Which free agent will the 49ers sign?

Name one free agent from another team you think the 49ers will sign this offseason.

Explain your answer.

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  1. Cris Cook, because he’s a bargain bin player who showed some promise before getting injured….

    1. Razor, who was Chris Cook playing for when he was injured? I’m really just checking to see if “reply” is working on this new thread.

        1. I was playing with you. ;-}

          I do wonder how much the title of a post effects the impression that a lot of people take away.

  2. Josh McCown was released today by the Bucs. Not saying we should sign him, but I was under the impression that Glennon would be the one let go. He could still be traded.

  3. Randall Cobb,because he very good wide receiver with playmaking ability.also great return man,niners need speed on the outside to put fear on opposing defense.

    1. Beat me to it.
      I was going to say Cobb too.
      The guy does it all.
      May be too expensive though…

    2. Be very careful guys, Cobb has had the benefit of having Aaron Rogers as his QB!
      IJS, Kap is no Rogers, not even a calf strained Rogers.

      1. Thank you…Cobb is good…very good when he has a great QB throwing to him, he needs that…rather not a QB like the CK we know at this time, wouldn’t work.

    1. That’s exactly who I was thinking rocket.. I think Justin returns. According to maiacco he has been spotted at the niners facility regularly. I can also see them taking a flyer on nicks as well wr from colts.

    1. They’re losing vets at these positions(maybe) and will look to replace them with low cost depth. Also their new O Line coach is familiar with Helu.

    2. I think Grimey copied my list lol. Great minds think alike. This is my very short list of bargins that I think Baalke could pull off.

      Denarious Moore
      Jared Odrick
      Roy Helu, Jr
      Akeem Ayers
      Chris Conte

        1. He’d be worth it though. That would allow the team to focus on other areas of need in the draft.

      1. Grimey- I don’t think the Niners should be signing another experiment at the back up position. They spent two years already in that vain. It would be better if they gave Johnson a legitimate shot for once. I also think they should consider Locker whom the Titans will not resign because he cant last a season due to injury. As a back up that would be less of an issue.

        I also hope they stay away from Kenny Britt. The guy has been a problem off the field for most of his career. He seemed to have done better last season with the Rams but then he had to prove himself or his career would have ended. If he gets a longer contract he might just go back to his old ways. His present talent level no longer justifies the risk.

  4. J.Odrick, Miami *Bowman’s buddy from Penn St. takes over 3-4 LDE spot

    M.Easley, WR Buff, fantastic special teamer, very fast “project” deep threat,

  5. Culliver.
    We drafted him…he knows the system…we don’t want to play him two times a year after Arizona signs him.

  6. Torrey Smith. 32% of his receptions over the past 3 years have gone for 20+ yards He also set the nfl record for pass interference calls and still scored 10 tds last year. He would have to be given 5yr 40 million which is pricey but he is a true deep threat. Anquan Boldin is lobbying on both sides to try and get him to the bay. Baltimore offered him 5 yr 35 million and he didn’t expect it. He is the definition of deep threat just what we need, especially with kaep’s potential with the deep ball. The other thing too is he is guaranteed legitimate deep threat, all the guys in the draft are just project and hype. So I say let Iupati, Crabtree, Cully,Cox, Skuta, and Gore walk, cut Stevie Brooks and Phil to make room for Torrey Smith and resigning players during 2015 season.

    1. Then on draft day move up and trade to get cooper. I would trade this year’s 1st 2nd and a 1st rounder next year to get cooper. With Torrey Smith and cooper on the outside VD and Boldin would dominate the middle of the field on short to intermediate routes, especially curls and loop routes

      1. James,

        With all due respect, I’m glad you’re not the GM. That’s a huge price to pay for an unproven player. I’m not saying he won’t be good, but that’s just too much.

        It’s been well proven that the draft is a bit of a crap shoot (Bill Polian has said that his standard for a successful draft, is to hit on 60% of the picks – and by “hits” he meant having the player contribute commensurately to the round they were selected in) and the teams that are best and worst at drafting have very similar information on players. The same game tape, the same combine data, and similar interviews. It’s almost a given that the gap in draft success rates between the best and worst teams has narrowed, now that the information gap has narrowed, as well.

        An extensive study was done at Carnegie Melon University using years of actual data from the NFL draft shows, that on any given pick, the very worst and the very best of teams aren’t separated that much as far as success rate goes.

        The real edge comes when a team can obtain extra picks, thereby increasing their chances to hit on a players. That’s why I like Baalke as a GM. It seems to me that he is better than most at identifying talent, but what really sets him apart is that he knows to get extra picks. That, and not overpaying for players. Do you know who else does that? Bill Belichick.

        Baalke has a long way to go before he’s anywhere near Belichick’s level, but I like that he seems to be using Belichick’s template for player acquisition.

    2. When did Kap become a legit ACCURATE deep ball thrower?
      Our problem has been poor QB play not WR, how many deep threats did N.E. or SEA have?
      It’s not about the deep ball it’s about having a smart, accurate and steady QB and Kap is not.

    3. We can draft a cheaper Torrey Smith, if speed is whats needed.
      I think we are better served with a quality QB who can distribute the ball evenly and take deep shots to keep the defenses off guard.
      Bottom line is we need better QB play more than someone to run fast downfield.

      1. @BILAL19….I am in total agreement with you as to our problem being at QB; NOT at WR. Everyone on here seems to be looking for a Daryl Lamonica to Warren Wells repeat….Zone and updated ‘man’ defenses have removed those as viable weapons. I’d love to see us pick up someone like Jake Locker and see what he can do behind our O-line. JJ is only occupying ‘pine’….he’s not going to get a good shot……pick up a 3rd QB in the draft in like the 4th round.

  7. The answer is NOBODY. IF they do it’s in-house and it’ll be Gore or Cully. Niners will do just enough to alleviate cap tension and will again work the draft for assets and down-the-line help. Baalke’s MO is no mystery.

  8. I say Chris Culliverover, he shouldn’t be too expensive then best 2nd tier DB available after the scramble and over paying. Then concentrate on drafting a WR, DE and OL in that order

  9. When you look at the list, there are some big names that will be asking big money…and then there is everyone else. I see the 49ers resigning Chris Culliver…not that he is spectacular, but there isn’t a lengthy list of potential replacements. I just don’t think the 49ers can afford to lose another CB this year. I see Brooks, Iupati, Crabtree, and probably Gore departing.

    I think Vernon Davis stays on…but if not…maybe Charles Clay (TE – Miami Dolphins)? Davis had such a terrible season I hope it was injury related, because if he really dropped off that much, I probably would cut him.

    1. JeffK: In respect to Davis, I am sure his decline was partially due to injury, but it appears it was mostly a lack of motivation. It appears that his interest in football is fading year by year. I just don’t see him suddenly becoming motivated over night even if it is a contract year. Talk is one thing but actually doing it is another.

      1. Davis decline is due to Kaps regression and locking on to one receiver. If Crabtree goes to a team with a top 15 QB, just watch the production go through the roof.

  10. I really don’t see the 49ers going hard after any FAs from another team this year.

    If they don’t re-sign Gore and Justin Forsett doesn’t get a lot of looks I can see them looking at him on a 1-year deal. But highly doubt some team doesn’t snap him up. Baalke loves gambling on players and Ryan Mathews may be a possibility too.

    I still think Jason Campbell would be a smart pick up to back up Kaep. But don’t really see it happening.

    If the Packers don’t tender Boykin could look at him for WR depth. Nate Washington keeps on keeping on and might be a sneaky buy.

    If they want to upgrade at backup OT, Jeremy Parnell could get a look.

    At DL, another flyer Baalke might take is Adrian Clayborn. Injury prone but talented, with good size. He might be someone they look at as the under tackle on pass rushing downs if Justin Smith retires.

    If they release Brooks as expected, Derrick Morgan might be an interesting option. But he might be too pricey.

    If they lose Chris Culliver, Zack Bowman might be a decent 1 year stop gap. Davon House could be worth a look too.

    1. Randy Starks could be a good pick up too if he gets released to make way for the Dolphins to re-sign Odrick.

      1. Howdy Scooter, I had to crack up when you mentioned Jason Campbell, for the last two years I’ve thought he would be a good backup for Kap. He sure couldn’t be any worse than Gabbert and Campbell only cost 1.5M last year.

        Also, I broke down and took a look at highlight packages for the top WRs and definitely saw what you liked about Kevin White. I actually think he will be gone before the Niners pick a #15. So when are you scheduled for a 3 day debate with Grant about White? Just keep reminding him that he thought OBJ was a glorified slot receiver.

    2. Scooter what would be your definition of the team “going hard” for a free agent? Does that mean they are signed within a certain time frame from the beginning of the signing period or does it mean they pay a certain amount or is it about how many other teams are competing for the same player?

      1. Yeah, in this context I meant more about size of contract. What I should have said was I don’t see them going for any big name players or hot commodities. I think the 49ers will look for bargain buys this season even more so than usual.

        1. Aside from Bethea who didn’t exactly break the bank last year was pretty sedated also.

          1. Yeah, I don’t think there will even be a Bethea type signing this year.

            The only wild card might be CB, if they lose Culliver and don’t think the draft has enough quality at the position.

            1. Which is bad because I don’t think most of us saw the Bethea signing as much of anything last year. Not that we thought it was bad but it wasn’t anything to get excited about.

              Maybe a surprise in the DL department if Smith retires considering they’ll be replacing both starting DE’s. I know Mr Hammer is convinced that at least one of those guys is already on the team and that may be true but it may not be also.

              1. What about RB? I wouldn’t mind seeing what Rathman could do with Bobby Rainey. Wouldn’t cost much to try him out for a summer.

                Haha, fan favorite Kory Sheets is even available!

              2. I’m not sure how bad a thing it is – the team has drafted a lot of players the past two years so they have plenty of depth on the roster, but the young guys haven’t always had a chance with good players in front of them.

                The only needs I see on the team are CB (if they don’t re-sign Culliver), WR, DL if Justin Smith retires, rotational RB, backup edge rusher (assuming Brooks is let go), and backup QB(s). I think they look to cover most if not all of that through the draft and existing players, plus the odd low cost FA.

                A TE for the future would be nice, but not exactly a need for the coming season. Another backup safety wouldn’t hurt, but again not exactly a need with Bethea, Reid, Ward and McCray. ILBs are pretty much set. So is the OL even with the loss of Iupati, though they may still look to improve it if they can.

              3. Disagree on the safety position Scooter. It isn’t a necessity, but it is a clear need especially at FS due to Reid’s recent concussion history.

              4. Sorry. I was half asleep when I posted that. This is what I meant: that it isn’t a priority area but it is still a need nonetheless.

              5. I’m not sure enough is being made of the question marks in our backfield. Gore? Hunter? Hyde I think showed just enough to give him the benefit of the doubt but I don’t beleive that we were able to see enough from him in his first year to say “yes he’s going to be our #1 back.” So he might not be a full on question mark but it’s fair to say there are still questions about him. Can we even include Tanner and Smith in the conversation? I don’t know how to gauge how they’re viewed by management.

                Since the mouthpieces have declared an intention to solidifying ourselves as a true run first team I would think clearing up the ?’s in the back field would be of a somewhat high priority.

              6. Makes sense CfC. But I think it will be a case of relatively low cost vet FA (maybe Gore) + a draft pick. I don’t think they will spend big money in FA for a RB.

              7. Any big FA signing would be a surprise at this point from Baalke. I don’t mention the RB situation as a precursor to spending big $ on one but simply to illuminate it as a possible big need.

            2. The only wild card might be CB, if they lose Culliver and don’t think the draft has enough quality at the position.

              If that’s true, then don’t be surprised if the team goes after Revis if/when he becomes available.

    3. Scooter: While it is certainly true that Baalke loved to gamble on players in the past, that may not hold true anymore due to the changed circumstance. In the past the 49er roster had few immediate needs to fill. That gave him the luxury to shoot for some high reward players because a strike would not result in an immediate negative consequences. Those consequences would not be felt until the future. That future has started to manifest itself in the multiple needs this team has at present which will not allow him that same luxury anymore

      1. Those multiple needs being?

        This team is still pretty much set. Just a couple of starting spots they need to fill, whether it be through draft, FA or from within. And a few depth spots here and there.

          1. undercenter…..I always liked Morgan when we had him because although not a ‘burner’, he ran his routes well, and fought for the ball. He’s tough, ….sorta’ disappeared in Washington…who hasn’t ?

  11. QB: Josh Johnson
    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw
    FB: None
    WR: Jermaine Kearse
    TE: Garrett Celek
    OG: None
    OT: None
    C: None
    DE/DT: Jared Odrick
    OLB: Malcolm Smith
    ILB: None
    CB: Josh Wilson
    FS: None
    SS: None
    K: None
    P: None

    1. Malcolm Smith? Would seem a strange choice at OLB for a 3-4?

      Kearse will be a RFA… will be interesting to see if the Seahawks tender him. I imagine they will, but if not he could be a good pick up.

      Love the Bradshaw idea. I’d forgotten about him. I think he’d be a very good pickup.

      1. I think Smith would be able to learn the position and backup Aldon while mainly replacing Skuta’s presence on STs. I also looked at Kearse in the wrong spot.

        1. Isn’t Smith like 6’0″, 230lbs? Or am I thinking of the wrong guy? I thought he was more of a coverage LB. If I’m thinking of the right player I’m not sure he’s a good fit to be a backup OLB for the 49ers.

        1. Cheers.

          The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of signing Adrian Clayborn on a “prove it” deal if Justin Smith retires. He could be a good pick up in the same vein as Glenn Dorsey.

    2. I agree with Scooter – surprise surprise. I don’t see any big signings coming. They’ll pick up a player or two later in the process when the prices are low and they are filling in a couple of spots for depth. There are enough young players waiting in the wings they want to get a look at. I think Culliver is the one guy they need to sign from their own group, and then if it works out financially Gore. Hopefully JS comes back for one more year. All the other spots can be filled from within or in the draft.

  12. The only way we sign a star from another team ifs if our current free agents refuse the offers we make to them. We will definitely attempt to resign cully & cox. If they both walk then Brandon Flowers is our guy. We will try to resign Crabtree. If he walks then grabbing a Hakeem Nicks will happen.

  13. Anybody think that Antoine Bethea could be a cap casualty or be traded? He is coming off a pro bowl season. He got 4yr/21mil, Whitner got 4yr/28mill, if the idea was to get cheaper they didn’t really accomplish that. I could see him being cut or traded and Ward being put back there. I mean our front 7 is so good, it has shown the past few years you don’t need great CB’s to be successful.

    What ya’ll think?

    1. I see what you’re saying, but there’s too much flux in the defensive backfield already. I think they keep him around not only because he did a brilliant job last season, but because that would minimize the instability. Ward definitely needs more seasoning, but I think if they simply refuse to allow other teams to match their gargantuan receivers against him (I think Brandon Marshall gave him PTSD), I bet he’ll develop into a much better cover guy in the slot before transitioning to S.

    2. Last time I checked 21 was less than 28.

      Also out front 7 might be completely different next year.

      Finally I don’t see ward staying healthy at safety.

    3. Sorry James but I don’t get the point of your post. Why would you cut or trade a guy who played at a probowl level and who is not breaking the bank at the position?

      Ward was drafted to be the slot cover man and maybe eventually moved to Safety. Right now there is no reason to make a move like that though. The front seven may look a lot different this season as well.

    4. No, hell no!
      Ward has the potential to be a wash. He was getting burned by anyone in front of him.

      1. Not true at all. He had 2 bad games and the rest he played very solid before he got hurt. Plus he was a rookie. Name me a couple rookie corners who haven’t had a learning curve when entering the nfl.. Ward will be very good..

      2. To add on to what CK=Elite said, Ward was hung out to dry on touchdown passes several times by Eric Reid. Reid openly admitted this. If anything, I thought Reid had a disappointing sophmore season in comparison to his rookie year.

        1. Yep.

          And in that game, Ward was victimized by great catches, made by a great WR who is five (?) inches taller than he. It was also his second game as a rookie.

    5. James,

      One, Bethea isn’t a CB (you probably meant to type “DB” instead of “CB”)

      Two, Bethea is almost $2M cheaper than Whitner and was much more valuable. That sounds like a win-win.

      No way is he cut, IMO.

  14. History says no big FA signings, but underrated players to provide depth and occasionally become starters (the Perrish Coxes of the world). I’d bet on another Cook-type FA CB, maybe two. Maybe they can get Glenn Winston back. I wouldn’t blink if J Martin were gone, and with Iupati possibly gone – I’d call him and Gore the most likely re-signs of our big-ticket guys – Baalke will almost certainly add OL depth.

    Sorry, no names here, just positions and the bet that no big names join the roster.

  15. Hah, bigger question is which FA would want to sign with 49ers? Thank god, I have never based my support on a) good decisions and b) whether we win or not. Go Niners…please surprise us all!

  16. I doubt it’ll be a big-time FA primarily because the FO has work ahead of them to create some cap space. A guy like Helu makes sense…multi-purpose RB who’d be some insurance if Gore leaves. One thing not to forget…Kendall Hunter’s healthy again and he’ll definitely provide a change-of-pace for Hyde and whomever else is among the corps of RB’s.

  17. The first criteria for the 9ers FA signings will be, will they be available after the first week of signings. Baalke will not get into a bidding war for FA’s. So ask yourself will any of the names that have been mentioned in this post still be available after the first week of free agency? I see a possibilty that Culliver may be around and if he is Baalke will swoop in. Any other signings will be names that you do’nt immediately recognize.

  18. I say don’t sign any free agents and let all of our free agents sign away with other teams. then we trade down in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft and pick up an extra 4-5 picks. if we can pick up 12 to 13 players in the draft and have 10 of them make the roster, then we can replace veteran with younger players. and by not signing any freeagents and allowing our FA’s to sign away, it would set us up to receive some good compensation thru the draft next year. it may seem like we would be taking a risk but just remember, baalke was able to select such player as ruce miller, aaron lynch and chris borland, so if he has any luck in selecting the right players to fit our schemes. it would be better in the long run.

    1. Brian thats an interesting idea but it sounds like rebuilding and Baalke has stated that we are not rebuilding but reloading.

      1. our oline is a liability in pass protection and we need better wr’s as well as a young running back. and not signing any free agents and allowing our free agents sign away is a cap issue. we need to clear cap spaceand toy tI retain some of the guys scheduled for free agency next year. that is not rebuilding we don’t have the money to resign our players. gore will not take less pay with us if he can GO elsewhere and make better money and start on a different roster. crabree is not good enough to make the kind of make the kind of money he will be demanding. that’s why we haven’t signed him yet. he simply wants more money than the 49ers are willing to pay. we will not be able to afford to sign uipati, nor should we be because he is not a good pass blocker and that creates a need in the draft. replacing our departing free agents with players from the draft is not rebuilding. It’s simply a cap saving issue.

        1. Brian maybe its just semantics but I believe if a team is replacing their
          #2 WR Crabtree
          #1 RB Gore
          Starting G Iupati
          #2 QB Gabbert
          #3 QB Johnson
          #1 long snapper Nelson
          StartingCB Culliver
          Starting CB Cox
          BU CB Cook
          #3 WR Loyd
          #1 BU OLB Skuta
          and their 2 best ST players Osgood and Ventrone strictly through the draft its called rebuilding not reloading. imho

          1. Agree OC. However, I can see two sides to this argument. First, if we do as Brian suggests and considering we have virtually an entirely new coaching staff, what are the odds that we make the playoffs? I think they go down relative to the case where we try to keep some of our free agents (i.e. experienced players) or sign other FAs. On the other hand, as a new coach I might like this scenario because if we have a lousy season it won’t be quite so easy to blame it solely on the coaches. If we let all the FAs go and don’t sign any, instead relying heavily on rookies, and we have a lousy season, I could see Baalke getting the lion’s share of the blame.

            1. Cubus, Old Coach and Brian,

              I think that by definition, Baalke’s practice of never overpaying for a player mandates that there is an appearance of using Brian’s scenario, to one degree or another, every year.

              The question is, to what degree will Baalke turn the roster over this year? It’ll all come down to which players are willing to sign for what amount of money for how many years. It’s good for the 49ers that Baalke treats his job like the cold business that it is (Bill Walsh did the same).

  19. Josh Freeman as back up QB. The Niners showed interest in him before, & new QB coach Steve Logan is familiar with him from his time with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

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