Geep Chryst improves 49ers red zone offense despite small hiccup

SANTA CLARA – It has come to our attention that quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst is in charge of game planning the 49ers red zone offense every week.

The 49ers have scored touchdowns on 56 percent of their red zone trips this season – 11th best in the NFL, and 16 percent better than their red zone TD percentage last season – 40 percent.

But the last two weeks, the offense has scored touchdowns in three-of-seven red zone trips – 42 percent, very close to last season’s rate.

What’s more, Colin Kaepernick has only thrown the ball into the end zone one time the last two games – the fade to Randy Moss in New Orleans that was almost intercepted.

On the other hand, the 49ers have run the ball in the red zone 11 times the last two weeks.

Against the Bears a few weeks ago, Kaepernick showed a Brett-Favre-like ability to extend red zone plays and fire passes into tight windows in the end zone for touchdowns, but the 49ers red zone offense has been extremely conservative since that game. They haven’t let Kaepernick throw it past the goal line.

Geep Chryst should install at least a half-dozen play action passes to Vernon Davis in the red zone game plan this week, and Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh should let Kaepernick fire it into the end zone more often.

What do you think the 49ers should do to get their red zone offense back on track?

In general, Chryst is showing improvement in his second season as the 49ers red zone coordinator, but as Bruce Bochy would say, “he’s having a small hiccup.”

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