Giants’ offensive coordinator says Justin Smith “gets away with murder.”

Justin Smith is a habitual rule-breaker according the New York Giants’ offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

Here’s everything Gilbride said about Smith, according to a Giants interview transcript: “Smith is a beast on the inside. He’s strong, he does as good a job of grabbing a hold of offensive linemen and allowing those twists to take place. He never gets called for it, so he gets away with murder. That, in conjunction with the ability level they have, makes them as formidable as anybody we go against, and we go against some pretty good ones in Dallas’ and Philadelphia’s. They’re as good as anybody up front.”

The “twists” Gilbride refers to are the stunts Justin Smith runs with Aldon Smith. Gilbride is saying Justin Smith holds the offensive lineman, and that allows Aldon Smith to loop around the inside untouched.┬áThat’s the 49ers’ go-to play to generate a pass rush.

Keep an eye on those stunts this Sunday. You can bet officials will.

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