Fangio on the Rams: “They’re playing good football.”

SANTA CLARA – Here is what Vic Fangio said about the Rams at his Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


How much have the Rams changed in three weeks?

“They haven’t. They’re playing good football. They came into our game and played very well against us. They had a game against the Jets where the turnovers kind of set them back. And then last week they played very well against Arizona. So, they’re a team that’s definitely improving. They’re a much better team than they were last year. And it’s really a tough assignment.”


Did WR Danny Amendola look like he was struggling last week?

“Well, he must have been because they only played him sparingly. He only played I think somewhere between 10 and 15 plays. They were picking the spots when they put him in there.”


Do you expect him to be at full strength or have the other guy in there, too?

“I have to assume that until I see otherwise.”


In terms of intensity and passion, that first quarter against the Rams, was that a low point for you guys, as far as the defense?

“Well, it was a low point because they blocked us and they ran the ball extremely well against us. Give them credit. They’re O-line, their tight ends and their backs blocked us and ran the ball harder than we were able to defend at that time. So, give them credit.”


Some of your players have said they just didn’t feel like they came into that game mentally prepared, that it took them a while to get going?

“Well, to me that’s just an excuse. We got blocked.”


Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was talking yesterday and said he’s looking at this game as the sixth quarter. Do you guys do the same thing, or do you forget about last game?

“No. It’s the first quarter. Because it was the sixth quarter, that’d mean it’d be a playoff game and the next score wins, and that isn’t the case.”

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