Five thoughts on the 49ers practice squad

Los Angeles Chargers running back Derrick Gore (37) is tackled by San Francisco 49ers defensive end Jeremiah Valoaga (78) an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

The 49ers just announced their practice squad for 2019:

  1. RB Jeff Wilson Jr.
  2. WR Malik Henry
  3. TE Daniel Helm
  4. G Ross Reynolds
  5. DL Kevin Givens
  6. DL Jeremiah Valoaga
  7. LB Elijah Lee
  8. LB Demetrius Flannigan Fowles
  9. S Marcell Harris

Here are five quick thoughts:

1. Credit to the 49ers for knowing second-year running back Jeff Wilson Jr. would clear waivers after they cut him. I thought he played well enough to earn a spot on someone’s roster as a third running back, but I was wrong. The 49ers read this situation perfectly. Still, it would be too bad if another team were to sign Wilson Jr. off the 49ers’ practice squad, because I expect they’ll need him at some point this season.

2. We should have known the 49ers would sign Valoaga to their practice squad. He played for 49ers defensive line coach Kris Kocurek the past two years and performed well this year during the preseason. Valoaga recorded 4.5 sacks, five tackles for loss and six quarterback hits. Valoaga probably will play a few games this season if either Nick Bosa or Dee Ford misses an extended period of time.

3. Elijah Lee probably will play a few games, too. He is the best player on the practice squad, and he’s arguably good enough to start right now at strong side linebacker.

4. The 49ers have two young guards they want to develop — Daniel Brunskill, who’s on the 53-man roster, and Ross Reynolds, who’s on the practice squad. Brunskill has more experience — he has been in the league two years and Reynolds is a rookie. But, Reynolds may be more talented. He probably will make the team next year.

5. The 49ers still are in the market for a fourth tackle, because they have zero on the practice squad and just three on the 53-man roster.

UPDATE: The 49ers reportedly will sign undrafted rookie OT Ryan Pope to the practice squad. Once again, they were way ahead of me.

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  1. Grant…

    Here’s your OT…

    OT Ryan Pope
    The 49ers signed offensive tackle Ryan Pope, whom the Detroit Lions waived on Saturday. Pope was a highly coveted undrafted rookie from San Diego State. Pope (6-foot-7, 315 pounds) is highly athletic, and someone the 49ers believe they can develop.

        1. Pope appears–in the video anyway–a bit more athletic than Brown. Hopefully he doesn’t develop weight issues. Gonna be an interesting season.

    1. has skilltt Barrows: Per a league source, the Niners are expected to re-sign S Antone Exum to the active roster once K. Street is placed on IR. Exum can play both FS and SS.

      The PS shaped up very nicely. I too thought Jeff Wilson would likely be scooped up by another team, especially after the way he finished the preseason, but I guess it just goes to show how little value there is in the league anymore for backup RB’s. My only minor disappointment with the final roster/practice squad is depth at OT. I thought there would be an opportunity to either land a quality swing tackle via a trade, or take advantage of being 2nd in line for waiver claims. I thought they had an opportunity to do better than OT Ryan Pope, but if they have in fact, signed Pope, who is apparently an athletic OT with long arms, maybe he’ll prove me wrong. I guess the good news is that Justin Skule has good potential, especially on the right side, and he underrated Daniel Brunskill is not only versatile, but he also obviously has skill, as it’s in his last name :)

      All and all, this roster looks vastly improved to me, although I still have questions regarding the offensive line. They’ve obviously added talent on both sides of the ball via free agency and the draft. A lack of pass rush has held the defense back last couple of seasons and they made a huge splash acquiring the league’s leading pass rusher – Dee Ford, and then followed that up by drafting the consensus top pass rushing DE in Nick Bosa. Free agent ILB acquisition Kwon Alexander brings tremendous energy to a much improved linebacking core. If Jason Verrett can stay healthy, he brings leadership and tenacity to the CB position, while Emmanuel Moseley came out of nowhere to claim a roster spot with a strong training camp and preseason. And on the offensive side of the ball, the 49ers needed an insurance policy for Jerick McKinnon and were able to surprise everyone by adding Tevin Coleman on a relatively inexpensive one year deal. Garoopolo returns, but he needed to be surrounded by an influx of physical weapons and that’s exactly what the Niners did by selecting Samuel and Hurd, in back to back rounds.

      I cannot stress enough, just how important it is to properly develop players within your system. It’s not nearly enough to simply sign talented free agents, you’ve got to be able to draft and develop the bulk of your roster if you hope to build a championship caliber team. This is where the coaching comes into play, and it would seem that a number of players are really developing nicely. OT Mike McGlinchey was absolutely flawless during the preseason, and seems to be getting even better, while TE Ross Dwelley and WR Richie James Jr are a couple more examples of players who are making strides in terms of development. Tarvarius Moore and Fred Warner, are a couple more players who seem to be stepping up, while Matt Breida looks bigger and even faster than he looked last season.

      Obviously the proof is in the pudding. All signes are pointing to an improved roster, but that has to translate to wins. We’ll find out soon enough if this roster is as improved as advertised, and can actually deliver the only thing that matters, and that’s a winning season. Garoppolo looks healthy. Both Bosa and Ford appear to be on schedule to play in the opener. Richard Sherman looks like he’s got his leg back under him. The WR’s look noticeably more physical. And the “Hot Boyz” are bringing an elevated level of energy to the defense, and that energy should be infectious.

      Go NINERS!

      1. “they made a huge splash acquiring the league’s leading pass rusher – Dee Ford, and then followed that up by drafting the consensus top pass rushing DE in Nick Bosa.”

        You’re obviously unbiased despite your handle, but just a couple of thoughts:

        – Not sure many teams would choose — as a pass rusher — Dee Ford over Von Miller, Myles Garrett, J.J. Watt, Joey Bosa, or maybe a couple of others, so perhaps he might have been better described as the best available pass rusher?
        – ESPN and NBC would certainly agree with “consensus”, but there were and are a fair number of analysts who would consider Josh Allen to have been the better prospect. And given what’s transpired during the preseason, it could be hard to argue against that.

        That said, the Niners finally made an effort to bolster an incredibly weak pass rush, and should be commended for doing so.

        1. League leading speaks for itself. Ford led the league in pressures and sacks last season. As for consensus, I’m talking about the majority of NFL scout, executives, and analysts. Bosa wasn’t just the consensus top rated DE, he was also the consensus top rated defensive player overall.

        1. Yes and no Matt. Once again, Paraag Marathe worked his magic. The 49ers basically have Coleman at a 1 and 1, as they have an option on Coleman’s 2nd year. They can cut him before 4/1/2020 without any dead cap penalties. The big takeaway is that there is no long-term commitment and that it’s just not a lot of money. To be able to get around 1,000 yards from scrimmage for Coleman, which is what he’s been around he’s entire career, would more than validate this deal, and even if he puts up a stinker in 2019, they can release him and move on. No harm no foul.

          1. The SMALLER BEAR is, as I predicted, on track to make his NFL debut against the Buccaneers, and that spells bad news for the Buccaneers one-dimensional offense! Look for the Niners’ front 7 to absolutely OVERWHELM Jameis Winston, and the Buccaneers passing game, making for a long opening-day afternoon for the Tampa Bay offense!

            ~ The 49ers DL gets off to a fantastic start, as both of their DE acquisitions record a sack, while opening the door for Deforest Buckner to do what he does best, bullying the interior of the Buccaneers OL and making life miserable for the opposing QB. This relentless pressure allows the Niners’ DB’s to open the season with not 1, but 2 INT’s (Sherman, Moore), and, after a slow start, Jimmy G and the Niners’ offense open it up in the 2nd half with a balanced attack, with Deebo Samuel and Richie James Jr. picking right up where they left off in the preseason.

            Final Score

            49ERS: 27
            Buccaneers: 13

    2. Nick Bosa – aka – THE SMALLER BEAR:

      I don’t think I’ve ever been as motivated in my life to get back. I’ve had my sights set on playing my first NFL season and every waking hour was spent getting my ankle right.

      Bosa said he began attacking his rehab with what he described as a lot of work in the pool. Within about a week and a half, Bosa began running again and has been running ever since. No matter the piece of apparatus, Bosa said he was willing to try it so he can finally get back on the field for meaningful football.

      I used everything they have here, every machine, I mean, I’ve got a big ice bucket with my name on it in there right now, so just anything to get it feeling better.

      Atta boy Nick!

      You see, all of the naysayer’s, and hater’s who have been insinuating that Nick is the kind of guy who would be making business decisions and easing himself back onto the filed, based on what’s best for him, rather than doing everything within his power to play for the team ….. well, I ecourage all of those naysayer’s to keep it up, because all they are doing is motivating the Smaller Bear to prove them all wrong, and I love it!

      That’s only the first statement from Nick, but the bigger statement is likely coming on Sunday!

      Go NINERS!

  2. Yea, getting Pope fills out our practice squad nicely. He’s got talent worth developing. It’ll be interesting to see where he’s at in next years camp. I think if the reports are true, and Brunskill can play every position along the offensive line, then he’s a valuable commodity worth having….

  3. It’s a good looking practice squad that will contribute this year. Just find it funny that 2 years in a row now none of our cut players have been picked up by another NFL team.

    1. is not funny at all it just shows you that 31 teams in the league don’t think they are good enough for their PS…

    2. Every year, fans of most NFL teams are shocked — SHOCKED! — than none of their cut players are picked up by other teams.

  4. IMO, the best PS I’ve seen them put together in years. There are number of guys they can bring up if someone goes down and get immediate help. The concern of course is as attrition takes place some of these guys will be raided?
    The tackle, Pope, was the best off the Waiver wire with a ton of potential. O line is a major issue with so many of these kids never in a 3 point stance until they get to an NFL training camp.. So much development required..

    1. Here’s a shot in the dark that I lobbied for last year in the Draft….WR Alan Lazzard out of Iowa State who was taken by Green Bay in the ’18 draft 6′ 6″ @235 was waived today by the Pack. He and Hakeem Butler were a devastating combination….Has good hands, and fights for YAC…My addled brain just imagines what a defense would think to be facing Lazzard and Hurd together….WOW…Grab him….!

      1. “After going unclaimed on waivers, second-year receiver Allen Lazard will return to the Green Bay Packers as a member of the team’s 10-player practice squad, according to agent Michael Perrett.”

        Sorry, my friend. Mr. Lazard went unclaimed and GB stashed him on the PS.

        1. AES

          Thanks my good friend…your information is usually about a day ahead of mine…This is the time of year that I get queasy…Our front office usually gets stupid about now, and makes a couple of ‘boners’ that sets the team back a year or two…’Should be a fun year…Other than a couple, I really like the team…

          1. OR,
            I’m calling this the “turn around year” for 49ers and the young regime. I don’t believe that we get a playoff birth, but the team will begin a winning culture that has been sadly missing since the days of Jim Harbaugh and Co.
            As 49ers fans, we have a championship winning DNA that lives in us. You, I and the rest of the bloggers here at IT49ersB are going to see a resurgence with our team that will make us proud and set our eyes for bigger things in the next couple of years.
            Man, I’m starting to fire myself up here!
            Let’s go!

  5. The greatest obstacle for the niners is that their player decision making is among the worst in the league. Seahawks ended last season with serious gaps to fill . Instead of whining and making excuses about “growing pains” , they have assembled a team which can contend with the Rams.

    There is no education in the second kick of a mule, yet we keep letting the same mule kick us.

    1. The roster is improving, but the massive free agent misses make me wince.

      In 2017 Lynch said all the right things about building for the future, patience, not going for the short term solution.

      The actions didn’t match the words. His 2016-17 spending pattern is more like a team just a few pieces away from a deep postseason run… older 3rd contract players that will have diminished capabilities (or gone) by the time the team’s actually ready to make a playoff run.

      I’m excited about the season, but guarded because so much cap space was used on players that won’t contribute to any playoff run.

      1. I don’t think Lynch has that much say in building the roster. He’s just another pretty face for Jed to put in front of us. Lynch is a go along to get along kinda guy. That’s how he got the job and could very well be how he loses it.

    2. Rollo,
      Seattle is a few years removed from reaching the SB. While they have had to reload, we have had to rebuild.

      Plus, we don’t know how Clowney will fit in Seattle. Will he come in thinking he’s suddenly the alfa dog? His contract mess in Houston certainly points to that direction. Imo, he’s not a slamdunk winner in Seattle, yet.

      I’ll go as far as saying that if Frank Clark puts up better numbers than Clowney, Seattle’ big splash signing will lose it’s power.

      1. Clowney is an outstanding player. He’s great against the run and he’s been a decent pass Rusher. Seattle will utilize him better than the Texans so I expect a Monster year for him.

        1. I don’t see Clowney being scarier without Watt, and with Ansah. I think the real Bogeyman this year will be DeForest Buckner playing alongside Ford/Bosa/Armstead/Thomas in a contract year….

        2. Clowney has defensive MVP level talent. In the Seahawks defense, his sack numbers will be much higher. The other problem for the 49ers is Clowney is outstanding against the outside zone rush. He’s a high motor guy who hustles to the ball. The Seahawks getting Clowney is bad news for the 49ers.

          1. He is a great player but he is not an elite pass rusher. Never has been. I would argue Frank Clark is a better pure pass rusher than Clowney. Clowney is a better overall player.

    3. Have they improved their O line since they traded for Brown in 2017, or they think that they #3 most-sacked QB can run-around to evade pass rushers well into his 30s?
      Also, how did replace their #1 receiver? With a rookie who was a combine warrior with questionable hands and route running skills?

      1. Brodie /Mood,

        I agree mostly. Their most egregious errors are :

        1. Overpaying for FA who dont contribute (Mckinnon) or their contribution is not proportionate to their salary (Garcon, Juszczyk ) . Furthermore , we are tentative or lowball on superstars – Khalil Mack . Maybe if the aforementioned weren’t eating all the pie, we could go out and get top level talent.

        2. Missing on draft picks or drafting for luxury instead of necessity.

        3. Fearful of making tough cuts – CJ, Ward.

        AES, we shall see. I think Clowney will do pretty well.

        1. Rollo,
          I agree, we’ll see how Clowney works out in Seattle.
          We know that Clowney is a good player from what we’ve seen of him. What we don’t know is how that will translate with a new team.
          He could be great, above average or just average.
          Of course, I’ll take average when he plays us ?

        2. Good analysis Rollo. Since we’re resigned to speculating, my instincts tell me that these errors fall on Kyle’s lap. Like I said above, Lynch to me is a go along to get along kind a guy and I just find it hard to believe that he did anything other than mildly disagree and let Kyle have his way. I’m still in the KS = good OC/bad HC camp. I hope I’m wrong.

    4. I’m never going to get over Lynch passing on Patrick Mahomes in 2017. If he would have selected PM back then we might be calling Lynch a genius right now.

  6. Really impressed with our practice squad. It feels like we have a 56 man roster. Elijah Lee, Marcell Harris, and Jeff Wilson were all guys that expected to be on the 53 man roster or at least claimed on waivers. Any one of those guys can step up and play right away if needed.

    Really curious to see what happens when Street goes to IR. I’m thinking they sign a Safety. Interesting that they would rather sign a FA Safety that isn’t good enough for 31 other teams to claim, rather than just keep Harris at S. They must be really unimpressed by him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they shipped a seventh rounder somewhere for a backup safety / special teams ace.

    1. I think it depends on how they view Fowles. FS or do they plan on bulking him up for a hybrid LB role?

      1., Maiocco, Barrows and Grant all list him as a LB, although the latter three could have simply copied from the 49ers’ release. If they intend to use him as a FS, it’s interesting that he made the cut over Colbert.

  7. I’m thinking the 49ers will still try and add a safety to the 53, but with Harris on the PS and Exum always available off the street, plus Colbert not getting picked up by anyone, I am wondering if the 49ers will now just go with what they have there on the belief thatnif there is an injury they can pick someone up that is familiar with the scheme pretty easily.

    1. Seems many teams didn’t want to take fliers. I guess they are going a bit more conservative regarding player moves.

  8. Well, it looks like the Niners are set.
    I wanted them to retain Wilson, and he made it to the PS.
    I expected them to retain Matthews, Garnett, Exum and Mayo, but they are going young.
    I thought they would keep only 2 TEs, but they kept Toilolo and Smith, 2 Stanford players.
    I thought that Azeez AlShaair was too green, but I guess he played his way onto the team. I thought Nzeocha would make the team after they cut M Smith, and was correct.

    They have only 3 safeties, so I wonder if they might move Sherman to safety, as a career lengthening move. Woods needs to make some important decisions. I would not be surprised to see Moseley take Sherman’s spot, he played so well in the preseason.
    I wanted them to trade away a few players, but I guess it takes 2 to tango. Still, many teams did make trades, and some teams hit the waiver wire hard, like the Cards and Miami. At least the Niners were looking, and chose Pope.
    So, while I think they could have improved even more, I will accept their determinations, and root for their success.
    I had been consistently predicting an 8 win season, but after this preseason, with few major injuries, I will change my outlook. With JG leading them, the Niners may manage to have a winning season. 9-7, and if the stars and planets align, maybe even 10-6, and a shot at a Wild Card spot.
    I think the Niners will produce in the Red Zone, and the defense will be stout against the run, possibly making the other team one dimensional.
    My biggest concerns are if the O line can pass protect, and if the secondary can play cohesively, and get some picks.
    GO NINERS !!!!!

    1. Seb,
      You are pretty right on as usual. I don’t see Sherman switching to safety at least this year though. I see a splash signing at safety coming. While I too hold out for success I am a little harder on Lynch and Shanny for not making a move to improve the interior of our offensive line. The guards Tomlinson or Person can hold the point of attack. While Tomlinson could be OK Person is dreadful. Nice guy but a much better backup. Richburg being injured last year so i’ll give him a pass until I see how he does fully healthy. Never proved to be a good signing yet but there’s hope. Our guards or lack there of are the real issue here. Instead of bolstering the OL we stand pat with the same line that got destroyed in the middle year year. So I do not give them a pass and accept their determinations. Although I have to…

      GO NINERS !!!

      1. I, I, I do not know what to say……
        I am more used to posters excoriating me and deriding my comments……;p
        JK, I agree with you. I hope they will poach a player off a playoff team, if the interior O line does struggle.
        Guess we will have to wait and see, and hope for the best.
        GO NINERS !!!!!!

        1. That’s swell. Create a burner account to agree with yourself. You’re too old for this vanity shiiitz, Sebbie.

          1. You are the one who creates burner accounts ad nauseum. Your name gives you away.
            I do not know Montanaoveryoung, but agree with his name, and think he is an astute Niner fan.
            I hope he posts more. This site needs new blood.

            1. LMAO. This coming from the guy that posted his real name on the blog and then proceeded to blame his wife. Nice job, Mr. Ogas…

              1. If you have not noticed, I have been truthful in everything I write. Maybe you cannot handle the truth.

            2. Sebs-you don’t know him, he makes one subjective opinion……………….and you think based on his praise for you “he is an astute Niner fan”?

              He may very well be…………but you make this judgement on one little blurb? Could it be because he praised you?

              “Oh, how foolish we may seem
              when at first blush we highly deem”…………

              1. Saw, I read his post. I agree with his assessment of Person, and wonder how fully recovered is Richberg. He was pointing out salient issues that point to the O line as being the biggest question mark for the team.
                I think an astute person can surmise about the need to have drafted an interior O lineman.
                Believe me, I am not used to praise, that is why I wrote that first part. It sure is nice to pleasantly and civilly talk about a team we are both passionate about, without all the snide snark. You seem obsessed about me, and I am your nexus of your ire. Maybe you should just stick to football, and cut out the personal attacks. It does not flatter you. Guess you feel as if beating on me makes you look good. Posters are not laughing with you, they are wincing.

    2. Seb, did someone hack your account?!?! You’re starting to sound optimistic and maybe even a little humble. I agree with everything you said above as far as our teams strengths and how they may fare this season. I’m really happy with the roster, and I believe this is the prove it year for the Coaches, FO and several players; I believe all of them have the talent and ability to step up to the challenge and 9-7 seams very realistic. However, I’m more optimistic, and even though with our schedule it’s going to be super tough, I’m hopeful for 10-6, and let the chips fall where they may in terms of the Post Season, but 10-6 should give us a fighting chance!

      Here’s to being undefeated (for the next 7 days at least!)??.

      Go Niners! Kick some Buccaneers!

      1. I swear, there are so may catfishes and burner accounts, there may be 10 trolls keeping busy.
        I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who has thanked the host for allowing me to vent my frustrations. Of course, he can be a teensy bit negative, too.
        However, he is professional, and dispassionate, giving his opinions and assessments, with candor and honesty, calling it as he sees it.
        I, on the other hand, am an unabashed rabid 49er fan. I bleed red and gold. I do not hunger for a ring, I am starved for a ring. I do not want to sit back and hope for a ring, I am scheming and proposing ways to help them win. There is a fine line between winning and losing. The trick is to be prepared for any contingency, and plan for every adversity. So far, the Niners have not done that adequately.
        I guess I am spoiled. I lived through those Glory Years, and life was fulfilling with joy every Sunday. Winning almost seemed easy. However, these last 25 years have been a severe trial. We were teased by dreams of SBs during the JH years, but those were the last times the Niners have been relevant, for the last quarter century.
        I am glad you are heartened by my optimism, and I salute your fervent wish to make it to the postseason. Like the SF Giants, getting to the dance was the most important thing, and anything was possible once they were in. I remember they were down to their last out, and even down to their last strike, but somehow, emerged victorious. I think the Niners can do the same thing. KS has failed to manage the games, so he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but I think he has learned from his mistakes, so he will not repeat them. KS has improved, but his coaching staff has also improved. Kocurek is energizing the D Line, and Joe Woods will hopefully improve the DBs. In fact, Joe Woods with his DC experience, will greatly aid Saleh. Saleh is very smart, and he learned from one of the best in Pete Carroll, but his schemes did not always translate to effectiveness on the field. Woods may provide the proper interpretation, and get the whole defense humming.
        Yes, I am more optimistic. JL has assembled a deep team, filled with talent. He could have pulled off a couple trades, but I guess there were no willing trade partners. I guess a testament to his efficacy , is that they felt they did not need to claim many waiver wire players. They were satisfied that they had talented players on the cut list, and wanted spots to put them on the PS. They let go some veteran talent, but the young players will help build for the future.
        I am looking forward to this season. JG is the right leader, they have talent either running or passing the ball, and the defense looks stout. I may not be delusional and declare they will go 19-0, but 13-6 could earn them another ring!!!!!!
        Thank you for your post. Hope the Niners become relevant, and we can witness history again.
        GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

      1. Imagine if he does. I will take full credit.
        I am just remembering Ronnie Lott. He moved to safety, and became a HOFer.

        1. Oh the irony. You can’t stand the sitting President but you and he have very bigly similar egos and share a need for constant self-promotion.

          You really oughta be best friends.

  9. I was a tweet John Lynch is having a press conference, but now I can’t find the tweet.

    Anyone know if/when it will be held?

  10. Just because several players cut by the Niners did not did not get snapped up by other teams at this time does not mean that those players have sub-par talent as one commentor suggested (and hence, concluded that Niners have poor depth).

    IMO, what matters is how many of those players end up in December on the 53 roster. At this time, every team has players who they are forced to cut to reach 53 and whom they sign on to PS. Rosters and PS composition are fluid throughout the season.

  11. Wow, I thought the Texans got hosed on the Clowney deal, but they just doubled down.
    They traded multiple firsts to Miami for Tunsil. Amazing.

  12. Antone Exum headed to the active roster, so those fretting over safety depth can breathe a little easierz

    1. And I had just posted about how maybe they will feel comfortable going into the season with 3 knowing they can sign Exum whenever they need. I guess not!

  13. Credit on …..Marcell Harris???… safety or not we need talented healthy young players……

    He is going through the sophmore NFL grind…..last year he played on instincts, this year they have him thinking…….

    1. I really don’t understand the love of some for Harris. Imo he is where he should be – not on a 53-man roster.

        1. That’s where I don’t understand the love for him. He didn’t play well last year. He made a couple of “splash” plays at the LOS in his first game which somehow convinced a few people on here that he was good. Never mind that he repeatedly got beat in coverage and missed quite a few tackles. He’s a good example of how fans get overly excited by highlight reels.

          The exact same thing happened with Colbert the year before. He had a couple of big hits in coverage his first couple of games and got anointed as the next great thing. Again, never mind that after those first couple of games he was actually pretty ordinary, which as it turns out was much closer to the norm.

            1. Hard to believe, I know!

              What I find very frustrating is that the 49ers once again decided to pretty much stick with the status quo this offseason, and only now have they realised that only three of the safeties on the roster were actually good enough to keep on the 53 initially. Once again they assumed guys like Colbert and Harris would develop into reliable depth players (or starters). Instead they are now having to add a guy they picked up as a street FA to the 53 as their 4th safety, on a team in which the two starters in a combined 9 seasons have only played a full 16 game season once (and in that season Ward was banged up and only started half the games). And neither starter has played much more than about half a season since 2016 (Tartt managed a whole 15 games, though he was primarily a backup). You would think having decent depth may be somewhat important given the circumstances.

              1. It’s going to continue to be an Achilles heel. I think the OL will too!

                Maybe there’s something to that discord between scouts ant coaches.

              2. I don’t consider myself to be a Marcel Harris fan. However, I found the following numbers that Barrows mentioned to be interesting:
                Niners played 8 combinations of safeties last season. The first seven combinations was the worst in the league in allowing explosive plays (plays that go 20 yards or more). The final combination that played the last five games was the second best in the league. pretty good improvement from worse to second best considering no improvement in pass rush. Those safeties? journeyman Anotone Exum and rookie Marcel Harris.

  14. Seven days from now we’ll have a better sense of how all this is coming together–or flying apart.

    1. If OL can stay healthy, we might do OK. Hard to see CB’s doing that well. DL needs to dominate.

    2. FRM, How many wins do you see?
      SY, How many wins for you?
      Mood, what’s your guess?
      Raz, do you have a number?
      I’m going with 8 wins and having fun watching our young players become emerging stars.
      The fun begins this season. The playoffs next season.

        1. Was thinking 11 wins a few months ago. If significant injuries to key players are avoided, the 9ers could be battling for a wildcard slot in late December.

          1. I see 6 wins with some luck and I’m sticking to it. No way we steer clear of significant injuries considering we keep signing and drafting injury prone guys.

          2. Injuries are inevitable but two factors favor the Niners:
            (1) improved depth. Depth is not great and terrible on O line, but definitely better overall than last few seasons.
            (2) statistically unlikely to repeat last year’s level of injuries,

            1. Mood, in the past, when Niners had a superior W-L record analysts threw out the “reversion to the mean” as a way of justifying next season comeuppance. Reversion to the mean can also work with this injury thing plaguing the team the last couple of years. We are due for a healthy year.

      1. My guess between 4-6 wins this season. My hedge is 5.

        If the sun shines on Shinehan, the wins could be as high as 8, but I think that’s the ceiling.

      2. AES,
        I am betting on 9 wins. I have had an annual bet with a colleague on Niners’ record many years running. I’m the optimist and he’s the pessimist. He’s won the last 3 seasons in a row. I am “optimistic” on breaking this trend this season :)

  15. If Pope is as good as hoped, why not have him on “53” and put Skule on PS. That way he would be protected.

  16. Does anyone else find it interesting that this new – release all on waivers all at once, on the final cut down– seems to have resulted in fewer waiver pick-ups across the board? Probably because waivers would be more of a risk since the time to evaluate them before final cutdowns have been eliminated.

  17. Not to be outdone, Gruden is carrying 4 qb’s, Carr, Glennon, Peterman, and Kizer. Aye, ye, ye!

  18. I guess that teams have spent a lot of time and energy with their players, and want to keep them. With the teams evenly matched in basic skillsets, it is how the coaches think a player will fit in their system, that will determine if a waived player will be obtained.
    Many teams are sweating out the waiver period, and just want to get their 10 players on the PS. They do not have the luxury to have the room to get additional players.
    However, then you have the Cards and Miami, who poached many players. Bet Belichick was not thrilled that Flores grabbed a couple Patriot players. However, those teams have a lot less talent, so many waived players would be upgrades for the team.
    I also think the salary cap may be a factor in deciding whether to obtain a player or not. Many cut players are being cut to make more salary cap space. Teams love their rookies, because those rookie contracts are very team friendly.

    1. sebnynah says:
      August 20, 2019 at 11:32 am
      Me too, but I am also prepared for moving on from JG, if he continues to regress.

      sebnynah says:
      August 20, 2019 at 8:20 am
      Mullens is the best QB on the team.

      1. Did JG continue to regress? Thankfully, no.
        Why is Mullens the best QB right now? Because he is fully healthy, and not recovering from an ACL injury. Mullens also does not throw 5 consecutive interceptions in practice, and has had a longer time to thoroughly master the playbook.
        Still think JG is the franchise QB, and still believe he should start.

        1. “My hatred for Grapps is a thing to behold,
          when he turns into a bum, remember who told………………………..”

  19. Matt Barrows tweeted:

    “I should add: Exum had 50 percent of the team’s interceptions and 100 percent of its defensive touchdowns last season.”
    A guy who was cut and not picked up by any team while on waivers. If that tweet was supposed to be reassuring, it only makes one more depressed about the DBs.

    1. Don’t worry about that they will be fine. If the DB’s play at least at the level of last year (lol) they will be fine. The offense (line) is going to be what makes this season.

      The Niners were pretty much last in red zone efficiency offense and defense. They were not only last in turnovers they set an all time record that may stand forever. In fact they could improve a lot and still be last in turnovers, that’s how bad that was last year. Pre snap penalties did come down a bit but still are high. Hard to believe we won four games with those statistical nightmares.

      1. I don’t know how what you wrote was supposed to be reassuring!

        Dude, please don’t become a crisis counselor!

        1. No place to go but up. When you are at the bottom you either stay there or get better, I don’t see us staying there so…..crisis counselor, you don’t want me for any kind of counselor – you wouldn’t like the results.

            1. Make a run for another number 1 draft pick? Maybe Kyle can undo the Alex Smith curse that endures. Get worse to get better. What a concept!

      2. The Niners were pretty much last in red zone efficiency offense and defense. They were not only last in turnovers they set an all time record that may stand forever.

        How about that insane number of single possession losses the last two years? Flip a few of those and that’s .500 ball right there.

    2. Barrows makes a lot of tongue and cheek comments.
      He’s neither, a homer or a hater.

      Going into last season while many were saying the niners were potentially a playoff team and Barrows warned that defense still had a lot to improve on and ironically warned that if Garapollo got hurt, they would be lucky to get to 6 wins.

      In regards to the safeties, He stated that part of the reason they were so bad was due to the revolving door at the position. SF had 8 different safety combinations the last one lasting for the final 5 weeks. He noted that while the last group wasnt the most talented one, with continuity the position group improved the most.

      The problem is the team hasn’t really done much to strengthen this group. They are just hoping for health it would seem.

  20. Talk about head scratcher….The Atlanta Falcons have six running backs on the active roster

  21. Yes, the teams have solidified, and now have to show what they can do on the field.
    KS is responsible for this team. He was the one deciding who he wants, and now he has no excuses if they fail. JL went along with KS, on players like Foster, CJB, Joe Williams and Pettis, because Jed wanted the GM and HC to be on the same page.
    After the Baalke debacle, Jed was smart to insist that they are both rowing in the same direction. Kocurek had his favorites, and JL loves Stanford TEs, but this team is KS’s baby and he will get the praise, or criticism, depending on wins and losses.
    The good thing is that the Niners have been rebuilt, from the ground up. Only Staley will play, who played on their last SB. They have rebuilt, and added talent, so the whole team has depth. Each player is ideal for KS’s system, because he assessed their talents, and selected the ones who fit. Hopefully, the Niners have such depth, the replacements can come in and play, without missing a beat.
    Every team has talent. Some teams have spent more for their talent than the Niners. Playoff teams generally have elite talent. The determining factor will be the coaching. Which coach can get the most out of his players, and which coach can put his players in their best chance to succeed. Which coach can effectively manage his team, and which coach can overcome adversity. Which coach can make his team resilient, and have thorough preparations, to maximize efficiency, and avoid the unforced errors.
    Thankfully, KS is an innovative coach, and the team will be competitive. Has he have learned from his mistakes and improved? We will see. JL has done his job, now it is KS’s turn.

    1. To be honest Sebbie, you called out Shanahan many times for ‘not wanting to win’. You were certain in your assessment, and quite clear in how he could rectify that. Has he corrected that shortcoming? If so, did he act as you prescribed?


    2. Sebs—$10 bucks for every player Walsh drafted that flat out didn’t work out? Starting in ’79?

  22. PT, Tom, FRM
    I’ve noticed that you three regurgitate a lot of comments by Seb.
    Nothing against you guys and Seb, but I for one, don’t really care about past comments from Seb.
    But again, that’s just me fellas.
    I’ll just continue to scroll past them.

    1. AES, I have them so well trained, I do not need to post. They do it for me.
      Guess they do not realize this, but I have my words seared into their psyche.
      Weak minded people are easy to dominate.

  23. Fun post on an Arizona blog…

    Arizona Cardinals bring on veteran edge rusher Cassius Marsh per report

    HATED him on the Seahawks & 49ers

  24. Armstead, Buckner, Ward, Tartt, Staley are pretty much what are left from previous GM’s. This is defiantly Lynch/Shanny’s team. I think for most fans, coaching staff accountability is going to be scrutinized this third year and its time. Going to need a good performance and no games like the first Card game last year. One of the signs that the team has arrived it will be their performance up in Seattle. I believe that to be one of those benchmark/hurdles that has to be overcome to begin to regain dominance in the division.

    No injuries this week!!

    1. I think we will know by the 3rd game what kind of team we have.

      Whether they have proved the naysayers wrong (and I will happily eat crow) or continue to languish in low mediocrity (we were so close to winning that game) this team is indeed a construction of the Shanalynch production team.

      It is interesting in the people you had as holdovers, 2 are lynchpin players and pro bowl level.

      Looking at the schedule the 49ers go on the road for the first couple of games and while they don’t have great teams on the schedule, these could prove dangerous matchups for the young squad.

      A win on the road or two would be a great way to start the season. Even splitting games would be a welcome sight for most of us fans. Two losses would be a real blow.

      I think they likely split and have their hands full with the Steelers at home. Hope I’m wrong though.

      1. I agree out of the first four games the Steelers is going to be the toughest. Big Ben has developed a quick short passing game. I haven’t looked at the Bengals yet but one thing about the Bus and Browns their O line is worse then ours.

        1. Not sure Cleveland’s OL is worse than the Niners, especially on the interior (and when will Staley more closely resemble the Staley we’ve loved for the past dozen years?).

          And even if they’re more or less equivalent, the Browns have a QB who’s a lot more capable of coping with exploitable weaknesses on an OL.

          1. You’re not sure Cleveland’s OL is worse than the Niners? Our OT’s alone make their OL inferior.

            1. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone on our and their OLs stacks up at the end of the year (e.g., PFF scoring), in aggregate as well as individually. Nobody would be more delighted than I (well, maybe the Niners QBs would) if we get lights out grades. I’m of a “show me” mindset when it comes to the Niners “product”, given the abysmal level of competence our FO has shown over the years in identifying, onboarding, and training talent, so expectations are starting out pretty low.

    2. Your right, undercenter………..barring any rash of injuries like last year, it is pretty much up to the coaches. They rebuilt the motor and now they have to make it sing.

      While Sebs is drinking bitter dregs to wash down his Crow-meat, we shall root on for our team that clearly has the personnel to be competitive–maybe better with a bit of luck.

      Not entirely unlike my nephew-seems like a good kid; we’ll know more, later.

  25. This squad is such a total reflection of this front office decisions for really the first time.

    1st–All five of the wide receivers they have drafted in the three years made the roster along with big name(?) free agent Goodwin and talented but inconsistent Bourne. But make no mistake, until one of these players steps up his game, Kittle is the true #1 receiver. With 3 qb’s, 7 wr’s, 4 te’s, 3 run/pass catching rb’s and a versatile fb, ALL of Shanahans choosing, this is his baby. Injuries aside, there is only one thing that should de-rail this group…

    2–offensive line. 3 years, 27 draft picks, 2 o-linemen. TWO. They did trade for Colman and Tomlinson and made Richburg a rich man, but have put no real draft resources into this area. Not one center, not one guard, not one c/g. IF the offense fails because of lack of real depth in this area, shame on Lynch and Shanny.

    3–I am so glad that they have decided to stop trying to do LOB II. Great units like that just come together organically. Thomas was a 1st rounder, but Sherman and Chancellor were 5th rounders and Browner was undrafted. And they all fit that certain physical profile. After 2 years, the 9ers have finally come to understand that it cannot be re-created. They will be using some two-high safety and Reed, Verett, Williams and Mosley do not measure 6 ft. Ward, Tartt and Moore will be the top three safetys. Spoon, Sherman and whoever is healthiest will be the top three corners, I think this secondary will be fine if….

    4–the front 7 comes thru. A lot of resources have been put into this area. 9 of the 27 draft picks (including Pita and Foster), 3 hold overs, some free agents and smart pick-up, and a big trade. If this unit can rotate players and play the situational football that they want to, they could be dominant. And by that I mean pressure and sack the QB

    5–as far as roster cuts and practice squad, the front office read the room perfectly. They got five players on the practice squad that many thought would not clear waivers. If there injuries to SS, RB. LB, or DL on the 53, we have players on the practice squad that can help and contribute. And they got Exum back.

    6–so what is left to do? I think that when u look at this roster (except Jimmy G and DeForest) we can survive one injury in any area EXCEPT the o-line. One injury on the o-line and we are talking Mullins and CJB at QB. We have the resources at WR, DL and maybe QB to improve this weakness with a trade.

    1. Well thought out and well written Robby. I agree with the last point to some extent. Yes as to the tackles. But I don’t see too much of a drop off with Garland and Brunskill. That’s not saying much for the starters, but Person? He could disappear and the only think Niners lose is “depth”.

  26. Interesting that the odds sharks have this game even. Usually the home team gets the courtesy 3 points. I think we brutalize Winston behind that porous line for 5 sacks….

  27. Team looks good to start the season.
    QB set with starter,backup and insurance with CJ on 53 roster.
    RB set with 3 and insurance with Wilson on PS.
    WR not sure who the number 1 will be. Guess we will find out in the regular season.
    TE. With 4 my guess they didn’t think they would find any OL better than what they have, so the 4th man must be insurance in case one of the starting 5 OL goes down they can play 6 to protect th QB.
    OL scares me. 1 or 2 hits from a losing season!
    DL strength of the defence, my only concern is with stopping the run. Keep remembering SD preseason game in the 4th quarter when we got run over.
    LB good with starters and PS..
    CB could be ok if DL is constantly either sacking the QB or forcing passes. Sebbie this is where violence comes in!
    Safety ? How long will Ward last before going on IR.

    My prediction for TB game is a Ninner win 21 to 9, 4 sacks 2 ints.. ?

    1. I prefer aggressive, maximum effort with focused force. I hope the defense keeps their head up, strikes with the shoulder pad, and separates the ball from the ball carrier with legal, safe tackles. That way, they may avoid injuries.
      Niners 24-23 TB.

        1. No, that may be counter productive, because you are assuming he is carrying the ball, so he must have caught it. In that case, the ball still will be in their possession, and the clock will have stopped.
          A better tactic would be to hold him up in bounds, and let the Safety build up a head of steam, and separate the ball from the ball carrier,. Then the Niner defenders can pick up the ball and score.
          It sounds like you are unclear of the concept, but your Football for Dummies will not cover such nuances, so you may need to read something harder, if you can.

    2. Were we happy with last year’s offense during the first three games? That’s what we’ve got this year, with Coleman replacing Morris.

      We scored 24 points a game during that three-game stretch. Is that enough?

      1. We scored 24 points a game during that three-game stretch. Is that enough?

        Thomas, not when playing the likes of KC, which we won’t be doing opening up this season. The three teams we open this season with averaged 24.8 last season. All things being equal, it’ll be close. Have we improved? Have they regressed?

  28. Grant, IMO you are the best 49er writer out there. You’ve got the fearlessness and honesty necessary for this tough, grinder of a sport. When you’re wrong, you say so. When they’re right, you give credit.

    I liked your old man. I like you just as much.

  29. Grant should be acknowledged for his willingness to admit miscalculations. It’s sport no one, not even the GMs really know how it’s going to go, so Grant takes his shot, and sometimes he’s right sometimes not so much. Remember, are we saying with “final 53” projections who is the best choice, or are we saying what Shanahan is going to do? They are different criteria, and ShanLynch are far from rational on personnel issues.

    Some players practice better than they play, and some flash talent but are woefully inconsistent. Congrats to 49ers for seeing that in Matthews (slow out of his cuts against starters) and Colbert (inconsistent beyond belief). Think the brain Trust was not so discerning in previous years in these areas

    1. Given what the Colts were facing, signing Hoyer was a decent move–probably better than a hasty trade. Will be an interesting situation to observe over the season.

      1. Oh yeah, I think the Colts will be okay. Hoyer wasn’t great but he can win a game if you need him to I think. Brissett I think is better than he gets credit for.

        1. I beg to differ. CJB beat out Hoyer for the starting job, and he is third string here.
          Hoyer is a practice warrior, but in games, he tended to throw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. He is a perfect backup. One where you do not want to see on the field, and you pray for the starter to stay healthy.
          The Colts have gone from SB contenders to long shots, once they lost Luck.
          Hoyer can win a game? He failed to do that on the Niners. He pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself.
          Google— Hoyer Texans playoff game. 4 picks.

          1. Hoyer can win a game? He failed to do that on the Niners

            But who has won on the Niners in the last decade?? nobody….weak statement

            1. Within the last decade? AS led the Niners to a 13-3 record, and a berth in the NFCC Game. Kaep took the Niners to the SB after only 10 games, and came within a tipped pass of returning. Mullens went 3-5, beating the Seahawks, a playoff team, and came within one pass from beating the Bears, another playoff team.
              Guess you forgot that 5 game winning streak JG had, and he beat a couple playoff teams, too.
              Hoyer pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself, after losing all of his Niner games.

    2. Colts GM Chris Ballard is touted by many (including few on this blog) as being brilliant–so, here goes.

  30. Intel on the Bucs…

    But there’s a painful flipside to Arians’ system. Because it often exchanges pass protectors for additional route runners, it also requires the five guys up front to win one-on-one battles. This approach works well when you have quick-hitting route concepts or a rock-solid offensive line. However, we know short passes are anathema to the Kangol-wearing coach, and the offensive lines he had in Indy and Arizona were questionable at best — a truth that’s certainly not lost on Luck or Palmer. The recently retired Colts QB had 45 more dropbacks under pressure than the next-closest passer in 2012, when Arians served as interim head coach. Similarly, the Cardinals veteran was hit more in 60 games under B.A. than in 122 total games with the Bengals and Raiders (400 hits to 398). His sacks-per-game figure also soared in Arizona, increasing from 1.7 during his nine-year run in Cincinnati and Oakland to 2.3 in his five seasons in the desert.

    And here-in lies the potential issue for Winston: The O-line Arians inherited in Tampa is, to put it simply, not good.

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying for weeks. Arians will have to resist his natural proclivities or he’ll end up giving Winston a poetic benediction as Buckner buries him!

    2. I believe Arians is 9-1 vs Niners as a HC…. While on paper we should dominate the Bucs up front, I’m still not fully sold on Saleh just yet. Arians is no idiot and knows how to offset an aggressive D so here’s hoping Saleh can adjust as needed to avoid making it 10-1…..

      1. Red, during that 10 game stretch AZ was 49-30-1 overall, while Niners were 25-55. Other than last seasons losses, which were inexplicable, there was no comparison between the two teams talent level. We’ll see how Arians manages without an all-pro QB or hall or fame WR. (yeah yeah, I know…2018)

        1. He was also 9-4 with Drew freakin’ Stanton… Not saying he’ll have the same success with the Bucs, but to underestimate Arians would be foolish.

          1. It’d be foolish to underestimate him, but I can’t help but lick my chops looking at that offensive line.

      2. “I believe Arians is 9-1 vs Niners as a HC….”


        He’s 7-3. Was 1-3 against Harbaugh and 6-0 against Larry, Curly and Mo.

        You’re right though, underestimating Arians is foolish yet I keep seeing comments about him that are very similar to what was said last year about Mike Zimmer prior to week 1.

          1. In the last 10 games. the Cards are 9-1, but Arians did not coach last season. You could say he was 7-1 against the Niners, over his last 4 years.
            I think he was 2-6 against JH, over 4 seasons.

            1. “I think he was 2-6 against JH, over 4 seasons.”


              Arians became Cardinals head coach in 2013.

  31. Niners offensive starting 11 will only have one new face–Coleman instead of Morris. Is that a good sign or bad?

    1. Deebo may not be a ‘starter’ (yet) but he should get ample playing time… He’ll definitely get his chance to take advantage with the amount of attention Kittle will be getting.

      1. While I tend to agree with your comment…….
        One of us is guilty of copyright enfringement. Just saying….

        1. Ha! I’ve been posting here since this was Maiocco’s blog and then some… I’m not on here as often but this is the first time I’ve seen another red on here (just saying)… for once in life I can say I’m innocent.

  32. Harry to IR. I knew BB chose the wrong one. He always does. Can’t seem to get that WR position right.

  33. Like the way the roster, 53 and PS shook out. Pretty much every guy that was talked about as worthy of being here is.

    Can’t wait for Sunday to get here.

    It’s going to take at least 23 points for the 49ers to win.

      1. Yes….can’t wait for Sunday. Been looking forward to this since the Rams hung 48 points on us last year.

        The Key will be our Running game. Bucs run defense is suspect.

  34. Okay. For those who felt uneasy that no released 9er was picked up, we have this…

    The New York Giants have added linebacker David Mayo and two players to the practice squad.

    1. FRM,
      I didn’t envision Mayo making the team. While he showed good Instincts and experience, he looked a couple steps to slow in reaction time.

      Greenlaw and Shaair are raw but have good reaction time and are eager to make plays. A little experience is all they need to get them up to NFL speed.

  35. Guys, Read em and weep. 10 team ppr drafted from the 7 spot.
    Roster: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, 2 Flex, TE, D , K
    Team : 3 strange days

    Q: Wentz, Goff
    RB: Josh Jacobs, Damien Williams, Eckler, Miles Sanders, Justice Hill
    WR: Davante Adams, Odell, Robby Anderson, Emanuel Sanders, Geronimo Allison, Deebo
    TE: Greg Olsen, Darren Waller
    K: Gould
    DE: Browns D

    1. Strong WRs. RBs, are a lot of wait-and-see. But I invested heavily in Eckeler across a number of drafts. I hope Sanders pops. since I have him in a prominent flex position on one team.

  36. Niners will play against Arians and the Bucs. Arians has a good track record against the Niners (7-1), so the Niners need to factor in his experience.
    The Bucs also have Bradley Pinion, so he will give them valuable intel.
    I hope the Niners surprise the Bucs by doing things that are totally unexpected. I hope to see more 2 TE sets, and no empty backfields. They should run when they expect pass, and pass when they expect run. I hope to see them being deceptive, by running screens, draws, counters and reverses.

        1. Punters don’t get playbooks, and even if they did, having a playbook and having the ability to comprehend it are two totally different things….

          1. Sure, playbooks change every year, but he could divulge info on the locker room dynamics, tendencies, and individual player and coach assessments.
            It is only common sense that Arians would be interviewing Pinion for helpful information. That is called due diligence. Just like the Niner coaches are having Kwon Alexander spill his guts to his new team about his old team. Since Arians is now HC, the old playbook is dated, but he must know some keen insights on how to defend against Winston, since he practiced daily against him.
            Coaches will latch onto every bit of intel, to try and gain an advantage. At least competent coaches do. Guess Cassie thinks like Baalke, and that thought never crossed her mind.
            I expect Marsh will spill his guts to the Cards about the Niners, and the Seahawks.

            1. It’s anything but common sense. In fact, it’s uncommon sense. It’s why people give you so much crap. The day Arians tries to get intel from a punter is the day the earth will stand still again….

              1. Wrong. While there is turnover on the rosters, about 36 players are still there from last season.
                Arians would want a breakdown of Pinion’s assessments of each of those players, to try and find any weaknesses. He could talk about strengths so they could counter them, or avoid them. He could also divulge info on the coaching, with only 2 position coaches being fired. He would give great insights on the ST coach, Hightower, and I hope you will not say that they did not interact at all.
                Pinion could also give insights on the locker room dynamics, and talk about quirks and tendencies that only a person in the locker room would know. Punters are part of the team, and they do not bring them out of a box to punt. He could divulge info on the coaching along the side lines during games. Sure, everything divulged will not be crucial to allow a team to win, but it may only be a little thing, that makes the difference between winning and losing, because it affected the game planning.

              2. Arians would what!? Want an assessment…from Pinion????

                Arians would sooner want an “assessment” from Bradley Pinion as he would from Trent Baalke. Are you kidding me right now, Seb? You smell that? That’s the stench of this ridiculous notion of yours stinking up the place, because it sure as hell isn’t my Blues Glues or your Mango Haze!

              3. Raz, I guess you think they did not question Kwon Alexander about his former team.
                I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.
                I just remembered all those players poached by Pete Carroll, which coincided with their winning streak against the Niners.

              4. Punters know one thing and one thing only, and that’s punting. No assessments other than down and distance. No reports other than the weather one. No fire side chats at Arians villa….

            2. Sebbie… Please spare us the lecture on intel gut spilling. We get it. We get it. We get it. We get it. No need to keep clubbing us with it. You’ve offered your opinion. Some may agree with you, others don’t, others don’t give a flyin’ one. Thanks.

              Do keep in mind that many of the 9er position coaches and related assistants have changed since ’18, and there’s some new blood on the special teams roster. Expect new special teams scheming. This isn’t the 60s, 70s, 80s when staff and rosters were more fixed/stable/predictable. It’s 2019. Rapid change from year-to-year.

              1. Cassie, you do not think the Niner coaches are smart enough to derive intel from a former player. I think KS is smart enough to know that Pinion was in all of the team meetings, and especially the ST meetings. Just knowing how they prepare for games may be important.
                Pinion was part of the locker room. Guess you think that personalities and locker room dynamics, are of absolutely no use. I think otherwise. Of course, Baalke treated the players like chattel, and did not believe in locker room dynamics.
                ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy, nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.’ -ST.

            3. Sebbie there is the small matter of simply not having the time. NFL provides coaches limited time frames to have players in, and very few players will have such valuable intel that it would worth spending hours going over the particular details and then implementing them given that the changes will be present there too. The point being, there is a flood of data available week to week in the NFL. Whatever a punter can provide, I don’t see as being particularly valuable. Might he be asked some questions? Maybe. But anything gained from that will be so minor I don’t think it woukd have any significant impact on the game’s outcome.

              1. Renas, posters are just opposing me just to oppose me. I am not saying that Arians needs to spend hundreds of hours one on one with Pinion. They have tons of assistants to debrief him. Then, only important facts should be passed on. Maybe Pinion has little to say, but maybe he is ticked off that the Niners did not want him, so the revenge factor comes in, and he is glad to spill his guts and help his new team to defeat his old team.
                Yes, the Niners are cognizant of the fact that Pinion is on the other team, so they will change things up. That fact alone shows that he is influencing the Niners, so he is important enough to do that. Yes, maybe he does not have any actionable intelligence, so he may not affect the outcome of the game. But maybe he has a juicy tidbit, that may be very important.
                However, it is just due diligence to thoroughly prepare, and the more they know about an opponent, the better prepared they will be. Pinion was in the Niner locker room, so he has a perspective few others have.Maybe he knows that if a certain player is put in, the Niners like to run a certain play. He may not help the offense or defense much, but should be able to divulge a lot about the STs. Yes they have film on the Niners, but Pinion may give the reasoning behind their decisions, so the Bucs may anticipate the plays better.
                I just look at cause and effect. One year, I think the Niners traded away Ricky Jean Francois(?) to the Colts and Parys Haralson(?) to the Saints, both future opponents. They lost both games, and lost home field advantage.
                The Seahawks poached players from the Niners, and beat the Niners for years. This year, they signed Marsh, who probably spilled his guts. Then they cut him, after gleaning new insights from him. I would not put it past the Seahawks, if they signed Garnett, not only because of all the injuries on their O line, but also to gain intel from him.

              2. This getting intel from other players, Seb? This is largely if not entirely how games are won? Then when someone greatly differs with you, its just because they want to? Thats probably true some of the time, but this latest assertion of yours is coming from down the rabbit hole again.
                Seahawks beat us like a drum because they had superior players and coaching. A team still has to execute-and do it well.
                This “intel” didn’t do much against the good coaches, the good teams-let alone the great one’s.
                You can give the ’84 Saints the entire Walsh playbook AND video’s of their practices…………..they are not beating the ’84 9ers-ever.
                Too much Zoo…………….

              3. Saw, why do you think they wait until the 53 is finalized, before installing the playbook? Those waived players could spill the beans for an upcoming opponent.
                Pete Carroll poached Niner players, and started that win streak, and first started by beating JH. Michael Robinson, Ricardo Lockette, Will Tukuafu, Mike Davis, Tremaine Brock. Now Earl Mitchell and Mike Iupati, although their info is dated.

        2. It’s highly unlikely he had an offensive or defensive playbook.

          Additionally, kickers seldom practice with the team (in the traditional sense) as they are normally off to the side working on their own thing.

          1. Um, maybe Pinion might have something to say about the Special Teams. He was a integral part of the punting unit.

            1. Niners have a somewhat different approach to punting with Wishnowsky….plus a few new members of the punt team having different strengths and weaknesses since Pinon’s time in Santa Clara.

              To borrow one of your many phrases…. You’re trying to hard.

              1. Exactly. Totally dismissing that a former player can divulge useful information is clueless.
                Stop trying so hard.

              2. Ha! There it is…………….”Totally” Nobody said that, Sebs. To make your point more valid, you put words into the mouths of others….words that were never said.

                Tell me what Intel could do to stop the ’76 Steelers?

                Your making it out like this is a huge part of who wins and who loses. It isn’t.

            2. ” maybe Pinion might have something to say about the Special Teams. ”

              What would he say? The 49ers normally asked me to try and pin the other team inside the 20?
              They asked me to kick the ball as far as possible when I was inside my own 20?
              If the other team had a dangerous return man, try to kick it away from him?
              Our fake punts have me either throwing to someone or trying to run for a first down?

              1. Blocking assignments, snap counts, Gunner strategies, which player do they consider strongest at which positions, possible weaknesses. How Hightower conducts meeting and what is discussed.
                Pinion also kicked off, so he knew about coverages, onside kicks, and trying to pin them deep.

      1. You said he was 6-0 against Larry, Curly and Mo. I thought he went 1-1 during his last season with JH.
        Guess I keep forgetting that he took a year off.
        7-3. So noted.

  37. Grant Cohn
    Nick Mullens is the 49ers’ No. 2 QB. They made the right decision.

    Thank God that ego didn’t get in the way.

      1. You got me on that one, Seb. I picked Beathard to defeat Mullens during training camp, but I got you with Al-Shaair!

    1. Mullens is a survivor. He can’t do this and he can’t do that, but think twice about betting against a survivor.

    1. Cap,
      +1, with one caveat; hope the good days ahead for him don’t come at the cost of losing JG.

      Mullens was our best QB last year (when JG went down) and he did nothing to lose that spot in preseason.
      I’m happy for Mullens, but pulling for Jimmy to stay clean this year.

      1. I am hoping that the Niners can build up a 2 score lead, and they will let Mullens play in the second half.
        That way, JG can let his knee heal more, and not risk further injury by forcing him to play all 60 minutes.

  38. PFF ranks 49er O-Line #15.

    Look out for big things from right tackle Mike McGlinchey in Year 2. This preseason he picked up right where he left off, not allowing a single pressure on 28 pass-blocking snaps.

    1. McGlinchey will one day man our left offensive flank, and all it will cost us is an arm and a leg. Not two 1st’s and a 2nd!

      1. 2 a game would give him 32 for the season. That would obliterate the current rookie record of 14.5.

        1. Well, not every team has such a porous O line as the Bucs. I do not think he will have the same success against the Steelers, Rams, Saints, Seahawks, Ravens or Packers.
          I am hoping Bosa has 11 sacks this season.

            1. I do not think Murray will get ROY, so Bosa could earn that honor.
              Personally, I just hope he plays all 16 games.That would be a big win for Bosa, and quiet his detractors.

              1. Looking at DROY candidates, the Bucs have Devin White, who may compete against Bosa. It will be interesting to see which one plays better in their first game.

              2. Seb and razor

                You two are only pipe dreaming…Bosa’s only here to break what hearts are left of the ’49er Faithful….He’s only here to replace Garnett on the IR and the bench…He’s a sissy, who has memorized every illness in the book..probably won’t play in more than half the schedule…. Shoulda’ been Allen…

              3. Ore, still hurting from Oregon’s last second loss?
                You know me. I wanted to trade back and get that IOL and safety.
                However, they drafted Bosa, so I am going to cheer for his success. He does have talent, and can help the team win. If the pass rush can put JW flat on his back, he will not be able to throw accurately.

              4. Sebs–must I point out you were one of his biggest?????? Im not raggin you if I’m telling the truth……..

  39. I like the new rebuilt roster……all the positions have a strong possible probowler/all pro except the safety position…….

    Quarterback (3): Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Mullens, C.J. Beathard

    Running back (4): Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, Kyle Juszczyk (fullback)

    Receiver (7): Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel*, Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Jalen Hurd*, Kendrick Bourne, Richie James Jr.

    Tight end (4): George Kittle, Levine Toilolo, Ross Dwelley, Kaden Smith*

    Offensive line (8): Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, Laken Tomlinson, Weston Richburg, Mike Person, Justin Skule*, Daniel Brunskill, Ben Garland

    Linebacker (5): Fred Warner, Kwon Alexander, Dre Greenlaw, Azeez Al-Shaair, Mark Nzeocha

    Defensive line (10): DeForest Buckner, Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Arik Armstead, Solomon Thomas, D.J. Jones, Ronald Blair, Sheldon Day, Jullian Taylor, Kentavius Street (IR candidate)

    Cornerback (6): Richard Sherman, Ahkello Witherspoon, K’Waun Williams, Jason Verrett, D.J. Reed Jr., Emmanuel Moseley

    Safety (3): Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Tarvarius Moore

    Specialist (3): Robbie Gould (K), Mitch Wishnowsky (P), Colin Holba (LS)

    1. Credit to Kyle and Lynch on the draft class…..they all earned their spot on the roster……unlike back in the days when we had no choice to keep them on the roster…

  40. Looking at the subsequent QB signings, all I can say is that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    CJB was not traded because everyone wanted to lowball the Niners. Right now, CJB is valuable to the Niners because they do not know how JG will hold up with his knee.
    After 4 games, the Niners will know if JG will be able to play all season. This will coincide with teams experiencing attrition with their QBs, so they will be desperate for an adequate replacement. The Niners should wait until after the 4th game, before entertaining more offers for CJB. His trade value may even garner a 5th round pick for him.
    CJB was out competed by Mullens, but he does have value. He is accurate at times, and can throw the deep ball. He is tough, and can take a hit. He is fast and elusive, and can block well. He has started, and with a better supporting cast, could have won more games.
    CJB is better than many other drek QBs, who will show their flaws for all to see.

    1. Well when it comes to scraping , the League thinks CJ is the bottom of the scrapes….thanks for reminding us all what a wasted third round move up pick is….we all knew you were good for something Seb

      1. You, obviously, are good for nothing. A troll Jed hater who delights in pointing out negatives.
        If the Niners win, Jed will win, too. I hope you become even more miserable, whining in your cave, on the edge of wilderness.

        1. Sigh. Another example of the supposed victim spewing vitriol and chastising someone for his own sins. Jed hater? And Paul isn’t? smh

          1. No, I am hoping Jed grows up and learns from his mistakes. The Frisco Kid hates Jed and thinks the Niners will fail until Jed is gone.
            I praised Jed for keeping a low profile and not speaking. All he has to do is get rid of the leaker, and I will praise him even more.
            I want the Niners to win another ring. The Frisco Kid wants the Niners to suck so they will get rid of Jed.

  41. Najee Toran is the final addition to the Patriots’ PS.
    What are the chances that Garnett eventually makes it into the Seahawks’ roster? :)

  42. Looking at the matchups against the bucs in the upcoming game. Full disclaimer I don’t doing straight position vs position… so this will position vs their respective matchups.

    SF wideouts vs Tampa bay secondary- edge Tampa, they play a physical press style and appear to be tight in coverage.

    SF oline vs Bucs Dline. Edge Tampa – the strength of this Dline is in the interior, right where SF’s weakness is.

    SF RB’s vs Tampa line backers – SF should have the advantage here.

    SF TE vs Tampa Safeties – Kittle all day here

    X factor – what Jimmy will show up?

    SF Dline vs Bucs Oline – this is SF’s best matchup if Bosa and Ford are what we expect

    SF LB’s vs Bucs RB’s – SF should match up well here as well.

    SF CB’s vs Bucs WR’s – they should have the edge here with Evans

    SF safeties vs Bucs TE – edge Bucs, Eifert is pretty solid.

    X factor- how much time will Winston have and will sf be able to capitalize on some of his errant throws?

    1. I think the niners win a squeaker…
      While it was discouraging, in doing this exercise , I came to the belief that while improved, this roster is still below average imo.. I would probably place them in the 18 -22 range in terms of talent. Note I have not done the matchups vs every team so that is just a best guess.

      1. I agree that it may be a squeaker. The Bucs defense was their weak link, but they drafted 4 DBs, and signed players to fix their back field. Their D line and LBs are stout.

      2. Shoup – Have you taken into account that Vita Vea is out till October and Suh is diminished?

        I would say our O-line (if starters return), will be slightly ahead of Bucs D.

        1. Faithful,
          Yes I know Vita Vea is out… but they have played well this preseason and Richburg is a huge question mark at this point.
          It must be noted that many of the edges are slight, with significant edges going to their wr vs our secondary our Dline vs their Oline and potentially our TE/ Rb’s vs their linebackers and safeties depending on the matchups Kyle is able to scheme up.

          1. I get your point on Richburg. Will be a fascinating game.

            I think as much as Kyle is able to do on Offense, it is on our D to counter the scripted plays from Arians. Arians will script as much as 20 plays based on what he thinks is our Defense’s weakness.

            So the 1st 3 drives are extremely important.

      3. Which are the 17 other rosters better than the Niners? Just curious. We can revisit that list in mid season.

        1. Mood,
          Without doing a deep dive the Teams I think have better rosters going into this season.
          Atl, Balt, Car, Chi, Cle, Dal, Hou, Ind, Jack, KC, LAC, LAR, Minn, NE, NO, Phil, Pitt, Sea…

          Their might be a few more like GB, Den, Det, Tenn … but they are very close and that’s the tier I would put our roster in.

    2. So, basically, 4 to 4 in matchups, and JG v JW.
      I will take JG because JW can become rattled and make mistakes while under a strong pass rush.

      1. I also trust Jimmy more than Jameis. The reality is this faith is a bit blind right now, and based more on my lack of faith in Winston than my belief in Jimmy.

  43. Najee Toran?
    No, I wanted the Niners to poach a player from the Patriots, not the other way around. ;p

  44. I have never understood how a player is poached/taken off a practice squad. A contract is offered and signed ? Taken against his will. How does this work…..?

    1. Johnny,
      As I understand it, a team may claim a player off any practice squad but must immediately place him on the 53 man roster. A player can refuse to be signed and stay on his current teams PS.

    2. Poaching a waived player may not be the proper term, because any waived player is fair game to pick up.
      Poaching may occur when a player is taken from the PS.
      Like Old Coach says, a player can be claimed off the PS, but he needs to be put on the 53, and is signed for at least 3 games.
      Also, players may refuse to move, but it is a promotion, so many players will go to their new team.
      However, some players may not want to go from a playoff team, to a cellar dweller.

  45. Looking over the 49ers roster and what stands out to me is how much Shanny and or Lynch thinks they can really win with a weak WR group, OL and secondary group on this team. When I say weak i mean the group that doesn’t stand out on paper or will be the reasons why they don’t win games. Now of course people will say no that’s not true and so fourth.

    Nobody will be scared of Pettis, Goodwin (who both are injury prone), Deebo who is from watching the preseason their best WR, then Bourne and James. Jorden should have made the roster just because of experience. Then you have Trent who is injured again and Hurd who if wasn’t injured probably would be the second best WR but is also a rookie like Deboo. Teams will just load the box and stop the run and let the 49ers just do short passes, JG hasn’t developed a deep pass yet.

    OL we just don’t have reliable Guard spots and Center. Week 1 will be against Suh and Vita who crushed the 49ers last year. Joe is looking old but they decided to extended him and what will happen is he will get released before his contract and we will have a dead cap on him.

    The secondary if Verrit can stay healthy along with Sherman and the safety spots play above average , then the secondary should not be a weak link. If the pass rush improves like the team thinks then its going to make the secondary look strong. Odds will be that Moore struggles then they put Ward and he has a great year then they give him a big contract then gets hurt again next year.

    1. …will be the reasons why they don’t win games. Now of course people will say no that’s not true and so fourth.

      Let the games determine which group of people are correct. That will be the only “truth”.

      1. The games will. We shouldn’t lose the first two games. But if we do then those position groups will be the reasons why. And I didn’t even mention JG, he can be below average and we should still win those 2 games against the Bengals and Tampa Bay. Come game 3 that’s when the real challenge will come but we should also beat the Steelers.

    2. Teams will just load the box and stop the run ….. That’s sweet music to Kyle Shanahan’s ears.

      OL we just don’t have reliable Guard spots and Center ….. While Shanahan has never placed a lot of emphasis on superior guard play (the success of his scheme is largely predicated on the play of his OT’s and his Center) but the key here is Jimmy Garoppolo. While both Tomlinson and Person have been solid at run-blocking, they have actually excelled in terms of PBE, with Garoppolo behind center. The 49ers also have the good fortune of returning all 5 starters on their OL this season – a luxury few teams have.

      As for the starting Center, Weston Richburg was considered one of the league’s top centers when he arrived last offseason. Admittedly, he really struggled last year, but there are a couple very important factors pointing towards a potential bounce-back for Richburg this coming season:

      ~ A serious knee injury plagued Richburg for most of last season, but he underwent surgery to correct the issue during the offseason.

      ~ This will be Richburg’s 2nd season playing under Kyle Shanahan, and that should be very beneficial for Richburg this season. Shanahan’s offensive scheme is incredibly complex, perhaps the most complex system in the entire league. The Center requires both a keen understanding of Kyle’s extremely complex terminology, as well as the immense responsibility for making all of the correct line protection calls. The Center requires both a keen understanding of Kyle’s extremely complex terminology, as well as the immense responsibility for making all of the correct line protection calls. In other words, under Kyle Shanahan, the center position may very well be the toughest position to learn, so with a healthy knee, along with over a full year immersed in the system, Weston should have a leg up over last year’s down season.

      As far as the secondary is concerned, this is definitely one of the few question mark’s for me:

      ~ Will another year removed from a ruptured achilles tendon help Sherman regain his All-Pro form? It certainly can’t hurt.

      ~ We know that, when healthy, Jason Verrett is one of the better CB’s in the league – but how healthy is he and can he stay healthy?

      ~ Will the real Ahkello Witherspoon please stand up? – because while Ahkello has flashed outstanding potential, he’s also been incredibly inconsistent.

      ~ Can Moseley continue to improve and build on his surprising trajectory?

      ~ Who’s the starting FS – is it Tarvarius Moore, who’s finally playing at his natural position, or is it Jimmie Ward, who would be better off playing a more limited role like Nickle CB?

      ~ Who’s the primary backup behind Tartt at SS?

      Yes, an improved pass rush, especially if it’s a drastic improvement, should have a big impact on the Niners’ secondary, but there are still a lot of questions on the back-end of the defense, waiting to be answered early in the season.

      1. And when opportunities present, Wishnowsky drops a couple punts inside the 15 or better (with no return–meaning excellent punt coverage).

  46. Now their was Gordon who added 49ers as a follow on his account. i just read how the 49ers should not get Gordon for a few reasons. Now he is not Elliot or Gurley type money but he is top 5 in the NFL. The 49ers gave Jerrick top money and he hasn’t even played and were supposedly after Bell. I wouldn’t trade first or second round picks but if lets say a third round and a player or a 3 and 4 could get him then signed him to 3 years top 5 money and release Jerrick next season, Gordon will upgrade the 49ers big time. Hes better than the RBS they have now. Then bring in Coleman on third down and thats a good RB team. Brieda will get hurt again due to his small frame. Mossart will clear waivers and they can put him on the PS.

    If I were the 49ers I would at least ask what it would take to get Gordon.

    1. If we’re interested in making a bold–fruitful–move, might be better to make the investment in a solid O lineman. Important to remember the 9ers don’t have a 2nd round pick in the ’20 draft.

    1. I’d guess that the Niners FO is just doing due diligence on evaluating potential emergency roster addition down the road in case of injuries. But we need a GM-wannabe with graduate degree from the University of the Puff (PFF) to pass the verdict on Mills.

  47. montanaoveryoung says:
    September 1, 2019 at 3:13 pm
    Seb, You are pretty right on as usual.

    sebnynah says:
    September 1, 2019 at 3:34 pm
    I, I, I do not know what to say……
    I am more used to posters excoriating me and deriding my comments……;p
    JK, I agree with you.

    Sebbie’s Groin Trimmer says:
    September 1, 2019 at 8:53 pm
    That’s swell. Create a burner account to agree with yourself. You’re too old for this vanity shiiitz, Sebbie.

    Catfish says:
    September 2, 2019 at 1:15 pm
    Sebs-you don’t know him, he makes one subjective opinion……………….and you think based on his praise for you “he is an astute Niner fan”?

    He may very well be…………but you make this judgement on one little blurb? Could it be because he praised you?

    REPLY: Another Day at Seb’s Sock Puppet Beach—
    Signs and traits of narcissists, crazymakers, emotional manipulators, unsafe people
    by LORI HOECK on JUNE 6, 2009

    Do you know the tell-tale traits of narcissists, crazy makers, emotional man:
    ✦ Must be the center of attention, constantly seeking approval, acknowledgment, kudos, accolades, praise
    ✦ Act like they are the lead character in all things in life
    ✦ Dominate conversations because they believe they have the only worthwhile things to say

    Living in an Amish Paradise:

  48. 49ers rookie LB Azeez Al-Shaair hates the term ‘undrafted free agent’ and will use it as fuel
    By David Bonilla
    2 hrs ago • 3

  49. I think too many on here are underestimating our offensive line. While the league struggles to fill OT’s/OG’s/C’s with quality starters, we are blessed to have two of the top OT’s at both flanks. Our guards aren’t pro bowlers but they are slightly above average, and if Richburg is healthy, he has the ability to play at an above average level. All these guys played together last year, and I fully expect them to improve, especially once Jimmy knocks off the rust. The longer this group stays on the field, the longer our depth can develop. That’s the real concern. Depth along the offensive line….

    1. Niners need to swoop in and grab Trent Williams from the Redskins. Make Staley the swing tackle…lengthens his career.

      1. That would be bold indeed, but not sure how receptive Staley would be. Could risk triggering his retirement, not to mention I’m not sold on Snyder doing business with a Shanahan….

    1. Last I heard it’s a mid-level back injury, and his availability this week is doubtful. Wasn’t serious enough for IR, but no telling when he’ll be ready to go….

  50. The 49ers PR staff released an unofficial depth chart minutes ago:

    RB: Coleman, Breida (60-40 split with the first team)

    Flanker (Z): Pettis, Bourne, Hurd
    Split end (X): Goodwin, Deebo, James
    Slot (F): Taylor, *Pettis, Hurd, James

  51. 49ers rookie Bosa returns to practice, optimistic about playing in Week 1; but will he?

    Bosa appeared close to full speed during the early portion of practice that was open to reporters. The talented defensive end said he’s optimistic about his chances of playing Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the team will likely take the rest of the week before making a decision.

  52. “Confidence is only born out of one thing ­ demonstrated ability. It is not born of anything else. You cannot dream up confidence. You cannot fabricate it. You cannot wish it. You have to accomplish it.”

    “You lose with potential.  You win with performance.”

    “You don’t get any medal for trying something, you get medals for results.”

    Bill Parcell

    I think we should stop talking potential and start seeing results!

      1. I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true.

        Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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