Dre Greenlaw patterns his game after Patrick Willis

Arkansas defensive back Dre Greenlaw is introduced before playing LSU during the first half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018, in Fayetteville, Ark. (AP Photo/Michael Woods)

SANTA CLARA — Check out 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw’s interview from rookie minicamp.

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  1. I only read the headline and realized this man has high expectations of himself. Highly unlikely he would fit in the rookie Pat Willis realm. Let alone the HOF Pat Willis. At least he has high expectations of himself. Gotta love it.

  2. These are the kind of players I root for, and am willing to roll the dice on. Good luck to the young man!

      1. Isn’t he playing up to his audience? Is he looking for followers on Twitter? We accuse of Grant of click baiting, but not players?

    1. Omar Hiramine
      Please, explain how you know what other people are thinking. Can you separate your own thinking from theirs, to know if someone else is doing the thinking for you? Is it a burden dealing with their ideas, aspirations and fears?

    2. What a world that you can’t genuinely feel grateful for an opportunity to rise out of tough conditions (foster homes, group homes) and give yourself A Chance to make something of your life. I feel that his admiration for a like spirited person (Willis) who came through a similar situation is real. Shame on you asshole.

    3. While this could be true, I think the more likely reason is because they both played in the SEC.

  3. Hope he’s is as good as Patrick was.
    What do you think about Berry from KC for saftey? would-be be a good fit if he can stay healthy?

    1. Is the team getting Berry he is better than anybody on this horrible roster…is Dre any good ? have not seen or heard of him before the draft gadz

  4. He’s no Patrick Willis, but Greenlaw is definitely a modern day ILB, and he’s built for the 49ers defensive scheme. He’s an undersized but rangy, athletic cover linebacker. He’s one of those players who plays faster than he times on a stopwatch. One reason I like this pick is that he immediately fills a need for the 49ers, as one of their projected startng ILB’s – Kwon Alexander, is coming off of a season ending knee injury, and I think Greenlaw has a chance to develop into a starting caliber player, and if not that, he’s certainly capable of becoming a high caliber backup ILB and Special Teams ace.

    The arrows are pointing up for this draft pick.

    Draft Grade: B

  5. he seems to be a high character guy! Nice article about him on espn that he protected a girl that was being roofied. Having. A 19 year old daughter glad there are guys like him !

    1. Amen. I have a daughter, too.
      Glad he is using Patrick Willis as a role model, He is striving to become one of the best.

  6. He never said he was Patrick Willis.
    He said names of players he looked up to and emulated as a kid.

    Who knows how he will turn out. He could or couldn’t be our next P Willis.

    I’ll say this. This is the kind of story that makes the kid you don’t want to bet against.

    I hope he doesn’t lose the gentleman in him as he makes more money.

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