Five questions

Please explain your answers to the following five questions:

1. More likely to play for the Niners in 2016, Vernon Davis or Anquan Boldin?

2. Over/under 10 sacks for Aldon Smith in 2015?

3. More rushing yards in 2015, Carlos Hyde or Frank Gore?

4. Will the 49ers extend nose tackle Ian Williams’ contract before the season ends?

5. Will the 49ers trade Colin Kaepernick after the season ends?

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    1. “But if Smith bounces and back and plays like he did the first two seasons of his career, the 49ers would be nuts to let him leave.”

      Agreed. Especially if it looks like he straightened his life out. Pass rushers like Aldon are cornerstones of a good defense.

      1. 1. Boldin: 49ers don’t draft pass catching TE’s well and teach to read coverages.Brent Jones was not a blazer, but would score from 60, 50 and 40 yds. out on so called “Set up Plays.” Dark ages and Plague is where we’ve gone back to now. Running is primary, passing is secondary to this coaching staff.(2)OVER/10. (3) Gore: P.Carroll, J.Fisher were on 49er dynasty teams so learned brilliantly how to confuse new coaching staffs using different defensive fronts (like the Buster Posey calling pitches). By the time new staffs adjusted, G-A-M-E O-V-E-R!!! (4) NO (5) Yes, in a game of adjustments, this staff adjusted to No 4th quarter TD’S last season (is that an NFL record?). Asking this same staff to improve a QB who went to someone not on the staff or related to their system to learn fundamentals is a bad look. Jeff Garcia made more sense (know West Coast and the psychology of a running QB’s mind…Correct me: Did K. Warner ever run for a first down or scramble in his career?

        1. And those who say my answer to #5 is wrong because he went to Warner to learn to be a pocket passer is pathetic…The dynasty Niners had all running QB’s. Walsh would not have a starter who could not run, because several times a game you’re facing P-R-O Defenses who shut down or completely cover you 5 times a game. Walsh knew a running QB could pick up some or all of those yards making 3rd downs manageable. They had people on staff or consultants who could develop running QB’s into good passers. I’ve watched no development with this staff.

          1. Well Tom you haven’t seen any developing from this staff maybe because they haven’t coached a game yet? Maybe.

            1. CK: You’re crowd can’t have it both ways. When the question of this staffs inexperience arises, all the major sports magazines recognizes and writes about it in their 2015 forecasts..Las Vegas lays odds on it. You’re crowd cites them as experienced play callers…

              Now however, you say they don’t have experience? Get off the fence.

              1. We don’t know what this staff can do yet. It’s obvious that you have already formed your opinion about them. That’s fine your entitled to your opinion. I for one want to see the product on the field. I can careless what the outside media thinks. They are rarely right. As far as Vegas goes I’m sure they had Dallas last year going 12-4.. Not!!!!! They were predicted to have a top 5 pick in the draft by Vegas. So let’s see where the chips will fall. I can tell you I’m really looking forward to it. You know if the Niners surprise I hope you still come on this site and contribute.

              2. I think you mean you “can’t” care less what the outside media thinks CK. Not trying to be a jerk, it’s just a pet peeve of mine.

              3. lol Rocket… I hear you Rocket.

                Mine is the ol’ “Visa” Versa vs. the correct Vice Versa. Gets me every time.

        2. “Jeff Garcia made more sense (know West Coast and the psychology of a running QB’s mind…Correct me: Did K. Warner ever run for a first down or scramble in his career?”

          I was endorsing Garcia as a 49ers QB coach a couple of years ago. But not because of his running ability, it was more for his keen insight of the WC offense and his great pocket awareness. Garcia also seems to have great communication skills that can be a huge assist when working with young QB’s.

          CK does not need to learn how to run, because he is arguably the best running QB in the NFL. What he needs to learn is pocket: awareness/presence/patience and become better at evaluating the field rather than making one read.

          These are traits that make Kurt Warner a HOF candidate.
          I would have preferred Garcia (WC pro), but I’m good with Warner just the same.

          1. Too bad JG burned his bridges by dissing Kaep. He should have been more diplomatic.
            I like Warner because he would get rid of the ball before the defender could get to him. Kaep needs to work on throwing it out of bounds if the player is covered and the pressure is coming. He also should not worry about completion percentages. AS would take a sack instead of throwing it away, and sustained a concussion that allowed Kaep to play and take his job.

      2. You forget the Cowboy Factor. If Cowboy did not play for 49ers back then, Aldon would not have done much of anything without Justin taking out 2-3 blockers. While Aldon is now better, doesn’t drink, is in the peak condition, and very determined, yet he will continue to learn how difficult his life is without Justin helping him out.

  1. 1.Boldin Davis looks like he’s trying to cash in on one more big contract which is fine because he’ll put everything into 2015 which is great for us and then whatever teams ponies up the big money will get him as he’s riding off into the sunset. My prediction is that he ends up a NYJet.

    2. Over. We’re going to see the best version of Aldon Smith yet. Yes, Justin isn’t there to move bodies out of the way or simply absorb them but so what? How do all of the over 10+ sacking OLB’s make it happen without Justin Smith on their team, not sure but what I’m pretty sure of is that Aldon Smith is better then most of them.

    3. Gore. Not even close. Seriously. As I said before Gore is going to have one of his top 3 seasons this year. Hyde will be lucky to break 800 yards stuck in a 4 man rotation for carries assuming that Hunter can stay healthy long enough to be a factor.

    4. If he stays healthy and if he’s playing well then sure, why not? If he doesn’t stay healthy or play well then one would assume they wouldn’t.

    5. Yes. I don’t want to start this fight again so I’m just leaving this as a yes.

  2. 1. Davis, but I’m leaning towards both of them being gone. 2016 will be the next step of the roster overhaul when we will likely see the rebuild in full swing. Boldin is an aging player at a position that is slowly adding a good amount of talented young depth, and Davis is a bit of a mystery to me. I think Bell is the future at TE.

    2. Under. Justin Smith isn’t there to free up the space for him anymore and I don’t have confidence in Aldon Smith to stay out of trouble. Let’s shoot for a full season out of him and hope for the best.

    3. Gore, but it’s close. I think they both rush for 1,000 yards. Who is Gore’s backup, some bum named Vick Ballard? Old Man Gore still sees 20+ touches a game this year.

    4. No. They let Franklin walk years ago and they have found good nose tackles since then off the free agent scrap heap. I’m not sure they want to invest a lot in Williams, but I’m really not sure. Maybe they aren’t either, and wait to decide until next offseason.

    5. Yes. I have a feeling the 49ers will only win 6 games, and Kaep won’t improve from last season. They will panic and look to trade him while he still has a ton of value, and then he will become a Pro Bowler for the Bills or whatever team trades for him.

  3. All right here I go. Boldin has a better chance being here in 2016 but my answer is both will be gone. There replacements are on the roster(Bell, Smelter). Aldon goes nuts this year. 15 sacks is my prediction. People always talk about how Justin made Aldons career. I’m pretty sure Justin was not as good until Aldon arrived. I’m a big fan of Gore and always will be but he will experience a crappy line in Indy and let’s be honest he should not of been the work horse last year. Hyde is a better back right now by a lot. Go back to the game in Seatle last year and watch how Hyde ran compared to Gore. It wasn’t even close. My prediction, gore rushes for 800-900 yards with 5 tds.. Hyde rushes for 1300 yards and 12 tds.. People will realize the talent that Hyde is shortly. I believe Williams will get extended cause he will come cheap. Kind of like Hunter. If the niners flop and kaep plays better I believe Balke will look to trade kaep for multiple picks. At that point balke can target a QB in the 2016 draft cause it’s a good class. Cook, Goff, hackenburg to name a few. With that said kaep stays put cause he plays well and leads them to the playoffs.

  4. O pulllllease, no more talk about getting rid of Kaep. I endured those years of quarterback futility after Joe and Steve, and I am quite pleased with a QB who can run for 181 yards in a playoff game. Kaep got to the SB after 10 games and would have won it if the coaches did not go brain dead. He also has a 4-2 road playoff record which is better than almost every other QB in the history of the game. I am extremely satisfied with a QB who has the ability to put his foot on the one half yard line, then run upfield untouched for a TD. With Kaep as the Niner QB, the Niners have a good chance to win a SB for the next 10 years. It is an insult to him to speculate on trading him away. GB does not endure wild speculation about trading away Rogers.
    I guess it is a tired method to gain hits on this site, but many Niner fans are tired of the vicious attacks on Kaep and do not appreciate even the mention of losing him. Jed York may not be the brightest person in the world, but even he realizes that losing Kaep would make all the previous losses and retirements pale in comparison, and it would be incredibly stupid to throw away their best player.
    To be polte, I will ask who would replace him? Name one player who could be credibly cited. Some future draft pick? LOL.
    Well, here is my opinion. I hope it disagrees without being too disagreeable.The other questions are reasonable. The last is just a smear job.

  5. I’m going to be something of a broken record here because I agree with some of the above posters:

    1. Boldin has a higher chance of returning, but I think both will be gone.
    2. So long as he stays healthy, over, and by a long way. I think he’ll go close to a sack a game or better on average this year. Contract year for Aldon.
    3. I’m leaning towards Gore, but I think it will be close. Barring injury I think both players will be around the 1,000 yards rushing mark. How much they intersperse Bush, Hunter and Davis in the mix could be the deciding factor.
    4. Yes. He’s talented, but he still hasn’t had much of an opportunity to showcase it yet. He shouldn’t break the bank and I think the 49ers really like what he brings.
    5. Highly doubt it. He’d have to be dreadful this year for them to trade him.

    1. Guess I’m the B side of your broken record, because you’re on track with each assessment….

    2. Well I hate to be lazy, but I fall in with Scooters responses 100% so no need to restate the same things.

  6. 1. I believe both Boldin and Davis will be back next season, but based upon Davis being younger, I would give the slight edge to him. I suspect he may have received an ego check last season and will want to end his career with the 49ers and sign a reasonable 3 year extension. I think Boldin will see enough from this season to sign on for one more, if not two.

    2. Over. I am buying the Aldon kool-aid this season…….. I would put the over-under at 14.

    3. Gore. I think it will be closer than some, but I do believe that Hunter and Bush will cut into Hydes production. I put them in the neighborhood of 1250 to 1100 respectively.

    4. Yes- I think they see the potential in Williams and appreciate his value and the need for depth along the line………. I hope they extend him for 3-4 years.

    5.Nope- I don’t buy into the trade talk……… at all. Baalke sees the potential and realized that he needed to work around the team’s strengths, namely on offense, and hence the coaching change- common sense move, and I am happy for it.

    I am in Tahoe for the 4th and will see if the sports books are taking bets on the over/under set at 7.5 for the season………

  7. To answer the questions
    1. AB
    2. Over
    3. Hyde
    4. Yes
    5. Never in a million years.

  8. 1. More likely to play for the Niners in 2016, Vernon Davis or Anquan Boldin?

    I’m expecting both to be gone. Boldin is more likely to stick. The 49ers can’t be happy with VD’s holdouts, and VD will demand far more than Baalke’s willing to pay

    2. Over/under 10 sacks for Aldon Smith in 2015?
    Over. Way over. Its looking like he has his act together. Sounds like he’s in great shape. Heck, the 49ers even featured him in an in-house interview. Docket/Carradine will distract double teams and gift Aldon more than a few “flush sacks.” Mangini’s blitzing style will also help.

    3. More rushing yards in 2015, Carlos Hyde or Frank Gore?
    Gore. For the first time in his life he will face 7 man boxes. He will also get more snaps thn Hyde.
    No know against Hyde. I expect Hyde (and Hunter) to have better YPC. But Hyde’s upright style is an injury risk I expect to reduce his overall snaps. And Hyde will be rotated more.

    4. Will the 49ers extend nose tackle Ian Williams’ contract before the season ends?
    If he shows he can stay healthy, absolutely.

    5. Will the 49ers trade Colin Kaepernick after the season ends?
    No. If Kaepernick play well, they will keep him. If he plays poorly, teams won’t offer much for him anyway.

    The key to Colin isn’t finesse high percentage passing. Its Yards Per Attempt + good INT/TD ratio. From recent interviews by Chryst and Logan it sounds like they are will aware of this. I’m expecting an improved season from CK.

    1. 3 – No [knock] against Hyde.

      5 – There’s a huge QB shortage. If the 49ers traded CK, who would they replace him with? Also, I wonder what teams would be most interested in CK if he had a lousy season? What would they be willing to give up? Rex Ryan praised him a while back…

  9. If Aldon Smith’s sacks in 2011-2012 were all due to Justin, why didn’t Haralson rack up big sack numbers too?

    Justin’s a stud. Love the guy. The T&E stunts will be missed. But as one door closes, another opens. Docket and Carradine can disrupt the pocket by hitting gaps. Mangini will blitz more up the middle too. That should reduce double teams and increase scoop sacks when the QB is flushed from the pocket.

    Imagine of Aldon is extended, and Armstead turns out to be the Calais Campbell type many hope for. That’s just too much length, reach and athleticism for QBs to escape from.

  10. 1. Boldin is more likely to be back in 2016 than Davis. A team doesn’t have this many TE’s on the 90 man roster for nothing. If the young WR’s develop, Boldin will be gone too, unless he gives the 49ers a discount.

    2. Closer to 20 sacks than 10 for Smith.

    3. Irrelevant (although, it is more likely to be Hyde – Frank is OLD). What is relevant is which team will rush for more yards, and that will be the 49ers, by a lot.

    4. What a weird question to put in this group, but I’ll play along. Who knows? But the 49ers will probably try.

    5. The chances are almost nil.

    1. My crystal ball has a crack in it .. so ..
      naturally .. using it for predicting the future
      would be limited, at best .. and since my
      “Amazing Kreskin” skills are almost nonexistent..
      attempting them would be an exercise in futility ..

      With that said .. I’ll go ahead and try, anyhoo !

      1. Both Vernon and The Q will be back for
      the ’16 season .. and both will play well ..although ..
      some of the rookie WRs will press Anquan for
      a spot in ’17 .. and The Belldozer will become
      our New Age Brent Jones probably more sooner
      than later ..

      2. Aldon will make the cry …“J.J. Watt — WHO ?”
      heard all around the NFL .. with 15 + sacks this year
      and snag at least two ints ..
      (can you say .. Pro Bowl ?) …
      Yeah .. he’s learned his lessons !

      3. I love Frank .. but, he’s in Indy, now .. and,
      as mentioned above .. I’m not confident that O-Line
      will equal the production he’s had, here .. so ..
      for that reason .. I think Carlos will have a
      break-out year, finishing past the 1000 yard marker
      and 8 -10 TDS ..

      4. If Ian Williams can occupy 2-3 .. O-Lineman on a
      consistent basis .. the loss of Justin Smith will end up
      being less painful .. and Williams will be extended ..
      If he can’t .. then, who knows ?

      5. With this one .. Grant is just doing what he does best ..
      “stirring the pot” …
      Who ya gonna get to replace him ?? …. Gabbert ?

      Lemme think about this one for a minute …
      u-hhhh … Nope !! … Ain’t gonna happen …

      Here’s one from the “Go bold .. or go home” file ..

      By the ’17 season ..
      Blake Bell will be Kap’s backup !

      (that’s why we drafted him !)

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  12. 1. Neither will be back, but if I had to pick one it would be boldin. I think VD has a big season and will want top dollar. It is critical that we develop VD’s heir apparent this season in anticipation of his departure. I think in 2016 Bell will be 1A and Carrier will be 1B – a hybrid wr/te.

    2. Aldon will have 15+ sacks. The question is will baalke be willing to write a big check.

    3. Gore will probably have more yards, but collectively the niners RBs will impress. I would not be surprised if they put up: Rush 1,700, Receive 600 TD 16 combined .

    4. Ian williams is a hard call. It really depends on his performance and also the play and development of the other guys on the DL.

    5. Kap is gone. Baalke will trade our 2016 2nd round pick for David Fales. Just kidding. Kap is here to stay. He is finally surrounded by weapons and will have a good season.

  13. Speaking of Carrier. I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that he could be converted to a WR who makes his living catching balls in the middle of the field. He was originally converted from WR to TE. He is bigger than Boldin and has better speed. Last season he appeared more than willing to make the big catch in the middle of the field; albeit in limited playing time. His size would make it tough on slot CBs. But can he stay healthy.

    I think the niners should at least look at potentially converting him back to WR. They have a plethora of TEs and it would be a shame, IMO, to potentially cut him because they don’t at least consider the idea of converting him back. He and Smelter could handle the “over the middle” duties for years to come.

    1. cubus, I believe you’re the first person here who’s ever brought up this point. (Apologies to any other(s) if I’m incorrect.) It’s a good point.

    2. Maybe worth a look cubus. He is an excellent athlete, of that there is no question. But as a TE I don’t think he’ll ever be much chop as an in line blocker. Purely a receiving TE that provides mismatches in the passing game with his athleticism. Might well be best switching to a super-sized WR.

  14. 5. Will the 49ers trade Colin Kaepernick after the season ends?

    If there’s someone better on the roster, sure. Doubtful, though.

    If there’s someone better in free agency, maybe. Depends on how much he wants and how much tread is left.

    If there’s someone better in the upcoming draft, no. They’d draft the guy and groom him as QB2.

    1. Colin’s “team friendly” contract is in place. Are you suggesting the 49ers would try to cut his pay?

  15. Vernon, though it’s close as there is a good chance both are gone. If he’s healthy again and Torrey has a good year, the 49ers will realize the importance of having 2 deep threats to keep safeties guessing. Boldin has taken a lot of hits, but is still producing. So, almost a toss up.

    Over. Yeah Cowboy is gone, but Tomsula will make sure whomever takes his place will be using that same sneaky hold that opens up lanes for Aldon.

    Hyde, though he has plenty to prove given a lackluster yds/carry last year. My guess is Gore will lose a lot of carries to Vick Ballard once the season gets rolling. The obvious caveat being injuries given VB’s history.

    Yes. He’s got a ton of talent, but injuries have held him back. If he’s injured again this won’t happen, but I’m banking on healthy season.

    No way. He’s imperfect, but they don’t have any better options. I think we will see more check down options this year which will help Kaep a lot. We left Gore in to block too often last year and Kaep got destroyed trying to slowly go thru progressions. This year, we get to the line quickly, read the D, identify who should be open, throw it that way if he is, or check down/rush if not.

  16. I think Boldin and Davis’ future will depend hugely on how they play in 2015; so too early to make that call for me.
    On Gore: if he stays healthy he’ll get more touches than Hyde. If the difference is significant, he’ll get more yards too. I expect Indy to use FG as a receiver too, but they don’t want to wear out his legs with that, and it’s not his best skill. Also, the first or second time that Luck gets walloped on 3rd down when Frank runs a route, they’ll keep him in for protection after that.
    I strongly disagree with the notion of CK offered in trade next year.mwithout a solid option as a replacement, it would be suicidal. If, as I do, you accept Steve Young’s take that developing as an NFL QB is like getting a PhD, then you plan your transition at that position (like re-signing Alex and drafting CK) with an overlap of the veteran and the heir apparent. Trade CK and rely on Gabbert? Bell? Maybe Tebow will be available next year……

    1. There are some good college prospects at QB coming out next year, but they’ll all need ramp-up time, and I don’t think that SF will be picking in the Top Ten.

      1. Even if the 49ers pick in the top ten, trading Kaepernick and going with a rookie QB would be a dumb strategy.

  17. 1)I think Vernon will have a big year and want a big contract. Bigger than what the Niners want to pay. Scot McCloughan will offer him more than the Niners and he ends up in Washington and gets to play out his last years professionally close to where he grew up. Boldin will be back next year.
    2) Over
    3) Gore
    4) Yes if it is at the right price.
    5) No

  18. Colin is the past present and future of this team and will play here until he retirement

  19. 1. Vernon Davis will retire a 49er.
    2. Over
    3. The Inconvenient Truth
    4. Unless he has a breakout year,
    No way
    5. Hahaha, Funny Grant.

  20. 1 – Davis. Q will likely want a multi-year deal (which the Niners won’t want), and the Franchise/Transition Tag for WRs would be prohibitive. Tagging Vernon as a TE is only ~7M, which is what he’s making now. Also, most of the TEs on the roster are #2/#3 TEs. We have a ton of depth, but until proven otherwise, that’s exactly what everyone but Davis is. Depth.

    2 – Over. Aldon put up big numbers in a non-blitzing D in his only legitimate full seasons. With Mangini and a more aggressive D, he should put up bigger numbers given it’s the first time in a couple years he is a) healthy and b) not dealing with league discipline or rehab.

    3 – Gore. Hyde will be the top guy in a 3-headed attack, but Gore will be the only guy in Indy. He also won’t have loaded boxes every play. Granted, hopefully Hyde won’t either because the Niner’s passing offense is improved, but I expect Gore to be getting 25 percent more carries than Hyde. I don’t think a better YPC, which I expect from Hyde, will be able to compensate for that bug of a gap.

    4 – I think they will try, but if they don’t extend him before Training Camp, he’s hitting free agency. Niners rarely extend during the season. I think he’ll want to test the market. He’s never gotten a big payday because of his draft status and signing an early extension to be a backup. He probably will want to make up for lost time.

    5 – No. If he’s good, they wouldn’t dream of it. If he’s not, what could they get for him? No team would want to take on his salary, and no team would be willing to part with anything for someone they knew was going to get cut anyway.

  21. 1. Neither. Boldin will be almost 36 years old by the time the 2016 season comes around and, though he had another fantastic year, he started to show a little bit of his age with some uncharacteristic drops in 2014. Then there is also the fact that the team has Patton, Ellington, Smelter, and maybe even White or Anderson on board so I don’t really see any room for him on the roster after this season.
    Davis will most likely want more money whether he has a breakout season or not and I suspect that the team will have no interest in trying to meet that demand. I believe that is one of the main reasons Baalke invested in two TEs from the previous draft.

    2. Break. Smith will get 10 sacks due to his athleticism and play-making ability, but I don’t see him producing at the same level now that Cowboy is no longer playing.

    3. Break. I know what Baalke said about the team running the ball, but I can’t see Hyde having much success with Pears at RT. I think he’ll be a difference maker, but it may be more as a complimentary role in a three to four RB depth chart.
    I expect Gore to still be someone that opposing defenses have to account for, but he’s older and in a pass-first system so another 1,000 yard season might be out of reach for him going forward.

    4. It’s hard to say because I think it will depend on what the team gets out of Dorsey, Dial, and Ramsey going forward, but I’m going to say no because Williams has been too injury-prone.

    5. That is going to depend on whether he has a breakout season in an offense tailored to his strengths. I’m expecting him to do just that so the answer is no. That said, I can see the team moving on if he has another good but not great season.

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