Goldson: “I think Shawntae will be ready by the time the game comes around.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the transcript of Dashon Goldon’s group interview today from the 49ers locker room.

Towards the end he states that he thinks Shawntae Spencer will play this weekend against the Bucs, despite his toe injury.

Also, he also gives an insight into how the 49ers force so many fumbles. They watch film of how their upcoming opponents carry the football, and he says it was obvious to the team last week that the key Eagles’ skill players are all careless with the football.

You can read Goldson’s words for yourself.

Q: What do you remember from last year’s game against Tampa Bay?

GOLDSON: I haven’t watched a lot of film from last year, but I just remember that running back is a load. They did a good job of running the football against us. They got a couple shots down the field. We’ve got to do a good job of cleaning that up this week. They’re playing good football right now. They’ve got momentum and so do we.

Q: The quarterback is a load too, isn’t he?

GOLDSON: Oh yeah. Big guy, about 6’6” 260 (lbs.). He’s one of those guys that when he scrambles he’ll keep the ball and lower his shoulder instead of sliding or getting out of bounds like some other regular quarterbacks.

Q: Where do you assess yourself right now?

GOLDSON: This is where I wanted to be. I’m helping my team win football games and I’m being productive. I haven’t tried to do anything special. I play within the scheme and I just felt good going into the game. I was well prepared and it showed.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Bucs’ offense, the quarterback in particular?

GOLDSON: The quarterback’s playing good football. I tried to see a little bit of the game Monday Night, and he did a good job with those guys. He’s getting the ball to the receivers. He’s spreading the ball around. He’s a big guy. He can run. And their offense is a power offense. They’re going to run the ball. We know that. And they’ve got some good, athletic guys at the skill positions on the offensive side with the tight end Winslow and they’ve got the two receivers. So, we’ve got our work cut out this week.

Q: How much of the defense’s success this year has come from its ability to generate turnovers.

GOLDSON: We harp on turnovers. We’re doing a good job right now. We’re first in the league or something in turnovers. We’ve got to keep that up. Coaches here are big on turnovers, and the defense that we’re playing and how we’ve been playing has been pretty good for us.

Q: Is there anything special you’re doing in practice or games to make that happen?

GOLDSON: We watch a little highlight reel of how the guys carry the football during the week. The running backs, the wide receivers, and we show a lot of the guys, how careless they are with the football. Some of the guys we faced – we knew there were opportunities there. Coming off of last year we did a lot of turnover drills, and they just harp on it a lot.

Q: Did you notice something with Jeremy Maclin?

GOLDSON: Oh yeah. Him, Vick, the running back especially (LeSean McCoy). All those guys are kind of careless with the football.

Q: With Tramaine Brock out this Sunday with a broken hand and Shawntae Spencer missing practice with an injured toe, you only have three cornerbacks. Do you have any contingency plans where a safety would play cornerback?

GOLDSON: No, we don’t have any safeties playing corner. I think Shawntae will be ready by the time the game comes around. It’s one of those things where he’s got to be careful and cautious going into this ballgame just because of limited (number) of guys we have at the position. He’ll be alright going into this week, and we’ll have no safeties playing corner.

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