Everything’s in place except, well, the stadium

Joe Montana is heading a business group that has received permission to lease some land in Santa Clara to build a luxury hotel project.

The Hotel To Be Named Later will sit next to The Stadium That Has Yet To Be Financed, Much Less Built.

Joe, you’re known for miracle finishes. But this will be your toughest opponent. The new stadium is scheduled to open by 2015. About the time Alex Smith wins a Super Bowl.

The whole point of Tuesday’s announcement was to provide some energy to push the stadium deal along faster. With Eddie DeBartolo Jr. and Montana on board, their high profile names will go a long way to making the stadium a reality. That’s the theory anyway.

We’ll find out how much their names are worth. The price tag for The Stadium That Has Yet To Be Built is nearing a billion dollars. How much will the love for the good ol’ days translate into hard cash? Stayed tuned. Remember, the 49ers’ last Super Bowl champiopnship was 17 years ago.

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