Five reasons the 49ers will get their first win by beating Colts

It feels weird and wrong to write an 0-4 team should win its next game, but that’s what I’m doing, folks. The winless 49ers should beat the 1-3 Colts on Sunday. Here’s why.

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  1. I don’t need five reason. The 49ers have lost 4 games by a total of 28 points. Despite winning one game (+3 over the Browns), the Colts have given up 65 more points than they’ve scored. The fact is that 49ers are better at every phase (offense, defense, special teams) of football than the Colts.

    You still have to play the game. But this is a very winnable game.

  2. I think this game has us winning, the colts are beat up ,weak offensive line .

    Stop the run , ( Frank Gore ,great back ) keep him in check.

    Let the offense find something to work , running game . Hope to see it this weekend . As carlos goes so does the niner offense

    Maybe a couple shots down field, but with the way they drop balls ,is terrible .

    Defense and special teams show up this week . That’s how we win . Really. Avg effort from offense.
    Good special teams .
    Great defense ,no 100 yard rushing .

    Can we field goal our way to a win? That’s the question ?

  3. Witherspoon cannot be any worse than Robinson , they used a 3rd rounder on him might as well get him in there . If your worried about tackling Robinson doesn’t do that either

    1. I feel the same way about Beathard.
      Hoyer 0 tds in 3 out of 4 games
      More turnovers than tds in 4 games
      How can Beathard play worse than that
      I think putting him in against a weaker defense would help build his confidence.

  4. Hope AW cb rookie has made some strides . Has anyone seen him at practice , has there been some coaching going on .
    Anyone have a report on him ?
    Would love to hear it .

    Grant what’s the latest on the rookie cb .

  5. I agree Robinson hasn’t shown me anything, he is all mouth and no action. What are the coaches waiting on, play the rooky and give him a chance? He has an upside to his game and Robinson is a joke. Robinson is terrible at the corner position and opponents are taking advantage of his physical weakness and mental uncertainties. The Niners will be better off by playing the rooky. I can see us winning this week. This will be the first win of a series of victories to follow. This year’s team has the talents to be productive in the win columns. The players just have to settle down and the penalties, drop balls, and offense and defense mistakes will dissipate. I’m so excited about the direction of the team and the type of culture that is being created, we will eventually experience the joy of winning once again. I love those Niners, go NINERS!!!

  6. Do or die time for the team. While it is a very winnable game, it is one that can slip away too. Sloppy play, mistakes and a poor OL are key indicators of a possible negative outcome. Should they lose, it is likely the team could go 0-8. If they win then the fortunes of the team will decidedly point upward.

  7. This should be a Brite spot .
    It’s due to come together . Even if the passing offense is minimal .

    Really want to see the rookie at corner back .

    SF by 6 ,,,,

  8. This will be a dogfight.

    I totally agree. If the Niners can reduce the unforced errors, they will not defeat themselves.
    Niners will win if they line up Hyde deep in the I with Juice lead blocking. Hoyer should not try to win this game with his arm. He should win it with his brain. Hoyer should try to get the ball in his playmaker’s hands as much as possible.
    Niners will win if they go bold, do not settle for field goals, and score as many TDs as possible. Maybe go for it on 4th and 4 from the 16.
    Niners need to be more deceptive. If confronted with 2nd and short, take a shot deep down field. Hoyer should vary the snap count to draw them off side, then take a shot down field if it is a free play. The Niners need to roll out Hoyer every so often to mix it up and keep them guessing. They should invite the blitz, and do a screen or quick slant. Do reverses and misdirections. Heck, throw in a naked bootleg, nobody would expect that.
    Niners should judiciously use a man in motion to allow Hoyer to read the defense, have the WR be at full speed at the snap of the ball, and maybe avoid the check at the Line of scrimmage.
    Those are my 5 ways the Niners could win the game. Niners, 24-23.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

  9. Well, thank God we have Hoyer behind center against the Colts tomorrow, and not the 2013 version of Kaep (His supposed best year), let alone the 2014-2016 and out of football train wreck that Seb wants to hire back now. I witnessed first hand that disaster, 27-7 Colts, at the ‘Stick. That game was a window into what we would see down the road with Kaep, once the good defenses of the NFL caught up to his limited skills and gimmick offense. I also witnessed first hand THAT implosion. The best decision I ever made was skipping the last SB the Niners played in, the only one I didn’t attend. Thank God I didn’t have to witness in person that debacle, lead by the great Kaep. What a bum.

    Here’s Kaep’s less than mediocre stats against the Colts in 2013 against the Colts in that 27-7 loss. Stellar I say!

    San Francisco 49ers Att Cmp Yds YPA TD Int Lg Sack Loss Rate
    Colin Kaepernick 27 13 150 5.6 0 1 30 3 11 49.9

    It will boil down once again to the defense tomorrow. Hoyer and the offense will be in tune. The offense will score 31 points, which should win most NFL contests, but the depleted defense will struggle again in pass defense and will give up some big plays. It will be a close one. Niners 31 Colts 28

    1. M y favorite “and score as many TD’s as possible”.

      Plus, don’t associate those obvious bonehead points with “Football for Dummies”. That insults true Dummies.

      1. Score as many TDs as possible by not settling for field goals.
        Hmmm, Niners scored 5 field goals last game. And lost.

  10. Love your 5 suggestions Seb. Now that’s thinking out of the box. What chapter of “Football for Dummies” did you yank those gems out of? We can all only hope that Kyle takes a peek here tonight before he goes nighty nite, and takes advantage of those incredibly inspiring, thought out, unbelievably elementary propositions. I’m sure he’ll say to himself. “Golly gee Kyle, why didn’t you think of that”? Only one word comes to mind, as usual Seb. Duh. Do you do standup? You should, because you are very funny!

    1. M y favorite “and score as many TD’s as possible”.

      Plus, don’t associate those obvious bonehead points with “Football for Dummies”. That insults true Dummies.

    2. Juan, glad you admit you reference Football for dummies. That is about your level of expertise.
      No, I reference Bill Walsh and his book- The Score Takes Care of Itself.
      He talks about leadership, being unpredictable, being prepared, assuming the other team will counter your moves, so one needs to counter their counter, being bold and decisive.
      Yes, it is elementary, and not complicated. Sometimes, one can over think, like the defense did last year. However, I will keep bringing up my points because the Niners ignore these simple concepts, and keep committing the self inflicted wounds.
      Bet you are getting sick of hearing this, but I think the Niners should consider Time Outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. So far, they have wasted time outs like a drunken sailor. Who knows? Maybe some day, they will adhere to that common sense suggestion, and win a game.

  11. I have the niners winning this one big.

    I think Hoyer is a front runner. So I expect he will get an early lead and given more time, I expect he will settle down after the first quarter and have a big game.
    35-17 niners.
    * note I’m not saying he is a good QB just that he has the capability for big games given time and the right situation. He needs his mind to settle down.*
    -Thomas and Buckner will both get a sack.
    – Brieda will have at least one big play
    -Hyde will have around 90 yards rushing and catch 1 td.
    – garcon will absolutely go off… around 130 yrs receiving.

  12. Oh, and there was yet another major choke in the ‘big house’ on Saturday..,

    During a stretch of three drives that spanned the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth, while sheets of rain soaked the Big House, the Wolverines’ offensive staff dialed up 11 passes on 14 plays for a second-string quarterback making his second start in Ann Arbor. John O’Korn completed one of them for a first down. Three of them were intercepted. And with that, the Spartans had the space to hold on and upset No. 7 Michigan 14-10, Michigan State’s eighth win over Michigan in a decade.

    So, torrential rains, inexperienced, 2nd string QB… I know, let’s have our 2nd string QB throw!!!! Like we did during that blizzard last year!!! ****ing BRILLIANT.

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