Evan Mathis on Chip Kelly: “He wasn’t building a championship team.”

Former Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis — currently a member of the Super-Bowl-champion Denver Broncos — ripped his former coach Chip Kelly in an e-mail to Mike Klis of 9News on Monday. Check out what Mathis wrote about Kelly:

“There were many things that Chip had done that showed me he wasn’t building a championship team. Two of the main issues that concerned me were: 1. A never-evolving, vanilla offense that forced our own defense to play higher than normal play counts. 2. His impatience with certain personality types even when they were blue-chip talents. The Broncos team I was on would have eaten Chip alive. I don’t think he could have handled the plethora of large personalities.”

Which part of Mathis’ e-mail do you find more troubling — the part about Kelly’s never-evolving vanilla offense, or the part about Kelly’s impatience with certain personality types? And which personality types on the 49ers might Kelly clash with?

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  1. I’ve been concerned about the Kelly hiring from the start. Mathis’ comment doesn’t make me any more or less concerned. What i am really curious about is what could have possibly motivated Mathis to come out and publicly rip his ex coach. Whether his comments turn out to be correct or not he has cemented his place on the all NFL classless team. imho

    1. It’s because he got cut and lost $4 million.

      In 2014 Mathias demanded a new contract despite being the 6th highest paid guard in the NFL and he made more than all of the guards on many teams. In 2015 he was slated to be the 2nd highest paid guard in the NFL and was going to make more than all the guards on some teams put together.

      Yet it wasn’t enough. He needed MORE MONEY. So he started a PR war against Kelly in the press. Lied and said Kelly and Eagles reneged on a contract increase even though the Eagles made no such offer.

      So Kelly cut him. And Mathias lost over $4 million dollars. So it’s time for him to continue on his little game and rip Kelly.

      So here’s the deal — McCoy was a problem in the clubhouse and off the field. Jackson was a problem in the clubhouse and off the field. Mathias turned himself into a problem in the clubhouse and on the field.

      And Kelly doesn’t put up with that crap. End of story.

    2. I would think that this is typical talk of someone who had been cut by a team. Look at Crabtree and Aldon after going to the Raiders. Also the offensive line didn’t win the SB for Denver. Defense won it.

  2. Being a HC is ALL about dealing with personalities. Noe just the players, which JimH took care of, but also coaches, FO, owners and Laura in accounting.
    When a HC tries to be nice to everyone you get a JimT.
    When a HC can’t get along with players you got disaster waiting to happen.

    1. When no apparent pattern exists in coach hiring there is a pattern. That, in a nutshell, is the 49er ownership philosophy as they try, at the expense of winning or fanship to create their self worshiping 49er legacy.
      There were plenty of Superbowl winning coaches with defensive coordinator contacts available-Fangio wanted to hire Shannahan.
      It’s entirely possible Chip has learned his lessons, and with Cleveland’s defensive staff on board, they may win.
      However, I lean toward known quantities–the Superbowl coaching candidates.

      1. Also, judging from the reports, our desperate GM may be under so much pressure that he and Chip make the wrong draft day decisions, in keeping at the self worship altar of the York’s .

  3. On point number 1 – I think much is made off the higher than normal play counts…….I think its an advantage to play more on defense, its preps the defense for better performance in the long run……..

    On point number 2 – I actually believe Mathis on this, based on the player transactions in philly (this is the root of the false racist claims)……but I am not concerned because we really don’t have those kind of certain personality types on the team except Ahmad Brooks who could be released and #7 who could be traded ……

    ……My hope is that Chip is a smart guy and with TB on personnel, maybe Chip will follow through with lesson learned……..chip is smart to know his way in philly will never work and if he tries to impose the same philosophy with the 49ers, he will lose and will never coach again in the NFL……

    but then again head coaches and their EGO’s…….is like a salad and dressing….

  4. What timing. Agents and GMs are about to have a giant combine jamboree. I’m sure his comments are just a coincidence.

    Mathis’ comments are clearly meant to hobble Kelly’s ability to retain or acquire free agents.

    Subtract defensive players, and players with “big personalities”, and you have about 25% of the FA pool remaining.

  5. Kelly might need a season of on field success and player harmony
    before the 49ers become an attractive free agent destination. 8+ wins and minimal player griping could open things up in 2017.

    1. Players follow the money first. The 49ers have the money. I don’t think attracting greedy agents will be a problem at all with 60 million in cap space and a fan base that wants to win now. It leverages the FO.

  6. I wouldn’t be talking smack about another team’s offense after the vanilla performance his team’s O showed in the Superbowl. If not for Von Miller and that defense, Denver wouldn’t even make the play-offs.

  7. Celek just signed a 4 year extension with the 49ers. His older brother has played for Chip Kelly for the past 3 seasons in Philly. There is no way Celek signs now and avoids free agency without his brothers feedback on playing for Chip. Again, Mathis is another disgruntled player that was cut by the Eagles and is spouting off about it. Did we all forget this is exactly what Alex Boone did as soon as Harbaugh left?

    1. The timing of the spouting off (just before GMs and agents gather at the combine) is transparently aimed at hobbling Kelly’s ability to acquire or retain free agents.

      “Ian Williams… Malik Jackson.. beware. Kelly’s going to exhaust you, treat you like an 8 year old and nail you to a losing team for five years…”

      1. Weird, I’ve heard plenty of so-called experts heap praise on Kelly. So I don’t know what “national perception” you are referring to.

        1. The same “national perception” that labeled Walsh as a “finesse” coach and Montana as a “dink and dunk” quarterback. This is the wrong side of the Mississippi river.

      2. Not even Grant! In fact, the opposite is more accurate! Chip is considered a brilliant offensive coach and coaches like Jim Harbaugh have even taken the opportunity to pick Chip’s brain.

        In terms of Vic Fangio’s successful game plan against Chip in 2014, one game doesn’t mean squat in the NFL. Look no further than the 49er teams that have been “eaten alive” in one game during the course of CHAMPIONSHIP SEASONS. Outliers happen in the NFL all of the time. “Any given Sunday” as they say.

        I can remember during the course of Bill Walsh’s WCO dominance, it seemed every season, an individual opponent, be it a player, or even a opposing defensive coordinator would claim that they had “cracked the code “figured out the West Coast Offense. Every season there were reports that the NFL was “catching up to the 49ers West Coast Offense, and every season, Bill Walsh’s WCO would make adjustments accordingly, resulting in an entire decade of dominance.

        Chip Kelly has been a HC for only 3 seasons. I get the feeling Chip Kelly is just getting started!

          1. And? It’s still 2 people Grant. For every guy who falls on this side, there are two others who have the opposite opinion. Go back a read some of Steve Young’s opinions of Chip’s offense.

          2. Well, if you’re going to be vague about it, then why not do the same with Kelly and just say the national perception is that he’s just an extremely intelligent head coach that doesn’t coddle his players regardless of status and currently coaches the 49ers. But that’s not what inquiring minds want to know, is it?

            1. The national perception of Kelly is he wouldn’t be coaching in the NFL right now if it weren’t for the Niners, the only team that interviewed him.

          3. Thats not a perception, thats just their lives up to this point in time.

            Mathis was benched at points during this season, why not include that?

            According to Wikipedia, Evans is 3-240 during his run on NFL Network when it comes to picking games (which seems extremely lopsided, but if its anything close to reality its hilarious). And he’s had a grudge against Kelly for seasons.

          4. Funny Grant, Mark Schlereth said that the entire Broncos line needed to be replaced including Mathis. He said a total rebuild because they were awful. So he’s a champion and not good at his position coming from a Denver great.

            Heath Evans is a Patriot loud mouth. I turn the channel when he shows up on the NFL.

      3. I don’t know how far that perception reaches outside the league, but it’s definitely the perception inside. His former owner felt the need to admonish him on the way out and Kelly got exactly one interview for a HC job.

  8. Yes, there is a little dark cloud surrounding Kelly. But he’s our HC now and I will withhold any judgement and look at past transgressions as just that: past transgressions!

    Kelly’ been given a fresh start and now it’s in his best interest to take every opportunity to excel. I like to believe that he will learn from past mistakes and do a good job as 49ers headcoach going forward.

    1. I hope so, AES. I just cannot get over the facts that in 3 years his team did not win more than 10 games in a bad division, and that’s making me a little nervous.

      Like you, I will wait for the result before making judgement and hopefully we all feeling good about this hire a year from now.

  9. It can’t get much worse than the clown-car that was coaching this team last year. I 100% guarantee some type of improvement, even if minimal.

  10. What I don’t get is why anything negative a former player says gets so much media attention…and players who enjoyed playing for him get so little. Is there a problem reporting positive news? Sure makes me wonder. At any rate, I could care less what Mathis has to say…different place, different circumstances. Only thing I care about is how Kelly treats Niner players…very little to go on because of the union agreement, but my sense is Kelly learned some things in Philly. He’s a smart guy and more than likely will apply those lessons learned as our coach.

    1. Exactly Frank. One stinking, disgruntled, ex-player who was released against his will and has an obvious “axe to grind.” It’s the way journalism works in today’s world. Back in the day, this type of stuff would never see the light of day. No doubt, hard nose head coaches have been known to rub players wrong from time to time. And more and more every season players are coddled more and more, in sake of protecting their fragile personal sensibilities.

      If you want to see what a team looks like who’s head coach wants to get along with all of his player, and treat them with kid gloves, look no further than the 2015 San Francisco 49ers. How did that work out?

            1. Harbaugh had discontent the moment he was out. He had “rumors” his last season that Deon was all too excited to report on.

  11. If Chip Kelly try to do the same strategy coaching the 49ers like he did in Philly, the 49ers aren’t going anywhere, instead the 49ers team will have a long time before it becomes competitive again. He needs good assistant coaches and young talented players in defense and offense a lot of holes to fill and he needs to pick the right personal in the draft and veteran players in free agency. The 49ers has some talented young veteran players in the roster but they need chemistry, and get players who can play together in order to be a winner.

        1. No one can say what would have happened with the Eagles in 2016, but just because a team has a bad year does not make a coach a bad coach (parcells, belichick, carroll (2x), walsh, etc…).

    1. Kelly may advise concerning some draft choices and/or free agents, and he certainly will consent to the final choices made by Baalke after a wink and a nod from Jed and our friend with the long new tittle.

      Nothing has changed at that level.

  12. On 10/10/14, after the Eagles beat the Panthers 45-21, Chip Kelly’s record as HC was 17-8. After that game, he lost 13 of 22 and got fired. Only one team interviewed view for a HC opening.

    1. >>After that game, he lost 13 of 22

      Pro-rated over a 16 game season, that’s about 7 wins. Not great, but better than we witnessed last year.

      Let’s hope Kelly’s trajectory is an inverted bell curve.

    2. Grant, I’d read rumors that Kelly was interested trading for CK before when he was still with Philly. In your opinion, after 11/2 years passed by, do you honestly think in Kelly’s mind set does he still wants Kaep to play for him now, after seeing his poor performance the last two season?

    3. In life you’re going to find people who want you to fail. They will bring up past mistakes, and judge you harshly by them. They will find people from your past that never liked you and get them to tell stories that make you look worse than you really are. Kelly may be a terrible coach and may fail miserably, if he does, then we can all hail your reporting excellence along with Heath Evans, and Evan Mathis. But what if the national perception is wrong? Somewhere there’s a former reporter that thought hiring Bill Walsh was a terrible mistake, dug up some dirty laundry and found former players and coaches to talk him down. I say somewhere, because nobody knows or remembers who that reporter was. Don’t be that guy, Grant.

      Love ya man!

    4. General Managers around the league were concerned about Chip Kelly’s perceived player personnel control / power struggle so they steered clear. Nothing to do with ability as a head coach! Baalke didn’t have the luxury to say no to a talented offensive minded coach. Jed wouldn’t allow it. Baalke on a short leash moving forward.

    5. Once a guy has been hired how many other interviews does he need to go on. People on here have speculated that Kelly was hired by the team right after his interview with them but that they waited to announce it so they could continue picking brains around the league.

      The thought isn’t that far fetched and it’s a more plausible explanation then to simply suggest that nobody wanted to talk to him, even about a coordinator position.

    6. Maybe we should compare Grant’s predictions to Kelly’s coaching in Indy .
      Grant had a poor year. Remember trade Bowman he will never be thee same.

  13. Of the two issues, his ability to relate to his players is the more concerning to me. However, I think the 49ers have built a team that is more about hard work than individual egos. Players I think would be most likely to get on Chip’s bad side would be Brooks and Boone, both of which I expect to be gone this season anyway. Anthony Davis is one to keep an eye on though, as is Aaron Lynch.

    1. Except for the thoroughly vetted Aaron Lynch, the 49ers have been drafting boy scouts since 2013. I’m guessing it was marching orders from Denise York well before the whole Ray McDonald / Ray Rice media juxtaposition frenzy, and Aldon Smith’s drinking issues.

      (I always wondered how much of Brooks sideline tantrums had to do with his contract de-escalators).

      1. Too many Boy Scouts and they’ll end up with Troop 49. On a side note, we had a Cub Scout Leader steal $5000 from a pack last year….

    2. +1 Scooter. The best HC’s IMO are strict but fair. I don’t think Chip’s reputation around the NFL is set stone at this point. He hasn’t been around long enough, and he’s only coached one team. However, he does need to show his players respect. McCoy’s recent legal problems do give Chip some validation in terms trading him to Buffalo, and I think enough people around the league know Chip well enough to debunk any absurd whispers of racism. No doubt the locker room is full of high character guys, but you’re right, the way he handles AD and even Kap for that matter, will be interesting to watch.

      I do think Chip realizes his best patch right now is to concentrate on what he does best, and that’s coaching, as well as sport science, and getting his players in best possible physical and mental shape of their careers. He will have a high powered offense that wears down the opposition, I am 100% sure of that. No matter what, the 49ers are going to fun to watch, and they are going to put of huge numbers offensively, and score a lot of points! I’M ALL IN!

      1. Flaherty was recently teaching at a coaches seminar, and he said don’t blink because this offense is going to be fast. Then came the challenge of whipping that offensive line into shape, and I’d be his biggest fan….

    3. This speculation is getting really stupid…why don’t we add a line to Chip’s contract specifying that the team begin and end every practice with Kumbaya…

  14. Location, Location, Location.
    Oregon – Gimmick
    Eastern Time Zone – Innovative
    Santa Clara – Gimmick

    Like with Walsh, it will take at least three Lombardi trophies before he can regain the “Innovative” label.

    That said, I have major mixed feelings about Kelly. I would have preferred Jackson. If Kelly fails in a few years, the 49ers might be stuck with a roster packed with proprietary Chip Kelly type players of little value to the following coach.

    The 49ers (slowly) built up their roster through the Nolan and Singletary eras because they drafted towards a certain type of physical win-the-middle player. Add Harbaugh+Fangio+2011 draft and suddenly you have a scary team.

    The 49ers are on year into their re-build. The guys at Niners Nation say Kelly likes big, powerful players. I hope that’s the case. I’d hate to see him to a housecleaning cutting guys that don’t fit perfectly (like Bruce Miller or power oriented O-linemen), only to have to start the whole multi-year re-build project over again.

        1. It all depends on results Jamaican. None of the other fluff matters much. In the NFL it’s all about results unless you simply can’t get along with the owner.

          The 49ers have a golden opportunity to replenish the roster and change the recent trajectory. If the team isn’t vastly improved and winning a lot of games in 2 years time, Baalke will be gone and Kelly will be riding a very hot seat!

          1. 49reason you’re absolutely right, by that time Kelly would probably have a pretty good idea which college team his coaching next, if he doesn’t succeed with the 49ers in the NFL.:)

      1. We’ll it’s do or die time for Baalke. If he screws this up, he may as well grow a beard and find a cave deep, deep into the backwoods.

  15. After Tomsula why would anyone be surprised by the team hiring Kelly when the brain trust making the decisions for the team hasn’t changed.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    With that said, how many of Parcels players had nice things to say about him?

      1. Myles Jack is my favorite of the bunch. Jalen Ramsey is totally on my radar, but I don’t see him getting by the Ravens.

        1. Many good players for sure, and Ramsey especially I think is going to be a star at FS. As good as Buckner is, I just can’t see Baalke selecting the same position, from the same school two years in a row. I think it’s going to wind up being one of the QB’s if they fall that far, or Myles Jack. I could also see Grant’s guy Lawson being in the mix. Spence is intriguing but doesn’t measure up to what Baalke likes physically and has the drug past to contend with on top of it.

    1. On definitely on board with Buckner. Imagine him (6’7″, 293 lbs) and Armstead (6’7″ 295 lbs) stacking and shedding and getting after the quarterback! Goosebumps!

      Spence is fascinating. He doesn’t fit Baalke’s body prototype, but he might be the most versatile pass rusher in the draft. He’s not tall, and doesn’t have long arms but I think he’s such a naturally gifted pass rusher, and has so much endurance combined with a relentless motor, he’s probably the most fearsome 3-4 OLB/DE hybrid in the draft.

    2. Here’s a question: If WR LAQUON TREADWELL puts on a show at the combine and runs a 4.45 or better 40 yard-dash at his pro day (he’s not participating in the 40 at the combine) is he on your radar at #7?

      1. Treadwell’s skipping the 40 at the combine. Jack isn’t doing all the drills. Next thing you know, Goff will skip the weigh in.

        I’m guessing Treadwell and Jack will do some pro day workouts in March.

  16. Carson Wentz Qb. North Dakota.

    Ideal frame and build for a quarterback
    Good stature in pocket, will stand tall and take a hit to make a throw
    Calm and composed, trusts his protection and rarely leaves clean pocket
    Puts great velocity and spin on the ball, can drive the ball to target
    Arm strength to make throws to the opposite hash consistently
    Very accurate between the hashes, can thread needles
    Flashes a lightning quick release at times
    Can wing it deep, arm strength won’t be a question
    Shows very good touch to drop passes into the bucket
    Climbs in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield, good feel for edge pressure
    Not afraid to take shots down the field, uses his physical gifts well
    Improving in his ability to read defenses
    Throws accurately on the run
    Adept at running the zone read
    Very good athlete, tough competitor, ideal mental makeup
    Smart, hard-working prospect with ideal leadership skills.

    This kid is the real deal, why not take a chance with our #7 pick in the 1st round. Build around this kid, the 11 remaining draft picks for the 49ers 2016 might find some good supporting cast for him. The 49ers has young good veterans in the roster that can compliment his talent. Nothing to lose if they the 49ers go away from Kaepernick, it might be the best choice for organization to moved forward rather then going back to the same old ways. and we all know it’s going to be the same result.

    1. Its his intangibles that has me most intrigued. Sounds like a real leader, as well as gutsy and a guy that rises to the occasion.

        1. Definitely between Goff and Wentz. At this point I am leaning towards Wentz. I don’t think he’ll put up as flashy numbers as Goff in the NFL, but I think he’s the type of guy that once he gets up to speed with the NFL will be the better playoff QB.

          1. Scooter,
            At the moment there seems to be a tie between Goff and Wentz on who is the #1 QB, but I won’t eliminate Paxon Lynch from the equation just yet.

            Not saying that Lynch will overtake the above mentioned, but he may narrow the big chasm between 2nd and 3rd best QB and put himself in the top 10-15 picks by the time the NFL Combine is said and done.
            Lynch had an awful bowl game and that game alone had him plummeting down draft boards. The Combine might prove to be his resurrection.

            1. I’ve never been a big fan of his and have seen nothing to change my mind in that regard. To me he is behind Goff and Wentz.

              1. Scooter,
                Agreed that Lynch is behind Goff and Wentz. But considering the free-fall that Paxton has experienced since the start of the college football season when he was being touted as the # 1 QB, he will have a chance to close the gap between himself and the # 1 and # 2 incumbents after losing much ground.

                At 6’7″ 245 lbs and showing some surprising athletic ability, Paxton will garner some serious attention from scouts at the combine. As I mentioned, he won’t leapfrog Goff and Wentz but he might get himself back into a top 10-15 1st rd pick.

          2. Wentz is growing on me the more I look into him. He still scares me a little with the level of competition and the accuracy on longer throws going awry at times, but he appears to be a very good player who will only get better. I’m still higher on Goff but If it’s Wentz I’ll be ok with that, not that the Niners give a rats ass what I’m ok with.

        2. I like both, but I leaning towards Goff.

          Carson Wentz – Born December 30, 1992 (age 23)
          Fits Kelly’s offense better.
          Bigger. Taller.
          Throws with more zip.
          Very good release for a tall man.
          Good “intangibles”

          Jared Goff – Born October 14, 1994 (age 21)
          The youngest of the top QBs
          Most experienced of all the quarterbacks in this draft. A full three years of Pac 12 competition.
          The most polished of the top 3 quarterbacks
          Fuild footwork, super-quick release.
          Decent (not overwhelming) arm. Throws soft, catchable passes.
          Good “intangibles”

          Goffs age tips it. Even if he doesn’t try to bulk up, at age 21 he will naturally fill out a little. His arm will naturally get a little stronger.

          1. I’m really interested to see what Goff actually weighs. If he’s what the school lists him at, then there’s no issue. If he comes in lighter then there will be some concern, at least initially with how quickly he will be able to add muscle to his frame and be ready to play.

            1. Since Treadwell’s not running a 40, and Jack’s skipping alot of ILB drills, Goff’s weight is one of the few stats I’ll be paying attention to.

    2. If Kaepernick goes his separate way, I would LOVE to take WENTZ. My gut feeling tells me Cleveland is locked in on Wentz and if they don’t draft him, he isn’t getting past the Cowboys at #4.

      I love GOFF as well.

      1. I just feel sorry for young talented Qb’s that gets drafted by the Browns. Somehow they lose interest playing well in Cleveland. :) Whether it’s going to be Wentz or Goff good luck to them if one of this kids get drafted there.

      2. 49, a wild card is Baltimore. With Flacco out with an ACL and a MCL, they may want to draft a QB with their first pick.

    3. No. because the Niners have a SB QB, who will thrive in a Chip Kelly offense. Handing the reins to an unproven rookie who played lower division ball is just an admission of failure, and another expectation of a 5-11 season.
      Believe it or not, this is not a Winston-Mariota level QB class. Many say it is mediocre. Niners should select Hogan, Adams or Brisett with one of their later picks, and let him sit on the bench, get stronger and learn the pro system.

      1. Merely speculation Seb. It doesn’t mean it’s fact. Tom Brady was a below average “prospect” in 2000. He was selected in the 6th round pick, the 199th pick overall. Skinny, lanky kid without an NFL physique.

        I’m not saying this is an outstanding class of QB prospects, and I’m not saying the next Tom Brady is in there either. But it’s possible. I could see a couple great QB’s developing out of this class, and a few more solid starters who, as you like to put it, could win a Super Bowl with a Bronco’s caliber defense.

        1. Of course it is speculation. I am just going by all the experts who do not see this QB class as elite.
          Maybe the better strategy is to draft enough defenders so the defense will win a championship, like the Broncos and Ravens did.

  17. The 49ers might get lucky and land this talented QB. If the first six in front of the 49ers don’t draft him first. I’ll even settle with Jared Goff as well. Here’s a list of the top 20 players.

    1.Joey Bosa* DE Ohio State 97
    2. Jalen Ramsey* CB Florida St 94
    3. Laremy Tunsil* OT Mississippi 93
    4. V. Hargreaves I.* CB Florida 93
    5. Ronnie Stanley OT Notre Dame 92
    6. DeForest Buckner DE Oregon 92
    7. Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville 92
    8. Carson Wentz QB N Dakota St 92
    9. Jared Goff* QB California 92
    10. Reggie Ragland ILB Alabama 92
    11. Myles Jack* OLB UCLA 92
    12. A’Shawn Robinson* DT Alabama 92
    13. Jack Conklin* OT Michigan St 91
    14. Jaylon Smith* OLB Notre Dame 91
    15. Ezekiel Elliott* RB Ohio State 91
    16. Jarran Reed DT Alabama 91
    17. Laquon Treadwell* WR Mississippi 91
    18. Vonn Bell* S Ohio State 90
    19. Robert Nkemdiche* DT Mississippi 90
    20. Hunter Henry* TE

    1. And I would say that if Kap stays, the team has to go defense in round one. They need a blue chip linebacker (OLB or ILB) or lineman.

      1. It would be crazy for the 49ers to passed on either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz if one of this guys is available when the 49ers pick #7 slot.. That would be a big mistake for them to do so.

      2. I agree. The lack of a pass rush doomed the defense, and a lack of competent O linemen doomed the offense. Both those needs must be addressed, or the second coming of Joe Montana would fail.

    2. #1 Tennessee- They need Offensive tackle. Might take OT Laremy Tunsil Mississipp

      #2 Cleveland Browns They want a Quarterback..
      a) Jared Goff
      b) Carson Wentz
      c) Paxton Lynch

      #3 San Diego,., They a Defensive Lineman. A) Joey Bo

      1. #3 San Diego .. Joey Bose, DE

        #4 Dallas Cowboys… Jaelan Ramsey, CB

        #5. Jacksonville…V. Hardgreaves, CB

        #6 Baltimore … Ronnie Stanley , OT

        #7 San Francisco 49ers :

        1) Carson Wentz .. Quarterback

        2) Jared Goff Quarterback

        1. Jam, if Kaep is still on the team, they will not select a QB.
          Obviously, you want Kaep gone, but there are some who value his services. The Niners do not have the luxury to pick a mediocre QB when they have huge glaring needs elsewhere.
          Goff did not do well against strong teams and Wentz played in a less talented division. Wentz did not shine in the Senior Bowl, either.

          1. Actually he did seb. It’s called Senior Bowl week. He shined all week and then his receivers let him down during the game. He was very impressive and got a lot of positive press.

            Anyone hearing or seeing Lawson’s name come up anywhere lately? Lol. I’ve seen some draft boards without his name listed in the top 30 picks. I suspect his draft stock will continue to fall after the combine.

            1. Yup, he may be a workout practice warrior, but come game time, he just did not shine. Vernon Adams shined in the E-W game.

  18. Eric Goodman ‎tweet – Malik Jackson negotiations:
    Broncos offering 3 years, $24M to 5 years, $50Mish
    Jackson wants 5 years, $75M

    What’s Jackson smoking? This is a deep draft in inside linemen.

        1. Latest on QB race for # 1:

          Charley Casserly, the former general manager of the Texans and Washington Redskins, said he has Goff first on his list based on Goff appearing to be “the most complete quarterback” available.

          Goff, Jared QB 6’4″ 215 California 6.7
          Lynch, Paxton QB 6’7″ 245 Memphis 6.4
          Wentz, Carson QB 6’5″ 232 North Dakota St. 6.2
          Cook, Connor QB 6’4″ 216 Michigan St. 5.8

          Goff, Jared QB 6’4″ 215 California 6.7
          Lynch, Paxton QB 6’7″ 245 Memphis 6.4
          Wentz, Carson QB 6’5″ 232 North Dakota St. 6.2
          Cook, Connor QB 6’4″ 216 Michigan St. 5.8


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