Final 49ers mock draft


These are the players I think the 49ers will select in the 2017 NFL draft, which starts today.

Round 1, pick No. 2: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M. The Browns have the first pick, and their owner, Jimmy Haslam, needs to sell the team. His company, Pilot Flying J, failed to pay rebates and defrauded many of its customers, including the U.S. Postal Service. Haslam may face indictment, law suits and criminal charges. To sell the Browns for as much money as possible, he needs a face-of-the-franchise quarterback. That’s why Haslam will insist the Browns select quarterback Mitchell Trubisky — an Ohio kid the team can market. And that’s why the best prospect in the draft — Myles Garrett — will fall to the 49ers.

Round 2, pick No. 34: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame. The Niners need a franchise quarterback, and Kizer has the traits to develop into one if he fixes his footwork.

Round 3, pick No. 66: Sidney Jones, CB, Washington. Many draft experts considered Jones a top-20 pick before he tore his Achilles tendon at his Pro Day. Jones should be ready to play by mid-September.

Round 4, pick No. 109. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson. A pass-catching tight end who fits Kyle Shanahan’s physical profile at this position (think Jordan Reed or Austin Hooper).

Round 4, pick No. 143. Eric Wilson, LB, Cincinnati. A fast middle linebacker (4.48 40-yard dash at his Pro Day) who recorded 129 tackles last season.

Round 5, pick No. 146. T.J. Logan, RB/KR, North Carolina. A fast running back (4.37 40-yard dash at the Combine) who caught 29 passes last season and returned 21 kickoffs for 690 yards and two touchdowns.

Round 5, pick No. 161.  Brian Allen, CB, Utah. A 6’3″ cornerback who used to play wide receiver — similar to Richard Sherman.

Round 6, pick No. 198. Rudy Ford, FS, Auburn. A three-year starter who ran a 4.34 40-yard dash at his Pro Day.

Round 6, pick No. 202. Isaiah McKenzie, WR/PR, Georgia. One of the best punt returners in the draft. McKenzie also fits Shanahan’s physical profile for a small wide receiver (think Taylor Gabriel).

Round 7, pick No. 219. Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga. A small-school guard who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone-blocking scheme.

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  1. Outstanding draft Grant. Reminds me of the day when Danny Snyder pulled the same thing with Big Shanny when he made him select RGMe….

    1. Not so outstanding, though, with DeShone Kizer being our selection for QB. We don’t need another strong arm QB who can’t learn how to be accurate, read defenses, and keep focus. There is a currently a highly convincing article describing DeShone as a “pure Millennial” personality, given his lack of focus, inconsistencies, and coddled prima donna “you-can-do-anything” egotistical personality. Better we wait on Cousins and trade for additional 2018 draft picks, all the while Hoyer and Barkley battle it out.

  2. No on Kizer Soze. I think they will go for Conley if he falls to 2nd round. third round Peterman. Otherwise, do like some of the picks.

    1. Well I agree that we shouldn’t take Kizer in the 2nd. We take the highest graded DB in round #2 or if a play maker like a Christian McCaffrey, Zay Jones, is available we take them and then go DB in the third and take QB in the 4th. But if we get Garrett in round 1 our Defensive front seven will be scary to face in the next three years. I believe he is such an impact player that others on our Defense will be elevated by his play.

    2. Agree on Kizer, or any QB in the 1st 2 rounds. I do not understand the logic behind mock drafts that show them picking a quarterback late in the 1st or early in the 2nd round. If they do not believe any of the quarterbacks this year are franchise quarterbacks, then why pick one anywhere in the 1st several rounds? Why not build the roster around the QB position, let Hoyer hold the spot for a year, pick one up in the later rounds, and then wait for all of the quarterbacks that wiil/could be available next year (Cousins, Jimmy G, draft prospects)?

  3. Grant,
    You are either the 2nd coming of the older Al Davis with your love for speed (which is a bad thing) or Jimmy Johnson from his early Cowboy drafts (which is a good thing) I guess we shall see.
    By the way I see no chance of the Browns passing on Garrett.

    1. Those early Cowboy drafts weren’t actually as good as people claim. He, over the first few years, had a huge number of excess picks. So when he drafted a lot of marginal players (with many failures) the not terribly great success rate was hidden by the the sheer number of players. 1989 through 1991 he had:

      SIX Round 1 picks.
      FOUR Round 2 picks.
      SIX Round 3 picks.
      FIVE Round 4 picks.

      That’s close to six years worth of core-player-round draft picks in three years. Now, he didn’t ‘suck.’ But as we saw later in Dallas then in Miami, he wasn’t special without all those extra picks.

      But you’re talking the coach who drafted Troy Aikman in Round 1 then drafted Steve Walsh in Round 1 the same year (1989 supplemental).

    2. I agree.. Even if Trubisky was worthy of #1 which he absolutely is not, throwing him out there with no protection would be the kiss of death and kill any market value Cleveland was attempting to create. Garrett preserves or adds value. Trubisky does not.. Nice fantasy though..

  4. What did you see yesterday that affected the choices in this mock?

    I see them taking at least two lineman with at least one being a mid round selection.

      1. I don’t know. Another concussion for Reid and what? There’s only Tartt. But, say, we draft Adams, if a starting corner goes down, there’s Ward.

  5. Grant,
    If the Browns draft Garrett do you see there being any chance the 9ers will draft Trubisky and then trade him to the highest bidder? I believe they could get a better deal for the player than the pick.

  6. I am no draft expert, but Kizer seems like a Kaep reboot. Big, strong arm, inaccurate with bad footwork. Why do we go down this road again? In 3 years this board will be full of Kizer bashing because he is inaccurate.

    1. George,
      By Football Outsider’s projection of 2016, Dak was twice as likely to be a bust as Goff. Methinks that this QBASE method is WIP.

      1. That’s true. Dak was lucky he went to Dallas. But in answer to Mood, yes, they admit it’s a WIP. To their credit, though, their system ranked Dak number 2 behind Goff. In my objecting to our drafting Kizer at 34, all I was trying to say that the hyped QBs in this class are over-hyped and that Cousins appears to be in the wings. Therefore, that would be a hell of a wasted pick. Maybe I should have added IMO, but I figure that’s always implied.

  7. Grant:
    I hope you are right about the Browns.
    If the Niners are able to draft these players it could be an epic draft, I just can’t believe the Browns would do this. It would make more sense to trade for the Niners #2 pick than to lose Garrett, unless they don’t value him as much as the other 31 teams. But who knows; 16 years of failure doesn’t come easy, you have to repeatedly make mistake after mistake.

  8. Garret is overhyped. Several people have stated that Garret disappears for many stretches at a time, and does not play well against top competition. To me, Garrett looks like a bust.

    I am guessing the Niners will select DeSean Watson. He is a proven winner, and he has done everything that was asked of him. Also, he is cool under pressure, and delivers at the end of games, as all great quarterbacks should. Just my opinion.

    1. Man I agree about Watson. I mean wth am I or the so called experts missing??? Watson played and played great against top college competition. He showed out in the biggest moments when everything was on the line. My goodness, all the measurables, combine, pro day ect. Is great and all but the man is a winner Period!!! Whom ever picks him will be glad they did so. I just hope it’s the 49ers!!!

    2. Well I agree about Watson being solid and a proven winner, the value for him is not #2 overall, and Garrett has some flaws like you mentioned but if you see his interviews and his hunger to go along with the intangible size, speed, and strength that he has this kid has the makings of greatness…

      PS: he may have disappeared at times but 32.5 sacks in three years, not to mention the TLF, and QB hurries, show that he didn’t disappear for long. Great production!!!

    3. I think, rather than Garrett taking plays off, is that he is on the field for 75-90 plays each game. Todd McShay pointed out that the reality is that college football plays much faster than pro football, and thus defenses are facing a lot more plays per game. This leads to defensive players getting tired and not having the same energy throughout the game, which explains Garrett. But, in the NFL, he’s looking at closer to 60-70 plays; I think Garrett will be fine.

    4. I had hoped to do a “What I would do, what the Niners will do” write-up, but work has been busy. So, very quickly, some thoughts:

      1. In the first round, if the Browns are dumb enough to take Trubisky, the Niners run up with the Garrett pick, no ifs, ands, or buts.
      2. If Browns take Garrett, try to trade back to 6. If not, take Jamal Adams. Complete player, and has the characteristics to be a leader in the locker room (also, has the least amount of questions among the top players; Thomas playing a new position, Hooker has injuries, Allen has shoulder issue, etc.).
      3. Among the “second-tier” quarterbacks, I like Nathan Peterman the best. However, it will probably take the Niners’ third round pick, at least, to get him. Don’t know if that works with the other holes the Niners are trying to fill.
      4. Big fan of Kareem Hunt, George Kittle, and Amare Darboh among players not in the first couple rounds.
      5. Tyus Bowser is more intriguing as an edge rusher/OLB than Carl Lawson or Tim Williams, but may be too small for a LEO.
      6. If you want to know what the Niners will do, look who they brought in and spent the most time with (especially late in the process). Jamal Adams had a late visit with Lynch, etc.
      7. I hope to be on the blog during the draft to hear everyone’s thoughts about all the picks.

  9. word late yesterday was that the Browns Love Trubisky……!
    if you think about it, it makes sense……..they have another first rounder and how many 2nd rounders the next 2 years…?

    If they think MT is the GUY…….hes from Ohio ala Lebron……..then they have another 6 picks in the top 2 rounds this year and next to get players at secondary positions to build that roster…….but THIS is their only chance to get THE qb they think can change the franchise!

    1. True, old coach…….but for me personally…….I wouldn’t want the niners to drop back to #12. If we could stay in the top 8-10 id be much happier. This team has very few young building blocks…….idc what position we draft in the first round……I just want a HOF caliber player……

      safety is one of our deeper positions….but if Adams or Hooker are the next coming of palamalou or ed reed…..

      no cb has ever gone as high as #2……but if Lattimore can be an all time great….

      grant has pointed out the shanahans get MAJOR production out of 6th round rb’s and such……but a guy like LF in shany’s system could be an all time great?!

      Allen or Thomas would really make thagt D-line a strength…..

      but most of these guys would be gone at 12.

      Maybe Foster is a guy who could slip to 12??

      idk whats gonna happen…..but I’m excited !!
      the only thing I would bet $ on…….is that we wont be taking an O-lineman first round…..not because the need isn’t there, but that the value isn’t there…..unless we trade back into the 20’s

  10. I don’t know about taking another IR player but it would be a good pick, though they would get a lot of flack frim the fan base.

    Good draft Grant, Garrett would be a home run and would instantly help this defense.

      1. Grant,

        The Niners will not be drafting Jones. Trent Baalke has left the building, thank God! The Niners were 2-14 last year, and bad teams cannot draft injured players.

    1. Was he ever relevant? I still remember him ****ing Crabtree’s **** all those years as an analyst. When Crabtree was, literally, dropping over 10% of the catchable balls thrown his way and consistently graded out as one of the ‘worst hands’ WRs in the NFL.

  11. I highly doubt Garrett falls to the 49ers. It is more likely that the Browns take Garrett and then trade up from the 12th pick in order to take Trubisky. That trade up could possibly be up to the second pick because no one has an idea of whom the 49ers covet.

  12. Dabo singles out Gallman on the offensive side of the ball as a player who epitomizes a football player. He also singles out Dalvin Cook as the offensive weapon he feared most of the ones he faced as head coach….

      1. Like Gore? 26 fumbles his first 6 years. 16 in his last 6 years. Yes, you can make improvements. But you can’t fully eliminate fumbling.

  13. Just heard on ESPN radio that the line in Vegas for Trubisky being #1 has gone from 12-1 earlier this week to even odds.

    1. Without meaning to be disrespectful, so what?
      The Line is not predictive at all. The Line is a reaction to the preponderance of bettors’ choices.

      1. I know that. I put it out there because it’s interesting to watch all the pre-draft (and entirely pointless) drama. I mean, this hype machine around the draft is incredible. Fact is, right now, there are 32 teams in the NLF lying their ***es off while everyone else is projecting based on their biases.

        And then these 32 teams will draft some guy, half of them some guy they probably didn’t want (unless it was a trade up then we know they did), and lie about that too saying ‘he was our focus from Day 1.”

        And just from the guys picked today, you’ll get some sort of rough distribution of success that’ll be:

        One-third will make at least one pro-bowl, of which, three-or-four will have HOF careers. One-third will be okay to good starters with solid, but non-spectacular careers. One-third will fail (and will likely play for at least two teams).

        Everyone who was on the band-wagon of that last third will pretend otherwise and rip their ‘know nothing’ GM for the very pick they were hot-and-bothered for… Meanwhile there will be a significant fractions of fans that will be absolutely convinced that their selection will be:

        A complete bust
        A future HOFer

        The most fun of the draft, at least for me, is watching the audience, not the show. And that line is part of the show.

  14. Final mock before the draft. Niners trade back with the Jets, who are not fooling anybody with McCown. They need a QB, and Trubisky is the hot prospect. Niners do not want to trade back so far and lose out out o the players they are targeting. Even though Cleveland has a boatload of picks, the Niners do not need to do them any favors. Serve them right to lose Trubisky by being clueless. Jets may miss out on Trubisky because both the Bears and Jags may pick him, so they need to leapfrog those teams to snag him.

    Niners trade pick numbers 2, and throw in pick number 143 since the Jets do not have a 4th round pick. Jets will offer pick numbers 6, 39, 70, and include a 2018 third round pick to help balance the TVC.

    Niners trade pick number 34 to the Bengals for pick numbers 41 and 116

    Niners end up with pick numbers 6, 39, 41, 66, 70, 109, 116, 146, 161, 198, 202, 219, along with the Jets 2018 third round pick.

    Using the CBS DB, and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select-

    6- Malik Hooker S. Niners need an Earl Thomas type of player.
    39- Jarrad Davis ILB
    41- Carl Lawson DE
    66- Dalvin Tomlinson DT
    70- Davis Webb QB
    109- Tanoh Kpassagnon DE
    116- D’onta Foreman RB
    146- Jonnu Smith TE
    161- Jermaine Eluemunor OG
    198- Noah Brown WR
    202- Stevie Tu’iklovatu NT
    219- Matt Milano OLB

    Using the Draftek DB, the Niners could select-

    6- Malik Hooker S
    39- Carl Lawson EDGE
    41- Montravius Adams DT
    66- Fabian Moreau CB
    70- Davis Webb QB
    109- D’onta Foreman RB
    116- Jordan Leggett TE
    146- Jehu Chesson WR
    161- Connor Harris ILB
    198- DJ Jones NT
    202- Jermaine Eluemunor OG
    219- Hunter Dimick EDGE

      1. Using 2 different draft boards, I still had Hooker, Lawson, Webb, Foreman and Eluemunor.

        The second one is probably better, because I included a CB, so I will call that my final final mock.

        1. I like your board. Very solid.. I would take your board over any of the others I’ve seen on this thread thus far.. Your scenario thinking makes a lot more sense than Trubisky going #1 in an attempt to add Market Value to the Cleveland Browns. We’ll see..

      2. After the draft when he can’t post several mocks a day, he’ll switch over to posting screen shots of his Suduko games results.

        1. Just wait until we can start talking about game strategies and game management….

          Of course, you will contribute nothing but more snark.

          1. And you, Your Excellency, will provide brilliant insight–which will cause the 9er coaching staff to drop everything and seek your wisdom…but only if you choose too share all…preening comes first.

            1. Cassie, sure am glad your daddy was fired, because it sure seemed like he did exactly the opposite of what I was advocating. Maybe this year we will not see players playing out of position.

          2. That will be entertaining…..YOU talking strategy. It’s been a laugh riot in the past.
            As boring as your mocks are, they have at least some factual data basis because you’re plagerizing ratings and then reworking the draft permutations (like a board game). Your ridiculous notions on game planning and strategy are what you’re known for: farts in a sack.

            1. I want to be entertained, BT lets see your last mock, now that we got Grants report from the practice.

              Cassie, too. She talks a good game, but then craters like her daddy did.

              1. Oh you’re so perceptive! My last mock? I thought you were the one keeping score Gameboy.
                You hadn’t noticed that I don’t offer mocks, because while just harmless fun, they’re just fantasies. Others have fun with them and I read with interest when I respect the source.

              2. C’mon, Cassie, dazzle me with your insights.

                Throw up a mock, unless you are afraid to should how little you know.

              3. Agree OldCoach. While I ended up in South Korea mid-70s, my brother did two combat tours in Vietnam.

              4. BT, I am looking forward to this draft. Guess you have nothing better to do like Prime, so you want to use me as a punching bag.

                Well, guess what? I punch back.

                Sure sounds like you want to dish it out, but cant take it.

                Engage me all you want, but dont go all emo on me. I am wondering how the process unfolds, but the 3 guttersnipes are deciding to try and get their pound of flesh.

                This is a blog. This is not the 49er war room. There will be many positions and opinions expressed. Bullying and trying to shout me down does not work, and you are guilty of repeatedly trying.

                I would respect you more if you had the guts to present a mock, instead of ripping mine all the time.

                Guess what? they are very easy to do. Go on Fanspeak and they will do the work for you.

                So yes, I will call you a chicken , afraid of being ridiculed. Guess what? This Game boy is not afraid of a little ridicule, because this is a blog, and words cannot hurt me. Obviously, you cannot stand even the littlest amount of criticism, so I will say it again. Get over it. Grow up. This is not my first rodeo, and frankly, I have seen it all.

                If you want to discuss the Niners and football in general in a calm respectful manner, I will do the same. But if you want to rip and tear into me to try and feel superior, I will fight back. I do not suffer fools gladly, and maybe you do not realize it, but I can have a sharp tongue.

                So, it is your choice. I will keep talking about the team I love, but if you think you want to engage me, game on.

      3. East you know what Seb is doing right?

        Puts out 100 mock drafts then comes back and pats himself on the back because he might a few correct.

        Classic Seb seeking attention.

        1. Prime, you do seem a tiny bit smarter today, but a broken clock is right only twice a day.

          Of course, I postulated a bunch of trade back scenarios, and if Lynch manages to follow one, guess who will recall his post.

          Last mock before the draft last year, I predicted Buckner, Garnett and Fahn Cooper. Do not know if I will get any right this year, because I am counting on Lynch being shrewd enough to manage to trade back.

          Still, if the Niners manage to select all the players on my last mock, I will jump for joy, and predict a non losing season.

          In this last mock, the Niners trade back, and still get the player they originally targeted.

          IICRC, you did not get even one correct call. Probably will do the same this year.

            1. Hah ha ha Cassie, hilarious! you and BT have me rolling on the floor! Such withering ridicule yet he licks his chops and comes back for more. Such delusional, attention-craving, self-obsession is rare on a sports forum and cause for guffawing celebration, no need to feel bored while waiting for Draft Fest . . .

        1. You do not know the history between BT and me, and he was the one who started on about how I was a coward.

          Vets have served the country honorably, but that does not give them the right to feel superior and talk down to others, Just like former players need not diss fans because they had played the game.

          Vietnam vets went through hell, but they also created some, too, like My Lai.

    1. The 9ers have ten picks and you’ve selected 20 players in your “final” mock. I’m understanding how you got a couple right last year now.

  15. Looks good but i think they draft budda baker #34 or maybe even move back into the first round to get him before Atlanta

  16. If Garrett is there you, obviously you select him. However, I’m skeptical the Browns pass on him. If the Browns really want Tribusky, they can draft Garrett and still trade up and get the UNC kid. If Garrett is gone, I would love to see the Niners trade back and compile picks. I would love to see the Niners draft the Reddick kid from Temple. I think he fills two weaknesses for the Niners with his LB skills and ability to rush the passer on 3rd down. I’m still hoping we can draft Joe Williams from Utah at some point in the draft (not sure that happens though).

  17. Repost of my final mock.

    Rd 1 Jamal Adams SS
    Rd 2 Jordan Willis DE
    Rd 3 Ahkello Witherspoon CB
    Rd 4 Carlos Henderson WR
    Rd 4 Joe Mathis LB
    Rd 5 Jerod Evans QB
    Rd 5 Brian Allen CB
    Rd 6 Elijah Lee LB
    Rd 6 Aaron Jones HB
    Rd 7 Corey Levin OG

    If the Browns take Trubisky I would take Myles Garret at #2 and Evan Engram at #34. The rest of my mock would be the same.

      1. Well done 80.

        My mock is fairly similar to yours.

        Rnd 1 02.) Jamaal Adams SS
        Rnd 2 34.) Zach Cunningham MLB
        Rnd 3 66.) Ahkello Witherspoon CB
        Rnd 4 109) Joe Mathis LEO
        Rnd 4 146.) George Kittle/Adam Shaheen TE
        Rnd 5 161.) Corey Levin OG
        Rnd 5 186.) Joe Williams/Aaron Jones RB
        Rnd 6 202.) Robert Davis/Josh Malone WR
        Rnd 7 219.) Jerod Evans QB

        I suppose I was relying on Evans to fall to the 7th, but it seems I could be wrong :)

    1. Only Evans is head scratching. Best qb in Shanny’s system might end up being Peterman. No way he’s still there in the 5th, though. Otherwise neat draft.

    2. I’m with you on the Adams pick at if we stay at #2. Just heard Greg Cosell mention that Adams is a complete safety who has a great feel for the game and you can use him multiple ways. He also mentioned there a no scheme limitations with Adams.

      1. I think we need two CBs since Brock is gone. I’m not sold on Johnson. Point taken on a TE. But they have McDonald and Paulsen. If McDonald hadn’t been extended I think they might would have targeted a TE in the 2nd or 3rd.

        1. This draft is just so loaded on TE talent, and like you and Dontae, I am not sold on Vance. Paulsen is more of a blocker. I just want a TE with sticky fingers.

            1. Juszczyk is 6′ 1″ and runs a 4.71 forty.

              George Kittle is 6’4″ and runs a 4.52 forty, and might be available at that draft spot.

              1. So? Big whoopty. Juszcyck is an excellent pass catcher. He wasn’t given the big contract to play sparingly. He will be used a lot in this offense as a pass catcher, effectively taking the role a TE would otherwise serve.

  18. I haven’t read alot of comments so I don’t know if this has been brought up, but Grant what do you think of the comments by Warren Sapp, Shannon Sharpe, and others about Myles Garrett’s​work ethic? About how only 13 of his career sacks came against sec schools, and Derrick Barnett had 28 against said schools. Nobody is bringing this up, but what are your thoughts on it?

  19. Raiders accelerated their rebuild buy drafting a quarterback killer (Mack, 5) and Quarterback (Carr, 36). If you can get those cornerstone players in the same draft, its a coup.

  20. Grant, what is your level of confidence the Browns take Trubisky #1?

    I’m still leaning 99% Browns take Garrett. They’ve been contacting several teams about a trade. Choosing Garrett first, then trading up for Trubisky will cost the Browns far less picks than taking Trubisky 1, then trying to trade up for Garrett.

  21. NFL Network just said the 49ers are looking to trade down, but they have their own chart and won’t do it just to do it. Also, they are leaning defense and they like Adams and Thomas.

    1. Could be just projecting likelihoods, but if ist hard information I like it. That’s the exact plan I’d make.

  22. NFL Net reporting three teams calling Lynch today about #2 and beginning to talk specifics. They say SF has established their value and identified a few folks they could like at #2, and so won’t trade back just to do so. They (NFL Net) have two guys sniffing around Santa Clara today.

  23. The 49ers have the dubious luck of sucking when it isnt worth it to suck. This drat will be flash backs of 2005. They will be stuck drafting a player because no one wants to trade after Garrett is picked luckThere isnt a clear #2 so here comes the best player available speech…cue Lynch’s mic

  24. This is what I will call a prediction mock. My first one a couple of days ago was based on what I would do. This one will be trying to predict what the ShanaLynch contingent do. I think they will be conservative due to it being their first draft and shy away from injured players and sickie wife beaters: In other words I think they are going to play it safe.

    2: R1P2
    Edge – Solomon Thomas

    34: R2P2
    CB – Tre’Davious White

    66: R3P2
    QB – Nathan Peterman

    109: R4P2
    S – Justin Evans

    143: R4P36
    WR – DeDe Westbrook

    146: R5P2
    Edge – Trey Hendrickson

    161: R5P17
    LB – Marquel Lee

    198: R6P14
    RB – Joe Williams

    202: R6P18
    DL Steve Tu’ikolovatu

    219: R7P1
    WR – Robert Davis

          1. He was 18 and no charges were ever laid. He just finished a career at OU with zero issues so I don’t think it’s going to affect him. If it is a problem then another speedy receiver like Carlos Henderson would make sense instead.

            1. I don’t know if it is an issue moving forward or not. Just thought it was funny you said they were going to play it safe regarding character concerns then had a guy with two arrests for domestic violence in your mock. :-)

    1. Joe Williams, baby! I love it. I dropped him out of my mock draft because I think he’s going to get picked in the third or fourth round.

      1. Yeah I figured you’d like that Grant. He’s great value on day 3 if he falls.

        I’d be more than ok if the draft turned out the way you have it. I can’t believe Cleveland will be that stupid but hey we’ll take it if they are.

  25. Nice one Grant.

    I still find it hard to believe the Browns would pass on Garrett. If Garrett is gone, who is your second choice for #2?

    My final mock:
    1. Jamal Adams
    2. Deshone Kizer
    3. Ahkello Witherspoon
    4a. Joe Mathis
    4b. Blair Brown
    5a. Elijah Qualls
    5b. Sam Tevi
    6a. Aaron Jones
    6b. Robert Davis
    7. Rudy Ford

    1. 1/2. Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State.
      2/34. DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame.
      3/66. Duke Riley, LB, LSU.
      4/109. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson.
      4/143. Keion Adams, DE, Western Michigan.
      5/146. T.J. Logan, RB/KR, UNC.
      5/161. Brian Allen, CB, Utah.
      6/186. Rudy Ford, FS, Auburn.
      6/202. Isaiah McKenzie, WR/PR, Georgia.
      7/219. Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga.

      1. Meant for Scooter, but also applies to Grant’s which I just read. The mocks have been really strong on here. Good job everyone!

  26. Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 28s28 seconds ago
    Report: Myles Garrett will be the No. 1 pick

  27. Browns will try to get Trubisky cheap, and will miss out on him when the Jets may leapfrog the Bears and Jags to poach him.

    Cleveland will not have to part with a first round pick, so I do not know why they think they will overpay for their franchise QB with second and third round picks. Sashi Brown may be just as clueless and cheap as Baalke.

    1. The Jets would be an ideal trade back partner. 2 for the Jets 6+39 could work. Maybe sweeten the pot with pick swaps… 2+109 for the Jets 6+39+70

      1. My mock had 2+143 because they did not have a 4th round pick.

        I wanted to get pick number 70 because I have the Niners selecting Davis Webb at 70.

  28. Grant, given your insight into the trouble Browns’ owner, I am a bit surprised you don’t think the Browns will trade up to #2. From what I hear, management and ownership wants Trubiski, but the coaches want Garrett. Thus, it seems a perfect solution to trade #12 plus multiple draft picks for our #2. That should make everyone happy in the short term. Browns would get the two top picks, which would certainly rally the Cleveland fans to buying into the team’s new era.

      1. My off the wall trade back scenario…
        1) If the 49ers trade back 6-12 range
        2) Trade back again with the Broncos (20+Paxton Lynch) or Skins (17+Cousins)

        Word has it the Broncos are eager to move up.

          1. – Heard Broncos like McCaffrey
            – Heard Broncos were trying to move up from 20
            – Heard John Lynch say a few months back people were too inpatient with the development of Paxton Lynch, and he would turn out fine
            – Elway and John Lynch are close friends

  29. Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 4m4 minutes ago
    Report: Pat Mahomes expected to go in top 10
    This is terrible news. I was really hoping he would end up on a solid team with a veteran QB so he could sit for a year or two. If he goes this high it means it’ll be to a QB needy team and he’ll be thrust into the starting job too soon.

    1. I like Mahomes but that is really high for him. The talent is definitely there but he’s got a lot of mechanical issues to work out and also will need to learn how to play in a very different system than he’s used to. Which ever team takes him better give him time or it’s going to be a disaster.

  30. I see the Panthers trying to trade up to #2 to get Fornette. I believe that he is the player they covet and don’t believe he will be there at 8. Niners will stockpile draft picks and select Reddick at #8 (in my humble opinion).

  31. If the Titans don’t trade out of #5 they go with either Lattimore or Hooker. Pretty sure at least one of those will still be available at #5.

  32. My best guess — and pure speculation — is that the Niners trade down and pick up at least an extra 2nd and 3rd and and another 2nd or 3rd next year. Depending on where that leaves them in the first determines who they garner, possibly McCaff, best DB or S, or edge rusher. If they stand pat on #2 I think they’ll select Adams or Thomas. Soon enough we’ll all know..

  33. No matter how you slice or dice the draft it is going to be a revealing event and a management growth experience.

  34. Reposting my one and only mock – for the record :)

    No DL with the exception of an edge rusher. It just seems to me that the DL is already stocked. Also, some of the selections might be wishful thinking on my part that the player will still be available.

    2. Malik Hooker – FS – great fit for single high safety. With the Hooker selection, Ward moves to CB.

    34. Cam Robinson – OT – Joe Staley won’t be around forever. Not convinced that Trent Brown can move to LT.

    66. Jordan Willis – Edge Rusher – high motor, productive edge rusher.

    109. Rasul Douglas – CB – tall lengthy CB in the Seattle tradition.

    143. Dede Westbrook – WR – unclear if previous domestic violence issues (no convictions) will make him untouchable for Lynch.

    146. Brad Kaaya or Nathan Peterman – QB -(note: I now prefer Peterman)

    161. Kenny Golladay – WR – potential red zone threat due to size and length.

    198. Aaron Jones – RB – 1773 yards in 2016.

    202. Corey Levin – OL – for reasons Grant and Scooter stated earlier.

    219. Elijah Lee – LB – good pass defender.

  35. Kizer is a terrible pick. Josh Hobbs is better than him and you can get him in the 7th round. It looks like Adams or Thomas with the second pick. The secondary class is the best in years. Take advantage of this. Pick the best corner on the board with our second round pick.

  36. Rapoport – “My understanding of what is happening right now: Everyone is calling everyone in the top 10, feeling each other out. Nothing dramatic (yet)”

    This is exciting!

  37. Taking a stab at a first round mock:

    Cleveland – Myles Garrett
    SF – Solomon Thomas
    Chicago – Jamal Adams
    Jax – Leonard Fournette
    Tennessee – Marshon Lattimore
    NYJ – OJ Howard
    LAC – Malik Hooker
    Carolina – Christian McCaffrey
    Cincy – Jonathan Allen
    Buffalo – Mike Williams
    NO – Derek Barnett
    Cleveland – Mitch Trubisky
    AZ – Pat Mahomes
    Philly – Dalvin Cook
    Indy – Reuben Foster
    Baltimore – Corey Davis
    Washington – Hassan Reddick
    Tennessee – John Ross
    TB – Ryan Ramczyk
    Denver – Cam Robinson
    Detroit – Charles Harris
    Miami – Forrest Lamp
    NYG – Garett Bolles
    Oakland – Jarrad Davis
    Houston – Deshaun Watson
    Seattle – Kevin King
    KC – DeShone Kizer
    Dallas – Jordan Willis
    GB – Takkarist McKinley
    Pittsburgh – David Njoku
    Atlanta – Taco Charlton
    NO – Chidobe Awuzie

  38. I don’t see the Browns trading Garrett. But Cleveland needs talent more than the need a home town novelty.

    I’m a little surprise that my fellow bloggers aren’t counting Leonard Fournett as a possible #2 pick.
    Carlos Hyde simply can’t be depended on to finish a full season. Fournett would immediately give us an impact type player and someone that poses the same threat that Adrian Peterson had for the Vikings.
    And Fournett would also help in keeping pressure off the QB which is huge considering we don’t have a top-shelf O-line.
    Leonard Fournett is a reach and may not make sense, but I would be ok if the Org went that route.

    1. I think that the consensus is that Shanahan has done well with RBs selected in much later rounds so there doesn’t seem to be any need to select a RB early.

      1. cubus,
        I know that that has been the general consensus around here, but Fournett has the potential to be this years Ezekiel Elliott. Fournett could be a man playing among boys at the next level.

    2. AES I agree with you about Fournett.. If Niners decide to go Offense with the 2nd pick I’m inclined to think they will pick Fournett and not a QB. None of these QB’s merit such a high pick and next season would be much more favorable to acquire that franchise qb either in Cousins or a more talented draft in that important position. That being said, chances may be they target Peterman in the third or early fourth rounds . . .

    3. Three reasons:

      1. He’s a between the tackles, north-south power-back kind of guy. In short, he’s a bad fit for this offense that requires a RB who can attack the entire LOS.

      2. To rebuild a team you try and avoid drafting to an area where you have better strengths compared to your weaknesses. The 49ers are desperate at pass rush. Unproven at CB. Need a long-term #1 WR. Have no long-term QB. Do not have a quality TE. Could really, really, really use an upgrade at LB.

      Hyde, otoh, averaged 4.6 YPC. Hightower averaged 4.0 the past two seasons as a Saints back up.

      3. Shanahan’s offense, like his father’s before him, (or Walsh’s for that matter) doesn’t require an elite running back to function well. At halfback Walsh got by on Paul Hofer, Lenville Elliot, Bil Ring, etc. until he traded for Wendell Tyler in 1983. (Cooper, whom he drafted in 1980, was a FB-TE.)

    4. AES, I think its possible. The positive things you say about Fournette are true, and I don’t think he’s a reach. But you might also be able to say that about Cook, and he might be available in round 2. Cook would likely run wild in a Shanahan offense. I would be surprised if they drafted Fournette due to the scheme misfit.


    “Armstead explained that the injury that ended his second season in the NFL was a torn labrum in his left shoulder that he had been dealing with since high school. He detailed that in the past, he would feel better after rehabbing it and then would occasionally pop out of place on him. He re-injured it in last season’s training camp and several times during the season, and it happened though to where the only viable solution was surgery that took place before the 2016 season ended. He is excited to get on the field with his team without having to worry about treating or re-injuring it.”

    “He noted that he doesn’t have a specific position yet but that all of the defensive line are playing in multiple positions for now while the coaching staff evaluates where each player fits best.”

    1. If that is true, then how on earth was it missed at the Combine medical evaluations? I don’t remember anything like that being mentioned leading up to the 2015 draft.

      1. My daughter’s fiance has a similar shoulder issue. In short, when the shoulder is working you can’t tell it’s got problems. It’s only when it dislocates can you tell.

        And I bet you dollars to donuts, he didn’t tell anyone.

    2. I’m buying it. It makes sense when you consider his inconsistency. He’ll go through stretches when the kid looks like Superman, and then he”ll go through stretches when he more closely resembles Clark Kent.

      That’s a bit of an exaggeration of course. But there’s no question he was a different player after he aggravated his shoulder in last years training camp. Specifically, his struggles to effectively stack-and-shed linemen was apparent and absolutely indicative of a torn labrum.

      Armstead strikes me as a guy who can play multiple roles on this DL and I expect a break out season for him if his shoulder heals correctly!

    3. He will never be the same post a torn shoulder labrum.. Already has trouble playing low. He’s got bust written all over him. Thanks Trent. His shoulder issue should have been common knowledge for idiot Baalke..

  40. Kizer entered the 2016 season with high hopes, having started the final 11 games as a redshirt freshman the year before for a club that finished a surprising 10-3.

    “This is a team that will likely be favored in their first 11 games,” wrote Phil Steele in his College Football Preview. “That could put them 11-0 when they travel to USC for a game with probably playoff implications … they are a legitimate national title contender.”

    Kizer was voted the team’s MVP but it was a hollow award, to be sure. One of the nation’s most disappointing teams, the Irish posted their second worst record (4-8) in 54 years.

    “You look at that team, they’ve got players,” an AFC personnel man said. “There’s no way they should win just four games. It was because of this guy, the quarterback. Boy, at times he looked bad. He was so bad against Stanford in the first half that they benched him.”

    Two weeks after the season ended, Kizer renounced his final two years of eligibility having posted a 12-11 record in 23 starts.

    “He is the classic boom or bust,” said an AFC evaluator. “In terms of arm strength, athleticism, talent, intelligence, he’s the highest-end guy. At the same time, he’s also the one with the most flaws.”

    1. I’ll be honest, Jamal Adams is near the top of my “best dressed” list. I thought he looked sharp and stood out without looking ridiculous.

  41. Lynch must feel like he’s in the rocket countdown to take off for the moon. Adrenalin is pumping, or is that the Haze? Dunno, but this is getting exciting!

  42. I’ve mentioned this once before and I’ll say it only once more. Kizer, IMO, would be a dreadful and erroneous pick, one we would acutely regret. Let’s not, oh I beseech thee 49er Illustrious, let’s not go down that misery-inducing road again. We’re still licking the wounds left by the last impostor. Let’s invest in high-percentage players only and rebuild this Dynasty.

    1. My clock is a little skewered down here in these equatorial mountains — how many minutes till the draft action actually begins?

      1. There still doing the BS garbage of introducing the top prospects. I so long for the days when they just got down to business instead trying to be all ****ing Hollywood about it.

    2. I agree. Of all the potential high-round QB picks, Kizer has ended up on the bottom of my list. He was a negative for Notre Dame, then instead of trying to get better, he quit and went to the NFL.

      It’s like Glen Coffee and Colin Kaepernick were fused into a single player.

    3. I can’t say for certain that Kizer will develop into the top QB in this class, but I can say I don’t see anything in his game, or personality that reminds be CK7. Kizer’s throwing motion is far more natural than CK’s, and he’s got a much quicker release. By all accounts he’s a humble, coachable, hard working kid.

      In fact, DeShone Kizer’s flaws are the kind of flaws that are very coachable, IMO. I like his value in the early 2nd round, but if I’m certain Cousins is on a mission to play for the 49ers in 2018, I’m looking in a different direction.

      1. And Glen Coffee analogy is idiotic. Kizer left college because he’s got a chance to be a first round pick. I see nothing wrong with that, whatsoever!

  43. Just in case…

    2: R1P2

    34: R2P2

    66: R3P2

    109: R4P2

    143: R4P36

    146: R5P3

    161: R5P17

    198: R6P14

    202: R6P18

    219: R7P1

    1. BT, I wish to apologize for my insensitive remarks. It was not wise to open old wounds.

      Forthwith I plan on ignoring your comments, and hope you do the same to me.

  44. I fully admit that I ave no idea what will happen. I trust in the football acumen of Lynch and his staff. No leaks is just music to my ears, and I fully expect that he will make sharp, shrewd picks.


  45. Jed needs a redo on his comb over. Looked like a full moon on top of his pate…

    Good selection. And that kid will be great in Chicago — two years from now if he sits for a year…

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