Examining Arizona State WR N’Keal Harry’s fit as a flanker for the 49ers

Arizona State wide receiver N’Keal Harry (1) fends off Utah defensive back Jaylon Johnson in the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Check out my video breakdown of Arizona State wide receiver N’Keal Harry.

Note: After pressing play, click on the arrows at the bottom-right corner of the video to make it full screen.

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  1. Harry is a nice enough receiver, but I just don’t see him as a WR Shanny would have at the top of his list. I think he’ll struggle against press coverage. If given the choice between Harry or Samuel, I think Shanny takes Samuel due to his superior routes….

    1. Johnson is a 6-7th round pick if lucky or a UDFA, ranked 15-20 WR. He only had a 30″ vert and avg speed, avg. 20 yd shuttle/ss.

      Harry is rated to be picked from #22 to #50, if he’s there at #36 it wouldn’t be a bad pick. At 6’3″
      228Lbs..39″ vert, “27 reps“, gains lots of YAC, breaking tackles, quick feet for a 6’3” WR kinda looks a like a T.O. jr.

    2. KSJ is 6′ 1″ 201 lbs, runs a 4.6 forty, has 14 reps and jumps 30″.
      NKH is 6′ 2″ 228 lbs, runs a 4,53 forty, has 27 reps and jumps 38.5 inches.
      Fresno St played against Incarnate Word, Sacramento St, UNLV, Nevada, Toledo, Idaho and Hawaii.
      Arizona St played against 9 Washington, 17 Utah, Colorado, Stanford, USC, Oregon and Mich St.

    3. Also Harry at 6’2 3/8″ 228lb just had his Pro Day, making one handed catches in front of the Steelers head coach and other G.M’s including John Elway and John Lynch were in attendance. In total, 27 of the NFL’s 32 teams sent a representative to his Pro Day. And WR Parris Campbell 6′ 205lb ran a 4.31 and had a 40″ vert might be good at #36?

    4. Listen guys, your missing the boat on the big kid out of Notre Dame – Miles Boykin.

      Grant may do a break down to try to convince you otherwise, and his breakdowns are appreciated, but don’t be swayed. I usually don’t miss when I identify a WR I really, really like. Sure, I once thought QB Connor Cook was worthy of a 2nd round pick, and Sebnynah reminds me of this swing-and-a-miss every chance he gets, so even I’m not batting a thousand when it comes to all NFL prospects, but when it comes to the wideout position, I’m usually right, not that I’m keeping track.

      Well …. I might be keeping a rough track, but I don’t like to brag. Well … occasionally I might brag, but I don’t let it go to my head. Well … sometimes it does go to my head, I just usually keep it to myself. Although … sometimes I will point out that my track record is probably above average. Well … maybe it’s even well above average, but who’s keeping track. Well … I may be keeping track, but I don’t like to brag.

      And sometimes I even go around in circles. The point is, the 49ers should target Boykin in round 4.

      1. Something I learned long ago was not to let being right a few times in the past mean I will be right next time. Also that we all have selective memory when it comes to pointing out when we were right. Good for you for having been right a few times in the past on some players. I am sure you are selectively ignoring the times you were wrong on WRs too, but hey, we all do it.

        As for the players you are banging your chest about getting right, without wanting to talk myself up, I also said the same things for most of them. I had a long debate/ argument with Grant over OBJ and Benjamin. OBJ was my favourite WR in that draft while I really didn’t like Benjamin. I really liked Diggs and wanted the 49ers to draft him in the 4th round in 2015. I was a big fan of Amari Cooper and not a fan of Kevin White, and really not a fan of Devin Smith, Devin Funchess or DGB. I really didn’t like Treadwell in 2016 but was a big fan of Tyler Boyd. I really liked Cooper Kupp and Chris Godwin in 2017. I also know there are a few guys I liked that haven’t panned out at all. I thought Breshad Perriman had all the tools to be an excellent player. I liked Devante Parker. There are others I’m sure that I’m not recalling.

        Basically, what I am getting at is that your track record doesn’t particularly impress me. Not that it isn’t good, just that I know you don’t need to be any kind of scouting savant to have a decent track record – I am living proof. It isn’t an indicator that I am good at scouting. I’m not. I just know what I like in WRs. Boykin is exactly the type of WR I don’t get too excited over. I’ve seen too many guys that are similar fail. I’d have no qualms spending a late round pick on the guy as a developmental project, because if he does develop he has the physical traits to be very good, but I wouldn’t spend a 3rd or 4th on him.

        1. Fair enough Scooter. Another way to look at it is that I suppose I’m bound to be wrong about a WR sooner or later. Again, I’m not necessarily saying he’s my top WR draft prospect. I am simply considering the 49ers needs, along with draft value and potential.

          I think Boykin fills a specific need and, while he certainly isn’t a finished product, I think he can come in and contribute right away for this team, and I think he has a high ceiling, that’s why I think spending a 4th round pick on him hits the sweet spot, as they say. Just curious …. how do you feel about the 49ers current receiving corp? Do they need to add to it through this years draft? If so, what kind of player do you think should they target and where in the draft do you think they should go after one, or do you think a wait and see how the draft plays out approach is the best way to go?

          I’ve noticed that, at least on the surface, ShanaLynch seem to target specific players early in the draft, even if it means trading up, or trading back, and they tend to go BPA in the later rounds. However, as they get further into building this roster to their liking, that could very well change. This draft is particularly deep at a number of positions, and now that this roster seems stronger across the board, it may makes sense to take the opposite approach this year. Go BPA in the first couple of rounds, and then target specific players to shore up any specific needs in the later rounds. A big bodied WR is definitely a need, IMO. I will say that.

          Perhaps you are right about Boykin Scooter, and he isn’t that guy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        2. While college production gets their attention, it is the physical traits that mostly determine where a team is willing to draft the player.

        3. I just found this, fresh off the press for you Scooter @ USAToday.com-NinersWire, and I promise you had not seen this write up prior to 1/2 hour ago:

          Round 4) Miles Boykin, Notre Dame: Boykin might’ve been the athletic marvel of all receivers at the combine. He’s 6-4, 220 pounds and dominated every athletic drill. His tape doesn’t show the same physically dominant player his workouts do though. He doesn’t physically impose himself on defensive backs as well as he probably should, and he’s at his most effective when getting vertical. However, his physical skill set is endless and he has every conceivable attribute to become a No. 1 receiver in the NFL. If the 49ers want to add a big-bodied receiver with incredible athleticism who may need a year of marinating, Boykin should very much be on their radar early on Day 3. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/31/49ers-mock-draft-wide-receivers-only-edition/4/

          Let me add that this kid should be able to come in and contribute day 1, giving Kyle and Jimmy an athletic WR with good hands, the ability to separate, and the kind of size their WR corp is sorely lacking. That he is a great kid, hard working, and very mature for his age, is absolutely an added bonus:

          He’s a mature young man: Close Up | Miles Boykin (2018):

          And this next video was posted an hour ago:Notre Dame’s Miles Boykin | the best value at WR in the 2019 NFL Draft

          And, of course, his one handed Citrus Bowl winning catch to cap his 2017 season is already legendary: Miles Boykin of Notre Dame Insane One Hand Catch TD of the Year vs LSU in Citrus Bowl Wins the Game

      2. 49, maybe you should refrain from declaring various WRs to be future stars, because WRs tend to have a propensity for bust careers, once they become injured. Ideally, the best way for a WR to succeed is for him to sit, study and work out to get stronger. Then the next season he can shine. WRs who are thrown into the breach, and become starters as rookies, tend to get injured, especially with QBs who are not skilled enough, so they let their WRs get bludgeoned after the catch.
        Guess I just see your fandom for Miles Boykin as your next Connor Cook.
        Personally, I like battle tested and battle hardened FA WRs. They have survived, and thrived. I wanted the Niners to sign Tyrell Williams, but Oakland got him.

        1. Firstly Seb, I knew you would take this opportunity to once again remind me that I missed on Connor Cook as a 2nd round prospect. I’ve acknowledged this failure. I haven’t heard you acknowledge you overrated both Kevin Hogan and Vernon Adams in the same draft, while I was telling this blog that Vernon Adams was likely to go undrafted.

          I could be wrong about Boykin, but my track record when it comes to WR’s speaks for itself.

          I’m hoping the 49ers draft a big bodied WR. And outside of DK Metcalf, who is a classic boom or bust prospect likely to be a risky pick based on how high he’s going to be drafted, I think Boykin stands out to me as a big bodied WR who can contribute right away on this team, and I feel like he’s also has the potential to develop into one of the best WR in this draft class.

          Like I said, you and Scooter and whoever else are welcome to dissagree with my assessment. Just stick around long enough on this blog for me to toot my horn when Boykin ends up being one of the best players in this draft class, whether it’s for the 49ers, or some other team. One thing is certain, WR with his size/weight/speed are highly covetted, provided they can play the position at a high level, score touchdowns, move the chains, and occasionally bail a QB out by going up high and winning those contested catches over most NFL CB’s, who simply can’t match up with his verticality.

          Don’t you guys worry, I’ll be sure to send you a reminder soon enough.

          1. And I need the 49ers to get things right, and find players who both fill a need and can contribute right away. I’m already conceding the my SF Giants are going to be painful to watch this year, and while my Golden State Warriors are going to be fun to watch, and keep me entertained with another deep postseason run, my psychy needs the 49ers to make a run of their own this season, and compete for a postseason bid. My sanity depends on it, as does my marriage, as sad as that sounds. Therefor I am fired up for the draft, and I am hoping the 49ers make the most of the relatively few picks they have in this year’s draft. So yah, I may sound like I’m swinging for the fences while considering all of the factors that make for a successful draft. It comes down to landing a blue Chip DE to complete their front 7, a dynamic FS who fits their scheme, more depth at OG/OT, and a WR with the size they are sorely lacking. Miles Boykin is a player who I have indentified as a great fit, a great value in round 4, and a guy who fills a critical need,you IMO. I am never one who feels like any one player is a must have, and there are certainly other players and other routes this team can take to fill out this roster capable of putting them in a position to compete for the postseason this year. And I am sticking to it because I feel like I’ve done the homework (50-60 hours worth of game tape study, and networking) so I feel confident in my mocks. Of course, only time will tell if my hard work provides the desired results, but I’m not simply throwing darts guys, so I’m sticking to my guns.

            1. One more thing Scooter, before I hit the sack. ShanaLynch have drafted 1 receiver earlier than round 5, and yes, a TE is a receiver, so I am putting George Kittle in this group. They currently have but 5 selections in this draft. I think we can all agree that they won’t draft a receiver with their 2nd overall pick. That leaves them 2 selections before we get to the 4th round. The 49ers certainly need to add a WR IMO, and perhaps even a TE. Take a look at heir pressing needs. They need to add another pass rusher, IMO, and while this class is deep with edge rushers, most of the good ones are projected to go no later than mid 2nd round. If the 49ers take Bosa, which I think is a near certainty, unless Arizona takes him, or the 49ers receive a surprising trade offer that makes sense, which would only be likely if Arizona passes on Murray, that gives the 49ers 2 picks before we get to the 4th round, and they need another pass rusher. I don’t think there is any question that finding a dynamic FS who fits their scheme is clearly a more pressing need going into this critical season, than a WR, and there also happen to be a few Safeties who are projected to go in the range of the top half of round 2. That leaves the 3rd and 4th round picks, because taking a WR as late as round 6, is a less than ideal scenario. Are you more confident in their current crop of CB’s, or WR’s when you consider Kyle and Jimmy’s ability to get the most out of their receiving corp? So let’s face it … there is a very good chance he 49ers will go with a player who isn’t a receiver, with their first 2 or 3 picks. Who do you have projected as a 3rd or 4th round pick, who both fills their specific need at WR (certainly not a slot WR), who can come in and contribute right away knowing Pettis will start this season, and who may also have the potential to develop into a game breaking WR, perhaps even a #1 WR down the road, and who can also dominate in the redzone, an area they have been sorely lacking. I get that you are down on Boykin for some reason so if you have a better prospect in mind, considering all of these factors, the more power to you. I certainly hope you are right.

              Good night & good luck.

              1. 49reasons – Your point of how so few picks the Niners currently have only reinforces the reason why the Niners need to trade out of the #2 slot in round 1 to accumulate more selections. The needs on both sides of the ball far outstrip the available selections they currently hold, so any GM in that situation will realize that the #2 pick on the Jimmy Johnson Value Chart is worth 2600 points, and a trade down can bring an exchange of numbers 1s and bring another 3 or 4 picks.

                As an example, the Niners trade #2 (2,600 points) to the Giants and in return get 2 first rounders at #6, and #17 for 2550 points and then include a swamp of pick #104 (86 points) for the Giants #108 (78 points) and then the Giants have to throw in #132 (40 points) and #180 (19 points).

                That’s a 2 for 5 deal and also puts the Niners in position for another trade down at #17 if they don’t want to draft a CB. I would take a pass rusher at #6. Trading #17 would get me a minimum of 2 picks and maybe even 3.

              2. I agree with your point mike, but the 49ers would need a willing trade partner to garner that kind of deal, and I’m not sure they are going to find one if Murray goes #1. I’d also be hesitant to pass on Bosa, but if it’s a the kind of deal you are suggesting, I could certainly get behind it.

                If they stand pat, I really hope the 49ers shore up a few pressing needs before they go WR, unless of course their is a WR they feel like they cannot pass up in rounds 2 and 3. Round 2 is the sweet spot his year for a few dynamic FS who fit their system, and I happen to believe this position is a bigger need than WR.

              3. It’s Scooter’s contention that the 49ers may be planning on moving Moore to FS, although I’m not sure why they wasted a year training him at CB if that was their plan all along….

              4. I hope the Niners experiment with DJ Reed as the FS, and Marcell Harris as the SS, with Colbert and Tartt as backups, or Tartt as the Nickle LB.

              5. Hmmmm, now they say Richard Sherman was only going at 80% last season.
                Wonder if they might move him to safety, with Verrett and Witherspoon as the CBs.

              6. No way, Sebber. Verrett has yet to show he’s anything other than a lottery ticket, but until he does, he will be the aluminum that sharpens Witherspoon’s iron….

            2. 49, I hope you realize that the draft is an inexact science, and I did not declare they will become pro bowlers. I do that only for Keelan Doss, but with my tongue in cheek because he is a UCD alum.
              I only mentioned this because you brought up my name in your missive. Hope you work on your marriage as hard as you work on these postings, and all of our sanity’s will be tested if they implode for another 2-14 season. Thankfully, with a strong Free Agency, and hopefully a stellar draft, the Niners will become competitive again, with JG leading the way.
              In retrospect, I remember those Glory Years and distinctly remember the euphoria of winning it all. Those were good times, and I hunger for a return to relevance.
              Hope springs eternal, even for the Giants. Hope Bochy goes out on a high note.

              1. Thanks Seb, my marriage is on solid footing, but the hole iny life cuased by the struggles of my favorite team, of my favorite sport, are taking it’s toll on me personally. I made it through the first decade of the new millinium, thanks in part to living off of the 49ers glory days – 20 years of NFL dominance. But this is a very critical season for the 49ers, and their current regime. Another season of wasted potential will make me a very grumpy man, and I’d rather avoid that if at all possible.

                Of course, the future success of the 49ers is out of my hands, but that won’t stop me from wishing and hoping!

      3. I hear you 49reasons.
        If I may I’d like to brag on my eye for defensive talent especially LB/Pass rushers.
        Loved Willis, Bowman, was hoping by some miracle the 49ers would have drafted K Mack. Liked Buckner, Garrett and Jack. TBD……
        And that’s why I’m confident Allen will be the biggest star coming out of this draft defensively. Gold need is we will be able to talk about it next year.

      4. 49…

        To and the the Mighty Quinn……………….until you develop the cure for Cancer, your doing yourself and everyone who listens a favor by showing some humility. In the big scheme of things, this blog is for nothing more than laughs. I am hoping you know this……………

    5. I am Bulldogs fan, so I may be biased, but I think Keesean Johnson could have a good NFL Career. His combine stats compared to Davante Adams are pretty similar, but Davante had a much higher vertical.

  2. This is why I have been mocking him. He is consistently ranked around 37, runs good routes, has good hands and is not afraid to go over the middle.
    That one pass where he absorbs 2 sledgehammer blows, bounces off of 3 players and gains 25 more yards is impressive. I have been calling for more reverses, so I think he can do them.
    He is 6′ 2″228 lbs, and has 27 reps, which is more than most EDGE and LBs can do. 38.5 vert means he can high point the ball, so he is a Red Zone threat.

    1. Seb,
      Only a hand full of NFL WR’S can reverse their field with success, Harry won’t be one of them.

      I do like his ability to get big YAC along with high pointing the ball. I also like that he could be a good red zone threat.

      Not crazy about his average speed because he’s going to find out that when kicks it into high gear at the next level, NFL CB’s will be coasting along side him.
      I like Harry, but personally, I don’t know if he closer to J. J Stokes or T. O.

      1. AES. I just watched Grant show 2 reverses, where NKH made good yardage. Looked like it would take more than an arm tackle to bring him down.
        I like reverses because they would let the defense’s speed over run the play, and the reverse would take advantage of the defense, putting them out of position.
        Cutbacks and misdirections are similar strategies. Carlos Hyde used cutbacks to great effect.
        Yes, I would prefer AJ Brown, but if he is gone, N’Keal Harry would be a good alternative, along with Terry McLaurin and Deebo Samuel.

  3. Harry is about the same size as Julio Jones. I think the 49ers need a taller receiver. They basically have 6 of the same size/talent receivers. I like Harry or Hakeem Butler at #36, although I think the 49ers could trade down a few spots and still get Butler.

    1. I keep thinking about Stephen Hill, like Scooter does. He was a tall WR who was a draft darling, and did very little in the NFL.

  4. Grant, unfortunately I won’t be able to look through these until this evening (Aussie time) but I am definitely looking forward to it as I am pretty sure I have a differing opinion on this guy than you. Curious to see if your video breakdown will change my mind.

    1. Well, have to say, I am going to have to watch Harry again after these clips. Not the greatest route runner but much better than I recalled from when I watched him previously. If the guy in those clips is the guy he is most of the time, then yes, he would be a fine pick at #36.

  5. Harry may not create separation in the way one normally thinks of it, but he has shown that he can separate enough to catch a lot of passes consistently over his college career, just as A. J. Brown did. Think of Anquan Bolden. He certainly did not run away from people, but he created enough space for himself to catch a lot of balls. I think that’s how Shanahan will view Harry, and I think he would be a great pick to replace Garcon at the flanker position.

  6. 49ers working out Villanova OL Brandon Hitner, Donte’s cousin. Looking like late round or UDFA at OL this year.

    1. They are also working out Jimmy Moorland. 5′ 11″ 175 lbs, who ran a 4.44 forty and had a 39″ vert.
      I really like the fact that last season, he had 5 picks, and he had 18 college career interceptions.
      They worked with him during the Senior Bowl practices, so they got to know him then, and Deebo Samuel said he was the toughest CB he faced.

  7. Grant,
    I’ve been away from the site except for a couple minutes each morning so if you already answered this my apologies. Do you really think they will draft a WR in the 2nd round as opposed to a CB with their 2nd pick?

    1. why would they draft a CB with 2nd rd pick?

      they have 2 (3rd rd picks) and Verrett……..drafting a 2nd rd CB means you expect him to start……..

      a WR in the other end, we need…….and a starting position available

  8. Hooray…..woke up this morning and I got my 49ers Foundation auction ticket – a training session with JimmyG and a road trip with the team. I will be doing a live instagram show while with them.

    If you have instagram – drop your insta name to follow you.

  9. Maiocco’s mock draft just dropped. Here’s what he had to say about Nick Bosa:

    The 49ers need another edge rusher to pair with newly acquired Dee Ford. Bosa is universally regarded as the best of the bunch – if not the best prospect in this draft, period. He’s got size, strength, speed, balance, tenacity and lineage. His dad was a first-round draft pick. His uncle was a first-round draft pick. His brother was the No. 3 pick three years ago. And he will be a top-two selection this year. – Matt Maiocco

    1. “Bosa is universally regarded as the best of the bunch – if not the best prospect in this draft, period. “

      This is incorrect. The rest of the blurb is about Bosa’s bloodlines.

      It’s so obvious the 49ers want to trade down.

      1. I don’t think so. John Lynch opined on how he wants total domination from the defensive line. George Seifert put it this way, “It’s impossible for a team to have too many defensive lineman”. Shanny echoed both of those sentiments, and it seems so obvious to me that there’s a better than 50% chance that they select Nick Bosa #2 after the Cardinals select Murray….

        1. My feeling too!

          BTW Grant, these video reviews are very good and I think people respect your analysis and see you as more than an opinion monger. Great stuff.

      2. I agree it’s so obviously they want to trade down from the #2 with Oak or Giants for an extra 1st and 4th rd picks. Maybe even with Miami (13th) for an extra 1st rd pick in 2020 and an extra 2nd & 3rd in ’19.?

        They may even want to trade down from #36 with the Redskins for their 46th & 96th. So all that trading down can add an extra 3 to 4 picks. There’s a lot of talk of trading down from #2, maybe from #36?

  10. Harry’s an interesting receiver…I’ve seen him dominate some games, then in others he’s virtually disappeared. Gotta like his size, strength and toughness. One thing that bothers me about him is he doesn’t translate all his strengths into that many scores. I wouldn’t be upset if they draft him, although I think #36 may be a tad early. I think I’d rather see them take JJ Arcega-Whiteside if they go for size…he’s also a tough WR who’ll fight for the ball with similar “speed”. What I love about him is he had 14 TD’s in 2018. All that said, if Coach loves Samuel as it’s been said he does, he could be the guy.

    1. Samuel is a much better route runner than Harry. You might be able to get a similar player in JJAW in round 3 as opposed to taking Harry at #36….

      1. Parris Campbell, JJAW, Deebo Samuel and Terry McLaurin are all good later round alternatives.
        Still think they should go Interior O lineman in the second round.

      2. Samuel is a good route runner, but he’s below average when it comes to
        making contested catches, which is bad for a flanker.

        1. Yep, but as we know Shanny values routes, and sub 7 Three-Cones in his wide receivers. The receiver that should be at the top of his list for flanker is AJ Brown, because he checks both of those boxes, he’s got big strong mitts to pluck the football, and he has the physical makeup to withstand some punishment….

            1. I have started re-watching Harry and he stays covered often. While he showed he can get open in the clips you provided he is not a guy that will consistently separate from NFL DBs imo. He will need to convert a high rate of contested catches. While I think he has the ability to do just that, I don’t think that is a fit for the 49ers.

              1. He creates enough separation to play flanker. In-breaking routes usually lead to contested catches.

              2. I disagree with that. In breaking routes lead you into traffic. They don’t need to be contested catches though. If they are it is usually because the WR didn’t get separation, the QB was late on the pass, or the WR failed to sit in the hole in zone. Shanahan does not like any of those things to happen.

                Harry gets separation sometimes. Tbh his best traits as a route runner are his use of hands against press and his physicality at the top of the route. On some of the clips you provided he showed a nice ability to make a good cut to get separation once he has the CB starting to turn. But I think in the NFL against better CBs he will find it harder to get CBs turned, so he will more be relying on physicality at the top of routes. That’s usually good for some separation so long as the QB hits him just at that moment. Are those the sort of throws you see a Shanahan QB make very often?

              3. The flanker must be able to catch lots of passes over the middle while taking hits from linebackers and/or safeties. This is why Dante Pettis cannot be a flanker. Samuel has not shown an ability to be a quality contested-catch receiver. He’s better in space.

              4. I really didn’t notice Samuel having an issue catching the ball in traffic. His issues was catching the ball in jump ball situations or with the ball well behind him. He doesn’t have the size and length to own those situations. And his QB was awful which led to too many of those situations.

                Harry has certainly grown on me a bit after seeing your breakdown, but I still don’t see his skillset as being one that Shanahan rates as highly as you do.

              5. Samuel doesn’t have a big catch radius, and he tends to catch the ball against his chest in traffic, so he’s not the ideal receiver to run a square in.

              6. Interesting. Another guy I will need to take another look at. Will you be doing a film breakdown?

            2. Yup, he can leap and rip the ball away from the DB, because he can do 27 reps. Looks like he used his body to block out the pass defender. 27 reps is more than many linemen and LBs.

        2. When you say he is bad at contested catches, are you referring just to catches in which the DBs are right there with him at the catch point or are you extending that to catches in traffic knowing he will take a hit?

          I only ask because I for the 49ers the concern isn’t so much on the former. They aren’t looking for guys that make high volumes of contested catches. They need to be able to catch the ball in traffic, but they want guys that create separation and generally avoid needing to make lots of contested catches. That is why Samuel is a good fit.

          1. I’m talking both cases. Samuel caught only 37 percent of his contested catch opportunities last season.

            1. I didn’t notice any issues with Samuel catching the ball knowing he would take a hit. He can catch in traffic. That’s the important trait for the 49ers.

              1. Physically very similar, however Garcon was a little stronger and agile than Samuel. Then there’s the hammy issues to consider as well with Samuel. I think he’s more apt to be the WR after AJ Brown on Shanny’s list than Harry because of that, but more importantly because he can separate due to better explosion out of his breaks….

          2. Samuel can separate, but that’s not Harry’s strength. What Harry brings to the table can be had later in the draft. I still think AJ Brown is at the top of Shanny’s WR list….

              1. Yea, anyone with blue hair doesn’t impress me as an alpha, and that’s the type of receiver you want at flanker. I think Pettis is predominantly a split end that will spell Goodwin, or move him into the slot so as to get both players on the field….

            1. I am hoping Jordan Matthews can contribute. He is 6′ 3″ 212 lbs, ran a 4.44 forty and had a 6.95 Three cone. With the acquisition of JM, the Niners have improved their WR corps. He is a battle hardened and battle tested savvy veteran, and is related to Jerry Rice.

            2. “I still think AJ Brown is at the top of Shanny’s WR list….”

              Yes, I am of the same opinion. And by a reasonable margin. With Deebo his next target.

              1. Giants, since they lost OBJ, may want to select AJ Brown at 17. Some mocks have them picking a defender, but this is a logical spot, along with the Steelers, who lost AB.

              2. The Giants showed a lot of interest in Harry at his Pro Day. Could’ve been overkill to throw them off the scent of Brown but who really knows. I’ve seen more than a few draft experts have Harry well ahead of Brown in their wide receiver evaluations….

              3. On Draftek, AJ Brown is at 19, after advancing +21. Hakeem Butler at 22 is zooming up the board with a +45 change. NKH is at 35, so the Niners could pick him with their second round pick at 36.
                On CBS, AJ Brown is at 34, and NKH is at 42.
                Walter Football has AJ Brown at 56 and NKH at 75.

              4. Noice.
                I like the fact that 14 out of the top 28 WRs weighed 210 lbs or better. This looks like a strong and deep class.

              5. Can’t say I agree too much with Wright’s list in a few areas. M. Brown is too high for mine in particular. But its more after the top 10 I disagree. There are a few guys I think are far too low. Gary Jennings, KeeSean Johnson, DaMarkus Lodge, Anthony Ratliff-Williams and Stanley Morgan in particular.

    1. If Bosa is on the board and Murray isn’t, it’ll take a hefty offer to get the 49ers to move down. I would imagine it would have to be close to what they were willing to give up for Mack, because Bosa will be tax free….

      1. Chad Reuter has the 49ers trading back with Raiders. 49ers get the Raiders fourth-round pick this year and their 2020 second- or third.

        That’s an extreme low ball. Lynch would only take that if…
        – QB goes at pick 1
        – Lynch has Bosa, Allen and Williams dead even on his big board.

        I think that’s unlikely. I agree with Razor. It will take more to move back. If it’s the Raiders pick 4+24+2020 4th … or 4+35+2020 2nd. More if the Cards don’t take a quarterback.

        1. Can’t do the 2020 second. Bears own it.
          Raiders should offer first, second, 4th (4, 35, 106) and 2020 third round pick. It would balance out on the TVC if the Raiders chose 20th, in 2020.

          1. Thanks Seb. I keep forgetting Las Vegas traded their 2020 2nd.

            If a quarterback goes #1 trading 2 for the Raiders 4+35+some combination of future picks works. Or 2 for 4+24 and change.

            I’m guessing the 49ers will make their selection at pick #2.

            1. I would love the Niners to get 4+24, but I think Gruden may want to keep all 3 of his first round picks. Still, 35 is a very good draft pick.

  11. Hope springs eternal in the NFL springtime.
    ESPN running tedious interview with OBJ and his new Brownie friends. Much talk about Lombardi Trophies and Gold Blazers. 🙄

  12. Niners make 2 trade backs. First to the Raiders, for their first, second 4th round picks (4,35,106), and a 3030 third round pick. Raiders take Bosa, as a replacement for Mack. If the Niners trade back with NYG, Jets will probably take Bosa, so the Raiders need to be proactive to secure Bosa, or miss out on him.
    Niners then trade back with Detroit, who offers their first and second round picks (8,43), for the Niners first (2)and a 2020 4th round pick. It would balance out on the TVC if the Niners picked 10th in 2020. Detroit will go after either Haskins or Lock, as the eventual replacement for Stafford. If the rookie looks good, the Lions could trade away Stafford before the trade deadline to a QB needy team.
    Niners would end up with pick numbers 8, 35, 36, 43, 67, 104, 106, 176 and 212. They would lose a 2020 4th round pick, but gain a 2020 third round pick. With pick numbers 35, 36 and 43, the Niners could select an interior O lineman, WR and Safety, who could all start.

    1. Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Dwayne Haskins, Q Williams, Jawaan Taylor, and Devin White could be the first 7 picked. That would leave Ed Oliver, Clelin Ferrell, Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat and Byron Murphy as possible selections for the Niners at 8. Even Brian Burns, Greedy Williams and DK Metcalf could be targets if they traded back even more. Either the Broncos, Dolphins or Skins may want to move up to select Drew Lock, the 3rd best QB in the draft.

    2. “Niners make 2 trade backs. First to the Raiders, for their first, second 4th round picks (4,35,106), and a 3030 third round pick.”

      Can’t see the current regime looking THAT far into the future.

  13. Brandt:

    OT Calvin Anderson (6044, 292) wasn’t invited to the combine but after @TexasFootball pro day on Wed, he has good chance to get drafted on Day 3. Very good workout, put up 30 reps with a 4.45 ss and a 7.20 3-cone. TE Andrew Beck (6027, 252) also had good workout. — priority FA.

    OT Drew Forbes (6-44, 308) of @SEMOfootball will be a candidate for highest-drafted player not invited to the combine. Could go as high as 4th round. Wish he had longer arms (32 5/8).

    4.95 40
    30.5 VJ
    8-11 BJ
    4.71 ss
    7.65 3-cone

  14. Scott Wright on the 49ers #2 pick in his March 22 mock draft:

    The Niners have invested three of their last four first round picks on defensive linemen. DeForest Buckner has been everything they hoped for, but Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas have disappointed. The cupboard isn’t completely bare, especially after trading for Dee Ford, but they could use another difference-maker up front. Fortunately for San Francisco the defensive line happens to be the strength of this draft and the best overall player just fell into their laps.

    It feels lazy to compare Bosa to his older brother Joey, a young star for the Chargers and former #3 overall pick, but their games and skill sets are indeed remarkably similar. Nick possesses a fantastic blend of physical tools and intangibles, which he’s shown the ability to translate into high-level on-field production. Whether it’s as a defensive end in a 4-3 scheme or outside linebacker in a 3-4, Bosa profiles as an impact presence on the edge.

  15. So far, the Niners have not fielded any offers to trade up. No reason to be concerned. It is way too early to tip your hand. Frankly, the main time for making deals is after the Cards pick, and while on the clock. Sure, there should be scenarios, possibilities, various compensation and theoretical strategies explored, but it will also boil down to who wants a QB enough to trade up.
    With enough planning, the outcome will be assured. This is a QB driven league, and Murray went from off the boards, to number one pick of the draft. The posturing for either Haskins or Lock, may be a smoke screen. There are several teams that need a QB, or need an eventual replacement. Niners, if they play their cards right, can extract many draft picks from that number 2 pick. Niners also need to show that they are content to pick at 2, and Bosa is the logical choice. This is advantageous, because Haskins. Lock or Bosa can be on the trading block.
    Gruden may not want to do the Niners any favors, so he may have a ton of draft capital, but he may be content to see who falls to pick number 4, and take every pick at their assigned spot.
    Giants seem to be the best trade up partner They have 12 picks, including 2 firsts. The Giants must realize that they will not get the QB they covet, if they wait. Some other team will move up to poach him from the Giants. Both the Jets and TB have expressed a willingness to trade back, too.
    Giants should not offer their 17th pick. It is too valuable to them. The Giants should offer their first, second and 5th round picks (6, 37, 143), along with a 2020 second round pick, for the Niners number 2 pick. It would balance out on the TVC if the Giants picked 15th in 2020.
    Niners recoup the 2020 second round pick they lost in the Dee Ford deal. The Niners also get a draft pick in the 5th round. Previously, they did not have a fifth round pick. Niners, by moving back 4 spots, get 3 additional picks. Giants get the QB they covet, and it does not cost their 17th pick. It is a win/ win for both sides.
    Of course, Gettleman may insist on unfair deals, so the Niners need to be prepared to walk away. They could trade back with numerous teams, or select at number 2. Since many teams need a QB upgrade, I expect some team will want to trade up.

      1. Grant: I like your breakdowns. Just wonder if a video format like what Kyle used might be better. I don’t know. If you are able to, might be worth a try if and then see what the blog thinks.

        Boykin might be a good pick at the top of the 3rd round.

        1. He’s another one that’s combine is like tarzan but his video is more like jane. He doesn’t play with the mentality you want from a flanker.

          1. Did you check out Posey’s review? I was impressed especially with the back shoulder out throws. But I know you follow Notre Dame closely and I didn’t get a chance to see any ND games this past season.

  16. Grant,

    Thanks for the N’keal Harry breakdown. As you noted, he will be available in the 2nd round and if so, Niners should draft him. What more can a WR do and run all the important routes in the Shanny playbook to boot…Mike Mayock calls these type players, “Plug and Play.”

    Haven’t heard from #80 lately. Would value his analysis of Harry.

        1. There have been NFL players from many colleges. Not all NFL players come from the SEC or Big 10..
          There is even a football player who came from Sonoma State. He became a HOFer. His name is Larry Allen.
          Ken O’Brien and JT O’Sullivan played QB in the NFL, along with 15 other UC Davis alums.

    1. I think his route-running is underrated. Plus, he turned 21 in December. He produced a 1,000-yard season when he was 19. Players with that level of production at that age rarely bust.

      1. Players with that level of production at that age rarely bust.

        Probably even rarer under an offensive mind like Shanny. I mean if you can get 500 yards outta Bourne with a backup to the backup as the quarterback…I dunno but I’m just saying.

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