Exclusive interview with John Lynch

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my exclusive live interview with John Lynch.

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  1. I enjoyed this interview a lot! Grant you are very very good when you stay away from the negative stuff! I really enjoy Lynch! Love is competitiveness and integrity! Thankyou!

    1. I think he has a far better future ( providing he gets a chance) in video than in print. It allows him to express more perspective and depth.

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  2. Grant, I don’t know how you got an exclusive interview with Lynch but I congratulate you on a job well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope you mentioned to John that he doesn’t need to just read Seb’s posts on what to do. There’s others on here with equally good advice.

    My only gripe would be to pick a quieter area with which to conduct the interview. The wind noise scared Weasley, and was louder than Lynch’s audible. Aircraft noise also was not conducive to comprehension….

    1. I don’t know how you got an exclusive interview with Lynch.

      Grant was in disguise, wearing a Baker Mayfield mask.

    2. I did hear that Seb interviewed for the GM job in Frisco but wasn’t hired due to a vocabulary and gender issue… LOL

      1. I will take full credit for this interview. I have been begging JL to bestow an interview upon Grant, and he came through big time. It was a win/win.
        Grant asked some in depth questions and engendered some great insights. He tied JL’s playing days to the current team, and gave a juicy tidbit about how JL transitioned from QB to safety. JL stayed humble, and did not want to be compared to Ronnie Lott, even with all his accomplishments. What a classy guy.
        I must say, John Lynch did very well, and he has definitely changed the culture of the team. Now, he just needs to install that winning culture, but he has assembled a very competitive team, so he may be poised for a winning season.
        Thank you, John Lynch, you just made my day. I am jumping for joy. Kudos, Grant, nice score, getting the nitty gritty from the source.
        GO NINERS !!!!!!

          1. Grant, so is KS on periscope tommorow??

            Good job Grant, going big time now. Maybe pick a quieter place to interview, maybe that was it. I do wish you would of asked another half dozen questions. Maybe you could of also taken a few questions from people joining in for comments??..but that could of gone sideways….Thanks for the periscopes, camp videos[but talk louder] and the mix of interviews on periscope. I’m also glad the team has included different kind of music to practices. Keep it up, we appreciate you.

          2. Lynch is a great “ambassador” for the 49ers. I get what you did there Grant. This play on words was almost clever – almost.

  3. Great interview Grant! JL definitely toed the company line talking about the team, all stuff he’s said before. But the questions about him and when he played really got him to open up a bit. No hard hitting questions though – you played it safe 😉

    One thing I very much agree with JL on is about how JG played last year and the expectations people placed on him. It’s something I said before last season started – he will probably start slow and look a bit lost at times as he now has all the information but is still learning how to implement it. But by the second half of the season he should look good. That was the real killer about the injury – it robbed him of that development path. Now they have to hope the time on the sideline hasn’t set back that growth path, but realisitically I think we should again expect to see some hesitancy from JG early in the year and get better as the year progresses.

    1. Scooter:

      Ratings were already pointing to improved play by Jimmy G. While QB rating isn’t everything (for example, he allowed far too many sacks in the Lions game), his rating had increased nicely by game 2 and was sustained in game 3. As I mentioned earlier, Mahomes rating in the KC game was 115.5, virtually the same as Jimmy’s. If the defense had actually shown up in the first half……

      Vikings – 45.1
      Lions – 118.4
      Chiefs – 114.7

      1. I’m not too concerned with the rating. You can tell a lot more by how they looked than what the stats show. There is no question in my mind that JG looked indecisive at times last year. But it is also exactly what I expected.

        1. Nope just trying to keep it somewhat real. Yes, Jimmy G looked indecisive at times, but how much of that is on the WRs – we don’t know. The so called “homer” analysts who did a detailed review of the games blamed quite a bit on the receivers. And the idea that a QB would start out slow at the beginning of a season is not earth shattering, especially when said QB is working with a new coach. Of course, that doesn’t fit your “drive by” analysis.

  4. Oh boy! Good job Grant!

    Just out of curiosity…..are we going to get another periscope on Day 6 Good and Not So Good?

  5. Grant, you were so nice and agreeable in this interview! For a minute I thought you were going to start calling him Sir! 😃

  6. It was ok. Some pretty fluff questions which is strange considering how much criticism Grant directs at both Lynch and Shanahan. I guess when the guy is sitting beside you, the bravado takes a hike and the ass kissing takes over.

    1. I think it is appropriate in an interview for the host to allow the interviewee to be able to express their perspectives without throwing roadblocks in the way. He can save those sort of questions for pressers. Grant can also save his criticisms for his regular blogs. Most of us that have followed him already know what those criticisms are.

      I like the way this interview was handled. The questions and answers were not something that we would ordinarily have had the opportunity to be exposed to. Grant made the most of the opportunity.

  7. Good job, Grant and a nice little coup getting John Lynch as a guest. You’ll really hit the big time if KS agrees to a one-on-one interview.

  8. Grant, you married a girl named Swasti[ka].

    Isn’t that the irony of ironies for a Jewish guy?


      1. Pretty much, he just thought himself a savant. A large part of the reason why he lost the war despite having advanced technology and the best generals present was because he repeatedly ignored advice from said Generals, until it all came crumbling down.

        1. It was a nasty screed attacking his wife by a burner account. Hope they monitor this site more closely and get rid of the trolls.

    1. “Grant, you married a girl named Swasti[ka].

      Isn’t that the irony of ironies for a Jewish guy?”

      Dude, maybe you’re a rookie on this blog, but there’s an unwritten rule that family members are off limit.
      This is not only a cheap shot but a cowardly one given the fact that you used Lowell’s name.

  9. “Scoop” Cohn gets THE interview of camp thus far. All of the other scribes, beat writers and pool reporters must be in agony trying to explain to their editors and higher-ups as to why and how they got scooped by you.

    Great job, despite the intrusive jet noises.

  10. Grant
    You were serving up some softballs to Lynch knowing he would knock your block off if you talked about the draft.

    1. Grant was being a true professional. No need to go negative, since they are undefeated so far. Grant demonstrated his ability to identify the salient points, and JL took those easy pitches and hit home runs.

      1. Of course you are assuming he would go or be negative if he discussed the draft. I like his points and opinions on players. Just because it might not go in Lynchs favor doesn’t mean it is a negative.

  11. Great to get John Lynch on the Periscope session. (He didn’t seem to fully understand what Periscope is)

    I think much of Lynch’s legacy will boil down to how accurately he self assessed the secondary. If the DBs flop more will question the last two drafts. If the DBs thrive it changes the whole story.

  12. Nice job Grant! Lynch looked like he enjoyed the interview – especially talking about his own play and how he might do in the league today.

    1. Thanks. Interviews often improve after a few questions when the interviewee realizes the interviewer doesn’t have an agenda.

  13. It’s a good thing Grant was able to score a coup today and get a one-on-one interview with Lynch. The alternative would have been explaining how Mullens went 5 for 10 with one interception against the second or third string.

  14. I get on Grant’s case often enough, but he also needs to be praised when he does well and defended when the criticism is unwarranted. Too many people react to everything based on one original perspective. He gets too much-unwarrented criticism on NN by individuals that I am sure don’t even read his blog.

  15. I dunno Grant, I’m not buying Sebs apologist views. You seemed awful benign sitting right there with the guy that you so venomously critique at every turn. It’s one thing to be unbiased reporter, it’s another to put a negative spin on virtually every Front Office move.

    I wonder if on the Freudian side of things, you were fully aware that he CAN and would kick your ass, right in front of your little Periscope friends, for all your vitriol.

    1. Bah, JL is a grown man, and can take some constructive criticism. Also, a 4-12 team deserves criticism. However, this team is new, and hope springs eternal. That 4-12 team is now ancient history, according to JL, and he is building towards the future.
      To me, John Lynch stood tall, and was prepared to get the third degree from Grant. Instead, Grant asked some very thought provoking questions, and brought out the best in JL. By the end of the interview, JL was all smiles, and Grant came off looking like a grizzled veteran, a pros pro.
      The furthest thing from JL’s mind would have been any idea of kicking arse, even if it was an ambush interview. JL acted like a professional, and epitomized the class and culture he is trying to instill on this team. He acted like a leader. I cannot imagine Baalke giving the same interview, which confirms to me that John Lynch is light years better than Baalke.

      1. Of course John Lynch has more class than to attack a beat reporter. I was being a little melodramatic about the fact that Grant has no problem going all aggro and provocative when he’s writing a story, but doesn’t challenge the guy in any way whatsoever, face to face.
        It doesn’t mean he has to attack him. And I get that in your position you need to keep as much access as possible, so you don’t want to piss him off, but that doesn’t stop Grant when he ISN’T face to face. Just when hes behind a keyboard he comes off as an arrogant a-hole. He acted like you act towards him. This whole dynamic is very Twilight Zone at times.

        BTW why do you always have to lay it on so thick with Grant? Your obsequious, servile and almost greasy countenance is frankly, embarrassing.

        EDIT: Lost in all the is the fact that my face did light up when I saw Grant landed a JL exclusive in my feed. For that Grant, well done.

        1. I disagree with Grant all the time, and do not hesitate to make constructive comments about his presentations. I like Grant’s writing style, and I appreciate good writing, because it is so rare to find sports writers who are cogent. I am laying it so thick this time, because I have consistently asked JL to allow an interview with Grant, and lo and behold, we got one. No one else, and you can scour the archives, ever advocated JL to have an interview with Grant. I have done it at least 10 times. No one else, ever thought it would be possible.
          I did not like the wind, and the planes flying overhead drowned out their words at times, but I was so happy about the interview, I endured the distractions, because they did, also.

          1. Good God man…. here’s a WetNap

            I don’t know how you haven’t gotten the nickname Varys the Eunuch yet because it is so you.

            Anyways my annual engagement with you is fulfilled

  16. Just saw Grant’s periscope, and he had a fascinating theory.
    He thought Mike Shanahan did not want to overshadow his son in any way. JL talked to Mike. Saleh talked to Mike. Kyle stayed on the other side of the practice field from Mike. Mike LaFleur and Mike Daniels talked to Mike, so Grant thinks they are the go betweens, between Mike and Kyle.
    Hmmmm, maybe Mike Shanahan is like the de facto Offensive Coordinator. Do not know why they need to keep it secret, but if it works…..

  17. Lynch Interview :

    1. Despite the wind and planes, good interview and good get.
    2. I would have asked about the hierarchy in the organization. Who gets the final say on a draft pick or trade. Who is calling the shots?
    3. Followup on my previous question, is it possible to get an audio only version of periscope sessions on iTunes/Google play?

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