First-game flaws too familiar for 49ers

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jalen Hurd (17) celebrates after scoring against the Dallas Cowboys during the second half of an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — Is this déjà vu?

It’s mid-August, the 49ers have several injured players and they just committed 18 penalties in a preseason game.

Haven’t we seen this before? Is this Groundhog Day all over again?

They said this season would be different. They said they can make the playoffs. They got new trainers to cut down on injuries. But, they’re beginning to look like the same old 49ers that start slow and injured and immediately put themselves in trouble.

The 49ers won their preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys, and even though most of the 49ers’ starters didn’t play, winning is good. But, afterward, head coach Kyle Shanahan wasn’t exactly celebrating. He said the penalties were “very frustrating,” and he’ll “look at them very hard.”

Here’s what Shanahan and the 49ers should see when they take stock of their performance against the Cowboys:

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    1. Which part is untrue???
      This is frustrating. Injuries and undisciplined football. Hopefully it gets better but it’s the facts right now

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      1. Grant’s right. The team seems undisciplined, still early but it’s been the same last few years with starters and non-starters including into the reg. season…It also seems this team leads or seems to lead the NFL in injuries, in the top 10.?

        1. SF is in the top 10 for sure in injuries. So why and is there a way to change that from science down to coaching or the way they work out. They didn’t hit hard in camp, so?…cbssports lists 28 injured, maybe top 5…but espn only lists 8 injured and don’t even include Bosa so they are way off.

          1. The penalties were actually worse than the end of game statistics suggest. That is, there were quite a number of multiple infractions from which only the most damaging penalty would be selected. On one play, there were 3 yellow flags thrown for simultaneous holding penalties. Can you imagine if the league were to change their rules and have all simultaneous penalties tallied together? The 216 total yardage lost to penalties would balloon well over 300. Ouch! This team seriously needs more discipline.

            1. Correct…and like KMA said above, this team is undisciplined and has way too many penalities.. and injuries may or may not be related to an undisciplined coaching staff or whatever. I don’t understand jumping off sides on the O and D. No excuses. Bad luck, I don’t think so. Every team has both but this team seems to lead the league the last few years in both, why?…KS says they need to turn it around. We’ll see, it’s only 1 preseason game.

    2. It’s slightly different.

      Usually by now the 49ers have brought in a ton of off the street bums.

      This year they still have a few backup left.

      That may change though

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  1. “Saleh knows what he’s doing. And Shanahan knew what he was doing when he hired Saleh.”

    I have been a Saleh supporter from the get go, not sure if anyone else is/was. Nice to see him get some love. Now lets see if he continues to develop as a coordinator.

    1. Before you anoint this defense let’s see what happens when they are facing starters for 60 minutes.
      It’s the first preseason game. I like Saleh. I am just not ready to crown him in a preseason game.
      I am a huge Mullens fan. However Beathard’s passes looked like they had more zip. He passed the eye test for a NFL QB. It’s a true shame Mullen’s doesn’t have his arm. It appears to be the only attribute he is missing.

      1. Wasn’t really anointing the defense just glad to see some recognition go his way. That quote was from Cohn not me.

  2. You’d think by now we’d all be fed up with the “next year” mantra… but trust me on this. It will be more of the same for 2019. All one need do is take a good hard look at the roster. Top to bottom this team is one of the least talented groups in the NFL. It is filled with interchangeable players with journeyman ability and ho hum coaches. Exciting new rookies? Maybe. A few decent vets? Okay. Scheme? Meh. Is it enough for this team to make a playoff push? Hardly. Get used to the idea of 6-10 at best with more wasted picks on tap for/from Lynch.

  3. I’ve seen some scenarios where the Bengals work out a trade with the Niners for AJ Green. The rationale made a lot of sense for both sides. AJ’s the type of player that would immediately upgrade the receiving corps and other teams DC’s would have to game plan for.

      1. eMjay

        The benefit for cinci is that they get a big contract off their books, a 31 year old over the hill WR who is on IR at present , probably gain a draft choice (or more)….I’ve got a plan…let’s swap him straight across for Kevin Garnett, and see which one comes off the injury list first…NO DRAFT CHOICES or moneys exchanged. Right now, we have a good group of WR potential….Not a good trade….

    1. Not that convinced that AJ Green is not a fragile WR. Am I wrong or has he had a history of injuries in the last few years which have caused some significant missed time?

  4. I don’t understand all the love for Beathard! Everybody’s saying they were neck and neck, but I don’t know if they were watching the same game as I was. He and Mullens played behind the same line after the Coleman injury and C.J. looked terrible, he holds the ball to long, takes unnecessary sacks and hits, and was also playing the backups vs. Mully playing against starters for the most part. I’m not a Beathard hater by any means, but he doesn’t look nearly as good as Nick and he shouldn’t make this team.

    As for the overall game, I think there were some positives on Offense in the first few drives pre Beavers coming in! Nick looked poised and was putting the ball right where it needed to be, even Tim Ryan mentioned how he was on fire (but I think he cursed him because Nick threw the pick right after)! Richie James Jr. and Kendrick Bourne didn’t do is any favors; Pettis was an enigma, Jalen and Deebo are the real deal! And Austin Walter looked really good, huge upgrade from Mostert and should make the team with Jet going on short term IR.

    As for Defense, I agree with Grants assessment of Saleh, although I’m scratching my head at his endorsement, as I believe he was calling for Saleh to be fired last year. One preseason game and he’s calling him the best hire, LOL. Dre Greenlaw looks to be the real deal, Sheldon Day looks the same, great motor but can’t get it done and finish plays, I love the dude, but he may be on the bubble if all the Starters are Healthy for week 1. They should cut him early so he can catch on with another team.

    Overall I think it was a good, not great start and we need to clean up the penalties, but that’s what preseason is for.

    Go Niners!

  5. Injuries? check
    Turnovers? check
    Penalties? check

    Same old, same old.

    But we did get the win, meaning we were able to overcome all of that. This team is definitely more talented than last years team. We basically only added talent without losing anyone significant. So there is some hope.

    Also, I thought the Niners really reached in this year’s draft. But based on the early returns, it looks like we got solid NFL players in the first five rounds, which is always a solid drafting job. Anything we get from the 6th round will be gravy.

  6. “Is this déjà vu?

    It’s mid-August, the 49ers have several injured players and they just committed 18 penalties in a preseason game.”

    It is. They committed 17 against KC in week 1 of the 2017 preseason.

    The good news is this is the first practice game of the season and now the coaches have a something to point to that needs to be improved.

    The bad news is that we’ve seen this out of this team for 2 straight years.

    1. Red zone penalties have been a killer in previous seasons. Only one RZ penalty the other night and maybe just maybe they now have the players to convert goal to go beyond the 10 yard line. Though way too much projection based on preseason #1.

      1. Penalties in general have been rough on this team. Not just redzone penalties. Penalties on the defense that extend drives. Penalties on the offense that take them from 2 and 5 to 2nd and 15 or from 2nd and 10 to 2nd and 30.

        Yes, it’s preseason game 1. There’s some time to fix it, but acting like it’s not an issue or hasn’t been an issue these last 2 years is silly.

    2. With all of the complexities and pre-snap motion with this offense, it’s not surprising to see a fair share of penalties. However, 18 is more than a fair share, and they also weren’t all on the offense. That’s just way too many penalties (even though at least 3 of them were totally bogus), and completely unacceptable.

      But you make a good point Jack, now we’ll see if this point of emphasis actually results in a huge reduction of penalties, because penalties and turnovers will sink even the most talented of teams, more often than not.

      Gotta get it fixed, ASAP!

  7. Losing the swing tackle for the season could have a far bigger impact than Taylor’s injury.

    Pettis will probably be the 49ers best receiver, but that’s not good enough for Shanahan. Shanahan believes Pettis is one of the most talented receivers in football and is frustrated Dante’s not farther along. If this simmers into a season long stalemate, Pettis’ play could fall off. (who said “all management is people management?”)

    Want to raise your defensive coordinator’s IQ? Upgrade the secondary players.

    Seems like the Wide 9 opens gaps for blitzing. Thinking 49er coaches wanted to put blitzes on film to complicate preparation for future opponents.

  8. Every time I look at Saleh or the camera does a close up of him, I think 3-13 or 2-14, he just looks like a loser to me. He doesn’t look like a winning coach.

    1. Well then, let’s pressure the Yorks to hire someone who passes the ‘looks like a competent DC‘ test. Appearances are everything.

  9. The Niners should look at the 53 cutdown O linemen from the Cowboys Seahawks, Rams Saints and Steelers, and grab one or 2. These teams were some of the top rushing squads in the NFL. Getting one from the Steelers, Rams or Seahawks may give good intel for the upcoming games.
    Across the league, there have been players waived, and players signed. I hope the Niners are looking closely at all the waived players.
    The Niners used to have good depth, but the injuries to the D line and WRs now make some of their bubble players into keepers. Blair Taylor and Street all seem safe now. Bourne may have a spot due to Trent Taylor being sidelined.
    How do the Niners reduce the penalties? By better coaching. The coaches need to prepare the players better. They need to make the players more focused and in control. They should have a big bulletin board in the locker room, with the mantra- Zero Penalties, then post the number of penalties each week.
    Maybe they need to take more drastic measures. If a player commits 5 or more penalties, he should expect to temporarily lose his job, until he can show he can play more disciplined and in control.
    The Niner defense held the Cowboys to 3 field goals. They kept them out of the end zone. Saleh has improved the defense, and I am happy to see them make so many open field tackles. I think Woods and Kocurek have also been an upgrade over Hafley and Zgonina.
    Those practices with the Broncos should be interesting. I hope they glean some insights from Fangio.

  10. Just watching the highlights and thinking about the QB play in the dark years ala Cody Pickett, Ken Dorsey, Troy Smith, Shaun Hill, and yes even the great Alex Smith. Just watching these guys play really makes you appreciate Kyle’s ability to run an offense.

    1. You can’t put Alex in the same boats as those other QBs.

      Alex is in year 14, granted he’s injured but that was a horrific freak injury.

      He has an almost 2 to 1 TD-Int ration (193-101), just under 35k yards passing, 15 rushing TDs/2600 yards, and a passer rating of 87.3.

      Playoffs he has 14 TDs to 2 ints with 1745 yards in 7 games, 220 rushing yards/1 Td….and had he not been concussed and lost his job to injury, he’d have a SB appearance ( and win) on his record.

      Imagine if he had a guy like KS to work with since his rookie year?

      1. nineralltime

        Rattay was in the same role as Alex…both were excellent QB’s on the same rotten team…and it was US

        1. Story has it that he’s ‘retired’. We’ll have Kyle for at least another year…unless the 9ers win fewer than 5 in ’19. No doubt this this season is key.

        2. Mike would never do that to his son.
          Maybe he should just help KS, win by becoming his OC. Then they can be working together again.
          Mike can work on the preparations to instill discipline and focus, in order to reduce the unforced errors like penalties. He would still let KS call the plays, but his wealth of experience would help in the Red Zone. Then, during the game, he could diagnose the schemes, point out weaknesses on the other team, and make quick assessments, so they can make timely adjustments.

            1. I respectfully disagree. So far, it looks like Mike is observing practices, and has talked with players in the off season. Sounds like they respect his input, and already is the de facto OC. They just need to make it official.

          1. Sounds soooo enticing, doesn’t it?

            Sigh, ain’t gonna happen. Now, get angry Sebbie and pummel us with your argument–for at least the 100th time.


        3. Clam – no disrespect because Mike did win a couple of titles with John as his QB in Denver when they finally got a running game, but he did not light it up in Washington, even with Kyle coaching along side him.

  11. The number of penalties is a huge issue. The number of players missing assignments is a huge issue. The number of players getting hurt is a huge issue.

    Year 3 and we are still seeing the same issues. This is no longer something that can be written off as nothing or bad luck. The team lacks discipline and has too many guys getting hurt. There is something going wrong with the way the coaching staff is teaching for these same issues to keep happening every year, despite all the roster turnover year to year.

    Shanahan says he wants a WR to make his job easy in deciding who the starter is but nobody is consistently making a case for the job. Consistency has also been a huge issue for the 49ers DBs. Hard to get guys to consistently bring that sort of professionalism without making them accountable for their actions. Might be time to start being a bit brutal with some of these guys to get the point across they need to grow up.

    1. Issues in the 2nd week of August? You don’t say. We’ve got a week to clean it up and heal it up before Monday Night Football! Time to christen the USS Garoppolo!

    2. Some of you really look at this team in a vacuum when looking at the details. There were nothing but backups and players who aren’t making this team on the field for most of the game which was the case with many teams around the league the first week and guess what? There were high penalty totals in most of the games played.

      The 49ers were middle of the pack in penalties last season and the difference between them and a number of teams ahead of them was .1. The team with the worst penalties per game average was KC who have one of the longest serving HC’s in the game. Pittsburgh has traditionally been one of the most penalized teams the past few years under Tomlinson. Penalties happen and last season with all the injuries and the shuffling in and out of players weekly there was little to no cohesion. Look around the league and understand the situation for all teams to get a true understanding . The last guy you’ll get an accurate read on the team from is Grant Cohn. Do your own research instead of being lazy and relying on this kid.

  12. Seems like practices should be less about dancing to music and more about discipline. You’ve got a bunch of young rich athletes running the show and nobody holding them responsible for things like penalties, missed assignments and catching the ball in traffic. At this rate we will have the same result with a bit more depth at certain positions. They need an adult coach who can add that sense of fear to the mix. This staff is too soft.

    1. Well, the discipline theory can work both ways at times.
      NYGiants head coach Tom Coughlin ran his practices like a military Sargent. A large percentage of his players hated him because of his military style discipline to the point of wanting out of NY.
      It wasn’t until Coughlin backed off from his hardcore coaching style that he regained the locker room and won big.

      Sure, Shanahan has to emphasize discipline much more in practices but sometimes this takes a little more time given the fact that their are many young players on the team.

      I happened to watch a few games over the weekend and noticed that yellow flags were flying a little more than usual. That isn’t an excuse for the 49ers penalty issues but I’m interested in seeing if the referees go flag hungry this season. Fans won’t be happy to see the game being slowed down by raining flags.

    1. That’s a good question Cass. Last year when Kyle said that Beathard was the best QB in the building I was sure he lost the building….or maybe it was his mind.

    2. CFB,
      Is there a reason why you ask that question?
      Has this been brought up by players or reporters?
      Inquisitive minds need to know 🤔

      1. It will be interesting to see if he stays or is replaced after cut-down day.

        I really wish we would have gone another direction with that punter pick. That said I’m really hoping he turns out to be a great punter.

        1. Yea, no surprise they chose to go with an older vet with game experience. I wonder if Kocurek provided any insight. Looks to be a 1 year rental, but to your point, if a better option appears on cut down day they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

          So far the punter has been as advertised.

  13. Penalties have been an ongoing problem even before Shanny got here. Two years ago the Niners had 46 pre snap penalties, 2nd most, last year they had 40 improving yes but still too many. A lot of the other penalties will diminish on cut day.

      1. The audacity. The unmitigated gall! You can’t compare an oc playing hc to BB. It’s football blasphemy! If we only had Toub and Ballard, we’d be as disciplined as a US Marine platoon!

      2. If you look at the number of plays divided by the number of penalties against the team, SF ranks number 15, which is pretty much right in the middle. The team with the fewest number of plays run before a penalty that went against them was called was KC and the team with the best ratio was Tennessee followed by NE.

        If you look at yards against the team per penalty called, SF was tied for 10th highest.

        If you look at how often a pre-snap penalty occured relative to the number of plays run, SF is 11th worst on the list. I’m assuming that “pre-snap” penalties includes those on offense, defense and special teams. The number of plays includes all plays: offense, defense, special teams.

        Of course these are pure statistics, which does give you some idea of how your team is performing. But it doesn’t give a feel for how much the penalties impacted the game. An example would be the offside penalty by Solomon Thomas on a 4th down play which the Vikings weren’t going to run.

      3. “I see that the Niners had one penalty more than that well-knows undisciplined team — New England.”

        Over the last 2 years the 49ers have committed the 6th most pre-snap penalties with 87. New England has committed the fewest with 52.

        This type of penalty is all about discipline.

  14. well darn it…Fricso didn’t break the record for the most penalties in a game Raiders own it at 23…but Frisco had more penalty yards .. too bad they can’t take credit for it, its preseason. Very alarming indeed lets hope Frisco cleans it up some before the regular season. Anybody know if the Offense or Defense had the most flags?

      1. DEADSPIN: Singletary dropping Shorts

        The Worst Motivational Coaching Gimmicks In History
        (Whoops, There it Is)!
        Drew Maga

  15. The Cowboys made Young a sixth-round selection out of Notre Dame in 2010. Young has 88 game appearances and 21 starts through his nine NFL seasons. He also spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills during his professional career.

  16. BJ Kissel
    Rookie safety Juan Thornhill with the interception in the end zone during situational period off Patrick Mahomes.
    That’s his sixth INT of camp.

    1. Oh the 2 trolls twittering among themselves, how cute.
      Frankly, I wish we had more Niner faithful on this site instead of Raider and Seahawk burner accounts.
      They are so talented. Desperately linking Youtube, and amply displaying their utter lack of football knowledge.
      They are easily amused, and will laugh at anything, even their own pathetic attempts to engage me. Talk about Niners? No, they want to hurl their invective and screeds, which make them look like insignificant fools.
      I am more interested in the joint Niner/Bronco practices. Will the Niner Offense score against the Bronco Defense? I hope to see the Niner pass rush get to the Bronco QBs, and wonder how the Niner run defense will thwart the Bronco run game.
      Most importantly, will Fangio allow music during the joint practices?

      1. Second most importantly, will Sebbie eat his last raspberry Pop Tart (while gazing out over his 2.5 acres…)?

        1. I wonder if Cassie needs to keep reminding us about how much Baalke was a cancer, and a total failure.
          Paraag kept his head down for a while, but the leaks and smears have started up again.

            1. Thanks, GEEPers. Now you have made up things about me, so I can call you a lying fraud.
              From now on, posters will dismiss your rants as more lies.
              Now I can say that GEEPers is an addle brained dim bulb who thinks lying about other posters make him look smart. Wrong, it just exposes his various character flaws. If GEEPers can lie about me, no poster on this site is safe from his calumny.
              Liars who hurl ad hominem ad nauseum insults really do not bring much to this site. I would rather discuss this win.

              1. Hominy…comes in a can–mostly. I think I’ll ad hominy to my menu tomorrow night.

      2. Here ya go Seb…its ok we understand

        Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.
        “That guy is a total Broncos homer, they haven’t done anything good all season!”

      3. In case you missed it here ya go Seb

        Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.
        “That guy is a total Broncos homer, they haven’t done anything good all season!”

        1. The Frisco Kid. Wear it like a badge.
          Double posting just means you are too desperate. You are worried your screed did not go through.
          Glad I named you. You wear it like a badge of honor, but it just defines you. Now, you will respond to my posts addressing you as the Frisco Kid, just like TrollD and GEEPers do now.
          BTW, I have been critical of all their penalties, and have offered ways to solve their problem. I have questioned the wisdom of acquiring red flagged players, and think they would be better served by selecting fully healthy, high character players who are coachable, and multi talented. I think they rely too much on the ANALytics. It seems to dismiss the possible risks, and only caters to the most optimistic scenarios. ANALytics should be used as a tool, not a dogma. Does a Homer advocate for the Niners to hire an OC?
          I am the furthest thing from a Homer, but I am also not a Hater like you, who seems to make sport of insulting Niner fans. True, die hard faithful Niner fans are tired of your relentless negativity, and see you as a bothersome troll.
          You may claim you used to be a Niner fan, but you sure are not one now. Die hard fans stick with their teams, through thick and thin. Faithful fans are not fair weather fans.
          Go crawl back in your cave, because I plan on making you a special target. I wish I could say that I relish a good challenge, but you are too pathetic, and living on the edge of the wilderness has made you kinda squirrelly.
          The Frisco Kid aint a friend of mine
          The Frisco Kid hates 49ers
          The Frisco Kid is now a Seahawk fan.
          The Frisco Kid aint a friend of mine.

          1. The sharks circled the leaking life raft like a pack of crazed personal-injury attorneys at a six-car pileup, and Joey could just taste the fear–which tasted like chicken–and wondered morbidly if he too, might taste like chicken. {BLF]

  17. What concerns me is the video I saw of Shannahan after the game saying how many penalties for yards they had but then congradulating the team for fighting through it and getting the win..That seems questionable to me.

    1. Not me. In the past, those unforced errors would allow the Niners to defeat themselves. At least KS finished off this game with the most important stat, a win. He is learning. Winning that game may be a start to a better season.
      The Niners fought through adversity. That is a good sign.

  18. Penalties are a concern, but question is how many plays in practice were with the same OL or were the staff rotating players in and out?

  19. Sebbie…

    Check video and photos of the 9er/Cowboy game. You’ll see some eye black on a 9er or two. Gasp!

    1. Personally, I would rather they study the playbook, than wasting time putting on makeup. They might actually reduce the unforced errors.
      However, studies do show that eye black does help in reducing the glare to the eyes. So if used quickly and judiciously, it can be a helpful tool.
      Going overboard on eye black may be justified like the Indians using war paint, but one must realize that with the advent of the Winchester, those battles turned into slaughters of the Indians.
      I have said that painting a player’s face may look cool, but if they lose, it just looks like clown paint.
      Thankfully, the Niners won.

        1. Time is of the essence.
          Adequate and thorough preparations take time. Obviously, they did not take enough time to prepare to reduce penalties.

  20. At the end of the day, Jalen Hurd made a wise choice about switching positions. Maybe his timing was off, but he’s going to get paid as a WR, not as a RB. He and Samuel played with some fire in the belly on Saturday.

    Bummer about Trent Taylor. Some guys have the injury bug and never quite get over it.

    1. He made a wise choice for Jalen Hurd but not for the team that he left. He did quit on his team but he absolutely made the right career decision. Hard to find fault when someone changes direction in their life for their own well being. I do get Houston’s point, I sure as hell do.

        1. I am not at all uptight with Hurd’s decision. Curt Flood decision was the absolute correct thing to do. If you cant understand Houston’s take I don’t know what to tell ya, I do understand it.

      1. If I’m not mistaken, he wanted to switch in season–right? That’s the only beef I would have with the switch. He had a contract with the school based on his playing a specific position and if the team didn’t want him to change, because they had other guys at the position he wanted to switch to, I totally get it. Right thing to do would have been to finish out the season then switch.

        But the good news is, is that he looks like at keeper at WR.

        Win = Niners

        1. He did change in mid season, Houston refers to him as a quitter. Hard to argue against that eh? I am not opposed to what Hurd did but that doesn’t mean I cant understand why Houston takes the stance that he does…I mean he is right. He quit and once one quits does he/she continue the trend during the coarse of life. Like I say I am okay with Hurd he took measures to improve his life, hard to argue against that too…

        2. My understanding is there was significantly more to the story than him wanting to switch positions and the coach not letting him. From what I have read it sounds very much like Hurd believed the coach had no concern for his welfare and didn’t trust him after a few instances of going back on his word and also convincing Hurd he shouldn’t report his injuries (including concussions) so he could keep playing.

      2. When Reuben Foster got arrested the first time for alleged D. A, someone who saw his picture when he sat in court said that he looked like a little kid. Also some said that he was young and had a hard upbringing (which true). As we came to find out, Reuben did not learn his lesson. He will get another chance to play after his suspension.

        I said all that to say this, why isn’t Hurd getting the “he was young” grace that many here gave Foster, for a whole lot worse?

        The kid requested to make a change in positions in order to avoid another concussion that could have jeopardize his opportunity to possibly play in the pros.
        I, for one am glad he did!

        1. The stems less from what he did and more from how he went about it I suspect.
          The problem is more in regards to letting down his teammates.However, I think part of the reason he did it that way was in part that he felt no loyalty towards that coach.

          Note* Baylor’s coaches raved about his work ethic.

          1. Concussions affect the thinking process. I am not going to say definitely, but Butch recruited Hurd and showcased him. Most coaches would have expected more loyalty from Hurd, since they invested a lot of time and energy towards him. Most players do not dictate to the coaches where he wants to play. Usually, it is the coaches telling a player where they want him to play, and what role he will play.
            I wonder what was said in that Sunday team meeting, by the other players.
            The Baylor coaches heaped praise on Hurd because they did not want Hurd to quit on them.

        2. True …..

          That is why the “quit on team” makes no f.. king sense but pure hating….

          What do you mean you understand houston’ s point that Hurd quit on the team…..there is nothing to understand….it’s a wrong kind of understanding……

          You don’t hate on a young kid and say …yea I understand…..are you a hater?….pick a side

          Why are you an enemy of progress….

      3. Let me try this. If my supervisor is adamant in forcing me to do a job that I feel jeopardizes my health resulting in a long term or chronic injury, should I worry how my peers feel if I leave that job?

        Hurd did not quit his team (ala Joe Williams), he did what he had to do in order to pursue his dreams. I can’t call him a quitter under those circumstances.
        But to each, their own.

  21. Same old same old. It’s football. There are injuries. Instead of just focusing on the injuries only the Niners sustain, why not write a comparative article discussing the injuries throughout the league, and how the team compares with its competition? Maybe the team is on average. Maybe not. Maybe less. Maybe more. Same with the penalties, and everything else Coach/GM focuses on with the Niners. Middle school level depth. So predictable. Always amazed at what the PDYNT prints, but then again, it’s the PDYNT. Meh….

        1. You all are 💯. The 49ers don’t have an injury problem at all. They decided to shake up their medical staff following last year just for $hits and giggles.

          1. Razor, I did know that. That’s pretty impressive. He is a very talented guy. He looks like a natural out there and obviously a handful after the catch. Everyone concerned about Taylor’s injury as having such a negative influence on the Niners. Taylor prior to the off season workouts was a borderline cut candidate. Suddenly it’s a massive blow. Lol ok. The combo of Deebo and with JG and Kittle will be devastating. Run after the catch will be special. A little slot Wr who is limited in speed and height won’t make any kind of influence. This is a blessing in disguise. I wish Taylor the best but he is just a guy. Those other 2 are dynamic talents.

            1. Agreed, I’d like to see Samuel, Pettis, Goodwin and Hurd all on the field at the same time, with Hurd lined up in the backfield. Split him out and let the defense pick their poison….


      How about a little balance here. There were actually some positives – holding the Cowboys out of the end zone, Bethard looked very good , as did the rookie wide receivers and linebackers. Relax folks, we have just begun the journey.

      It’s interesting that Grant and many others complain about injuries (as if they are the coaches fault) and also want Shanahan to hold tackling drills, WHICH WILL RESULT IN MORE INJURIES!! Go figure.

    2. There are unreasonable fans for all teams who look at these problems in the most negative light possible. Every team deals with the same issues and a group of each teams fans always believes their team is the only one dealing with them. They are often the loudest and post the most on boards like this. Live to whine and complain and look for people to blame. There is a guy above posting about a rookie Safety in KC playing well in practice and using it as a way to criticize the team. It’s unbelievable the lengths some people go to whine about this team not doing what they want.

    3. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann 1h
      Jazz Ferguson called for OPI on a 35-yard touchdown. Pete Carroll “challenged” the ruling, basically telling the refs he wanted it to be a touchdown. Tre Flowers, understandably, wasn’t thrilled. #Seahawks

  22. Absolutely no conclusions about the team can be formed in preseason game 1 when more guys play who will not be on the team in a month than actual starters play. However, we can draw some inferences on individual players though.
    You’re right on Pettis. He really hasn’t improved at all as a player based on what I saw this game.
    Neither has Ahkello Witherspoon. I was unimpressed by his play.
    Nick Mullens is better than CJ Beathard.
    The Shon Coleman injury is huge IMO. Keeping the O-line healthy will be critical this year.
    I like Austin Walter as a RB. Hope they can keep him on the PS this year.
    The punter seems like he’ll be ok. Still think drafting him in the 4th round was stupid.
    I like Richie James and Kendrick Bourne but you have to catch the damn ball. I think those guys are gone.

          1. Maybe if Taylor goes to IR, otherwise I think he may be out along with, Matthews. They’ve got guys who can return with Reed, and Brieda. Couple that with the limited opportunities for kick returns thanks to Goodell, and I’m not sure that aspect will carry much weight in the evaluation.

            I’ve got:


            1. I can see that also Raz. Though depending on the RB infirmary status, Breida might be to valuable for return duty? Idk.

              It seems petty much agreed that 6 spot is the last one up for grabs.

  23. It’s practice man! We’re talking about practice! It’s practice! Are we really talking about practice?
    – A.I. (The Answer)

    Yep Seb. Juan will do great things! :)

  24. Juanhunglo, just a matter of time before you and Seb clash since his ego won’t allow anyone but himself making cogent observations.

    To Review—Seb still boast about Kaep and Seb still thinks Marathe is still a leaker……..
    The more things change, the more they stay the same,
    Welcome back!

    1. TrollD, I respect Juanhunglo. He was the first person on this site to tout Juan Thornhill. He liked JoJuan Williams, and the Patriots agreed with Juanhunglo’s assessment, because they moved up in the draft to select him.
      I give kudos when Juanhunglo makes cogent observations, and spot on predictions, and look forward to his posts.
      Trying to drive a wedge between posters is just a Typical Troll Tactic.

  25. I see a 6-10 team as I watch this team head into the regular season. Not enough guys can stay healthy and our depth still doesn’t appear solid by any means. Forget the intangibles like learning how to close out close games. Anyone else have higher expectations?

    1. 6-10 sounds about right..the Roster leaves little to be desired. ….plus the schedule is brutal – 8 games on the Ecoast….Frisco hasn’t won a game on the ECoast since 2014……not unless Mullens comes in (sorry guys but can JimmyG last with this Oline?) and Hurd and Samuel ball out and the defense gets a boost somewhere (trade for a stud safety?) …plus the division is tough with Seattle and LA….and as you mentioned injuries are huge, the team is banking on Kwon JimmyG Ward Bosa MKinnon etc that are injured or off injuries which never bodes well…

    2. I tend to agree with this but I still see an 8 win season. There are so many key guys coming off major injuries it’s just logical to expect some to have that down year in performance while they are still recovering, or for guys to re-injure themselves as they overcompensate for their original injury. Look at the guys who are injury concerns. Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander, Jimmy G, Arik Armstead, Jacquiski Tartt, Weston Richburg, Nick Bosa, Jerick McKinnon, Trent Taylor, Kentavius Street, Jason Verrett, Jimmie Ward. I mean that’s a ton of cap space tied up in guys who have significant injury histories. If God is a 49er fan and every one of these guys makes it through the entire year I could see the 49ers getting to 11 wins. If God is a Rams fan and every one of these guys misses a lot of time due to injury we could have another 4 win season. I expect it will be somewhere in the middle and the 49ers end up with 8 wins.

  26. Winners and Losers:

    Winners—Jalen Hurd and Deebo Samuel
    Losers—Seb (a.k.a., SEBRAIDAH) for picking Hurd to be a bust!???

    “The winners of the Preseason Week 1 were the two @49ers WRs who showed up, balled out, and showed why there’s hope for a different story at the that position this year. @MrHurd_1 and Deebo Samuel had amazing weekends, while across the Bay, things didn’t go as well.” – @PSchrags

    Chris Wahl

    Follow Follow @49erFaithful_85

    Replying to @PSchrags @minakimes @gmfb
    I can’t speak for who “won” across the league, but I can say two guys by the names of Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd are definitely winners.

    1. Seb=homer
      Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.
      “That guy is a total Frisco homer, they haven’t done anything good all season!”

    2. Tom,
      There was some talk about LB rookie Josh Allen making a tackle for a loss over the weekend, but our own Dre Greenlaw did the same thing.
      Go figure.

  27. If health permits (not a good start) I see 9 to 11 wins. They have upgraded just about everywhere but the secondary. What fixes a bad secondary is a great pass rush. The Niners will have that. Plus JG coming back with more weapons will make a big difference. You can’t learn to win close games without your franchise QB. Now that he is back they will do just that.

  28. Thanks Tom. Spent most of the summer traveling. I’d peak in once in a while and even read one off coach’s articles when it was nap time. Man he’s boring. Never anything new. You just have to read the title of his piece and you know what’s coming. It’s like he just copies and pastes stuff from last years onslaught of negative diatribe and then fills in words to make it sound original. Kind of like the old seventh grader who took his Colliers Encyclopedia to do a book report and just mixed up the sentences slightly! Pretty funny actually. Seb and I are fine. I enjoy and respect everybody’s take on the team and more on this site. There are no experts here. Just good, healthy back and forth. Enjoy!

  29. No. 3: LB Azeez Al-Shaair

    Seemingly coming out of nowhere, linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair, a rookie from Florida Atlantic University, made his presence known in a few key plays during Saturday’s game.

    First, he showed the tackling prowess that helped him rack up close to 400 tackles in 43 career games at FAU, including 31 tackles-for-loss. He finished his first NFL preseason game with four tackles, including one where he simply destroyed the Cowboys’ failed attempt at a screen pass.

    Later in the game, he recovered a fumble by Cowboys quarterback Mike White, demonstrating an intensity to fight for the ball, even when he was fighting with his teammate.

    Al-Shaair might not have done enough to make the team’s 53-man roster just yet, but his tenacity should certainly get 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Salah to pay attention to what he does from here until the end of the preseason.

    1. I thought that Al Shaair looked good. He seems to have a nose for the ball and is a sure tackler. I think that the team will find a spot for him.

    1. Thanks TomD….something actually interesting….. unlike the other guy (seb)……after watching this The Frisco Kid says goodbye to MSmith hello Azeez Al-Shaair

  30. GEEP says:
    August 12, 2019 at 1:13 pm
    Sleb says:
    * I wonder if I need to keep reminding myself about how much I’m a cancer, and a total failure?

    Reply: And brings nothing to this site but Sebraidah

    1. TrollD, I do not need to lie about you when I state that you fantasized about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.
      Please seek help.

              1. I’ll leave this right here. One of the defining traits of the narcissistic sociopath is projection.

                Keep it up, Seb.

  31. “Same old 9ers” except for the fact that it’s the pre season and they sat a total of 30 players ; 18 of whom happen to be projected Starters!So Grant’s analysis is rife with the same baseless ,short sighted ,unintelligible garbage.

    Quit Hating Grant and start acting like you don’t have female genitalia.

    1. I was, but that’s me. Considering just about every starter was sitting…

      I’ve endured over five decades of preseasons. This outing vs Dallas–game 1, a win–wasn’t that revolting. Just me.

    1. I guess I can identify with most of what he likes. Pizza, FRIENDS, Movies and CATAN. Seems down to earth.

      Hoping he can turn into a great WR!

  32. Grant, little off topic but would love to hear your thoughts on Shanny ripping Mullen’s on the pick where he got drilled and praising Beathard (implying it was Hurds fault for that awful ball that got picked)
    Mullens had 2 big drops and Beathard had 45 additional yards on an under thrown ball that lead to his TD or else the numbers would have been miles apart. Yet they were “equal”
    Shanny just can’t put his ego aside bcuz he screwed up and wanted Beathard in the 3rd.
    Is this fair to say??

    1. Hey buddy you do realize it was Kyle who found Mullen’s and developed him not Grant right? It’s pretty funny how some including Grant give no credit to Kyle for signing Mullen’s…. Yea he did draft C.J. in the third. But he also found Mullen’s and gave him an opportunity don’t forget that.

      1. Actually, RAW, I heard it was Scangarello who pushed hard for Mullens. But if the guy at the top gets the blame for drafting/signing players that are “busts”, then he also gets the praise for signing guys that exceed expectations – regardless of who suggested them.

  33. I will agree with Grant about the problem with the penalties, but throw in a caveat. Many of the players are not the starters, and are playing with other non starters for the first time.
    I will disagree with Grant about it being deja-vu all over again.
    This was a stern test. The Cowboys were a 2018 playoff team. Dak played a lot. The first string defense played a lot. Looney played all game. The second string Dallas squad played against the Niner third string.
    If it was a Groundhog Day, the Niners would have found a way to lose. Instead, the Niner defense held the Cowboy offense to 3 field goals. The Niner rookies performed well. The Niners lost the turnover battle, and still won. They won despite the ref’s favoritism. The game management was crisp and competent. KS finished the game, and did not implode. The defense tackled hard and wrapped up the runners. Mullens and CJB played well. They both threw a TD pass, but both also threw picks. I think that neither player was clearly superior, so it will remain competitive. Next game, I hope CJB can lead the second string, and Mullens can lead the third string. Woods and Kocurek seem to have been good improvements, helping the defense. The Niners won the time of possession, and out gained the Cowboys. The Niners made 3 sacks, and gave up only one sack.
    I was impressed with KS. He took a player off the street, suited him up, and Wilds ran 7 times for 29 yards, with a 15 yard run up the middle. Brandon Wilds did not need to master the playbook, because he only had 2 hours to study it. Wilds made a good block on a pass rusher, and even caught a pass for 4 yards. KS’s coaching was resilient, innovative and adaptable.
    This game was important, and I hope it set the tone for the season. Sure, there is lots of room for improvement, but they played them tough, and any win over the Cowboys is a good accomplishment.
    I had been predicting an 8-8 season, but if the Niner second string can perform well against the Cowboy first string, 9-7 may be a possibility. If the planets align, they avoid more injuries and the Niners receive some lucky bounces, a Wild Card spot is possible.

    1. homer = Seb
      Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.
      “That guy is a total Frisco homer, they haven’t done anything good all season!”

      1. The Frisco Kid aint a friend of mine.
        ‘They have’nt done anything good all season’. Wrong, The San Francisco 49ers just defeated a hated rival.

    1. Hurd is going to help the team this year even if he isn’t the starter.

      But I do have a little bit of a concern with Hurd. I got a glimpse of how Jalen received concussions during his college career. On his first TD catch, he took a big helmet to helmet shot when he bowled his way to the endzone.

      Leading with his head should concern the coaching staff. T. O. would bowl over tacklers but rarely lead with his head in doing so.

      Chris Borland looked to have promise but his style of reckless tackling eventually gave him an epiphany that he did not want to suffer a long term issue with another concussion – he got out, smart move for him.

      I’m not sure if Hurd can change his style given the fact that he seems to lean on his RB mentality of running through would be tacklers, but for me it gives me pause.

      1. Azeez Al Shaair tore his ACL and MCL. He is another Paraag ANALytics special.
        He did well against lower competition, but the Niners should put him on the PS, and let him fully heal.

        1. Wow. I’m jumping for joy that you’re open to keeping him in some fashion. I could’a sworn you’d simply toss him aside with an arrogant sniff.

          I love you, Your Grace…

  34. Just listened to the Bonta Steiny & Guru podcast with Grant. It started around minute 26.
    Grant brought up an interesting observation. He wondered why they held out Solomon Thomas. He should have been playing because he does not seem to be injured, and he has lots to prove.

    1. And what’s the story on each of the other ‘starters’ who sat out the game? Hmm?

      Maybe Grant is just being Grant. Perhaps Grant feels Solomon’s weight is incorrectly listed…

      1. Almost all of the healthy starters who sat out, do not have something to prove. Thomas has lots to prove.
        Grant also mentioned that they will probably play JG for a series, and for a whole half in the third preseason game.
        I hope KS weighs the risk/reward scenarios. I understand why they want to see JG play, but risking injury in a meaningless game may not be wise if JG incurs another injury. Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if things do not go smoothly.
        Ideally, JG should drive down the field and score a TD. Then let Mullens and CJB continue their competition.
        I hope the Niners play JG sparingly, in order to protect their investment.

          1. Can you stop the Baalke stench by stopping to haunt my posts?
            It is really bothersome to deal with you, but I guess I get another chance to rip Baalke. Baalke was a total failure, and his only success was in dismantling a SB team.
            That Paraag has probably sicced you on me.
            Did you know, that since Paraag has been with the Niners, they have not won a ring?

        1. Solly has proven to be an efficient run-stuffer. So while he hasn’t been the long awaited pass-rusher we wanted from him, he is making a niche for himself in defending the run.

          Given Thomas’ strength of clogging the inside, I would tend to lean that he doesn’t have anything to prove. Especially now that we have people to rush the QB.

          We will start seeing more starters get playing time by the 3rd and 4th preseason games.

      2. Almost all of the healthy starters who sat out, do not have something to prove. Thomas has lots to prove.

        Seb please google association fallacy before embarrassing yourself further. (I can see why this guy makes his living with his back and not his brain. )

          1. Again with the name calling. Who else does a lot of that? Oh I know, America’s #1 narcissistic sociopath.

            Keep it up Seb.

              1. Yawn

                Seb, can you get your wife posting on here again? She had much more interesting and intelligent things to say than you do. All you have is school yard names.

    2. Or perhaps with the number of DLmen in camp coach wanted to see what some of the newcomers are capable of. Duh? Figure it out Grant/Seb.

          1. Donald, it sounds like they were playing him out of position, and Kocurek has installed the Wide 9. Maybe they should see how he does in that new scheme.

            1. it sounds like

              That’s your problem right there. Positing hearsay as fact. Another defining trait of the narcissistic sociopath.

              Keep it up Seb.

              1. Valoaga, in one game has half the sacks Thomas has made in 2 years.

                *golf clap*

                Now you know why coaches wanted to see him play. Congratulations, you figured it out all by yourself!

  35. The 49ers played a team that people think is good but they really are not in the Cowboys. They are a bit overrated and they will be playing in a weak division this year. They do have the best RB but other than that they are a 7-9 team.

    Now holding them to 3 points on the first drive while they had their starting offense and we did not have all of our starting defense is good news. Really just playing the whole game with just backups and still won.

    Dante did not look to good out their unless it was just for him to dress and practice without trying to really play in a preseason game but if hes going to be a starter he should of shine in the game going against backups from the cowboys. James almost lost a fumble and the WR everybody likes Bourne did not do nothing to show he can play. Now that Trent is going to be out and maybe miss the first 2 games, the WR should be rookies Deebo, Hurd, Goodwin (who will probably get hurt soon), Jordan, Dante and James. When Trent comes back James will go. James stays when Goodwin goes out. That’s if they go with 6 wide outs. James and Bourne are PS players. They should go with only 5 and use the other spot for waiver wire pickup or another DL. That guy who they just signed last week had 2 sacks. Yes its only preseason but its still bad when your best wide outs are 2 rookies on the team.

  36. sebnynah says:
    August 9, 2017 at 7:58 am

    BTW, I can take a punch. Some guy at a party once hit me while i was not looking over some perceived slight. He hit me so hard, I flew against the wall. I told him he made me spill some of my beer. He was so amazed that he hit me as hard as he could, and I was unfazed, that he apologized and left. I had another beer.

        1. sebnynah says:
          August 13, 2017 at 5:02 pm

          Prime, did I tell you of the time I was working repairing drilling rigs? They had this 6 inch nut on a draw works, and could not get it loose. So they had me hold this bar, while some burly Nam Vet who was a former college lineman, swung a 12 pound sledge to try and loosen it. I had to hold it and not flinch while he swung with all his might. He must have swung it 50 times, and if he had missed, he probably would have crushed one of my hands. After about an hour, they gave up. The owner was there, and was in a frenzy to get it repaired, so they could keep drilling.
          I certainly did not want to repeat that performance, so I took a scrap 4 inch diameter shaft from a pump, and with short strokes, started pounding on a tine of the nut. After 5 minutes, I loosened it. The foreman came to me and the Nam Vet and mocked him for letting a guy half his weight do what he could not do. The owner was tickled pink. Of course, they thought that some green college kid could not do half the work they could, but after that, they respected me more.

          1. Well Mr Sebbie you should look up those guys who respected you so much back then and spend your time with them. You’re the Rodney Dangerfield Of Grant’s Blog; you can’t get no respect here.
            Which begs 2 questions:
            – Why do you spend so much time here?
            -Don’t you have any actual live friends?
            (Try to keep your response down 750 words or less)

            1. I love the Niners, and I like to write.
              I am going to stop posting because some immature mental lightweights cannot handle my posts?
              Let this be a lesson to you, and the Niners. Never let them see you sweat. Respect? from them? Bah, I invite their scorn. I actually do get respect, but that is from posters who have learned their lesson, and realize that engaging with me is a futile endeavor. In the end, they throw up their hands, and declare they should not have started anything in the first place. They tend to leave me alone, and let me blog in peace.
              I have plenty of friends. We just had a stirring Settlers of Catan match, this past weekend. 2 women who I give dahlias to, remarked that my dinner plate sized dahlias, dwarfed those at the county fair.
              I still have my maintenance accounts that pay the bills, and I can pick and choose my various projects. I specialize in design build Xeriscapes, California Natives, Japanese styled gardens, and my signature is a rock turtle arrangement. I can work whenever I want to, or post whenever I want to.
              I spend time here because I want the Niners to learn from their mistakes, improve, and win multiple more rings. This season, the Niners may be poised to advance further in the standings, and if the planets align, and they manage to avoid more injuries, they may even be in the running for a wild card spot.
              Sure, they will never admit that my ideas influenced them in any way, but it sure was satisfying to see them stop doing the multiple shifts before the snap of the ball, and the pre snap penalties were way down compared to at times, last season. Pre snap penalties in the Red Zone last season were problematic, and contributed to them losing.
              I have finally seen them stop wasting time outs like a drunken sailor. They saved them for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. Previous years, all I wanted was, for them to get a play off in time, so they could avoid the delay of game penalties.That hurry up offense negates the possibility of a delay of game penalty.
              Some day, I hope they avoid the red flagged players and the ACL players. The Niners should select high character guys who are fully healthy.
              Some day, they will stop shooting themselves in the foot. Those unforced errors tend to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I sure am glad that KS managed to finish this last game with a victory. They need more thorough preparations and instill discipline, so they play more focused and in control, but that just takes time.
              I have been advocating for the play action pass since before JH, and am heartened to see it as an integral part of the KS offense.
              KS even talked about having certain plays scripted that take into consideration the down and distance. He even said they have plays scripted to get a play off quickly, so the other team cannot challenge the call. That shows that they are preparing for every contingency, something I have been advocating for years. Some posters take my posts way too seriously. I do not claim to have played in the NFL, or coached an NFL team, but I do have experience coaching. Many coaching concepts can be adapted for any sport. Things like teamwork, organizing, planning, preparations, support, attacking weaknesses, playing focused and in control, playing with discipline, making adjustments, disguising weaknesses, deception, game management and being bold, decisive and innovative.
              KS may claim his scheme is totally different from the WCO, but I see many similarities. They both use a FB. They both flood a zone at times, so the QB just needs to find the open receiver. They both target a specific player, and both try to create mismatches. They both use previous plays to set up plays, and both move the sticks with a short passing game. KS’s schemes, are just WCO schemes that have evolved. They both script plays, and both try to be balanced so the defense must defend against both the run or the pass. They both try to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers, in space,so they can attack a weakness.
              I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, posting on a Niner blog. I have repeatedly invited posters to scroll past, so I do not think my opinion is the only one in the world that matters, or that all other opinions do not count. I try to be respectful, but gauge my responses, matching what the other poster writes.
              Believe it or not, I also like to read Grant’s writing. I appreciate good writing, because it is so rare nowadays. Grant has also called me a legend (probably tongue in cheek), and thrown me a cookie every now and again. No one else can claim his post on Kaep was directed at any other poster than me. Of course, he was probably so glad to get that exclusive interview with John Lynch, something that I advocated for, for over 10 times, over these past couple years.

              1. The guy asks for 750 words or less, Seb replies with a 4000 word dissertation. Dude, your dad, the professor whose love you are still pining for, is not grading you here.

              2. sebnynah says:
                February 6, 2016 at 10:18 am

                Grant, I wish to apologize to you. I am truly sorry if this blog has devolved into petty bickering. It was never my intention for it to get down to this level, and for that, I am very sorry and will hope to become a better poster.

                All I want is to be able to discuss the Niners in a calm civil manner. I have repeatedly advocated that any poster who does not like what I write to just ignore my posts.

                Somehow, I have become the butt of jokes and target for insults, yet have never become profane and just use the Kings’ English to defend myself. Maybe they think that if they can say mean things, I will just run and hide, but I am a Niner fan, and I will stand up against all who denigrate the team, yet realize that the Niners are not above criticism.

                Therein lies the crux of the problem. Maybe my posts are hyperbolic, but I almost consider it my job to counter the hate. All I want is for the Niners to win multiple rings and will not tolerate haters who want to pee on the parade.

                I have praised you when I saw good prose, but have also leveled constructive criticisms. Of all my posting, I do not think you have addressed me more than 4 times, but I do not come here to stroke my ego. I come here because I love the Niners, and recognize the breadth and depth of cogent thought and astute football acumen.

                I promise you that I will tone it down, and hope you will forgive me. I have said that I do not suffer fools gladly, but maybe I should grin and bear it more. Everyone here agrees that it could be much better, and I pledge to do my best to remain calm civil and polite.

              3. Donald, I see you have a complex. My father passed away in 2002, and I still miss him, but his love for me was endless and unconditional. Sounds like you were a major disappointment to your father, and still yearn for affirmation, but in my case, my father was proud of me, and told me that many times as I held his hand while in the hospital.
                While I think that I got my green thumb from my mother, I attribute all my writing skills from my father. He was a prolific letter writer.

              4. Donald, I see you have a complex.

                Perhaps I do have an inferior complex. Whereas you are just plan inferior. Sorry, am I being obtuse? Are you letting us use that word yet?

                Sounds like you were a major disappointment to your father, and still yearn for affirmation

                Again, projection. Soo non-obtusely obvious.

                I attribute all my writing skills from my father.

                Way to speak ill of the deceased there.

              5. Donald, you are the one who mentioned pining for a father’s love, not me. Projecting seems to be your mantra.
                Just like your standards of what good writing is. Before you try to criticize, you should at least achieve an 8th grade proficiency.
                Your shrink will explain what I wrote.

      1. No one’s slick as Sebston
        No one’s quick as Sebston
        No one moves a rock like Sebston
        For there’s no fan in town half as fanly
        Perfect, a pure paragon!
        You can ask any Tom, Rib or Baalke
        And they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on

        No one takes a punch like Sebston
        No one’s right like Sebston
        Or trite as Sebston
        In a pissing contest nobody writes like Sebston!

  37. maybe they sitting Thomas due to maybe their could be a trade coming up. They really should trade for a safety. Ward will not last all year and i don’t think Tartt will either. Look at what the Rams did, they got Eric Weddle, yes hes on the older side but still a veteran presence on the field. Now he probably has more to offer than Eric Berry but if I were the niners I would bring in Eric if he’s healthy enough to play and sign him. Hes better than what they got on the field right now. Boston signed for 3 million with the Panthers.

  38. What PFF is saying…

    Jeff Deeney

    Both #49ers WR draft picks had solid debuts vs. Dallas:
    Jalen Hurd 76.4
    Deebo Samuel 73.5

    Jeff Deeney

    Two of the top guys on the #49ers defense last night were Antone Exum Jr. (43 snaps – 83.6 overall grade) and Jullian Taylor (39 snaps – 76.3 grade).

  39. Go Wilton!

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    With C.J. Beathard sitting out of practice with a sore thumb (that he hit on a helmet in the game)

    QB Wilton Speight took his first snaps as signal caller during 11-on-11s

    He went 3 for 3 in his first set of red zone drills

  40. Let me try this. If my supervisor is adamant in forcing me to do a job that I feel jeopardizes my health resulting in a long term or chronic injury, should I worry how my peers feel if I leave that job?

    Hurd did not quit his team (ala Joe Williams), he did what he had to do in order to pursue his dreams. I can’t bring myself to call him a quitter under those circumstances.
    But to each, their own.

    1. His new job is jeopardizing his health. Should we worry about him leaving his job?
      In his first TD, he received a concussive blow to the head.

      1. His new job requires him to work in a new department that avoids less trauma.

        Also, his new employer appreciates the importance of keeping him on the job much more than his previous employer.
        This scenario keeps both parties happy and improves the company’s bottom line as well.

        This guy (Hurd) is no Joe Williams.

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