you’re largely irrelevant once your limbs have been severed…

              2. Did you know that he really did not get his limbs hacked off? or are you dreaming some more? In celluloid terms, I am more like the road runner and you are the Wiley Coyote. Always trying, never succeeding…

  2. Baalke should draft o-line with the top pick, either OT Ronnie Stanley or Laremy Tunsil, if they’re available. O-line should be the highest priority. After that, the priority should be OLB, ILB, WR, and RB.

      1. I guess no good offensive linemen are going to join the team via FA? What’s hilarious is that Grant hasn’t figured out that NFL players are going to follow the money. The Raiders and Browns have signed players via FA for years, and they’ve been in FAR worse shape than what he believes the Niners to be. His mock is moot until we see what Baalke was able to address in free agency. I’m sure he’s gonna add veterans to the O-line, which would eliminate the need to take a LINEMAN in the 2nd.

      2. FYI, Lawson is a bad fit for O’Neil’s scheme.

        Unfortunately Grant, you don’t have enough access to what types of schemes, and exactly what types of players best fit what the 49ers want to do on offense and defense.

      3. If you had a clue Grant, you would realize that it’s far to premature for the team to start putting together their draft board. The notion that you can simply put together a mock draft in January, that has any relevance, when the team hasn’t even finalized their playbooks, schemes, etc, tells me just how much you know about the business of NFL personnel.

        As a matter of fact, I have taken a look at some of your choices, assuming the draft falls a certain way, which of course cannot be predicted, and I think I would give you a C-, or D+, just based on what I know the team needs right now, and we haven’t even seen the combine, pro days, or signed our free agents.

        Oh, and another thing. You claim that none of the top FA’s will sign with the 49ers? Now you’re also a mind reader? Money talks Grant. And contrary to your narrative, Chip Kelly doesn’t have a bad reputation around the league. Even Chip’s biggest player critic, Shady McCoy has recently changed his tune and said publically that Chip is an intelligent coach and that if players buy into his system, they will be fine. As a matter of fact, far more players have defended Kelly, than have criticized him.

        1. That said, FYI, have been critical of Baalke recently. I have not been particularly thrilled with a few of his drafts, and was very disappointed with his choice of free agent signings last off season, with the exception of Torrey Smith. However, Trent has his strengths as a personnel guy. He cannot pick a WR if his life depended on it, and he’s missed some OL picks as of late. However, he’s a strong evaluator of defensive talent. He knows how to work the draft. And he is a very good “wheeler & dealer” outside of the draft as well.

          The team, IMO, is in exceptional shape in terms of the salary cap, with a lot of money to spend this offseason, and they are in a strong position heading into this draft.

        2. 49, I hope you discontinue your attacks on Grant. He is not a saint, but he is also not the devil. If you keep on the pejorative path, I will just have to counter your screeds point by point.
          Leave Grant alone, post your opinions on the team, and everyone will be happy. I do not come here to read attacks and clear bias ad nauseum.

      4. 49ers first three picks should be offensive linemen. The fourth pick should be a QB with a brain for football that can mentor Kap whom spent more time in the weight room than the film room. Jordan Rodgers (Aaron’ brother) is that QB. He has a better head for football than most, and better footwork than Aaron. He would be the perfect backup.

      5. Grant Cohn January 28, 2016 at 1:02 pm
        Edge rushers are more valuable than offensive tackles these days. Look at the Broncos.
        How many offensive plays does a tackle have to block on average in a game? How many sacks are produced versus a single tackle on average in a game? Who’s really winning that battle and where is the real value in that dynamic?

  3. Baalke will pick a Field Goal kicker who just had ACL surgery in the third round to compete with Pinion. Dawson will sign elsewhere. Book it . Going to happen

  4. Agree with this blueprint 100%. If we were going to fold free agency into the equation, I’d change nothing with this draft plan, and sign the best available FA O-linemen and D-linemen (plural).

  5. If the Cowboys are sitting there with their choice between Bosa and Jack, they’ll take Bosa. That’s why I believe Jack might be available when the 49ers go on the clock….

    Browns/Goff or Wentz
    Chargers/Buckner (Better fit for their 3-4)
    Cowboys/Bosa (Best player in the draft)Doesn’t fall as far as Leonard Williams last year

            1. The Niners have enough inside help to push the pocket back in the QB’s face and to run simple games, twists and stunts.

              1. Yea, I think Dorsey ends up on PUP to start the season. You think Brown can survive a Kelly training camp, and how much weight do you think he drops, once on the Chip Wagon?

              2. Good questions. That second round pick should be able to play right tackle just in case.

              3. Whitehair has experience at both Guard and Tackle, but projects better inside according to some. Maybe he’s a better choice than Ifedi….

              4. If you had your choice of Ifedi, Whitehair or Kelly, you still take Ifedi? Probably has the best feet of the three….

              5. Grant,
                Who on the interior DL ever gets pressure? The Niners need Kawann Short, and Baalke should have drafted him in 2013.

                I absolutely love the Chip Kelly hiring, wanted it back in 2013/14 when Harbaugh hitched his wagon permanently to Greg Roman, but I don’t think he’s Baalke’s choice, but Jed’s.

                I like that you talk down to Baalke. Your “petulant” tone fits in this situation. Baalke is an arrogant, paranoid little boy parading as a man of great substance. I, for one, hope that you take him to the woodshed. He is terrible at his job.

              6. Armstead and Dial push the pocket. Edge rushers are much more disruptive, especially on passing downs with all these “empty” formations in the league these days.

              7. Interior pass rusher is more valuable than an edge rusher in my mind. A guy like the Seahawks Bennett can do both, that’s what makes him so valuable….

              8. Empty backfields, which are popular, provide short corners for edge rushers who are getting more athletic every year.

              9. Grant

                Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, & Kawann Short would all be more valuable than Von Miller to the 49ers, especially in the NFCW, where Wilson has trouble with inside pressure, especially in the NFC, where Newton shakes off OLBs.

                I suspect Armstead and Dial will be very good, but not necessarily, and never to the level of the three mentioned above.

              10. With an edge rusher, all the QB has to do is climb the pocket. Interior rush collapses the pocket like a grenade. The quarterback is forced to flee the pocket before it explodes….

              11. Good edge rushers force quarterbacks to step up, which inflates interior DTs sack numbers. Armstead’s sacks will go up when the Niners get a couple good edge rushers.

              12. Yep, the most disruptive pass rushers are the great interior pass rushers. Armstead has shown some potential, but having another player next to him that can consistently collapse the pocket would be huge.

              13. I think so too Scooter. I found this interesting from a 5 game sample in 2015 Scouting Report on the Seahawks Michael Bennett:

                Most EDGE rushers take the large majority of their snaps, usually more of 80%, on the edge. Bennett has an exactly even split of attempts on the edge and interior. Bennett’s success has also been evenly split between both areas. He has created pressure 38.2% of the time (21 out of 55) on edge attempts and 40% of the time (22 out of 55) on interior attempts. Seattle also effectively employs Bennett on stunt rushes, which allows Bennett to rush on the edge when lined up on the interior and vice versa.

              14. Denver’s edge rushers benefit from having Wolfe and Jackson along the interior collapsing the pocket while also eating up blockers.

                As with any team sport, each of the positions complement the other, so edge players will look better with good interior players, and vice versa. But I think excellent interior pass rushers are more important and impactful than excellent edge rushers.

              15. Edge rushers are better athletes and cause more havoc. Interior rushers aren’t that hard to avoid if a team doesn’t have good edge rushers containing the quarterback in the pocket.

              16. Razor / Scooter,
                The market doesn’t agree with you. Edge rushers get paid big $$ for a reason.

              17. And the likes of Ndamukong Suh and JJ Watt do not? Price tag for a top interior DL is about the same for a top edge rusher.

              18. Three of the top 10 highest paid players in the NFL are defensive players. Those three are Suh, Watt, and Cameron Jordan. Watt and Jordan are DEs. Suh is the only DT on that list.

              19. It doesn’t matter if the guy is on the interior or the edge, if he creates pressure, he’s getting paid. There just aren’t a lot of great interior DL players and they are much harder to find than edge rushers. This is the typical overreacting to last weeks game where Brady was harassed throughout the game. Bad O-line, good pass rush and coverage units. They already knew that Brady was going to get the ball out quickly, just like everybody else does. If the game was in Foxboro, the Pats would have won.

                It’s great when it works, but going off of Brady’s tremendous career success, it obviously doesn’t work very often, nor is it a blueprint for success. You go after the most talented players. It’s pretty obvious that the Cowboy was a huge component of Aldon’s success, yet Aldon was the one in line for a record payday until his issues sidetracked him. There is no tone-setter on defense. There isn’t one guy on that side of the ball that makes the other team think, “Dude, don’t provoke that guy.”

                Justin Smith used to track dudes down from behind when the play was nowhere near him, at 300 lbs. Now the flavor of the week is to acquire a bunch of edge rushers and expect the same results against Russell Wilson or Cam Newton, who are the polar opposite of Brady in terms of athleticism and playing style. They’ll chase them around all game and then get blown up when it comes time to defend against the run. I’m all for a dominant edge rusher, but like QB’s, there just aren’t very many of them. Any kind of draft wet dreams need to reflect that reality.

          1. If Baalke doesn’t beef up the DL in FA, it won’t matter what pass rusher(s) he drafts. It’s the key to the entire defense…build it up, they’ll put the clamps down again on the run game and get after the QB consistently.

      1. Titans will probably take Bosa. Chargers selection hinges on Reyes. If they re-sign Kendall Reyes, they go O line. Until the fate of Reyes is decided, the draft could go in any direction.
        Ideally, the Niners sign Reyes, then go OLB with their first.

          1. I think the Tians will target an O lineman in Free Agency like Mack or Cordy Glenn. They will either trade back to garner more picks or select the best player of the draft. So far, Bosa is the consensus number one on all the draft lists.

        1. Dear Trent Baalke,

          For the love of all that is holy, do not listen to Seb and sign Kendall Reyes. He has some ability as a pass rusher, but against the run he is downright awful. And that is why he is consistently ranked as one of the worst 3-4 DEs in football by PFF.


          1. Hmm. I watched some games and it seemed like he was the only one doing any defending. He was the only one who got penetration.I thought the whole defense was bad against the run, but since the pass defense was so porous, they did not bother to run.

            1. Sure, he can make the occasional splash play as a pass rusher. He’s quick. But if the OL get their hands on him its all over. He’s weak and gets pushed around. That’s why he is terrible against the run. He’s made the PFF worst players list three years running.

              1. OK, but maybe he needs to come to a different system where he will thrive? I guess I just liked his motor.
                Maybe he will come cheap. Baalke really likes inexpensive players.
                Hmm Come to think about it, maybe I was confusing him with Liuget ?

              2. Reyes needs to go to a system that isn’t the 49ers, so he can be somebody else’s problem.

                Liuget is a much better player than Reyes.

      2. Grant,I think the Browns will surprise everyone and draft Bosa and get a QB with their 2nd pick. Patiently waiting til the 2nd round to get a QB will nail their Franchise QB!

  6. Seriously? That’s the draft plan? Overall, if you compare Baalke’s draft scorecard, it compare favorably with his peers. With respect to Marcus Martin and Brandon Thomas not making much of an impact, there is a lot to be said about bad coaching decisions.

  7. I disagree re the medical red shirts. None of the massive number of players that that went on IR in 2014\2015 were NFI red shirts. Of the 8 rookies expected to not play all\part of their first season when drafted, only the know long shot Lattimore was unable to continue because of the injury. (Carradine, Thomas were typical talent assessment failures).

    I’m against using high picks on these guys unless it’s a Gurley situation. But day three picks on guys like Dial, Reaser, Acker, Smelter are fine with me.

    It’s the non redshirts riding the pine like Hyde, Ellington, Mike Davis, Anthony Davis, Ward (he seems to have recovered) that have me concerned.

    1. Of the 8 rookies expected not to play all\part of season includes rookies hurt in camp. I meant to add.

  8. Dear Grant, it is a lot easier to catch flies with honey rather than vinegar. Your tone will turn them off, and you will be further shunned.
    Maybe next time, you should try humor.
    That said, I think you have been copying my posts. I have decried the ACL strategy and think that they need a pass rusher and O lineman with their first 2 picks. Those farther down picks are esoteric with many permutations obscuring the future.
    Another strategy to be considered would be for Chip to select the first 2 picks and let Baalke select the rest.
    All in all, nice draft mock, but Ifedi has many flaws. I think the Niners should go Kelly or Spriggs, or better yet, Tunsil or Stanley with the first.
    However, the best strategy might be to move back, and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds, and bundle some of the later picks to move up and snag the player the scouts and coaches really want. Another strategy would be to bundle unwanted players to move up in the draft, maybe even obtain another third round slot.

      1. Hey, Prime, did you hear? Now that Chip is on board, they are going to keep Kaep and finally utilize him properly to get the best results. Imagine, Chip finally has not one mobile QB, he has 2 mobile QBs. I have only heard one other poster declaring that they will cut Kaep so he will go to the Rams and haunt the Niners for years.
        I must admit that Kaep has regressed, but now that he has taken 3 surgeries, he should be as good as new, and his accuracy will return.
        Some unnamed DCs have expressed extreme concern that Chip finally has the perfect QB to inflict his offense on the league. I even envision Kaep and Gabbert running multi option, multi lateral, quick tosses and bombs. It will be undefendable and unstoppable. Defense will have to cover the entire field, and the Niners will just run to the open space.

        1. I think we heard Chip’s offense will be “straight Freddy Krueger” with Kap and Gabbert, according to at least one unnamed defensive coordinator.

        2. Did he get a lobotomy? Last time I checked Sabannoyoing, thumb and shoulder surgery didnt improve accuracy or the ability to read defenses!

            1. Well you keep avoiding what has plagued #7. Why? You can’t admit his faults or do you sweep it under the rug like you do everything else? Or should I say your lawn mower?

              1. What has plagued Kaep was brain dead coaching who were full of hubris. The listened to the Cosells intoning that Kaep would not be great until he learned how to be a proficient pocket passer.They got caught in their trap and responded by saying- ‘Oh yeah, well I will force Kaep to be only a pocket passer even if it kills him!’ After 80 sacks and 3 surgeries, it almost did.
                Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams Tank in a pit.

              2. Not sure how Kap will ever be successful in this offense. He has no ability to get the ball out quick and no accuracy on short passes. Even if the he was able to process who to throw it to quickly, his baseball throwing motion is so long and slow.

              3. Well, in the Art of War, Sun Tzu mentioned that if a general really wanted to win, he must not sheathe his most important weapon. Every weapon should be used to its fullest to achieve the maximum results. He also said that the timing was critical. Weapons used too soon or too late or in an incoherent manner, could be the difference between winning and losing.

              4. Js, Chip will coach up Kaep. With those short passes, he will probably instruct Kaep not to use a full windup, but just use a flick of the wrist to deliver the ball. Kaep is plenty strong enough and since he plays ping pong, he knows all about keeping the arm steady and only flicking the wrist.

              5. Wilson, you may be extremely disappointed but I have a right of first refusal. Niners have me for life.

        3. “It will be undefendable and unstoppable”
          ~ Seb

          So are you predicting the Kelly offensive plan will score at least 30 points per game?

          1. Chip should just set the goal of scoring 7 times per game. That could be from 21 to 49 points. I am hoping 27 points per game. That would be 5 scores. 3 TDs and 2 FGs.

    1. As I said above, if the DL’s not upgraded, taking a pass rusher with the first pick is mostly a waste. It doesn’t matter how good the pass rusher is, if he doesn’t have a stout DL in front of him, he won’t be very effective. Our DL in 2015 was good at times, lousy most of the time…and that just won’t cut it.

      1. Agreed Frank. I guess Grant never noticed the effect Justin Smith had on the 49ers front 7. Far, far more valuable than Aldon Smith.

        Besides, didn’t the Niners just draft an athletic, speedy edge rusher early in last year’s draft?

        Lawson is not a top 10 talent. Buckner would be a far more valuable pick.

        1. 49reasons,
          For those reasons and many more the 49ers should spend the money and sign Muhammad Wilkerson he would be the 2nd coming of Justin Smith.

  9. The most efficient use of free agency is offensive line, don’t draft it, sign it. First pick what they need is an impact playmaker, up to Baalke to identify who that is. Receiver, edge rusher, linebacker, corner. An immediate starter. After that best value aligned with need. Baalke has to go away from his recent years of accumulating picks and valuing volume, this team has bodies it lacks playmakers. Get the impact.


      When the draft card is delivered to the Commish, Kelly, Gamble, Shannahan or Holmgren better be holding it on the offensive side…No more trust, that’s it–finine, terminare!

  10. If Goff is taken, I’d be thrilled with Myles Jack.
    I’m all for taking an elite edge rusher as long as they are truely elite. This draft seems deeper in interior D linemen that can pressure. The new DC seems more likely to use a 3 tech to pressure than Mangini. That would be a good compliment to Armstead.

    1. I totally agree. I am sorry, but Boone will go to the highest bidder, so he will be gone.
      With Tiller and Brown rotated in to keep them fresh, The O line will improve greatly.

      1. Only thing is Seb, I’m not sure Brown can survive a Chip Kelly training camp. I’d love to have a survey question on the blog voting machine, with multiple pound answers as to how much weight he loses on the Chip Wagon Program, also known as CWP.

          1. What weight was he playing at, 348? I could see him with the right attitude, making 335 if he were to survive the camp….

            1. I thought he came to TC last year at 387, and got down to 360.
              348? Heck, lets shoot for 325. He may have to run to California to accomplish that goal, but he has made good progress so far…..

              1. Was he really that heavy, 387? Yikes! If he was 360 in December, he’s probably 365 now. I’d say he reports at 368 and best case scenario is a svelte 340 as a camp survivor….

              2. Dont worry, Chip will whip up some shakes and the pounds will melt away, just like on TV…….

        1. Razor

          I guarantee you that the 49ers players understand what they’re now committed to, in terms of training camp.

          On the other side of it, I think you fail to understand that Chip’s practice/training tactics actually take better care of athletes than any other program. So a player that might otherwise struggle will actually be MORE likely to succeed under Chip than say, Harbaugh.

          1. Hey Silicon Chip

            Excellent post… all of the ‘chicken littles’ out there are so pessimistic, that all of their negatives are just downwind flatulence. OF COURSE TC WILL BE CHALLENGING !!…They’re auditioning for the highest football league in the world

          2. Hey Silicon Chip

            Excellent post…I think that it’s sort of funny that all of the ‘chicken littles’ out there are so concerned about Chips conditioning method…Where do they think these guys have been their whole lives….? Conditioning…

  11. You just put a 4 player Mock out two days ago and you’ve already changed two of the choices you made.

    1. Thats OK. Things can change. Just idle speculation during the offseason. I also proposed using players out of that pool to trade for Frank Gore, because he would excel in Chip’s system since he does it all. Anybody could propose different players and scenarios. nothing is set in stone.

  12. Kelly’s sports science program turned some of Philly’s Pro’s off as too intrusive. Many stated that it might work if Chip gets everyone to buy in

    Kelly has placed heart, sleep and GPS monitors on his players to build personalized data files on each. His sports science staff, led by former Navy SEAL trainer Shaun Huls, has monitored their recoveries from workouts with both monitors and questionnaires and formulated individual nutrition and workout plans to keep them freshest when they need to be.


  13. I’m interested in seeing who the 9ers gather up as undrafted free agents. Yes…many, many misses, but once in a while a nugget appears.

      1. Very bold, but watch tape on this man.. He’s 6’5 with sppedvand ability. Throws with touch and fast enough to run chip Kellys offense. He’s the horse we need. In my opinion

        1. He’s had 1.5 years of starter experience. His backup Easton Stick has been just as good if not better, and has led the Bisons to the Championship Game.
          Wentz tends to get overly aggressive at times and forces too many passes. He stares down his receivers and defenders pick up on it. He doesn’t go through his progressions very well, and he’d rather force his first read than go to his second read. Does not use his eyes as weapons. Despite the arm strength, he isn’t a great passer down the field. He under-throws a lot of his receivers and doesn’t lead them. He’s a day 2 pick in my opinion…..
          Has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long and must start developing some sort of internal clock. He needs to get the ball out quicker on a lot of throws.

        2. Not so fast. He did well against lower level competition, but wait until the Senior Bowl and see how he does against the big boys.

          1. Here’s some chatter from PFT on Wentz:

            “According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, it’s “almost unanimous” North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz will be a first-round pick.
            The FCS standout has had a strong week at the Senior Bowl, bolstering what was already perceived to be day-one stock. Rotoworld’s Josh Norris has Wentz going to the Rams at No. 15 overall in his latest mock draft. Wentz has a strong arm, and prototype size at 6-foot-5, 233 pounds. Nevertheless, his D-II pedigree and the fact that he’s already 23 years old will make him a hotly-debated prospect.”


            “A “highly-respected personnel man” believes the Browns should take North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz at No. 2 overall.
            “If the Browns take Carson Wentz at No. 2 they’d be set for 15 years,” the “top NFL personnel executive” told reporter Mary Kay Cabot. “He’s the best quarterback in the draft. If I were picking at No. 2, I’d take him. It will solve all of their problems and they’d get that team turned around.” Cabot reports the quarterback-starved Browns have “genuine” interest in the FCS product. Per Cabot, scouts have “marveled” at Wentz’s size (6-foot-5, 233 pounds) and “other physical attributes” at this week’s Senior Bowl.”

    1. Not as far fetched as might think. I am fascinated to see where Kap fits into Chip’s plan. If Kap is out, Wentz becomes an intriguing option if he gets past the Cowboys.

    2. Steel,
      I’m a Wentz fan. This guy is a bullet quickly climbing up scouting reports. Already being hailed as the best QB in this weeks Senior Bowl practices.
      But in all fairness, neither Goff or P.Lynch are at this practice and game.

      I still believe that Lynch will make a strong showing at the NFL combine and put himself back as a front runner for the top QB draft spot.
      His bowl game appearance was not very good, so he will need to re-establish his brand in the combine – I say that he will.

      But having said that, imo Wentz would be the best fit for a Kelly type offense.

    1. Hmm. I wrote on Jan 27th at 1:17 pm.- “I predict Jed will do something stupid”. Took him 1 day to make my prediction come true.

  14. I’ll be interested in seeing what happens at QB. For the past few years, they’ve only kept two QBs on the 53. If Kap is kept, then I can’t see them picking a QB with an early pick unless Baalke changes his MO and agrees to keep three QBs on the 53.

  15. Hilarious that you probably get your information from watching a couple of YouTube highlights and reading some mock drafts online. Do you actually know anything about scouting football players? Do you watch players tapes? Outside of Barrows and Maiocco I’ve really lost respect for bay area sports writers. Everyone ends up being a version of Skip Bayless these days: they actually think their opinions are more relevant than facts. When you develop a great reputation for solid reporting and fact based insights than your opinions would hold so much more credibility.

    1. Hmm. dissing posters and claiming that they should not even post an opinion because the scouts are the wise ones and watch film so they are omniscient, THAT is hilarious.
      Guess what? Those same scouts decided that Jamarcus Russel was the best player in the draft, so their football acumen is so bad, they should resign and make the draft from Tarot cards.
      Believe it or not, I respect the football knowledge of this site over all the other 49er sites. I peruse the others, but they say such tripe, I never bother to post.
      Do not smear the whole media over the offenses of a few. For every Kawasaki there are the Matts Gary, Grant and Tommy T’s. This Bay Area is blessed with good writers. I mean, you just breath the air and get smarter..
      I swear, they parse every letter on my posts, so any factoid or apostrophe out of place will diligently be pointed out. This place obsesses over facts and the literary precision is acute. This is a challenging site to post on, but I derive great pleasure in reading the insights and perceptions presented here.
      Do not diss Grant. I actually like his prose. He, as some say, can- turn a phrase. He may have his own idiosyncrasies, but they, to me, are formulaic, and he has to get out from under his father’s shadow. I see some of his father in his articles, but by and large, he blazes his own path.

  16. The draft plan you have here sounds fine in general Grant, but so hard to know until after FA is done. Who do you see the team signing?

    Personally I like the idea of taking an ILB in round 1, and using FA to get the OLB. But the options aren’t great at OLB in FA this year.

    Given how he has performed at the Senior Bowl, razor may be correct and Noah Spence might be a guy to look at, potentially after a trade down. Alternatively, Shilique Calhoun in round 2 would provide a nice, well rounded edge player.

    I really think OL they should try and address in FA. Not sure if Beachum really suits what Kelly is after, but I do think he’d be an excellent addition that would allow them to move Staley to RT, and Davis inside to RG. With Tiller and Kilgore back for another year, that would solidify the line, though they should also look to bring in an interior OL sometime between rounds 2 and 4.

    On the DL, I’d love to see Wilkerson or Malik Jackson added, but they may be pricey. Would also like to see Ian Williams retained. But as far as the draft goes, Javon Hargraves has really impressed me. Great film albeit against lesser competition, but stood out at the Shrine game and looked good on day 3 of the Senior Bowl after being a late addition due to injury. Its a crowded DT field this year, so a guy like Hargraves can likely be picked up mid rounds and would be a great addition in my opinion.

    At WR, I’ve liked what Braxton Miller has done at the Senior Bowl. Great athlete, just needs development. Given other needs, it is likely a WR won’t be taken until mid rounds, so finding a great athlete that needs coaching up may be the way to go.

      1. There must be a point where talent trumps character concerns though. Unless you think he hasn’t changed his ways. From all reports it sounds like he is turning himself around. Still a big risk obviously, but if they can trade back, pick up an extra second perhaps, and get Spence in the first round, it may be worth it.

          1. Unlike Aldon, Spence has already hit rock bottom and been to rehab prior to being drafted.

            Any team drafting him obviously need to do a lot of research into his character and background, but if he genuinely appears to have turned a corner then his talent is worthy of a high pick.

              1. There is a big difference between character issues and character concerns. They shouldn’t draft anyone that has a continued and ongoing character issue.

                Spence has had issues in the past. However, if he truly has turned the corner it is no longer an issue. There are no doubt going to be ongoing concerns he could relapse, but the 49ers need talent added to the roster. If they feel comfortable he has indeed turned the corner then they should not hesitate to take him if they feel he is the best player on their draft board.

                What the 49ers can’t afford to do is draft scared, and only ever take the safe option.

              2. Mathieu was a pot head and he turned himself around. Janoris Jenkins had some issues and seems ok. I agree with that mindset Scooter, don’t draft scared. Draft informed….

              3. Strictly speaking there is some question as to whether E is physically addicting in the literature, so the “addiction” is more of psychological weakness which is of concern-and of course the drop in serotonin levels caused by repeated use may cause problems with memory loss.So the real concern with Spence would be character in an NFL role, as has been noted he entered rehab and seems to be under control but money and fame can play havoc with ones weaknesses. This situation truly is a crap shoot.

            1. Exactly my point Scooter with my comment above. If he checks out, he could be a surprise pick like Aldon was….

      2. How about starting with a list of free agents Grant?

        Give us your list of free agents whom Baalke should target, based on priority, while keeping the salary cap in mind.

      3. Spence seems like he has figured it out. Apparently his father is a parole officer too. We’ll see. He certainly is shredding the Senior Bowl, by all accounts.

      4. Notice the last few 49er drafts 2013-15 have been packed with boy scouts? The biggest character risk was Lynch, and they went a log way investigating his past. This trend seemed to start before the Aldon / RayMac / Culliver mess-ups.

        2014-15 49er drafts have been quire boys compared to 2010-2011. Word must have come down from ownership. I’m not expecting any character issue guys on the Niners draft board.

          1. You are absolutely right. You can’t stay employed in this league by disobeying cranky oligarchs (with unrealistically lofty expectations).

            1. The Oakland Raiders of the 1970’s, in my opinion, were the bad boys of the NFL. John Madden, who coached that team in the ’70s, didn’t give a sh!t what his players did during the week as long as they played hard on Sundays. Might explain why they won so many regular season games during that decade….

              1. Growing up in Santa Rosa, tales of Raider nightlife were widely known. Saw Stabler about 4 years ago at the annual classic car thing on 4th street riding in a convertible. I yelled “Bamboo Room” which made him laugh and wave our way.

              2. A lot of today’s bad boys are really just punks. Guys with talent but immature and get passed on from team to team. Guys like Moss, Owens, Bensen, Ochocinco, Tank Johnson….

    1. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Grant to hold off on his “I am smarter than Baalke – mock draft” and start with free agency advice? It’s far too early for a serious mock draft, isn’t it?

      1. What else is there to do during the offseason before the Super Bowl? I am not excited about either team, and am just glad it is not the Seahawks or Pats.
        These are archived so any player speculated on here that they choose will allow the poster to crow about it. Others will be ridiculed for being so far off.
        BTW, what mock is truly serious?

    2. Miller is going to run too fast to last to the mid rounds. Third is the latest he comes off the board unless he blows it in Indy.

        1. I want to see him in the game and Combine but if he shines in those situations I agree CFC no later than 3rd round and more than likely a second round pick.

    3. Do you think that Chip might be interested in Braxton for trick passing plays? I haven’t really thought it through and can’t point to precedent, but his passing ability might present some problems for defenses. Don’t know, just thinking out loud.

      1. I’m sure some teams would see the potential and make use of it. Bengals use Sanu as a passer on occasion.

        1. I hate that play. I don’t like anyone but the quarterback throwing the football downfield. I like the flea flicker much better if you want a gadget….

        1. Baxton’s looked good. Physical. Combative vs press. Feisty attitude. A nice consolation prize for teams that missed out on Treadwell. Not claiming he’s a Treadwell, but has some of his qualities.

  17. Anybody think aldon smith won’t be back in a niners jersey after next season if Baalke is still around?
    I was thinking of this since Dallas is giving the boot to their troubled star!

  18. LOL What a hoot. Some BRO on NN is calling for a boycott of Grant Cohn. What a rube. He should just ignore it, but he went nuclear and called for a boycott. Guess what? That just put a huge spotlight on Grant and the readers will want to see what incredible terrible things were written so as to prompt such a drastic response.
    Too bad many will just empathize with the tone because they, too, harbor resentment over how this offseason is rolling along. Baalke deserves all the censure he gets, and for the life of me, I do not understand how he still has a job.

  19. It will be Buckner in the first round for the Niners. He is excellent and knows what its like to play lots of minutes. System fit.

    Titans will take Tunsil LOT
    Browns will take Lynch QB
    Chargers will take Bosa OL

    1. It won’t be Buckner. He is a system fit but so is Armstead who they just drafted. It doesn’t make any sense. The pick will be Jack if there if not Jalen Smith. Book it.

      1. Jack is coming off an injury. I would think Baalkie would be leery of drafting an injured player in the first round. Plus he plays a 4-3 not sure if thats a big deal. There is nothing wrong with having a dominate D lineman with big pass rushing skills. Armstead is suppose to be very good at the run, Buckner very good pass rusher, two giants on the DL makes sense to me.

        1. I wouldn’t mind the pick. He is a great player. I just believe it’s important to find a stud next to bow. Check this out.

  20. Its a year where Baalke needs to be agressive cuz we have enough quantity now its time to add quality that means take guys who will be instant starters and upgrades.

  21. The QB that is going to take this team to the promised land is not on this roster and is not coming in free agency. So how is it possible to have any priority above getting the best QB possible in this draft?

    If they don’t trade up from their position at #7 or get a great QB at 7, or then trade up into the first round or early second for their guy, they need to draft two QBs in rounds 2-4 to make sure that someone pans out in the subsequent competition. Otherwise, fuhgettabbouttit. No team without a QB wins championships in the NFL (and don’t give me Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer, ages ago, with dominant defenses). And you need time to develop the guy, so start that process ASAP. Next year and the year after, we’ll round out the team. This year will be worth watching if we have our QB of the future.

    1. There are 3 things wrong with your reasoning.
      First, this is not a slam dunk QB class. There are no Cam Newtons or Payton Mannings available. Many pundits say it is even a weak QB class.
      Second, the Niners desperately need a pass rush. Without a pass rush, even the second coming of Joe Montana would not help.
      Third, even with another Joe, the lack of a decent O line will doom him to failure.

  22. While sitting here awaiting the SB, I wonder how the team assessments are going, and which players they will retain and which they will move on from. Which free agents they will re-sign and which FAs they will target. Which rookies are going to be promoted, and what depth will they provide.

    1. Cubus responded with this when I asked the same question.

      Feb. 22: First day for clubs to designate franchise or transition players.

      March 7: Prior to 4 p.m. ET, deadline for clubs to designate franchise or transition players.

      March 12-15: Beginning at 12 p.m. ET, clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into contract negotiations with the certified agents of players who will become unrestricted free agents upon the expiration of their 2015 player contracts at 4 p.m. ET, on March 15. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4 p.m. ET, on March 15.

      March 15: The 2016 league year and free agency period begin at 4 p.m. ET.

      The first day of the 2016 League Year will end at 11:59:59 p.m. ET, on March 15. Clubs will receive a personnel notice that will include all transactions submitted to the league office during the period between 4 p.m. ET and 11:59:59 p.m. ET on March 15.

      Trading period for 2016 begins at 4 p.m. ET, after expiration of all 2015 contracts.

    1. Interesting read George I have one point of contention with the author -the 2016 draft class of G’s is not a weak one, on the contrary me thinkst .Thanks for the post .

    2. Thanks, George, Reasonable outlines exactly what I wanted. A truly comprehensive assessment about the FA possibilities and opportunities, while taking the cap into consideration.
      I really hope Baalke re-signs Williams and Celek, and Boone might be available at a affordable price. I really wonder about Boldin, and hope he stays, but Baalke may want to go with youth. I want Brooks to be traded so they get something, instead of nothing when or if they cut him.
      Those players he designated as targets to obtain all look solid.

      1. Good article, I’m hoping Manning has one more season left in him.

        But I agree, we need one or two Justin Smith type signings. We better be aggressive.

  23. Jed could save some money by trading Baalke to Cleveland for the rights to a bag of practice footballs while employing a coin toss for the draft and listening to various sports pundits all for free! I believe Baalke said his draft process is a crap shoot. Let’s find out. Random chance will probably prove superior to Baalke’s crap shooting or intern generated analytics.

  24. It appears the 49ers will take a QB in the draft, possibly an Oregon Duck….TomD

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami
    My take: York (and Baalke) want to make sure that if Kaepernick excels elsewhere they can blame somebody else.

    Jonathan Christo ‏@JohnnyChristo · 16h16 hours ago
    .@timkawakami / So you think he’s gone? #49ers

    entropy ‏@talkingsports7 · 18h18 hours ago
    @timkawakami Trying to understand. So Jed a great businessman? But a bad football-team owner? The real issue?

    spencer Martin ‏@spencer_martin · 18h18 hours ago
    @timkawakami makes sense

    earance Perez ‏@cpfaithful9er · 14h14 hours ago
    @timkawakami Fresh start? How long is the circus going to keep Goin on with kaepernick?

      1. TomD,
        How did Cavanaugh know Walsh’s system? Before coming to the 9ers he played for NE and played his college ball at Pitt.

  25. Grant 100, Seb 0.

    Why does Grant always have to slap The Sebster down?


    January 28, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    I believe in second chances. Maybe he can turn out like Aaron Lynch.

    Grant Cohn

    January 28, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Aaron Lynch wasn’t addicted to ecstasy.

    1. Hyperbole is a sportscast
      The Seb’s of this site’s takes and ego so vast
      My ears must have rest
      from this lambasting pest
      collection of morons amast

    2. Since you keep trying to engage me, I will post something I wrote 1-17-14.
      Thank you for giving me more opportunities to counter your hateful drivel.
      Maybe Chip will read this and see that posters have been advocating his style of play for years.
      10 Things Kaep should do on Sunday. (Before the 2013 NFCCG)
      1. Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise.
      2. Always put a man in motion, and read the defense’s reaction.
      3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense.
      4. Invite the blitz and roll away from the blitz, or complete a quick pass (or slant).
      5. Take advantage of defense’s speed by doing counters, misdirections or reverses.
      6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking the other direction.
      7. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for the last 2 minutes (of each half).
      8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.
      9. After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and give autographed hats.
      10. Get the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands as much as possible.

  26. There once was a tool named TrollD
    Who was a kamikaze toady
    He tried to be relevant
    but like an elephant
    He gets slaughtered for ivory, the irony

        1. I saw that. I have mixed feelings about using pass rushers in coverage like that, but it does show athleticism.

          Some mocks (for what its worth) have Lawson in the 2nd round. The 49ers might be able to trade pick 37 up to secure him if Jack fell to 7.

          1. Yeah that’s strange. Rob Rang has the Bucs taking Lawson at No. 9, then the Giants taking Emmanuel Ogbah at No. 10, then the Bears taking Leonard Floyd at No. 11. Niners should take the best of those guys.

            1. I want to wait until the combine and see what their 40 and agility scores are.
              Looks like there are a plethora of choices.

              1. Yep. I like Lawson because he has long arms, he’s strong, he converts speed to power and has a full array of pass rush moves.

        2. I hear this daft is deep in interior D-linemen that can also pressure. If we miss out on a top edge rusher, that might be the way to go.

          The new DC shifts fonts alot, which could open up Justin Smith’s old 3-tech role. Javon Hargrave comes to mind.

          I keep thinking about how fast Manning-Brady get rid of the ball. I’d love an inside pass rusher that could disrupt passing lanes. Failing Jack, Buckner/Armstead inside would help.

          1. Dial pushes the pocket and bats down passes, and Armstead had the highest pass-rushing efficiency of any 3-4 DE last season according to Pro Football Focus. Those two are good. Taking an interior D-lineman in the 1st round two years in a row would be a mistake.

            1. Very good point. And we do need edge ushers.

              What if we lose Williams to free agency? Might have to slide Dial back inside. Also, D-line depth is important on Chip Kelly teams.

              Seiftert/Walsh started 9 D-linemen vs Marino in the Super Bowl. It was a 4-3, but its still alot.

              1. Then the Niners can sign a cheaper nose tackle who plays only in the base defense like Williams.

            2. My 4 cornerstones of building a top team – Quarterback, Left Tackle, Edge Rusher, (true) Shutdown Corner.

              Lawson looked good in that sample. I need to see more footage of him before final judgement. Based on what I saw, he’s good but no Aldon Smith or Von Miller.

              If Goff is gone, I’d go BPA between Jack, Stanley, Treadwell, Buckner. At least one of those players should be at 7. Baalke can easily trade back into the first. Trade back opportunities might be there too.

              1. I think Lawson is better than Stanley, Treadwell and Buckner.

                Notre Dame did not trust Stanley to block Lawson by himself.

              2. I think the best choice for trading back will be to the Texans at 22. If the Niners trade their first, for the Texans first and second, they will have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. Texans are desperate for a QB and they can leapfrog over the Eagles and Rams to get the third best if Cleveland and Dallas go with the public sentiment and draft QBs.

              3. If your assessment that Lawson is better from a BPA standpoint than Stanley, Treadwell and Buckner is correct… Lawson is the way to go. I’ve only just started checking out non-QB prospects.

                I’d be very pleased to see Jack fall to 7.

              4. My 4 cornerstones of building a top team – Quarterback, Left Tackle, Edge Rusher, (true) Shutdown Corner.
                I’d go with that except I’d replace the Shutdown Corner with a Jack Inside Linebacker. The Jack is usually the QB of the defense.

  27. wow, i’m having a hard time digesting Grants comments about interior vs outside pass rushers. It flies in the face of conventional wisdom. disruption in the middle leads to more sacks by everyone (offensive linemen and runningbacks prioritize blocking inside out and will there fore devote more attention to the inside; freeing up outside rushers). the shortest distance to the QB is the straight line from the DTs to the QB. interior pressure flushes QBs and disrupts the timing of their passes which screws up the passing game (unless you’re playing against Russel Wilson or Cam Newton).

          1. I’ll take Michael, and I’ll tell you why. 2 things. Weapons in the arsenal and consistency. Bennett was one of only nine edge defenders to record a Pass Rushing Productivity score above 10 in all four quarters for an entire season. Sometimes you can get carried away with what a player can do and what one can do on a consistent basis, and then being able to rush the passer as well as he does and the ability to do it from so many different alignments and ways, makes Bennett a truly special and rare cat….

              1. He generates tons of pressure, and consequently offensive coordinators must account for him at all times and from multiple positions….

              2. Former GM Mark Dominik found himself in that situation for letting Bennett go. Really dumb. Schiano probably talked him into it because he didn’t know how to handle his mouth. Bennett has a very high football IQ as well. Pete gives him a lot of freedom because of it….

      1. I agree the position of edge usher has greater value when it comes to building a defense. Like it or not, its a passing league.

        But sometimes its better to take a A+ DT/3-4DE over a B+ OLB. Against quick release QBs, passes are away in a flash. Gap pressure has its place vs the Manning/Bady’s of the world.

        I’m holding off judgement because its way early. I’ve barely begun reviewing what’s out there. If I come to the conclusion Lawson is an Von Miller grade edge usher I could change my mind. From what I saw this morning he looks good. I need to see more.

      2. it’s not that simplistic of an analysis. as the Niner’s defense is currently? Donald. the biggest weakness the Niners had was interior pass rush and penetration. the interior of the line is where the play starts. the foundation both offensively and defensively.

        1. Armstead had the highest pass rushing productivity of any 3-4 DE according to Pro Football Focus. He gets tons of penetration. The biggest weakness the niners had was edge rush.

          1. really? Lynch and Brooks both had 6.5 sacks each. not a ton of sacks but it’s some production. as opposed to…..

            Dial? – 2.5
            Armstead? – 2
            Williams? – 1

            now I know sacks aren’t the end all be all of what counts as “pass rush pressure”. I already knew the PFF #s in regards to Armstead. but while he got good pressure, the jury is still out on if he can provide consistent pressure as a regular starter and actually get to the QB on occasion.

            The Niners DESPERATELY need interior pass rush. It will only help the edge rushers. I would be in favor of a 3 tech penetrating pass rusher. I do not care if he can play in the base defense and hold up as a 2 gap lineman. If he can develop into one great but if not put him in the Nickel and turn him loose.

              1. that speaks even more to my point about the need for interior pass rushers. Brooks maybe “bad” but in terms of pass rush he’s 3-6 TIMES better than the interior pass rushers.

              2. Both Dial and Armstead push the pocket and execute games and twists and stunts. That’s enough interior pressure.

              3. how desperate were the Niners for interior pass rushers? They thought Tank Carradine was a possible upgrade!!!! over that they had and tried him out for a few games at the Nickel DT position before benching him and then trying him out on the edge at the end of the season.

              4. you know who could execute a T/E stunt? Justin Smith! and Ray McDonald! you can’t have that kind of lack of productivity in passing situations from 2 down linemen. look at the stats for all the other interior pass rushers that slide inside from their 3-4 Ends spots. most are far more productive than the 2 sack masters that are Dial and Armstead.

            1. allforfunnplay – ” I would be in favor of a 3 tech penetrating pass rusher”

              and the new DC might be in favor of it too because of his mixed fronts. Armstead is all about the straight 2-gap rush. Someone that penetrates a single gap (and/or forces double teams) would be a big help.

    1. Absolutely correct. Look no further than the Aldon Smith /Justin Smith dynamic. Aldon put up some monster numbers, but he did it on the back of Justin Smith. I know for a fact, the 49ers coaches believed Justin was the more valuable of the two.

      1. There are so many good DTs in this draft that you can probably wait until the 2nd-3rd round and still get a very good one. Butler is a good example.

    1. Great Lawson clip. Sure looked good from a 3-point stance. Who ever his pro DC is, I hope he doesn’t mess around dropping him into coverage. I think a 4-3 team is a good landing spot for him.

      I’ll watch more full games of Lawson later today.

    2. In a 3-4 Lawson is a strong side outside linebacker. They(49ers) already have their starter there. Unless they want to move Lynch to the right side there is no need to draft Lawson.

    3. When I first started looking at draft prospects my instant reaction was Lawson should play in a 4-3. But watching more of him I have been impressed by how good an overall athlete he is. He could probably play as an OLB in time.

      Impressive player, I’d be fine with the 49ers taking him at #7.

            1. If they got Tunsil, Staley would move to RT….
              I don’t see that happening. Staley has an 11M dollar cap hit in 2017, I don’t think Baalke wants to pay his right tackle 11 million dollars. If they drafted Tunsil they’d likely trade Staley and go with Davis at RT.

              1. You may be right, but Davis had a slow kickslide before he retired against edge speed rushers. I’d feel much better keeping both. If you want to leave Joe at LT and start Tunsil at RT, that would be fine. Going to cost the same….

              2. What if Gabbert beats out Kaepernick? Do you think Baalke will attempt to trade him or pay him his $$$ as a backup?

          1. That would give them Tunsil/Davis(if he unretires)/Kilgore/Pears/Staley up front. Leaving Brown as the swing Tackle, Davis the emergency OT, Tiller, Thomas and Martin back up guards/center….

            1. The return of Davis and the emergence of Tiller and Brown do not make the O line as critical a draft need as a pass rusher, although Tunsil sounds elite and a pro bowl type talent.

      1. Hey, Scooter, when I proposed Lawson, you dismissed him out of hand. Now that Grant likes him, you change your tune. What gives?

        1. Yep, mia culpa. As I said in my post, my initial reaction to him was he should be a 4-3 end. But I’ve watched more film on him and he’s a better athlete than I originally gave him credit for.

  28. “NFL Draft prospect Jaylon Smith could be ready for Week 1”
    Given the extent of damage that was reported I can’t think of a worse idea then rushing this kid back to the field. For God’s sake just let him heal and learn for a year, is that really so bad?

    1. The extent of damage and the fact that I’m highly skeptical they’re including a full training camp, I’d say the odds of that happening are less than 10%….

  29. A well written article that has appropriate snarkiness directed at Trent Baalke. I still don’t understand how you could fire Tomsula without firing Baalke as well.

  30. Maiocco has a piece suggesting the 49ers have interest in Leonte Carroo. That would be fitting, since he has an arrest for domestic assault after he picked up his girlfriend and slammed her on the ground after a loss. Classy guy, perfect pick for Trent.

    1. It’s unfortunate. McDonald burned them so bad that anyone with a domestic assault background is basically radioactive to them at this point. If they take a flyer on him and he gets popped again for the same thing the team will be absolutely crucified.

  31. Sebnnoying, according to NFL network Browns might be interested in trading 1st rounds picks and a package that includes Colin “long windup” Kaepernick!
    Unfortunately I can’t cut and paste a TV quote.

    1. Primo Lame-O, too bad you cannot realize that the Niners are not going to do Hue any favors after he rejected him. I take this rumor with the same disdain I had for the trade JH rumor.

      1. Give me a break Seb. If the Niner’s believe it’s in their best interest to make the trade,they would. Regardless of their relationship with Hue.

        1. I think Jed is tired of looking ridiculous. Chip said he was glad to have 2 mobile QBs because this league proves that having 2 is almost essential with all the attrition.
          Chip Kelly has his ideal QB to run his system, and he is not going to throw him away like a piece of trash. Chip is too smart to do that, unless Kaep feels betrayed and stabbed in the back, and wants out. However, Kaep realizes that Chip is his best chance to rehabilitate his career, so he will buy into the Chip Kelly offense. Chip will have a big challenge, but has the potential to be hailed as a genius for resurrecting Kaep.
          If he let Kaep go, why, it would be like he shot himself in the…..heiney.

    2. If I’m(49ers) getting the Browns 32nd overall pick, sure I do that trade. That would give San Francisco the 7th, 32nd and 37th overall pick….

      1. SF gets Cleveland’s 1st pick in exchange for Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers 7th overall pick?
        I think we need more. Throw in a 3rd Cleveland and we have a deal.

            1. Razor, for all my championing of Kaep to the Doubting Thomases, I also want a fair competition between Kaep and Gabbert. If Gabbert wins, I hope Kaep has the humility to take his demotion with grace and dignity. I hope he supports Gabbert 100% and helps him to succeed. I think Kaep is enough of a team player to do that.
              If Gabbert out competes Kaep, it just means that the Niners are strong in the QB position and has a better chance to succeed.

              1. No Sebnnoying, it will mean that he is who we all knew he was. A flash in the pan!
                The Niners can’t risk the salary on a guy who has shown regression each year after taking the NFL world by storm. Why would Chip take that risk and why would the Niners lock themselves into a 12 million dollar back up?

              2. Glad you finally admit that Kaep took the league by storm.
                Chip will have the easiest job in the world fixing his problems. All he has to do is stop forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer.
                Now that Kaep has a coach smart enough to use him properly, he will once again take the football world by storm.
                Hmm, that phrase kinda has a ring to it. I will use it profusely so you will never forget it.

              3. “Take the world by storm…” Another worn out phrase. You’re better than this Seb.

              4. Prime, did you see that someone thought Kaep took the football world by storm? I am hoping he does it again.

              5. Yes Sebnnoying the storm hit, it was fierce. But like all bad weather, it quickly went away…….it could not sustain itself. Do you know why?

              6. Prime, have you ever heard about the Monsoon Season? Happens every year. Sometimes the rains are moderate, but other times there are gully washers. I think the drought is over and am expecting a deluge.

          1. Have you bought an official NFL ball lately? A bag of them would probably cost a starting QB’s salary.

      2. I suppose a SB QB is worth at least a second round pick, but the Niners should hold out for RGIII compensation if they insist on trading him.
        At least the talk is no longer about cutting him or accepting a 6th rounder for him.

  32. ProFootballTalk ‏@ProFootballTalk 19s19 seconds ago
    Report: Chargers, Rams reach agreement on sharing stadium in Inglewood

    1. Maybe Goff will fall to the Cowboys, but maybe the Chargers will trade back to the Rams so they can leapfrog the Cowboys and Eagles to get him. Chargers need bodies, and has Rivers.

  33. One thing I can tell you is that if Goff is there at 7 Niners will pass him up. The target will be Vernon Adams!

  34. I really your picks and thought more about Ogbah and Calhoun but never gave thought about Lawson. My belief is that Jack will fall to us and I like LeRaven Clark better than Ifedi.

  35. Any chance Niners go after Alshon Jeffery and or Von Miller? Got the cap money to do it. Denver is going to have troubles hanging onto players. If anything make the team that gets these two pay bigger time money then they would normally pay.

  36. Does anyone else wonder why this blog is called “Inside the 49ers” when no inside information is ever provided? It should be called “Not So Deep Thoughts About the 49ers” since it’s usually mindless ramblings without any tangible thought process identifiable.

    1. Hmm. Sounds like a toady from another site who is jealous of the content of the posters who actually SAY something instead of the mindless prattling and bloviating.
      The NN site? That site became so viciously anti York they were spitting and frothing at the mouth.They made the owners name into a pejorative and their hate filled screeds just turned my stomach. Their main troll made jokes about cancer patients, and they had to admonish the posters to tone it down. One poster wished the owner to have violent diarrhea on his sig. Their sigs are so large, I have trouble finding the 2 words that say anything, but I regret even trying to decipher their gibberish in the end.
      The Niner insider at SFgate? Please. They find it hard to string together 2 coherent thoughts. When I mentioned Schadenfreude while on over a year ago, they had to look it up. Now I do not even bother to try and engage anyone in conversation because they cannot keep up.
      Niner Webzone? Hah, that is the Sahara Desert of intelligent thought. They are the masters of the obvious.
      Please. Leave us alone. Troll some other site. I may be confrontational, but at least I consider most of the posters on this site as worthy opponents. I even will take being smacked down every so often, because I learn from it, and feel like my thoughts engendered vigorous debate. I think the writing of our blog meister is refreshing and poignant. He gets to the meat of the matter and reveals new horizons and perspectives to explore. I may be only one poster on this site, but I am extremely pleased with the content and ideas expressed by my esteemed and learned colleagues. We actually use multi-syllabic words and most importantly, can comprehend them.

    2. Rico,
      The people that visit this blog do so for the commraderie and the usually fun back and forth. The last time I remember news breaking was when Maiocco broke Crabtree’s signing. Grant aspires to be like Skip Bayless, not a true sports journalist. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect inside information from him. The people on this blog, however, are great. There is a constant sharing of breaking tidbits and little known facts to keep the conversation going. People come and go. There are the regulars and the former regulars that, when they stopped posting, you felt you knew them well enough to genuinely hope they are healthy and wish them well. It’s kind of like Cheers, except Grant is the bartender who is a Cliff, not a Sam Malone. Just enjoy the scene and if breaking news is what you seek, bookmark PFT like everybody else.

        1. Let’s up the drama some and take this to the cast of Gladiator… Which part would Grant play? Would Seb play? Would Grant be Commodus…or the skinny little guy who p**s himself and expires rather quickly? Seb could be the Colosseum’s master of ceremonies…

          “How dare you show your back to me! Slave, you will remove your helmet and tell me your name!”

          1. Of course he’s the guy who urinates on the arena floor before the gates open……but I bet he sounded tough right up until he knew he would have to enter the arena. We’re talking about a guy who compares his athletic prowess to that of Luke Kuechly but who’s mom supposedly wouldn’t let him play football. His dad also had nothing to do with him being hired at the Press Democrat. Wait a minute…….Grant could play Jed York! All joking aside, writing is his calling. When his journalism career is finished, he will write an all encompassing book depicting his reporting exploits, which will be titled: “Farts in the Candlestick winds.”

          2. Cassie, I will throw back posters words in their face to make a point….keep it up and I will stop pretending.

            1. Yup, you’re the Colosseum games announcer…Cassius (how ironic). Put a wreath around your avatar’s head…bingo!

      1. Thanks. Sorry if my initial comment came across wrong, I was actually critical of Grant and not the people who post here. I usually immediately skip his content and begin reading the comments because they’re actually much more intelligent, well researched and in many cases better written. I love your analogy with Cheers and can actually see Grant as Cliff the bartender. Again, my apologies if anyone was offended by my post and thought my comments were directed at them. Unless Grant is reading this, then in that case please learn how to research your subjects, write better and have a bit of humility towards people who have infinitely more experience or knowledge than you do.

  37. “With your second pick, take an offensive lineman. Don’t even think about drafting another position. Your offensive line is one of the worst in the league — no quarterback could succeed behind it, not even Tom Brady. Build the O-line before you build the rest of the offense.”

    Grant’s Latest Mock…

    “Round 2, pick No. 37: Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State. Immediately becomes Chip Kelly’s starting slot receiver. Think Jordan Matthews of the Eagles.”

    1. I couldn’t agree more. But I think they can make a solid line out of Staley, Tiller, Kilgore, a stud FA guard, and maybe Brown at RT. If they’re not sold on him to start, they’ll have to draft someone in the first round. Dixon’s a clown and can’t be trusted. I can also see them taking an olineman in round 2. If you’re thinking that drafting a slot receiver in round 2 is frivolous, I’m with you.

  38. The underdog in the Super Bowl has hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy in five of the past eight seasons, dating to the New York Giants’ stunning upset of the undefeated New England Patriots….

  39. Seb,

    I found the perfect environment for you where your gun references would be appreciated. Why not consider moving to Texas and become a Texan fan where those gun metaphors would be King. An added benefit would be the state would certainly fit your ego?

    In southwest Texas is El Paso
    Where cowboys all carry a lasso.
    Some carry a gun
    And it’s not just for fun–
    They keep it all shiny with Brasso

    January 28, 2016 at 4:50 pm
    Hope you keep it up and stick to your guns. Only, dont shoot yourself in the foot. ;p

    January 29, 2016 at 2:47 pm
    If he let Kaep go, why, it would be like he shot himself in the…..heiney.

      1. Typical Sebster debate tactic. Mis-quote, out of context, and inaccurate–Like when Kap was a hot product and I suggested trading him to Philly for Tebow (since their skills were similar for Baalke’s zone read) AND a boat load of draft picks.
        You constantly forgot to mention those picks thereafter in your debates.

          1. Yup, you are the genius who wanted to trade Kaep for Tebow, even for a million picks. Thanks for reminding me.

        1. TrollD, I get to post what you implied because you wrote those words. Another debate tactic is to use his own words against him.

  40. Philadelphia Eagles

    Tebow signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles on April 20, 2015, and he was in competition with Matt Barkley for the Eagles third string QB job


    1. However,

      Baalke, no Bill Walsh, rode the Kap wagon, had to go to Warner for help, until it was Chrs Ault who discovered a flaw in Kap’s delivery–not Baalke or anyone on his staff, so any possible deal was destroyed.

      1. TrollD, thanks again for the opportunity to counter your hate by writing something positive.
        I have 10 things Kaep should do to improve. I wrote this previously, but not 2 years ago like my other missive.
        1. Kaep should read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.
        2. Kaep should practice the same play over and over until he can do it in his sleep. he should practice releasing the ball sooner and sooner until he can throw it before the WR makes his cut.
        3. Kaep should realize that he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time.
        4 He should never call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. Running the no huddle with quick snaps will solve the inefficiencies.The no huddle will prevent substitutions and possibly catch them with 12 men for a free play.
        5. Kaep should work on deception. Pump fakes, screens, laterals and fake handoffs. Stop running into the teeth of the defense and run through the holes the deceptions create.
        6. Kaep should look off the DBs by facing one way while looking in another direction. Practice that a lot. It would have been good to employ that tactic because if he had done it in the 2013 NFCCG, he would have seen 2 wide open players.
        7. Kap should work on throwing the ball with little windup for the short passes. He should just flick his wrist, and work on touch.Quick flicks to the RB in the flat will create open space for him to run through.
        8. Kaep should not worry about the score, and winning and losing. His focus should just be on scoring TDs. He should set a goal of scoring at least 7 times per game. If he scores enough, winning will follow. Never play not to lose. Play to win.
        9. Kaep should be more unpredictable. He should shape the defense, and run more zone read option and pistol so the defense must guard against both the pass and run. Put a man in motion to read the defense and vary the point of attack.
        10. Kaep should roll out more, and use his mobility to avoid the pass rushers and create the threat to run. Kaep in the open will discombobulate the DBs so they will leave the receivers wide open.

        1. 11. Kaep should have learnt all these in high school.
          Sebnnoying you are asking a 28 year old QB who’s been in the league now 4 years to learn the basics. Wow!
          So let’s pay him 12 million dollars a year. That’s make sense!

          1. If he’s not able to pass his physical, they could do a medical settlement. If they don’t do that and allow a competition between Gabbert and Kaepernick, and Gabbert wins, chances are there won’t be a trade partner unless an injury creates a desperation move. Beyond that, they could then just release him. You think they’d pay him that kind of money, given Gabberts’ salary is so low, to be a back up? If they did release him, I think they’d have to bring in a veteran quarterback because Gabbert isn’t likely to survive the whole season. I don’t want a rookie seeing any live action until next year….

            1. Is the issue not the guaranteed salary of 12 million? How do you go all in with a guy who we don’t know will be able to perform at a high level again?
              The Niners have handcuffed themselves so a trade seems to be the best option to get a return and rid themselves of an unknown.

              1. If he gets the chance and does win the job, you have no choice. If Chip wants him, he’ll be the starter. If he has a decent year, maybe then you can move him either before the trade deadline or at the end of the year with the expectation of getting more for him….

              2. Razor will he even get chance to compete for the job? Don’t the Niners have to decide by April 1st?

              3. I don’t believe anything that comes out of Yorks’ mouth, so to answer your question, I don’t know….

          2. We get it man you don’t like Kaepernick. You come on here everyday talking the same non sense. You are going to be awfully disappointed when he is the starting QB next year. You don’t have to take my word for it just listen to the owner, GM and just about all media outlets. Injury or not this was all pre plained for him to be the starter in this system. It will be announced as a QB competition to satisfy those that were so impressed with Gabbert. By the way kaep is 27 not 28.. I can’t wait until April when it’s officially announced that he is returning. It’s going to be priceless.

            1. Then expect another benching. This time maybe a few weeks earlier.
              I don’t think it will get there because Chip is not that stupid. You clowns are all sold on the hype but it will not happen. Kelly is not going to put the added pressure on himself and his offense with a QB who has shown major regression, expensive and fundamentally flawed. But let’s see what happens April 1st! At least it will get you wannabes busy in the meantime!

              1. Your QB is only as good as what is around him. From players to coaches. When Kaep had that he functioned at a high level. This system is made for him. Even Leshawn McCoy said it on ESPN.. Now if the Browns are willing to give up the 2nd overall pick for the 7th and kaep that’s interesting. Don’t see it though.

              2. Prime, I agree. Kaep took the football world by storm once, and with a coach who will accentuate his strengths by utilizing him properly, he will do it again. No wonder some DCs have privately stated that they worry Kaep will pull a Freddy Kreuger on their defenses.

              3. Prime, you have devolved into calling people names. Next step it will be expletives. Try to understand that you are not winning the argument, and you keep digging yourself deeper into a hole.
                Hmm, maybe it is a pit. Just like the previous coaches who put an Abrams tank in a pit. No matter. Chip is too smart to do that. He will roll Kaep out and let him use his mobility to avoid the pass rushers.
                Prime, please tell everyone again how Kaep will be cut so we can bring up your posts later to show how little knowledge you demonstrate.
                Being so wrong can be humbling, but you are so full of hubris,you will keep doubling down. Remember, like you said, a fierce storm is coming.

              1. Oh that’s right your the big Conner Cook fan right? You were talking how he is the best in college football so on and so on. You don’t know sh*t about football. Your going to get exposed soon with your other idiotic predictions. Great job on googling his birthdate impressive.

              2. I can show you how because you obviously go off some other form of providing facts. Rebuild a winner? How about rebuild a brain!

              3. Gee, Prime, you seem to have anger issues. maybe you need a downpour to cool you off. There is a storm coming soon.

              4. Anger? Not at all. Seeing you and Rebuild a Brain pollute the blog with outlandish predictions, yes a storm is needed to wash all the dirt and debris away!

          3. Prime., at least you agree that those concepts are important to winning.
            Guess what? That storm is coming and will blow you away.

              1. Prime, you said the storm was fierce. I see Chip and his system storming the league, with Kaep at the helm. Glad to see no one is talking about cutting him anymore, or if they do, they just get shown up as clueless football novices.

          4. Gee, Prime, too bad the Niner coaches did not utilize those strategies last season. Glad they are gone and smarter coaches are now going to implement them.

    2. TrollD, any poster who advocates the Niners trade away their QB for Tebow is no fan of the Niners. Just more proof that your vituperative hate for the Niners is palpable.

        1. Cassie, your self absorption issues are paramount to your life. You should have not touched that skank comment with a 10 foot pole.

  41. Matt Miller (I know, I know. Its the fwiw Bleacher Report, but still…)

    “Tennessee Titans are absolutely shopping the No. 1 pick. The teams most likely to be interested? According to general managers I’ve spoken with from competing teams, the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams (with two second-round picks).”

    I agree with those that say trade ups to #1 are extremely rare and way too expensive. Remember Washington’s RG3 fiasco?

    But I’m sticking to my guns. I think the Titans trading down is likely.
    – The compensation will be costly, but nothing like the RG3 trade.
    – Its rare for GMs to value quarterbacks evenly. The Browns could be easily spooked into chucking a mid-late rounder at the Titans to fend off leap-froggers.
    – Dallas will need a QB sooner rather than later
    – The Rams are packed with talent and desperate for a QB.

    Most of all… from the Titans standpoint, if they trade with the Browns they still get Tunsil. Tunsil + pick > Tunsil… even if they “lose” according to trade charts. If they like Stanley/Jack they will trade down more.

    1. Seems a stretch that the Browns would move from #2 to #1 especially if they want a QB. Titans already have Mariotta. Even if the Titans were to pick Goff, Lynch or Wentz (which is unfathomable, but not impossible), then the Browns can have their pick of the remaining two of the big three.

      1. Yes, the Titans don’t want Goff because they have Mariotta. There is no risk of the Titans picking any QB. That’s my whole point.

        The Titans need Tunsil, but if the price was right would trade down and grab Stanley. And the Titans GM is openly shopping the pick.

        But several QB needy (or soon to be QB needy) teams could leapfrog the Browns, including the Cowboys, 49ers, Rams, Titans, Eagles.

        Its not going to be a whopping RG3 type deal. Modest trade up offers will happen. The Titans will take the best of what is offered if they think the net value is better than just Tunsil.

        1. OK, Brodie, I see now what you were getting at. In an attempt to prevent leapfrogging by another team, the Browns might try to trade up.

      2. Between Goff, Lynch or Wentz, I’m certain Jackson has a favorite he thinks fits his system the best. It’s highly unlikely he values them equally. In the mind of GMs and coaches the difference between a “good quarterback” and the “right quarterback” is huge.

        Chucking a late 4th rounder to secure the pick is nothing when it comes to building a franchise. Jackson has a history of spending on QBs he’s enamored with. Browns win because they got their man. Titans win because they got their man (Tunsil)+pick.

        Again, I’m not predicting the exact scenario. I’m giving examples of why the motivating factors are aligned this year for a trade-up. Could be the Browns Cowboys, 49ers, Rams, Titans, Eagles.

        I’m putting the possibly of the Titans trading out of #1 at about 55%. A modest likelihood.

    1. Jack,
      I’m young enough to still enjoy the NFL because I’m old enough to stay away from the corporate fluff festivals surrounding the games. Super Bowl City was created to make money off of the fans that aren’t allowed to buy tickets to the game. I took my son to the fan day at Candlestick years ago and it was a joke. A bunch of washed up, disinterested former players that were constantly checking their watches, while being paid by corporate sponsors. Super Bowl City is the same thing. A bunch of old players riding the NFL gravy train as far as it will take them…..sluggishly giving little Tommy pointers on his throwing mechanics while being relegated to the Doritos Future Stars QB Challenge*.

      *While not every child will be a future NFL QB, every child** will leave with a FREE 2 oz. bag of Doritos, making everyone a WINNER!***

      ** While supplies last. Limit one per household.

      ***Sample product intended to procure future purchases from participant, not an actual prize.

      1. The 49er QB duel between Kap and Gabbert definitely frightens The Chipster.
        1. Kap may/may not be healthy.
        2. Chip could feel uncomfortable with Gabbert running his offense.
        3. The Oregon Duck QB already knows Chips offense.


        Why waste time with last year’s 49er QB…Any trades for Kap went out the window the minute Baalke sent Kap to Kurt Warner for a tune up and Chris Ault spotted a flaw in Kap’s delivery…The second the beat writers heard about the Warner school for Kap nothing could be kept in-house. If Chip had been our coach last year, he could have brought in his own QB, kept evertything quiet, in-house, and traded Kap. In a real NFL front office no notices deficiencies with Kap until he’s traded.

        1. Jack, my daughter lives in SF and says that traffic in the vicinity of SBC is difficult. Several streets are closed to traffic. If you’re coming from the south, you might want to consider parking on the outskirts and taking BART.

  42. Johnny Manziel involved in domestic violence?


    “In a press release, Fort Worth Police said they are “actively working” to determine if a criminal offense occurred during an alleged altercation between Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend. Police responded to a report of a possible assault early Saturday morning. Manziel’s girlfriend admitted she was involved in a disturbance with Manziel, but she was uncooperative with police at the scene. The girlfriend had concerns about Manziel’s well-being, but Manziel was found safe. No charges have been filed. The Browns declined comment. NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello said the league is ‘aware and looking into it.'”

    1. Chase Goodbread – “Mayock believes 10 defensive tackles have a 1st-round grade from at least one team. Absolutely loaded this year.”

      If we miss out on Goff… Myles Jack + a DT or two would go a long way towards building the defensive depth needed for late season fresh legs.

      I can’t view Senior Bowl, but I head Javon Hargrave got a good pressure that lead to a sack.

      1. TrollD, you sound obsessed with guns. Its a telling sign that you are thinking about breaking into gun vaults. You are the nightmare.

              1. I go around killing everything and rounding up the few spots I’ve yet to expose. Already finished the game. Sided with the Synths. Can’t wait for the expansions coming. Witcher 3 I finished too. Waiting on the Blood and Wine expansion for it….

    1. I refer you to your own post, seb, the gunmeister

      If he let Kaep go, why, it would be like he shot himself in the…..heiney.


      January 29, 2016 at 2:47 pm

      1. TrollD, when I refer to shooting oneself in the foot, it is a self inflicted non lethal, but very painful injury.
        TrollD, when you bring up guns, it is about breaking into gun safes to create nightmares. You are the dangerous one, not me.

  43. Well Grant, about time to introduce another topic. We’ve devolved into brandishing weapons and playing Fallout 4…

    1. If Bosa, Tunsil and Jack are gone and I have a trade offer that includes a 2nd Round pick where I thought I could end up with Spence, I’d take it. If not, it’s Lawson….

      1. That Senior bowl had lots of great D line play. The plethora of good players may make the trade back, to get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds, strategy a shrewd move.

  44. Whatever choices are made in the Draft will be better than these.. Trent Baalke has an entire scouting staff to help him evaluate talent, and I’m confident that the 49ers GM won’t come off as an amateur internet blogger when making decisions..

  45. Hopefully Baalke get help drafting offensive lineman he has only successfully drafted two linemen outside the first round; Kilgore and trenton brown, since he has taking over the drafting!

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