49ers’ pro day: 15 Stanford players among invitees

The 49ers have invited 50 players to their local pro day on Wednesday at the team’s facility in Santa Clara.

To be eligible, prospects must have played in college or grown up within the San Francisco metropolitan area, as defined by the Rand McNally Road Atlas. This distinction excluded Louisville quarterback Adam Froman of Santa Rosa, who was originally invited to the pro day by a 49ers scout at Louisville’s pro day. Froman’s agent said his client missed out by about six miles. Froman is considered as a potential late-round selection.

The biggest names at Wednesday’s pro day are not expected to work out, but will show up to visit with the team. Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan, Stanford nose tackle Sione Fua and Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones are among those who won’t work out, according their agent, Doug Hendrickson.

Here’s the complete list of pro-day invitees, which includes 15 players from Stanford and 10 from Cal:

Kyle Havens (6-3, 224), Massachussets-Amherst (Concord)
Jordan LaSecla (6-3, 214), San Jose State (Newbury Park)
Zachary Lee (6-1, 214), Nebraska (San Francisco)
Alex Loukas (6-4, 222), Stanford (Bannokburn, Ill.)
Jeremiah Masoli (5-11, 224), Mississippi (San Francisco)
Kevin Riley (6-1, 214), Cal (Portland, Ore.)

Running backs
Chizzy Dimude (5-9, 198), Hawaii (Hayward)
Roy Helu (6-0, 219), Nebraska (Danville)
Taiwan Jones (6-0, 196), E. Washington (Antioch)
Seth Smith (5-8, 209), New Mexico St. (Oakland)
Shane Vereen (5-10, 210), Cal (Valencia)

Owen Marecic (6-1, 248), Stanford (Tigard, Ore.)

Wide receivers
Doug Baldwin (5-10, 189), Stanford (Gulf Breeze, Fla.)
Jalal Beauchman (6-4, 215), San Jose State (San Jose)
Jamel Hamler (6-1, 193), Fresno State (San Leandro)
Adrian Hilburn (6-1, 197), Kansas State (San Francisco)
Jeremy Ross (6-0, 209), Cal (Sacramento)
Giovanni Stanley (6-2, 213), Whittier (San Jose)
Ryan Whalen (6-1, 202), Stanford (Alamo)

Tight ends
Christopher Blohm (6-4, 260), Yale (San Francisco)
Konrad Reuland (6-4, 260), Stanford (Mission Viejo)
Aaron Simmons (6-3, 255), Arizona (Oakland)
Naderris Ward (6-5, 266), C. Washington (Oakland)

Offensive line
C Chase Beeler (6-3, 293), Stanford (Jenks, OK)
C Donovan Edwards (6-4, 294), Cal (Richmond)
C Christopher Guarnero (6-3, 289), Cal (Westminter, Co.)
G Ailao Eliapo (6-1, 295), San Jose State (South San Francisco)
G Siosifa Etu (6-1, 315), Arkansas State (Hayward)
G Richard Fisher (6-2, 275), Cal (Ben Lomond)
G Tufoua Leatiota (6-4, 305), San Jose State (Sunnyvale)
T Derek Hall (6-4, 308), Stanford (Overland Park, Kan.)

Defensive ends
Cameron Jordan (6-4, 287), Cal (Chandler, Ariz.)
Ernest Lawson (6-3, 290), San Diego State (Vallejo)
DL Brian Bulcke (6-3, 278), Stanford (Winsor, Ontario)
DL Matangi Tonga, Houston (San Mateo)

Nose tackles
Cornell Banks (6-2, 323), Fresno State (San Jose)
Sione Fua (6-2, 308), Stanford (Encino)
Derrick Hill (6-1, 311), Cal (Oakland)

Inside linebackers
Chike Amajoyi (6-0, 233), Stanford (San Bernardino)
Caleb McKenzie (5-11, 245), Adams State (Oakland)

Outside linebackers
Keith Browner (6-5, 266), Cal (Los Angeles)
Thomas Keiser (6-3, 261), Stanford (Wexford, Pa.)

Darian Hagan (6-0, 180), Cal (Los Angeles)
Brian Logan (5-6, 177), BYU (Fremont)
Sterling Moore (5-10, 192), SMU (Oakland)
Richard Sherman (6-3, 195), Stanford (Compton)

Taylor Skaufel (5-11, 196), Stanford (The Woodlands, Texas)
Winston Venable (5-11, 212), Boise State (San Rafael)

Long snapper
Zach Nolan (6-4, 242), Stanford (Parkland, Fla.)

Nate Whitaker (5-8, 181), Stanford (San Diego)

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