Five players the 49ers may target in free agency

New York Giants guard Justin Pugh (67) defends against a Dallas Cowboys rush during an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

Disclaimer: I have no idea if the 49ers will sign any of these players.

Some free agents with offers from a few teams may not sign with the Niners unless Jimmy Garoppolo commits to the franchise long term.

Regardless, these are five players I think the Niners will target and try hard to sign.

1. Justin Pugh, OG, New York Giants. Twenty-seven-year-old former first-round pick and one of the best left guards in the NFL. Has the speed and athleticism to thrive in Kyle Shanahan’s outside-zone running game unlike many other big-name free-agent offensive linemen, such as Andrew Norwell from the Carolina Panthers.

2. Isaiah Crowell, RB, Cleveland Browns. Carlos Hyde probably will sign with another team for more money than the 49ers are willing to pay him. So, the Niners will sign Crowell, who is 25 — two years younger than Hyde. Crowell averaged 4.1 yards per carry this season, and played for Shanahan as a rookie in 2014.

3. Taylor Gabriel, WR, Atlanta Falcons. Twenty-six-year-old deep threat who caught six touchdown passes and gained 579 receiving yards as Shanahan’s No. 3 receiver in 2016. Would give the 49ers a speed receiver other than injury-prone Marquise Goodwin.

4. Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB, Oakland Raiders. This is if the Raiders release him. Under contract through 2019. Thirty-year-old edge rusher who would make the 49ers defensive line faster, and unlock DeForest Buckner’s potential as an interior rusher.

5. Sean Smith, CB, Oakland Raiders. Again, this is if the Raiders release him. Under contract through 2019. Thirty-year-old corner who broke up 11 passes in 2016 for Ken Norton Jr. and his Seahawks-style defense, but broke up only four passes in 2017  playing mostly quarters coverage under John Pagano. A good fit for Robert Saleh’s Cover-3 system.

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  1. Other than Pugh, I don’t see Shanalynch signing any of the rest. I wonder if Grant has considered character and leadership issues when journeyman vets are brought into a promising, young team. I can see Sean Smith following Norton to Seattle, tho’….

  2. If they are building, why go after 30 year olds? They are not one player away from a super bowl contender. I believe that there will be several surprises between now and the end of free agency and the draft. Do they pick at 9 or 10? Do they trade down for multiple picks in this draft or the 2019 draft? How much of the Cap money do they want to give up at this time after they pay Mr. G? Will Mr. G finally sign a contract? Do they draft a QB to replace CJ and train to replace Mr. G if he doesn’t sign? They can franchise him 2 more times then they will need a replacement. So many questions, so little time.

    1. Why not get your Pugh and plug him in and see what you get with Guarnett and Fusco next year. Keep Kilgore for comradary and draft a center, Price, for example! Get Robinson, WR and Johnson, CB and Ansah, for now, obviously if available. And then you have 40 mil or so left after signing Jimmy GQ… Then you can go after your best available athlete. But get this contract locked up with Jimmy asap in order to have the big draw. Also you have enought draft picks that you can draft a stud pass rusher on the other side and as well as another stud WR. You can get your running back because of Joe Williams, and cornerbacks in the middle rounds, and get another linebacker as well as a stud dt. You also will have some udfa’s on the back end of this thing to draft and develope. And be there next year!

    2. All i know is the 49ers got some very good plaers this off season good move and only one of the best QBs in the leag. Hes that good. So if all u great players want that big. Fat super ring look no further. Take that meeting with john Lynch its not a waste of ur time. I gaurentee that. I know what im talkin about i know this game well

  3. Good overview of PFF’s QB analysis:

    Wonder what Jimmy G’s thinking is about the long-term contract. Niners are in a no-win situation. If he wants Stafford money (soon probably to be exceeded by Ryan and Rodgers), Niners will not win by franchising him this season since price will go up again next season, and it will be Cousins situation redux. JG will probably have to decide if $70M-$80M guaranteed is enough to take $5M less than Stafford money per year. I suppose he has 6 months to think it over if he needs more time.

  4. what about a Center????
    is Kilgore or a rook going to be ok at C? Really?
    and Hyde will make himself “affordable” after the sales job JG and KS did on him and the team in the 5-0 run…
    (assuming KS still wants Hyde next season)

    1. The only reason why Kilgore will survive because he has developed a bond with Jimmy and Jimmy is high on Kilgore at Center

        1. Raz

          Gore was renowned for his patience…Oline men hate patience in a RB or QB, because the line never knows where the QBs or RBs are, and how to change their blocking scheme to fit what they are doing (Both Frank and Kaep were guilty of that)….Our Oline isn’t nearly as bad as this blog states….NOT THAT GOOD…BUT NOT THAT BAD….

    2. Honestly, in his position its tough to tell just how bad or good he is.
      He had two of the worst guards in the NFL on both sides of him. In the pass game he would often be asked to be a help player, ie helping whatever guard is getting over powered. This is really tough to do if both of them are getting blown up. In the run if, no one is head up on him he might be asked to chip block and then peel off to get an lb at the second level. If the guard is getting completely overpowered or in many cases “whiffs” he should not just chip.
      Those are just a few scenarios where he could have been made to look worse than he actually was playing.

      The problem is, if it happens enough players learn to distrust their teammates. So even when their teammate makes a good block, they will stay a bit to long on the chip ( and can’t get the needed angle on the second level defender) or he helps too quickly in the pass game (allows a blitzer through).

      1. He had two of the worst guards in the NFL on both sides of him.

        In 2015 and 2016 yes. PFF ranked both starting guards during both seasons below (40.0). In 2017, both starting Guards graded above (70.0) and were both ranked in the top 32 of all Guards in the NFL. That’s not even close to being the worst in the NFL.

        1. Laken Tomlinson was ranked 63rd out of 64 guards for the first 5 games of the season and only reached that 70 rating in the final game of the season because he had an exceptionally high score against the rams, who benched their starting lineup.
          As to the other guard, which one? Magnuson, Beadles, Fusco? This was a musical chairs of players.

      2. But he didn’t. Fusco was solid all season despite playing with a torn biceps. Tomlinson started off horribly, but really came on strong during the Beathard tenure at QB. Even Beadles played well at OT, giving up just two sacks in 8 starts which, despite all effing whinging about his pass protection, is actually very good and better than any RT we’ve had out there.

        Yet fans act as if none of them were competent.

        The fact is much of ‘sack rate’ is on the QB. Take Indianapolis in 2013, because they’re a great example of how sacks (high or low) can be misleading. They had a 5% sack rate, which is pretty good, but their line was actually fairly bad and gave up hits on 23% of pass plays despite Luck’s quick release. This continued on for years and, eventually, caused so many injuries to Luck that it may have ruined Luck’s shoulder.

        Kaepernick and Gabbert, OTOH, actually had good protection during the same period. Unfortunately, the line was always blamed for those sacks by fans and the press who couldn’t ****ing be bothered to look at the time-splits on the sacks and put two-and-two together and get four. Simply put, if you hold the ball for 3+ seconds on a regular basis, you’ll be sacked a lot, regardless of your line’s competency. Even Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were sacked at the average 21% sack rate when they held the ball for 3.5 seconds or longer.

        But virtually nobody and his brother are interested in how it works. They only want to point fingers at the line and blame them for the ball-holding, incompetent QB who creates sacks out of his inability to play QB at NFL speeds.

        Anyway, both guards were fine last year even though Tomlinson started off really bad the first six weeks.

        1. MosesZD

          +1….there are teams out there waiting for Tomlinson or Beadles to get ‘cut’…so they can claim them…same with Kilgore….EVERY Center gets his butt handed to him several times in a game…

          1. Tomlinson yes, Beadles not so much. Even if you want to use the PFF scores (which are highly flawed imho) Beadles graded out as Poor. Not below average… but poor.

            As for Tomlinson he graded out as the second worst guard in the league for the first half of the season and only was barely able to reach the “average” area (70% or higher by scoring 70%) when he had one of his best games of the season against the rams who benched their starters.
            Additionally those teams are not waiting to claim them as starters.

            And while everyone seems to want to point to sacks as the metric to judge an oline I was not using that. They routinely get pushed back into the pocket or into the back field destroying the outside zone.
            A lot of Kyles plays are based around the outside zone. If its successful, it opens up a lot more of his playbook. The playaction passes, boots, misdirectional plays.
            Second, Jimmy is not a tall qb. Getting guards pushed back into his face can also disrupt his vision. The Saints routinely invest more heavily in the guard position for this reason. I believe Jimmy would benefit far more from this than he would from say adding a jump ball receiver like Alshon Jeffery

        2. Time splits can also be deceptive because if a Qb is good at buying more time via scrambling out of earlier pressure the time might suggest the sack was on the QB. I remember the early part of 2015 when there was pressure coming from both sides and the middle and Kaep didn’t even have time to escape.
          The only true measure is the one with the eyes. Another factor is if the QB has anyone to throw to.

        3. u all know kapern he screwed up in a few ways one person cant change the world or what these so called cops are doing. Kap ok they will. Evencialy get theres by the good man up stairs let him handle it. Its best now u probly messed up ur career and o dont some where u nust stopped playing u let personal stuff get in ur way if u want to survive kap stop outing certain people ya u have $ but if i were u i would evest. In the stocks that keep the rich going my advice thats free but my other advice is not

  5. 1. Pugh – Maybe
    2. Crowell – I am on board with this one.
    3. Taylor Gabriel – Redundant. We already have a plethora of #2 receivers. Dont need another one. We need a #1 receiver .
    4. Irvin- Redundant . We already have an older has been pass rusher.
    5. SS – CBs diminishing returns start at 28 ish. Better to bring in rookie and groom him.

  6. Gabriel is a consideration, unless he reads the comments here and thinks JG can’t throw the long ball.
    Pugh looks good.
    Going against the grain here again, but I’m not fully convinced the team wants to move on from Hyde, or that he’s set on moving on from Niners. We’ll see.
    I’m not high on Smith at CB.
    I’m lukewarm on Irvin, but he’d be an upgrade and system fit with experience, and Edge Guys are hard to find, so he’s worth some conversation.

    1. Hyde’s agent will settle up with JL so he can continue to be part of the Jimmy G experience…
      I get the impression he really wants to keep his seat on the JG/KS express….
      and KS needs a “bruiser” RB to alternate with Brieda/Williams as change-up back/short ydg back…
      Hyde (now) knows the system…
      Hyde needs to work on his hands now….

  7. I think Pugh would be a great !!! I just will feel better when or if JG signs a long term contract. I feel deep down inside that Belichek as sneaky as he is got a second round pick from us , and told Jimmy not to do a long term contract that they would bring him back after a year, to let SF franchise tag him and go back (after a year) to where he started. I might be being parinoid I hope that’s all it is.

            1. Yes. That’s what he has played for the Jags. If he was a good boundary CB they wouldn’t have needed to draft Ramsey and sign Bouye.

              1. Sure they like him better as the NC, but I don’t think that means he wouldn’t be an upgrade over Johnson. We’ll likely be taking a corner relatively high anyways. I’m not convinced we need to make that big of investment at the position if we address the pass rush.

              2. Not hard to find an upgrade over Dontae. But makes more sense to look for one that has played boundary CB primarily.

              3. You think they’d be interested in Smith, who not only is average but comes with character concerns?

              4. Fair enough, but Johnson has been average and I’d suggest his salary would be a mistake. Fuller is the only one I’d pay as an above average corner, and frankly, I don’t see the Bears letting him hit F/A. Colvin graded out above average, albeit at NC and surrounded by a better secondary. I guess if Smith comes relatively cheap, he’d provide a decent stop gap. You changed my mind, Scooter_McG.

              5. I think Trumaine Johnson would be an ideal CB for the system. Fuller has upside, but he is better as an off ball zone CB. Not sure he is a great fit.

              6. He is a #1 CB. He’s not elite, but he’s good. 49ers are better off overpaying for a good CB than overpaying for a decent one.

                Sure, drafting one is also an option. They should do that regardless. But Johnson is a safer bet and better fit than most FAs at other positions of need. Draft can focus elsewhere.

              7. In a new scheme that didn’t play to his strengths (lots of man), and he improved as the season went on (grade was below 50 at end of November). He was above 80 the two previous years playing a mix of man, cover 2 and cover 4. Cover 3 should suit him as he uses the boundary well.

              8. TJ is a perfect CB for this system. Is he elite? No, but he is very good and that is a lot better than what we have. We aren’t finding elite in FA and drafting one is not easy, so sometimes very good at a high cost is what you have to do.

              9. Johnson doesn’t have a good reputation around the league for his work ethic. I’m not sure he’s the kind of guy the 49ers would want to make one of their highest-paid players.

            1. I like that idea! I am just worried about Mata’afa’s ability to win from the edge as he played more DT than DE in college. But I love his combo of first step quickness and strength.

            2. I don’t mind him so much but he shouldn’t be selected above the later part of the 3rd.
              There is not enough tape to project him as an edge rusher but his saving grace is he may well be a guy that could transition to LB if he doesn’t show enough as DE.

              He is one of the players that could benefit greatly from the combine. He will need to show an impressive burst, lateral quickness and bend. However, if he does he could raise his stock considerably.

        1. I have been seeing that there is a lot of talk around the league that the 49ers will target Ansah, but I am hoping that he stays in Detroit or signs with another team. He has been injury-prone the past two seasons and his sack total in 2017 is very misleading.

            1. Same here. There is also the fact that he will be 29 when the 2018 season start. Do the 49ers take a chance on him despite those concerns?

          1. If they get him I have to admit I will be excited, but like you I worry about his injuries. Lots of money for a guy that has struggled to stay healthy.

  8. To me, we should spend a big portion of our funds on the QB, Jimmy G, and the men that will protect him. There are plenty of good guards out there that you can invest in, in order to protect our most valuable asset. Its better than bringing in the unknown. We still draft guards and tackles to develop, because when the current contracts are over, they have built in replacements. Let Kyle continue to build skill players through the draft. And John build a great defense through the draft. But since we are lucky enough to have our QB and an abundance of money, spend it wisely, not on the the next Torrey Smith or Mike Wallace, but on the current Justin Pugh, and others that can continue to build and teach.

    1. Goodwin has missed 25 games and suffered at least five concussions in his career. If he goes down, the receiving corps would become quite slow.

          1. I think its a slap on “our” faces when he tries to cheapen the conversation by throwing irrelevant or false narrative……dude (Grant) really needs to grow up…..

            How long do we have to take this mediocre……..I believe there has to be someone better out there than can improve the level of intelligence of the contributing voice to the blog……

          1. Taking a violent illegal hit from a DB makes him “prone” to concussion? Ridiculous. You could say that about any player on the receiving end of such a cheap shot. Is Gronkowski “prone” to concussions also? Maybe the Pats should replace him?

            1. Missing 25 games in five seasons means he’s injury prone. And suffering five concussions means the next one could end his career. The Niners need Goodwin insurance.

            2. “Is Gronkowski “prone” to concussions also? Maybe the Pats should replace him?”

              Nobody said the 49ers should replace Goodwin

              1. Would give the 49ers a speed receiver other than…

                Did no one ever explain the concept of “read between lines” to you, Hammer?

              2. Right. They need a speed receiver other than Goodwin, because that player is not currently on the roster.

                They need depth.

            3. rib,

              Goodwin had never played a full season before coming to the Niners. His injury history was one of the reasons the Bills let him go and he didn’t have much of a market. He had a great year and stayed relatively healthy, but to count on that when his history tells a different story is probably not the best idea. Having a similar player as a backup ready to step in is a necessity imo.

              1. rocket, a vicious illegal cheap shot can sideline just about any and every player on the roster. Are we going to have a clone of each player?

              2. “Are we going to have a clone of each player?”

                That’s kind of what backups and depth are all about.

              3. Goodwin proved this year he is more than just a “a speed receiver”. Using Grant’s description, that makes Gabriel a poor choice for a backup to Goodwin.

              4. “Why is that a mic drop?”

                Grant says Goodwin needs a backup because he has had 5 concussions. He suggests that his backup should be Gabriel. Ribico shows that Gabriel has had 4 concussions.
                Mike drop.

              5. Hammer, he’s just as concussion “prone” as Grant makes Goodwin out to be. I guess having two concussion prone players in the roster cuts the likelihood of a player missing a game due to concussion… by half?

              6. I think you guys are misreading Gabriel’s concussion history. That wasn’t 4 different concussions. It was 2. 1 just happened to keep him out for 3 games.

              7. “Mike drop.”

                80, What’d Mike do to you?

                Gabriel has missed 6 games in 4 years, and played the full 16 twice.

                Goodwin has missed 25 games in 5 years and played the full 16 once.

                It makes sense to have a backup with a similar skill set. Not sure what the argument against it is other than the fact Grant mentioned it.

                The thought of acquiring Gabriel was brought up on here weeks ago by Scooter for pretty much the same reasons that Grant gave and there was none of this.

              8. Having a similar backup is fine if you don’t overpay. I don’t think there’s room for Gabriel with…
                Bourne or Bolden
                Drafted WR

                And Mike knows what he did.

  9. Kyle Fuller, 25 year old FA Bears corner who had a breakout year. Probably won’t be cheap, but won’t break the bank either.

  10. Pugh’s a good player, but Lynch should sign Panthers OG Andrew Norwell, 26. He’s rated one of the top OG’s in the NFL and it’s very unlikely Carolina can offer him a commensurate salary. They already extended OG Trai Turner and have just $12.6M in cap space. If Lynch doesn’t re-sign Kilgore, C should be among the positions he acquires. There are several very good 25-something players in the FA pool. Although Crowell is arguably a better receiver than Hyde, if Lynch isn’t going to re-sign Carlos, why would he spend FA money for another RB. He has Jeremy McNichols stashed on the PS and can draft another good multi-purpose RB for considerably less than he’d spend on Crowell. Between Goodwin & Robinson Coach already has two smaller WR’s. Jordan Matthews would be a much better signing…and should command less than Allen Robinson (Jags) yet is similar in size. I say “nyet” to Irvin, who probably isn’t going to be available, anyway. Spend that $$ on a CB not named Sean Smith. Kyle Fuller, Trumaine Johnson & Bashaud Breeland are all more consistent CB’s. Lynch should draft a pass rusher…LSU’s Arden Key comes to mind.

  11. Pugh would be a good addition. Gabriel is possible if they want a similar player to Goodwin as a backup. Paul Richardson could be an option as well for that role. The others I don’t see though. I think they’ll draft another RB and add him to Williams and Brieda. Irvin and Smith haven’t been all that impressive in a similar scheme to the Niners in Oakland.

    I really think they are going to go hard for a CB in FA. Whether it’s Johnson, Butler, Fuller or Breeland , I think they are going to get somebody at that position.

    I know some have changed their minds, but I still like the idea of Ryan Jensen too.

    I’d like to see a run at Lawrence if he isn’t franchised, but he likely will be. Same with Allen Robinson.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Rocket.

      I think Richardson will get a starting job somewhere else.

      I also think the Niners will draft a running back, probably on Day 2. But I think they’ll sign a proven running back, too. Either Hyde or someone else.

      I think the Niners will draft a corner in the second round a sign a stopgap corner who can start until the rookie is ready.

      I think the Niners will draft a center.

      1. That’s potentially a lot of running backs if they are still high on Williams. If they aren’t then I could see a draft and FA scenario like this.

        I agree they will draft a CB, but I think (hope) they look for a good starter on the market.

        They’ll likely draft multiple OL. I think a lot is riding on how Garnett does in the body transformation dept. as well.

        Who do you like in the draft as a potential edge rushing option?

        1. The Niners could keep five RBs.

          5 RBs + 6 WRS + 3 TEs + 9 OL + 2 QBs = 25 offensive players.

          Jeff Holland intrigues me in the third round.

            1. I like those two.

              It seems Pete Carroll and his disciples draft edge rushers who are no taller than 6030. Have you noticed this?

              1. It does seem to be a common thread among the Carroll disciples. I’m not sure if 6″4 disqualifies potential pass rushers for the Niners, but if so, that does cut the list down for sure.

  12. I really like the first 2 but I’m luke warm on the last 3.

    I like Taylor Gabriel but Goodwin is better. Why target a guy if you have a better option already on your team? If I’m Taylor Gabriel why do I sign with a team when I know I’m going to just sit there on the sideline hoping the guy ahead of me gets hurt?

    Bruce Irvin and Sean Smith are better than what the 49ers have right now but they aren’t available. Why not just say the 49ers should target JaDeveon Clowney and Jalen Ramsey too. They are as available as Irvin and Smith. Not sure why you billed this as the top 5 Free Agent targets when 40% of your list aren’t even free agents. Unless of course there is a credible expectation that the Raiders will release these guys.

    Lastly, I think everyone agrees the 49ers need an edge rusher. Does that mean Arik Armstead’s time with the 49ers is over?

      1. Houston

        Hell no , it doesn’t… play him at Big End where he belongs…and quit screwing around with Solomon Thomas…!

      1. Why in the world would Taylor Gabriel sign with the 49ers to be a backup when he can sign with another team and be a starter?

    1. What team will offer Gabriel a starting job?

      There’s a good chance the Raiders will cut Irvin, and Smith or Amerson.

      1. I think Taylor Gabriel could be a starter for the Dolphins, Bengals, Eagles, Chargers, Texans, Colts, Titans, Bills, Cardinals, Ravens, Bears, Panthers, Jets, and Rams. Gabriel is better than the speed receiver/deep threat type guys currently starting for those teams. In particular I think Gabriel would be a great fit with the Rams. Pair Taylor Gabriel with Woods & Kupp and thats a hell of a receiving corp. I expect Sammy Watkins to leave the Rams this offseason.

          1. Wow! I guess I’ve been out of the loop. Seems odd to pay a guy $15M for 39 catches. Watkins is definitely talented but he certainly hasn’t lived up to it yet. Good for him if he gets tagged. I highly doubt he could hit the open market and make that money for a single year.

            So take the Rams off my list. Still applies to everyone else. Torrey Smith has been a disappointment in Philly. Taylor Gabriel would be a great fit in that offe…. Oh wait, hey Jack are the Eagles about to franchise Smith?

  13. Why is no one talking about how DeMarcus Lawrence would fit in? 15 sacks, 25 years old and a UFA. I dont think Dallas can afford to Tag him either.

  14. 1. Pugh. Would be nice. But could get tagged.
    2. Crowell. Not bad as a cheaper option. Effective OZ rusher.
    3. Gabriel. No,
    4. Irvin, No. “This is if the Raiders release him.” Well, there’s that. And Ansah is better.
    5. Smith.
    “Thirty-year-old corner..” Thirty years, is he that old?
    “Again, this is if the Raiders release him.” If we’re playing the ‘if he’s available’ game, I would sign Fuller.

    1. Irvin would not be the Leo. He played Otto for the Seahawks. And DE in nickel. He would be a good signing if available.

      No idea why people wouldn’t want Gabriel. Nice #4 option. Much better than Robinson.

      1. “Irvin would not be the Leo.” Noted. My mistake. I’m on board if he’s available.

        “No idea why people wouldn’t want Gabriel.”

        Goodwin would start. Gabriel is better than Robinson, but Bourne could be too. I expect Shanny to take a larger WR in the draft. Plus Bolden might still make the 53.

              1. don’t bet against Celek being the better blocking half of our ’18 TE tag team, Celek and Kittle, that is…

              1. “Give me a name.”

                Byron Pringle.

                “Bourne and Gabriel are completely different.”

                Yes, Bourne can backup Garcon. Gabriel can backup Goodwin. Robinson can backup both and gives them draft flexibility.

              2. Michael Gallup. He’ll be the guy they draft to backup Garcon. Gabriel, John Brown or someone similar will be signed in FA.

              3. I like Gallup. I was thinking of him on day 3 but he may wind up being a day 2 guy when it’s all said and done.

              4. I think they will be happy to keep 6 WRs and let Bourne, Bolden and some UDFAs fight it out for the 6th spot. I don’t think they will be happy going into the season with Bourne as the only real backup to Garcon.

                Gallup looks ideal for the Garcon role in this offense.

  15. Pugh would be nice
    Crowell I’m okay with.
    Gabriel. No, Donte Moncrief instead. Shanny will unlock his potential.
    Irvin. No, this team will sign Ansah.
    Smith , No Fuller would be much better. Did you see him in the game against the Niners? dude was everywhere.
    by the way grant you’re gonna get carlos hyde off of this team one way or the other lol!!!

  16. The RayDuhs Defense is nothing to brag about, they need help. If they release these guys, how much would they help SF or anyone?

    On another note, when I checked in on Senior Bowl practice I noted that John Lynch leveraged his friendship with Elway to get himself on the field for practice. Just good old boys hanging out. : -)

  17. Yes on all 5. Pugh is far more likely than Norwell. I would prefer Richburg, but either (or both) would be good additions.

    I have mentioned both Crowell and Gabriel previously. I think John Brown would be a better option than Gabriel, but Gabriel and his experience in the system makes sense. They need a better backup to Goodwin than Robinson. Crowell is one of the better FA RBs on the market who also has experience in the system.

    Irvin would be a good replacement for Harold.

    Smith would be a good stop gap if they can’t sign Johnson or one of the other top CBs on the market.

  18. A couple of those guys are 30 years old. You don’t want to age your team. Plus, how much do yhey have left? Le’ Veon Bell is not a good fit. He would command the ball and Kyle uses two backs. Allen Robinson sounds good because of his height, talent, and red zone catches ( he’s tall, which is what we need ), but I’m concerned about his major injuries. I don’t think Carlos Hyde is worth the chunk of money he will command. Even with a pumped up offense because of Jimmy G., he only averaged less than 4 yards a carry, and had only one full season without injury. Jimmy Ward is good but my goodness, you can almost merely touch him and he’s out for the season. Anybody agree?

  19. I would rather have Kyle Fuller at CB – fits the defense just fine, not a shut down but a real good CB. Getting CB Johnson from the Rams, is subtracting from the Rams and adding to the Niners, nothing wrong with that either. Then there is Brock getting a CB that has been tutelage by BB – eh that cant be nothing but good. Will cost some money for any of these three.

    Goodwin – understand the concern of concussions. Can G throw the deep ball? with accuracy? WR’s will come after the third round along with RBs.

    I am for anything that will help the OL if Pugh fits what Shanny needs then by all means go for it.

    As far as the draft is concerned if Fitz is still there snag him. If not trading down would be the way to go. If drafting a O-line man with the first pick I hope its a tackle, What I am hoping for in the draft is that Lynch/Shanny drafts the BPA that fits what Shanny wants to do with reasonable consideration given to the draft slot.

    Even though I am not a Hyde lover for the right money sign him. Reid, he had a strong season and is versatile, once again for the right money sign him. I have been calling for a center for the last 3 or 4 years, drafting one would be a good thing, G likes Kilgore, not sure how much influence G will have in that decision.

  20. Grant,
    I asked this question earlier but never got an answer. Last year you were extremely high on Joe Williams do you still think he could be the answer at RB?

    1. Yes, I still like Williams. The team does, too. But they’re not counting on him. Anything he gives the 49ers next season will be gravy.

  21. There some chatter about Dez Bryant joining the 9ers. How do you guys feel about that? He seem like a cry baby on the sidelines

    1. I don’t want him. Seems like almost the second coming of Terrell Owens. Kyle shares the ball around, and Dez might cry about not getting it enough. Disruptive.

  22. Even with Pierre Garcon coming back, the Niners should draft a tall but talented Wr particularly for redzone purposes. I’m sure they will address the O-line to protect their new face – of – the – franchise Jimmy G. And that much needed pure edge rusher and another Cb

  23. When Jimmy G was traded to the 49ers, I posted that same day that one of the big side benefits would be the improved ability of the team to entice free agents. However, I think Grant brings up a good point, that if they don’t sign him soon, that major benefit will likely evaporate for this year.

    While those who follow the team know that the turnaround wasn’t all due to Jimmy G (although he was certainly the major player), most others do not know this. They see the 9ers as 1-10 BJ and 5-0 AJ. A turnaround the likes of which has not been seen ever or at least in several decades. Take away that perceived savior after a year or two of the franchise tag……

    1. I disagree. I don’t think teams will be too worried about JG’s long term contract status. I think they will assume 49ers will do what it takes to keep him.

      1. I’d be more inclined to agree with that if it weren’t for the recent turmoil after the departure of Harbaugh. Do outsiders forget that quickly? However, I will concede that JL and KS are, at this point in time, a better known and respected duo than last year when they were first paired.

        1. after the 5-0 show, KS & JL have a big heaping of NFL cred & goodwill flowing their way, even from Jed, I’d wager…
          and IF JG is tagged for ’18, as long as KS & JL build a better run game & D for him, the Jimmy G experience will be set for a 2019 contract…

      2. Scooter: It looks like Matt Barrows agrees with you.

        But I don’t think the franchise tag would dissuade other free agents from signing. The safe money is on Garoppolo being here for the long term one way or another. Joining a team in free agency always is a bit of a gamble. Gore, for example, signed with the Colts because he thought Andrew Luck gave them a good shot at a Super Bowl. Then Luck got hurt. The agents and players know that risk is inherent. That’s why money is a more important factor. A fat guarantee tends to soften the risk.

  24. 1. Sign Jimmy G.
    2. Sign Justin Pugh.
    3. Sign Demarcus Lawrence.
    4. Sign either Hyde or Crowell.
    5. Sign Reid at a reasonable price.
    6. Draft best CB and WR in first 2 rounds.
    7. Balance of draft take best player available at Tackle, Center, Edge Rusher and/or linebacker.


  26. Caucus….your right I feel the same way if they don’t sign Jimmy soon the long term deal will likely evaporate. Maybe that’s what Belichek has in mind.

    1. Ed: Recommend that you click “Reply” underneath the message that you are replying to and then fill in the box with text, etc. It will indent your response and makes it easier to follow the chain..

  27. IMO:

    1. Likely the Giants tag Pugh since they are expected to have at least $30 million in cap space.

    2. No on Crowell. Better options in the draft where the RB position is deep.

    3. The 49ers need some height in the WR group, and Gabriel may cost too much to sign.

    4. No. Just no.

    5. See #4.

  28. 1. John Lynch: 49ers working hard towards getting Jimmy Garoppolo signed
    52 minutes ago • 20 comments
    By David Bonilla

    2. Lynch on Garoppolo extension: ‘Makes too much sense for it not to happen’ NBCS Bay Area • 55 mins • Share

    1. Great Minds Think Alike:

      Tim Ryan describes receiver 49ers must target
      By Matt Maiocco January 24, 2018 10:43 AM

      “I think a tall receiver,” 49ers radio analyst Tim Ryan said on The 49ers Insider Podcast.

      “But a big receiver. Someone with length. Someone that’s always open three feet over this head. A guy who plays like Garçon but has about a 6-3 frame on him. That would be outstanding on offense.”

      “Jarvis Landry could be the top available wide receiver, but he does not appear to fit the 49ers’ need. After all, Landry is 5-foot-11 and is a possession receiver who lacks big-play potential. ”

      “One player to watch is Donte Moncrief, who has mostly under-produced with the Indianapolis Colts. He stands 6-2 and has 18 touchdowns in four NFL seasons.”

      Courtland Sutton (6-3), SMU: Averaged 16.5 yards per catch with 31 TDs over his final three seasons.
      Simmie Cobbs Jr (6-3), Indiana: Caught 132 passes for 1,800 yards and 12 TDs in his final two seasons.
      Equanimeous St. Brown (6-4), Notre Dame: Caught 91 for nearly 1,500 yards and 13 TDs in final two years.
      D.J. Chark (6-3), LSU: Averaged 20.5 yards on 66 receptions over past two seasons.
      J’Mon Moore (6-3), Missouri: Back-to-back 1,000 yards seasons with 18 TDs in final two years.
      Allen Lazard (6-4), Iowa State: Had 241 catches for 3,360 yards and 26 TDs in four-year career.
      Marcell Ateman (6-4), Oklahoma State: Had 59 catches for 1,156 yards and eight TDs as a senior.

  29. My 5.


    That’s not happening. Realistic targets.
    DE Ansah
    CB Johnson
    TE Graham
    HB Crowell

  30. I can see a trade down happening, definitely the Niners could fill their needs later in the draft and free agency.

    For example, LSU’s DJ Chark looks more and more like a mirror image of a 6′-4″ John Taylor of the Dynasty 49ers…Even wears the same # 82 !

    He can also take a hit and could be targeted day 2.

    1. # 80, take a look at LSU’s Chark when you have a chance…..# 16’s throwing to #82, LSU’s John Taylor…..unbelievable !

      1. I’ll check him out. I think we’ll draft a WR as high as the 2nd round or no later than the 5th. Pringle and Lazard have helped themselves during the Shrine and Senior weeks. Although Lazard had some drops.

  31. 1. Yes on Pugh. The Panthers actually run a complex offense that is a little similar to Shanahan’s so scheme fit shouldn’t be a reason Norwell shouldn’t be signed. Either way, one of them absolutely needs to be signed.

    2. Yes on Crowell, seems like a good fit.

    3. Maybe, but there are better receivers available in FA that might want to sign with the 49ers due to Jimmy G.

    4. Maybe, but he’s a bit old.

    5. Hell to the no. Dude has too many off-field issues to be worth the headache. All of his problems seem to stem from a drinking problem and beating people senseless.

    1. It is a combo of him and the system. The entire team had ice through their system. Jags blew it on many occasions. Just like Georgia did against Alabama. You never take your foot off the neck of teams like that. It shows you are shook…”ain’t no such thing as a halfway crook”. Once Bill and Nick say the other team was not ready for the bog stage they had them. Ask Kyle and the Flacons.

      Once I saw the Jags take a knee at half time, the tea leaves were apparent. I told everyone in the room they will loose this game in the forth. Closing out the Alabama game, I idn’t expect t hat QB to come in and light it up. But Georgia and their inferior QB (a la Bortels) didn’t make the plays.

      Brady is great for sure…and JG would perform in the same way if he was in that spot, I truly believe it. The IT factor. CK just didn’t have IT. Or a touch pass (a la that Wyoming QB) but that’s for another article.

      1. Bellicheat is the chess~master of the NFL. Jags had that game, but did not anticipate and then make adjustments to Pats in the second half.
        Bellicheat is playing chess and his adversary is playing checkers.

  32. Allen Lazard, the new 49ers fans darling because he is 6’4″, 220lbs. See it every year. “Must draft ” because he is huge.

    Lazard looks a decent mid round prospect, but there are better options. My take is Lazard will develop into a decent #3/#4 WR that is primarily used as a red zone threat.

        1. I have no confidence in guessing where he might go. 3/4? Ive seen opinions from 2-5. Smooth with reach, but not sure about beating press and getting separation at next level; haven’t seen enough tape.

    1. Scooter_McG

      Count me as one of the 49ers fans who considers Lazard an excellent possibility…In the Cotton(?) Bowl, He made 5 straight catchs over 15 yards…no drops, and different patterns…great separation, good speed, and the last one was the winning TD…also, his QB was not that great…

    2. “Allen Lazard, the new 49ers fans darling…”

      I found this interesting.

      “Robinson has heard that Iowa State WR Allen Lazard (6-5, 222) may have to transition to tight end, as there are questions about his NFL speed. Robinson mentions that he has a big body and large hands and it’s possible he could be a “Jimmy Graham type.”

      Having Lazard as our other TE wouldn’t be that bad, assuming he can improve his blocking and bulks up.

      1. That’s exactly my concern with Lazard. Yes, he is huge. But he isn’t fast. I think he will struggle to separate in the NFL as a WR.

        He could develop into quite a decent move TE though. That could well be his best NFL position.

          1. I thought he was ND’s most dangerous player in 2016. Good athlete to go with his good size, and seems to have good hands and body control to make difficult catches. But he is inconsistent and still quite raw, and combined the QB play at ND in 2017 made him look pretty average this past year.

            Big upside guy that has plenty of bust potential. But I like him in round 2.

            1. I’m thinking the 49ers will take a flanker in Round 3 and let him sit on the bench for a year behind Garcon. I know you like Gallup, but I’m not sure he fits what Shanahan is looking for in a Round-3 flanker. He typically wants those guys to weight at least 209 lbs.

              1. I see St. Brown as more of the SE in Shanny’s system. Yes he is big, but he is more of a downfield threat and big play guy than an over the middle possession kind of guy.

              2. In that case, Shanahan will be all over him. Shanahan seems to want a flanker who weighs roughly 210, runs no slower than 4.55 in the 40, 4.2 in the shuttle and 6.9 in the 3-cone, and jumps no lower than 36 inches. Shanahan wants size, quickness and explosiveness at flanker/possession receiver.

                I believe Gallup weighed 198 at the Senior Bowl a couple days ago.

              3. Yea, he’s pretty thin. They got him listed at 6-5, 203 pounds, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s 190 pounds.

              4. “Shanahan seems to want a flanker who weighs roughly 210, runs no slower than 4.55 in the 40, 4.2 in the shuttle and 6.9 in the 3-cone, and jumps no lower than 36 inches.”

                Jake Wieneke or Byron Pringle could be that guy. We’ll see at the Combine.

              1. St. Brown seems to have the quickness Shanahan wants his flanker to have. Not sure if St. Brown is thick enough, though.

              2. He’s got plenty of frame to add muscle, and not let it affect his quickness. I think he’s one of the best receivers at getting separation….

      1. Did you watch it last night? I’ve forgotten how good a movie that is. Even at fifty years later, the Goldfinger intro song could easily play as an intro to a current Bond movie. And then, of course, there is the inimitable Ms. Galore.

        1. sorry…as Bond theme songs go — it’s “you only live twice” in 1st, and Shirley Bassey belting out “Goldfinger” in 2nd place…

  33. 1. Pugh – Yes, assuming we don’t over pay for four years

    2. Crowell – We did ok with the RBs we have now. I bet Hyde will sign a favorable contract. But if he bolts to Seattle then we can take a flyer on a vet RB… but I’d draft a RB in second or third. Maybe Royce Freemen in forth. He is more between tackles but does run sweeps at Oregon.

    3. Taylor Gabriel – Sure, he would be nice for a #3/4 WR. So if we have two #2’s and a #3/4 (Gabriel) and Taylor in slot . That would be nice. Then draft a tall WR mid rounds. I don’t think we need to go after a #1 WR. I believe we are good with our group and Kiddle/Celek.

    4. Irvin- Is he washed up? If not that would be a good sign for a year. Him and Elvis rotating. God it would be nice to have two young edge rushers.

    5. Smith – He is 30 already… dang we are getting old. I remember him coming out. Liked the size. I feel like we need to add TWO vets in the DB field and draft another TWO. I like the way Kyle Fuller (Chicago) played us. He is a FA if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Would like to see this happen. He was one of my draft crushes coming out of mizzou. Has turned out to be a pretty good football player.

    1. Shawnrhod

      Thanks for mentioning “Rolls” Royce Freeman…RB from Oregon…This last year, He broke all of the RB records that belonged to La Michael James at the U of O….He is a truck with a high end gear

  34. Pugh and Crowell should be must signs for Lynch. Crowell, IMO, is a superior back over Hyde and a perfect fit for Shanahan’s offense. Honestly I would like to see them sign both Crowell and Hyde. This team needs depth at RB.. It’s not like they don’t have the money.. Either of those guys will break the bank..

    1. Don’t have much faith there. Haley’s a guy who made his name with established QB’s. First it was Kurt Warner in Arizona, and then Roethlisberger in Pitt.

  35. Crowell isn’t a bad idea. Rest are poor suggestions. Guys who deserve a serious look to fill a Guard, CB, WR spot: Kyle Fuller (would be my choice for FA CB), Patrick Robinson, Baushaud Breeland, Andrew Norwell, Sammy Watkins, Ziggy Ansah, DeMarcus Lawrence. Regarding Lawrence, I’m tired of the automatic write off due to substance issues. A guy with those numbers deserves some due diligence pertaining to where he is with his recovery.

  36. In the latest Lockedon49ers podcast Jerod Brown was reporting that Marcus Davenport was not looking so good at the senior bowl. Apparently Alex Cappa was able to handle him fairly easily in the pass rush drills, burying him a few times.

    Davenport needs to impress here as his competition was below average coming from such a small school.

      1. His progression through the week of practice will be illuminating; eg does he show improvement? I enjoyed Polian’s scouting comments yesterday.
        Until we see FA shake out, it’s hard for me to get too invested in Mock Mania……
        🌈 🙏 🦄

    1. From what Daniel Jeremiah said on, Davenport looked more comfortable in the two point stance and made some plays from that stance.

    2. Funny; Todd McShay thinks Davenport has looked great, and has put himself into the Top 15 of the 1st Round. “Through the two most important practices of the week, Davenport has declared himself. He’s the best player here. Long and explosive with a quick get-off, he can threaten offensive tackles with both speed and power. He was also able to advance the pass rush, even when an offensive lineman won initial leverage, which is what separates the great pass-rushers from the good ones. I watched his Baylor tape on Tuesday night, and he must’ve played 70 plays but was still making tackles for loss in the fourth quarter. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up being a top-15 pick.”

  37. Justin Pugh was flat out terrible last year. PFF gave him an overall grade of (52.4). He would not upgrade over Tomlinson or Fusco who both graded above 70. I’m also sure that when Garnett comes back, he’ll be in far better shape and much more ready to deal with NFL D-linemen. He said he wants to be one of the best Guards in the NFL and he know what he needs to do to get to that level. If the O-line needs an upgrade, we should aim at drafting Billy Price from Ohio State. He fits the mold of Alex Mack and plays like Nick Mangold. Kilgore was the weakest link last year as PFF gave him an overall grade of (51.0). It would be smart to retain him for at least another year despite his poor performance, but it’s hard to say that a young rookie can handle the responsibilities of the Center position and have the type of chemistry needed with Jimmy G. Kilgore will need to hold the position down until Billy Price is ready.

      1. Haha, you’ve come around on that, eh? I agree, and there’s nothing wrong with evolving opinions. Their grading isn’t based on ALL the factors (play call, reads and adjustments for the play depending upon defensive alignment, etc).

  38. With the pretty much consensus belief that current college O linemen are woefully under developed and it takes up to 3 years to get them prepared to play in the NFL, I wonder why any team would draft an O lineman before the 3rd day. I believe the 9ers should fill all of their O line needs through free agency and then concentrate on drafting CB’s and pass rush specialist in the first 2 days. Who those players should be? I will begin looking after the SB.

      1. Grant,
        I would love to see a break down of where the current starting O linemen were drafted and how many of them were udfa’s. Either way I still believe that the 9ers should acquire their O line needs through FA and draft for most of their other needs.

    1. You are generally right, but there are some plug-and-play linemen who come out college programs pro-style offense. The Notre Dame guard should be a day 1 starter. For Niners who are looking for the athletic types rather than maulers, they can probably find some good candidates on day 3.

      1. I wonder if superior pure pocket passers will come from small schools where they have to win with less athletic receivers and more with QB accuracy and timing to hit well-covered, smaller receivers.

  39. Would y’all be happy with this draft?

    1. Derwin James, S/CB, Florida St.
    2. James Daniels, C, Iowa
    3. Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia
    3. Jeff Holland, Leo, Auburn
    4. M.J. Stewart, CB North Carolina
    5. Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado St.
    6. Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond
    7. Darrel Williams, RB, LSU

    1. Derwin James isn’t a CB so I’d rather see somebody else taken with that pick, but the rest is pretty solid Razor. Daniels, Wynn and Holland would be great picks imo. I don’t think Gallup makes it that far, but if he did, that would be a great draft.

    2. Derwin James is a great talent, but I don’t think he is a Cornerback. Wynn would be intriguing, but I think there are other centers I would like over Daniels (Price, Mason Cole, Frank Ragnow). Lauletta has been intriguing at Senior Bowl practices, if inconsistent. I don’t mind a running back really late, given we have some depth there, which is why I don’t understand people suggesting we use a 2nd rounder on Sony Michel.

      1. Thanks, in my view, Daniels is a day one starter that realistically could be there when our pick in round 2 comes. His snap to step is seamless, quick off the ball, rolls his hips and is capable of delivering a strong punch, maintains balance with a thick bubble and long arms. He’s ready made to pair with Gold Jimmy for years to come. My only concern is how his medicals check out….

        1. I like the review of Daniels. I see him in the same level as Cole and Ragnow, with my preference dealing more with Daniels’ medicals and Cole’s versatility. I will need to see if Ragnow would fit in Shanahan’s offense, given he is bigger than the other two. I think they all will be there when the Niners pick in the 3rd round.

            1. With the depth at pivot, I wouldn’t be shocked if Cole is still on the board at the top of the 4th round, however I expect Daniels to be off the board before round 3….

              1. I think Cole is hurt by having played LT. But when teams look back at his tape on the interior he will rise.

                Daniels would be a good option too though.

              2. Cole has proven his versatility, having played all three interior positions, as well as LT. At the pro level, he should be able to man RT in a pinch, a la Magnuson. So, if anything, that should push up his value, you would think….

              3. Yeah, when I say he was hurt by playing LT I mean he wasn’t dominant there and so he fell off the radar a bit. But he’s a very good interior player. His versatility will help him overall and once teams/ media pundits look back at previous years he will rise. I think he goes no later than 3rd round.

                If the 49ers drafted Cole and signed Pugh and Richburg, the interior OL would be greatly improved. Cole could compete at RG for now and eventually move to centre.

              4. Scooter, what was up with Mason Cole? He couldn’t snap the ball right, I counted 8 hikes off to left….

  40. 1. The James hype is based primarily on his freshman season. The potential is there, but I don’t think it is enough to justify a top 10 pick on him. Besides, he is best suited at SS, and the 49ers have Tartt who was doing well before his season ended prematurely.

    2. Daniels could be a good pick, but he needs to add some weight.

    3. Wynn is going to go higher than the third round.

    4. Everything I have read on Holland suggests he is better suited to playing in a 3-4 defense. His height is also a concern.

    5. The NCB position looks to be set for the 49ers, so drafting Stewart makes little sense.

    6. The last three are okay given that they are in the latter part of the draft, but I agree with Razor Galup may not last that long in the draft.

    1. Good deal, MWD. Input from everyone in here continues to shape the evolving strategy, since F/A has yet to sharpen our draft irons…;>)

  41. I understand its fun to speculate and discuss who will be drafted, but its meaningless. You have to wait to see who is acquired in free agency. Then the draft should address those areas of weakness still remaining after free agency.

  42. 1. Justin Pugh is an average guard, and thus not much of an improvement over “poor” Fusco and Tomlinson. He is also a year older than Norwell, and Norwell has enough talent that he could play in Shanahan’s system. I agree with whoever it was that posted that Carolina’s system is pretty complex, and incorporates some elements of zone blocking, so Norwell isn’t a complete novice.
    2. Crowell is a fourth option at running back in free agency. Either you spend big on Le’Veon Bell, far and away the best running back in the league, or I would consider Jerick McKinnon or Dion Lewis over Crowell. Or, bring back Hyde on a reasonable contract (3 years, 5-6 million per).
    3. As everyone else has pointed out, we already have two smaller receivers to fill the role envisioned for Gabriel (Goodwin and Taylor). We need a larger receiver, a true #1 or a red zone target we can throw the ball up to. I’m not sure there is one in free agency I like, so this may have to wait until the draft.
    4. Bruce Irvin is 30, thus doesn’t fit in the Niners’ timeline. Furthermore, he is below average in comparison to Lawrence or Ansah. And he is coming from one of the worst defenses in the NFL, even with Khalil Mack. I don’t know if this is regional bias because you have familiarity with the Raiders, but just no.
    5. Sean Smith: see above comments regarding Irvin.

    1. While PFF grades are not the be all and end all, Pugh graded out as one of the best OGs in the NFL according to PFF in 2015 and 2016. Last season was an aberration. He would be a great signing.

      1. I agree PFF is not the be all and end all, but in general Pugh just doesn’t compare to Norwell. Now, if we miss out on Norwell, am I going to complain if we settle on Pugh? No; he is still an upgrade over Tomlinson and Fusco. But I would be cautious in my expectations.

    1. “According to Florio, some believe the 49ers will have no choice but to use the exclusive tag, as there could be teams out there willing to part with two first-round picks to sign Garoppolo away from San Francisco.

      If the 49ers use the exclusive tag on Garoppolo, Florio points out that the 49ers would have to pay him $24.88 million in 2018 and Garoppolo and Yee could then use a second ($29.86 million) and third tag ($43 million) to justify a contract that would pay out $97.7 million over the first three years.”

      $43 million for the third tag???!! Is that an error and the real number is $34 million? If it’s $43 million, I don’t think I like where this might be headed.

      Still, if you look at the other teams in the league, where would be a better choice for Jimmy G? What other teams have dynamic young offense-oriented HCs, where a partnership between the HC and JG would lead to a HOF career and possibly challenge for one of the top 5 QBs of all time? Maybe the Rams, but they have Goff. If Jimmy really wants to be in NE and Brady retires and Belichick is still around, he could go there in year 3.

      Question: If a team uses an exclusive FT in the first year, do they have to use the exclusive tag in subsequent years if the player is to be tagged again?

      1. Cubus,

        No matter what tag the 49ers decided to use if it comes to that, they have right of first refusal. So even if they don’t use the exclusive FT, they could let the market set JG’s long term contract. Which ever offer Garoppolo signed they could match it and that would take care of the negotiation for them. The FT is a year to year proposition and they don’t have to use the same version of it in subsequent years if they choose not to. The only difference is the increase in percentage would be based on the exclusive tag number in the first year if they used that designation.

        Year three on a FT would be excessive and it’s meant to be because the players don’t want to be under control that long without significant financial compensation.

        Like you, I don’t see a better option for JG than the 49ers and I think he likely feels that way too after getting a chance to play in this system for a short time. My guess is they get a deal done, but even if they don’t, I can’t see them going the same route Washington did with Cousins. The 9ers are willing to pay Garoppolo fair market value while the Skins lowballed Cousins. Whether it’s this year or next, I believe a deal will get done.

        1. The sooner they give him a 5 year, 150 million dollar deal, with 90 million guaranteed, the sooner I get a good nights sleep, and York tosses and turns…;>)

          1. If that was the offer he’d be signed already. I don’t think it’ll come to that but they need to be willing to give him some serious dough. I like the idea of Jed being stressed out too.

      2. “According to Florio…”
        Har! That’s a problem from the ‘get go’!
        Not really kidding, although in this case I’d have no problem with Exclusive Tag. It’s an All-In move if you’re going to do it. No wimpy expression of waffling during the longer game of the Bigtime Deal negotiations.
        Two first round draft choices in no way are better than having Jimmy now. Even with the Tag It doesn’t seem impossible they could get a deal done by summer TC.

    2. If the Giants aren’t looking to sign Richburg or Pugh then the 49ers should try and sign both. They are both good players.

      Pugh has already stated multiple times he wants big time money. He’ll cost a lot to get, and doesn’t sound like he intends to give the Giants a discount. But I think he would be worth it for the 49ers. Seems a perfect fit for this system.

      1. If the Giants aren’t looking to sign Richburg or Pugh then the 49ers should try and sign both.

        Now you’re talking! I knew you’d come around to spending some money sooner or later Scooter :)

        1. I think only Pugh would cost big money. Richburg can likely be had for a mid to high tier contract.

          I have said all along they should be adding a couple of top end guys PLUS next tier guys like Richburg. My main issue with spending big on lots big names is that a lot of the guys people seem to want to spend money on just don’t seem like great fits or have serious health or off field issues. Better off adding top level talent over a few seasons as you are more likely to find the right fits over multiple years.

          1. Just teasing you Scooter. As it stands none of the players I wanted them to spend big money on will likely be available due to FT’s anyway, but I’m still holding out hope.

      2. I’d be on board with that, but something is telling me that the 49ers will resign Kilgore, have Garnett compete with Tomlinson for the LG position, and draft a RG.

        1. — that’s the evil York “sprite” sitting invisibly on your shoulder, whispering notions that our 2017 OL is good enough for the ’18 campaign…and JG will make them even better next year, 3 yd avg run game notwithstanding– bah humbug!
          — St. Jimmy will take on all the offensive deficiencies, like an anti-Baalke religious charm…
          — see Garnett transform into a stretch run blocking juggernaut- maybe…
          — see Kilgore, back by popular demand as the “good buddy” character in his recurring role as a middling offensive center for your SF 49ers…
          — see the colossal ’18 TC battle of Fusco vs. Tomlinson for the remaining G position…
          — and, worst of all, witness an ’18 run game that has to be used, yet again, purely as a reminder to oppo D that we “might” run more…

  43. Signing Jimmy G surely is a plus, but to imply that the Niners signing free agents is dependent on him having a long term contract is absurd. Had they not acquired him they still would have transformed the franchise into a winner, it just would have taken a bit longer. Many players recognize the team is on an upswing. Shanahan and Lynch are the real keys to the success of this franchise. Put Jimmy on a team without them and the ceiling wouldn’t be as high as one with them but without Jimmy. Jimmy is not stupid- he will sign with the team. This is the team that will give him the greatest opportunity to reach his potential.

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