Garoppolo: “You could crumble up and go into a fetal position and surrender or you could go out and fight.”

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo watches warm ups prior to an NFL preseason football game against the Denver Broncos, Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jimmy Garoppolo Thursday’s press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


Going back to Kansas City, what can that do for you mentally to kind of get going in the comeback?

“It’ll be a good stepping stone. Definitely it’ll be a little weird getting back there, but yeah, just trying to treat it like a normal game.”


Have you flashed back to that moment a lot over these last 11 months?

“Yeah, initially after it happened. I mean, you try to replay it all in your head and what you’d do differently and everything like that and really everything that goes into it. It’s come up a couple times, but I think I’m past that at this point.”


When you watched the tape from last week, what did you see? I know it was just a few snaps.

“Yeah, just little details here and there. Just got to be sharper with those things, starting with myself, and I think it’ll help our offense going forward.”


What were those joint practices like? It seemed like sort of a night and day difference between what you did against the Broncos the Friday and Saturday versus the Monday.

“Well obviously, preseason and everything, you’re not truly game planning and everything, but I thought the practices went really well. We moved the ball pretty frequently and we got into a good rhythm offensively. I just felt like in the game we couldn’t get into that rhythm. I thought that was a big difference.”


ME: It seemed like you had a week from hell last week starting with Wednesday where anything that could go wrong did go wrong. Have you ever experienced anything like that as an athlete and what do you do to just move on and maintain confidence?

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s happened at some point throughout my football career. That’s football, though. There’s going to be ups and downs. As a quarterback, you just try to stay right in the middle the whole time and kind of just do what you do over and over and the results will take care of themselves.”


Head coach Kyle Shanahan was talking about mental hurdles. Do you feel you had some mental hurdles to overcome last week?

“I think it was good for me to get out there, for sure. It’s been, what, almost a year or so and I think naturally you try to block those things out, but naturally I think they just come. So, yeah, I think it was a good stepping stone last week getting on the field, live bullets flying and all that stuff.”


How much do you look forward to getting an extended run where you can have a chance to kind of get into a rhythm this week?

“It’ll be good. Yeah, hopefully we can string some plays together, get some good drives and everything and get the offense moving. It’s just taking it from the practice field and bringing it over to the game field and making it happen.”


It’s only preseason, but there’s been a lot of noise around your outing last week. I’m wondering, do you hear any of that, do you shut it out? You haven’t really in your career had too much criticism and I’m just wondering what’s your reaction to that? Are you able to shut your ears?

“Yeah, throughout my entire football career, there’s always going to be that noise and everything, but you just have to block it out. We have so much going on in our meetings and the locker room, you’re just trying to take all that in that if you start worrying about the outside noise, you’ve got no chance at being successful. I think it’s just staying mentally strong and just doing what we do.”


For most guys that consider themselves their own worst critics, do you beat yourself up after something like that or do you just look at it from a more analytical point of view? How do you deal with situations like that?

“Yeah, I’m very hard on myself, especially that night watching the film, the next day watching the film. At some point, you have to move on. You’re still trying to correct those mistakes and not make the same mistakes twice, but if you just dwell on the past and dwell on that one game, you’re going to get stuck there and you will have no success going forward. I think it’s good to be hard on yourself, but at some point, you’ve got to move forward.”


What did you learn from that, especially with the interception and Kyle was talking about a miscommunication in the protection? What did you see from that play? What did you kind of learn from that?

“Those are just the little details that I was talking about. Just me getting the protection set and everything like that. I think it would just make everything much easier.”


You haven’t had WR Trent Taylor out there, TE George Kittle. Not having those guys, how does that affect you? You obviously have a good chemistry with Trent in particular.

“Yeah, I think all of these receivers, all of our skill players on offense, I’ve got good relationships with all of them and I’ve got confidence in all of them. I think it’s some of that takes time, especially with the new guys, the younger guys. I think that just comes naturally over time. You can’t really press that too much and make it fake. You want it to be real. So, I think that stuff will come with time. Those guys, whoever’s injured, we’re trying to get them back as soon as possible and we’ll go from there.”


With a different center in there now, not C/G Weston Richburg, does that take time as well in this scheme, because I know the center has a lot of communication responsibilities? 

“I thought [OL] Ben’s [Garland] been doing a great job. He’s very clear with everything. We really haven’t had any miscommunications between the two of us so far. He’s done a great job. Those guys up front have done a phenomenal job for me. I appreciate them.”


Kyle said he has goals for you in mind just in terms of how much you play and what he wants to see from you. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to see from yourself in that game on Saturday?

“I think just go out there and execute. As an offense, like I said, get us into a good rhythm, get the ball moving down the field and just kind of string good plays together, one after another. I think that’s ultimately what it’s all about as an offense is just consistently going out there and executing.”


Where are you at health-wise? Did you have to do anything differently after the game, any other nicks or twists or anything?

“No, I really didn’t get hit too much, so I felt pretty good. Knee’s holding up well, so I’m happy about that.”


There’s been a mild hysteria over a preseason game, but you’ve seen when New England Patriots QB Tom Brady had a bad game Monday night against the Chiefs and everyone was like well he’s kind of done now. Week-to-week or day-to-day, things can change about perception. Did you learn from that from watching, not that Brady had tons of awful games, but even he wasn’t immune from that. Does that experience help you kind of put things in perspective a little?

“Yeah, kind of. It’s one of those things that you could react two ways to it. You could crumble up and kind of go into a fetal position and surrender or you could go out and fight. We’ve got a locker room full of guys that want to fight, and myself included. Every day you have to come in and earn your spot. It’s never going to be given to you, so you’ve got to come earn it.”


Kyle said WR Jordan Matthews had a hell of camp. What about his camp was so good?

“Well, it being his first year and coming in and learning as quickly as he did. Our receivers, they’re asked to do a lot of tough things, blocking in the run game, details on routes, motions and all that stuff. He’s done a good job picking up quickly. He’s one of the first guys in, last guys out. He works as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen, so you’ve got to tip your hat to him on that.”

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  1. Grant, good question, However you got a vage response like the kid hadn’t though about it before..
    Do you get a chance to ask follow up question?

      1. In thee games, Bosa’ going to have better stats than JA and QW.
        Of course that depends on him staying on the field.

        I had Josh Allen as a player that the 49ers should have had major interest in dating back to last October, but they saw something better in Bosa.

        I believe that the FO/fans will be rewarded with the Bosa pick sooner than later.
        The 49ers will unleash the Red Kraken (defense) in September and Bosa will be a big part of it.

          1. Of course Bosa was the better pick, and it was also the expected choice around NFL circles. Bosa was the consensus top rated defensive prospect, and rated ahead of Allen for a reason. Not only that, Bosa is a better fit as a tandem bookend pairing along with the speed rushing specialist – Dee Ford. Josh Allen is a nice prospect though, that’s for sure. Allen is dynamic, and very athletic, but he’s clearly a notch below Nick Bosa.

            How funny is it though, that the Raiders took Ferrell over Allen? And what does that say about Allen as a prospect, or does it say more about the Raiders, lol?

            1. You know what else is funny? That some people actually believe preseason stats mean much of anything for top ten picks. Hilarious!

      2. Still giving Bosa the backhand, eh, Subs? Just wait till he gets his first sack. I’ll be driving to your house with a twelver-count on it! Just as drunk and obnoxious as you can imagine!

  2. All football interviews before regular season seem to say nothing. This one with Jimmy case in point… just following the same script. It’s a nice version with lots of words that says no more than a Belichek presser. . Football pre-season as painful as baseball spring training…

    1. Agree, but if it was me, I’d do the same thing. Wouldn’t you?
      The obligation is to address the Press. The degree of candor is a personal choice.
      Bare your soul to SA Smith, Baylis, Florio, Kawakami? I don’t think so.

  3. Never seen 5 passes by a QB in pre-season dissected at this level. First, NN’s Posey invites a minor QB coach to sit down with him and spend over half hour analyzing Jimmy G’s 5 throws. Worth a listen.
    Them Ted Nguyen on The Athletic does his typical bang up job in video analysis. They generally agree on their diagnosis.

    On a different note, it seems that in the absence of Taylor, Matthews has become one of Jimmy G’s favorite receiver. Could be one reason he makes the 53 — along with his ST value.

    1. “Never seen 5 passes by a QB in pre-season dissected at this level.”

      To be fair, have you ever seen an NFL quarterback making $17M a year throw 5 straight interceptions? Because I’ve never even heard of anything like that at any level. Montana used to be hopping pissed if he had one incompletion in practice (incomplete pass, not interception).

  4. JG said all the right things. It is nice to see him being honest and open, detailing what he needs to do to get better.
    I guess he is seeing the chatter, but he does not let it bother him. He never lets them see him sweat.
    I hope he acts like a relief pitcher, and has a short memory. Forget about the past, and concentrate on the next play.

    1. Really Seb? You’re still using Eighties deodorant television taglines in your analysis? You truly have a rotation of 100 or so multi-syllabical words and cribbed 10 cent phrases that you use over and over and over and over and over. Then the formatting like you’re writing a frigging haiku or 4th grade essay….. Get an original thought dude. You haven’t said anything useful since before Kap was the QB.

  5. Looking like KC weather at game time will be tolerable temperature wise, with a modest chance of rain. Arrowhead field conditions (turf) are typically very good.

    1. I said as much last year when people where talking about historical injuries for the team. Injuries are part of the sport.

    2. « Niners aren’t the only franchise with injury issues. »

      Doesn’t stop many from using it as an excuse for Shanahan.

      1. No, it won’t. Excuse for Shanahan, and excuse to eviscerate him. People behaving as people.

        It’s fun to come across a post now and then where someone asserts the 9ers have far and away the worst injury rate in the league–in so many words.

        And Cam Newton now has a foot problem…

            1. Josh McCown should be the Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback. McCown’s final stats: 17/24 (70.8%), 192 yards (8.0 average), 2 TD, 0 INT, 122.2 passer rating.

              The Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback??? Pfft. That statline should make him the Niners No. 1 quarterback.

      2. Not sure if excuse is the correct word when discussing injuries. Seems as tho you’re disdain for Shanny clouds your usually good judgements. Injuries have so much of an impact on football that they have changed rules, changed equipment, and some teams don’t play their starters all pre season – WHY? because they know if an injury hits their key players the season for the most part is over. I think its more or a reason then an excuse. Its too hot, its too wet, the field is crappy, travel to far, etc. – excuses, injuries not so much.

        1. « you’re disdain for Shanny »

          I have zero disdain for Shanahan. Just call it like I see it.

          As another commenter used to write, « you are what your record is. » Funny how that’s changed now because he is so busy carrying Shanny’s water.

          Injuries happen to every team just as Miss Cassie pointed out.

          1. It’s amazing how people are so high on a guy who hasn’t accomplished much as a coach. He’s creative in scheming, I will give him that, but there is so much more to the game than that! It seems like so many desperately want to recapture the Bill Walsh magic that they will graft into someone with a passing similarity to him.

            And the weird thing is that they will think I “hate” Shanahan. Which I don’t. I just don’t “love” him either. I’m ambivalent and want his success but also can see the missteps made along the way.

            In either case, he has no excuses, in my view, this year. This is solidly his team. Backups, 1st team players are all chosen by him for specific purposes. If he falters or succeeds it will be due to his choices as coach and personnel guy.

            Guys who don’t execute, well, his staff chose them. Injuries, he chose the backups. It’s on him.

            1. “Guys who don’t execute, well, his staff chose them. Injuries, he chose the backups. It’s on him.”


            2. Here we are in mid-preseason, and I see guys are in their mid regular season poo fling mode already. Boy oh boy it’s going to be fun around here the next few months.

              1. Wonder why you don’t call out the guys who scream that so and do is headed to the pro bowl or that we are playoff bound. Nothing in this team’s past should give indication that they are more than an 8-8 team at best, and yet….

              2. Wonder why you don’t call out the guys who scream that so and do is headed to the pro bowl or that we are playoff bound.

                Because we are fans and that’s always that hope. Why should we crap on hopeful things?

              3. The team’s past is “meaningless”. There is a difference in fandom Sour. If I was a betting man I would view things much differently then I do now. I enjoy the game I have nothing to lose by being an experienced optimist. 19-0 baby, would I bet on that, hell no, but as a fan and certainly as someone who has played many sports I certainly don’t look for losses, I will say that.

                It isn’t ad normal to think that the way you and Jack talk about Shanny is you don’t like the guy. You guys come across that way. You guys say you are nuetral, that works for me but you don’t come across that way.

                Here is the thing with you Sour, when we were talking about Wish and his hit you had to come up and say well he could of gotten hurt doing that. Come on man, critiquing is one thing being negative is another and that’s negative. If Wish had not tackled him you’re first words would of been “We have a punter”. There would be no way satisfying you with him because he was drafted earlier then you think he should of. Me I don’t know if we have a punter, if he is good I don’t care where he was drafted all I care about is if he is good. Critiquing is one thing being negative is another.

              4. “It isn’t ad normal to think that the way you and Jack talk about Shanny is you don’t like the guy.”

                The guy has been a coordinator/HC in the NFL for 11 years. In 8 of those years his teams have finished in the bottom half of the league. He is what he is.

              5. UC,

                If it isn’t normal to expect more, then count me in. I’ve seen a lot of excuses for the poor play around here for the last three years. And that, to me, is the number 1 trait of those who don’t measure up.

            3. Sour,
              Who is high on him as a head coach?
              Most are saying they don’t know what he is as head coach, because his already crappy roster suffered injuries at its most key positions.

              Unless you are arguing the roster was as good as almost every other roster in the NFL, even after losing their starting qb, like Hammer?

              I think a solid argument can be made against Shanahan the GM… But with Shanahan the coach… I don’t know what we have. I’m just not ready to say he’s good or bad.

              1. Shoup,

                Hammer argued that the QB did not drop off that much, and it didn’t. Although it is hard to say what the W/L would be with JG and jet last year, the team failed to respond and the record shows it.

            4. “Guys who don’t execute, well, his staff chose them. Injuries, he chose the backups. It’s on him.”
              – SY

              No argument there.
              But many here were predicting 8-10 wins in Shanahan’ first season and when that didn’t happen the arrows started to fly.
              All good, except that their blind faith caused many to forget that the team Shanahan inherited was ugly bad.
              There was a reason why the motto “Brick by Brick” came into play.

              Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the criticism has been deserved. But when the losses mounted the “Shanahan bad SB call” started up by many of the same posters who predicted immediate dividends. They blame Shanahan for the current and the past SB loss when he was in Atlanta (before he arrived here).

              Now, I see this as the most critical year for the new regime. Imo, the honeymoon is over and the team must show out if Shanahan and Lynch want to continue to have players, FO and the fans believe in them.
              This is the year reckoning!

              1. But many here were predicting 8-10 wins in Shanahan’ first season and when that didn’t happen the arrows started to fly.

                Seriously? Who could predict that kind of record with a new Coaching staff, an overhauled roster and no QB?

              2. Notanexpert,
                “Seriously? Who could predict that kind of record with a new Coaching staff, an overhauled roster and no QB?”

                Were you here back in 2017?
                You might want to rethink that.

              3. AES,

                No I wasn’t which is why I was asking. If there were people on here who expected that kind of record in year one of Shanahan, it explains all the whining I’ve seen on here about them not winning more games last year. No consideration for why they didn’t, just complaining that they didn’t.

          2. Just call it like I see it.

            UCSF Comprehensive Ophthalmology & Optometry Clinic called asking why you missed your appointment.

              1. No, but they’ve got your 20/200 lenses ready and wanted to know what happened to you. I guess your dog bolted off the harness, and left you Blind In Frisco. No wonder you didn’t show up!

              2. Given that rose colored glasses are worn by billions of robot morons, the eye wear industry must be doing very, very well.

          3. Not a fair observation, Jack. Do injuries happen………………

            1) as badly as they did to the 9ers,

            2)a team that had very little talent to begin with…….

            3)and an irrational fan-base that wants a SB right now-as in, RIGHT NOW.

            Even Subs would admit Balky might have messed the team up just a little…………….

    3. Team medical staff examined Newton’s left foot on the sideline after the sack, his second in three series. The 2015 NFL MVP then walked to the locker room, and the team later announced he would not return.

      Rivera is supposedly on the hot seat already, this can’t help.

      Hammer, a lot of HCs pay the price when a team loses it’s starting QB and collapses (see indy 2011 in particular). Fair or not?

      1. Totally fair. Especially if as the HC you have a large say in the roster.

        Shanahan hand picked all of his QB’s other than Mullens

      2. The expectations around here are unreasonable. You had a roster that was completely overhauled in two offseasons decimated by injuries to key players. There was no time for cohesion due to shuffling in and out weekly in the secondary and the WR corps. They remained competitive with the backup and 3rd string QB, along with all the different lineups from week to week. How do you consistently win games in an unwinnable situation? Better teams have done as bad or worse with stronger rosters and more injury luck than the Niners had last year. Sounds like some of you are already packing it in for the year or are purposely predicting bad outcomes so you aren’t disappointed if things go bad (you can then do the see I told you so) or surprised if things go better than expected.

    1. Well, try suggesting the elimination preseason games to those players who need ‘in-game’ reps to make the transition from the 3s to 2s, or 2s to 1s. ‘In-game’ meaning as close to a regular season game setting as possible.

      As you’re aware, the NFL had six game preseasons for a number of years, going to four in 1978…

      From 1970 through 1977, the NFL season consisted of 14 regular season games and six exhibition games, sometimes but not always three at home and three away (the 1973 Washington Redskins, for instance, played all but one of six preseason games at home), with some played at neutral sites. In 1978, the regular season was lengthened 16 games, and the exhibition season was cut from six to four games.

      I’m good with reducing from four preseason games to two, but wouldn’t advocate eliminating them. If they are eliminated, I’m confident that every fan will accept mostly poor play across the first 5-6 games of the regular season.

    2. CFC,
      The Rams proved that resting their starters in preseason was a good idea.
      But on the flip side, the Patriots played their starters (preseason) and won the Superbowl.

      Sometimes teams are just lucky in avoiding major injuries.
      Bubble wrapping starters won’t guarantee that injuries won’t happen as proved in the case of Cooper Kupp.
      But McVay’ theory is a good one.

      Imho, preseason games are only important for 2nd and 3rd tier players that are vying for jobs.

  6. From the one in a billion department. For what it’s worth Sports Illustrated NFL preview issue has Niners in the playoffs.

  7. I’m not a fan of Dwayne Haskins as a starter prospect but I was watching some Baldy break downs and was really impressed by how much zip he puts on the ball. It just explodes off his hand, fast release, tight spiral and that thing is really moving. Displayed some of his accuracy concerns last night but also had some really well placed passes.

  8. Lynch conversation from yesterday…

    I’d be lying if I told you people haven’t been calling, but we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves, what the right mix is. Sometimes that doesn’t always mean the 53 most-talented guys. It’s a lot of discussions about what’s going to make us the strongest team. Some guys that have tremendous versatility, that comes in handy.

  9. Glad to hear that JL may try to trade away players, and get a draft pick, instead of waiting, and losing them anyways, with no compensation.
    I hope JL is assessing the other teams. Maybe he can find a willing trade partner, who has an O lineman available, but needs help on defense.

    1. I’d love to hear JL’s gardening tips for you Seb. He probably knows about all the things you’re not doing but should be.

  10. sebnynah says:
    August 23, 2019 at 9:16 am
    I see you got your list out. Say your piece and get out.
    Guess I get the gist of it, but its alright.
    Sorry you feel that way, there is only one thing to say.
    Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will survive.
    Go ahead and TrollD away, you have so little to say.
    You try so hard, but failing’s your reward.
    At least I am not you, a know nothing yoo hoo.
    The words you know are all obscene, but it’s alright.
    I will get by
    You still can try
    You fail but strive
    I will survive.sebnynah says:
    August 23, 2019 at 9:16 am
    I see you got your list out. Say your piece and get out.
    Guess I get the gist of it, but its alright.
    Sorry you feel that way, there is only one thing to say.
    Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will survive.
    Go ahead and TrollD away, you have so little to say.
    You try so hard, but failing’s your reward.
    At least I am not you, a know nothing yoo hoo.
    The words you know are all obscene, but it’s alright.
    I will get by
    You still can try
    You fail but strive
    I will survive.

    REPLY: You’re only 50 miles from Napa Sanitarium, Seb…..Check-in approaches rapidly so just show them this video about yourself to ensure the In-Take straight jacket is present:

    Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands

    1. TrollD, this is rich. Maybe you should take your own advice.
      Your delusional fantasies about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, is good reason for you to seek help.

      1. IQ test Seb?…Plagiarizing is lack of creativity memorialized for others to see.

        “Breaking into gun safes….” was what I wrote about you when you went to Aldon Smith’s gun party, fired off semi-automatics and got raided by police. You’ve turned it around on me throughout the years.

        You’re Living In an Amish Paradise, Seb:

        1. “I finally feel like I’m now getting back to how I should be playing.” 49ers WR Dante Pettis says he’s back to the explosive player everyone expects him to be (via @MontePooleNBCS)

          REPLY: Pettis is supposed to be our Jerry Rice this season…All Niner players and coaches see this, he needs to do it game in and game out.

              1. Monty,
                Pettis’ job is not create collisions, but as you say, have one on one moves. That’s what he’s good at. Pettis has the ability to juke the defender at the LOS and get open. Isn’t that what the WR is supposed to do?

                Pettis was injured last year and played hurt when he came back.
                I want to see what he can do when healthy before saying, he has far little else.

                We’ll both get a better idea in what Pettis is soon enough.

            1. Still a bit early. Let’s see how he does this season. He does appear to lack the killer instinct (I know Seb, I may be insisting violence 😬😬😬). Let’s call it focused capacity to play under duress instead. 😂

          1. TrollD, I wanted the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot. You went hysterical, and started fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.
            Nice try, but it is archived.

  11. J.T. O’Sullivan has the youtube channel “The Quarterback School”. He has some very good breakdowns of qb play.
    The link is to his breakdown of Jimmy Gs disastrous Denver game, very insightful.

    Yes, it is the J. T. O’Sullivan of our distant past. In his first game as a niner he passed for over 300 yards and then went the way of all quarterbacks during the Nolan/Singaltary period.

    1. Thanks Leo…..seems like poor execution or worse than poor execution on the offensive side…finding ways to lose games

    2. Leo:

      Thanks for posting this. Really interesting to hear the perspective of somebody who played QB at the NFL level. By no means did he absolve Jimmy G but it was clear there were a lot of problems with the OL and some with WR routes as well. Best part was how J.T. shredded Booger’s analysis.

      1. ” it was clear there were a lot of problems with the OL”

        This is true, and as Shanahan pointed out in his press conference this week about the throw that was picked:

        “There was one play to go over. The miscommunication on the protections that starts usually with the quarterback, changing the protection, you’ve got to make sure everyone gets it. Then, when we don’t have guys blocked because of miscommunication, that you don’t throw it to their team.

        Really wasn’t much info given by JTO that wasn’t clear while watching the game live.

      1. Mood:

        Great response over on NN:

        “yeah, how dare those who actually played at a Pro level compete with ….
        ….Madden-trained keyboard warriors in explaining nuances of the game to us laymen”

        1. Ha ha, thanks! Did you hear that story from Dennis Brown about him running into this guy in an elevator at some football event. The guy sees Brown’s Super Bowl ring and nods at him and says: “Yeah, I got one of those, too”. The chap is an elderly guy in his 60s who’s pretty big. So Brown thinks that he must be a Super Bowl champion from an earlier decade, and out of curiosity he asks the guy which one he’d played. With a straight face, this guy pulls out a realistic-looking ring from his pocket imprinted with logo for the Fantasy Super Bowl Championship!

  12. I hope JG gets hit a couple of times during the game. I think it will do him so good to get hit and get back up and play some more ball. Shake off some of that mental rust.

      1. Correct Sour, like a push to the ground and land on butt :) but ya it will do good for his confidence. He is going to get hit in the season might as well get it done and over with and see what happens before we trade Mullins to Denver.

        1. I’m certain you didn’t intend that, I’m just throwing out there that you can’t really control what type of hits your QB is going to take, so be careful what you wish for.

  13. Hey Grant…

    With all the time you spent at 9er practices the last couple months, did you see Chris Foerster on the field–or some older guy carrying a clipboard that you didn’t recognize (and wondered who he was)?

  14. I dunno about Jimmy, but it looks like Winston is in store for a can of whup ass from our defensive front. 1-0 baby!

    1. Good — Plays a half, avoids injury, moves well in the pocket, jumps up when knocked down a couple times, no sacks, 10 of 14 for 168 yards, 2 TDs, no INTs.

      Poor — Takes a couple sacks early and is noticeably skittish for the remainder of his time on the field, muffs a shotgun snap for a turnover (lacerates the thumb on his non-throwing hand in the pileup), takes 2 delay-of-game penalties, 3 of 14 for 11 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT.

      1. I agree that the good would be a good outing Cassie. Also agree that the bad would be somewhat along what you say at least in stats.

        I expect his outing will be somewhere between the two. 8-16, 1TD, 1 INT

  15. I hope JG can deliver the ball into the hands of his playmakers. If pressured, I hope he throws the ball away.
    I hope they move JG around, so he does not become predictable.
    I hope JG is untouched, yet leads drives that score TDs. Thinking that he will toughen up if hit, may sound nice, but I do not want any chance for injury. I think JG can fully recover and lead the team to victory, if the O line can gel, and play cohesively. The less times he is hit, the better chance for success.
    I do not think they should risk him playing a whole half. Once he leads a scoring drive, they should sit him, and let Mullens and CJB take more snaps, so the competition can continue. Sadly, the Niners may need to keep 3 QBs, because of JG’s regression.
    Maybe by keeping 3 QBs, they will keep only 2 TEs. Hopefully, Kaden Smith can be put on the PS.

  16. Really excited about the game tomorrow…..This is the closest that we will have for a dress rehearsal! Here are a coupla things I will be watching for:

    1) Will Jimmy G bounce back…..Is he the real deal or just another pretty face?
    2) How will our corners do against the speedy WRs of the Chiefs? Who will cover Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman?

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