Garoppolo rallies 49ers to win over Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo overcame himself when the 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals 36-26.

The game came down to the end, primarily because Garoppolo threw two second-half interceptions in the red zone when he had chances to put away the three-win Cardinals for good.

And the 49ers won primarily because Garoppolo threw for 424 yards and four touchdown passes, including one touchdown pass to Jeff Wilson Jr. that won the game in the fourth quarter.

Good Jimmy bailed out Bad Jimmy, and now the 49ers are 9-1.

“There were definitely some good things,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “And there were some really bad things. There were some things we got very excited about, and then we felt like we blew it a number of times.”

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    1. How old are you, Razor? Just curious. You remind me of a much younger version of myself. I used to get really affected by tough losses.

      I still see Kelvin Martin taking a slant 75 yards to seal the NFC championship for the cowboys.

      Or Jerry Rice’s 80 yard TD on the first series of the game being called back on a phantom holding penalty.

      Rough times..

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  1. That first interception was egregious, because JG threw like the defender was the intended receiver.
    Fortunately, JG has short memory loss, and put the pick behind him. He stayed aggressive all game. Unfortunately, there was another tipped pass for a pick.
    Both those picks were painful, because the Niners were in field goal range.
    Once again, the defense bailed out the offense, and the offense did enough to win.
    There were way too many penalties, but at least KS had good game and clock management.

    1. You can just as easily say the offense bailed out the defense. Neither side was dominant. It took a team effort. Your takes are starting to sound a lot like hot takes. And the ones that aren’t are making you sound like Captain Obvious. Do you have any real insights Sebbie? 🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. No, the defense held KM to 150 yards passing, and forced many 3 and outs. The defense bailed out the offense, especially with those 2 picks. Those picks did not bail out the defense.
        Candelabra, maybe you should dazzle me with your own insights, instead of relying on snark. What have you ever said that sounds insightful? Before the game, I advocated that they should use Dwelley as a receiver more, and wanted them to give Richie James more snaps. I even advocated that they should activate Jeff Wilson. In hindsight, those comments were spot on.

          1. Actually, before the season, I hoped the Niners would go 8-8, which would have doubled the win total from last season. After all the acquisitions and TC, I raised my win total and hoped they would have a winning season. After the preseason, I was so encouraged, that I thought the Niners could possibly win 10 games, and have a shot at the playoffs. I had previously hoped they would go 6-2 to begin the first half, because I thought they might go 2-6 in the second half. With a 9-1 record, something very few predicted, the Niners are poised to make it to the playoffs.
            However, these next few games will be very hard to win, because they are all playoff teams. Still, if the Niners manage to beat the Falcons and Rams, they will be playoff bound.
            Right now, the total focus should be on how to defeat the Packers. I hope the Niners look at that Packers/ Chargers game, and glean strategies on how to shut down Rodgers. I hope Saleh can dial up some exotic blitzes, to keep Rodgers off balance.
            On offense, I hope they utilize Wilson more. He seems to be able to run between the tackles, so I hope they line him up deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam before choosing the weakest part of the defense. Running counters and misdirections may help establish the running game. I hope the Niner offense becomes more balanced, because they will be harder to be shaped by the defense.
            If Breida comes back, I hope they deactivate Pettis, and keep Wilson active. Pettis needs to earn the right to play, while Wilson proved he is a good offensive weapon, running and catching the ball. If the Niners can have 30 running plays, and 30 passing plays, they have a good chance to win.

  2. Such a nostalgia inducing play design. My mind immediately went to young and watters. Great to win off of it. Personally think SEA and AZ’s strategy has been the right move on their part given the kittle injury and how good the run game is. The pressure being applied to Jimmy is validating it. Defenses will take qb hits as minor victories. The line HAS to be better or our qb won’t make it through.

  3. This was another example of JG coming up with big plays in critical moments, but also some very bad plays. The difference this week from last week? His receivers didn’t drop so many passes. This is who JG is. He can win you the game, but he will make some bad errors that can put the team in a hole.

    The disappearance of the running game is a concern moving forward when it comes to seeding and winning out through the playoffs. Because JG has those big errors in his game you don’t want to have to ride the JG rollercoaster to victory every week. But its comforting to know that if it comes down to him winning the game, he has that ability. You will need your QB to win you some big games.

    The next three games are going to be huge. We will get a better handle on where the 49ers are really at through this stretch.

    1. Also, not exactly news, but Deebo Samuel has been excellent the past few weeks. He still has some rookie gaffes and some drops in him, but he has stepped up and made some big plays. 16 catches for 246 yards the past two games. I expect as Kittle and Sanders get healthy again over the coming weeks his contribution will reduce a bit, but if he can be a good third receiver to those two the rest of the year that will be huge.

    2. Most things in life are relative and that goes for QB play as well (although we would like our QB to have a perfect rating every game).

      So, I decided to look at some stats for QBs that have attempted to pass the ball at least 159 times so far this season (Marcus Mariota). Total number of quarterbacks on the list is 33. I’ll just present the numbers:

      1) Jimmy G is number 13 in passer rating at 97.7 (high is 114.9 for RW and the low is 76.8 for Baker Mayfield).

      2) Jimmy G throws for a first down on 40.7% of his attempted passes second only to Dak Prescott who is at 40.8%. The difference is probably 1 dropped first down by our questionable receiving group. The range is 27.65% (Trubisky) to 40.8% (Prescott).

      3) Jimmy G has thrown 10 interceptions which puts him tied with 3 other QBs at 3rd highest. Since the number of pass attempts is not the same for all QBs, a better way to look at this is number of interceptions thrown per 100 pass attempts. The average number of interceptions thrown per 100 pass attempts for the 33 QBs on the list is 2.06. The range is 4.43 for Jameis Winston to 0.343 for Patrick Mahomes. Jimmy is #7 on this list at 3.15 interceptions thrown for every 100 passes attempted. So, basically, Jimmy throws about 3 interceptions per 100 passes attempted while the average is around 2.

      4) Jimmy has lost 3 fumbles which puts him tied for 5th highest with 4 other QBs on the list. The high is 7 fumbles for Daniel Jones and zero fumbles lost for 9 QBs on the list. Probably the best way to normalize these numbers is with the number of plays each QB has been in on. Unfortunately, I don’t have that stat. If we look at fumbles lost per 100 pass attempts, Jimmy is ranked #7 at 0.946 fumbles lost per 100 pass attempts. The average for the list of 33 is 0.566 fumbles lost per 100 pass attempts.

      5) Jimmy G has completed 68.8% of his attempted passes, which is ranked #6 on the list. The range is 75.4% for Drew Brees to 59.1% for Marcus Mariota. The average is 64.8%.

      6) Jimmy G is ranked tied for #1 with Tom Brady for games won this year where he was the starting QB. Football is, of course, a team sport so make of this what you will.

    3. Another statistic that I think is important is the total number of games a QB has started. Here are the stats for the 33 QBs that I mentioned in my post above (Jimmy is tied with Sam Darnold for the 6th fewest games started).

      Tom Brady 317
      Drew Brees 283
      Philip Rivers 229
      Matt Ryan 193
      Joe Flacco 186
      Aaron Rodgers 184
      Matthew Stafford 152
      Russell Wilson 135
      Ryan Fitzpatrick 133
      Andy Dalton 131
      Derek Carr 88
      Kirk Cousins 85
      Jameis Winston 64
      Case Keenum 63
      Marcus Mariota 63
      Dak Prescott 61
      Jared Goff 52
      Carson Wentz 50
      Mitchell Trubisky 36
      Teddy Bridgewater 35
      Deshaun Watson 33
      Patrick Mahomes 27
      Jacoby Brissett 26
      Baker Mayfield 23
      Josh Allen 21
      Jimmy Garoppolo 20
      Sam Darnold 20
      Lamar Jackson 18
      Kyler Murray 11
      Kyle Allen 9
      Daniel Jones 8
      Gardner Minshew II 8
      Mason Rudolph 7

      1. Jimmy has thrown just 700 passes.. I think this was mentioned in an ESPN post. On par with the likes of Sam Darnold.

    4. I agree that this is where Jimmy is now, but in any career, the more you work, the better you get at it. This is true with labor and but also more true with jobs that require rapid assimilation of data and QB probably requires this more than any position in sports and more than almost all careers, period. I’m glad no one made decisions about my career potential one year in. 15 years later I continue to improve in my work efficiency and quality

      The fact he has shown he can be excellent early in his career with only momentary lapses in decision making is encouraging. I think its almost a guarantee that he will continue to improve if he is given the opportunity to perform.

      And I know you weren’t claiming that Jimmy is where he is always going to be Scooter, I’ve just been hearing a lot of this talk recently and wanted to point out that he does have a lot of room to grow with experience only being a starter for a full season’s worth of games.

      1. Good post. I think it is fair to have some concerns that JG may never eliminate his tendency to put the ball in harm’s way a few times a game (in fact getting rid of this entirely I think would be detrimental as it is the flipside of the coin to some of his impressive tight window throws), but yes, it is something that hopefully he improves over time.

  4. Good excitiing game….Jimmy and Sherm need to get it together….those two in particular can win or lose a game for ya….

    Bad Sherm .. not much good Sherm……..need to bench Sherm and start AW and EMosely…….Jimmy needs to pull his head out and stop throwing balls to the other team…way too many turnovers from a strarting QB … this could kill in the playoffs…

    Wilson deserves more touches, dude is a beast let him play….

    1. Agreed. Maybe Sherman is reported having a face-saving “injury” at practice this week.
      I trust coach to decide where Wilson should be played however. Seems like they feel he has some obvious strengths, but for most plays the other RBs are better choices?

      1. Yes but on those failed 4th down plays put in Wilson to plow through the line…its a no brainer…..3rd short lets see Wilson…..

        Yes Sherm is just bad…..he is however a leader so what have you??

  5. The last time the 49ers won the Superbowl was 1994. If I recall correctly, the 49ers got destroyed by the Eagles at home early in the season. Charlie Garner ran wild all over the 49ers. The next week the 49ers went on the road against the Lions and got down by 14 points early but came back to win that game. Steve Young said he felt like that game was the turning point in the season. 49ers went on to win the Superbowl and dominate on offense. Probably not the same turning point kind of game but this Cardinals game really means something. 49ers have proven to themselves they are resilient and will never give up. Good win.

    1. True that…well until JimmyP the pick machine throws a critical INT and team rolls home for the holidays….the INT’s and fumbles have to stop

      20TD 15 turnovers….yikes..

      Needs to clean it up

    2. Houston,
      Oh I remember that game it was the only game I attended that year. I sat next to an idiot who screamed for Elvis all game long. It made for a really long day.

        1. I don’t think they’re idiots – and I don’t think they’re serious. They’re just trying to get under our skin while keeping the eternal 49er quarterback controversy going. Stupid is as stupid does. Just like quarterback controversies are a 49er tradition, ignoring them is the time honored remedy.

      1. Say what you want about Elvis Grbac but I will never forget the great day he and Jerry Rice had in Dallas. Everyone expected the 49ers to lose but Grbac and Rice whooped some Cowboy a$$. That one day was well worth every penny the 49ers ever paid Elvis Grbac.

        1. Lol! I remember that game like it was yesterday. My buddy at work who was a big Dallas fan was on a suicide watch the whole week after that game😊

  6. The good Jimmy/bad Jimmy conundrum. Actually, it’s simple physics–particles and anti-particles…

    What are anti-particles (i.e., bad, or anti-Jimmy’s)? From Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler….

    Anti Jimmys are often made out to be a lot more mystical and mysterious than they actually are, thanks to science fiction, Grant Cohn’s blogging, and other fiction such as Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. I emphasize, fiction.

    Every type of particle (say, a good QB) has an anti-particle (bad QB). Usually this is a distinct type of particle, but it can happen that the anti-particle and the particle are the same. Only particles satisfying certain conditions (for example, if they are electrically neutral) may be their own antiparticles. The only examples so far from the list of elementary particles are photons, Z particles, gluons and gravitons… and possibly the three neutrinos. Every other particle has a distinct anti-particle, with the same mass but opposite electric charge. [The neutron is an example of an electrically neutral particle that is not its own anti-particle; like the proton, the neutron contains more quarks than anti-quarks, whereas the anti-neutron contains more anti-quarks than quarks.]

    What made anti-matter so famous and thence so mysterious-sounding? The statement that “matter and anti-matter annihilate into pure energy.” This statement, though it sounds cool, is glib. It isn’t entirely false, but it certainly isn’t true either. The reality is both more complex and less astonishing-sounding.

    Same would be true for the dual Sebbie phenomena we’ve experienced of late–good Sebbie/bad Sebbie.

        1. Why yes! I am your friend in the diamond business!

          I am primarily a Broncos fan but I do have roots in the Bay Area and thus follow the 49ers closely.

          I also follow the Royal Antwerp FC in the Belgian leagues, although we haven’t been good in quite some time.

    1. Keep getting him the ball….Samuel > Pettis……James > Pettis…….Dwelly > Kitt….uh..wait…no …forget about it…lol

      They need to keep feeding these two….throw in some Wilson …. team has weapons but needs to use them…

    1. Although you can’t just look at the annual average, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are at around $32 million per year (although Wentz can potentially get that up to $36 million per year). If you want to say “Yikes” how about this. Carson Wentz’s guarantee is $66 million whereas Jared Goff’s guarantee is an NFL-record setting $110 million.

      Jimmy’s contract has a yearly average of $27.5 million with $74.1 million in guarantees.

    2. Teams have to pay market rate for a franchise QB, whatever it is. As the game becomes more like the college game, more QBs will come into the market with NFL-ready skills and the price should level off or even go down.

        1. And as things stand now, teams would rather pay for the possibility that a relatively unknown quantity, who has shown some upside, might be better than average rather than pay for someone who has proven to be average.

  7. IMO Richard Sherman is the weak link in the 49er secondary. Moseley and Witherspoon are better. When both are healthy I would advocate for Sherman to get benched. I seriously don’t like the guy personally or professionally. Never have – Never will. This latest thing where Sherman complains his involvement in the NFLPA is the reason the NFL is harder on him than other DB’s is monumentally stupid. Not because he’s wrong. But because he said it publicly. No way you can look at the PI reviewed and not overturned in the Ravens game and the PI that was overturned against Sherman, both by the league office, and come away with any other conclusion than the calls are influenced by something more than the play on the field. You can’t look at the Rams/Saints NFCCG last year and not think the refs wanted the team from Los Angeles in the Superbowl. Seems pretty obvious to me officiating can be influenced one way or the other. All you have to do to get totally Fd over by the refs is to complain about it.

    1. “…his latest thing where Sherman complains his involvement in the NFLPA is the reason the NFL is harder on him than other DB’s is monumentally stupid.”

      Monumentally stupid – I know he is a Niner but you don’t have to be so nice.

  8. What’s lost in all this whining and belly aching is the fact that the Niners for the first time since 2013 are assured to having a winning record.

  9. In my opinion talk of benching Sherman is absurd. Even when with the Seattle Seaweed and all over Crabtree it was hard to not respect him for his play on the field and his willingness to say what was on his mind even if controversial. Since he’s been here the secondary has vastly improved even if he is no longer the player he once was. He is like having a coach on the field and his remarks to the media keep the team grounded. I think he is Lynch’s best acquisition or at least on the short list. I suspect Tartt’s, Mosely’s, and Witherspoon’s development have a lot to do the influence of Sherman. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my opinion.

    1. Totally Agree. You are wrong. Last year the 49ers set the NFL record for fewest Int’s in a season. As I recall, Richard Sherman was part of that record setting secondary. Last year the 49ers ranked as the 31st worst defense in the NFL in passing TD’s allowed with 35 TDs. As I recall, Richard Sherman was part of that abysmal defense. Last year, the 49ers were the 31st worst defense in QB Rating allowed when opposing QB’s had a whopping 105.4 rating on the year. As I recall, Richard Sherman was part of that sieve of a defense.

      What is the one thing that has changed? Dee Ford and Nick Bosa. Richard Sherman is not the reason for the improvement on defense. The pass rush is the reason for the improvement on defense. The Cards went after Sherman because he is old and slow. It’s very possible the next few games are going to expose just how old and slow Sherman has become when he faces Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. And saying stupid sh*t to the media doesnt keep the team grounded. If you think Sherman accusing the NFL and it’s refs of being corrupt actually helps the rest of the team then that is absurd. I don’t mind guys speaking their minds. I do mind guys being grade A A-holes and that is Richard Sherman.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you about Sherman. I’m old school. Dwight Hicks and the Hot Licks. Ronnie Lott and Carlton Williamson bringing the lumber. None of those guys ever complained and had a chip on their shoulder the size of Twin Peaks.

        Sherman grew up in South Central, had not one, but two parents, was good enough and smart enough to get a scholarship to Stanford.

        In spite of his humble roots, Sherman was elite, athletically and institutionally.

        And yet, he moans on and on, like he’s repressed at every level. Maybe he uses this as motivation, but after a hard fought game, where the Niners come out on top, and we can look at Jimmy G and raise a glass to his comeback drive, Sherman talks out of his azz and makes a stupid comment about how he’s flagged because he’s a “union guy.”

        Give me a break.

        It’s not too unlike how posters come in after a win and point stuff out and get flack from other posters to just shut up and enjoy the win.

        Maybe the same posters can send the same message to Sherman via Twitter.

        Sherman could have said, “Yeah, those PI calls against me could have really set us back, but the rest of the D stepped up when we needed it, and Jimmy G answered the call.”

        But no, always about him.

        BTW, he and the Legion were mugging people all of the time, so he’s had a career of getting away with it. Now that he’s a step slower, it’s becoming more obvious when he’s hanging on a WR like a wet rug.

    2. OldTimeFan,

      You are not wrong. If you listen to Moseley’s interviews (The Athletic, KNBR), he has profusely thanked Sherman for the latter’s mentoring. At the end of TC, Witherspoon spoke highly of Sherman’s role in his improved confidence in himself.

      It’s typical of fans who scan boxed scores and make judgements unburdened by the thought process to ask for Sherman’s benching. The fact is that 20 penalties were called by the refs on both sides, half of them were either phantom calls or borderline cases. It almost made the game unwatchable. BTW, one reason why the Seahawks game was so gripping was that the game was called a little more loosely, and borderline PI’s and holds were not called. IMO, 2 out of the 3 Sherman’s PI’s would not have been called in an average game.

  10. It was understandable, that the Niners abandoned the run, and went pass happy, because I believe the Card secondary was last in the league, while the run defense was 22nd in the league.
    Green Bay is a different story. They are 23rd in passing defense, and 25th in run defense. Not good for either category, so I hope the Niners have a more balanced attack. Thankfully, while the Packer defense has improved from last season, they still are ranked 28th, giving up 385 yards per game. I hope the Niners follow the Chargers blueprint, on how to stymie Rodgers.
    Since the preseason, I have been calling for Sherman to be moved to safety. Ronnie Lott did it, and it prolonged his career. Ward did OK, but he took bad angles on 2 of their TDs. Tartt had shown he needs to be on the field as SS. However, if they go to a dime package, Tartt could be moved to a LB spot. I think he is just as big as Kwon. That way, Sherman could switch to SS, and leave Ward at FS. Maybe even include Tarvarius Moore at FS, at times.
    I do not think they should bench Sherman, because it might turn out to be another Bowman situation. I like his leadership, so I hope he can still play and perform well. However, he is no longer a shut down corner, so I hope he can contribute in other ways.
    I hope the Niner defense goes with the standard 4-3, to shut down the run game, because I think Jones is better than Drake. Hopefully, the Niners can build a lead, forcing Rodgers to pass. Then the wide 9, with some exotic blitzes can be employed.
    I hope Bosa plays better. he needs to maintain his edge, and not let Rodgers break containment. He also needs to stay on his feet. On one play, he allowed a TE to knock him to the ground. This game, I hope Bosa can dominate, and get a couple sacks. He should take a stutter step inside, then attack wide.
    I will still call on JG to have better ball security. He did not fumble, but he drove to the red zone twice, and got zero points. Fortunately, JG put those turnovers behind him, and concentrated on scoring TDs, instead of settling for field goals. While I am generally happy with his play, I still think he needs to eliminate the unforced errors. There is room for improvement.
    I will commend KS for his game and clock management. I excoriated him for his thinking during the Seahawks game, so I will praise him for this last game, because he did well. Still, there is room for improvement. He still did not consider time outs to be precious, and saved for LEGITIMATE challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. That challenge was on an iffy play, with little chance for success. He still was not crisp and efficient with the play clock, so he had to burn a time out to save them from a delay of game penalty. However, he still kept at least 2 time outs, and used them wisely.
    No matter what, the defense is bailing out the offense, by only allowing a stingy 15.5 points per game. No matter what the circumstances, the defense is doing a stellar job, so the Niners have yet to be blown out. Thankfully, the offense has been humming, so they both ave contributed to their fantastic 9-1 record.
    I wish to commend John Lynch. He has assembled a powerful squad. He also has provided good depth, so the team is resilient, even with all those injuries. After the fiasco of Foster and Joe Williams, along with the regression of Pettis, JL has since then done a magnificent job as GM, and KS should thank his lucky stars that he has a GM that is so competent.

      1. And I forgot to mention that KS listened to me about penalties, false starts, game clock.
        This is one of the things that is outstanding this season and we are a leader in!
        It’s a huge difference compared to previous seasons.

  11. I think we have to get back to rotating running backs. Mostert, Breida(when healthy), Wilson, and Coleman. I’m assuming we have been suiting at least three. However, they each bring something slightly different to the field. We need to use their skills to our advantage.

  12. Looking back as the 9ers sit with a 9 and 1 record — Grant’s take from last summer (9ers strife…)…

    Shanahan addressed that claim on Friday. “I’ve been in a lot of buildings. More people have a voice in here than any place I’ve ever been. When it comes down to it, one or possibly two people make the decisions. That’s the NFL. If people have a problem with that, then I’m glad they’re in another building.”

    Meaning Shanahan believes the source of Bleacher Report’s article is a disgruntled scout who no longer works for the 49ers.

    “There have been two stories (during the offseason) that have been negative about us,” Shanahan said. “Both came from the exact same spot. That, to me, is a person who is not here (anymore). I feel pretty good about that.”

    The second story also came from Bleacher Report and broke just after the draft. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller cited sources inside both the 49ers’ scouting department and coaching staff who said Lynch and Shanahan don’t share the same vision for the team. According to Miller’s sources, Shanahan no longer trusts Lynch’s ability to scout players, and feels he needs to help Lynch do his job.

    “The respect continues to grow in what we’re doing,” Lynch argued. “With time, you try to improve on everything you do. I can assure people we really do like each other. And more importantly, we communicate really well on every facet of this football team, and that’s fun. It’s fun to work with someone you believe in. I’ll leave it at that.”

    Which means everything is hunky-dory in 49erland.

    1. Winning changes everything.

      The Niners haven’t really beaten anyone of note. Sorry, that’s the truth. Sisters of the poor mostly. Even Carolina, who came in hot, got totally throttled by a resurgent Atlanta yesterday.

      The Cardinals have been really good sparring partners, but now the Niners are going to enter the octagon this Sunday.

      We/they will know where they’re really at in six weeks.

      They have a lot to clean up to tangle with the likes of the Packers, Ravens, Saints Seahawks and even the fired up Falcons.

      Shanahan is going to have to innovate and use players a bit differently, like Mostert and Wilson in unique ways.

      Also, when Kittle gets back, two TE sets with the ascending Ross Dwelley should be exploited even more, utilizing Dwelley’s pass catching skills.

      I’m concerned about them at linebacker. I think that this is the weak link. Let’s hope that Az-Shahir can get back on the field and make a difference.

      1. Every week it’s the same old crap, they haven’t beaten anyone yet. They are 9 and 1, enjoy the ride!

        1. Why should the two be mutually exclusive? Why can’t we enjoy the ride and be objective? Some people are capable of both. Apparently, for others, it makes their brains hurt.

      2. We/they will know where they’re really at in six weeks.


        And 30 years from now we’ll have a better sense for where the 2019 9er season ranks in NFL lore.

      3. We/they will know where they’re really at in six weeks.

        Which brings the question to mind. Will we really know where they are at if they end 13-3? 12-4? 11-5? 10-6? Do any of those records disqualify them from advancing in the playoffs? Will a loss at NO guarantee a loss at NO later in the playoffs? Same with Seattle? Honestly, we don’t and won’t know anything.

        1. Many months ago one of our esteemed commenters deemed all (nearly all) things meaningless. Is there meaning this season, yet? Oh, I feel lost….

      4. Being objective is fine but some in here are not objective they are just miserable and negative. Every team in this league has issues during the season, just look at the teams you listed coming up on the Niners schedule. Packers barely beat Carolina at home and got smoked by the Chargers the week before. If the Niners beat them this week that will be the go to for all the knuckleheads on here. The Packers haven’t beaten anybody just wait until they have to go to Baltimore and New Orleans. They beat one or both of those teams and it’s, Baltimore got blown out by Cleveland they’re frauds or the Saints got beaten by the Falcons. It’s not objective it’s a mental defect that won’t allow some fans to just be happy the team is playing at a high level against even the most optimistic expectations. I can’t imagine how much it sucks to be so miserable that you can’t even enjoy a win.

        1. You made my point perfectly. Some people think they are being objective when in reality they are just being negative. Some are just being jerks and trolls.

        2. Dolphins beat the Colts. Colts beat the Chiefs. Chiefs beat the Ravens. Ravens bet the Patriots. Going by some of the results-based reasoning I read on this blog, the FIns are better than the Pats….

    2. Which means everything is hunky-dory in 49erland.

      Grant got the last part right. And we know Grant never resorts to snark, does he? Why if he did, one of our Sebs would surely call him out on it.

  13. My first post after that Seattle game….its been a while a game took much from me….

    Glad we won the cardinals game….Greenbay win will make me feel better…

    My 2 cents so far…JimmyG needs to get his shyte together….he needs to check down more…..

    That wilson touchdown was the same play called for Breida couple of weeks ago…….come out of the back field ..fake one way and turn to the end zone. ….that play wins all the time…

    Kshanny needs to get back to winning instead of trying to be cute……

  14. Just how many Sebbie’s do we have on this blog?
    I haven’t started worry about either how many games this team will win or the playoffs. Right now I’m along for ride one game at a time. Today the team has a winning record f.or this season, it seems it’s been a life time ago the last time we had a winning record.
    Go Niners! !

        1. I generally desist from non-football ramblings, but one often has to do indulge in some gla(n)d-handling to usher in the holiday season…

            1. Your knowledge of fetishes may be even less than your knowledge of football — perhaps it’s best that you stick with rugby?

              1. I mean, dude, you’re the one who professed to having a thing for “gland-handling”. I’m sure there is a special community for people like you, that caters to your… tastes. Or, you know, the nearest asylum, where you should probably be anyway…

  15. On the really tiring Kap saga….

    Am just glad he won’t be bringing the circus to us…..

    Can’t wait till they find out dude can’t read defenses…

    1. No kidding, he didn’t really look that great at his 40 min. show either the other day, plus he told the NFL to F off again by moving it.

  16. Greenlaw has the highest PFF grades among Niners defenders in both the contests he has replaced Kwon Alexander at Will.

    Another fifth round slam-dunk?

    1. With Bosa playing well all year and Samuel starting to come on, Skule showing he can handle spot duty, the 2019 draft class is looking pretty good early on.

  17. Ford is out multiple weeks now. Kittle might not play again this week. Hurd might not play this year.
    Doesn’t it feel like there’s a lot of dishonesty with these injuries?
    Hurd was “day to day” in preseason.
    Every game brings a new critical injury it seems.

    1. “Doesn’t it feel like there’s a lot of dishonesty with these injuries?”
      No, it feels exactly the opposite. They have been honest and optimistic, and injury recovery is an uncertain process with a lot of variance.

  18. Kaep bashers are very active rt now, even on a Niner blog sadly. So for Gits and shiggles, let’s do a mental exercise. Visualize JG on that Kelly or tomsula squad, do u envision success by Jimmy? Your a fool if u do, no line…no wrs… kittle….no run game. Who exactly would play well in that situation? But wait he still had 17tds 3ints 500 yards rushing. I wish people would just say he isnt playing because politics, to imply he isnt talented enuf is laughable. I’m guessing theres a tech savvy guy on this blog that could post highlights youtube from new England in a freezing sleet. Pat’s hadn’t lost at home in couple yrs I believe, we couldn’t get much going on the ground so guess who outdueled Brady in his own house? No read option plays, or qb keepers….just seeds FROM THE POCKET. Going through reads, with ease…..I’d love to hear a counter analysis to that qb duel. From anyone but sebs, although hes prob busy finishing his painting of Grant.

    1. Kap had 16 tds, 4 ints, and under him the Niners averaged less PPG and a lower win percentage than with Gabbert. But when Gabs was starting, he was the main flaw according to some Kap fans. Fact is the QB was, in both cases, one of the best players on the team, with no receivers, a horrible scheme and a terrible defence. Chip didn’t help much further by splitting all through pre season, meaning any QB who won the job was two weeks behind everyone else, and then changed his mind 5 weeks later. I remember reports coming out suggesting Chip’s job was safe near the end, thankfully Jed had the rare good sense to fire him.

  19. I’ll say it dReed. He’s not playing because of politics. Let’s just tackle that before talking about his ability. Without going Sebian with nineteen paragraphs, by kneeling during the National Anthem, for whatever cause, he immediately alienated at least 50% of the fan base, about the same percentage that this country is divided politically. If anything, the political environment since he started his protests has even gotten worse. Couple that with the fact that most if not all of the owners are rich, white, conservative folks, and you have the basic reason he hasn’t been signed. That alone. No team in the south is gonna sign him. No way, no how. Nobody in the west (more liberal) needs a QB, except maybe Denver. Their owner is a big Republican (like probably most of the owners). Not going there. NY teams. Nope. Florida teams? Nope. Texas teams? lol. Not a chance. Midwest teams. Doubt it. The fan uproar at almost all NFL cities, along with the media circus that would engulf the team, at least in the short run, but possibly for longer, outweighs whatever skill he would bring to the team, by a country mile. He’s kryptonite. As for the skill he would bring? Who knows? He hasn’t played in three years. Thats a long time. Would he be better than some of the chumps that are behind center now. Probably. Would he be among the top 20 QB’s in the league. Probably not. He’s probably just add to the mediocrity of the league. Once he walked out the Forty Niner doors, I stated back then he’d never play another down in the NFL. I wasn’t crowing about it. I wasn’t even happy about it. I was just stating what I thought was fact. So far I’m right. It’s more about the times that we live in than his talent, though I personally think he was a “flash in the pan” phenomenon that took the league by storm, who eventually was figured out (The NFL has a way of doing that) and once that happened he was just another average QB who’s last three years were not great on lousy teams. I hope someone signs him so we can finally see. I don’t think it will happen. JMHO Have a great one.

  20. Kaep is being blackballed because the Orange Glow is threatening to eliminate the non profit status of the league.
    Thankfully, he is about to be removed from office, because we are finding out through Stone that he cheated by accepting foreign interference to win, thus making his presidency illegitimate. He even lost the popular vote by millions. He has repeatedly lied, kissed Putin’s arse, abandoned the Kurds, our allies, committed crimes, obstructed justice, and could be removed for asking for foreign assistance against a political rival. Someday, the con will be exposed.
    Kaep is just exercising his universal right to peacefully and silently protest for social justice. He has started a dialogue, and rogue cops are finally being convicted and going to jail. Kaep has promoted accountability, de-escalation tactics, and widespread use of body cams for documentation.
    I do not know why posters are afraid of even letting him have a chance to play. What not a profile in courage. They should be clamoring to let him have a chance to play, so all of their screeds can be proven right. Kaep cannot read a defense? He ran the pistol, which required multiple reads. He got to the SB after 10 games, because he could read defenses. He has thrown for over 400 yards, and has done something no other QB can claim. He set the playoff QB rushing record of 181 yards. His 4-2 road playoff record is impressive. Dual threat QBs like Kaep and Lamar Jackson, will become the wave of the future.
    Kaep was the victim of Baalke dismantling a SB team, with turnstile O linemen, and WRs who could not catch the ball. (Even JG cannot win with that happening, like in the Seahawks game.) He was set up to lose, so they could get a high draft position. Baalke was furious when Kaep willed his team to win against the Rams, because Baalke was going to miss out on getting the first pick in the draft, and Myles Garrett. He is the guy under an indefinite suspension, so in hindsight, the Niners do not need that kind of headache.
    Right now, Kaep had a better QBR than 24 QBs in the league. To be objective, there are 24 QBs who have a superior QBR than Kaep, including JG who has a 97.7 QBR. I am glad JG is the Niner franchise QB, but think at least 8 teams could benefit from having Kaep play for them.
    The NFL gave themselves another black eye for their sham tryout. If they wanted it to be fair, they should have scheduled it on a Tuesday, when scouts and FO people could attend. They should have allowed the media to attend, but did not, because they were afraid Kaep may have performed well. They tried to blindside him, by insisting on a totally unfair waiver, which JPN even advised against signing, instead of the standard injury waiver. Still, he performed well, in front of reps from 8 teams, completing 53 out of 60 passes, and showed he could make all of the throws, with touch and accuracy.
    The biggest travesty, is watching the drek QBs, struggle to have even basic competency. Teams may be tanking for Tua, but now that he is injured, they are looking foolish putting a substandard product on the field. They would rather lose without Kaep, than win with him.
    Kaep may be his own worst enemy, by letting his gf influence his decisions. The Kunta Kinte shirt was probably her idea, since she invoked slavery with her Django post. He should just stick to football, and take politics out of his actions, when on the field or side lines. Until he does, the backlash and blackballing will continue. There are much better ways to protest, that do not offend, and are not counter productive. If he wants to play football, he should stick to football.

      1. Too bad Hoyer could not play like that.
        I am not too upset Kaep is not playing. He made his own decisions, and has to live with them. Yes, he is being blackballed, but social justice warriors know they would get backlash, and even possibly lose their freedom (and their jobs) for their cause.
        While I think he should still play, wearing a Kunta Kinte shirt will not help him gain employment.

      1. ‘Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem Flag and Country? Change tax law!’ DT.

          1. No, he is right. The NFL may have dropped their tax exempt status, but they still get massive tax breaks for things like stadium construction.
            With 9 bil in revenues, I just hope the NFL will pay their fair share of taxes. However, the rich always get the tax breaks. Nothing new.
            No matter what, the NFL owners are cowed by the Orange Glow. When he says to fire that SOB, that is exactly what they did.

  21. Why all the injuries? I thought when they changed trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, the injury rate would decline. It seems like just as many as last season.
    Guess this is a violent sport, and attrition should be expected.

  22. I was looking forward to Goodwin having a big game against the Cardinal and he had one catch and one big drop. I think Bourne also had another drop although he pulled in a few catches including the TD.

    IIRC, Jimmy has few tipped balls or “errant” passes directed at Kittle or Sanders. I bet that will be the case with Deebo, too. What’s common to them? They run precise routes, position their body well to highpoint the ball, and play thru contact, all of which help when the passes are less than perfectly thrown, which is happening partly because of inadequate pass-pro, and partly because of Jimmy’s brain cramps.

    The almost-interceptions thrown by Jimmy G may be be ascribed to poor route running combined with Jimmy G forcing it in order to make a play. The numbers with Sanders on and off the field in the Seahawks game show the effect of missing Sanders route running. Jimmy G is a timing QB and expects the receiver to be at a certain spot at a certain time. That isn’t happening with these three amigos, particularly Goodwin and Pettis. My frustration with these 3 receivers is that (1) their consistency has not improved with familiarity with the offense and (2) they all performed poorly in the first playoff-level “big” game of their career with the Niners.

  23. Brent Jones is worried about complacency. Sure, we all are ecstatic over this 9-1 record, but I hope the Niners improve, and do not believe their press clippings, saying they are perfect, and do not need to worry about losing. Any objectivity is negative, and should be stricken from the blog? No, Richard Sherman invites constructive criticism, because he knows that the Niners have yet to play a perfect game against a playoff team.
    Richard Sherman needs to improve. Those 3 PI calls hurt the team, and led to the Cards building a 16 point lead.
    JG needs to improve. If he had better ball security, the Niners might have had a much easier time beating the Cards, a 3 win team.
    KS has improved in his game and clock management skills from the Seahawks game, but he still could improve. He still wasted 2 time outs.
    The RBs need to improve. 34 yards is not impressive, and led to the Niners being one dimensional.
    The D line could improve. They let the Squirrel escape, and run for 67 yards.
    The safeties could improve. Ward took a bad angle on 2 TD plays.
    Why do I want the Niners to improve? Because I want them to continue winning. If they become complacent, they will not play with an edge, which could lead to losing.
    Brent Jones think the coaches are nit picking away. They are pointing out all the bad plays, to show how they can improve.

  24. With these injuries every damn game it’s really hard to enjoy these wins.
    I’m done predicting games.
    Who knows who’s playing or who’s sitting on the sidelines with an injury anymore.
    It’s beyond ridiculous the past three seasons.

  25. No doubt 9er injuries have impacted on-field play. I’d think everyone would want to have sidelined starters and key backups in good health as the season wraps up and playoffs unfold.

    The one bright side in all this is that backups are getting reps–lots of reps. And these reps are in high pressure, high energy games. If ya gotta have backups playing, better to have that when the team has a competitive record, vs being winless (or nearly so). Having backups with many reps improves the likelihood of 2019 success (should backups be called on to start), and also improves the talent pool as the 9ers prepare for the 2020 season.

    1. And this team and NYG with 22
      Chiefs and Chargers with 23 lead the league.
      Sorry. I don’t know how big their injuries are with all players, but ours are big injuries. And for me as a fan it’s hard to celebrate a loss with a loss of a player every week.

  26. How much will Ford injury impact this team? Still have Bosa on the other end, but would have been great to blair step in for Ford. Armstead has played a lot on the edge, so we’ll see I guess. Interior depth is still great, but that edge has been what’s made the difference imo.

    1. Whoever fills in, better have a lot of pressured rushes, don’t have to have to the sacks, but pressure sure would help. A sack or two would be icing on the cake.
      I think the most important player needing to come back is Kittle.
      Helps the run game and keeps what’s his face on the sidelines.
      Breida would be nice too.

      1. Yes Kittle would be a huge difference maker, plus if we can combo that with a healthier Sanders and dynamic Deebo that makes for a formidable offense going to into the teeth of our schedule. Man this schedule is brutal. When you look at the level of competition and factor in the early bye and injuries, we really could be hobbling into the playoffs. That 1st round bye will be Monumental for us. Luckily Seattle has quite a difficult stretch as well. I’m hoping they slip up one or 2 games. If not we will likely control our destiny in the December match up in Seattle.

        1. I’m a huuuuge Eagles fan this weekend.
          Winning 2 out of 3 would be enormous for the playoff seeding race.
          I’ll take the L vs Baltimore.
          But the packers and saints games are kinda mush wins

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