Five 49ers who have a lot to prove Monday night against the Packers

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh during an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

It sounds crazy, but the 49ers will have a terrific opportunity Monday night.

Not to win. Forget winning. They almost surely will lose to the Green Bay Packers. But, that’s OK. With all the injuries the 49ers have had, they’re allowed to lose.

They still can grow, though. This game is a growth opportunity for them.

Even if the 49ers lose, they can strive not to beat themselves, not to commit turnovers, not to commit penalties, not to miss tackles, not to quit. They can establish a tough, disciplined identity. That goes for everyone on the team.

But, certain 49ers will have bigger opportunities to grow than others Monday night.

Here’s who they are.

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  1. I agree, the coaches are on the hot seat, and need to prove that they can coach up the team, so the team is focused, energetic, sharp and disciplined. A disciplined team will stop the unforced errors, and reduce the penalties.
    Maybe the best strategy for Witherspoon is to bench him, and put in K’waun Williams. Maybe DJ Reed should start as the FS. Since they know AR will get rid of the ball quickly, the DBs need to play tight man to man.
    Those stunts and loops may be a good idea, but one tactic that may be more effective is the delayed blitz up the middle. Why a delayed blitz? AR will recognize when a blitz is coming, and game plan to neutralize the blitzer. A delayed blitz comes after the O line has assigned blockers, so there is a good possibility that the blitzer is not marked. The blitz up the middle will not allow AR to step up in the pocket.
    The D linemen will know AR is stuck in the pocket, so they should get a hand up to disrupt his line of sight and possibly get a tipped ball for a pick.
    McGlinchey needs help. They should assign a TE to help block Clay Mathews, and do designed roll outs away from Clay Mathew’s side.
    I hope KS is disciplined, and considers time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. I hope he stresses ball security.

    1. You hope he is disciplined? You hope he stresses ball security? Jesus Seb. What in the actual heck do you think these guys do at practice and meetings. You as a football fan have the nerve to question weather the head coach doesn’t stress things like discipline, ball security, do your job…. Come on man

      1. Steele, KS obviously did not do that last game.
        In fact, KS declared his team was not undisciplined, and before the 5 turnovers, ball security was the last thing on his mind.

        1. That’s hogwash. When in practice and meetings, as told by Kyle and players and even John, they stress all that. It’s not Kyle’s fault that his QB got the ball stripped or the wr tipped the ball instead of catching it, or the running back fumbled. They talk about it at every press conference. Its mental and sometimes physical mistakes. Who in the world tells their players, I don’t care if you turn the ball over. Apparently it’s being stress. Ball security, don’t get sacked, catch the freaking ball.

          1. Before the 5 turnovers, it sure seemed to me that they told the players they did not care if they turned the ball over. Where was the stressing about ball security? Oh yeah, this past week.

              1. Its a shame you seem to be denying reality.
                The Niners were undisciplined with poor ball security.
                Maybe you watched a different game.
                JL- ‘Frankly, that was an embarrassing loss.’ He agrees with me.

    2. Hey Sebs—-
      From the previous topic………………”Just post them-you probably know them by heart”?????????????? Nice try at trying to turn this thing back on my lap! BUT YOU MAKE THE ASSERTIONS, SO THE BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve done it before with the stats-why not the last 3 yrs of stats for Kap?? We can make some semi-valid comparisons, then…YOU WANT THAT, DONT YOU???????????????????

      “Kap had Superbowl talent……….” THATS RIGHT, HE DID!!! AND NOW YOU WILL TRY AND TELL US THAT SO DOES KS AND BEATHARD!!!!! Oh, you are so busted!!!!!! Let Beathard be surrounded by Pro-Bowl talent-then pass judgement!!!!!!!!!!!

      You aint foolin nobody Sebs!!!!!!!!!! And just be happy that TomD hasn’t piped in, or you’d be giving us your interpretation of the BISMARCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grant… Completely disagree on the padding stats comment. Nothing that the offense has done had anything to do with padding stats. They are trying to win. They have literally had to come from behind in every game except the Detroit game. It’s not like they were winning by 20 and kept passing the ball. Total disagreement here.

    1. The “padding stats” theory is nonsense. Is Grant really making the argument that Kyle Shanahan doesn’t care about scoring points? He calls plays to rack up yards? Don’t yards eventually lead to points? You can argue about strategy related to run vs pass volume favoring the pass too much but to say “He almost seems more concerned with improving his offensive numbers than winning” is just asinine. The 49ers are giving up 29.2 points per game – 27th ranked scoring defense in the league. Perhaps Shanahan is calling the plays he thinks will score the most points. It’s not like Shanahan is able to call plays from ahead very often.

        1. There are 32 NFL teams who can say the offensive side of the ball contributes either directly or indirectly to the defenses PPG ranking. That’s pretty obvious. Grant’s point that Shanahan may care more about padding stats than winning is ludicrous. In every game this year, 49er QB’s have had fewer pass attempts than their opponents with the exception of the Cardinals game. In that game, Breida was lost in the first quarter so Shanahan did what he thought he had to do to win. When the 49ers were playing with a lead against the Lions, JG only had 26 pass attempts. I think exactly the opposite of what Grant thinks. I think Shanahan cares more about winning than stats so he calls the plays he thinks will win the game.

          1. “There are 32 NFL teams who can say the offensive side of the ball contributes either directly or indirectly to the defenses PPG ranking. That’s pretty obvious.”

            No kidding. It’s too bad there’s not any way of comparing that across the board. Just throwing out 29.2 doesn’t account for the 20 points given up by the offense/special teams or the 18/26 yard TD “drives” set up by the offense.

            Regarding the stat padding, I don’t care, is it padding stats when down by multiple scores and you drive down for a meaningless score? I’ll let others battle that one out today.

            1. 49ers are -8 on the turnover differential which is 31st in the league. They have 11 giveaways but only 3 takeaways. So there is some truth to the PPG Against being partly attributable to the offense. But the 49ers are 6th in the league in time of possession which obviously helps the defense. That evens things out a bit. Having said that, it’s still not the point I’m making. To say Shanahan cares more about stats than wins is silly. Whether the defense is giving up points because the offense puts them in a bad position or the defense is just plain bad it still doesn’t change the fact that Shanahan is calling the plays he has to call because the team is behind.

              1. Htown,

                The time of possession helps, but pick 6’s, strip sacks for 6, int/punt returns into scoring position are worse and it doesn’t quite balance out.

                As for the stat padding, like I said earlier I don’t care. That’s why I used the quotations in my first response to you.

                Do I think he cares more about that? No

                Do I think there’s some meaningless numbers in the stats? Yeah

  3. “As a result, the 49ers defense has improved significantly. It ranks 10th in total yards allowed, and 16th in third-down defense. Last season, it ranked 24th in total yards allowed, and 30th in third-down defense.”

    Good find.

    “Shanahan needs to bench his old, declining players, such as wide receiver Pierre Garcon and tight end Garrett Celek,”

    The Niners tried to trade for Gronk (assuming that story was true). KS is stuck right now, but he’ll be looking to add another quality TE, perhaps Eifert due to his ability to block. If not Eifert, we’ll draft a TE.

    1. What? The coaches are on the hot seat?
      Take your meds dude…

      T he only reason the Niners D is ranked higher is as of today they’ve played less games. And because of the Arizona game. Not because ‘ Oh Saleh calls cover 2 now, not cover 3’… What an idiotic statement, it’s not Madden football genius.

      Most plays the 49ers D splits the field, cover 2 or elements of it on one side.
      so for you amateurs a cover 2 in theory is not What you want vs a short passing game. U want press coverage with a free ‘robber’, disrupt the timing.
      Amateur hour. Yall couldn’t dissect a HS teams scheme. Seriously, why even comment when it’s clear 99% of you never played football, and have no real understanding of Xs and Os.

      Also I have never heard or thought that KS was obsessed with stats. The only person I’ve heard say it is Grant, who has no credibility. How you get away with your garbage is beyond my understanding.

      1. “The coaches are on the hot seat?”

        Never said that.

        “T he only reason the Niners D is ranked higher is as of today they’ve played less games. And because of the Arizona game.”

        We also played KC’s offense, which is really good. We played relatively well against Minnesota and LA. But whatever.

      2. Also, why are talking to me about scheme? I never mentioned scheme either. I said “Good find” because those stats show an improvement over last year. Not sure why you responded to me when your problem is with Grant.

  4. That’s hogwash. When in practice and meetings, as told by Kyle and players and even John, they stress all that. It’s not Kyle’s fault that his QB got the ball stripped or the wr tipped the ball instead of catching it, or the running back fumbled. They talk about it at every press conference. Its mental and sometimes physical mistakes. Who in the world tells their players, I don’t care if you turn the ball over. Apparently it’s being stress. Ball security, don’t get sacked, catch the freaking ball.
    This reply was for Seb. Don’t know y it’s down here

    1. Sure, they can tell the players to play with discipline, just like they can tell the players to win the game.
      Easier said than done.
      Last game, the players played like they had never heard of ball security.
      Hence the 5 turnovers.
      They can instill discipline with better coaching and more thorough preparations.
      They can stress ball security, and hopefully turn it over less than 5 times.
      You say I have the audacity to make a suggestion. I just want them to improve.

  5. Bill Walsh could take the complex, and make it simple to the players. He had the ability to make the players comfortable in their assignments, so they fit perfectly as a whole, and they played together as a cohesive unit.
    Its that simple.
    Hope KS can focus on the basics, keep it simple and not over complicate it. KS needs to let his players focus on the important things, and not have them over think any situation.

    1. “Bill Walsh could take the complex, and make it simple to the players. He had the ability to make the players comfortable in their assignments, so they fit perfectly as a whole, and they played together as a cohesive unit.”

      Bill Walsh would often say that his players made him look good as well.
      Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and Tom Rathman, John Taylor, Brent Jones, Randy Cross, might make a lot of coaches look good.

      The Walsh / Shanahan comparisons are frivolous and redundant endeavors.

      1. I just want KS to emulate BW.
        Really, there is no comparison. Bill Walsh is a legend, and a genius. KS imploded in the SB.

        1. Yeah, my point was regarding the huge talent swing.

          Btw, (diff. topic) it was nice to see our old friend Frank Gore make those big runs in Miami’ overtime win against the Bears today.
          Not bad for a guy who had no more legs dating back to the 2014 season 🤔

        2. Sebs!

          Surely does sound like “hate” coming from you….it surely does………..and the reason? Some of it is the play on the field, no doubt-but a whole lot of it is for ANOTHER reason, is it not? And we know what that reason is……..

  6. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh should be released.The Faithful should get a new DC.Theres too much talent on D but Saleh can’t figure it out.How to utilize his players on defense.Should’ve kept Vic Fangio.

    1. If you don’t have talented cb’s, safeties and edge rushers you don’t have a talented defense. Having great DT’s and interior lb’s is nice but not a necessity in the modern day game.

  7. We need new coaches. Need a good pass rusher, a good CB’s and a running back. We need Willis, the Smith’s brothers, Bowman, Goldson, Carlos Rodgers, Dontae Hittner.

  8. What we need is fewer injuries and another offseason of development. We can keep the same game plan and see who steps up or we can adjust the game plan to the backups that are now the starters. Either way you look at it, we aren’t winning many games. It’s a process to get the right roster including backups. The faithful screamed that our oline is worst in the league and we’re not. Wide receiver, ‘we should trade some because we have too many’, how about now.
    Things change but the ones in charge are keeping the ship pointed in the right direction.
    Trust the process but don’t expect playoffs this year.

  9. How about draft bust Solomon Thomas and underperforming Arik Armstead? How are they not on this list? If they were playing like they should, you wouldn’t to have to call out defensive coaches.

  10. 1. Kiffin has a lot to prove? How about giving the Pass rush specialist coach some pass rush specialist players. We got rid of Elvis, our best pass rusher in 17, and replaced him with Jeremiah Attaochu who did not make the team.

    2. Also, we are not in a 2 year rebuild. We are in a 20 year rebuild. The Harbaugh years were a mirage. JH inherited several talented players who were in the twilight of their career. Baalke was not able to replace that talent via draft and freeagency. Things went sour and Jed the idiot sided with TB.

    1. I think Kiffin does have a lot to prove. I think he was brought on board to help scheme a pass rush for a team heavy on quality interior defensive lineman and very light on capable edge rushers. Have yet to see results especially against mobile QBs.

    2. Bingo, and to top it off, Attaochu is doing well on another team. Aaron Lynch is playing well, and the guy they traded away, Harold, has 3 sacks.

      1. You call 1 sack doing well? And Lynch has 2 sacks. Where in the world is that doing well? Yjise players are backups, given a chance to start in SF. And they were serviceable. Nothing they are doing stands out.

    3. The years before Shanahan/lynch were not rebuilding years, but fill in spaces years. Big difference. What happened before Shanahan/Lynch is not on them. Fans like you are not really giving this group a real chance. You are reacting to them based on the futile seasons before they got here. It decreased the level of patience from the fans that is necessary now.

  11. Jay Glazier is reporting that the Raiders are shopping Amari Cooper and safety Karl Joseph.

    “There’s a connection between these players and former Raider Khalil Mack, apart from the fact that the team picked all three in round one. Cooper, Joseph, and Mack are all represented by Joel Segal. And the willingness to trade Cooper and Joseph could be influenced in part by an unwillingness to try to negotiate long-term deals with the guy who won decisively a stare down with Jon Gruden.”

  12. Raiders reportedly shopping Cooper and Joseph.
    Cooper in the Shanahan’s offense isa tantalizing thought, but I doubt it happens.

  13. Hey Grant,

    Did you just hear Daryl Johnston on the Raiders/Seahawks broadcast talk about how the Hawks commitment to the run has helped the offense reduce mistakes such as turnovers and strip sacks?

    1. Hah, I didn’t realize the Seahawks lost their starting QB Jack?

      Because you seem to be implying that there are parallels to be drawn between the 49ers and Seahawks. I’m pretty sure if Jimmy G. were still behind center (as Wilson is for Seattle), the 49ers opposing defenses wouldn’t be able to simply sell out against the run. Am I missing something?

      In fact the 49ers have more rushing attempts on the season than the Seahawks. And, BTW Jack (and Grant) the 49ers rank 4th in Rushing Yards Per Game, and 9th in attempts, so the whole premise of your argument is laughable!

      If the opposing defense is daring you to pass the ball to beat them, then you better be able to do just that, or your going to lose most of your games. The 49ers problems so far this year are poor execution, not poor play calling. Which would seem obvious considering it’s the same problem as last season before Jimmy G stormed Santa Clara!


    2. Only QB 25 or under to beat Belichick/Brady at Gillette in last 43 tries … Colin Kaepernick. On that night the 49ers called 38 run plays and 27 passes.

      1. There’s lies, damned lies and statistics Jack. The Patriots beat the Patriots in that game. You could look it up.

        1. I did look it up, how do you think I got those totals. I’m well aware of the Patriots turnovers that night. Doesn’t matter. You could go through just about any game from the 49ers around that time and see a team that was extremely balanced.

          1. Yeah balanced, like the defense and special teams had about the same number of yards as the offense led by a 25 year old. Three turnovers in or very near the 49ers Red Zone gives a signal caller a great deal of latitude. Not to mention a 60 yard KO return. I don’t disagree with your point. I just think you picked a very bad example to make it.

  14. La Canfora is reporting that the Cardinals are open to trading Peterson. His contract salaries are reasonable. I think the 49ers should try, but don’t see it happening since both teams are in the same division.

    1. Can’t believe the Cards are entertaining the idea. He’s the best player on the team and still in his prime.

      While he obviously would be a great addition to the 49ers, my concern with making such a move is he doesn’t address the team’s biggest weakness on D, and the 49ers have invested good draft picks in CBs the past two years. Imo they kind of need to stick with developing their own young guys at the position and improve the edge pass rush this offseason to help the secondary out.

      1. He’s due 10 million next year and 12 after that. The Cards might not want to pay him that.
        They are fiscal. I mean why else did they give up on the honey badger?

        1. Those are very reasonable salaries for a CB of his calibre, and I am sure they realise that. And they were willing to let Mathieu go because they drafted his replacement the previous year.

          1. Could also be that in a rebuild the new coach wants to tear it down and go young. That way salaries are manageable and you draft and develop from the ground up.
            A Peterson trade could return a 1st. And on a young team in a rebuild that could be more valuable to them.
            I heard they also want to deal Larry Fitzgerald who could return maybe a 2nd or 3rd.
            These guys might also want to go to a contender.

            1. Yes, those are the most likely reasons. Apparently they want to build around Rosen and want to add as much talent as they can.

              But I think it is short sighted. The chances of finding a player as good as Peterson is slim, based on draft history. And they will have a high pick anyway.

              1. If I’m the 49ers I’d inquire about his services. I don’t know about a 1st but he would be a great addition.

                I know it’s not a popular topic but I’d also look at acquiring Le’Veon Bell.
                If the 49ers got both Peterson and Bell and then focused on pass rush and oline in the draft I will guarantee we make the playoffs in 2019.

              2. Why replace Breida? He’s been great this year. Consistently breaking good runs. And with his speed he is a threat to go all the way on any touch. He’s also improved considerably as a pass catcher and blocker. He’s a keeper.

                Bell would be nice, no doubt, but he’s not necessary. Breida, Jet and a bigger back like Morris works just fine for me. They are better using the draft capital that would be needed to trade for him on something else.

                I honestly believe this team isn’t far away from being a playoff contender. But there are a few things they need to add:
                – Edge rushers – one elite and another decent one.
                – A good WR to replace Garcon
                – A 2nd TE that is a decent and reliable pass catcher (ideally also able to block)
                – A decent swing OT in case of injury, and potential replacement for Staley eventually

                I know OG is a popular inclusion as well, but tbh the OL has actually been good this year. Its not as big a need as once thought. CB and safety are other ones that come up a lot obviously, and if the young guys don’t step it up over the rest of the year then they will need to look into those areas too.

              3. Good list Scooter. However, I would add a starting free safety to the list because I am not sure if Colbert will develop into the quarterback of the secondary that the defense needs.

              4. I like it too, Big Scootie! Like MWD, I’m thinking if they don’t like the development of players like Witherspoon/Colbert/Moore, they’ll need to draft another one. I think this draft has some depth there as well….

              5. The Jet is a Smaller running back who relied on his speed and quickness. After an ACL tear, do you really expect him to return to form? Brieda has been very good and costs next to nothing as UDFA.
                I expect SF to cut the Jet after next season if they don’t reach an injury settlement sooner.

            2. Man I can’t believe we are already thinking about next year. This year is so disappointing even though we were not suppose to contend anyways.
              Here’s hoping one of these young kids(T.Moore, Pettis, Pita T, Maybin, Wick)emerges as a future asset and we don’t have to draft for that need.

    1. While he did have a monster run for that TD, he still drops passes.
      I want a Brent Jones type of TE. Good blocker, Good route runner, can find the seam, can take a hit and sticky fingers.

      1. McDonald had a very poor sense of spacing. He seemed incapable of positioning his body to to shield the pass from the defender. He would often instead turn his body facing the defender while catching the ball. That is not something correctable.

  15. One player who I think that has something to prove, is Cassius Marsh.
    Maybe they should move him to the other side and let Thomas play that position.

  16. If you want to talk stats at least discuss the most important stats – points scored and points given up. The banged up offense playing a backup QB is 13th in points scored while the healthy defense ‘loaded’ with 5 first round picks is 29th in points given up. But sure, lets go ahead and say Saleh is the most improved coach lol…. I’ll agree that giving the ball away and the failure to take it away along with penalties remains a problem but to call Shanahan a ‘stat padder’ is simply amateur at best. In regards to the run-pass ratio something tells me if McKinnon didn’t tear his ACL and if Breida could stay healthy (injured 3 straight games) Shanahan might choose to stay more balanced…. What’s obvious is teams are focused on stopping the run. Running Morris (averaging 3.7 ypc) and Mostert (we saw how that worked last week) into a wall play after play while setting up 3rd and longs won’t cut it… CJB plays best when making manageable throws and Shanahan knows this…. He also seems to know an amateur when he sees one at his press conferences ;) Ciao.

      1. VMac is a fence player. He’s either very good or very bad. You just don’t know what side of the fence he’s going to fall on.

        He would have stunted Kit’s growth had he not moved on.
        Vance has made some nice plays for Pittsburgh, but not sure he’s an established target. Jesse James also gets a share of the targets as well.

        1. “He would have stunted Kit’s growth had he not moved on.”

          Nah. Kittle still could have been the starter.

          “Vance has made some nice plays for Pittsburgh, but not sure he’s an established target. Jesse James also gets a share of the targets as well.”

          Right. Just like how Kittle would get most of the targets here and he’d get a few too.

          This team needs as many good players as possible and this is just one example of where they shipped out a guy from the previous regime that could have helped.

      1. This is a team that has tons of cap space and needs all the talented players they can get.

        He would have been better to keep than a guy like Jimmie Ward.

        1. Yea they needed talented players not another talented TE

          You’ve officially joined the “shade on ward” group……Ward is great when healthy and used properly……..

          1. The TE has been one of their best weapons the past two years. McDonald is the type of athlete they need, and a group of Kittle, McDonald and Celek would be nice.

        2. I feel much better having Kittle as a starter than I would if Vance was still here.

          Kittle is on his way to becoming a perinnial pro-bowl type player. He is not a better blocker than Vance at the moment, but he wasn’t drafted for that. Catching and getting open is Kit’s forte and he is on pace in becoming one of the best at it.

          1. It’s not about having one or the other. They could have had both since they already had McDonald under team control.

        3. Jimmie Ward is expensive, but keeping McDonald would have been worse. No way can you justify a #2 TE getting that kind of money.

          1. “No way can you justify a #2 TE getting that kind of money.”

            When you have over $40 million in cap space you can afford those kinds of things. It’s called using your resources wisely.

              1. Nah. A “rebuilding” team needs all of the best players possible.

                The cap hits for McDonald’s contract were backloaded. His cap hit for last year was $2.175 mil, and it’s $2.136 mil this year.

              2. Celek 2018 cap hit: $2.626 mil
                VMac 2018 cap hit: $2.137 mil

                Tell me again how the 49ers couldn’t keep him because he was too expensive.

                There’s too many 49ers fans that are sheep and not enough wolves….

              3. Sorry Jack, but that fails to challenge the fact that the total amount of McDonald’s contract is bigger than the one Celek has.

            1. Except McDonald’s contract runs through 2020, so your point isn’t entirely correct Jack. Sure, the 49ers have plenty of cap space to afford mcDonald this year, but extending him would have cost $16 million over the course of the next 2 seasons (2019-2020). Not only that, hindsight is 20/20 Jack. McDonald was nothing more than a glorified blocking TE who would only occasionally make an explosive play, followed up with a crucial drop, while he was a 49er, and there were a lot of people calling him a bust, including Grant. Am I wrong?

              Looking back on it now, I would have liked to have seen the 49ers keep Vance, as it turns out he’s certainly a better TE than Celek. Not only that, Kittle is on a rookie deal, so it wouldn’t have been a huge waste of resources on the position group as a whole, had we known Vance would improve, while Celek’s ascension would stall out.

              Wouldn’t you agree Jack, that as a general rule, it’s not a great idea to give your 2nd string player a big fat contract at any position? That’s how you end up with salary cap problems.

              The same thing happened with Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker. At the time, Davis was ahead of Walker on the depth chart. Nobody was complaining back then that the 49ers made a mistake letting Walker walk because Vernon was playing like a beast! It only looks like a bad decision now because Vernon’s play dropped off significantly while Walker went in the opposite direction.

              I’ll agree with you on this Jack …. If the 49ers had a crystal ball back in 2017, then they should have known better than to trade McDonald.

              1. Hey Hammer, today’s Raiders’ game got me thinking back to the 49ers opening day game, and how you weren’t buying into the OL injuries as a major factor or any kind of excuse.

                We know the Raiders (1-5) were absolutely embarrassed by Seattle in London today, am I right? Well …. were you aware that, for the first time in his NFL career, Derek Carr failed to complete a pass longer than 8 yards downfield today?

                You don’t suppose that could have had anything to do with all of the injuries along the Raiders’ OL, do you Jack? It’s the first time ever for Derek Carr’s NFL career!


                What is the term you use Jack … plug-and-play? I guess Gruden left the play out of plug and play? Laughing-Out-Loud!

              2. “Nobody was complaining back then that the 49ers made a mistake letting Walker walk because Vernon was playing like a beast!”

                Actually I was. It was pretty well known after 2011 that Walker would be getting big money as a FA the next season. To prepare for that I felt like they should have taken Coby Fleener at 30. We know what happened instead.

                Also, comparing that to the McDonald thing is apples and oranges. Walker was a FA and back then the 49ers didn’t have the type of cap space they did in 2017 when ShanaLynch took over.

              3. “Who was responsible for getting us all this cap space?”

                Baalke and Marathe.

                They started clearing cap in 2015. By 2016 they had over $42 mil available to them, much of which rolled over in 2017 for ShanaLynch.

              4. I agree that the Vernon Davis / Delanie Walker comparison isn’t a perfect one, but wasn’t McDonald scheduled to be a UFA this last off-season? Were you prepared to give him a fat contract, or franchise tag? Wasn’t he a liability in the passing game at times when he was here?

                For the record, I agree 100% about Fleener. In fact, I was shocked that he wasn’t the pick especially considering the Stanford connection. I was sure he was going to be the pick. Boy was I wrong.

                It wasn’t long after that when I realized nothing Baalke does should surpirse me.

              5. “but wasn’t McDonald scheduled to be a UFA this last off-season?”

                No. He signed a 5 year extension late in the 2016 season. That’s his current deal. The numbers, while initially looking really high were team friendly for the first 3 years.

                On Jenkins over Fleener, it’s funny because many of the same people who are now preaching patience were probably saying the same thing about AJ back in the day.

      2. McDonald has always had the size and talent but he dropped so many passes and was injured so often that it seemed like he was a lost cause. He’s had somewhat of resurgence in Pittsburgh, but I can’t fault the Niners for dumping him when the new regime took over. That’s pretty much standard when new Coaches come in. As it is, they have a good young TE and while Celek has had a tough start, he has been a decent backup for the most part and produced as much or more than McDonald the past couple of years. They’ll try to improve the depth here after the season I would imagine, but they aren’t missing Vance McDonald.

        1. McDonald is a better TE, more athletic, and cheaper than Celek.

          I’m sure Shanahan could have figured out how to “scheme” his athleticism into the offense.

          1. And yet Celek produced more than McDonald the past couple of seasons. The Niners aren’t suffering the loss of Vance McDonald.

            1. “And yet Celek produced more than McDonald the past couple of seasons”

              You know that’s incorrect right?

              “The Niners aren’t suffering the loss of Vance McDonald.”

              Depends on how you look at it. The 49ers could use all of the playmakers on offense as possible.

              Having Kittle, McDonald, and Celek would give them 3 very good to good TE’s and potentially help score more points.

              1. You know that’s incorrect right?

                Yes and no. While Vance had produced more receiving yards so far (thanks in part to this season), he trails Celek by three touchdowns.

              2. Last couple of seasons. Not this one as it’s only 5 games in.

                Garrett Celek:

                2016: 29 catches, 350 yards, 3TD’s
                2017: 21 catches, 336 yards, 4TD’s

                Vance McDonald:

                2016: 24 catches, 391 yards, 4TD’s
                2017: 14 catches, 188 yards, 1 TD

              3. Yeah go ahead and keep out this year to help out your argument.


                From 2016 to present McDonald has put up better numbers. And that’s not totally the point anyway.

                The group as a whole would have been better last year and this year with Kittle, McDonald and Celek.

              4. It’s not to help out my argument. I said quite clearly the last couple of seasons and you misinterpreted it in your eagerness to show me how wrong I was.

                Vance McDonald is not much of an upgrade if any on Celek and they certainly aren’t missing him.

              5. With the pick they got from Pittsburgh they drafted Kentavius Street who is on NFI with an ACL.

                That was great value for a “rebuilding” team.

                Give me a break.

                Bunch of damn sheep.

              6. Yeah that’s me. I just praise the team no matter what and always have. Just a sheep. You are taking this losing way too hard Jack.

              7. Jack, the point is that nothing McDonald did while he was here warranted an extension.

                Again, if you have access to a crystal ball, and it sounds like you do, I’d be much more interested in finding out from you what we can expect from McKinnon next season.

              8. Again, do you have a crystal ball Jack? Nobody yet knows whether the K. Street pick will end up being a good one, or not.

                Now you have me completely confused. Are you suggesting it makes more sense to draft an injured player if you think you are currently a Super Bowl contender?

                If you think your at least 1 year away, why not draft an injured player if you believe he can replace a guy like Armstead next year, and help you win a Super Bowl? Doesn’t it make more sense for a rebuilding team to draft a guy who needs to basically redshirt for 1 season, as opposed to a team like the Rams who are “all in” on 2018?

                I really don’t understand your logic Jack.

              9. 49,

                No crystal ball, but I do have a disco ball. It tells me that the 49ers would be at least 2-3 right now with McDonald.

                As for McKinnon, it’s telling me that guys usually aren’t the same after an ACL injury, especially guys who rely on speed.

                On Street….

                “Doesn’t it make more sense for a rebuilding team to draft a guy who needs to basically redshirt for 1 season”

                No. Most of the time those things don’t really work out.

            1. “Comparing their contracts and stats from 2017”

              Funny. Celek makes more than McDonald, and since the start of 2017 McDonald has more catches and yards.

              Celek will need 10 catches and 97 yards tonight to match what McDonald has done since being traded.

              1. Seriously Jack, just stop with the B.S. that Celek makes more than McDonald. So Celek makes more in 2018. So what?! That does not change that the fact that the contract McDonald is playing under is richer.

                Celek will need 10 catches and 97 yards tonight to match what McDonald has done since being traded.

                And McDonald will need three more TDs to match the total Celek has since McDonald was traded.

              2. It’s not B.S. MidWest.

                You fell for the agent numbers instead of the real numbers.

                The 49ers cap hits the last 2 years of $5.7 mil for McDonald is more than if they’d kept him on the team the last 2 years. Next year he could be released for a dead cap of about $2.8 which could have been spread over 2 years.

                Again, using resources wisely. Not the case in this instance.

              3. Again, none of that supports your claims. Bottom line is the total contract of McDonald is greater than Celek. Nice try though.

              4. “Bottom line is the total contract of McDonald is greater than Celek.”

                Not until 2019, at which point they could dump him and have a dead cap hit of only 2.183.

                Instead they’ve given up 5.7 mil in cap the last 2 seasons for nothing, and to make it even better the guy they drafted with the pick from Pittsburgh won’t play a down this year and is coming off an ACL.

                It’s awesome for Shanahan/Lynch that so many people will just blindly put faith in them and support their every move in the name of “rebuilding”.

    1. After watching Mariota and Carr get manhandled today I can see why it’s become a priority to draft top tier offensive linemen.

      We need to do the same thing next April. Maybe we can find a couple of potential pro-bowl OL players in the 3-4th round.

        1. There’s been no issues. But our best O-lineman (Staley) is not getting any younger and Tomlinson is average.
          Person has been doing a good job, but there’s a reason why he’s bounced the league. And Garnett? – well he’s Garnett.

          That’s not enough to instill confidence for me.
          We need more Clydesdales on the O-line for the not to distant future.
          3-4th rd OL picks next year seems reasonable to me.

      1. AES, I’m all for improving the OL, but a pass rusher has to be the top priority, and maybe more than one!

        Our OL hasn’t been great, but it’s been nowhere near as bad as the Raiders were today. Then again, I think the Raiders were also down to their 4th string OT.

        I’m not sure if Joe Staley’s starting to decline, or whether he’s just going through a rough stretch. The good news is that, as a general rule, Jimmy G is very quick at processing information and he has a quick release, so that makes things easier on the OL. In fact if we toss out the Viking’s game in which a combination of OL injuries (they lost both their starting RG’s and moved their rookie RT in to RG), rust, a hostile environment, and an off day for Jimmy led to him taking a lot of hits, pass protection was largely a non factor. Prior to tearing his ACL in a non-contact situation, Jimmy was getting progressively better at getting rid of the football each and every week. Jimmy G was really starting to settle down and dominate like he did last season, and the pass protection was looking pretty good, despite some bumps and bruises along the OL.

        Let’s be clear …. the fact is that, minus that first injury riddled game inside the loud confines of Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium, Jimmy Garoppolo was looking pretty darn good. He had thrown 4 TD’s to 0 NT’s, and had a Passer Rating of 116.4 during the following 2 games prior to his non-contact injury. Even without the his featured RB and best deep threat (and probably their best all around WR) Jimmy appeared to be really settling in after that rough first game. And let’s face it, all QB’s have bad games from time to time. And CJB? Well CJ is a tough cookie, no question about that. But he’s nowhere near as fast at both locating his receivers and finding the open man. On top of that, CJ doesn’t exactly have the quickest release, so it’s really hard to evaluate how good this OL is as a whole. My best guess is that the OL is just above average if Staley’s drop off is going to be long term, so ShanaLynch should certainly look to upgrade the unit.

        But in terms of offseason priorities? Assuming McKinnon comes back healthy next season I’d say Pass Rush is clearly the top priority, followed by:

        – CB
        – TE
        – WR

        1. 49,
          I agree with the top two priority positions.
          Edge and CB are a must no doubt. But we could find some good O-lineman in round 3-4, possibly even in the 5th rd.

          1. Yes, no doubt AES! And ShanaLynch have certainly had their share of success with day 2 and day 3 picks.

            The silver lining to an injury riddled bad season is a great draft position in every round!

  17. McDonald fell into a nice situation in Pittsburgh.
    Because of Steelers offensive stars he merely has to be a compliment player at best.

    Had he remind here he would have been counted on to take a bigger role.
    That’s why I made the comment that he would have stunted Kit’s growth.

    We have a burgeoning star in Kittle, he needs to stay on the field. VMac would have made a formidable backup though. But I doubt that Vance would have been in agreement with that scenario.

  18. Remind the value of a left tackle who swallows whole the DEs, can be run behind and, too, reaches the magical 2nd level. Something about the niner system is not be right for 77 now wearing New England Blue. Let me noodle on sanctity of niner system a bit more. I’m missing sometlhing.

    1. PS,
      I’m not sure that we have an O-lineman that can reach the second level, at least at the moment.

      I do believe that McGlinchey has the potential to become that type of talent but in his case it would likely take a couple of years.

      I’m happy for Trent Brown. He seems to have gone from the outhouse to the penthouse in New England. It doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by very good O-lineman and perhaps the best QB of all time.

      Sometimes a change of scenery works wonders for players.

    1. Also, good downfield vision during run and ability to make quick change in directions, based on what I saw last evening. He’s a good one.

  19. Mahomes looks decent up there in patsville, reminds of a game up there a few years ago when a rookie qb outdueled the legendary brady who hadn’t lost at home in Dec in years. Outplayed Brady in the ice and snow in primetime, 400 yds 3tds not bad for a one read qb. The bums that proclaim he’s a one read qb need to watch a lil film. Perhaps he became a one read qb because he had zero weapons and zero time to get the ball out with zero run game and chip Kelley running the show. Joe Montana couldn’t succeed in those circumstances……

    1. “Outplayed Brady in the ice and snow in primetime, 400 yds 3tds not bad for a one read qb”

      You do realize that the 49ers didn’t get 400 yards of total offense that night right?

      1. Kaep was at his best that day. I particularly liked his fumble that was picked up by Frank Gore and run in for a touchdown. Vintage Kaepernick playground play. I wonder if that was a run or pass in the stats. We were all drinking the Kool Aid back then. Kaep was a great natural athlete who was very lucky for his run. I understand Kyle’s position re Kaep but I’m not sure some do. IMHO Kyle believes that he will never be able to run his offense while he has a QB like Kaep and were Kaep to be on the roster, he would be nothing more than a stop gap who requires a tailored offense. What’s the point? It is understandable that he would not have to deal with those avoidable factors. I think we are seeing this play out with CJ each week insofar as CJ needs a lot of tailoring and KS doesn’t want to go there. You could call it stubbornness but I’ll leave that to others.

    2. Outplayed Brady in the ice and snow in primetime

      As someone who attended that game in person, I can say your weather report’s not quite right. It was foggy and a cold mist. No ice. No snow. It was primetime though. And that was one of Kaep’s high points for sure. To be followed eventually by many many low ones. And I’m talking about on the field, not the pre-game sidelines.

      Perhaps he became a one read qb because he had zero weapons and zero time to get the ball out with zero run game and chip Kelley running the show.

      As I recall, the thanksgiving Seahawks sh%tshow it was Harbs still coaching. Gore still running.

  20. Atl hadnt lost at home either….until they played the fighting kaeps. And let me save y’all the time of saying it was the def, check the score and yards given up in those games. Those were all shootouts, that a one read qb managed to win…..outplaying perennial probowl qbs. Shanny, Lynch, and York spit the pc garbage in front of cameras, but truth of the matter is we are part of the collusion. Is there a more needy qb team than us now or pre jg??

  21. If this was SF letting KC back into this game, then this whole blog would be up in arms. It would have been every bad reason in the world why they won. I wonder if the pats will get the same hate.. 😂😂😂

  22. While I am not a fan of Cooper and Joseph, if the Cardinals are indeed shopping Peterson, he sure would make a nice addition at Safety for the 49ers for the back half of his career…….

    1. Anyone with a nose for the ball would make a good addition. To many guys in the league looking for the big hit. Not nearly enough looking for the ball. Look at games across the league where a ball is tipped or misplayed, the defender continues to go hit the receiver, instead of playing the ball .

  23. KS needs to improve. I hope he becomes more innovative, and utilizes his players to their maximum potential.
    Thinking outside the box, KS should take advantage of Arik Armstead’s basketball skills.
    One play I could envision them running is on third and short. Arik Armstead lines up 10 yards from the side line. He takes 2 steps up field so he is past the first down marker, then turns toward the side line. CJB throws the ball so Armstead can high point the ball 5 yards from the side line. That is in the field enough so he cannot get pushed out of bounds. By high pointing the ball, he can leap higher than the smaller DBs, and he can use his bulk to screen the ball away from the defender. CJB should plan to throw the ball a little over 10 feet high, which would be just above the rim in basketball. There is little chance of it getting picked off, and if Armstead misses the ball, it would just sail out of bounds. It would be a safe pass, with little risk and high reward, since it would convert a third down.
    This may also be employed near the goal line, but Armstead should go straight up the field, near the back of the end zone. Then, if he does not high point the ball, it will go out of the end zone.
    Arik Armstead is 6′ 8″. He can easily out jump the shorter DBs. KS should use Armstead’s height to gain an advantage. Armstead is a good basketball player, so he should be able to catch the ball. KS should experiment with that play during practice, off to one side to keep it secret, to see if it could be executed.

    1. Steel,
      Thanks for the link. I’m a big fan of McGlinchey. I said from the beginning that he has a chance to become a pro-bowl type in a couple years.

      If he continues to play at this level he might make the pro-bowl roster this season.

    1. ‘The team is absolutely on track.’ Looks like the McKinnon injury just derailed them.
      ‘If they can stay healthy, they will be where they want to be.’ We thought JG was the light at the end of the tunnel. After JG tore his ACL, that light turned out to be another train coming from the other direction.
      On track? After last game, it was more like a slow motion train wreck.

        1. Oh, yes, everything is sunshine and rainbows. Niners are so talented, they are favored for the next 2 games. CJB kinda reminds me of Joe. ;p
          Guess you saw that unicorn, and think everything is going swimmingly fine.
          I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Shefter is a savant.

            1. No, there is hope, and the process had good structure, but when JG went down, the wheels fell off the train. They went off the track, and down the ravine.
              I just think they are not doing everything in their power to improve the roster.
              Then, the coaching and game management leave much to be desired.
              Now we have a- What, me worry? -attitude.
              I will root for the Niners to win, but there is a fine line between confidence and hubris. I will hope for the best but expect the worst. It seems like we have been dealt a lot of the latter.
              Steele’s point is to say the team is on the right track because Shefter threw the Niners a bone. Hope springs eternal, but some one is drinking the Koolaid.
              I am being realistic. You do know that unicorns are mythic creatures?

              1. I just think they are not doing everything in their power to improve the roster.

                You only think this because the 49ers have not brought in Kaepernick for a tryout.

              2. I am being realistic. You do know that unicorns are mythic creatures?

                Myths seem to be your specialty Mr. Unicorn.

              3. No sir, not drinking Kool aid. I drink Hennessy son… With that said, I’m going to leave u with this, you went after John for letting guys like Joe Looney, Aaron Lynch, Eli Harold, amongst others, go. And none of them, are playing at any level different than they were playing here. Imagine if we still had those players, this team would still be the same but with a higher salary cap hit. Crippling our cap for another couple of years. So they are trying to improve the roster with less expensive guys that are cost controlled. It’s called building a long term winning franchise. Not buying a team to appease the fans. Especially if those players aren’t going to help us win.

        2. Steel,

          You are just tiring your typing fingers. Blogs in general are not for reasonable thoughts or informative discussions.Mostly they are platform for fans to re-state obvious truths as deep insights (as I am guilty of that too :). At worst (which is mostly the case here), we have uninformed ranting from fans who need to find something else in their lives. Then there are those fans with some knowledge who are firmly seated on the 20-20 hindsight bandwagon, dividing their time and wisdom between playing GM/coach and constantly comparing the Niners negatively with the most successful teams of that moment.

          For myself, I come here for the humor emanating from the interaction between the commentators :)

          Back to football, the Niners are indeed showing signs of steady improvement. The running game is ranked 4th in terms of yards before contact, which is a sign that the O line is finally jelling. The D has the starting lineup in reasonable shape for the first time this season. No NFL defense is playing fully healthy, but Niners DBs are more banged up than average. But, as I had expected since the first two games, the Niners D will get better as the season progresses and calls for firing Saleh will subside, just like it did last season.

          The offense will also improve and turnovers will decrease. The questions is whether CJ can win a couple of games on his own. I doubt that would be possible until he has started 16-20 games. He was drafted to be a solid backup, not a franchise QB and he’s on track for that slot. Ne will need help. Shanalynch inherited a team with expansion franchise-level talent, and they are in the midst of a 3-year rebuild process. The fact that a few of their rejects are starting for other teams show that they found their “brick” that position (e.g., Kittle for McDonald, McGlinchey for Brown). The only group that has disappointed me this season are the receivers. Garcon has not regained form after his injury,. With Pettis and Goodwin injured, and Trent Taylor not back from his back surgery, CJ is not getting the help he needs. Ricky James, if he starts over Taylor, or alternates with him, will get a chance to show his stuff on the biggest stage tonight: MNF at Lambeau.

          1. Mood… I agree one hundred percent… I am here for the fun as well but some people take this, “we should be better” stuff to far. They are stuck in their own way. But hey we all have opinions. I just refused to be called sheep, Because I know the difference between a full rebuild, and a super bowl caliber team. When people waste their words comparing this team to anyone successful, in today’s NFL, they are trippin. But like I said, to each his own.

    1. I think it’s the same as CJ’s. That’s why Kyle is sticking with CJ – so they can pull each other out of the hole they’ve put themselves in.

    2. Let’s play a better game. Can anyone guess the percentage of 49er fans that is throwing a hissy about the state of the team which is in Year Two of a long term rebuild?

      1. It’s frustration Mid. There was an expectation that the team would be improved and a lot of excitement in regards to Garoppolo and it’s all been derailed by injury. Everybody copes in their own way.

            1. He gets one more year for certain and should be given it. They have improved in a few areas which gives some hope for the future.

              However, he can’t have more losses like the one in Arizona… It’s not enough to have competitive losses, this team has to beat the few teams that they are more talented than.
              Additionally, they need to start improving on the areas they can control, missed assignments and pre-snap penalties. This team will get beat with their talent level, that’s ok… but they need improvement in areas they can control so we know they can beat better teams when the talent level improves.

              1. No, that makes them the whiners that want immediate results from a team being built back up from its crumbled foundation.

              2. Shoup,

                I don’t think anyone is arguing that they need to compete and win the games they should, although I don’t think they are better personnel wise than AZ quite honestly. There is also no argument in regards to needing to stop the pre-snap penalties. I think the topic that has been the most polarizing – at least since the Cards game – is how much responsibility is on the Coaching staff in a game where they dominated everywhere but lost because the QB was careless/unlucky and turned the ball over 4 times? My point has been and will continue to be that the Coaches have for the most part done their jobs in regards to putting the players in a position to have success. The issue has been players not getting it done.

          1. You are more than skeptical, but that’s your right and we’ll see what happens when/if this team can stay healthy starting next year.

          2. I have myself. He is a new coach and while many here saw multiple SBs I wasn’t sure he was up to the task. I’m hopeful but not entirely optimistic.

            And not much of what he has done so far has dispelled that for me.

          1. I just don’t see the 49ers having a chance at Bosa in the upcoming draft unless his star falls considerably or the 49ers have the top pick in the draft.

            1. Same. And the 49ers will need to be pretty awful the rest of the season to have top pick, at which point you would really need to query whether Bosa will be enough to fix all their issues.

              1. No player can cure all ills, but the symptoms of a poor pass rush can be alleviated by Bosa. It’d help our secondary with their symptoms as well….

              2. For sure Razor, but do the 49ers garner the top spot in the draft? As of now I say they don’t.

              1. CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso put together an early 2019 mock draft and has the 49ers picking first and taking none other than Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa.

              2. That really has no effect on the percentage point difference though. Around this time last season, the 49ers were on track to have the top pick in the 2018 draft, and we all saw how that ended up.

      2. You’re funny MWD – YEAR TWO of a long term rebuild. Let me compose myself. Who was the last Head Coach that the Yorks kept through the “rebuild” term? OK. The Yorks have been rebuilding since……I can’t remember. But the one coach that seemed to make some progress not too long ago….well, he didn’t make it through the end of his contract term. I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree. During the Yorks ownership, the length of the rebuild is not measured in terms of years but in terms of head coaches who are fired before their contract to “rebuild” is up.

    3. dReed,
      Yeah, Hammer has brought that (record) to our attention already.

      Can you please tell me what the win/loss record was the season before Shanahan took the helm?

      This team/Org hit rock bottom in 2016, and taking on the head coach job for the 49ers was not attractive. Devisive actions between FO and coaches no doubt set an atmosphere of uncertainty.

      Let’s face it, the 49ers were a dumpster fire only two years ago.
      I like the direction of the team that the new regime is taking.
      Results are not showing up on the record, but this team has had (and is) to be built from ruins.

      I got the new regimes back.

      1. You’re not actually saying that because Chip Kelly was abysmal that this is the standard by which all future coaches are measured?

        KS is definitely a better coach than CK by win loss measures. And he is a better coach than Tomsula even though the two records are similar. But the measure for me is Harbaugh and Mariucci. That is uncertain as to how well he stacks up against them.

  24. From NN (with my mods):

    34-year old Gore averaged 6.7 yards per carry on Sunday, and is averaging 4.88 yards per carry for the season. It is his highest rushing average since 2009, a season in which he rushed for 1,120 yards for the 49ers.

    He is the back up to Kenyan Drake, who is a decade younger than him.

    Gore has rushed 62 times for 303 yards, while Drake has rushed 52 times for 210 yards (4.03 ypc).

    Methinks Gore should welcome his back-up role and play for a five more seasons :) ….


    “#49ers rookie Mike McGlinchey put Melvin Ingram in the dirt. He’s been outstanding”

    “Derwin James steals this highlight but McGlinchey flattens Ingram again.”

    “McGlinchey says no to the spin and keeps Ingram in front of him.”

    “Taking Ingram head on, McGlinchey just sets his base and locks him up with straight power. Ingram even leaps into him. You could tell he was frustrated he couldn’t make a dent on that side.”

    “McGlinchey with the redirect on Ingram. Another move by the pass rusher, and he still didn’t allow him to penetrate the pocket.”

    “Even McGlinchey’s recoveries in pass-pro are good. Lost Ingram for a moment on this spin and it turned into a pancake for the #49ers OL”

    1. McGlinchey will be allowed to prove himself further as he faces Matthews III. I have a feeling, Grant will warm up to McGlinchey after this game….

      1. Grant Isint warming up to anyone he didn’t personally sign off on. But Grant, seriously, Mc G is playing pretty well at the moment. He looks like he might help this team long term

  26. I just hope the Niners play a good football game and show some ‘improvement’ in areas of concern.

    Show some discipline by keeping pre snap penalties to two, only have one dropped pass, and no missed assignments and no turnovers. If that happens there might be a chance for victory. Niners play angry, Packers play emotional (Jim Taylor). Makings for an upset here, we shall see shortly…..

  27. 5 Players the 49ers should Trade in 2018

    No. 1: Defensive End Solomon Thomas: Moving Thomas, while he’s less than two years into his rookie contract, would be a glaring admission of a mistake by the Niners regime. But trying to get something out of Thomas with the very real possibility it never comes would be an even bigger mistake.

    No. 2: Nose Tackle Earl Mitchell
    No. 3: Offensive Guard Joshua Garnett
    No. 4: Wide Receiver Pierre Garçon
    No. 5: Defensive Back Jimmie Ward

  28. Tim Kawakami @timkawakami 2m
    RT @mattbarrows: #49ers inactives WR Trent Taylor WR Dante Pettis TE Cole Wick T Shon Coleman DL Jullian Taylor G Josh Garnett NT DJ Jones

    Cam Inman @CamInman 2m
    #49ers notable ACTIVEs: RB Matt Breida TE George Kittle WR Pierre Garcon All starting OL All starting defense Key…

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