Everything is up in the air for the 49ers – QB, injuries and turf. They did win Sunday, right?

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97) is carted off the field after being injured during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets, Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

I was honestly interested to tune into Kyle Shanahan’s Zoom presser today. Last week, after a disappointing loss to Arizona, he seemed surprisingly nonchalant.

The vibe from him, as well as the players, seemed to be, “Yeah, it happens. We didn’t think we were going to win every game.”

So this week, after watching key players limp and stagger off the field with injuries, or in the case of Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas, wheeled away on a golf cart, it was a win that could have felt like a loss. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is iffy for next Sunday against the Giants, Raheem Mostert is out with a knee injury and the team probably won’t know until Wednesday about star tight end George Kittle or running back Tevin Coleman.

And that’s not to mention the roster list of injured players who didn’t even answer the bell: Debo Samuels, Dee Ford and Richard Sherman. Put it this way, Fox broadcasters were noting how beat up the 49ers were before the game.

That’s a lot of adversity. And you have to wonder if this is a moment. Every season has an iconic image, like that long Super Bowl pass sailing over Emmanuel Sanders hands. You just hope this year’s isn’t Bosa on a cart.

But the way I read Shanahan this time, it was more like, “Yeah, this sucks. But something happens every year.”

“Teams go through this,” he shrugged. “We lost our quarterback at the beginning of the season two years ago.’

But he also said, “We’re a lot more equipped for this than we were a few years ago. Collectively, I know we’ve got a good team and it’s not just me who feels that.”

So I’d say he hasn’t lost his swagger.

The injuries were also a hot topic because of the field. The New Jersey Meadowlands installed new artificial surface in the off-season and the players complained it was “sticky,” causing them to get their cleats stuck in the turf, leaving them vulnerable to a shot to the knee that could take out an ACL.

Worse, in a quirk in the schedule, they will play on the same turf this Sunday against the Giants. The players say it may be dangerous.

And they should know. They play the game for a living. That’s probably true.

But there is another potential factor, which we mentioned in an earlier post. It wasn’t just on the Meadowlands turf where players were going down to injury. The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones counted 40 game-ending injuries in 14 Sunday games before Monday Night Football kicked off, including stars like Christian McCaffrey (ankle) and Saquon Barkley (knee)f.

There has to be a discussion about the NFL’s decision to rush into this season without spring workouts or pre-season games. We thought the concern was going to be the pandemic. Maybe it will be a rash of injuries. It is something to watch.

Speaking of which, the soap opera, “As Jimmy G Turns,” took another spin. Some have already jumped ahead and installed Nick Mullens as the starter. But Shanahan only said they were awaiting results for Garoppolo. And if his right ankle is manageable, he will start.

“Jimmy’s our guy,” Shanahan said.

Garoppolo must wonder how he acquired a Voodoo curse. Every time he’s on to something good, events take a bad turn. See broken ACL two years ago.

By all indications, he was on his way to a stat-padding, critic-quieting game against the Jets. Then he got hurt. Garoppolo toughed it out for the first half but was ruled out for the second.

“We knew it was getting worse, not better,” Shanahan said. “That’s not a good sign.”

Oddly, as he has done in the past, Garoppolo seemed to be more at ease and more effective after taking the shot to the upper ankle. It’s a trend. It is almost like the more he gets banged around the better he does.

“He does. He’s pretty consistent with that,” Shanahan said. “He even says it too. I told him we could hit him with a bat on the way out if that’ll help him.”

It was one of the qualities we admired last year, what Shanahan calls “a lot of grit,” to stand in there, throw the ball and take the shots. His numbers for the half on Sunday, 14-16 for 131 yards and two touchdowns for a 140.0 QB rating, were glittering. Shanahan also gave him a shout-out for a third-down scramble, on the gimpy leg, for a throw that kept a 14-play drive alive.

But having said all that, and since the 49ers are staying at an east coast resort this week before another game at the Meadowlands, you have to hope Garoppolo is going to buy Jordan Reed dinner.

Reed, the free agent tight end who is back after two years out with a concussion history, was a revelation. He caught the first pass Garoppolo threw in the game — one-handed. And he was just getting started.

With a modest 7-3 lead in the second quarter, Reed took over. In what may have been the turning point of the game, he took a short pass, hurdled a tackler and then dove to the end zone to nick the pylon for the touchdown. I’ve seen floor exercise routines with fewer moves.

That made it 14-3 and it was a whole new ball game.

Then, just seconds before halftime, Jordan made a third down catch with his hands, away from his body, at the goal line and walked into the end zone. That made it 21-3 and the game was essentially over.

It was an important touchdown. If they’d failed to covert there, and had to kick a field goal, it would have been a letdown. We’d have to spend another week bemoaning lack of red zone success.

Instead, we await the injury report. It is going to be that kind of year.



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  1. “ Some have already jumped ahead and installed Nick Mullens as the starter”

    With the first overall pick in the 2021 draft,the San Francisco 49ers select…..

    1. With the first overall pick in the 2021 draft!


      The 49ers lost Bosa and Thomas for the season. Bosa is a great loss, and impossible to replace. Thomas is easily replaceable. The Niners are dealing with a slew of less serious injuries, but absolutely nothing I would consider insurmountable, unless this injury streak continues.

      The key for the 49ers now, is to stay afloat until they get most of their key players back, and thanks to a soft early schedule, that just might happen. This is also an opportunity for Kyle to showcase his brilliant playcalling, and lock up COTY honors.

      1. You’re fantasizing of course. The 49ers under the Yorks will never win another
        Super Bowl. They’re jinxed, plain and simple, and nothing is ever going to
        change that.

        1. Don’t be a dummy!

          You do realize they have won 2 NFC Championships over the last last 8 seasons, and barely lost both SB’s?

          That’s way, way above league average, so stop being illogical!

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      1. Very mild from what I’ve heard, but he’ll likely be held out Sunday due to an abundance of caution, and a questionable playing surface.

  2. The injuries to this team in the last three, even four years simply boggles the mind. And don’t give me, it’s the NFL injuries, are commonplace, this team has had more then it’s share… A hell of a lot more.

  3. I hope they are conservative with JG, and let his ankle heal. Hurting it, then having a player land on him, could have caused more damage. Right now, Mullens is the best option, because he is fully healthy. The 49ers should be able to beat the Giants without JG, since the Giants just lost Barkley.
    I heard CW Nevius on KCBS. He lambasted the Meadowlands for their poor turf. That is the nice thing about natural sod. It gives way, instead of artificial turf, which has very little give at all.
    I am glad that Levis has a natural grass field, that has been given time for the roots have knit together. I think they finally got the right variety, so the slippage issues are alleviated.

  4. If the SB loss didn’t humble them ( it didn’t) they dubbed this season “ the revenge tour “?? I sure hope all this adversity will . Problem is they’ve made serious personal mistakes since blowing the SB , that would have prevented them from getting back there anyway .Buckner who commanded fear and double teaming and Bosa were the reason for success last year , but they keep D Ford who is a dog and his 17 million price tag and sign Armstead , another beneficiary of Buckner the same $ . Lowballed E Sanders without a true #1 to replace him Samuel is a 2 at best with a injury history . They’d be better off going 4-12 again , maybe get lucky and have another pass rusher fall in their laps . SMH

  5. 5 Burning Questions This Week:

    1. How did Solly become a millionaire without lifting a finger?

    2. Will Dee FixOrRepairDaily get on the field this season?

    3. Will someone remind McGlinchey he’s a top of the draft day 1 pick?

    4. If we switch Witherspoon to offense will he continue to be a TD machine?

    5. Can Mike Pereira explain the Kyle facemask penalty? Grab hold of one its a 15-yarder. Don’t bother, its 100k.

    1. 6. A troll who’s gone from a succession of merely stupid screen names to a disgusting misogynistic one. When can we expect a blatantly racist one?

      1. Here we go again “Ribico”….

        What’s so mysogynistic about his post? How do you even know it’s a man posting it?

        It’s pretty well known in these parts. Ask Willie Brown, another one of your Democrap heroes. Or ask any woman who’s familiar with her ascension.

  6. I don’t give a rats ass what the injury report is. I wouldn’t play Jimmy or any player coming off any type of leg injury on this field. Period.

    1. Agreed. Jimmy must sit this week, same with Mostert. It’s a real shame because both players were absolutely brilliant this past week, especially Jimmy G!

      This is why we held onto Mullens. Now, lets see if he’s improved.

        1. Seb, the knee brace was no help, as he injured the opposite leg. I don’t have a huge problem with the brace per say, but I think it’s obvious that Jimmy wears it, not because he has to, but as a psychological tool, and there’s no question in my mind that it inhibits his mobility.

          BTW, if it’s simply for protection from future injuries, unrelated to his knee reconstruction, why not wear one on both knees? Explain that one too me.

          There is a reason that Jimmy experimented playing without the brace during training camp, because in terms of his mobility and overall pocket agility, he’s clearly better off without it!

          1. Many O linemen do wear knee braces as a safeguard against injuries.
            I will concede that knee braces do inhibit mobility, and ideally, no player should have to wear one. Still, the technology has gotten better, and new lightweight knee braces, are way better than ones made just 10 years ago.
            However, after playing on that field, maybe they all should wear knee braces, so no more players tear their ACL next game. Bosa would still be playing if he had worn one last week.

              1. Let’s face it Seb, the brace inhibits Jimmy’s mobility, and is doing nothing for him in terms of his previous injury. It’s purely psychological. If it were such a great idea, because it offers protection without inhibiting the players mobility, logic would dictate that every QB would wear one on both knees.

                I hate it this far past the injury, and the fact of the matter is, he’ll probably never be Jimmy “the magician”, or get his “Tony Romo like pocket agility” back , like he was in 2018, until he gets rid of that thing.

              2. There is a lot of value in a QB being able to escape pressure and buy time with slick agility, and that was a strength for Jimmy prior to the knee brace. Those are the facts, and hard to argue against!

              3. You make it sound like the brace is a ball and chain. Actually, the new braces are pretty high tech, are lightweight and do not restrict a player’s mobility very much.
                When that player landed on JG while kneeling, I sure was glad he wore that brace. No matter what, a repaired knee is never as good as a knee that has never been injured.

              4. the new braces are pretty high tech, are lightweight and do not restrict a player’s mobility very much.

                Sebnynah, at the NFL level, the difference between escaping the pocket and not, doesn’t come down to “very much”. The slightest hindrance can, and usually will, be the difference.

                Jimmy has likely determined that he’s willing to give up some of his agility, for peace of mind. That’s all it likely comes down to, Seb, and it disappoints me. Personally, I feel like it’s a “crutch”, and I’d like to see him get past it, because I feel like it does more harm than good for a QB like Jimmy, this far removed from reconstruction.

                Obviously though, I still respect the heck out of him, but I’m hoping he gets past this thing mentally.

              5. And BTW, I didn’t want to say it, but I’m going to ….. that brace is no guarantee. Sure, it offers partial protection, but that’s about it. By no means does it guarantee against another major knee injury … KNOCK ON WOOD!

                If it did, this would be a different conversation on my end.

            1. “Bosa would still be playing if he had worn one last week”

              Should we all wear helmets so if a asteroid falls from space we are protected?

              Your logic is one that resembles that of a individual who has smoked way too much pot!

              1. I bet Bosa regrets not wearing one, especially with his torn ACL.
                Maybe the medical staff will make ALL the players wear braces, so no more players tear up their knees on that field.
                That field is dangerous, but of course, you want to make it twice as hard to win. Decimating the team with injuries would do that.

              2. I bet you regret a lot of things being the mouth piece you are. I wish NN never banned you. Now we have to deal with your childish rants.

                Nov.4th, Crow fest for you Sebnnoying!

              3. So now every football player should wear a knee brace? What a complete idiotic suggestion!

                A 7 year old, who plays pee wee football laughs at that suggestion.

              4. On that specific field, you nimrod. I wonder if Arik Armstead will wear some. He considers that field dangerous.

              5. How would Bosa have known to wear one? Nimrod! You are always so smart after the fact aren’t you?

                By the way, Trubisky is 2-0. Whats Kaepernicks record this year? Oh wait, Nov.4th it starts.

              6. Conversely, you seem to be assuming that Bosa is happy with his new condition, with no regrets.
                That injury just made it twice as hard to win, so you must be ecstatic.

              7. If Bosa and the rest of the 49ers knew the field was going to be season ending, dont you think they all would have worn knee braces you idiot!

                Like I said, you are always so smart after the fact.

                49, these are the type of comments you want to “healthy debate”? The guy floods the board with idiotic comments.

              8. Prime, you also brought up the Niners being in the running for the 1st pick of the 2021 draft, so ….. Pot, meet Kettle?


                BTW, The 49ERS Super Bowl odds – 2020:

                9/15/2020 odds 12-1
                9/22/2020 odds (post Jets game) 14-1

                Hardly worth giving up on, so keep the faith, Faithful! Go NINERS!

              9. “Prime, you also brought up the Niners being in the running for the 1st pick of the 2021 draft, so ….. Pot meet Kettle?

                That was the reply to a poster who said the 49ers would be fine with Mullens as the starter.

              10. I see … it’s sarcasm. Gotcha.

                Because the NINERS better not be the worst team in the league, even with Mullens, assuming most guys get healthy. Not if ShanaLynch are as good as advertised. Maybe ranked 20th-24th with Mullens at starter, with everything else being equal (minus Bosa). Still at least 8 teams below them in the pecking order … at least. Probably more!

              11. Never want to wish harm on any player, but the only way the Niners get back to the SB is if other teams start to experience injuries at key positions like the 49ers are dealing with.

                It might be a 4-12, 6-10 season, get a top 10 pick and win it all in 2021.

              12. Thomas is easily replaceable. Are you telling me the Niners have NO CHANCE simply because of Bosa? I know their chances are now worse, but their offense may be one of the league’s best by mid season, with the ability to control the ball/clock. Are you really saying no chance unless other teams experience major injuries simply because they lost 1 guy, albeit a GREAT player and perfect scheme fit?

                Wow! That’s tough, Prime!

              13. Honestly, I don’t like our offense. Its too dependent on the rush and its become too predictable. Until Shanny starts to let Jimmy G be able to throw it more on 1st and 2nd down, I dont see much changing.

                Pass rushers are so critical to a defense and without one of the best, it will be difficult.

                A lot of things went right last year for this team and now things are not. Those injuries to those guys is damaging. You dont plug and play in for guys like Jimmy G, Mostert, Bosa, Kittle, Sherm and the rest of the depth.

                We will need all world type coaching and guys to step up huge just to get to a wild card, maybe. The one thing is, everyone in our division is playing great and we are just trying to survive and its only week 3.
                I just dont think its our year.

              14. I agree with that, and I think that’s the plan. They have 2 dynamic recieving TE’s now, and two really good WR’s (I think Aiyuk might present #1 WR type dynamics by midseason), plus a couple very good possession type WR’s. I suspect Shanahan will open this offense up against really good teams because I think he realizes he’s going to have to. But … I think this is still a run first offense because the run opens up the passing game, and allows the Niners to control the ball/clock, which I think will still be the key down the stretch and in the postseason. Don’t you think their offense has a chance at being that much more dynamic than last season’s offense, thanks to the addition of Reed, Aiyuk, and ‘Jet’ McKinnon, IF we see the gritty, confident Jimmy of last week? Man, I sure do!

              15. Yawn, you are second guessing the Niners right and left, but seem bent out of shape when I do it.
                Try being consistent for once, instead of being an obnoxious hypocrite.

              16. Its very possible that the offense evolves and really, it might have to because they wont be able to rely on the defense to hold like it did last year.
                Problem being, do you see Shanny letting Jimmy G grip it and rip it with a 2nd year WR and a rookie WR, and a oft injured TE?

              17. Seb when you can provide facts and evidence for your outlandish comments/suggestions, maybe you will gain some respect around here.

              18. Breaking News: DEE FORD has a “back injury”, out indefinitely.

                Oh man, this is now at DEFCON 1 level! What a shame!

              19. The thing is, you can’t expect NFC Champions like this current 49ers team, to tank on purpose. That’s just not going to happen. It aint over till it’s over.

                On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the end of the world to give some of the young up-and-comers playing time if they do end up getting eliminated early, so that they gain experience heading into next season’s salary cap strapped situation and hope to nail another draft.

                Dee Ford and Solomon Thomas may have played their last down wearing scarlet and gold.

                But right now it’s next man up, and hope for a miracle because that’s the kind of support this team deserves from their fan base, IMO. And who knows, this season might end up with an asterisk next to it anyways, thanks to fricken COVID.

              20. Who said anything about tanking?

                With all these injuries we simply can’t compete with the top teams in the NFC.

              21. PT- ‘With the first overall pick in the 2021 draft, the 49ers select….’
                Yup. Wotta loser mentality. You want them to tank.
                I want them to fight on, and make it to the playoffs.

  7. The Giants must really be crappy. LV installed the Injured Niners as 4 point favorites this week, at the Giants home, where normally you get 3 to start, so really, it’s a 7 point fav to start. It will be interesting to see where the money goes. No worry Raz, Kyle is not going to play anyone that’s even close to having any kind of lower leg problems. They should be able to take care of business, even with slippery fingered Mullens (2 fumbles) yes Seb, he fumbled early and also dropped the ball a little later after he took the snap but luckily it bounced right back up into his hands (that’s a fumble).
    I’ll probably take the Niners even at -7 this week and probably the under (currently 41). I had the under this week until 1:23 left in the game and that garbage TD. Makes me wonder sometimes! Fix in on that? Sometimes it seems like that’s the case!! Nevertheless, the Injured Niners second string is better than the Giants, and then they come home for three, with the Eagles and Dolphins being probable wins, before the big showdown with the Rams. My biggest worry at this point is getting out of NY this week without having to rent the USNS Comfort for team trip home. Prayers are needed!

    1. This has been a bad year, with the Pandemic, economic crisis, fires, now Bosa being lost for the year.
      In my fantasy football league, I started JG, and he becomes injured. This next game, I wanted to put in Tevin Coleman as a starter, but he is injured, too.
      I am wondering, should I drop Frank Gore, now that the Niners are not playing against him, and add Melvin Gordon?
      I certainly will drop the Viking defense, now that Barr is injured, and wonder which team to choose. Any suggestions?
      I agree that the next game may be under41, but hope Mullens can lead them to victory, if JG is officially out.

  8. Looking at the available players Clay Matthews could add an edge rusher in a similar vein to Dee Ford as I am not sure SF can trust Dee Ford to give them much if anything going forward.
    The only problem I have is that I can’t see this team competing against the upper echelon without an elite pass rush… and SF needs to sign a few expensive guys next year and they could roll over that cap space.

    At this point, if I am SF, rather than make a big move, SF might be better off holding serve for a few weeks to see what they have and if the offense steps up over that time, then make the move.

    1. I’d much prefer Cameron Wake over Matthews. Main question though would be whether he’d be willing to play on the relatively cheap?

      1. I havent seen Cameron in a while I just took a quick at their stats and saw that Matthews had 8 sacks last year. How did Cameron look last year? Did he look better than Matthews or do you like him better because of the probable price tag?

        1. Wake was injured a lot last season, but when he did play he was still able to get good pressure (18% pressure rate last year on 172 pass rush snaps). I prefer Wake to Matthews as a player. I think he’d be a great pick up to be a pass rush specialist – take over from Ford while Ford is out, and when (if?) Ford comes back he can rotate in to replace/ spell Bosa’s replacement on passing downs.

          1. Interesting, that pressure rate is hard to argue with. Matthews “only” had 14.38 which is still very good.
            In any case, I think either one of them would be worth while pickups at the right price.

          2. The way players are dropping like flies, there will be competition from other teams. Bruce Irvin went on IR, if I heard correctly.

            1. Yeah, the biggest issue with signing either Wake or Matthews is money. Both guys have already been contacted by other teams and had contracts offered, but didn’t agree to sign (e.g. Denver I believe as recently as just before Wk 1).

              My hope is that their decisions were more about wanting to wait to see if an opportunity presented itself on a SB ready team than money… but money is likely going to be an issue.

              1. The worst part is knowing that Yannick went to Minn for a 2nd and a 5th. I am not a big fan of trading away draft picks but they way our defense is built, that is guy I would have been willing to trade for (even knowing a few contracts would need to be restructured).

    1. I’m not a fan of Allegient Stadium, TBH. I get that it sort of fits the Raiders, but I think it’s ugly as sin!

      SoFi on the other hand, WOWZA! Simply amazing! Too bad the Rams have to share it with another team, as that would be a deal breaker for me, from both a fan’s, and player’s perspective!

  9. tough start to the season without question. But i don’t know about you guys, but i was fully expecting this season to be a no-go. I still think this is a week-to-week situation with the entire league. With that in mind i had zero expectations for this season, so every week has just been gravy. I’m still interested to see how Nick Mullens does, how Jimmy looks when he gets back, Aiyuk’s development, Deebo 2nd year, Kinlaw. Still sucks, but just not as bad as it would in a normal year.

    1. It would take a new kind of stupid to allow a player with a recent lower body injury to play on that field.

      1. I totally agree.
        BTW, sorry about your matchup last game. You racked up a ton of points, yet still did not win.

      2. Agree here also. Against a better team…on a non-deathtrap field, perhaps. Mullens can hold the fort for one game, if not whats the use in having him?

              1. Hammer, now that you are writing for a national publication, does that require you to be “impartial” such as Grant would always claim? Do you have to leave your fandom at the door?

              2. Anyone catch Hammer on the videos at SI.

                Real Mr. Personality right there.

                Hey Hammer, do you have a hard time reading your own blog posts?

                So do we..

    2. It’s reasonable to assume that Mullens is a better QB now than he was when he last started, and he’d be wiser with ball security, especially in a stadium with no hostile crowd.

    3. Hammer, a while back, in predicting a NY split, you claimed the Jets to be “dangerous”. I’ll give you a pass, I’m sure you meant to say the Jets stadium is dangerous., right? ?

    4. I understand Jack’s point and I think fans are overlooking the Giants.
      Points could come at a premium in this game.

      – While Shanahan seems to make anyone into a capable running back, at some point there will be a significant drop-off. (In terms of pure rushing ability, I think Wilson is better than McKinnon as I think McKinnon has slowed down quite a bit since his injury.) Regardless of who gets the call, you can expect fewer rushing yards, and explosive runs in this game.
      – The Giants Pass D, while not amazing is much better than the Jets.
      – If SF loses the turnover battle they are not likely to overcome it.

  10. This injuries are depressing but I am not even that worried with the team – we have enough talent and a genius head coach.

    The NFC West……hmmm…..this is going to be a battle

  11. Niners should trade Pettis when Deebo is back. I don’t see him (re)gaining Jimmy G’s trust. He’s going to be the guy he is, but still may be a useful #3 for some teams.

  12. I think I’d use Wilson extensively in this game behind Williams. Reed, Aiyuk, Juice, Bourne and McKinnon as part of a dominant running game give Mullens enough to win with a mistake free performance….

    1. I would like to see JaMycal Hasty get some snaps.
      I must say, it is very nice to see Reed playing so well, with no signs of being impaired. guess he has recovered from his concussion problems, after sitting out enough time to heal.

  13. Except for Bosa and Thomas (Bosa being a key player), this team is still strong enough to not only make the playoffs, but make some noise once there.

    I would rest Jimmy this Sunday to allow for more healing time and of course, keep him off the MetLife swamp ground.
    The 49ers looked much sharper and in sync on Sunday. This bodes well for the rest of the season.

  14. Tom Pelissero

    With Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman sidelined, the #49ers are bringing in several running backs for a tryout, including ex-Giant Paul Perkins, Karan Higdon and Austin Walter.

  15. According to twitter, apparently the 49ers have called Cam Wake, testing the waters. The other name they have apparently enquired about has me more excited though… Carl Lawson. If they could trade for him without giving up too much that would be awesome – he’s a serious talent (albeit with injury issues of his own). I really wanted the 49ers to draft him. And he’s cheap against the cap.

    1. Lawson had about a 15.1% pass rush win rate last year. What do you think it would cost to get him, if he were to become available? It’s a real head scratcher for me as to why he would even be in the first place though….

      1. Last year of his contract and he’s spent a lot of time injured the past 2 years. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals plan to move on from him next year anyway, so might look to get something for him now.

        49ers might need to use a package of picks and players – maybe a late round 2021 pick and mid to late 2022 pick, plus a player. Who knows, maybe the Bengals think Pettis could thrive with Burrow.

        1. Lawson’s best pass rushing years are right around the corner, and if he stays healthy would be top 10 in the league. If they can get him for that, I’d consider it one hell of a coup by Lynch….

    1. I think he’ll end up retiring. His body is shot. The back surgeon didn’t even want to perform the surgery, because Ford wouldn’t quit football….

      1. He’s had this back problem since 2011, apparently. He had a major procedure on his spine after the 2017 season. I agree, his career is probably over.

  16. The turf is a serious issue. Covid 19 is another one. KS was fined 100 k for not wearing a mask, even though he was warned the week before. I hope the 49er organization will take this Covid 19 pandemic seriously, or they will end up like Notre Dame, who has a Covid 19 crisis on their hands.
    By the grace of God, the NFL has not been afflicted by the Covid 19 Pandemic. However, at least 3 HCs have caught the virus. It is very telling to hear Jon Gruden admit that he had Covid 19, but covered up that fact until yesterday. That means the league has covered up for players and coaches. The NFL has listed many players with an illness designation. They have not been totally open and forthright, but they have millions at stake.
    I hope the 49ers take Covid 19 seriously, and not put an elderly African American coach on the side line. He is doubly at risk, and it would be prudent to send him upstairs so he would be safer. Jed should tell KS to promote Bobby Turner to OC. It would be a strong sign of affirmative action, and it might keep him safe, and alive. KS can still call the plays, but an OC could not hurt, and it might help them win.

      1. Yeah, it is what it is. Just 200,000 Americans have died. What do you care. You do not have any loved ones who might die from this insidious scourge, because no one loves you.

        1. “ You do not have any loved ones who might die from this insidious scourge, because no one loves you“

          Oh Seb. Personal attacks now? You are losing again.

          1. Seb, this is the most ridiculously moronic thing you have ever said and that’s really saying something.

            You literally want to promote someone to keep them safe, simply based on the color of their skin.

            WHAT A F’ING MORON.

            I’m brown and I have prediabetes. I just sent a letter to the executives at my company that they ought to promote me due to COVID and these supporting reasons.

            1. No, Bobby Turner has coached for years, and helped the Niners get to the SB.
              He deserves a promotion, and it would be following Bill Walsh’s legacy, to have more minority leadership is a minority driven league.
              Jed could show some leadership, doing the right thing. It would demonstrate that he is doing everything in his power to help the team win.
              You, on the other hand, do not deserve a promotion at all, because all you do is go around calling others morons. That is the worst kind of leadership exemplified.

      2. Covid 19 is as ridiculous as your football IQ. Both are a crock of merda

        Jeez, how anybody can still say that, after 1 million dead worldwide, 200k dead in the USA, nearly another 1000 dead just yesterday in the USA… Is there a strong qanon presence in Canada?

        Don’t believe me? Take it from this guy:

        This is deadly stuff

        — Donald J Trump.

        1. “ Jeez, how anybody can still say that, after 1 million dead worldwide, 200k dead in the USA, nearly another 1000 dead just yesterday in the USA… Is there a strong qanon presence in Canada?

          Some countries didn’t take the necessary precautions with their vulnerable sectors at the appropriate time. Canada did.
          Why the US didn’t is puzzling.

          1. Why the US didn’t is puzzling.

            Not puzzling at all. Many, too many, Americans are taking the attitude like someone said, “Covid is crock of merda”. It starts at the top.

            “This is deadly stuff,” adding that it might be five times more lethal than the flu. Trump said, “It’s also more deadly than your – you know, your, even your strenuous flus.”

            — Donald J Trump in private

            “This is a flu. This is like a flu,” the president said in a briefing. “It’s a little like a regular flu that we have flu shots for.

            — Donald J Trump to the American people

            He still to this day is holding indoor maskless, non distancing campaign rallies.

            1. Deadly to people with existing conditions and the elderly. This notion that if you get it its deadly is all a crock. How many people have recovered from the virus? Why isnt that talked about or documented?

              Maybe people that are compromised should stay home, keep their distance, wear a mask while the rest of us can continue to carry on a life.

              Its ridiculous to blame government officials for people being careless with their own health.

              1. A government has experts that can make appraisals as to the severity of a public danger, information the public at large is not privy to. A functioning government then passes on information and measures the public can take to protect themselves from that danger. What do you make of a government that passes on incorrect and misleading information at best, lies at worst, and encourages the absolute opposite of what the public should be doing , for it’s own political reasons? I say hell yes, it is appropriate to blame those same government officials.

              2. My take on COVID-19 was that the people, across the world, not just the USA and Canada, were told by the WHO that this virus could be held in check by social distancing, proper hygiene, and mask wearing. It was identified that people with pre-existing health conditions could be more vulnerable.
                If we as a human race, wait for government officials to tell us how to prevent a flu, avoid a flu, recover from a flu, then we are doomed as a human race.

                Your country is in such a political quandary that people were not going to listen based on whatever government they supported. Its basically civil war in your country from what I see as an outsider.

                Question, if Donald Trump ordered a nation wide shutdown across your entire country in March, implemented mandatory masks, and only essential services allowed to maintain business, would the American people followed his orders?

              3. My take on COVID-19 was that the people, across the world, not just the USA and Canada, were told by the WHO…

                And what did the US Government do in response to that warning? Donald Trump announced that the United States would terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization.

                Question, if Donald Trump ordered a nation wide shutdown across your entire country in March, implemented mandatory masks, and only essential services allowed to maintain business, would the American people followed his orders?

                Orders are not necessary. Those of us who do not slavishly follow Trump did so completely voluntarily. NY was the early epicenter. To use a Trump-esque division, now compare that blue state to a red one, Texas for instance:


                Conversely, you rarely see MAGAs in masks. Trump, in making the wearing/not wearing of masks another flash point in the culture wars completely removed one of the most effective preventative measures against covid amongst his considerable following. It is just another expression of his pathologies, he/we cannot be reminded that the pandemic is still raging, that his administration has failed to bring it under control in this country.

              4. The 1918 Pandemic killed between 25 and 50 million people, and it happened over 4 successive waves. This Covid 19 Pandemic has killed a million people, and 200,000 in the US.
                Back then, the treatments were rudimentary. Now, we have cocktails of anti viral medications, and ventilators for the sickest, so the death toll has been way less.
                Too bad Trump abdicated his leadership role, punting the leadership to the governors. He denied reality, declaring masks made him look bad, so they were not needed, then espoused quack treatments. Now, he has refused to accept any responsibility for his terrible response to this insidious killer, making it into a political football.
                Imagine what real leadership could have entailed. They may have been a hundred thousand fewer deaths, and no secondary wave. Herman Cain is the poster child for what happens when one does not take Covid 19 seriously.
                Yes, they said the same thing about seatbelts. People wanted the right to drive beltless. Thankfully, with proper leadership, millions have been saved, because people were forced to do something they did not want to do.
                The problem is, reckless, irresponsible people do not only affect themselves. Others die because of their selfish, myopic, miscreant behavior. They had a biker rally, and now, the region is exploding in cases. Herman Cain did not wear a mask, and he is now dead.
                You probably believe in the herd immunity strategy, but he said herd mentality. I would call it your mierda mentality.

    1. “I hope the 49ers take Covid 19 seriously, and not put an elderly African American coach on the side line. He is doubly at risk, and it would be prudent to send him upstairs so he would be safer. Jed should tell KS to promote Bobby Turner to OC. It would be a strong sign of affirmative action, and it might keep him safe, and alive. KS can still call the plays, but an OC could not hurt, and it might help them win.”

      Covid is a designer disease specifically targeting people based on their race? I had no idea the Chinese hated African Americans so much.

      TBH, The rule is only for optics. If the NFL really thought it was that dangerous, they wouldn’t let them play a sport where sweaty players are constantly grabbing each other and bring them to the ground. Additionally, they should have fined Belichick who wore a mask but didn’t cover his mouth half the time.


      1. Shoup, in the United States, Covid 19 has hit hard the elderly Latino and Black populations, and especially hard on the elderly Indigenous population. Of course, these minorities historically, have had less health care access than the general white population, so that is affecting their outcomes.
        In 1918, the Spanish Flu afflicted the young and the old, of all ethnicities. This seems more targeted of the elderly and immuno-compromised sector. many young people seem to have mild symptoms, and it does not cause lasting deleterious effects. Still, it has killed 200,000 Americans, and many more worldwide.
        Fortunately, there have been some medical breakthroughs in the treatments, so many possible fatalities have been averted with a better cocktail of anti viral medications, and better medical care, now they know what works well.
        In Sonoma County, there has been an alarming recent development of Covid 19 in 13 child care centers, so even the young are not at risk.
        What burns me up is that I may be careful, and have severely limited my exposure, but some thoughtless people, Head Coaches included, behave in a reckless and dangerous manner, endangering the ones trying to do their best to contain this pandemic. Their careless actions have helped spread the disease.
        I am glad KS and others are being singled out, because their faces are showing up on the TV screens, so they have a duty to present a good example. Yes, the optics look bad, and the NFL is to blame for trying to play the season without a bubble.
        Personally, I would think that having a mask would be strategically an advantage. The HC could cover his mouth, so no lip readers could be reading what they say.
        Notre Dame has 13 players who have contracted Covid 19. They have had to postpone their game, with everything up in the air about their season. The NFL should look how Basketball had to cancel the rest of their season, and MLB has had to postpone and shorten their season. As we come up to the winter season, all flu’s, including Covid 19, may see a spike in cases.
        I want the NFL to have a season, but it will not happen if they are careless. They really need to take this seriously, and wearing masks is a simple, yet effective tool in stopping it spreading. If Saleh walks along the side line without a mask, I hope they fine him, too.

        1. Shoup, in the United States, Covid 19 has hit hard the elderly Latino and Black populations

          Not to mention those demographics are the least likely to be employed in occupations that allow work from home alternatives.

          1. Yes, the farmworkers, care givers, custodians and meat handlers are doing designated critical work, but are the least able to afford adequate medical care.

        2. Yes, but singling out the one guy based on race makes no sense in this context. He doesn’t fit into this demographic so neatly ( only in the same way that Bill Gates fits into the same group of an elderly, white, laid off coal miner ), nor do NFL players… on the field he is surrounded by players and coaches that are tested daily and show no symptoms. He’s likely in a far safer situation than any poster on this board.

          As to the NCAA they are not dealing with Covid in any capacity similar to the NFL.

          1. No. NFL players are taking a huge risk. So much so, many are keeping separate from their families, because it is safer for all involved.
            Jetting around the country, sitting in a covid incubator? That does not sound very safe, to me.
            The NFL touts all these tests, but when some turn up positive, they declare the tests were flawed. It should go both ways. If there are false positives, there should also be false negatives.
            I hope you will concede that Bobby Turner, at age 71, is risking his life standing next to players who are tackling and blocking many other players. Social distancing goes out the window, with large groups whose job it is to collide with other players.
            College Football is not dealing with Covid 19 very well. I sure hope it does not happen, but all it takes is one Covid fan, and an entire team could be stricken. Basketball, with its hard bubble, is dealing with Covid 19 in a thoughtful and serious manner. The NFL is relying on wishful thinking.

            1. Sounds to me you are one of those Covaids who want to shut the world down, sit at home and collect government hand outs.
              Let’s say hello to Communism. Isn’t that where your from anyways?

      2. Pelosi didn’t looked too scared when she was getting her hair did, and she’s in the high risk category.

        1. Notice how her “hairdresser” lawyered up immediately, like the same day the story broke?

          It’s a wonder her hairdresser making statements through his attorney can afford a $500/hr San Francisco lawyer cutting hair.

          But literally, and I mean, zero news outlets picked up on the fact that this guy making peanuts goes and gets an attorney right away. Wonder who really bought that attorney????

          1. Dunno, but Pelosi’s irresponsibility wasn’t limited to the decisions she made that day. She didn’t take responsibility after the fact and blamed the hairstylist, which in turn solicited death threats directed towards her creating a necessity to close up shop and move….

            1. She didn’t blame the hair stylist. She blamed the owner of the salon who exposed her. The idiot hair stylist was in her corner and she quickly lawyered him up (obviously at her cost) to make an expedited statement that it was a set up on the part of the salon owner. Makes you wonder how much of a set up it really is if Pelosi sent a lawyer over to talk for the stylist almost immediately, the same morning the news broke. And their stories were perfectly aligned. Imagine that!

    2. Sebs, i gotta tell ya….this all consuming preoccupation you have with Covid 19………….you need to get a life. Either you take a bite out of life or life will take a bite out of you. Right now, your gettin bit. (I heard that little Pearl and immediately thought of you).

      I have to talk to nurses and doctors all the time-i’ve asked them and they’ve told me–this is much to do about little. Over the last 3 decades, healthcare has had to deal with much worse “flues” and air-born nasties and they were all infectious, tho Covid is very contagious, no doubt.

      This is not the Black Plague from Europe centuries ago…………..Tho San Fran, Portland and Seattle are doing their best to replicate those conditions, eh Sebbie??????????

      1. 200,000 deaths and counting…… With no guarantee a new mutation will not affect the young and the middle aged people, too. Viruses are insidious. They create new ways to spread, even if it may kill the host.
        You obviously, have not suffered like the families of 200,000 people have.
        Your lackadaisical, unworried fatalism, reminds me of a youtube video of a dying person, still trying to troll people about this pandemic. He proudly stated he would never wear a mask, for as long as he lived. But he wore one in the hospital, just before he died.
        Thankfully there have been grown ups in the room, and the governors were the leaders who led this fight against this scourge. Trump actually exacerbated the situation by having no coherent plan, except injecting bleach to kill the virus.
        I have a friend who works at a care facility, and she is frightened to death that she may contract this killer, or worse yet, spread it to a vulnerable loved one. Yet, she soldiers on, trying her best to stay safe, provide care, and keep loved ones safe, too.
        Many people do not know the real extent of this crisis, because they will label a person with a pre-existing condition, to have died of their pre-existing condition, and not Covid 19. Trump himself, does not want testing, because the less tests, the less positives. He is lying again, and, to put it in a quaint saying, you are taking the bait, hook line and sinker.
        The NFL has suppressed the reporting of positive cases, and Jon Gruden is proof. College Football may come to a screeching halt. Only 2 players on the LSU O Line, has tested negative for Covid 19. The rest were positive.
        So yeah, go ahead, be Pollyannish. Gee whillickers! Life is good. I am having a swell time! ;p
        I am taking a more cautious approach. I predicted the second surge, and I also expect 2 more, because they did not have a timely, coherent or cohesive strategy to fight this deadly contagion. There will be 2 more, because of the incompetence fighting it the first 2 times. This would mirror what happened in the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. I do not expect the Covid 19 Pandemic will have 25 million deaths like the 1918 Flu, because people learned from that first one, and knew that masks, comprehensive testing and social distancing, could effectively fight this battle, and win. Then we have some Nimrod, with no plan, who was too late, then actively fought against his medical advisors, and we wonder if it can get worse.
        The Bubonic Plague is still around, and recently, I think some one died from it, by eating ground squirrels, and catching it from the fleas. Thankfully, with modern medicine, and a sound strategy, the Bubonic Plague is under control, and very rare.
        Saw, they tore down Reds Recovery Room. I drove by and thought of you.

            1. The real cowards hide behind their inability to back up their words.

              November 4th. Can’t wait!

      2. I have to talk to nurses and doctors all the time-i’ve asked them and they’ve told me–this is much to do about little.

        You are a disgusting liar. That is obviously a crock of sh!t. Talk to the health workers here in NYC who’d been through months of pure hell. They will set you straight about “much todo about very little”.

        1. Rib, the same has been said up here. A lot of medical professionals think it’s been over blown.
          The concern from day one was never about the virus being deadly, but that the hospitals would be over run by people panicking.
          Is that what happened in NYC?

          1. Panic? WTF do you mean panic? This f-ing sh!t is real and anyone who denies or thinking they are isolated in a safe bubble are idiots or worse.

            Just one report from the front line during the “panic”. Let this be a warning as cold weather cases start ramping back up.

            Now everything that walks into the emergency room is COVID,” Mir tells me on a tour of his ward on April 22, his face protected by a shield fashioned from a welder’s mask.
            In the room around us, a dozen patients cling to life on ventilators, their beds cocooned in plastic sheets that are stapled to the ceiling and duct-taped to the walls. From overhead, the loudspeaker issues a call for help—“Respiratory and anesthesia, stat”—that has become the refrain of this pandemic.
            Mir has heard it hundreds of times. Wyckoff, with a capacity of around 350 beds, has treated more than 2,000 COVID-19 patients, the vast majority of them Latino and black with poor health insurance or none at all. Almost 300 died. Nearly 200 Wyckoff workers became infected; others could not handle their fear of infection and stopped coming to work. “I don’t think we’ll ever be the same,” Mir says once the loudspeaker goes quiet, leaving only the hisses and beeps of the breathing machines. “We’ve seen so much death, so much chaos, so much catastrophe.”


            1. You know what Rib, it’s ignorant for me to compare what has happened in your country to mine. My apologies.

              Things are not that dire here as our approach was way different than the USA.

              1. Another reason to be pissed at 2020! These were two games I could have seen back to back in person. And with the disgusted Jets/Gints fanbases, could have scored some very primo tickets cheaply.

  17. The new turf at MetLife Stadium is also a suspect in this week’s injury mystery, with 49ers players referring to it after Sunday’s game as “sticky” and “trash.” Subtle defects in a playing surface can have a major impact on elite athletes performing at peak capacity and effort, which explains why the Jets weren’t affected

    — Mike Tanier via NYT


    1. Just imagine what his career could have been, with modern ACL medical technology.
      Still, he made it into the Hall of Fame at the age of 34, with only 5000 yards rushing. He was electric, and I think he rushed for 6 TDs in a game against the Niners.

    2. Yes, one of the best and smoothes RB’ of all time. Had he not been injured by a knee buckling tackle by the 49ers DB Kermit Alexander, today’s RB would still be chasing his records.

  18. Well, I guess if your going to have injuries it’s best to get through those early in the season. Sucks for Bosa. Now he’s torn both ACLs and has a fairly significant injury history. For his sake I hope he makes it to the big payday in his 2nd contract.

    A few observations,

    Where tf is Dante Pettis? Why is he still on this roster. Trade the guy to the Jets. They need him.
    Greenlaw is better than Alexander. Kwon misses too many tackles and frankly it’s annoying.
    The Mostert injury is huge. 49ers need him to make a deep run. Although McKinnon and Coleman can add value, Mostert is a home run hitter that scares defenses and opens up play action pass. Hopefully this knee thing is just a few weeks and gives him the rest he needs to finish strong.
    I’m souring on Jimmy G the more I watch him throw flat footed. He needs to clean up his mechanics. I wouldn’t mind seeing the 49ers trade for RG3 to see if he’s still a good fit in this offense.
    Aiyuk is going to be a star. The way he moves on the field in his routes and in the way he attacks the ball is impressive. This guy has a big future.
    Like what I saw from Jordan Reed but I hold my breath every time he touches the ball. If he keeps playing well, the 49ers will have a dynamic 2 TE set. Spread the field with Deebo, Aiyuk, Reed, and Kittle. I don’t think any defense can stop that spread attack.
    Looked like Quinnen Williams owned the 49ers d-line. He ran over Tomlinson and Brunskill a few times. 49ers really must clean up the interior o-line sooner rather than later.
    Saleh is going to need to get creative or he is not going to be the hot commodity he was last year. Injuries are unfair but so is the NFL hiring process. Saleh needs to show he can produce a top 10 defense this year even with a ton of injuries.

  19. It’s Wednesday, why not…

    Niners 27, Giants 18. Mullens throws for two TDs, and turns the ball over twice.

  20. Check this…

    Adam Schefter

    The Chargers’ team doctor accidentally punctured his own quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s lung just before kickoff Sunday while trying to administer a pain-killing injection to the quarterback’s cracked ribs, league and team sources told ESPN.

  21. Oh, what the heck!
    20 – 13, 49ers.
    Mullens is not going to be asked to do much. Just steer the ship, baby!

  22. I am looking forward to see how they split carries in the backfield- I would guess;
    Wilson – 20ish
    McKinnon- 5ish
    Hasty – 5ish

  23. These injuries are brutal… Losing Bosa for the season flat out sucks. But I’m actually looking forward to seeing guys like Kinlaw and Kevin Givens get more snaps now. Let’s hope Mullens steps up to the challenge. Aiyuk needs more targets this game I think he’s got big play potential written all over him. Mostert out is a big blow to the offense. Hopefully McKinnon and Wilson can hold it down for 1 game until he gets back. Jason Verrett is back to practice this week. Witherspoon has been a nightmare to watch. It will be interesting to see if they decide to go with Verrett over Spoon on Sunday.

  24. The worst part about the Dee Ford Trade is that we doubled down on him this offseason by restructuring his contract.
    This created a ton of Dead Cap… if we had done that with Jimmy instead, even if he wasn’t great we could have likely unloaded him.

    Kyle and Lynch really screwed up with this trade, SF took two loses with one trade by restructuring his contract. Sadly, it seems they also did this with Kwon and Richburg.

    1. Yeah, restructuring his deal was a really strange one for me. Especially since they did it so late in the offseason and it seems they didn’t need to do it – they had already extended Kittle and they didn’t do anything with the cap savings (though you could argue that without creating the cap room they may not have had the space to accommodate Sanu and Ansah). Maybe I am missing something, but seems like an unnecessary move that may well have backfired if Ford doesn’t get healthy and start contributing.

    1. The last “nomination” was by a nazi loon.

      On Sept. 9, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a far-right Norwegian politician, announced on Fox News that he had nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize.

      “Christian Tybring-Gjedde (born 8 August 1963) is a Norwegian far-right politician,[1] anti-immigration activist, Islamophobe[2] and climate change denier. He currently represents the anti-immigrant[3] party Fremskrittspartiet—the party of which Anders Behring Breivik was a high-ranking youth leader—as a member of the Norwegian parliament, and is arguably its most extreme MP.[4] His extreme views have put him on a collision course with somewhat more moderate factions even within his own far right party.[5] “

      Birds of a facist feather.

      Sure go ahead and nominate him, you probably can. If not, petition Putin.

      Nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize can be made by any one of perhaps hundreds of thousands of eligible people, including, according to the Nobel website, “university rectors or chancellors, professors of political and social science, history, philosophy, law and theology; leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs; members of national assemblies, governments, and international courts of law; previous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates; board members of organizations and institutions that have received the Nobel Peace Prize; present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; and former advisers of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.”


  25. Man this site has 2020 written all over it. I can’t blame everyone and the political trash on here, since it was DOA as soon as Grant left. Definitely will miss it.
    Take care everyone, maybe i’ll check in from time to time.

  26. Chris Biderman

    #49ers practice report:

    DNP: RB Tevin Coleman (knee), DE Dee Ford (back), QB Jimmy Garoppolo (ankle), LB Dre Greenlaw (quadricep), RB Raheem Mostert (knee)

    Limited: TE George Kittle (knee)

    Full: CB Jason Verrett (hamstring)

  27. Cam Inman

    #49ers Sanu on #Patriots tenure:
    “It just wasn’t a good fit. Things happen the way they happen. …. I’m focused on what I’ve got here in San Fran and I’m excited to be a part of this team and culture. I’m grateful for my time in NE. It taught me a lot. It just didn’t jell out.”

  28. Sigh, Witherspoon seems to be yet another superior athlete without football instincts. Hope that Verrett is back to his old self, or at least somewhat close to it.

    1. Witherspoon should of been cut already…. the only reason he’s still around is because Lynch is so stubborn he doesn’t want to admit it was bad draft pick. Verrett needs to start Sunday.

      1. Witherspoon should of been cut already

        No way should he be cut, he can have a decent career as a serviceable backup . Just not consistent enough to be a starter. Playing out his contract is good for Niners’ depth.

        1. He’s not even a good backup. He’s allowed over 15 TDS the last 18 starts. What’s the point in keeping him around when you can’t trust him to step in when someone gets injured? He got exposed against a bad Jets team that was depleted at the receiver position. At this point he’s no better than Verrett or Johnson as backups.

      2. If the 9ers would just fire Lynch now–today–the organization would be much improved, no? Ideas on new GM candidates?

        1. Never said fire Lynch… he’s done a great job as GM. Just said he missed on the Witherspoon pick and they are being stubborn about it. He’s been one of the worst corners in football the last two seasons. And they seem hell bent on keeping him around waiting for his potential. Time to move on..

  29. really funny how the media is counting us out – can’t wait to surprise them 2 yrs in a row

    I see the Cards game just like the Steelers game last yr – early games in the season that could easily go W or L.

  30. So troompy is now stating that that his political opponents are blocking the vaccine for the “Fake hoax” virus which I accidently spilled the beans about to Bob Woodward. LOL.

  31. The synthetic turf may meet their standards, but if 7 players goes down due to injuries in one game, it is dangerous, and they may need to revise their standards.
    Maybe they should remove some of the shredded tire particles. Maybe that would reduce the stickiness.
    It is too late for this next game, but maybe they need to put down a thicker underlayment, so there is less rigidity.
    The Niners could use smaller cleats, and maybe even wear lightweight knee braces, to protect their knees.
    I know Jerrick Mckinnon will want to play, but maybe this field is too dangerous for his knee. This may be a good time to see what the rookie, JaMycal Hasty, can do.
    Right now, Nick Mullens is a better option at QB. Let JG rest his ankle.
    I sure am glad that JL has created a lot of depth on this team. With the players dropping like flies, even the practice players will get playing time. This Covid 19 has really messed up this season, and it is only just starting. No off season practices and no preseason, and injuries are rampant throughout the league. Players just do not seem to be in game shape, with missed blocks and whiffs at tackling.
    Hopefully, the Niners can deal with this adversity, but losing Bosa was a punch in the gut. Maybe Dion Jordan can step up and play up to his first round status. I hope Kevin Givens has a good game. Hyder was a good pickup, and he seems to play fast, and make plays.

    1. I think it will take a couple of good games. If he is able to do that his value might even be a late 1st. I hope they hold on to him until the season before he becomes a unrestricted FA. I’m not sure when that happens.

        1. Who was it on here that argued Kittle’s success was due to the Shanahan system? I guess we’ll find out when he pops off on Mullen.

    1. Solly is good people, but if Ansah lights it up Solly may need a new number. That’s likely not a big deal unless it becomes a big deal.

      But if Ziggy can recapture his mojo from his early days, Solly will have more than the #94 to worry about.

      1. Doubt they bring back Thomas. Probably better off somewhere else without the bust halo over his head.

        1. And out of California where maybe he had too many distractions and too many memories.
          Fresh start would be in his best interest.

        2. The 49ers still seem to like what he brings though. Keeps getting chances despite not making much of them. Not sure what type of market he may get now he is coming off a serious knee injury, but if he doesn’t get much of a market I could definitely see the 49ers bringing him back on a cheap 1-year deal.

          1. There is no way he comes back Scooter. With the emergence of Hyder, DJ Jones, Kinlaw, and Street who will all play and get valuable auditions, Solly’s time is done in SF.

            Add the fact what do you pay a guy coming off ACL surgery and 3 very unproductive years? I’d say move on and develop these other guys.

            1. You left out Kevin Givens… who had almost 40 snaps last game. PFF gave Givens a 75 grade which is pretty impressive.. With DJ Jones, Kinlaw, and Givens we seem to be set at DT.

          2. There is no reason to assume that the FO will be afford to re-sign Blair. It is very difficult to say at this point which of the current supporting cast will be back next year. The team will increasingly take on the Stars and Scrubs look — hopefully not as much as the Rams.

            1. I think it’s safe to assume the front office will bring back the younger, cheaper, less term, productive type guys. Especially along the dline.

            2. Yep, agree Mood. If Blair looks good when he comes back from PUP the team will be hard pressed to keep him next year. Hyder is also a FA next year and if he impresses with a larger role now Bosa and Ford are out he might be difficult to keep too. Same with Ansah and Jordan.

              All of those guys are more DEs than DTs though, and Thomas was playing full time DT this year. Starter too. The depth behind Jones and Kinlaw isn’t great with Thomas out. Lots of largely untested UDFAs that may or may not turn out to be ok depth guys. Maybe Street too, though he also is more of a DE/DT tweener than a straight DT like Thomas was playing this year.

              The team is going to need to find depth value from cheap vet additions and draft picks moving forward, to supplement their high priced stars on the DL. And any time they can return a guy they like on the cheap they probably will. They seem to like Thomas, so if he comes cheap I see no reason to think the team wouldn’t consider re-signing him for DT depth.

              1. Thomas is a liability no matter where they put him, Scooter. Has been since they drafted him. Why would they bring him back?

                They won’t! He got his 4 years, and can now officially be called a bust, because, even after 4 years, he has no natural position. He’s the definition of a tweener, and consistently grades poorly. Good person, but come on, it’s time to move on.

          3. I think he keeps getting chances because he was the #3 pick and it’s really hard to give up on that high of a pick, if only from a pride point of view.

            1. They have shown they are willing to not play/ move on from high picks that don’t perform (or have other issues). They have kept giving Thomas reps. Until this year he may not have been starting, but he was still a core part of their rotation. And he was the starting DT this year. Fans may not like it, but it seems the team values Thomas more than many fans do.

              1. If what happened to his sister didn’t happen, he most likely would have been released.
                They did him a favour and let him play out the year and in return he would have provided good depth.

                But moving forward, a late 5th, 6th or 7th probably gives
                you the same production Solly would give.

                Good guy, good teammate just doesn’t have the tenacity or physical attributes to play the position.

                6 sacks in 3 years

              2. And yet he was the starting DT. If the 49ers think about him the way you think about him (or the way you think the 49ers think of him), he wouldn’t have been starting.

              3. It was only a matter of time before Kinlaw surpassed him. With no preseason games they had to start the vet.

              4. Most likely true, but he would still likely be getting a lot of snaps as the 3rd DT.

                Having a vet on the cheap that knows the system and you feel comfortable starting is very valuable. So if Thomas gets little market, bringing him back on the cheap makes sense. Especially if they still believe the talent is there. I actually think him getting hurt increased his chances of playing for the 49ers next year.

              5. If Thomas were a 3rd or 4th round pick, he would have been released long ago. He has consistently graded out as one of the worst DL on the team, no matter where they put him. He simply has no natural position, and he no longer deserves a roster spot, because he’s never made anything of his chances.

                Good guy, good teammate. Just not a good defensive lineman, because he does nothing particularly well. He’s undersized as an interior lineman (without explosiveness), and isn’t agile enough to play on the edge.

  32. From all accounts, Solly is the type of professional that any organization would be proud to have.
    He is respected by his teammates and the FO. No drama, no complaining. The consummate pro who does whatever is asked of him.

    It’s a good bet that he will never live up to his high draft position, but he has been a good fill-in player when needed.
    Players like Kinlaw, Street, Jones and Blair (when he returns) will make it hard for Solly to stick next season.

    1. Yeah I’m done with him.
      He is a tweener that only offers value as a swing backup because he can play anywhere on the DLine… but he doesn’t play any of them well.
      Perhaps he could find a roll as a base 3-4 end. At this point I agree with many others that both sides would be better off if they part ways.

  33. After watching the Jags vs Miami game last tonight…Losing Brieda doesn’t seem like that big of a loss. Especially with the way McKinnon has been playing. Now with Coleman out I’m looking forward to seeing what Jeff Wilson Jr can do. Our backfield is pretty deep. Hopefully those two will hold it down until Mostert gets back.

    1. I think Breida would help this team… and still believe he’s better than McKinnon. At this stage I think he’s a better runner and far more explosive.

      1. McKinnon is averaging almost 17 yards per carry. That’s pretty explosive. I know it’s early and not enough of a sample size after two games but McKinnon has looked good. Much better than what I expected after missing the last two seasons.

        1. The sample size is quite small at this point but if Brieda or Mostert had made that run on 3rd and 31, I think it would have been a house call.

          1. You can spin that positive by realizing McKinnon is not in football shape yet. Did he peter out at the end of that run? Sure, but I expect that to change as the season progresses….

    1. 1. Turf – No . They will use shorter spikes.
      2. Yes. Keep an eye on significant contributions from Aiyuk and Sanu.
      3. Rushing attack: “the other 25 rush attempts by the 49ers last week netted only 45 yards ” Yes, but that is on Coleman . He rushed 14 times for 12 yards. Why are we clinging to ineffective players.
      4. Pass rush: We shall see. I am optimistic about Kerry Hyder.
      5. Secondary questions: We shall see. Linked to #4. Time for Verrett to step his game up. Giants are without Sheppard and Barkley

        1. Hammer is reaching for straws, though, isn’t he, Razor? He really is. First he claimed the Jets had the best chance at “upsetting” the Niners, then he takes the Giants, who are equally undermanned against the reigning NFC champs? Give me a break. He and Grant just makes stuff up over there at SI. At least Grant doesn’t hide his disrespect for Jimmy and ShanaLynch.

          1. No excuse for a guy like Hammer, to be so wrong about this team, since he’s actually covering them. Am I right?

            Just no excuse for taking either NY team, against the reigning NFC champs. They simply aren’t in the same league right now, in terms of talent or coaching.

            And look for the Niners to dominate Philly as well!

            1. Kyle is simply at a different level coaching wise, than Gase or Judge, and Hammer ought to understand this. I do think Grant understand this now, even if he still loves to underestimate SF, but I’m not sure Hammer does, which is a bit surprising.

              1. Sorry Jack, I’m just calling it like I see it. Tell me how many 49ers related things you’ve got right this season? Actually,very few! In fact, you’ve been wrong far more often than right, which isn’t easy to do, IMO.

              2. 49, try to not be too hard on JH. He is way better than the other underlings.
                Maybe you could convince JH to become this blog maven. He seems ambitious, and could post daily, which is all this site needs.

              3. No apology necessary. I appreciate you taking the time to read them.

                One thing I did get right was saying the 49ers would be 2-1 when they got back from their New York doubleheader. ?

        2. You did good, Razor. The running game is still inconsistent, under 3 yards per attempt today, but Mullens was money with keeping drives alive.

          1. What do you put the struggles in the running game this year down to? You are right that aside from a few big gainers they haven’t gotten much from the run game, which has put them in more 2nd and 3rd and longs this year than last year.

            1. Brunskill has really had a rough go of it so far, and the rookie TE has not been good in there either.

              1. Good point Razor. What about moving Garland to RG and playing Brunskill at center? Or is Brunskill a better tackle?

  34. 1. No – most players forget all else when game time rolls around.
    2. Yes, Mullen’s is capable of executing the offense even if to much lesser degree.
    3. Maybe, but if they rely on McKinnon in the running game they will struggle… my prediction is that they will be held in check. I do not expect this team to reach 110 yards rushing unless aiyuk gets involved.
    4. No, and I would be terrified against nearly every other QB.
    5. Yes, because Danny Dimes isn’t good and will be fooled. But they will give up several plays just not the big one imo.

  35. If the MAGATs have any shame, we’ll never hear the story of Jussie Smollet again. But since they are completely without shame, as the Republican Senators this week have proven without a doubt, that’s a very long shot. Razor himself has referenced Smollet multiple times on this “non-political” site.

    So in turnabout I’ll see you a Smollet and raise you a Goulart:

    His small town rallied around him after he reported an ambush. But the officer, John M. Goulart Jr., has now been charged with criminal mischief.

    It started out as a story about a police officer who was ambushed in small-town Louisiana.

    But within days, the tale unraveled. The officer had shot himself, his department said.

    “We determined that he was untruthful and that he had shot himself,” (the police chief) added. “But part of what we are still doing is investigating the motive, as to what he thought was going to happen by reporting an ambush, instead of that he had shot himself.”


    Will this be the #1 story weeks on end on Fox News, much to the delight of their excitable viewers? That’s a very long shot too.

  36. I read Chrystal Scuor on All49ers. She dithered between the birth of her nephew, Chance the Rapper, and finally, Nick Mullens. Yes, I rolled my eyes, it was a stretch; six degrees of separation, but I liked her writing style. Considering the other writers, who try so hard, she did well to stitch things together.
    She related her personal story to this pandemic, and must have a lot of time on her hands, to have watched a game from1981. Looking back at that game, the Niners gained more yards than the Falcons, but Joe Montana threw a 101 yard pick six, so there was a 14 point turn around. This game was a good example of how 3 turnovers made the difference in the outcome.
    So, I may look askance at her reasoning and mindset, but at least she can write. The others, JH excluded, just try too hard with tortured logic and flawed analysis. I look forward to more of her articles. She is one Canadian that I can relate to. I am glad there are 49er fans like her. Yes, BDN is capable of leading this team to victory, but she should never compare him to Joe Cool. That is a way too hard bar to get over, and sets him up for failure, with unrealistic expectations.
    Grant seems to be putting his English degree to good use. ‘A plethora of injuries’ ? How verbose. ;p

    1. Seb, “a plethora of…” is not that unusual a phrase. Even community college grads would be able work it into everyday composition.

        1. Anyone who has seen The Three Amigos would know that phrase well. Hilarious scene. Of course Seb is a moron so it’s quite complex for him.

      1. I’m a bit late here on responding to Ribico and Sebs, but for Ribs–I love guys like you! Ask Sebs, he’ll tell ya! You sound just like he did many years ago, boatloads of emotion, you know best, others know nothing, I am the sun-god!! Lot more profanity then Sebs ever used, tho…….and he developed an excellent sense of humor…….best not to take yourself so seriously. The world will keep spinning without you on it, as it will for all of us………….

        Sebs on the other hand……….I love the guy! Funny as hell! If that’s sick, then so be it. There aint nothing better than Sebs and a Seven and Seven on the week night.
        Sebs? I’ll be looking for you at the Gravenstein Grill!!!!!!!!!!!! I still owe you some bucks!!!!!!!!!
        I’m looking for a place near Guerneville, somewhere around there. Perhaps we’ll be even closer neighbors!!!!!

        1. You sound just like he did many years ago, boatloads of emotion, you know best, others know nothing, I am the sun-god!!

          Sure, all the MAGATs go on and on about “coastal elites” looking down on them. Maybe one of these days you’ll collectively do something that doesn’t deserve that derision. But not in the near future, not with the post-Sturgis C-19 cases exploding in North and South Dakota. Not with the MAGATs still kissing the ass of the biggest fraud/criminal in both American political and business history. You guys are something else, keep it up. If you don’t do something really stupid out of your C-19 denial, you are going to love the rest of this decade.

          Lot more profanity then Sebs ever used, tho

          Here saw. Some more f-ing pearls for you to clutch.

    1. I hope I am not too Hasty, but I would like for JaMycal to rush for 100 yards next game.
      And Wilson to score 2 TDs rushing in the Red Zone.

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      1. He also bet that Trubusty would be the 49er pick. Too bad he was benched for Foles, who scored 3 TDs in a comeback win.
        Kinlaw is looking like a standout defensive player, so his prediction that the Niners would draft CJ Henderson, lacks insight.

  38. Didn’t touch this game but if I did I’d take the Niners -3 in the under (43)

    SF 24. NY 13

    Go Niner! Have fun folks! Drink Beer!

  39. Isn’t that called pass interference 9 out of 10 times when the defender isn’t looking back at the ball and makes contact with the receiver?

  40. Looks like 2 PI’s on NY so far not called. That defender never turned around against Reed and the play over the middle to Bourne, where the guy hit him before the ball arrived. JMHO

    Mullen’s looking good so far.

  41. I am content. Mullens has not turned the ball over.
    However, I hope the wasted time outs will not hurt the Niners.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

    1. Shut up Prime. You’re such a fair weather fan, and that’s the worst kind of fan!

      Your soft dude!

      You gave up on this team after last week, remember?

      You said …. hate to say it: Giants 17, Niners 7

      That’s weak, dude! Just stop before you embarrass yourself worse. SMH! You obviously aren’t a true fan. You are a wannabe! A crybaby wannabe! GTFO!

  42. Shanahan has called the game exactly as I prescribed all week.
    Turnovers have been kept to a minimum (none) and the play calling has focused on first downs and touch downs as needed.
    I have been calling for this offensive game plan since the Division round game against the Vikings last year.

    1. Yeah, I have been yelling at him not to call that fumble right, interception left but he kept calling it… I don’t know how you got him not to call those plays.

      1. Sorry about my catfish, but if you scrolled back, I did say before the game that I hoped Jeff Wilson will get 2 TDs. He so kindly obliged me. ;p

  43. Blowing away my 24-13 prediction! Nice! Kyle and staff are dialing up a masterpiece. This team is deep. Giants defense is exhausted from being on the field the entire game. Snapper is in his own head now. Only blemish.

  44. So after a week of doomsaying it turns out the 49ers are still pretty good at football. Even without a lot of starters, and a lot of their best players. Giants aren’t much of a test, but it is a testament to the depth of this team and the quality coaching that they dominated the game without so many players.

    Mullens was good. Made some big boy throws and hung tough. Great to see Aiyuk catch fire in the 2nd half. And I thought the pass coverage was really solid throughout the game which helped compensate for the pass rush not being quite as effective as usual (which was to be expected). But I was still impressed with how the DL performed. Strong run D and got some pressure on Jones to impact him. If they can keep that up the D can still be pretty good this year.

    1. On the downside, sucked seeing Reed get hurt, hopefully he is ok. And not sure what was up with Nelson.

      Also, McGlinchey has been really bad to start the season. Gets overpowered way too easily.

      1. The Glinch and Staley were really close. Although he should be professional enough by now not to let that severely impact his game, you think Staley’s retirement might have affected his game?

        1. I heard Glinch dropped a bit of weight this offseason, I assume to try and be more mobile. He certainly looks leaner. I think that is a big part of his problem- despite the weight loss he still isn’t that athletic, but he does seem to now really struggle with power.

          1. He’ll get better as the season progresses.

            I said it before and it showed today. Deepest team in the NFL.

            1. Yeah, the roster is really strong. It is why I was still optimistic about the season despite the injury massacre of Week 2. Once they get Kittle, JG, Deebo and Mostert back this offense should be really strong. And so long as the D can still be decent, that should be enough to make them one of the better teams in the NFL.

              1. Of course it is. This was arguably the deepest roster in the league, coming into the season. And now injuries are catching up to the other teams.

                The 49ers are still very much in play, and one of the top teams, because they can control the football / clock, as I stated earlier this week. And I like the aggressive version of Robert Saleh.

                But who needs fans like Fair Weather Prime Time (or FWPT for short), who call themselves fans, but give up on their team after 2 weeks of football?

              1. Yes, sir!

                The Niners aren’t going away anytime soon! Not with this HC, and this much offensive, and defensive, depth.

              2. Solomon Thomas was easily replaceable. Losing Bosa hurts, but isn’t insurmountable, provided they can get most of the rest of their guys healthy over the next couple, few weeks.

                Some people were sticking a fork in one of the best, if not THE best NFC teams, way, way too prematurely, IMO! Losing Bosa does make things tougher, but I think this has a chance at being a better team than last year’s, so ……..

                Aiyuk gives Kyle 2 dynamic, all-purpose WR’s, once Deebo gets back! That’s a big deal!

  45. That’s more like it.

    1. Our B and C teams are pretty darn good.
    2. I predicted 24-9 a few days ago.
    3. Rollo comment : “Keep an eye on significant contributions from Aiyuk and Sanu. I am optimistic about Hyder. Time for Verrett to step his game up. ” Great game from Aiyuk. Sanu will be a good role player this season. Hyder might be better and is already more reliable than Ford. Verrett stepped it up and holding call was BS.
    4. D Line: Both Dion Jordan and Hyder showed us they are able replacements. Armstead was steady as always. Kinlaw is the real deal.
    5. We have to address the scrambling QB problem. We have upcoming games versus AZ, SEA twice and NE.
    6. I have been a huge proponent of Dwelley and Jeff Wilson. They played huge last year when Kittle and Coleman were hurt. They played huge again today. I felt like Hasty should have seen some action in the 4th quarter.
    6. Feeling good and optimistic. Looking forward to our starters getting healthy.

  46. As if blowing a 15 point lead late in the fourth quarter last week was not enough, the Falcons managed to blow a 16 point lead in the fourth quarter late today.
    I guess Dan Quinn just wants to make it twice as hard to win like a certain commenter here.
    If they had only listened and gone for first downs instead of turnovers and missed FGs as I had prescribed, they would have managed to save their head coach.

    1. Dang catfish.
      However, I will say that with 3 time outs, the Niners may have scored a TD at the end of the first half. We will never know, but the outcome of the game was decided by the Niner defense. Those turnovers doomed the Giants.

  47. When an offense goes an entire game without…
    – Punting
    – A Turn Over
    – A failed 4th down attempt

    it usually means offensive line domination.

    The offensive line did have good moments against a really good interior defensive line, but most credit goes to skill positions executing plays in a workman like fashion.

  48. Maybe I missed it, but has there been any news on Reed and Mosely?
    I don’t see how the NFL cleared the field for a game.
    On Reed’ TD there was a definite bad spot on the field that he stepped in.

    Very good win, and again, thanks to the football gods for giving us a soft schedule during this healing period.
    Nick “Pylon” Mullens did a very good job today.
    Can’t wait to see our team at full strength.

  49. Meanwhile Aldon Smith is up to 4 sacks in 2.75 games so far this season, including 3 against Russell Wilson today.

    Remember him?

    1. Love what Aldon is doing and hope he continues his comeback tour.
      There’s never been a doubt concerning Smith’ talent. Any doubt about AS has been – can he stop hurting himself with foolish choices.

  50. Nice win. Didn’t think it would happen. Giants are a terrible team, maybe as bad as the Jets.
    But a win, is a win, is a win in the NFL.

    Bring on the Eagles.

    1. Dude (Prime), you have no credibility as a Niners’ fan, writing them off so soon! Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. You said they’d lose to the NYG …..

      The shame is on you, pretending to be a Faithful, which you clearly aren’t! Nobody around here takes fair weather fans like you seriously!

      1. You don’t get to criticize Kyle’s offense one day (like you did the other day), and then praise him the next. That’s seriously incredible!

        1. Welcome to the NFL rookie.

          If you don’t get that one day you go from hero to zero then zero to hero you haven’t been watching.

          “ Nobody around here takes fair weather fans like you seriously!

          Who the hell is left on here! LMFAO!

          And by the way 49,we just beat the 2 worst teams in the NFL. Don’t book the parade just yet.

          1. You’re obviously a bandwagon fan, not a true fan. True fans don’t give up on their team 2 weeks into the season, like you did!

            After this week, you have ZERO credibility as a Niner fan, giving up on them like you did!

            You are obviously a fake fan if you give up on them so quickly, and obviously don’t realize your team’s superiority over lesser teams. Just saying!

            1. The reigning NFC Champions deserve better fans than you, Prime Time, giving up on the reigning Conference CHAMPIONS after 2 weeks, like you did?

              Find another team to bandwagon, fair weather boy! You’ve lost credibility here!

              1. Can I re-apply to the department of credibility to regain my Faithful license?
                I mean, saying the Niners would lose a game has now revoked my fandom?
                I’m doomed! Whatsoever shall I do?

              2. It wasn’t just the game, Prime. You questioned Kyle’s play calling, and you insinuated the season was basically over after week 2.

                There’s no excuse for a 49ers fan to give up on the reigning NFC Champion, which is such a well coached and talented roster, 2 weeks into the season! That’s the definition of a Fair Weather Fan, which is the worst kind of fan, IMO.

                And that’s why you’ve lost all credibility as an actual 49ers fan!

                Just saying!

              3. Just admit it, you’re a bandwagon fan who looks to assign blame as soon as the team faces adversity. That’s simply not a real fan. A real fan accepts adversity, and takes it on as a challenge, just like the 49ers do as a team. How can you call yourself a fan, when you have apparently already forgot that the 49ers were the most resilient team in their conference, just last season?

                You can’t! You’re not mentally strong enough for the sport of American Football, that’s for sure. If you were a player, you’d literally get run over by your competitors, and then you’d quit on your team.

                And that’s why you will never win fantasy football. That’s a fact!

              4. 49, maybe you should smoke some of Seb’s laughing lettuce and relax man. You seem a little worked up trying to determine what kind of fan I am.

                Just relax there pal. No one loves the 49ers more than me.

              5. I want the Niners to win every game, but you seem to make your life’s desire to dis a die hard faithful Niner fan.
                I remember you crowing when Kaep lost. Now you thought the Giants would crush the Niners.
                You disparage me for being wrong ALL THE TIME, but I was the only poster on this site that mentioned Wilson scoring 2 TDs before the game.
                You were wrong about Kinlaw, you were wrong about Trubusty, you were wrong about the Giants winning. Maybe you should be right for once, before bloviating.
                Get back your credibility? You never had it.

              6. Yeah I was wrong but at least I own it and don’t blame others or make excuses.
                If I had a dime of all the things you proclaimed to happen, Id be richer than the guy who is gonna win the next US election. His name rhymes with dump, the same level of your football IQ.
                Can you figure out who that is?

                Nov.4th Seb, get ready for a storm of crow!

  51. Jeff Wilson Jr had a nice day. He rushed for a TD and caught a TD pass.
    In 2019 and this season, he has rushed 41 times for 5 TDs, and caught 6 passes for 2 TDs. Not bad,

          1. Please do not respond to my catfish. It just encourages him.
            Since Kaep was brought up, I will say that Kaep would be better than many starting QBs right now. This Pandemic screwed up all of the practices, and the poor QB quality and play on the field is glaring.
            The mobility and dual threat potential of many QBs like Wilson, Prescott, Jackson and Mahomes, show that Kaep could play in this league, and be very effective.
            However, teams seem to be content to lose without Kaep, that win with Kaep.
            Guess there are a lot of teams Tanking for Trevor.

              1. Nov.4th, like you proclaimed. Own it, cause I will be feeding it, Nov.5th and beyond.

                Disclaimer to the board. Every time Sebnnoying posts something after Nov.4th, I will be reminding him about his promise Kaep would be back in the NFL by Nov.4th.

              2. I sure do remember saying that. Ive admitted that now for the millionth time. Now you suffer from Alzheimers?

  52. Todays grades
    QB A Mullens trade value continues to rise. Right now I would say he is worth a late 1st round pick. If he plays another couple of games like today I believe he could get the team an early first round pick. Does anyone know when he becomes an unrestricted FA?

    OL A Room to run was difficult to find but that was because the Giants were overloading the box. Pass protection was excellent.

    RB’s B Not much room to run but they were great in the passing game and very good in blitz pickup.

    TE’s A For both Reed and Dwelley.

    WR’s A Bourne, Aiyuk and Taylor were outstanding.

    DL B Very solid against the run. They had good push as far as pass rush but will need to get more sacks
    against the better teams.

    LB’s A Warner is becoming a star.

    DB’s A Johnson and Verrett stepped in and did a great job.

    ST’s A/F A is for eveyone other than Kyle Nelson he gets an F. I just wonder if there is more to his story.

    1. Mullens is a RFA at the end of the season. Not a UFA until the year after. So they are in position to get something for him.

      1. I realize you are not necessarily saying we should trade Mullens. But why would we want to trade him? QB is the most important position on the team. We have a very capable backup and with the way injuries are devastating teams, we need one. Also, remember that it takes years for QBs to feel comfortable in KS’ system. The team has good depth at most positions and they should keep it that way. I for one don’t feel comfortable with Beathard but do with Nick.

        I say keep him!

        1. I’d trade him in a New York minute for a 2nd rounder. We’re set a qb for awhile with Jimmy and CJ. Plenty of time to draft or sign one to groom or move….

          1. I thought the supporting cast made Mullens look better than he was. Aiuyuk, Bourne, Jet played so well. Add the fact Shanny called the perfect game. I think he said that there was not too many off scripts plays Mullens had to improvise with.

            Now if he can repeat that against the Eagles, then maybe his value is a 2nd rounder. Well see.

            1. I think Mullens could be worth a 2nd to a team that runs a similar system. Case in point, the Chiefs coughed up two of ’em for Alex Smith….

            1. I think if edge isn’t addressed in round 1, it absolutely has to be addressed near the top of round 2.

        2. Cubus,
          I want to keep him until this years draft and then we see what we can get for him. At the end of next season we will lose him as a FA and get nothing in return. The other option is keep him around for this season and next and then trade Jimmy G and sign Mullens to a long term deal.

          1. I think it’s risky to assume JG can make it through every season – he’s not Russell Wilson. And, most importantly, I just don’t think that Beathard has what it takes.

            To me, you want to have good quality depth at all positions. At QB it is a more difficult task than at any other position because of KS’ complex offense, which takes relatively long to learn and be comfortable with.

            1. I have faith in Shanny’s assessment of Beathard. I think he’ll justify it with his next opportunity.

    2. Poor Nelson. He deserves a full nelson after today’s performance. My gosh, what happened to him? He’s been constantly above average as a LS before today. I think it was clearly in his head. Let’s hope he snaps out of it, which I would be willing to bet he does. But man ….. that was crazy, Coach. I guess it just goes to show how important confidence is, or lack thereof, right?

    3. Good grades. Wonder if Grant will try to stir up a QB controversy.
      It was painful to watch Nelson’s anguish on the side line. This is a game of emotions, and his constant poor snaps seem to snowball, until Skule took over the snapping duty.
      This was a good response from adversity, but the Giants are 0-3 for a reason.

      1. Wonder if Grant will try to stir up a QB controversy.

        Does the sun rise? How about commenting on his attempts at the site he writes for.

        1. Grant gave the RB a C-. I disagree. The Giants stacked the box, and dared BDN to beat them with his arm, which he did. The Niners were content to run the ball in the second half, which helped them win, even though they were stymied at times.
          He also gave the coaches an A+, which I also totally disagree with. It is picking the low hanging fruit to praise the coaching to the high heavens. Consider the opposition. They kept shooting themselves in the foot. If the Niner coaches had coached against the Seahawks, with similar results, then they deserve a A+.
          I would give them an A-, because they still wasted time outs, which made them settle for a FG instead of possibly scoring a TD at the end of the first half. NY did manage to move the ball, but their turnovers were drive and momentum killers.

          1. Come on Seb, the coaches deserve an A for getting this team up for another 10:00 AM start (for the 2nd straight week), despite a laundry list of key injuries, and real concerns over the shape of the playing surface. This was a masterful coaching display on both sides of the ball, but especially the HC!

            In fact, because of all the injuries, I think it’s safe to say that it is the superior coaching that really separated these 2 teams yesterday. The 49ers are both physically, and mentally superior to most teams, and that bodes well as this season grinds on.

            1. Sorry, but the Giants were a horrible team. At least the Niners did not play down to their level.
              Injuries are good excuse, but only if they lose.
              If KS considers time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half, then uses them wisely, I will concur with your assessment. Back in 2012, all I fervently wished was for the Niners to get a play off in time. Thankfully, they have improved, but Mullens did let the clock run down to zero way too many times. Burning a time out to prevent a DOG penalty, may seem wise to you, but I just hope they are competent enough to be timely, and have crisp, efficient clock management.

  53. Fake Billionaire. Apparently you can write off 70K in expenses for hair and makeup if you are trying a cultivate a middle aged transvestite appearance. Oh and Ivanky is in a whole lot of trouble. Orange is the new black.

          1. Joe Biden, meet Kamala “under the Harris administration” Harris.

            I’ve always liked Biden, but he’s merely a meal ticket for the power hungry Dems who will replace him with Harris at some point.
            That is if he wins.

              1. If Biden were to win every state carried by Hillary Clinton along with the seven battleground states in which he’s currently leading Trump (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin), he would walk away with at least a 347 electoral votes. A win requires only 270 electoral votes.


                Yeah yeah, I know how it is with you guys. Fake polls. 2016.

                But even Trump knows he’s getting his @ss kicked, that’s what’s behind all his rigged election, bogus ballots and no peaceful transition BS. If things get too desperate for him, maybe he can bring back Parscale and have him unleash that Death Star… oh wait.

              2. He’s leading the polls in those states without a concomitant of enthusiasm for the ticket? Sounds like you bought de Blasio’s “overwhelmingly peaceful” labor day weekend despite gun arrests hitting a 25 year high and 37 shootings on Monday alone in New York. What is it? Something in your water where all you New Yorkers are in perpetual denial?

  54. Players accounting for 40% of the Niners’ salary cap ($78M) were sidelined for this game. That’s what good depth is all about.
    This is one of the best defensive games called by Saleh and managed by Kocurek and the other coaches on D.
    Aiyuk’s slants and crossers are some of the smoothest ones run I’ve seen since the days of Rice and Taylor.

    1. Aiyuk is going to score some pretty TDs on those slants. Give him just a little bit of a seam downfield on one of those and he’ll be gone.

      1. Yeah, Aiyuk looks like the real deal.
        He has an easy speed, and looks very smooth in the limited action I’ve seen, lets hope this is just a taste of what is to come and that he is able to remain healthy.

      2. Aiyuk’s performance has been an especially pleasant surprise considering the lack of OTAs and pre-season games. I had listened to interviews with Herm Edwards in spring where he spoke of Aiyuk’s self-motivation and attention to details. Seems he wasn’t exaggerating about his player.

    1. NFCE: 2-9-1
      NFCW: 9-3

      Niners are #2 in the league in point diff. Of course the two teams they’ve beaten are last and next to last. ;) And Eagles two spots above that. They just need to beat up on these crap teams just until the cavalry arrives from the IR.

  55. One unpleasant surprise has been the sub-par play of the O line, especially in pass protection. I can understand the line yielding to stunts and some blitzes because of lack of sufficient off-season work as as unit, but there have been a bunch of one-on-one defeats in the three games, including Tomlinson falling backwards on Jimmy G’s ankle on William’s bull rush. McGlinchey particular has been poor in pass-pro. Is it his loss of weight, or loss of elder brother Staley or that neck-roll that is contributing his regression? Lucky that the Niners play some weak teams early, giving these guys a chance to get their act together before the Rams game..

    1. Actually, a clean pass-blocking sheet for RG –Mike McGlinchey this week (no pressures allowed), and it was against a stout defensive front! He shot up 19 spots in PFF’s pass-blocking efficiency rankings among all tackles.

      Some concerns on the interior, but no OT worries right now for this team, that’s for sure!

      1. Mike McGlinchey this week (no pressures allowed), and it was against a stout defensive front!

        Giants’ D line was rated 28th going into the season.

        True, definite improvement seen against one of the worst D lines. I’m pretty sure they will do okay against the Fins’ D line who were rated even worse than the Giants. Actual improvement needed against the Fins’ two bookend teams: Eagles and Rams both with top-10 D lines.

        1. Well, the point is that the 49ers OT’s are a team strength, and as a tandem, Williams and McGlinchey will likely rank among the league’s best throughout the season. I do still have some concerns about the interior (specifically RG and Center), but it’s hard to find anything on the the exterior worth complaining about, IMO. McGlinchey more than makes up for any pass protection shortcomings, thanks to his ability to dominate in the running game.

          Also, I do want to remind everyone that, at 6’1″ and 205+ LBS, unlike Emmanual Sanders (5″11″ 180 LBS), Brandon Aiyuk has all of the physical traits necessary to run all of Kyle’s duel-threat concepts. That alone likely makes this offense more dangerous than last years offense (assuming Deebo comes back healthy), without even factoring in the embarrassment of riches in terms of the 49ers duel-threat RB’s, and pass catching TE’s.

          And when you have the ability to control the ball, you can control the clock. When you can control the clock, you can win the close games in a variety of different ways. That’s the 49ers identity as an offense, and that’s their winning formula moving forward this season. Yesterday’s game was a prime example of the type of offense Kyle is aiming for. His duel-threat WR’s, along with the duel-threat RB’s, will give this offense the ability to control games with their running game first, even against teams who stack the box defensively. Combine that with an accurate QB, and a stingy, physical defense, and you have the makings of a team that can control the clock even against the league’s top offenses and defenses.

          That’s championship caliber football, 24/7, even without Nick Bosa!

          1. No guarantee Bosa is the same when he returns. Ford isn’t built tough. We need an edge rusher either in the 1st or 2nd round….

  56. Nick Mullens did play a good game, but it sure helped that the Giants kept shooting themselves in the foot.
    JLS wants to make provocative headlines, then back off, but there is no QB controversy, and BDN will assume his backup role once JG comes back from his ankle injury.
    It sure helps that Mullens has been in this system for 4 years. I like how decisive he is. When he saw the futility of one play, he fired the ball into the turf in front of a receiver, so he did not hold onto the ball too long, and take a sack. By the end of the game, it looked like the Giant Defense was gassed, and Mullens had time to deliver his throws to wide open players.
    This certainly has elevated Mullens’ trade value. Maybe the Broncos or Chargers should be considering him. Darnold and Jones are also inferior to Mullens, but Mullens may fail miserably on those teams, because they stink.

    1. Pettis is an after thought in the 49ers offensive scheme.
      There was a play in which Pettis motioned across the field only to be called back by Mullens.
      Not sure if Pettis was lost on the play or not.

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