Five tests Jimmy Garoppolo must ace in 49ers debut



I’m picking the 49ers to beat the Chicago Bears.

But, really, who cares?

We’re here to see Jimmy Garoppolo. Here to see what he will add to the 49ers offense. Here to see how Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will try to stop him.

These are the five things to watch while we scrutinize the 49ers’ newest quarterback.

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  1. Grant…
    I hope yer correct …cuz ..

    well … let’s just say …you haven’t exactly been
    battin’ a thousand … with your predictions … :-}

  2. I expect Godfather Fangio will have a similar game plan to the one he uses against Rodgers. The Bears pass rush is subdued, so maybe the 49ers line will hold. The first 15 scripted plays that Shanny personalizes for Jimmy will be a revelation of sorts. I’ll be in the north end zone, row 3, and yelling, “Jimmy, Jimmy”!

      1. perhaps a sign saying “GILLETTE” — we’ll know who’s who, and the fans around you’ll think you’re a Pats fan rooting for the G man….besides, a big sign image of a razor blade might earn you a visit from stadium security…

  3. If the Niners can run the ball the JG should be relatively safe. Problem is this line besides incapable of pass protecting also doesn’t do well in run blocking. Hyde will need a huge game in order for a chance to win. The Bears beat the Steelers and the Panthers so they have the capability of beating the Niners. Best defense wins this game.

    Razor have fun at the game :)

  4. Cohn. You kill me. Everything you predict turns out to be totally innacurate. You predicted a 9 win team this year. You predicted a win last week and now a win this week. Ill just go against your pics every time. Heres a prediction. The niners will enter next season as a playoff contending team. I know this is what your going to say so im here to say it before you. LOL.

  5. — Celek, Kittle, and the RB’s are gonna need to be JG’s stock-in-trade for a move the chains pass game…
    — unless the run game magically (yea, it’d need to be magic by now) gets 1st downs and backs up the D.
    — if it would only be so….but, just in case it happens this way– then the popcorn should be on hand for the G-man show…
    possibly re-introducing the part-time character Mr. Goodwin and his legerdemain of long distance psychic connections with the qb…or maybe Murphy will have a big game…

  6. I have an idea for a sign that will give you away. How about “Shave the Bears” Razor? That shouldn’t be too controversial, after all, we’re not playing Oregon St. ;-)

    1. Contrary to popular belief, my screen name has nothing to do with razors, per se. I took it from one of my favorite Yngwie Malmsteen songs, and is about a demonic monstrosity:

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  7. Finally, we have a QB who can scan the defense at the line of scrimmage in a matter of seconds, and make correct adjustments, can move in the pocket and keep his eyes down field, not look down at his shoes when under pressure and panic, can throw on the run ACCURATELY instead of throwing and hoping, will run effectively only as a last resort, not the first, can throw to the right side of the field, and knows what the word “progression” means. Finally, a QB who will actually, not mythically, give us the best chance to win. Not since the days of Joe, Steve and Jeff have we had such a QB. Finally we have a leader, not a divider. FINALLY.

  8. I agree with most of the things we should watch for, but it is absolutely ridiculous to judge him based on how well he anticipates throwing to WRs before they are open. Obviously, that is something that takes time and reps and most QBs still do not have that down after being in systems for multiple years let alone 5 weeks haha

    Let’s wait a little while until he actually gets the system down first and has built some rapport with his receivers before we start trying to judge whether he throws with anticipation just yet…what a joke.

  9. LOL Hogs! I was just ringing the dinner bell for Seb!! I was just having fun. It’s like a moth to a flame when you disparage his man crush! That’s all! Have a good night!

    1. He can’t come to the blog right now……….he’s “working” at 8 on a Saturday night.
      Or maybe it’s ‘Splish Spash’ Time.
      On another note, the Wisconsin team is showing grit, but running out of time.
      (Wish we could draft Nick Bosa for Leo!!!)!

      1. BT – You got him pissed so he’s grazin in the grass late – all the better to drop a lot more cow pies. This blog is turning into a video game. Who can scroll the fastest past Seb’s cow pies…coming soon to xbox!

    1. 78
      Yessir, actually. Good year for OG and OT. Buckeyes’ Price ain’t bad. Maybe trade back into 1st for him. But we need edge pressure in first two days.

  10. “Suddenly it seemed fresh, energetic and optimistic, just like Garoppolo.
    Garoppolo hasn’t lost a game he has started or taken a hit this season. He’s cheerful. We saw this on the final play of the Seahawks game when he calmly scrambled to his left and threw a touchdown pass to the third receiver in his progression, Louis Murphy.”
    ~ Grant

    1. Fresh and optimistic?
    Really? Are you inferring that the team felt lifted with JG playing about 70 seconds?
    2. He’s cheerful?
    Well, maybe it helped JG know that the defense was relaxed and at that point of the game giving up a meaningless TD was merely perfunctory for Seattle. Let’s see how long the cheerfulness last playing behind this atrocious O-line after a few games.

    The love-fest for Polo may be short lived when he clams up and develops shell shock to protect himself under a collapsing O-line.
    It would not surprise me one bit to see a 2nd coming of CJ once our franchise QB takes a few shots.
    Also, I’d like to get a better sample of Garoppolo in a full game before going head-over-heels like some have after throwing a meaningless TD.

  11. Niners need to have JG play like Grant says: leadership, quick release, anticipation, looking off the safeties, and warding off the stunts.
    JG will lead because he learned from the best. Both BB and Brady are sure fire future Hall Of Famers. KS says he thinks JG has become more proficient in his offense, but I hope the Niners can learn from JG, and learn from a SB winner. Niners should morph the terminology, and insert some plays from the Patriots that JG is comfortable with and knows intuitively. I hope they run the no huddle, line up and do quick snaps so there are no false starts.
    Niners should utilize JG in such a way, he does not risk much, by doing 3 step drops. His quick release will keep them from getting to him before he releases the ball. I hope they do fly sweeps, RB swing passes, and quick slants to the slot receiver. I hope JG can pump fake, which will aid in deception.
    Anticipation requires many hours of repetitive throwing to his receivers. Unfortunately, JG has had only 5 weeks. Luckily, he seemed to build a rapport with Murphy, so they should play Murphy a lot.
    Looking off the safeties…. Where have I heard that before?
    Niners should roll JG away from Akiem Hicks. Hope they start Darrell Williams over Beadles. Since JG can run the read option, I hope they can implement that play more than once per season. One good way to counter stunts is to just run the ball, right at the area the guy stunting, just left.
    Fangio will try to bring pressure early to rattle JG. He should invite the blitz, and target the area the blitzer left.I think Fangio will try to mix things up, so the defense could confuse JG, but JG should be savvy enough, and maybe put a man in motion to read the defense’s reactions.
    The Bears have a good defense, it is the offense that has held them back. Hope they get pressure on MT, rushing only 4. The Niners should first stop the run game, then squeeze MT in the pocket. Hope Thomas does not bite on the RB fake, and nails MT behind the line of scrimmage.
    I hope the Niners go for it, and do not settle for field goals. I sure hope it does not come down to a Gould kick.

    1. Grant’s pick already sealed that up. The 49ers have won 1 out of the last 72 times he picked them. (Don’t fact check me on this)

  12. “JG will lead because he learned from the best. Both BB and Brady are sure fire future Hall Of Famers. KS says he thinks JG has become more proficient in his offense, but I hope the Niners can learn from JG, and learn from a SB winner.”
    ~ Seb,

    Did you not read Grant’ previous thread? He named QB’s that backed-up Brady who have not fared well after leaving the Patriots. We recently unloaded B.Hoyer another Brady back-up in favor of a rookie. I believe that there is a strong indictment surrounding Brady’ back-ups that dispels the notion that just because these QB’ were in the Patriots system under BB and TB that somehow that would guarantee their success eleswhere.

    Also, closer to home, can you name how many back-up QB’s under Joe Montana and Bill Walsh had success after leaving the 49ers?

    There are vital aspects of a QB’s game that seem to get lost under stacks of paperwork provided by scouts and team analysis reporting on variables such as arm strength, accuracy, escape-ability, pocket presence and footwork etc.

    Obviously it’s hard to measure this, but heart, courage, toughness, attitude and leadership are indispensable aspects of a QB’s makeup.
    Even your much mentioned CK had this in his first couple of seasons with the team before his game was mapped out and dismantled by DC’s around the league.

    In the final analysis, either a QB has it, or he does not – no matter what future HOF head coach or QB he’s been under.

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