Free agents 49ers could target

Baltimore Ravens free safety Eric Weddle (32) kneels on the field after a play in the second half of an NFL wild card playoff football game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled NFL draft discussion to bring you a special report about free agency.

During the combine, which ended Monday, the focus of the NFL offseason shifts to the amateur athletes who will become pros after the draft. But the draft won’t start until April 25. Free agency will start next Wednesday — March 13. And the “legal tampering” period begins two days prior — March 11. That’s when teams begin negotiating contracts with unrestricted free agents.

Every NFL team, including the 49ers, is laser-focused on free agency right now. They’re ranking the free agents and identifying which ones to target. The amateur football players can wait.

The 49ers currently have more than $69 million in cap space — sixth most in the NFL. With that in mind, here are five free agents the 49ers should want.

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  1. Grant,
    Seeing that Fowler fits as a OLB more than a DE, do you think it is more likely that the 49ers would draft Bosa a DE over Allen a OLB if they did sign Fowler and held on to the #2 pick?

    1. Fowler is a sub-package player. I doubt he would play in the base defense. Not a starter — just a situational pass rusher.

      1. He may end up being a sub-package player but I believe they will have to pay him as a starter to get him signed. I’m not sure they would be willing to do that. It would throw off their whole salary structure.

        1. Agreed OldCoach. It all depends on the market for Fowler, but we know that experienced FA pass rushers are generally overpriced, especially a highly drafted pass rusher like Fowler, who just helped his team get to the Super Bowl.

          On a different topic, I haven’t really heard any buzz surrounding Nick Mullens so far this offseason. I know it’s still early, but it’s still a surprise, especially for anyone who is under the impression that Mullens could garner the 49ers a draft pick as high as round 2, which I personally think is a bit unrealistic. I like the kid, and even though he looked like a competent QB after taking over for CJB last season, I think the 49ers are unlikely to find any suitors who are willing to give up a 2nd, or even a 3rd round pick for him. I would imagine the range of compensation for Mullens would be somewhere closer to a 4th round pick, as he is an UDFA with a 3-5 record as a starting QB. He would certainly be a valuable asset for the Niners, even if he never takes a regular season snap in 2019. It would be nice to have 2 experienced QB’s on the roster through training camp, while the 49ers ease Jimmy G back into the fold.

          What do you think OldCoach? Is having a backup QB who knows this offense like the back of his hand, and has experience as a starter, a valuable enough asset to hold onto this year, even though Mullens stock may never be higher than it is right now? With Garoppolo coming off of a torn ACL, I personally think it probably makes more sense for the 49ers to hold onto Mullens this season. Whether he’s taking some pressure off of Jimmy G throughout OTA’s and training camp, taking valuable snaps during the preseason, or running the 49ers scout team throughout the course of the regular season, I think having Nick Mullens in the fold is a valuable enough asset for me to be hesitant to deal Mullens this offseason for anything less than a 3rd round pick. Unless of course, there is another QB in this draft class whom the Niners like better than Mullens, and would likely be available in round 4 or later, in which case it might make sense to move Mullens if they can get a 3rd round pick or higher for Nick, but I frankly just don’t see that as being very likely.

          1. 49reasons,
            I believe that a “good” backup QB has the same value as a starter at any other position. If you have watched the NFL the last 2 years you can’t think any differently. I believe that Mullens can not become an unrestricted FA for at least 3 more seasons and possibly 4, so the 9ers should hold on to him until the season before he becomes an unresticted FA and work a trade for him then. imho

            1. Thanks OldCoach, that makes a lot of sense to me! Mullens seems like a smart kid, and he’s said to be a wiz with Kyle’s scheme. For me that’s more valuable than anything less than a 2nd round pick as compensation. However, if somebody is willing to give up, say a mid-2nd round pick or better for him, I’d have to seriously consider it.

              1. The 49ers could trade out of the #2 pick and garner more picks in the draft. With the extra draft selections they could chose a QB.

                That may be an option in the event that the Org pulls the plug on Beathard who has whiffed on two starting opportunities.

                The team is not in a panic QB situation, but if JG goes down Mullens is the only option that can be trusted. In this scenario it will be important to have a 3rd QB in the wings.
                Chosing a QB with extra draft picks makes sense.

          2. I’m anxiously awaiting free agency. Here are my top FA targets for the Niners;

            1) For me it’s a tie between Safeties Earl Thomas, and Landon Collins. Thomas is coming off of a broken leg, and he plays with reckless abandon, but he’s still probably the premier Free Safety for the Niners system. As much as I love the idea of signing Thomas, and pairing him up with Sherman over the next couple years, Landon Collins . The All-Pro Collins is only 25 years old, and is a team leader, voted a defensive captain by the NY Giants over the last two seasons. He could be a guy who solidifies the 49ers defensive backfield for the next 5 years.

            3) WR- Odell Beckham Jr. Heck yah I’d be willing to trade the 2nd pick in the draft for OBJ, and the Giants 6th overall pick, especially if the Giants are willing to sweeten the deal even a bit more. He would give the Niners a premier wideout in the prime of his career, and I really like the idea of the three-time All-Pro taking an understudy like Dante Pettis under his wing and the likely positive trickle-down effect of pairing up a premier WR who is just entering his prime, with the 49ers young, but promising WR corp.

            4) Another tie for me, between Linebackers Anthony Barr, and CJ Mosley. The California native, Anthony Barr, is a four-time Pro Bowler for the Vikings and would fill a need at WILL linebacker for the 49ers defense. He’s an athletic, versatile Linebacker who has proven durable, and he’s only 27 years old. I like CJ Mosely even more, but he would almost certainly cost the 49ers considerably more than Barr, if the Ravens even let him him get away this offseason, so it’s a push for me.

            6) DE – Justin Houston. He may be entering the twilight of his career, but Houston is still an absolute beast of a DE, and if the former All-Pro hits the open market in the next couple of weeks, I think he’s a guy the 49ers have to consider signing for the right price. If there is one thing the 49ers simply MUST ACCOMPLISH over the course of this offseason, it’s upgrading their pass rush! Adding Houston would be a fantastic first step, followed up by drafting one of the premier pass rushers in this draft class. My best case scenario at the moment would be to sign Houston, and selecting either Bosa or Allen in April, which would absolutely transform this young defense, practically overnight! If the Niners trade back with the Raiders at #4, they would almost certainly be able to still draft Josh Allen, which for me makes a trade back with the Raiders the most appealing of the trade back options, and a grand slam for ShanaLynch on Thursday, April 25th …. get your popcorn ready!

            1. I agree with Grant’s take on Tyrell Williams, and I should have included him in my list of potential FA additions. I like Boykin for the Niners in round 2, especially if the Niners are able to aquire more picks via a trade, but Williams is a fantastic FA option to fill the same role. The 49ers could really use a tall, fast WR with a large catching radius, and Williams definately fits this bill.

        2. Old Coach – Lest you forget, sub-package players often are more than just that because some teams, like the Rams, play 11 personnel 90% of the game, so your sub-package, in essence, becomes your starting unit.

          Therefore, I don’t buy into the labeling of a player as only a sub-package defender with limited snaps on a game basis because the use of the sub-package by a DC more often than not is dictated by the offensive personnel grouping.

          Consider the new Arizona offense along with the Rams, and that is 4 games per season where 11, or even 10 personnel, is a dominant fixture.

          As you survey the NFL, you will find that more teams are employing 11 personnel on normal 1st and 2nd down situations than most observers think; therefore, I want not 1 but at least 2 quality edge rushers.

          Lest you forget, remember how gassed the Falcons ‘sub-package’ defense was in the late 3rd and all of the 4th Q, and even OT, against the Patriots several years ago when KS and the Falcons offense could not control the clock after being up 28-5? The Falcons lost a Super Bowl ring and would have wished for another 2 or 3 sub-package rushers to pressure Brady and to stymie the Pats no-huddle offense.

          Just like good cover corners on defense and tackles who can pass protect on offense, you never can have enough quality pass rushers!!!!!!

          It’s the new age of the NFL, and the more college coaches are injected into the NFL picture, the more wide-open and multiple wide receiver sets you are going to see.

          Look at the physiques, athleticism, speed, QUABS and COD displayed by the interior and edge players at the latest NFL combine. You saw more thoroughbreds than clydesdales in the interior players and all thoroughbreds and gazelles as edge players. The most impressive group ever just with those positions.

          Offenses no longer are of the phone booth mentality; therefore, you have to have the speed and ability to play in space on defense. In this day and age, I would not be afraid to play a sub-package against 21 personnel. George Seifert did that when he was Bill Walsh’s DC!

          1. Mike,
            I was responding to Grant who wrote that Fowler would be a ” situational pass rusher” which I took to mean not a playing in a regular rotation.

              1. Maybe a situational player who stays out of jail is worth the extra pay. Just saying.

      2. Why Fowler and not Shaq Barrett? Aside from Fowler being a former #3 pick, overall, what is appealing that Barrett hasn’t shown far better at? Why waste starter money on Fowler when Barrett had 150% more pressures last season?

        And 34 year old Weddle? Please, that is nonsense! Maybe as a position coach, but his window as a player that can contribute to a series of playoffs is closed.

      3. Hey Grant,

        Here are my thoughts for FAs for 49ers.

        First of all, I should state that I believe that my beloved 49ers are….cheap!! Not frugal, not smart with their money but cheap. Keeping with that mindset, you have to look at cheap alternatives.

        Chris Conley (WR)- I like the idea of Tyrell Williams as a good sized deep threat but I think that he has some name recognition so I think that a good alternative (and cheaper) Conley from KC. A) He is not as well known and thus would be cheaper and B) he is a good speed / size combo. The problem in KC was Tyrek & Kelce get the targets, plus throw in Watkins and there aren’t enough balls to go around. Conley is an excellent blocker, solid hands and is a good character guy.

        Trade Solomon Thomas to Miami. Thomas is a good guy, hard worker but his best position is a 3 tech, of which we have that covered. Why not trade him to Miami (different conference & another side of the country) where they have a new coach and are clearing out some of their defense. In exchange, Niners receive a draft pick and Mike Gesicki (TE). Gesicki was 7th on the team in targets, but has upside. Being a 6’6 TE with some athleticism would provide more options in the red zone and would exploit matchups along with Kittle. Couple that with his 2nd rd contract and he is a cheaper alternative and you can give Thomas a fresh start

        First, I would have loved to get Clowney or Earl Thomas but either they are gone or they are too expensive (remember we are cheap). So….

        Henry Anderson (NYJ) – He checks a lot of boxes for me. Good size and strength. He had 7 sacks last year. He is smart and can set the edge and would be relatively inexpensive.

        I would love Adrian Amos (S) from Chicago but the Niners would have to spend for him so I think that the Niners would go for Tashaun Gipson from Jax. Good guy in the locker room, smart and you guessed it…cheap.

        Then finally, I’d go back and watch Miami to see if they are going to cut Robert Quinn, who would be a good pass rush and they could get him relatively cheap.

        Chris Conley – WR
        Mike Gesicki – TE (via trade)
        Henry Anderson – DE
        Tashaun Gipson – S
        Robert Quinn – DE (if he is cut by Mia, as it is rumored to be)

        Inexpensive and good character guys that would add to both sides of the ball.


  2. I wish to agree, and disagree with your Free Agent possibilities.
    Fowler is talented, and it would weaken the Rams to obtain him. Also, he could impart some intel on the Rams, for the Niner coaches.
    Tre Boston is young and talented, so he would be a great addition to the team.
    Tyrell Williams would be that big red zone threat, and I am glad he is the third stringer, thus replaceable for the Chargers. The Niners should throw money at him, because that is what it will take to get him.
    However, Weddle is talented, but way too old. Niners need to build for the future. Even Thomas would be preferable to Weddle.
    I like Roby, and totally agree that he should have been picked instead of Ward. Ward was one of those envelope picks of Baalke the Carnac. However, Roby did not shine last season, and I wonder why the Broncos are willing to let him go. With Sherman and Witherspoon, along with several young DBs, CB is not a dire need. The Niners should draft a speedy CB. 7 ran under 4.4, and 26 ran under 4.5.

  3. Fowler at Sam, and Bosa Constrictor at Leo.

    .@TonyPauline reports the Rams would like to re-sign Dante Fowler.

    But, the #Jets & #49ers are in on the potential free agent pass-rusher.

    Tony & @christripodi have the latest free agency buzz on a NEW episode of Bleav in The Draft Analysts!

    9:23 AM – Feb 27, 2019

    I think his value is around $8 million per year. If it’s $10-$12 million, we should punt. Fowler, Roby and Tyrell Williams are the underachievers that will end up with inflated contracts. They’ll come off the F/A board first, and after the dust settles; I expect we’ll dip our toes into the bargain pool. I think Earl Thomas is the one player they’re willing to splurge on at $12 million a year, and probably the only one….

    1. If it’s $10-$12 million, we should punt.

      The 49ers should punt even if it isn’t. Fowler is an underachiever with several red flags in his background. Shanahan and Lynch can do better.

      1. I agree for the most part, but when you factor in his youth, upside, availability/health, and system fit against the rest of the F/A’s at his position; I think he’s worth $8 million. I’d say Trent Brown is in the same category. $8 million a year is where I’d value him in that underachiever category, but a team is going to pay him $10-$12 million a year for the very reasons stated above….

          1. I’d be very surprised if they overpay for Fowler, but as far as a F/A, I’m highly skeptical they find a prospect at the position with a higher ceiling….

  4. Free Agents who the Niners should try to sign.
    Tyrell Williams, Dante Fowler and Tre Boston, who Grant likes.
    Frank Gore. I want him for his leadership, and think he can still play.
    Ziggy Ansah High risk, high reward.
    CJ Moseley. May be hard to outbid other teams.
    Shane Ray. Looks like a salary cap casualty.
    Anthony Barr. Has some questions, but still talented.
    Shaquil Barrett. May shine after backing up Von Miller.
    Donte Moncreif. I wanted the Niners to draft him.
    Tyler Eifert. Niners need another TE.
    Alex Okafor. He had 4 sacks last season.
    Manti Te’o. He may thrive in a new system.
    Cody Latimer. Solid veteran.
    Pierre Desir. Looked good last season.
    Maxx Williams. A productive TE who can block.
    Markus Golden. Had some injuries, but hopefully past them.
    Marcus Martin. O lineman from the Cowboys.
    Ty Montgomery. RB who can catch.
    Kwon Alexander. Talented and only 26.

    1. Add Za’Darius Smith and Adrian Amos to your list, then good luck shopping. I think Za’Darius is legit strong end opposite Bosa. Not likely because Lynch committed $9MM+ to Armstead, but he is my pass rushing crush not named Anthony Barr or Shaq Barrett.

  5. *Clutch Points Article:

    In the last two seasons Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers have been bottom-dwellers in the league. In fact, they have accumulated only 10 wins.

    Per Kirk Larrabee of 247 Sports, Shanahan is still ranked as the 15th best coach in the NFL. Those two facts do not seem to line up that well, but there is some slack in the line for the 49ers coach.

    Early in the year, the 49ers lost their franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. This was not the only injury that the team suffered. That is what led Rotoworld to give Shanahan the ranking they did.

    “With Shanahan, we are still projecting. We have not seen ‘it’ yet. With a little better health, 2019 could easily be the year Shanahan finds “it” and gets on the path to where he’s going.” These words are courtesy of Rotoworld’s Patrick Daughtery.

    If that is true, then 2019 will be a very telling year. Not only will they be at full capacity, but they will have one of college football’s top talents. The 49ers own the number two pick in the upcoming draft.

    With the Kyler Murray buzz in Arizona, it seems that Nick Bosa will be available at number two. That will be a big help to 49ers’ defense. It is also more ammo for Shanahan to come out and surprise people next season.

    Health issues are always apparent in the NFL, but Shanahan’s squad has been hit pretty hard the last two years. It is because of that he is number 15 despite his team’s performance not reflecting it. This will be a make-or-break year for his standing as coach.

    1. Sorry Razor, but cooler heads will prevail, and the Cards will pick Bosa with the first overall pick. Some people think he is the best player in the draft! ;p
      That makes the trade back with Oakland more probable, because Murray is exactly who Gruden wants to make a splash with when he moves to Vegas.

  6. Grant: Free agents
    * Tyrell Williams and Tre Boston….YES!
    * Roby and Weddle…..NO! Sign CB Pierre Desir.
    * Fowler….Maybe? Depends on salary demand.

    * Free agents 9ers should also sign:
    * CJ Mosley, Za’darius Smith and Center Mitch Morse (back up if Weston Richburg goes down).

    1. I like Za’darius Smith, but hope the Niners draft a center. Garrett Bradbury, Elgton Jenkins or Erik McCoy.

      1. Seb:
        Unless the 9ers trade down ( I know you want them to), but 9ers only have limited number of draft picks and you want them to draft one of the top 3 O-Centers in the draft? I don’t think that will happen, not when Richburgs considered one of the best Centers in the NFL, with a 2019 salary of ~$6 Mil. unless you also expect the 9ers to trade him like they did Kilgore? OC Mitch Morse is a proven NFL vet that like Richburg, has a history of injuries. Morses 2018 salary was $1,072,239…little more than the 9ers would pay for drafting Bradbury, Jenkins or McCoy.
        The 9ers should to use the ~$66 Mil Salary cap to sign players that fill a position of need and know how to win NOW, not a year or two from now.

        1. Geep. maybe we were watching different games. I saw Richberg being consistently driven back in the pocket. He was not considered one of the best Centers in the league. Richberg gave up 33 pressures, third worst in the league. He was ranked 13th, which is not elite.
          Mitch Morse was ranked 17th, so he is not an upgrade from Richberg. There is a reason why Morse was allowed to hit the Free Agent market. Person was re-signed as the backup Center.
          I agree, they should spend every penny of the salary cap, but I want them to spend it on a DE, WR, OLB, ILB, CB, S.

          1. Seb:
            * “Geep. maybe we were watching different games. I saw Richberg being consistently driven back in the pocket.”
            * And you should spend your time finding out WHY? Throughout the season, the losses have taken a toll, but so has a knee injury that he has battled since Week 4.
            * Richburg was in pass protection against the Los Angeles Chargers early in the season. As quarterback C.J. Beathard got rid of the ball, right tackle Mike McGlinchey struggled to keep up with edge rusher Melvin Ingram. McGlinchey fell and rolled up on Richburgs left knee. Richburg hobbled off, but returned to the game. He was listed as “questionable” for four of the next five weeks. He missed only one game.
            * “I don’t feel very good,” Richburg said at his locker Friday, as the 49ers prepare for their final game of the season on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. He said he is not sure whether he will require surgery in the offseason. Richburg committed to play through a nagging knee injury. You think that it may have affected Richburgs performance?

            * Seb, reading comprehension is mandatory: Did I say Mitch Morse was an “upgrade” to Richburg?
            I said; “Mitch Morse is a proven NFL vet that like Richburg, has a history of injuries.” “A back up if Weston Richburg goes down.”
            * “Morse’s lackluster run blocking will push teams away, but any team in search of a pass-protecting center with years of high-floor production should jump at the opportunity to sign him.”

            1. So…. you blame his poor play on injury?
              Maybe the Niners should have been resilient, and played an uninjured player. Maybe they should have copied the Patriot system where players can play multiple positions so they have more versatility. Niner coaches were too stubborn. They should have moved Person to center, and started Garnett at RG. maybe they should have moved Tomlinson to RG where he played in college, and let Garnett play LG, his natural position. Static inflexibility led to the interior line failing.
              Oh great. You want an oft injured player who sucks at run blocking. My reading comprehension is just fine. Your player assessments need upgrading. Let other teams jump at the opportunity to sign him. Niners did just sign a player who is the backup center. They signed Person.

              1. Seb:
                * AND THEN AGAIN: Maybe if you were half as intelligent as you pretend you are, you would stop looking at the world thru your belly button and stop making a fool of yourself?
                * “So…. you blame his poor play on injury?” And you don’t believe playing most of the season on one leg DID NOT affect his performance on the field? Only a dotard would believe it would not! Have you ever participated in any sport Seb? Not likely!

              2. Geep, you are getting feisty! I like a challenge.
                Maybe if you had followed my posts, you would had realized that I played soccer at UCD, then club soccer for years. I also had coaching experience. My posts about strategy and tactics must go over your head, so please try to keep up.
                ‘It is much better to sit quietly, and only have them think you the fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.’
                Guess what? I was the only poster on this site that claimed that Kyler Murray might be the first pick of the draft. Many derided me, but it sure looks like he may be, because Kingsbury declared he would pick him, if he had the first pick, and that was in September.
                I was the first to advocate trading back. Rocket called me delusional, but they did trade back, and actually obtained 2018 second and third round picks, something I also called for.
                Now, Grant even postulated a double trade back scenario, and claimed that missing out on Bosa or Allen would be worth obtaining a boatload of picks, since there might be first round talent even in the middle of the second round.
                Glad to see your ad hominem attacks. That just means I am getting to you.
                Please try harder. I feel like I am in a battle of wits against an unarmed foe.

    1. I think we end up with Ansah on a low risk, one year prove it deal and Earl Thomas to a $12 million a year deal for 3 years.

      1. Thomas is wanting to be the highest paid safety Razor, so $14-$15 million a year with greater than $40 million guaranteed is probably going what it would take to sign him.

              1. Seb:
                * You played soccer at UCD….WOW, I am impressed!
                * Armed with all that vast knowledge, keen insight and brilliant football mind, I do NOT understand why your not an NFL HC winning Super Bowls, making millions, and teaching other NFL HC how to play football? How can someone like me, that only played 4 years of college football, compete with all your brilliance? On the other hand, your incessant whining, complaining and demeaning posts about Shanahan and Lynch expose not only exposes your arrogance, but makes you look like an obtuse, small, irrelevant and an insecure buffoon, desperately trying to be the center of attention. Did you forget to say you played 3rd string on the women’s soccer team? Now that too would be impressive…..ROLMAO

              2. Geep, you missed your place to put this. Shoulda scrolled up.
                Typical. Get so un nerved, you are making mistakes.
                Cant wait until you start hurling expletives, then I can claim victory.
                BTW, I do not claim to be a former player, which makes me superior to others, like you do, but obviously, you seem to have taken too many blows to the head.
                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who witnessed those Glory Years, and yearn for a return to relevance.
                You seem to think that by putting me down, you rise to the occasion. Too bad you just slink further into the gutter.
                KS cannot stand to be criticized?. Don’t you know that is part of his job description? ANY 4-12 HC better develop a thicker skin, especially the ones filled with so much hubris, they think they do not need an OC.

          1. As you’re so fond of saying…”TRY AGAIN SEB!”
            * You answered, as you always do…..A moth to flame….lol
            * You put on a superficial front, deflect, but fail to answer my questions…obviously too
            * A bloviating buffoon, trying to impress….Good luck with the BS class clown.
            * So tell me Seb, you claim to be a 9er fan, so WHY do you feel the need to constantly
            put Shanahan down? To assuage your ego and make yourself feel important? * Since you’re afraid to answer my questions, just regurgitate one of you anal
            platitudes…..Then try explaining why you feel the need to insult Cassie, (Baalke stench), destroying the bleeding heart liberal image you’ve worked so hard to portray yourself as?
            * You have a good day Seb….And try to stop being a know-It-All, spurious hypocrite!

            1. Uncle Sebs is always putting KS down because he wouldn’t sign CKap to a 15 yr Contract-as such, there is a bitterness of biblical proportions coming from the mighty Quinn.

              It is just that simple.

              If they only have an avg amount of injuries next yr-nothing catastrophic-and they still stink, then ol Sebber is onto something.

              1. I will certainly criticize KS because of his flawed assessment skills. KS thought Hoyer was superior to Kaep, and that CJB was the best QB in the building.
                Speaking of Kaep, I heard some unsubstantiated rumors that he worked out, with some unnamed scouts watching.
                Looks like a storm is a comin’.

            2. LOL Guess I am really getting to you. Missed the right spot to post again. Got you to start the name calling. and soon you will be hurling epithets.
              You seem to think a 4-12 HC is above reproach. You should be happy I am not calling for him to be fired. KS, so far, has been an abject failure. If you take away the JG wins, he is 4-22. Now, with JG, KS forces him to sit in the pocket and get bludgeoned, so JG may become injured again and the season will go down the drain, again. Maybe he should allow JG to be the field general, and use his mobility to avoid the pass rush. But no, his way or the highway, with predictable results.
              I am sick and tired of watching a team I love, being so poorly coached and mismanaged. KS is arrogant, full of hubris. He thinks by swearing, he can motivate his players. He loses his cool and hurts the team. He fails to prepare adequately. He cannot make quick assessments and rapid adjustments. He does not understand why an OC is so important to help the organization win. He thinks he can play by his own rules, then looks frustrated when thing do not go his way. When the game is on the line, the pressure gets to him, and he freezes up, unable to finish the game. Even KS admits he should have won 3 more games. With more competent coaching, he should have won 6 more games.
              The Niners are not a shiny toy that he only gets to play with. He is in charge of an entire organization, and is carrying a torch for the past legacy. He has an obligation to the team, and the fans, but just cannot get past his own ego. This weighty burden to return to relevancy requires hard work and humility. He is a 10-22 HC, and acts like he just won a SB. Belichick just won the last SB, and he is smart enough to hire an OC. Sean McVay also thought he was too smart to hire an OC, and Belichick shaped, schooled, pawned and humiliated him.
              KS may be gone next season because he thinks he can do it all, and is unwilling to delegate authority. What is most galling is that he does not seem to learn from his mistakes, so he keeps repeating them. His organizational skills are wanting. His judgement and assessment skills are wrong, way too many times. Foster? Gone like a puff of smoke, after buying his jive. With CJB, he desperately moved up in the draft, wasting a pick, when CJB could have been drafted 3 rounds later. Jumping up on a desk and waving his arms to draft Joe Williams, moving up again, when JL had him off his draft board. moved up again to draft Pettis, when he should have been patient, saved the pick, and still drafted him. Moving on from Brown because he was not a ‘scheme fit’, then trades him to the Pats who use him to help win the SB. KS, in all those moves, acted like a desperate rookie noob, when a savvy grizzled veteran HC would have avoided those mistakes. JL needs to make a sober assessment, and point out to KS that his past assessments have been wildly wrong, so maybe KS should stop trying to dominate, and let the experts make the right decisions.
              KS is so arrogant, he will not even acknowledge he copied a lot of the WCO. He has one of the few teams that utilize a FB, a classic WCO feature. He may think he has a brand new system, but Grant just pointed out that it has all been done, years before, and his system sucks, because he cannot win with it. They have figured it out since his implosion in the SB, but he is still clueless, and cannot adapt.
              Why do I put KS down? Because I do that with all 4-12 HCs. Assuage my ego and make yourself feel self important? No, you are the one doing that. Afraid to answer questions? Which ones? Declaring that I should understand why some one fails because he is playing on one leg? No. maybe they should use a player with 2 healthy legs.Maybe you should answer my question. How does having an OC, possibly hurt the team? Maybe an OC will help better prepare the team, so they can avoid the unforced errors. Maybe an OC like Josh McDaniels can help a team win a Super Bowl. When was the last time did a team without an OC win a SB? Bill Walsh? KS aint no BW.
              Do I need to insult Cassie? Yes, because she seems to delight in trolling me. I really do not mind, because I get to bring up the stench of Baalke. Baalke was a master of the backstab, and Cassie seems to want to carry on his infamy.
              Destroy my bleeding heart liberal image? No. I am proud to be for equal rights, and liberty and justice for all. I am all for accountability, with checks and balances. I am for a well regulated second amendment. I am against the nazis, KKK, neocons, alt-right, racists, rogue cops and knee jerk reactionaries. I am especially against kissing Putin’s arse, and rubbing elbows with dictators. You may try to denigrate me by calling me a bleeding heart liberal, I wear that image with pride. Conversely, you must be applauding the separation of children from their parents with no record keeping. I call that inhumane and a stain on the honor of our country. I also call it kidnapping.
              Geep, you are transparent as glass. You must be a FO shill, probably a Paraag minion. Oh boo hoo, KS is crying because I am being mean to him? He better grow up quick. The only way I will stop questioning his judgement about not hiring an OC, is when he wises up and hires an OC, so he should just do it so we all can move on. Maybe then, he can start winning consistently.
              Hmmmm, bloviating, where have I heard that word before? You left out a few more words. I said Prime was a bloviating, blithering, bellicose, belligerent, bombastic buffoon.
              Believe it or not, by parroting me, you are giving me a compliment, and confirming the fact that you cannot generate an original thought.
              Please try harder. Some day, you will learn your lesson.

      2. Razor,
        If they sign Ansah I bet they draft Allen for the same reasons that if they sign Fowler they will draft Bosa.

        1. OldCoach, while I understand your logic, I’d be very surprised if they chose Allen over Bosa Constrictor in any scenario other than a significant compensation through a trade down….

          1. Razor,
            If that is true I believe it is far more likely that they would sign a OLB pass rush specialist to go along with Bosa like Fowler or Barrett not Ansah.

      3. Razor:
        * Still not sold on Earl Thomas: Maybe after the 9er Dr. do a medical examination and clear him? He’s also asking to be the top paid Safety in the NFL. is he really worth that much? His 2018 Salary was $8.5 Mil. Top 2018 safety salary was $12.5 Mil, He’s also said he wants to play for Dallas Cowgirls (per the press).
        * My issue with Ezekiel Ansah is his availability! One of the toughest players to evaluate in free agency, only 662 snaps combined over the last two years and a 2018 salary of $17,143,000….You have to ask yourself if he’s a prudent use of the 9er ~$66 Mil Salary Cap?

  7. From WF: “The team was atrocious against the pass last year. Poor play from the secondary was a primary factor but the lack of a pass rush didn’t help.”

    This is why a trade down to grab Baker is the better draft scenario for this team. Grab edge help in F/A and the second round or if necessary trade back into the back of the first. The first pick should be use to address the teams biggest need which is a new backfield.

  8. @ChaseGoodbread
    Follow Follow @ChaseGoodbread
    Alabama WR Henry Ruggs clocked by NFL scouts in the mid-4.2’s at UA’s junior pro day, per @mzenitz report.
    Has averaged close to 17 ypc for his career. Blazer.

  9. Ideal free agent/draft scenario:

    Sign Tre Boston to play FS for the first half of the season then moves to SS when Thornhill is ready to start.
    Sign Trey Flowers or Frank Clark for edge.
    Sign Rodger Saffold

    Trade #2 to Oak for #4 and #24 and #141.
    Trade #4 to Mia for #13 and their 2020 first round pick.

    Use #13 to draft Cody Ford (I’m pushing to upgrade the DB as a primary concern but any opportunity to grab Ford should be taken)
    Use #24 to draft DeAndre Baker (I’m struggling to see him last this long but this is an IDEAL scenario after all)
    Use #36 on Chase Winovich
    Use #67 on Juan Thornhill
    Use #104 on draft Gary Jennings

    1. So we turn a first round pick this year into 2 first round picks this year, a 4th round pick this year, and a second 1st round pick next year?

      I LIKE IT!

      1. Old Coach:
        * Seahags used the non-exclusive franchise designation on Clark. He can still sign with another team but they would have to give Seattle two first-round picks. I may be wrong, but don’t think that will happen…Do you?

    2. If quarterbacks go #1 and #2 I’d be inclined to stand pat and take one of Bosa or Allen at #4.

      I suppose it boils down to assessment. If big gap between Bosa/Allen and the next best pass rusher, stay at #4.
      If small (or no) gap between Bosa/Allen and players likely there at #13, trade.

  10. I like the pics Grant. I wouldn’t overpay for Thomas at this point in his career, would be nice to recreate that Legion of Boom in 9er land, but I just don’t see him being worth the highest paid Safety at this point in his career. I definitely like C.J. Mosley, Tre Boston, Tyrell Williams and Ziggy Ansah, if we could get all or at least two of those names I would be very happy.

    As for draft I, like many here am not sold on Bosa at number 2, would love to trade back in that scenario. I like the thought of Burns as a trade down pick, but interested on why no one’s talking about Clelin Ferrell, he’s been amazing coming off the edge and although he didn’t do anything to dazzle or increase his stock at the Combine, he definitely didn’t do anything to hurt it either, but no one talks about him. I would love him on our team, maybe not #2 overall, but definitely worth a top 10 selection in my opinion, thoughts?

  11. Fowler

    I honestly hope the 49ers do not sign Fowler. He is young and still has the potential to break out, but he failed to distinguish his self with the Jaguars (who run the same defense as the 49ers) and has several red flags during his time with the Jaguars. He only started to sign in Phillips’ defense after he was traded to the Rams, so I think Fowler is better suited to playing in that defense or a 3-4 scheme similar to it.


    Weddle would be a great option to fall back on if the team is unable to sign Thomas. He has managed to continue to produce at his position even though he is in his mid 30s. He would likely also come cheaper than Thomas, but can he play as a single high safety still?


    Boston would be a good signing if the team is unable to land someone from the upper tier of free agent safeties, but one has to ask why three teams have been willing to let him go in three seasons.


    If the team signs Roby to be their NCB, then this would be a great signing; if the team signs him to be a starter opposite of Sherman, then Shanahan and Lynch need to start job hunting because Roby was terrible when he was given the opportunity to be a starter with the Broncos.


    Williams would be a great signing and fit for the offense, but I think his price will be too high.

  12. I’m good with Grants current picks …. more so with the logic that is behind them. With the exception of Dante Fowler –the guy would be an exceptionally expensive situational pass rush specialist on a Non playoff contending team. If we were showing signs of playoff contention AND salary cap healthy…. I’d agree. Looking at team needs, I’d simply want the monies spent elsewhere….***cough cough… OFFENSIVE LINE!!! … cough cough*** Weddle would make a interesting pick up, but basically because of grant’s reasoning….. he’s still viable for several years and would provide valuable mentorship to a young drafted safety who will be heir apparent. I’m not just thinking Weddle either, Darian Stewart, even the guy Grant slated as long term would be great to pick up as well or in addition to. This defense is predicated on it’s safeties (plural) navigating and making plays. You want a speed boost at development? You need a veteran safety that can play in his own right and is familar with the system. Which would free up draft picks for other positions, including CB.

  13. Other free agents to consider:

    Tyrann Mathieu
    Adrian Amos

    Pierre Desir
    Steven Nelson

    Trey Flowers
    Za’Darius Smith
    Preston Smith

    Jordan Hicks
    C.J. Mosley

  14. Preston Smith is the edge player they should sign in FA. He is a better, more consistent pass rusher than Fowler and can play all three downs. He is also versatile enough to play SAM or DE. I don’t understand why you are so high on Fowler tbh – he’s just an ok player.

    Very much expect the team to sign a FS in FA and not draft one. Boston makes sense and is a guy I would be very happy if they signed, but I suspect Thomas will be their main target. I expect the team hasn’t given up on Colbert just yet, and they will also be cognizant that if Moore doesn’t work out at CB they can move him back to FS as well. The young guys they want to develop are already on the roster.

    I just don’t see the team signing an X in FA. Williams will get paid big time money and the other options are not good. And I still think Pettis will be playing X this year, with Goodwin his backup. You are putting too much stock in the 40 time he ran at his pro day while he was still recovering from an ankle injury. He is a 4.40-4.45 guy when healthy which is plenty fast enough. Plus a smooth runner with great footwork – he doesn’t struggle getting separation deep or running comebacks which is what the X is all about.

    If the 49ers are going to take an undersized CB in FA, the guy I think they will target is Verrett. His injury history will mean he comes cheap, but he has played in the system and played well when healthy. Like with FS, I suspect the team will look at CB as a position they have young talent at already anyway, it just needs developing and some veteran presence in the interim to compete with the young guys.

    I don’t like the LBs in this draft outside of the top guys, so I strongly expect a LB to be added in FA. Moseley might be too expensive, but there are other options available.

    1. Preston Smith is a decent player, but Dante Fowler is a better pure pass rusher. Same production with fewer snaps.

      I don’t understand how you can watch Dante Pettis play and think he runs 4.40 to 4.45. He does not have that kind of speed. That’s what Shanahan says Pettis is “not the fastest guy,” although he’s “not slow.”

      Roby played under Joe Woods, the 49ers new passing game coordinator. And Roby doesn’t have Verrett’s injury history. I’ll take Roby, who is not “undersized.” He is the same size as Shaquill Griffin.

      1. 4.40-4.45 is not far off what he ran on a bum ankle. You don’t take 9 punts to the house in college without having the speed to get away from people.

        Preston Smith is a better all round player. I will take the better all round player that can play run or pass equally well, and provides nice scheme flexibility. He will probably even cost less as he doesn’t have the shine of a former 1st round pick. Fowler is one dimensional and he’s only decent not great at that one dimension.

        1. Again, there is absolutely zero way anyone could watch Pettis last season and conclude he’s a 4.45 guy. That’s not him.

          Shanahan: “Pettis is fast enough. He’s not the fastest guy on our team, but he’s definitely not slow either. That’s why he’s got the capability, I think, to play all three positions.”

          4.40-4.45 is faster than fast enough. Shanahan wants a guy who can “flat-out run” in his starting lineup. That’s not Pettis.

          I’ll take the better pure pass rusher. The 49ers have run defenders.

          1. You take Shanny’s comment to suggest he believes he isn’t that fast. I see it the other way around. The emphasis is on “definitely not slow“. He’s plenty fast enough to play the X.

            1. Shanahan believes Pettis can play all three positions, but whereever he lines up, he needs to be paired with a burner because he isn’t one. He’s not the guy who clears space on the play-action naked bootleg pass. He’s the guy who runs the deep over.

              1. Emanuel Hall also is intriguing. Both he and McLaurin should be available in Round 3. Hall reminds me of Tyrell Williams.

    2. Completely agree with this philosophy, and assessment, although I’d tred lightly with another Hospital Ward like Verrett. Why not Steven Davis? Fowler’s being overvalued and hyped because of his upside. As Grant pointed out, you rarely see them available. I think McLaurin can play Z. I don’t think they feel like investing that much in Mosley either. Which LB do you feel they’ll end up with, Barrett?

      1. Verrett on the cheap makes some sense. If he can stay healthy he has shown he is a high calibre CB – best CB available in FA. If he doesn’t, 49ers still have the guys they believed in last year and still want to develop. They brought in Woods to coach these kids up.

        Not sure who they get at LB. Moseley, Hicks, Williamson, Perryman could all make sense.

          1. Gotta agree with Grant, this team has already leaned on that philosophy with Jimmy Ward. Aren’t you guys tired of the fix or repair daily routine? It’s like owning a classic muscle car you intend to cherry out. Several months into the project you’ll realize your money is needed elsewhere as well as a car that goes from point A to B without all the praying for it NOT to break down AGAIN!

      2. I love Verrett, but don’t think he can be had “on the cheap.” He is probably looking at an offer over 7-8 million a year, given top cornerbacks get 12-15. With his injury history, I’d want to cap at about 5-6/year.

        The other issue is that Verrett isn’t the prototypical size for the Cover 3 scheme.

        I’d consider Pierre Desir (who others have mentioned), and Eric Rowe as size-appropriate, cheaper veteran options that can come in and compete for a spot. Though I would spend more for Desir (Rowe is really about a 3-5 million/year player at best).

        1. Verrett’s contract will be incentive based due to his injury history. I highly doubt he gets much guaranteed money. So yes, he can be had on the cheap imo.

          He might not fit the mold, but he’s played in the same system and played well. That’s what matters.

          Rowe is the other guy I think they should consider. Very versatile.

          1. I’m not sure Verrett has played well in the Cover 3 scheme. The only year he played more than 6 games was in 2015, and John Pagano was the defensive coordinator at that time (Wade Phillips disciple). Gus Bradley didn’t come in until 2017, and Verrett was out for 2017 and 2018.

            Don’t get me wrong, like I said, I love Verrett. Supposedly one of the hardest working players, and loves the game. On character alone, I would take a chance he would be successful with the Niners. But the coaches are going to have to be satisfied he fits the scheme.

            1. True, he barely played since they switched to the same scheme the 49ers run. Still, he knows the system and he is a very good CB when healthy. As I said in my initial post, if they are thinking about taking a CB in FA that doesn’t fit the mold, I’d take Verrett (over, say, Roby).

              1. That’s the problem. He’s going to get paid big money. I can’t justify spending big money on him. If he comes at a reasonable price then sure, happy to have him, but that is too much.

              2. Yes, definitely Verrett over Roby. Even Roby only wanted the same amount of money as Verrett, Verrett over Roby.

              3. Grant: over Roby, yes. But I would look at Desir and Rowe before both of them because of availability and schematic fit. So:

                1. Desir: Offer between 5-7/year for 3 years. If No, then:
                2. Rowe: Offer between 4-6/year for 3 years. If No, then:
                3. Verrett: 1 year for $3 million, plus up to $4 million in incentives related to playing time, Pro Bowl selection, etc. Or 3 years, put the guarantees on the first year, with no guaranteed money so no drastic cap hit if cut after first year.

              4. I did not select Verrett exactly because of his injury history. Knee, then Achilles? Tinsel.

  15. 49reasons,

    Last month, In my initial study of the running backs, I listed my top 3. Benny Snell, Kentucky was # 2 .

    His Great Uncle, Matt, played for “Broadway Joe Namath” in the ’69 upset of Johnny Unitas’s Colts….I don’t think Grant caught that because it was way before his time.

    Damien Harris was my first back:

  16. OT, but I wish to extend my sincere condolences to Gary Radnich, who just lost his mother.
    I bet his father in heaven, is proud of the way Gary was such a dutiful son.
    Scott Boras a total class act, expressed his sympathies to Gary at the end of his interview.

  17. Deepest condolences to the Radnich family.

    KNBR has been a part of my life since the early days of Frank Dill and Mike Cleary. My all time favorite was Pete Franklin.

    No offence to our Razor, but the original “Razor” was Ralph Barbieri. I was listening live when Ralph and Rick Barry got into a tiff. Ahh, I miss those great days of radio.

  18. Again if SF lands Thomas, Fowler and Williams. And drafts Allen or Bosa. They will easily make the playoffs and will be a super bowl contender right off the bat.

  19. They will sign the same cheap 3rd and 4th tier type of players cause they are cheap. Doesnt matter if they have 100 million. 80 million. 65 million. 25 million. Same stuff every year. If the price is right. If the price is right. Exploring options. Looking into it.

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