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  1. 1. One injury and Pears is starting at RT. No. Just no.
    2. Gordon is one stupid move from a life-time ban. So, no.
    3. Nobody is giving the 49ers a 5th round pick for Miller. He may not make the roster and GMs probably know that.
    4. Williams – out. Dorsey – not back. Armstead – not practicing. Probably not a good time to trade TJE for Hillman.
    5. No. Why trade Davis, who can play OT, then take back a guard for Kaepernick?

    Really, did you think this trade-thingy through? Or did you decide to think ‘what can I do to fill column inches…’ and thought of a title then just went all random to fill it up?

    1. How good does a backup tackle have to be? Niners would have Pears and Theus. That’s fine.

      Gordon will turn his career around. Watch.

      TJE will not make the team.

      1. Grant, you had some credibility with me with the article it was *somewhat* plausible but you lost ALL credibility with me with this response:

        “Niners would have Pears and Theus. That’s fine.”

        Pears and Theus are absolutely horrible. Pears might get cut because AD can play that position and either of them starting would doom the season. You were Pears’ biggest critic last season. You have GOT to be kidding. Given the hell we JUST went through with MM starting because Kilgore was hurt, you’re now suggesting giving away our best versatile lineman for a LB who won’t make this defense THAT much better??? I can understand if he was a good/great OLB but that trade given the possible consequences clearly makes this assessment dubious.

        1. The Niners don’t need a two starting caliber right tackles. They need two starting caliber inside linebackers. Currently they have only one.

          1. But Brown is unproven as a starter in the NFL, so who knows how well he plays out over a course of a season. Also, there was a reason he was a 7th round pick! Davis should be the starting RT, Brown should be his backup.

              1. Winning the job and holding onto the job during the season are 2 different things.
                Is this not what you proposed with the Gab Kap competition?

              2. Well it helps that Brown was there during off season work and Davis came in just as camp started and had to work his way up. From what I’ve seen of Brown, nothing about him other than his size, seems special. He seems to sleep on some plays and as a starter you can’t be doing that.

      2. What have you been smoking, Grant? Same stuff as Josh Gordon I presume.

        1. One more violation by Gordon and he will be indefinitaly banned from the NFL. Tartt is young and is being groomed to be a future starter – you don’t give up that kind of talent for a pothead who is on his last chance.

        2. No, Pears and Theus is not fine. Pears is pure garbage – he is a huge liability in pass protection. Theus is a rookie, and his strength reps at the combine was something around 19 reps at 225lbs. The niners offensive lines was one of the worst last year, and one of the reasons was a lack of talent. Getting Anthony Davis back is almost like signing a prized free agent, or a high draft pick living up to his draft billing.

        Grant: you know what makes a bad team to a good team? Depth? You hold onto as many good players as possible and you coach the heck out of them. Chip Kelly is no different than most good coaches (we hope), and that is he knows he will get the most out of his roster. Stop coming up with stupid trade scenarios. Thank God you are not a general manager or scout (even though you write articles like you think you know how to evaluate talent). If you were the gm of the niners this year than the niners would truly not win 1 game all year long.

        1. Tartt is an inside linebacker you can’t play on running downs. A tight end coverage specialist. He struggles in space. Gordon is an elite wide receiver. Ward can replace Bethea at safety eventually and Robinson can replace Ward at corner.

          Pears and Theus are fine as backups. Brown is a very good tackle.

          1. Grant – Do you really think Gordon is going to be a good boy? I don’t buy it myself. Find another WR then talk trade with Tartt.

          2. Again, Grant – thank God you are not a gm, for if you were the team would be truly doomed.

            No, Tartt is not an inside LB, he is a safety and that is where the niners are going to play him. Tartt has a lot of upside. Get off this snide with Josh Gordon being an elite wr, because he is not due to not being able to stay away from pot. My guess that nobody has traded for Gordon is that if the Browns are asking for a 2nd round pick any right minded gm is not going to pull that trigger. Maybe a 6th or 7th rounder, and that would be generous considering Josh’s very fragile position with the NFL. Really? a 2nd rounder for Josh Gordon? Did you have some wine before writing this piece?

            Again, Pears and Theus are not fine as backups because if one of the starting tackles gets hurt and they put either of those plastic props pretending to be an NFL tackle then our season will soon go down hill.

            1. Tartt gets lost in space. He’s a safety like Deone Bucannon is a safety. In other words, not a safety.

      3. What other wrs are possible trade targets? Playmaking wrs seems to be the biggest need with what we are seeing. However I think play action will be huge for us when the run game gets in action.

      4. The Browns have had a number of teams contact them WRT Gordon…and the consistent answer is they’re not interested in trading him. Even if they were, as Moses said, Gordon’s track record suggests he’s a loose cannon, not what the Niners need now. A b/u T has to be good enough to keep things moving, not allow sacks, etc. The only reason he’s not a starter is someone else is a little better. While Hillman could be a good addition to the team, JuJuan Harris is a similar RB who should be a good fit in Kelly’s offense. As for trading AD, I seriously doubt that would happen given both Kelly and Baalke are stoked by what they’ve seen so far. Kelly also likes Miller because he has good, reliable hands and is a ST ace. So, it’s very unlikely he’s going anywhere.

      5. I’d be down for 3 of these 5 prospective trades Grant. And I agree, the upgraded young talent on this DL put’s TJE on the-outside-looking-in right now.

        TARTT for GORDON? No. Tartt for AJ Green? yes. I might even consider trading Tartt for a WR who has #1 potential (and especially if he can return kicks), perhaps Allen Hurns, or even E. Sanders.

        With as effective (and literally game changing) as these 3 Safety sub-packages have become in this passing league, and as perfectly suited Jaquiski is as a hybrid Safety/ILB, I would need more in return than a WR (as good as he can be) who runs a high risk of missing entire seasons (plural) due to his repeated substance abuse issues! I would consider trading Tartt for a top flight WR, but not one with Gordon’s history.

        IMO Tartt is just scratching the surface of his potential to take away chunks of the opponent’s playbook!

        A. DAVIS & WILHOITE for DONT’A HIGHTOWER? This one is a better trade for SF than the one listed above. As a matter of fact, I brought up the idea of trading AD for a WR the other day, once it became clear Brown was firmly entrenched ahead of AD at RT, however ……

        Anthony Davis is veteran who is really just hitting his prime. He’s a RT with Pro-Bowl potential, IMO, and a guy who could be moved exclusively to OG right now, and be moved back to OT at some point without missing a beat, if need be. And I think Davis also has Pro-Bowl potential as a OG in this league given enough work at the position. Wilhoite is expendable at this point, so I have no problem dealing him. He’s listed behind Belore on my depth chart, thanks to Belore’s ST ability. As far as the ILB position goes, I would be really happy with Hadges next to Bowman in base, with Ray Ray getting a ton of work in sub-packages. I like the 3 headed ILB idea given the extended number of snaps these guys are going to be logging with the pace of Chip’s system.

        1. Scratch that!

          I am not ready to trade CK7 just yet. I would consider moving Colin at some point, especially Blaine is named the starter, but not until we have a very capable backup. Driskel may become that guy, but probably not his rookie season.

          If Colin can’t beat out Blaine, and I am the 49ers brass, the minute the 49ers clinch the #1 pick in the 2017 draft, I’m sending Colin on a long vacation with a one-way ticket!

          However, I doubt the 49ers lose enough games with Chip Kelly at the helm, to clinch the #1 pick, or even #2, in 2017 or beyond.

  2. No way I’d do trades 1 and 2.
    Number 3 and 4 I do like but doubt the Colts would do it.
    Number 5 I don’t like and am pretty sure the Redskins would laugh out loud about it.
    For half a hour.

  3. My god Grant. These are some of the worse trade ideas I’ve ever seen.

    1) Why trade Davis at all? With him lining up at RG next to Trent Brown, they have potential to be stellar there.

    2) Wait…Young Safety on the rise for a guy who has NEVER been able to stay on the field? I could see maybe a pick but Tartt? Uh, no. Tarts will probably play quite a bit as a LB in nickel and dime just like Bucannon does in Arizona. He’ll also become a starter when they let Bethea walk in the near future.

    3) I love Miller, but nobody is giving up a 5. That might be a good move though if you get find a buyer.

    4) TJE? Maybe, but I don’t see Broncos making that move. RB not really that big of a need. Rather trade for a pick.

    5) Why oh why would the Redskins make a move for a super athletic QB who has struggled after early success when they just got rid of a super athletic QB who has struggled after early success…oh and pick up is huge contract.

    Wow Grant. These are astonishingly bad.

    You want to look at what’s realistic?

    I’d see the Niners as sellers off the backend of their roster for late picks. I wouldn’t be averse to making a trade for Gordon, but not for Tartt. Not a chance.

    1. Because the Patriots are desperate and Davis is redundant.

      Niners should trade for players. They have the cap space to do so.

      1. I gotta say I think they were creative for sure and I don’t think any were that far fetched…. I still think kap will go to the pro bowl in this offense…. we have a dire need for a playmaker at receiver and a good backup RB is needed as well and while I don’t think a 2nd ILB is a direct need it needs to be addressed do like what ray ray has done so far… Hodges blew that run TD by Anderson against the Broncos and we all know Wilhite is just average at best…. I also think AD is wise to keep around as Staley ages it’s possible we move brown LT or AD to RT while we play Davis at G til then he offers a lot of flexibility to our line I want to keep…

        1. Hodges is a disaster. I don’t think Davis ever will play left tackle. Brown would play there before Davis.

          1. Hodges was hardly a disaster in his limited action last season despite changing position/schemes. And while he was a Minnesota Viking, PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS disagrees with you as well!

            PFF listed GERALD HODGES on their “SECRET SUPERSTARS” list at the end of his 2nd season in Minnesota! Saying “If Hodges can build off of his sophomore year, we believe he can be a good starter in the NFL.” As a matter of fact, once Hodges became a starter in his second season with the Vikings, not counting a period in which he he was suffering a hamstring issue, Hodges absolutely thrived.

            Per PFF: Hodges earned a +7.5 overall grade over the final four weeks of the season, third among 4-3 outside linebackers in that span. He graded average or better in run defense and pass coverage in each game. When all was said and done, Hodges finished the season with the ninth-best overall grade among 40 qualifying 4-3 OLBs, “Hodges proved to be effective in both run defense and pass coverage”.

              1. You confuse me Grant. I never know how you quantify some of your opinions. When PFF supports your argument, they are relevant. When they don’t, you come up with silly explanations like this.

                FYI, the Packers were desperate for a backup Center and they wanted to acquire someone with loads of potential, who they felt could develop into an excellent player. . Pro Football Focus graded Nick Easton as the top center during the 2015 Preseason, giving him a grade of +9.1 overall, including a +7.7 grade in run blocking. With the injuries to starters Phil Loadholt and John Sullivan, the Vikings were incredibly thin along the offensive line. However, they had a logjam at ILB, and the organization felt like Hodges might fit better in a different system.

                Things aren’t always as simple as you make them out to be.

                Is Hodges playing at a All Pro level right now? NO!
                Does he have potential to excel in O’Neill’s system? YES!
                Does the idea of platooning him with Ray Ray make sense? ABSOLUTELY!

                He’s been a disaster (while learning an entirely new scheme)?

                Give me a fricken break. You don’t need to use hyperbolic exaggerations to make a point Grant, you are actually a talented writer. Sticking to the facts would do you well.

                Just saying!

              2. Dude, the Vikings traded Hodges for a third-string center. Third-string. That’s all you have to know about Hodges. If he was decent, they would have gotten more for him.

              3. Yes, they did. However, he was not just any 3rd stringer!

                Not a 3rd string journeyman. A YOUNG 3rd string Center who’m their scouting department identified to be have potential to very quickly become a STARTING CENTER in the NFL. He earned all-conference honors as a junior and he was named to numerous All-America teams as a senior. A guy who Lance Zierlein, a respected offensive line scout for had this to say: “Easton plays with good body control and balance. Maintains desired posture through pass rep with wide base and sustained, mirrored movement. Takes good angles in space. Looks for work in pass pro and will bury a helmet into ribs of defensive tackles. Plays with poise and confidence. Responds well to blitz. Harvard kid, so you know he has the smarts”

                And, Easton was absolutely dominating his competition at the time of the trade. Yes, it was preseason, however PFF graded Nick Easton as the top center during the preseason, giving him a grade of +9.1 overall, including a +7.7 grade in run blocking. And at the time of the trade, there was some buzz about the “Ivy Leauge kid” around the league.

                And the Packers saw a guy on tape who they thought might very well be a special talent, and perhaps develop into a great player, and they rolled the dice. Green Bay’s depth at ILB was probably the deepest group on the team, and, even though Hodges was, according to PFF, playing well at the time of the trade. Hodges was also a young player, not real well known at the time, and both teams involved with the trade felt like Hodges might actually be best suited as a 3/4 backer.

                So, the argument I just presented goes counter to the notion that Hodges has been a disaster.

                Add to that the fact that Gerald actually played pretty well last season, especially for a ILB who was learning a new position in an overly complicated Mangini scheme. And I’ve been paying close attention to Hadges so far this preseason, and so far, he’s missed a couple plays, as far as I can tell, however according to O’Neill, and my own eyes, he’s played pretty well under the circumstances. Hodges has flashed in Camp and Preseason, and really seems to have a very nice role in this defense.

                Mark my words……. Hodges makes the team!

                Also, look for him to be the primary guy next to Bow while the team is in their base defense, with Armstrong being utilized a lot in sub-packages!

              4. Of course Hodges will make the team. He probably will start. That’s how bad the niners’ ILBs are other than Bowman.

              5. So, if Hodges has been h a “disaster”, you must be predicting he’s going to be cut?

                What’s your prediction? Cetainly he’s not starting in their base defense, right?

            1. And there are many, including the Niners and Vikings top brass, as well as many scouts, who believe Hodges can be EVEN BETTER as a 3/4 ILB.

              BLEACHER REPORT pre-draft analysis: Gerald Hodges will be best used in either a 3-4 strong-inside linebacker or “Ted” role or the 4-3 strong-side linebacker or “Sam” role. He will be able to step up as a two-down linebacker for whatever team he plays for and could eventually develop into a three down linebacker. He’s a quick study and long term has the ability to be a top two linebacker on his future team.


      2. Not sure the 9ers should trade for players. If the 9ers have one of the worst rosters in the NFL as you suggest, they need to trade for draft picks. Also, if the 9ers have one of the worst rosters in the NFL how in the world do you think any other team will value any one of these players?

        The only player on this list I really like is Gordon. He is worth the risk and the price of whatever you have to pay BUT it’s a huge risk/reward play. Gordon has the talent to be the best receiver in the NFL. BUT he can’t stay clean. Is a player on the edge of a lifetime ban worth the risk and cost it would take to get him? I say yes.

      3. Question Grant:

        Do you think Andrew Tiller has more potential at OG than Anthony Davis? In other words, are you saying Davis isn’t a good enough a football player to eventually beat out Tiller if he puts his mind to it?

        Or do you think it will simply take too much time for Davis to get comfortable moving inside to RG, in order to make Davis worth holding onto right now?

        1. I’m saying Tiller is a good guard and Davis has potential to be a very good guard, but he’s a question mark because he hasn’t played that position and he’s taken a lot of time off the past two years. Tiller is good and dependable.

    2. Grant. You are smoking some good stuff. These are the worst idea you have come up with. Number one the team GM ‘ S are a lot smarter on football them Grant will be. If he was half as smart as he thinks he would be in football and not writing about it. I’m sure you haven’t gave the Niners these ideas.

      1. I want to see us sign karlos williams and trade for some at least decent receiver at this point idk why Cleveland wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of Gordon on that contract win win for them…. I say possibly trade TJE and/or one of these ILB’S maybe lemonier as well…. also all for trading Bruce miller as he will not need used here any longer… possibly trade celek at TE as well with McDonald and bell coming along possibly trade one these DBs away as well….would def like a WR 2nd back and starting ILB to pair with bowman

  4. – I’d hang onto Anthony Davis. If he guard as well as he played tackle, he will even have even bigger value. Plus, we have Davis under contract for several more seasons. Why trade for a guy that’s FA in 2017?

    – I’d offer conditional picks for Gordon (variables like win-loss and Gordon’s play time).
    I would not trade Tartt. Bethea is older. Ward might stick at corner. Reid could get another concussion. All the sudden you need a safety. (I really like McCray, but he’s been out all preseason)

    – I like Miller, but if there’s no role for him, then that’s that. Indy would be a nice landing spot for Miller. If you could get any kind of pick for him, all the better. (would Seattle snag Miller if he was released?)

    – We don’t know how Dorsey’s doing. I’d hang onto TJE for now.

    – All the sudden we seem to have a pretty good stable of guards in Tiller, Garnett, Davis, Beadles. Is there a huge need for Shawn Lauvao?

    1. B2W, how do you see the defensive line shaking out. The Twin Towers, The Blair Blitz Project, Dial, Dorsey and Smith? I think TJE might be odd man out this year….

      1. Given Purcell has been getting some of the 1st team reps at NT throughout camp so far, I think it is highly unlikely he doesn’t make the roster.

        1. I tried concentrating on his play, and it looked to me like he was being pushed. You’ve got Dial that can play there, with Dorsey in the wings. What have you seen when you watch him this year, Scooter?

          1. A guy that shouldn’t be starting. But he’s gone up against much stiffer competition than Smith. If he got a chance against the 3s I bet he’d look good.

            1. Ha! That’s what I saw, why not see what Smith can do against some ones and see if he still looks as strong?

              1. Sure, would be happy to see that. But why assume he can before he does? Until he shows it, Purcell would seem the smart choice as he has that experience and is also still young.

                Smith has looked good, but like Rush (and Purcell last year), people are getting too wrapped up in how they perform against guys that many of which won’t be on NFL rosters this year.

              2. I’m not assuming anything. I want to see him get some work against ones, because from my layman’s perspective, Purcell gets pushed around like a rag doll….

              3. Fair enough, Scooter. I will admit, Smith looks stout to me and Chip went out of his way to praise him. That’s pretty much how I based my decision….

              4. Kelly was asked about Smith. Unsurprisingly, he offered him praise. He did not go out of his way to praise him, as Smith’s performance was the question he was asked to answer.

              5. “Yeah. I thought Garrison played an outstanding game. I think between him and Marcus, if you picked two standouts, and I thought there was a lot of other standouts, but those two really from a production standpoint kind of jumped off when you watch the tape, when you got a chance, you’re flying home last night, just watching the tape. The two of those guys were around the football a lot and causing a lot of disruption in Denver’s offense. So, both those guys had really, really good games in Week 2.”

                Pretty effusive even for coaches speak. He certainly could of said, I thought he played well….

              6. Scooter, just found M&M’s projected 53. Here’s a quote, “Both had good strong showings — Smith in particular — against the Broncos. Smith could unseat Purcell for a roster spot”.

                Seems like he’s thinking like me, however he didn’t have him making the cut….

              7. Sure, it was effusive. But he was asked about him. It wasn’t going out of his way to praise him.

                Do you think Rush is now ahead of Tank and Harold, based on Kelly’s effusive praise?

              8. Smith’s performances so far put him in the picture to make the 53. No doubt. Maiocco is right there. And I don’t dispute it. But at this point I think Purcell still has the edge. Until we see Smith start to take Purcell’s snaps it is Smith on the outside looking in.

              9. I had Lake making the 53 because I did not think Dorsey would be fully healed, but now think Purcell with Smith would suffice.

              10. I don’t currently see a spot for Rush, because I don’t believe he’s better right now than the other linebackers.

                As an example, Scooter. Didn’t Kelly seem less effusive when he described Gabbert when asked, “He knows the system”. That seemed like a hollow endorsement, even for coaches speech….

              11. @Scooter, right and that’s how Maiocco sees it too Scooter. So, you’re right on the money!

        2. Dial could be a better NT than Purcells or Smith. If Buckner picks things up fast, I was thinking Buckner, Dial, Armstead (with Purcells relief rotation for Buckner and Armstead).

          But it might will take time for Buckner to learn the run defense ropes. His value might be passing down specialist his first season.

          1. Yeah, until Dorsey is back I think the NT will be Purcell and/or Dial. Dial will likely see snaps at both DE and NT, depending on down and distance, as well as opponent.

      2. How the line shakes out will depend on a few variables…
        – When will Dorsey be back?
        – How quickly Buckner learns to eat double teams?
        – If Purcells can fend off challengers for the starter spot… or even a roster spot if Garrison Smith excels?

        I’m guessing…

        – Game one starters will be Dial, Purcells, Armstead.

        – Buckner and the BBP will get major pass down snaps. “Starter” won’t really mean as much as it used to.

        – Passing downs will have heavy doses of Buckner+Armstead. BBP too, even if it means only one OLB.

        – I think JTE will have rotational role because of the need for depth on a Kelly team.

        – I liked what Smith has done, but its vs backups in preseason. I’m thinking Purcells remains NT till Dorsey’s back.

  5. 1. They should not trade Davis. He should be starting at RG. And Hightower is a MIKE, not a WILL which is the spot they need to fill at ILB. So a bad trade.

    2. It makes little sense to trade Tartt, a player they seem to be pretty high on for the future, for a player that has spent about as much time suspended as available in his short career. Good player when available, but not worth the risk.

    3. Yes, Bruce Miller is a guy they should look to trade. At best it looks like he’ll be the 3rd TE, and in doing so will be stunting the development of Bell. Sad to see him go, but it is time.

    4. This would be a good trade for the 49ers if the Broncos are willing to make it. Hillman is a decent backup RB with some speed. TJE is surplus to need, and in all likelihood won’t make the 53 man roster if all DL are healthy to start the season.

    5. Can any team take on Kaep’s salary this season? I just don’t see the trade happening. Also, no need for another OG. Davis, Beadles, Garnett and Tiller are good enough. 49ers need a backup QB anyway, so Kaep should be retained even if he doesn’t win the starting job.

    1. Hightower can play any LB spot.

      The current coaching staff doesn’t seem high on Tartt.

      The Redskins can take on Kaepernick’s salary. Niners can take back a guard if they trade Davis, which they should. Patriots are desperate.

      1. Nah, Hightower is a MIKE or SAM backer. He’s a downhill thumper. Out of place as the WILL. And Bowman doesn’t move well enough anymore to be the WILL either.

        Why do you say the coaching staff isn’t high on Tartt? I think his injury has impacted on his integration, but I don’t think they are down on him. I still expect we will see plenty of Tartt in sub packages this season.

        1. Hightower can play any linebacker position, even 3-4 outside linebacker, and has in the past. He’s much better in coverage than Bowman or Hodges.

          The coaches sound luke warm on Tartt. They haven’t given him a role in any package, and they respond only in generalities when asked about him. They talk like he’s just another guy.

          1. I have no problem moving Tartt for a top flight WR who isn’t a bad seed like Gordon. I agree with your assesment Grant, that O’Neill and Kelly are still trying to figure out how Tartt fits into their plans.

            However, I’ll say it again. A Hodges/Armstrong Platoon is an exciting prospect, IMO, and one I’m looking forward to watching. Discounting Hodges as a player, simply based entirely on who he was traded for, isn’t what I would call “sound decission making”.

            WR is a far bigger need than ILB at the moment.

            1. Hodges doesn’t play team defense. Bowman said so today. Hodges abandons his assignments to try to make plays. Did that all the time last season. He’ll hurt the defense.

    2. Agree Scooter. Love Miller though his services might be a better fit elsewhere.

      I think that Grant would like trades like the Gordon trade just so he could write about what a dumb move it was after the fact.

      Btw, what does anyone think Gordon is worth?

  6. No way I’m trading Tartt for anybody-he is the future and maybe the now! Gordon is the type of guy if Cleaveland wants to dump him the most I’d give them is a 7th or maybe Bruce Miller since he is at heart a fullback. Would not trade AD because we are finally in a strength position with our OL and would not trade any of our talent there till it works itself out. As far as trading Kaep –I’d like to keep him because in this system more than 1 QB will be needed. And Wilhoite is not going to get you anything back so we may as well keep him for special teams and backup LB,

  7. All those trades are bad
    They should trade cb Reaser or cb Davis for 6th or 7th Rd picks and trade Brandon Thomas for 5th or 6th round

  8. Grant is channeling his Seb. Just kidding, but I’m not big on any of those trades really.
    I’m also not sure AD has put up enough tape to reestablish his value. Perhaps after P3, but I think his best value is to SF for 2016 at least.

    1. I thought the same thing, but then I realized there weren’t any five player trades. Brodie brought up a good point about Davis being signed for several more years (I think 2020), so knowing what the RG/RT is going to cost several years down the line is valuable for planning purposes.

    1. Grant is trollin’ me ;p

      Maybe I deserve it, but he did propose trades which I am all for.

      In fact, he proposed a multi player deal.

      I have another. Christian Ponder and Tony Jerrod-Eddie for Shaquil Barret. MHR is not too enthusiastic about the present QBs, and they just saw Ponder beat them with his arm and legs.

  9. The Browns would not trade Gordon for Tartt. Even with his troubles he’s worth more than that.
    Also, Tartt may start games on the bench but he will get lots of playing time.

    1. I think Tartt will take over Bethea’s position after he becomes injured again, like last year. Lots of wear and tear on an older body. Sorry to be brutally honest, but maybe Bethea’s best playing days are behind him. Still, I like his veteran presence and leadership skills.

  10. 1. G/T Anthony Davis and ILB Michael Wilhoite to the New England Patriots for ILB Dont’a Hightower.

    I like it, is there enough incentive for the Patriots? You said the Patriots need a tackle but Davis clearly appears to be an NFL guard at this point now in his career. Maybe, maybe he can work his way back to being a starting right tackle but would Belichick trade away a top defender in what could be his swan song season for a Guard that ‘might’ be able to play tackle in a season? If Davis was in fact looking like he was starting RT material then I think this trade would have a much better chance of going down.

    2. S Jaquiski Tartt to the Cleveland Browns for WR Josh Gordon.

    I don’t really care about trading away Tartt and if you had suggested this a couple years ago I would have said hell yes but at this point it’s a hell no. At best Gordon will have one maybe two good seasons before once again self destructing. At worst he’s suspended again before the end of the season and that’s not that far off of a possibility with that kid. I’d give up a 6th for him at this point and nothing more. Too much risk.

    3. FB Bruce Miller to the Indianapolis Colts for a fifth-round draft pick.

    According to in the 2016 draft there were 3 FB’s selected all in the 6th round. Although a 5th isn’t out of line my guess is that a conditional 6th is more likely. With that said if we can get any draft pick over a 7th for Miller that should be considered a win.

    4. DE/DT Tony Jerod-Eddie to the Denver Broncos for RB Ronnie Hillman.

    In a heartbeat but why not keep both and just sign Hillman after the Donkey’s cut him?

    5. QB Colin Kaepernick to the Washington Redskins for G Shawn Lauvao

    Anything at this point for Kaepernick is a win but it still somehow feels like a loss trading a QB for a guard. Decent guards aren’t supposed to be that hard to find.

    1. 1. Davis is the best option out there to replace Vollmer.
      2. Gordon can salvage his career. He’s young and a good kid from what I’ve heard.
      4. Would Hillman clear waivers?
      5. I needed to clear cap space. Who would you trade Kaepernick for?

      1. Clear cap space? The 49ers have the most cap space in the league. Grant, I don’t think your phone will be ringing when Baalke gets fired.

      2. 4. Would Hillman clear waivers?

        Good question although there are only 6 teams that get to put in a waiver claim before us; Titans, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, Jaguars and the Ravens.

        5. Who would you trade Kaepernick for?

        Darelle Revis

    1. Smart, not like the previous regime. It sure feels better having a competent coach and staff. I really liked the Flaherty hire….

      1. Do you think Tiller might be getting the short end of the stick just because AD has the prior year good rep and, more importantly, the much higher salary/bonus structure?

        1. Nah, I think Tiller doesn’t have the quick feet that Davis does, but I’m sure salary/bonus and future roles are mitigating factors. But not to the extent that it would over rule talent….

        2. I think Davis has more value to the team. Showing he can start at RG and his experience at RT is no knock on Tiller. Davis can fill in at RT if Brown gets injured.

    2. Great move. Davis becomes the new Boone, albeit more expensive. Having a guy that can play guard and tackle creates a lot of roster flexibility.

      Gordon might be a risk, but we have arguably the worst WR core in football. Having a playmaker would cover up some of the mediocrity at QB (eg Jets).

  11. Headline is 5 trades they *should* make, article is 5 trades they *could* make. Even Grant has reservations about this.

    1. The Kaepernick trade is contingent on whether he wins the job. If he wins it clearly they shouldn’t trade him before the season.

      1. And it sounds like the Kap trade for a guard is contingent on the AD trade happening, correct? We don’t need more guards, otherwise.

  12. The only players that should be traded are Tiller and Miller. I like both of them, but they do not seem to fit the new system at all. However, it is more likely they will be released.

      1. They made my 53, but they are expendable if they can make the Niners better. Trade Miller to that team that just lost its fullback.

      2. They do not really have a fit on the offense Scooter. My guess is the starters at OG will be Garnett and Davis with Beadles and Cooper backing them up. Meanwhile, the TE position is pretty well set with McDonald, Celek, and Bell. So I cannot see Miller being on the roster when the 49ers go up against the Rams.

        1. Sure they do. That is why Tiller has been the starting RG until today, and Miller the backup TE. They may have more value on a different style of offense, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a fit on this offense.

          1. I have not heard that much on Miller since training camp began. He has also yet to play in the preseason, so I do not foresee him being with the team much longer. He would make a good trade candidate, but I am not sure how much attention Miller would get on the trading block.
            Tiller is a more interesting case because I think he should remain with the team; however, Davis is showing that he can play at more than one position on the offense, and that could make Tiller expendable. He may not get released, but I think he could garner some attention if he is made available to the other teams.

      1. I am leaning more towards the likelihood Tiller gets traded, but nothing can be completely ruled out.

  13. The only way the 49ers rid themselves of Kaepernick is to cut him, which would prevent them from future injury exposure. They crowed to the media about how team friendly his contract was after he started underperforming and started patting themselves on the back. He then had surgeries performed on a strategic timeline to ensure he would get paid in 2016 and/or control his destiny if traded. He was very smart about the whole situation. The Niners were as well (business wise) until they overplayed their hand with Denver. I’m sure they’d loved to take the Denver deal and pay $5 million of his salary to ship him off and get a late round pick right now. He’s a $12 million liability for them at this point.

    1. I beg to differ. Elway is kicking himself for not pulling the trigger on a second round pick for Kaep, whatever the salary. They are not strutting around boasting about how good their QB situation is. After a shaky Goff and injured Wentz went for 6 and 5 picks, with multiple firsts, a second for Kaep was a steal.

      Imagine, Kaep on offense and Vonn Miller on defense. Kubiak would have been smart enough to mold the system around Kaep. Heck, he won a SB with an aged PM as QB.

      I agree, Kaep did a good job just by keeping quiet. To me, the FO has egg on their face, because they really wanted the last vestige of JH to be gone. In the end, Chip was the grownup in the room and flat out told them that he would walk if they got rid of Kaep. Chip communicated well and convinced Kaep to stay, and by some miracle, he is still a 49er.

      1. What do you mean “convinced Kap to stay”? They had no choice after he refused to take a pay cut and scammed them with the injury clause. Otherwise he’s long gone and best forgotten. They’re just pandering to him in the hope that some team is desperate enough to take him off their hands or Kaepenick is sheepish enough to accept some sort of buyout. The only reason he’s around is his contract. If it wasn’t so costly they’d just pay him out and dump him. Which is still a possibility. More likely they keep him under wraps in case a team runs into an injury emergency situation down the road.

        1. Like many, if not all of the players, they have all bought into the Chip Kelly system. They know their roles and they racked up 400 yards of offense last game. Kaep is happy and excited to get a chance to compete. Chip did talk extensively with Kaep because after all the leaks, smears and backstabbing, I thought Kaep was long gone.

          Fortunately, Kaep made a business decision, forgave their slights and started fresh with a clean slate. The past is past, and they all are looking forward.

          I am impressed with Chip’s new people skills.Sounds like the locker room is tight, focused and players are having fun. 400 yards will do that to a team.

        2. “…They had no choice after he refused to take a pay cut and scammed them with the injury clause.

          Not only that, has he ever produced a “valid” birth certificate that proves he’s an American?

      2. It’s not like the 49ers are bragging about their QB situation either though. All I see on these boards is moaning and a lot of wishful thinking that CK will become 2011 CK. The only thing is his mechanics weren’t that good even then and his physical play overshadowed this. Though not anymore.

      1. Grant,
        Who will absorb his contract? What team would be willing to pay him his salary and send draft compensation to the Niners in September when they weren’t willing to do it in March or April? No team is going to trade for a QB that has shoulder issues, a bloated contract and hasn’t had an offseason to learn their offensive system. Am I missing something?

        1. The Redskins. And they could send a player, not a pick.

          The Redskins aren’t sold on Cousins, and need insurance in case he turns into a pumpkin this year or demands more than the Redskins are willing to pay next year. They already seem at odds.

          1. If they are hesitant to pay Cousins, who performed very well last year, why would they pay Kaepernick starter money to be a backup? That just doesn’t make sense. They lost out on the opportunity to trade him. I agree that it would make sense if they were able to facilitate a trade, but I just don’t see that happening due to the reasons I stated previously.

            1. They’d pay both of them this season, but only one next season. If Cousins demands over market value, the Redskins can let him walk. I think the Jets would love to be in the same position with Kaepernick backing up Fitzpatrick, but they don’t have the cap space to have both. The Jets don’t like being at the mercy of Fitzpatrick, and the Redskins don’t like being at the mercy of Cousins.

              1. Grant,
                1. Cousins played very well last year, which is why he was franchised. If he plays well again, he will have earned a big money, market level starting QB contract. That’s a problem that every NFL team wishes they had.

                2. The Jets didn’t even want to pay Fitzpatrick low end starting QB money. They had the opportunity to trade for Kaep and pay him the same amount as they ended up paying Fitzpatrick and they passed.

                Nobody likes to be at the mercy of someone else, but there is a cost of doing business in the NFL. They are starters. Kaepernick wouldn’t be. If they don’t want to be at the mercy of starters who perform, why would they want to be at the mercy of a backup who’s last performance was terrible and has a guaranteed, starting QB caliber contract? It’s not going to happen.

              2. Yes, it is a problem ever NFL team wishes they had. But there’s no guarantee Cousins will play well again. He could be a one-year wonder. That’s why they didn’t give him a long deal. The Redskins would be smart to trade for Kaepernick just in case Cousins has a bad year. If he plays well, the Redskins can cut Kaepernick. If Cousins plays poorly, they can let him go or have leverage in the next negotiation.

              3. Sorry Grant, but Cousins makes more than Kaep, so they do not have the cap space to have a 15.9 mil backup, especially after they gave up a boatload of cash to Norman.

                Maybe trading Gabbert would be more feasible.

    2. BigP

      I don’t often agree with you as of late, but your post is right on the money….cheers my good man….!

  14. Those are some stupid trades. Anthony Davis and Wilhoite for Dont’a Hightower? Come on. Anthony Davis will keep our O-line solidified on the right side especially if he moves to and stays at RG next to Brown. He is better than Beadles and Tiller at RG. Hightower may be better than Wilhoite but not at the cost of losing Anthony Davis. We need valuable depth at ILB in case Bowman gets injured again and WIlhoite already know Jim O’Neil’s system. Tartt for Josh Gordon? Tartt is our future at strong safety. If we do make a trade, trade Bethea or Brooks. Do you really want another troublemaker on this team? Gordon is another suspension away from being released anyways. Miller for a 5th round pick? Maybe. If Busta Anderson can’t beat Miller for that fourth TE spot, then no way are we trading him. Tony Jerod-Eddie for Ronnie Hillman? We don’t need him since we already have enough RBs that will make the team anyways. Kap for Lauvao? We do not need another Guard. We already have Garnett, Beadles, Tiller, Thomas and Davis (if he permanently moves to RG).

    1. Tiller and Brown are good and they have chemistry after playting next to each other last season. Hightower would fill a gaping hole.

      1. But why make a strength a potential weakness? Not to mention, are we really in a position where we might contend.

        Keep what we have and sign Hightower in the offseason.

  15. I think the best thing to do is fire baalke . Gamble would replace him . Not sure he would draft more for offense , unless influenced by Kelly

    1. Cant believe I am saying this , but I disagree. After last game, it looks like he has assembled a decent team. They do have talent. Looks like Chip is putting the players in positions to succeed, and the team functioned efficiently.

      Firing Baalke would just be a sign of desperation and turmoil. Lets see how the team does after 5 games before making a call like that.

  16. Because there’s no way Baalke would draft. Players such as desean Watson, kaaya, ju ju smith ,or mccaffery. In the first rd. 2017 draft. Our D, O line and Dbs are are set for now and future. What we need is ILB , #1 receiver and Qb. Gabbert not the answer . Kap maybe ,if he has improved vision and decision making . Online is better and he played better when online was good. But this is his make or break year. Ponder played better than gabbert after only 2 practices. The best thing for our team would be a gym that knows offense and defense.

  17. I would look to trade Kaep to Denver for Cody Latimer WR.
    He can be the big possession WR we need. We have Ponder now to be the backup QB

      1. Yeah Lynch will take over because the other QBs are horrible so it’s by default really. Lynch is playing against 3rd and fourth stringers

      2. Grant, I really liked Lynch’s form. Not sure about this year, but I think he has a bright future. His release is unusually compact for a big guy. He’s agile and fast. He can hum it, but throws a nice short pass too. He’s CK, but with fixed mechanics.

      3. Grant

        I believe that Elway WOULD be interested…. other than himself, Kaep is better than their other QBs…and Elway knows that his bluff got called and he’d like a second chance…maybe we could help some on Kaep’s contract….?

        1. Agreed. I liked him coming out of college, but Latimer has not even come close to matching his potential.

  18. Grant, what are your thoughts on Goff? I hear he’s not even the 2nd quarterback on the Rams…ROTFLMAO

  19. I see Gordon going to the Patriots. They actually try to get better through trades like Moss. You could have said the same things about Moss that have been said about Gordon.

      1. In 2002 Moss was arrested for possesion of marijuana. If that happened under Goodell he surely would have been suspended.

        1. If it happened in Colorado it wouldn’t have happened.

          What’s Goodell’s first offense penalty for grass?

          1. Substance abuse program, no suspension. You got me there but Moss had plenty of issues. Water bottle, meter maid, quitting on Oakland.

            1. … but there is no reason what so ever to include Moss in a discussion of players who have been suspended for a year or more. Is there?

              His discussion would be about him getting into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. There is probably a line on that proposition in Vegas.

  20. Thank you Grant for actually proposing trades. It is the smart thing to do, but I differ on your proposals.

    They will never give up Hightower. Bellichick trades players like Devey.

    Josh Gordon has so many red flags draped on him, he looks like a semaphore. So Baalke may be interested.

    Tartt will be starting for Bethea before the season ends, so he is too valuable.

    I do think Miller should be traded, possibly to a team that just lost its fullback.

    AD is too important to trade away. He is one of the best 5 O linemen, so he needs to stay. I would set up a pool of possible trade options like Pears, Thomas, Theus, Silberman and Martin, and trade 2 to any team for a decent draft choice or an ILB.

    TJE for Hillman is intriguing. I would trade Ponder and TJE for Shaquil Barret.

    C’mon, you are trollin me… Trading away Kaep should entail at least 6 draft picks, with a couple first and a couple seconds.

  21. If Gordon was in this years draft, at his current age of 25, all of his baggage and 4 game suspension, and proof that he could be a top 5 WR, Would any of you have taken him with a 4th round pick? A 5th or 6th round pick? No you wouldn’t because he would be gone by the 2nd or 3rd round.

  22. I wish to propose a trade. The Niners should send Martin, Thomas and Mike Davis to the Colts for Frank Gore.

      1. TY, some may think it is stupid, but I think Gore could help them win this season, and I hope he retires as a Niner.

        Gore would be a good fit with the Chip Kelly system,.

        1. I agree 100% Gore has great vision, he was the heart of the team with Willis, and we will probably need 2 or 3 backs for Chips system.

          1. It would right a wrong. It would finally keep their promise to Kaep to retain veteran leadership.

            Gore would help keep Hyde healthy by keeping him fresh, and he would be a complimentary RB to Hyde.

            Gore also has great blocking skills which will help in pass protection.

      1. Bro Tuna

        Thank you for that cry of common sense Everyone loves (loved) Frank Gore…his time had run out..The best t6hing we could do for him is to trade Miller to help Frank keep the newest multimillion $ QB upright….

        1. I never said Gore should start. He would be a better backup than Davis and he would fit the zone read offense. He could also be used in short yardage situations.

      2. Seb is living in the past, the Kaep and Gore of 2011. While we are at it, let’s work out a multi-player trade to the HOF and get Montana and Young back on the team. Think they would take Devey and Martin straight up?

  23. You have three good ideas as far as players to trade. Miller, wilhoit, and Kaepernick. Your team for Kaep is off though.
    Denver still needs Kaepernick. They have no answers at QB. Sf should pay the contract difference because the alternative is a lot more expensive.
    Miller- get what you can.

    1. The only way Kaepernick gets to Denver is if the 49ers cut him at $12M, and Denver offers him a one year contract. The 49ers are then on the hook for the difference. There is no way Kaepernick takes another contract like the one he is in now.

      Do the 49ers want to save $5M? Maybe.

        1. The other side of the coin is if he is injured, his salary is guaranteed. Without any inside knowledge of the locker room and only having gossip reports to judge from, it appears Kaepernick is on an island. He doesn’t have the support of the locker room, the FO doesn’t want him, and he and his agent have already attempted a trade.
          5 million seems like the safer gamble. You can recoup that loss in future contracts. Gabbert will be a back up making back up salary and Driskel’s (if he is the future) contract will also pay for the 5 million dollar loss on Kaepernick.
          I think the team is holding Kaepernick out intentionally hoping to showcase him against a team that he has historically been successful against to increase his value to trade.
          It’s just my opinion, but I do not think Kaepernick is a fit in SF. It appears to me that the FO is more interested in a system than a QB. They brought Kelly in because Kelly made Foles successful. He made Bradford successful. His system doesn’t require a HOF QB. It just requires someone competent. Competent does not cost 19 Million in any season.

          1. Kaep has a salary of 16 mil, which is less than Cousins, Tannehill, Osweiler, Cutler, Stafford, Bradford and Rivers. He is in the middle of the pack, and with the anticipated rise in the salary cap, a good bargain.

            Kaep will not be traded because Chip considers him the best chance to help them win, and Chip wants to win.

            1. Kaepernick will get about $2M in bonus money if he’s on the active roster for all 16 regular season games. Add that to his base salary and you will be about $2M short of $16M for the 2016 season. I don’t need to know what he would make if they get into the playoffs until they do. ;-}

          2. Your numbers are wrong. If Kaepernick isn’t activated for any games this years year the 49ers owe him his base salary which is about $12M minus anything he earns from another team.

            “The other side of the coin is if he is injured, his salary is guaranteed.”

            Kaepernick was not cleared to play as of April 1 in 2016 which cause his base salary to be guaranteed for this season.

            For Kaepernick to get a guaranteed salary for the 2017 season he would have to fail another physical on April 1, 2016. If he has a career ending injury at that time his base salary is guaranteed for the remainder of his contract.

            I can’t comment on your other conspiracy theories about what is going on behind closed doors.

    2. Bro Tuna

      Thank you for that cry of common sense Everyone loves (loved) Frank Gore…his time had run out..The best t6hing we could do for him is to trade Miller to help Frank keep the newest multimillion $ QB upright….

  24. As far as trading Kaep lets put that on hold till after the Green Bay game. I would suggest if he does really well he isn’t going anywhere and if he bombs who wants him at his salary.

  25. When are you guys going to learn? You should read the column, have a good laugh and move on. This guy’s a joke.

  26. I really expect this team to be active when teams are trimming down to 53 players. I predict a WR and LB will be on the starting 53 that aren’t on the team now.
    TB needs to improve talent and unload some surpluses draft picks to make it happen

        1. Yep, the Niners need to make room, then pick up one of the cut players after their 53 is set.or they could wait and poach a PS player.

  27. Must be a slow news day. Some of the most short sided and lame reasoning for trades. Davis is to valuable, even if he doesn’t start. Injuries are a give 1 game or more. Staley is getting on in years and has missed playing time. Plus because of Staley’s years, Davis could replace him in the future he is young. Plus why trade for a MLB that will hit the open market after one year? You can’t guarentee he will sign an extension. Then there is the fact that once Davis hears that niners tried to trade him and if they the pats let it out to get more from the niners and it collapses, there will be bad blood. You Pears is an option is not an option and unless you just want the niners to do bad and you complain about Baalke-hahaha, what a laugh. Keep a position of strength that way. We can get the MLB if we want to if the Pats don’t resign him next year and not lose anything.

    Then there is the Tartt scenario, again youth, he will not sit on the bench, he will play in sub packages and special team, plus Bethea is getting on in years and Tartt will be his replacement. Not to mention either Bethea or Reid will get nicked up at some point. Gordon has missed so many games because he can’t keep himself right, some people never learn, he will missing in action more than action.

    Kaep-even if Gabbert starts, if he sucks he will get pulled, if he gets injured he will be replaced. As for the cap goes, the niners have the room and his numbers are not bad, you say he will be a backup in case the skins don’t resign Cousins? Hello….the niners would be in the same boat with Gabbert. Driskell is not ready let him sit and learn and we will see after two or three years. Aaron did not get in till year four.

    Your only saving grace maybe Miller, but with 2 exhibition games who knows what happens injury rise, no one expected Eric Rogers to get dinged in camp.

    1. Davis clearly wants out. I’m sure he’d appreciate it if the Niners shopped him to good teams like New England.

      Tartt will not play in sub packages. Ray Ray Armstrong will be the passing-down ILB.

      1. “Davis clearly wants out.”

        Other than the tweeting he did prior to rejoining the team why would you say this is the case?

        He seems to be doing things a lot different recently.

        1. The day he came back someone asked him why he wrote all of those tweets about Trent. He said, “I was trying to manipulate the situation,” which meant he was trying to get released.

          1. Thanks.

            Doesn’t it seem like that may have changed though after he finally started working with Kelly?

          2. Yet, in the end, they welcomed him back with open arms.

            Clean slate. No guarantees. Looks like he is slowly working his way into the starting lineup.

            AD want to win. So does Chip. He stays.

            1. Baalke told Davis,

              Anthony I come to you with open arms
              Nothing to hide, believe what I say
              So here I am, with open arms
              Hoping you’ll see what your play means to me
              Open arms

        2. There could have been an agreement where if he came in and performed well to generate buzz that would net a high draft pick or player

      2. I agree with Jack on this one. Davis sure seems to be saying and doing the right things. He’s also extremely valuable as the swing OT as well as playing RG. I’m really impressed with the guy. Came into camp in shape and has played pretty well even after taking a year off and not playing much the season before that due to injury.

        I’m really looking forward to watching this Oline come together.

        1. He’s saying the right things to increase his trade value. Needs to show he’s a team player for a good franchise like New England to want him.

          1. Just guessing, but I agree with that Grant. He and/or agent saw that he might look flakey and uncommitted, lowering his attractiveness to other teams. So when his tweets didn’t get him out of town he decided to suck it up and go hard for SF in 2016 to solidify his brand.
            For me, keep Davis and give Tiller some reps at OC.

            1. Don’t you think Niners should look to trade a RT to New England? SF has at least 4 RTs, and Vollmer could miss the entire season.

              1. At first I was on the fence about Davis being traded and looked mostly at his versatility at RG and RT but I do realize he probably perferr to be elsewhere

              2. Grant
                I guess I’m saying that just having four men at the position isn’t enough. I get that Trent won the job, but it’s a big drop off from Trent to Pears or Theus or Cooper if Joe or Trent goes down. We saw that. If AD can start at RG and be available for OT, then they’re starting their best five, and have quality depth.

  28. Hey Grant, remember when you said we should have drafted Jack Conklin. That would have given us 3 RT’s. Buckner was the right pick.

    As far as your trade scenario’s go, I would unleash Tartt for Gordon but the other’s I’m not keen on. I don’t believe in trading away guys that potentially turns a huge strength in to a potential weakness.

    You are right. Ward could then move to safety along with Reid. They have LJ McCray & Marcus Cromartie as backups. Robinson on the outside with Redmond & Chris Davis working that slot role. I dig it.

    1. Buckner probably was the right pick, but he was not good in his first preseason game, especially rushing the passer.

      1. Buckner probably had rookie first game jitters. He will settle down and start playing the way he showed all year at Oregon.

  29. 1. I like the Davis\Whilhoite trade for Hightower, Davis do want to start and have too much talent to be a backup. I would much rather keep Davis and let him play RG and backup Brown in case of injury.

    2. After careful consideration, I like this trade even better! If the coaching staff are not craving out an role for him and he is a high draft pick sitting on the bench then a trade should be talked about especially if it can close the deal for Gordon.

    3. Another thoughtful trade buy you Grant! Miller is too good of a player to be cut but do do have some trade value. I think not just the Colts but Titans may be interested as well.

    4. TJE for Hillman? I think we are fine with the RBs we have but a trade for LB Dekota Watson maybe?

    5. I disapprove the Kaepernick trade. Even if he doesn’t win starting job,in which I think he doesn’t, he is still a good backup because I believe Gabbert doesn’t make it as the starter pass the 4th game.

    1. I thought the Niners were fine with their running backs until they startetd fumbling. I think Hillman would be a big upgrade over Davis and Harris.

    1. Hold on there Ruben. Remember the Pats had the sense to cut Devey before Trent signed him. They likely recognize Martin won’t be useful as a starter and wouldn’t make that trade. I’m not sure Martin makes the 53 in SF,,so he’ll be a freeby.

      1. I like Devey…..remember, he’s still on the Chiefs roster…he may earn a SB ring before any of the niners do….Remember Vernon Davis….

    1. Pats are down to 82 on their roster. Sounds like they are poised to swoop in and claim some 53 cuts, or poach a PS player.

  30. 2,4,5 all terrible. Not that i wouldn’t want Josh Gordon, but not at the price of Tartt, he’s the future and i think you’re completely wrong about where Tartt is on this Defense. he’s going to be the free man that plays around the whole defense. In the box, or in coverage. He’ll be all over the field, and will be the one to replace Bethea next season.

    Also, why would the redskins trade for Kap when they got Cousins? and to get rid of a guy who helps protect him Cousins?

    The one trade i’m all for is the patriots one, because i feel like Tiller deserves to start at RG, we have Beadles, and obviously Garnett who i think should start. But i feel like Davis is the odd man out, so why not trade him for a big upgrade next to Bowman because we could use it.

    1. Tartt is the future of what? Ward will replace Bethea, not Tartt. Tartt is a box player like Bucannon, but Tartt can’t stop the run from the box.

      1. Tartt is the future of our Safety’s, Bethea is on his way out. If ward pans out at CB, why would they then move him back to Safety unless it’s late his career and becomes another woodson? Personally i don’t see Reid getting any better than he’s been, and i’d like to see LJ McGray step, but i’m not seeing that either.

        Also if anything, If ward did go to Safety, it would be FS, not SS. I’d put money on that Tartt will come up and take over!

        Like Halftime on MNF: Cmon Man!

  31. Trade scenario #1 no, OL depth is too important to give up, a swing tackle is almost as important as a starter. Davis will probably end up as a starting G so if there is a market for either Beadles or Tiller theres your trade.
    Trade scenario #2 no, Tartt is the starting S next year and Gordon has an addiction and will smoke his way out of the league.
    Trade scenario #3 The 9ers will very likely cut Miller and he will be available for free, no trade needed.
    Trade scenario #4 [see trade scenario #3]
    Trade scenario #5 If Kaep looks good he wins the starting QB spot. If he doeasn’t look good he doesn’t win the spot and by stinking it up he has no trade value.

    1. If Staley or Brown went down due to injury, Davis would be the first in line to replace them. Davis is too important, and one of the best 5 O linemen. Trade a lesser player like Martin, Beadles, Pears, Martin or Thomas.

  32. I wouldn’t pull the trigger on J.Gordon if I were the GM. I don’t like the risk even compared to the reward. If he becomes an integral part of the offense and then flames out, it upsets the old apple cart mid-season. The fact that he has a history of playing well with crummy QBs does complicate the equation.
    How I feel about it is obviously irrelevant, so I wonder if TB is one of the callers expressing interest.
    I heard some speculation that the ‘not trading him’ stance is just pumping up potential trade value, and that the Browns might be willing to move him for 2018 draft choice. That writer guessed a 2018 conditional 4th that could be a 3rd if Gordon hits some markers in production for the new team. He’s 1st round talent but the risk drives his value down.

    1. Gordon is a train wreck waiting to happen. He couldn’t stay out of trouble in Cleveland. The Bay Area would be like Las Vegas for him. These guys only need to stop smoking for a month, take their test and then they are free to impersonate Cheech and Chong for the rest of the year. This guy was still testing positive and hanging out with Manziel during his most recent suspension. He seems like a good guy and a hard worker but he hasn’t been a professional and he has screwed his team over on several occasions. I do think they will trade him, though. About five minutes after he shows that he is back and effective.

  33. Niners should create a pool of bubble players, then offer them to a team so the other team can fill more than one weakness on their roster. To them, it would be like getting a supplemental draft. That would be a win-win situation, and make the deal more feasible. Niners should ask for either a conditional pick, or a player who could fill a need, like another ILB or WR.

    Trading away players will create room so the Niners could then pick up or poach players from teams that they play this season, which will weaken the other team and provide Intel that may help them win.

  34. Interesting thoughts Grant. The Gordon trade, for obvious reasons, the most interesting. If only one trade happens, which do you think makes the most difference in the W/L column?

    1. Thanks. The Gordon trade, followed by the Davis trade. Wide receiver and linebacker are the two of the biggest holes on the roster. I also think Hillman would be terrific in this system.

  35. Prime Time

    August 23, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Rebuild you are building a case of lame excuses for CK. Like Seb blame the FO. CK has and will have ample opportunity to show case himself to this staff. And of eons the job great, of he doesn’t don’t bring that sorry attitude and excuses as to why. This is pro sports where winning matters.


    August 23, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    ‘And of eons…’
    Now you are gibbering.


    From Grant’s Article: 5. QB Colin Kaepernick to the Washington Redskins for G Shawn Lauvao

    TomD’s Response to this Kap debate:

    Seb, you name call when your man crush on Kap is threatened by benching or trade to the point of becoming apoplectic. I bet your a barrel of laughs around the holiday punch bowl, throwing people from your home at the mere mention of trading Kap.

    Well, Prime has shown you to be a Kap homer w/o reason, now Grant’s suggesting a trade of Kap, and the latest Kap is gone rumor:

    “But Kaepernick might not even be the best option for the 49ers at backup quarterback — rookie Jeff Driskel has played well,”

    “and Christian Ponder, whom the 49ers brought in as a camp arm last week, was tremendous in the Niners’ preseason game Saturday against the Broncos”

    Driskel, a sixth-round pick, has played well enough that he might not make it to the team’s practice squad. Is it worth risking him to keep Kaepernick?

    Why not instead get rid of the quarterback who was replaced as the starter last season and hasn’t done a thing this year?

    So Seb, now that Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, Grant, Prime and myself see Kap’s career ending with the Niners, it’s time for your concession speech declaring Prime and Myself the Winners, Be a Man for once—take a page from RA Winner–Show some Class

    1. TrollD, you keep leading with your chin. Show class? you do not know the meaning of class. Trolls who hate on a team while professing love to the Raiders is the furthest thing from class that I can think of.

      TrollD, you cannot read, otherwise, you would have read that I was resigned to Kaep leaving, and wished him well. Even if he left, I would still root for the Niners because they are the team I love with or without Kaep.

      You and Prime will never be winners, and claiming to be winners while losing so badly makes you both sound like Trump. I was pummeling Prime so badly, others were telling him to quit while behind, because he was making a fool of himself.

      Your predictions that the Niners will lose 0-55, the Broncos will trade Vonn Miller for Kaep and your trade proposal of Kaep for Tebow just shows how little football knowledge you possess, and make you a pitiful crass joke on this site.You claim to have played the game. Yeah right, maybe Pee Wee football.

      Joking about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares make you worse than any fool on the hill, it makes you dangerous.

  36. Fan’s,

    I have posted that Driskel will flat out beat Kap for 2nd String. I stated that another good Ponder performance would push Kap to the bench….Now comes an article backing up football instincts.

    As fans are aware, I played running back in the industry, declared Gabbert would beat Kap out before preseason, and a few days ago stated that Driskel and Ponder would move ahead of Kap.

    1. TomD, the only thing you have played id tecmo bowl on Nintendo. Hell i played rb, fb, mlb, de, dt, nose guard, and te in little league, high school, and in Germany when i was stationed there in the army. Guess that means i played those positions in the industry. Good lord man you plagerize and post all day long, have no real acumen of your own snd you expect someone to believe you did anything”in the industry”. Now every now and then you actually give your own opinion on things, kudos for being you. But stop with the other nonsense please. Its annoying, and pathetic.

      1. Steele
        You’ve got it all wrong. Tom is the only sane person on the planet, it’s everybody else who is nutty. Those head hits he took as an NFL running back seemed to have knocked some sense into him that the rest of us just can’t keep up with.

        1. Would not surprise me if Tom and Seb are in separate Wards at the same psychiatric facility and use this forum to communicate.

    2. How you figure Driskel and Ponder moved ahead of Kaep? He hasn’t even played a preseason game yet to determine this. Your dislike for Kaep has shown for sometime now but you must give him a chance to prove himself like the QBs

    1. 1.5 months ago I cited my facts, that Driskel had been indirectly trained by the Great Bill Walsh, via, Tim Rattay (who was trained by Walsh and Steve Marriucci when drafted by the 49ers)

      Rattay was Driskel’s coach at LA Tech. He taught Driskel all the elements a QB must excel in to be a WCO QB. That is, looking off DB’s, touch passing, throwing WR’s open, etc, etc.

      Well, guess what fans, Kelly runs a WCO passing game…

      Watch the pass Driskel throws at the 6:12 mark of the 2nd QTR. vs. Rice. He looks the Db off before delivering a square in pass to # 80, Cammeron McKnight, taking off velocity so it’s catchable;

        1. Seb, naughty, naughty. Now you are taunting him. We are trying to keep this civil and gentlemenly (ladylike for the women out there). You could have responded, now my learned friend TomD, technically Kelly does not run the WCO; he runs more like a cousin. Instead you attacked him. You don’t like it when he attacks you, so what’s going on?

          1. George, I am just returning the favor, but since you asked so nicely, I will try to ignore him so this site can calm down and talk Niner football.

            Hope your ticker is going strong, and you are feeling well.

            1. Great, Sebbie. Hopefully, he’ll see it’s the better way and comply. Btw, thanks, it takes a lickin’ but keeps on tickin’, just like a Timex. (Do they still sell those??)

  37. First off, I dont see the 49ers trading Beadles when they just signed the guy this offseason, that makes zero sense.

    Second, hopefully theres no bad blood still at work here for Grants suggesting that Davis be the one traded…and traded to a team that is 2nd furthest from Santa Clara as possible, Miami being the furthest I believe (2,565.51 vs 2,108.16).

    Not saying, just saying.

  38. Steelers wheel (Clowns on the left jokers–Seb, BigP):

    All of you Kap lovers fail to See any faults such as failing to process a full read; inability to thow a WR open; throwing lazers in traffic–w/o subtracting; locking on to targets–so uncoordinated he can’t look off then come pack to his target and hit him in stride–this pass is over/underthrown, behind, etc.

    So TomD will save Kap fans from themselves as everyone but you sees the writing on the wall.
    Thank me later, not now….Until then, enjoy your favorite song, clowns:

  39. Kaepernick will be traded all right. To the Broncos. Elway will finally come to his senses. The Broncos don’t have a starting QB on their roster right now.

    1. Elway is kicking himself. He could have gotten Kaep for a second round pick. With the Goff and Wentz trades, the Niners should at least ask for 6 draft picks, including 2 firsts and 2 seconds.

      However, Kaep seems poised to start, so the Niners would be brain dead to trade Kaep.

      1. “Elway is kicking himself. He could have gotten Kaep for a second round pick.”

        Hahahahaha!!!! Hahahahahha!!! That’s terrific!

  40. Can we all encourage Seb and TomD to man up, meet for a coffee or whatever, get together in person and hash out their points of view. Very old school, but in tnis day and age we need more personal (not anoynymous) communications, if vitriol is involved. Anyone here buy in?Seb?Tommy D? Love to hear the post game report on that!

    1. Seb, FYI,

      For more info., please consult TomD, who will copy and paste more WCO-Kelly info.

      This is payback, in a way. Kelly spent his younger years meeting with coaches to pick their brains. He visited colleges and NFL teams. He regularly talked to coaches. He went to clinics. Kelly wanted to soak up as much information as possible. Andy Reid played and coached at BYU. That was the first offense that really influenced him. He later learned the WCO from Mike Holmgren. Those two sources are the foundation of his playbook. Kelly built his playbook from the ground up. He took the principles of his high school and college coaches (run the ball) and added bits and pieces from all over to help him create an offense that could be fundamentally sound, simple, and explosive.

    2. I picture two sock puppets arguing over tacos before TomD’s ankle monitor starts beeping for being within 500 yards of a school.

    3. This is not my first rodeo. TrollD, with his obsession for guns, would be very dangerous to meet, so I will not put myself into a possibly nightmarish situation.

      Maybe you could meet him and calm him down.;p

  41. Grant,

    Tell the powers that be that your articles need to be free content. I can’t pay 9.99 per month and deal with TomD, only so much one man can take.

    And, go Dodgers

    1. Hey Paul
      If you log onto Inside the 49ers directly instead of going through the PD’s home page you can avoid the lock-out and fee charge. At least that works for me.
      You’re right though, we should get $500/hr like a shrink for absorbing some of this stuff.
      PS-But screw your Dodgers, bro! Sorry, it’s an automatic reaction. ; >)

      1. I go straight through the pd webpage, maybe I don’t read enough articles but I’ve never had to pay nor was asked to pay…

  42. And to think,

    Razor, Seb, BigP, and the rest of you so called 49er fans did not even know this. Talk about 49er losers.

  43. Why do you think only TomD has been touting Driskel. This offense is made for him. Wait ’til he lights up Green Bay enroute to passing up Kap to 2nd string.

    Ex-49er, Tim Rattay, Driskel’s coach at LA tech learned under Bill Walsh and Steve Marriucci. He knows this offense from Rattay.

  44. Jeff Deeney ‏@PFF_Jeff · 2m2 minutes ago

    Most QB pressures among 3-4 OLBs in preseason:
    T-1. Rush (SF) 7
    T-1. Okine (IND) 7
    T-3. Carradine (SF) 6
    T-3. Jones (GB) 6

    For whatever its worth, probably not much at this point, but still nice to see.

    1. Leo

      You better believe it Leo…after the last 3 years it’s good to seea couple of our guys topside….

  45. Seb,

    People accuse me of being a Philly fan, however, Kelly has made an effort to be less predictable in hiring Patu Shurmur.

    That voice belonged to offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, a devout believer in the West Coast offense who worked for a decade under Reid and was given his first chance to become a head coach in Cleveland by Mike Holmgren, one of the NFL’s most innovative West Coast minds.

    Shurmur, fired by former Eagles president Joe Banner after two difficult seasons with the Browns, seemed like an odd fit with Kelly, but he learned immediately that his new boss was open to any and all ideas.

    There is a West Coast passing element mixed in with Kelly’s fast-tempo spread offense and the hybrid produced single-season franchise records for points, total yards, touchdowns, passing yards, and fewest turnovers. I

    How much credit belonged to Kelly and how much belonged to Shurmur really does not matter. The two men are linked and love working together.

    1. So 49er Fans,

      Tom Gamble was the man behind Kelly’s hiring. How he snuck an updated WCO guy in Kelly in behind Dr. Yorks back I’ll never know, but he did.

      Now, if Gamble and Kelly can team up, and only if, to be in charge on draft day the 49ers have a bright future. However, if the old jalopy, Baalke, insists on selecting offensive players we’re in trouble.

    2. TrollD, you could put all your football knowledge into a thimble.

      Chip does not run the classic WCO. Nobody does. Everyone takes elements from the WCO, but no one in the league runs Bill Walsh’s classic WCO.

      Chip runs his Chip Kelly Offense. Up tempo, no huddle, Zone Read, 4 wideouts.

  46. Watching the game again and looking at the snap counts, there will be some interesting decisions that have to be made regarding the OL. There are obvious locks: Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Brown, Tiller and Davis(unless his elaborate ruse to get traded comes to fruition), but after that it gets murky. The second team featured: Martin, Thomas, Silberman and Pears. Beadles getting replaced at LG this week may mean he is on the bubble. Theus and Cooper received little playing time and might be bound for the PS when it’s all said and done.

    I’m hoping they go with the younger guys and dump Pears and Beadles. They’ve got a swing OT in Davis, so Pears isn’t needed, and I’d rather see them continue to develop Martin and Thomas than keep Beadles if he isn’t starting.

    Much better group this year that’s for sure.

    1. I think Marcus Martin is on the bubble. Beadles is better than him and has been taking snaps at center this week.

              1. He’s nostalgic and some how doesn’t get Gore doesn’t work in this ZBS scheme with no full back. But hey don’t reign on his day dreams.

      1. Very possible especially since Martin continues to get pushed backward at times. I don’t see much value in Beadles and would rather keep developing the younger players. Kelly may opt for the vet though.

      2. Grant

        YES !

        I believe that from what I’m hearing (from 300 miles away) Marcus has done nothing to solidify a slot..;in fact that Beadles and Balducci have showed more promise at Center

        1. I agree that you keep the younger guy, but only if he’s worthwhile. Martin is in his 3rd year and has shown that’s he’s not capable of playing in the league even in a backup role.

            1. I’d be shocked if they don’t get rid of him.

              One thing that seems to be different this year is that Kelly is much more like Harbaugh in that he’s not worried about sitting a guy that Baalke brings in. Tomsula seemed to try to go out of his way to play those guys no matter what.

              1. Baalke will be out in a year anyway. This team will belong to Kelly and Gamble next year.

  47. 49er Fans, hold on please.

    I can not possibly respond to all of you. Please read Pat Shurmur–Holmgren’s right hand man in the WCO, and his influence on Kelly…

    Apparently, George did not Know of Kelly’s involvement in the WCO….It’s posted in just now. I posted it.

    And to think, all of you so-called 49er fans, and even DR York were scooped by TomD.

    I would say I told you so, but all of you doubted my industry connections, so in a sense, George, Seb, Big P and other haters, this is a proud day in TomD’s blogging career.

    1. Notice how Seb offers up a subtle change in his debating strategy now that he was scooped by TomNostradamus D,


      August 24, 2016 at 10:37 am

      Chip does not run the classic WCO.

      Seb is Wiley, when losing a debates, he switches debate topics…..I never stated Kelly runs a classic WCO Seb.

      However, you bore me with this debate style. I have a computerized chess match about to begin vs. a Russian. Goodbye.

  48. Even with that belief, Kelly had to make some adjustments of his own when he entered the NFL. In his six seasons as the offensive coordinator and head coach at Oregon, the Ducks averaged 235 more rushes than pass attempts per season.

    That kind of disparity was not going to fly in the NFL. Last season, the Eagles ran the ball 508 times and passed it 500 times

    That voice belonged to offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, a devout believer in the West Coast offense who worked for a decade under Reid and was given his first chance to become a head coach in Cleveland by Mike Holmgren, one of the NFL’s most innovative West Coast minds.

    There is a West Coast passing element mixed in with Kelly’s fast-tempo spread offense

        1. i don’t think indy would trade for martin, they need cbs and we need wrs. plus you have to give something to get something.

    1. +1 bob!

      I’d do that in a heartbeat bob. Moncrief was a draft crush of mine, and couldn’t believe he lasted till late in the 3rd.

      Big, physically gifted “X” receiver with deep speed, leaping potential and playmaking ability. Could emerge a No. 1 or No. 2 receiver in a vertical passing offense, and his best football is in front him. His solid combine showing and pro-day workout should have ascended his draft position into an early 2nd rounder, IMO!

  49. Off topic but interesting;

    The 49ers Chip Kelly led coaching staff continues to live on the cutting edge of technolgy, becoming only the 5th NFL team to introduce REMOTE-CONTROLL-OPERATED-TACKLING-DUMMIES (a.k.a. MVP’s) in practice on Wed, 8/24. The 49ers commissioned three of the MVP units – Mobile Virtual Player – that were dreamed up by from former Stanford coach Buddy Teevens, who’s now at Dartmouth College.

    Five other NFL teams – the Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers — as well as Notre Dame and other colleges have used the self-righting MVPs – not self-righteous most valuable players.

    Really cool stuff. I’m just fascinated with the way Chip’s staff is implementing all sorts of dynamic training tools in practice this season. Chip Kelly always seems to be among the leaders when it comes to the front lines of American Football innovation, ingenuity and technology. Fun stuff.

    Win or lose, the San Francsco 49ers will prove to be a well coached team in 2016. And I cannot wait!

  50. I have noticed that Baalke likes to sign former 1st or 2nd rd picks that haven’t panned out. I don’t believe in Ward starting at CB as he is stilling working in the slot in some nickel packages. He could see something in Robinson or he could possibly trade for a corner such Gilbert,Kirkpatrick, or some other high drafted bust CB

      1. Every time Baalke makes a trade I hear the other GM’s approached Baalke with the offer–he’s not a very proactive GM unless a 7th rounder or compensatory pick is involved…….Another reason for his termination.

  51. Grant, The Pats just traded with the Browns for Mingo. I noticed Mingo playing MLB in the preseason games,so does that mean Hightower could be up for grabs? I also know that Mingo could play OLB across from Collins. Your trade suggestion of Davis\Wilhoite was on the money.

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