Fangio says Goldson is “right up there” with Ed Reed

SANTA CLARA – Vic Fangio spoke in the 49ers media tent Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Dashon Goldson.


Obviously Dashon Goldson was very good last year. But, have you seen significant strides in certain areas this year?

“I don’t know that they’re significant. But, he’s made little strides in all areas. And again like I’ve said before, little strides in a lot of areas equals a big difference. So, you’re right. He played well for us last year. I think he’s even playing better this year. Is it any one thing or area? No. I think he’s doing everything a little bit better. And that’s saying a lot because he was a Pro Bowl safety for us last year.”


You’ve talked about just being the second year in the system. Is that a product of him just being more familiar, a lot of that progress?

“Absolutely. He didn’t start, in fact, he wasn’t even active, I don’t think, in our first two games last year and played some of our third game. And then from that point on he was in there every play. So, he missed a lot of training camp. Now you get 1,000 plays last year. You get a full offseason. Although he wasn’t here in the offseason, but you get a full training camp. And now you’re into 500 more plays this year already. It just starts to add up. Things make sense. You play a little bit faster. You understand. He has more of a command what we want in our options in our defense.”


Is Ravens S Ed Reed kind of the standard for safeties in the NFL?

“Ed Reed’s a little different guy the way he’s always played safety. Ed’s got tremendous instincts and a great feel for the ball, tremendous ball skills. And Ed’s one of the best safeties in this era the last 10, 15 years for sure. But, Dashon I think is right up there with him.”

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