Final thoughts on the offensive pass interference against Pierre Garcon

Check out my final thoughts on the offensive pass interference penalty against Pierre Garcon.

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  1. sebnynah says:
    October 17, 2017 at 9:45 am

    2016–Once healthy enough and recovered from injuries, Kaep regained his starting job he lost due to injury, while Gabbert benched himself.

    TomD’s Take: 2016–Impossible for Kap to be injured then because the season hadn’t started yet. Gabb’s beat out Kap fair and square to become the 49ers legitimate starter.

    2016–After Kap takes the helm for Gabby, the 49ers go on a franchise record 10 game losing streak.

    You can run but you can’t hide from your revisionist history, Seb.

    Report: 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick medically cleared for full practice
    By SI Wire July 27, 2016

  2. Why does Grant feel the need to get in a boxing match against a guy well out of his weight class every single week? Who in their right mind is like, “oh yeah, let me go with Grant Cohn on this one over Kyle Shanahan. Grant must know more than the guy that crafted the most productive offense in NFL history just last season….” I mean, how stupid does Grant think people are?

    Grant Cohn out here, designing plays.


    1. Because he feels like he knows it all despite never playing or knowing much about the game before taking over the blog. It is an opinion focused blog but the arrogance he shows is unbelievable. We had the HC say exactly what the play was designed to do. That should end the discussion but GC has to pretend like he knows what he doesn’t know and continue the battle.

        1. You are trying to tell the guy who called the play and knows the intent of the play he’s wrong. That is all that needs to be said. You are second guessing based on what you think you know but really don’t. He told you who the first read was based on the coverage. As far as the call itself, officials never ever call an OPI on the guy the ball is thrown to in this type of situation. If you can find another instance of this please post it because it doesn’t happen. You have heard from the HC, and the defensive player who said he purposely initiated contact with Garcon. The fact you are still trying to defend your erroneous opinion is arrogant and stubborn. Learn to listen to the people who are paid to do this.

            1. Your entire thought process from the start was wrong when you believed it was a designed pick play. The Coach has told you what the design and read was supposed to be. Stallworth has told you that it was not a pick play. Get over yourself and accept that you don’t know as much as you think you do.

              1. Whether or not it was a pick play, Garcon ran into a linebacker who was in a 3 by 5 alignment, exactly where he’s supposed to be. Shanahan said the call should have been defensive pass interference because the linebacker and corner were on the same level, but that’s wrong. They were on different levels.

              2. Grant wa backer was not where he was supposed to be! The linebacker was out of position and reacted too late to cover the flat and decided to slam into Garcon to create an illusion of contact. He even admitted for intentionally running into Garcon.

              3. I’m confused Grant. How can you say Garcon ran into the linebacker when, out of the horse’s mouth, the linebacker has admitted he initiated the contact?

                Seriously bro?

                And how can it be an illegal pick on Garcon when the ball was thrown to him? Isn’t it a pick when you initiate contact in order to open up another receiver so the QB can pass that receiver the football?

                You’re entire premise seems illogical.

          1. ANY team that is 0-6 better get used to being second guessed. Just goes with the territory, and should be expected. Grant is just doing his job, and I agree that a no flag result would have been OK, too.

        2. Number 1… your small straight forward explanation of the ” simplistic ” part of this concept does not fully explain what is read and changed each time this concept is used for example ….

          Depending on the formation you are in and what the Defenses is showing such as a man to man the defender is ALLWAYS trying to cut the field in half and force the WR towards there help.. Now a smart QB and I’m assuming MOST NFL Qbs are .. when you A recognize if they are in man or zone.. B you recognize if they are lined up on the outside shoulder or inside shoulder C if the WR /Te/RB lined up closest too you is running the OUT/shoot route as you described now becomes the second read over the first or vise versa DEPENDING on how the D is lined up and the SITUATION as well .. NOW .. if the man closest to the ball is being guarded by a linebacker or safety that’s playing up close and in the box .. but on the inside shoulder of the WR/RB/TE then he becomes the first read .. FOR 2 reasons .. number one he has a free clear Plath to his route and your trusting the speed of one of your weapon GUYS .. and 2 the LB or safety have to fight threw traffic and the defender covering the slant route … which is what we seen.. and should have been a penelaty for interfering with the WR running the slant

  3. Josh‏

    Replying to @nwagoner
    Has NFL released a statement on that call yet or do they even plan to? Would atleast be nice to know they messed up that call.

    Nick Wagoner‏Verified account @nwagoner 40m40 minutes ago

    Replying to @JoshuahR_
    No official statement. I’d heard they offered an apology to Niners but haven’t been able to confirm. Will check on it.

    1. As I said in the video, I can see the case that it should have been a no call. But no way should it have been defensive pass interference.

        1. I don’t buy the defensive pass interference, but I can see a no call on that play. The Niners got lucky the Redskins didn’t intercept the pass.

          1. Pereira has 40 years experience in officiating. Going to have to go with the opinion of the guy who has 15 years more experience officiating than you’ve been alive. Your opinion on this call is truly hurting your credibility. It was blatant defensive pi.

              1. Actually nah he didn’t. He never said it was blatant defensive pass interference. You’re wrong. Own it. Move on.

              2. So Grant what your trying to say is that you obviously know more than Pereira. Just stop. Say it with me “I am wrong, but it’s ok I’m still learning the game.”.

  4. Grant,

    I haven’t found it yet. There’s another video clearly showing the Lb veering from coverage responsibility to do what every D-Coach teaches. Ie., if an offensive man crosses the vicinity of your responsibility, take him out subtly.

    If anything its poor QB reading and a bad play design as you stated

    1. C4C

      Now that Seb has learned to post without mentioning Kaep, you step forward with your continuing blather about dumping Armstead….What…and replace him with another Stanford Dlineman …? We’ve tried that….

      1. Ore, now that Kaep is in the news, he is fair game to talk about. Voiding the CBA due to collusion will cut off Goodell’s power at the knees. Mentioning Kaep is relevant, because the league is committing a self inflicted wound, just like I predicted. It would have been much better to have let some team let him play, and hope he fails. Now, with Green Bay and Hundley throwing 3 picks, Kaep talk is making McCarthy go all emo.
        Bortles is on thin ice, and the Jags may be the best landing spot for Kaep.
        Denver was forced to play Osweiler, so their QB situation is in flux. After losing horribly to the previous winless Giants, some fans are clamoring for Kaep.

  5. Grant did you see the fumble in the Jets game and what are your thoughts on that play call. I don’t like the Patriots but I think they actually made the right call via the rule book. Just a weird play and maybe something to revisit via rules committee.

  6. Sorry to disagree. Brown admitted he initiated contact just to draw the OPI. He also hit Garcon while the ball was in the air. Classic defensive PI.
    Niners should eliminate the rub routes.
    I will take your word about Taylor being open.
    I would have been happy with a no call, because putting them back 10 yards eliminated the possibility of a Field Goal.

    1. Exactly… the LB changes his direction and initiates contact by throwing his arms and body out to his right. Grant is out of his mind thinking this was legit

  7. Grant,

    As an ex running back in the industry, sometimes things happen so quickly it’s hard to spot.

    I’ll give you a D-1 coaching pointer (no sarcasm intended).

    Watch the LB’s right foot plant and that will indicate his intention–is he intending to
    redirect his route into the WR or not ?

  8. Donté Stallworth‏Verified account @DonteStallworth Oct 15

    That’s a BS call on Pierre. He was trying to get open and his body language shows exactly that. Bad call by the refs.

    Donté Stallworth‏Verified account @DonteStallworth Oct 15

    Replying to @DonteStallworth
    You don’t throw the ball to the guy that’s running a pick route unless he comes open late. That was a very bad call that cost the 49ers big.

    Donté Stallworth‏Verified account @DonteStallworth Oct 15

    It was man coverage, the perfect defense for a pick play. Again, if it’s a true pick play, you expect Man coverage and the ball goes to flat

    TomD’s Take: Shanahan said exactly the same thing in his PC.

    Thanks, Donte

      1. the read is that it’s man coverage. man coverage = throw to the flat

        you’re cracking me up with your argument against the coach AND the player that ran into Garcon. LoL…classic Grant doubles down when he’s wrong.

    1. Stallworth is right on the money. It was not a designed pick route which is why GC’s premise is wrong from the outset and why the official blew the call.

  9. The real issue here as throughout the league consistently over the years is that they’re part-timers. You can’t expect effective, efficient officiating where an established standard is maintained by good experienced refs when this simply isn’t their day jobs. The NFL makes more $ than any other US sport. It should afford to create a FULL TIME officiating. NFL is so slooooooooow to change anything.

  10. Glad KS is answering all the questions. Sure, Grant is being argumentative, and second guesses, but it sure is refreshing compared to last year when Chip refused to answer any tough questions.
    Read option or Zone read. Gap integrity. KS is like a breath of fresh air.

  11. LB definitely changed his path to ‘rub’ Garcon who was breaking open. Garcon even tried to get out of the way of the LB to avoid contact. How can you blame Beathard, he is supposed to guess LB will attempt to veer off and hit Garcon illegally? Garcon was coming back toward Beathard, Taylor angling away from Beathard, harder throw. If that pass off and LB stays with Taylor, possible pick. SF spends $$$ for #1 WR FA, I’m going to him vs Rookie. Obvious pass interference on intended receiver. Looked like a classic inside slant used on goal line by offense. There has been WAY LESS contact by DB’s on WR’s flagged by zebras as PI for this not to be PI. SF hosed. I could not imagine one person saying Washington got robbed if PI called, or, that SF got a phantom call go their way. LB intentionally tried to make contact with a receiver who altered his route to miss him.

    1. Watch the end zone view on the coaches tape. Just from the alignment of Zach Brown, Beathard should have been able to see the slant wouldn’t be open.

  12. and this for our Legend…just so he knows he’s not being ignored…

    “So perhaps Packers coach Mike McCarthy should have expected a question about his team adding the former 49ers quarterback when he held a news conference Monday. However, when it inevitably came from a reporter, he did not appear at all pleased about it.”

    “I’ve got three years invested in Brett Hundley, I’ve got great confidence in Brett Hundley, I’ve got two years invested in Joe Callahan,” McCarthy said. “It’s a quarterback room that has structure and has a philosophy behind the development of it.”

    At that point, a reporter asked, “Are you entertaining the idea of bringing Colin Kaepernick in to compete for that backup job?” It was then that McCarthy’s mood changed to visible irritation.

    “Did you just listen to the question I just answered?” the coach barked. “I’ve got three years invested in Brett Hundley, two years invested in Joe Callahan, the quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be, okay?”

    that’s OK guys– Kap’s got his legal issues to focus on, playing ball would be a distraction…

    1. Hundley…. Isn’t he the guy who threw 3 interceptions? Ooookay…..
      Maybe he needs 3 more years of coaching so he does not throw 3 picks per game.
      McCarthy was short tempered and went emo. I kinda feel for him and understand his temper, since his ticket to the SB just had an operation.
      McCarthy has 2 years invested in Joe Calahan, but he also cut him, so the investment is tenuous at best.

      1. Seb,

        Any way you can invest more time on sports history rather than revisionist history ?

        It’s a sad day when you have to pull out all the stops to make Kap inch ahead of Gabbert at the revisionist history finish line….

        Oh the how the mighty have fallen in the QB power rankings.

        I hear the Edmonton Eskimos calling for Kap

    1. 49ers sign free agent DT Tony McDaniel

      The 49ers have found some depth while Arik Armstead is out.
      McDaniel stands 6’7, 305 pounds, and has 12 years experience in the NFL.

      –David Bonilla

      The 49ers on Tuesday added defensive linemen Tony McDaniel, formerly of the Seahawks, and Leger Douzable, who was with the team for three games during the preseason.

  13. Plenty to suggest NFL blackballed Colin Kaepernick, but can he prove it?
    Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY Sports Published 6:36 p.m. ET Oct. 16, 2017

    Consider the quarterbacks who have signed with NFL teams since Colin Kaepernick became available in March.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick. Mark Sanchez. Matt Schaub. Blaine Gabbert.

    They’re among the dozens of signees you might be familiar with. But none, unlike Kaepernick, has taken a team to the Super Bowl.

    Names you may have never heard of: Brandon Allen, Austin Davis, Brad Kaaya They are among unproven, resume-light prospects who landed jobs.

    Kaepernick is still unemployed.

    Kaepernick had such an impact and raised such a stink when he launched his national anthem protests last season, that the biggest item on the agenda when NFL owners meet in New York this week is to settle how such protests can be handled on the league stage…

    Count me among those who believe Kaepernick has been blackballed because he had the gall to ignite the league’s social movement and strike such a nerve that Donald Trump has seen fit to crudely address protesting NFL players from his Presidential perch.

    The message is obvious and not new: Stir up trouble, and you’re out.

    That’s too bad, because so many teams in a quarterback-needy league could use the help.

    1. And RGIII, his non-kneeling, QBing clone is also unemployed. Fact is that nobody wants one-dimensional, sand-lot QBs who can’t run a real NFL offense.

    2. TomD – A couple of facts you fail to include when deciphering why Kaepernick and RGIII still are “unemployed,” although you don’t hear about RGIII filing collusion charges……

      1. Bringing in either of those QBs to GB would require McCarthy to restructure dramatically his offense, virtually throwing out his playbook to accommodate runfirst QBs.

      2. The NFL is a “passing” league, not a QB running league. Coaches want a QB who moves in the pocket to create and to extend an opportunity to throw the ball, not a QB who moves in the pocket looking to run first.

      3. Kaepernick already turned down an offer of $900K, the minimum contract offer for a QB with his seniority, because he wanted to be a starter, not a back-up. Since I want to win Powerball, and don’t like the odds or the structure of the game because there are too many numbers, and the odds of me winning are 294,000 to 1, can I sue for collusion, claiming the lottery commission is making it too difficult for me to win on my terms?

  14. The third overall pick in April’s draft made a league-high four stops in the run game, and his 9 stops recorded since Week 2 are the fourth-highest for this period.

    On Sunday, Thomas’s run-stop percentage (total number of run stops — runs that constitute a loss for the offense — divided by the number of run snaps played) of 13.8 percent ranked seventh in the league among 28 qualifying 4-3 defensive ends.

    Thomas recorded an overall grade of 86.6, comfortably the highest of his rookie season so far, and he was also the highest-graded 49er in Week 6.

    Still a rookie. But so much better than the’ He’s a bust’ crowd thinks..;.

    1. You have to admit that he has been inconsistent so far. I will acknowledge that he that he has played well at times. Really well against the Skins. Grant was way too harsh on him this week. The read option has fooled a lot of people, not surprised that a rookie bit. This particular problem will not linger because it is fixable and the read option is a gimmick.

      Have you noticed that while I’ve been one of Thomas’ biggest critics, I been the only critic that has given him props when he has played well? Come on CFC, Grant, and others. Say something nice about Thomas.

      1. Inconsistency isn’t really a big negative for a rookie. That’s pretty much par for the course. The important thing is the highs are high. He can match it with NFL talent as a rookie and play well. The consistency will come. Buckner was the same last season.

        1. Also worth noting in 6 games he has been one of the five nominees for Pepsi rookie of the week three times. Not exactly the most accurate barometer of play, but still pretty impressive to be nominated three times already.

      2. Ive noted when he had a good game. He did this time around. Had trouble with the edge sometimes though but as noted by others he’s a rookie. He has disappeared in some games and been good in others. I wanted to watch his contribution more closely before weighing in but this week has been very busy so far.

      3. Yeah. Still a rookie. I remember when Ronnie Lott was a rookie. One early game a WR caught the ball and fell down. Ronnie Lott didn’t touch him because he was used to the college rule of ‘a man who is down, even if not by defensive contact, can’t get up and run’ and the guy got up and made a big gain.

        Rookies. Can’t build your team without ’em. But they’re going do rookie things.

    2. The OE (open side end) is on air vs. a tackle in pass rush and can align in a wide 5 or even a ghost 9 alignment to get a better angle on rushing the QB, thus forcing the OT to have to a wider kick step and to get the OT worried about maintaining the horizontal width of the pocket. Don’t see any of that stress placed on the OT by Thomas. In fact, I think Whitworth (OT for the Rams, in case you can’t recall) still is blocking Thomas in his sleep!!!!! Thomas still has not shown a better feel for rushing the passer than, as an example, he did against the Rams several weeks ago when Whitworth engulfed him.

      What are Thomas’ stats when he is at the POA (point of attack). I see him as a chase player and an effort player, but you don’t select a player #3 in the first round to be a chase player, and all players, regardless of round selected, should give maximum effort.

  15. Lets see, the Niners D can’t cover, can’t pass rush, linebackers are in disarray. The offense can’t run, can’t catch the ball, the o-line sucks, the QB is still a question. Couple all that with massive amount of penalties and assignment futility its a wonder that in five games they had a chance to win. Yup its the best 0-6 team I have ever seen. So it seems to me if you fix all these problems the Niners would be blowing everybody out…..I think KS is on the right track and will have this team humming at some point in the near future, probably not this year though.

    I think its a good move to get CJ some experience so staff will be able to evaluate the position for the up and coming season.

    1. UC – you make good points about our D but, with respect, you left out one that still has me troubled – Our D can’t hold a lead. At the end of the day there’s only one stat that counts for the D: we hold them to less points than we got.

      1. This defense is light years better than last year’s defense. Last season, the run defense was non existent.
        Sure, there was another gaffe that cancelled out a third down stop and extended the drive, but at least, 7 different players did not jump offsides.
        I see a lot more QB pressure, and timely sacks. No more 200 yard runners.
        The offense has instantly improved because Hoyer was benched. With better QB mobility, the O line will improve. With a more efficient offense, the Niners can string together drives, so the defense is not worn down by the 4th quarter.
        Sure wish the Niners had to only overcome the opponents. Too bad they are fighting against the refs and their blatantly biased officiating.

    1. I like Hikutini. Local guy. Ex CCSF Ram, etc. I’m pulling for him. But I’m still holding out for a He-can-catch-it.

  16. Mike Pereira on OPI.

    “An incorrect offensive pass interference penalty once again took away a chance for the 49ers to win their first game.”

    “Then there are the hard-luck 49ers. Offensive pass interference on Pierre Garcon? The only possible penalty on that play was defensive pass interference.”

    “Garcon was working his way upfield when a Redskins defensive back made contact with him as the pass is being thrown to Garcon. It is not a “pick.” When you pick a defender, you pick the guy covering another receiver and the pass is thrown to that receiver.”

  17. While I agree with Grant that Garcon was covered. Once Beatherd threw the ball to him it eliminated the possibility of it being an opi.
    Zach Brown wasn’t making a play on the ball and once the ball was in the air Garcon had to be the intended receiver bad read or not on Beatherd’s part.
    Brown was out of position to cover the flat and the ball should have gone there but had it gone there the opi is back in play. However , at this point the ref has to take into account if Garcon’s route deviates or if he is following his route and has his eyes on the QB.
    Mike Peirera, former head of officiating said that this was a bad call and explained it that way.
    Another thing, I don’t even know that this could be called a rub route as the receivers are not crossed for contact. Their natural motion creates interference but that is different and eliminating these plays would take away huge chunks of the playbook.

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