Gambling on Garoppolo could burn 49ers

San Francisco is stuck with Jimmy Garoppolo for now.

If the 49ers release the veteran quarterback now, they will lose $7.5 million in possible cap savings due to the shoulder injury sustained against Dallas and the subsequent surgery. If they wait until Garoppolo can pass a physical, they could find a trade or release and free up $25.55 million in much-needed salary-cap space. Or the team could keep him on the roster.

As it currently stands, the Garoppolo contract hasn’t stopped San Francisco from filling out its roster. Only the top 51 contracts count against the salary cap during the offseason.

Garoppolo on the roster is another stumbling block toward getting a new contract for Deebo Samuel.

Even if Samuel would agree to accept a signing bonus of only $19 million, the bottom of the barrel for what top wideouts have received this offseason, the 49ers could not fit the deal under the salary cap. The only way to make this happen is if they were to move money from other players or restructure Garoppolo’s contract.

As you can see, the most cost-effective plan for the 49ers is to move on.

During an interview Monday afternoon with KNBR, 49ers general manager John Lynch was asked when the 49ers will have clarity on the situation with Jimmy Garoppolo. Lynch confirmed what most already suspected; the surgery killed trade talks for Garoppolo.

“That’s kind of a nebulous question,” responded Lynch, “because I felt like we were close on some discussions, and then the decision was made to have surgery, and that just brought things to a screeching halt. People just don’t do that, even with a likelihood that everything’s going to be good.”

Teams stepping away from trade talks makes complete sense for the other 31 teams in the NFL. After all, throwing the ball is kind of an essential ability for a quarterback to possess. Despite the injury, Lynch and the 49ers continue to hope they can get something in return for Garoppolo.

“We continue to get calls about Jimmy. One thing, we as a group got together and said, ‘he’s too good of a player. He’s got a lot of great tape out there, and you don’t just let guys like that walk out the door.’ We want to either have Jimmy playing for us, which we’re alright with, or we want him to get the value.”

“As for inflection points, probably once he starts throwing and stuff, I think people will feel more comfortable. And then, obviously, you need to let things play out for other teams. A lot of that was the draft. Now I think, just like we’re doing, everyone goes back and reevaluates the roster and sees where you’re at. Throughout the offseason and into training camp, injuries can happen as well.”

Carolina and Houston remain logical landing spots as trade partners for the 49ers, with the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks being less likely. For San Francisco, they better hope someone comes through for them. If they have to cut Garoppolo down the road, this whole exercise will have been a complete waste of time.

Reports surfaced during the draft that San Francisco is still looking for a second-round pick in return for Garoppolo, and that seems about as likely as hitting it big on the slot machines in Vegas, the site of last weekend’s NFL Draft. Everyone in the NFL knows Garoppolo won’t be the starter in San Francisco, and Lynch confirmed as much yesterday.

“Jimmy’s a part of us. We’re excited about that, but I think we all know that Trey (Lance) is going to get the opportunity to go out there and play. He’s got to earn that, but we believe he’s in the process of doing that.”

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  1. I’m guessing they got something worked out. The timing just isn’t right yet.

  2. I’m sure both the team and Jimmy would like this to be over as soon as possible but it won’t be over until he starts throwing at the earliest. I surely don’t believe they will have to carry him all year. As for the compensation if a couple of teams get desperate for a starting QB, a second round pick is not out of the question.

  3. San Francisco is still looking for a second-round pick in return for Garoppolo

    During the draft Eisen commented that the Texans said ” 49ers’ asking price for Garoppolo has been too high.” No one in there right mind would give up more than a 4th. We will probably have to release him in August .

    1. Their right mind.

      The overall draft was pretty interesting. I was convinced the Niners would trade up for Safety and use the other 3rd for a C. We pretty much did the opposite. We’ll see how things turn out but I am optimistic. Last year we beat the Superbowl Champs twice and beat the AFC Champ at Cincy. We also split with the NFC #1 seed Green Bay. Norman, a coverage liability, was replaced with Charvarious Ward and we improved our Special Teams on both the return and coverage side of the ball. Finally in the draft we added depth to the best D line in football and some playmakers on offense. I’m looking forward to the season.

  4. Ever consider the scenario that maybe the 49ers are upset with how Jimmy G played out the surgery timing so they will keep him out of spite and make him sit behind Trey Lance? Kind of forces the 49ers to trade Deebo but crazier things have happened in the NFL.

    1. Doubtful.
      That would be super petty on the teams part given how well he handled the team drafting Trey and how he mentored him and minimized any internal issues.

      1. Do you remember what the Raiders did to Marcus Allen? I would say Kyle Shanahan does not act like he’s above being petty. Players seem to go missing in his dog house every year.

        1. The so called doghouse is reserved for people who aren’t playing up to Shanahan’s standard. That has nothing to do with being petty. Rather it’s about good coaching.

      2. Agree, doubtful… Will be interesting to look back at May ’22 from the perspective of early December ’22.

  5. 49ers News:
    * Is Deebo Samuel coming around to returning to San Francisco?
    * “I’d be surprised if the 9ers don’t make this work…I would suspect at some point, once Deebo realizes for sure that he’s not going anywhere. Once there’s no other recourse for both sides, then they’ll get together and work that thing out.”
    * We may have already reached that point because yesterday, both Deebo Samuel and his brother expressed interest in a possible deal getting done on social media.

  6. I deebo is coming back. I dont think they will be able to trade Garoppolo. He will be either a back up (unlikely) or cut

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