The good and not so good from the 49ers’ 2nd OTA of 2016

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood to me during the 49ers’ second open practice of OTAs.


1. CB Jimmie Ward. Started at right cornerback and stayed there all practice. Did not cover the slot. Covered Quinton Patton most of practice and shut him down. Patton caught zero passes during team drills. The only receiver who beat Ward was Eric Rogers, who shook Ward with a hard cut to the outside. Ward seems to struggle covering the deep curl to the outside and the deep out route.

2. WR Eric Rogers. Completely outshined the starting split end, Quinton Patton, for the second-straight practice. Rogers made a team-high six catches, including two first-down catches during a one-minute drill. He ran crossers, slants, curls, outs, ins and go routes and excelled running each of them. I predict he will beat out Patton and start at split end Week 1.

3. WR DeAndrew White. Also caught six passes during team drills, including a left-handed one-hand grab over the middle, which was the catch of the day. White seems almost as effective as Bruce Ellington, and much more dynamic than Patton. I predict White will become the starting slot receiver next season after Bruce Ellington inevitably tweaks a muscle.

4. WR Torrey Smith. Beat Tramaine Brock with a deep curl route on third-and-two during a one-minute drill, then beat Brock again with a deep in route on third-and-19 a few plays later. Both grabs netted first downs. Smith seems to be assuming Anquan Boldin’s old role as the go-to receiver on third down.

5. OLB Eli Harold. Recorded one sack and one pass break up as the starting weakside outside linebacker. Harold clearly is the 49ers’ most athletic linebacker, and I predict he will start and drop into coverage often.


1. WR Quinton Patton. Caught zero passes during team drills and created no separation from cornerbacks. Telegraphed one curl route and allowed nickel back Chris Davis to jump the throw and pick it off.

2. WR Aaron Burbridge. Also created no separation from cornerbacks during team drills. Tried to box out Tramaine Brock who easily ran around Burbridge to intercept the pass. Later, Burbridge made a couple of contested catches including one against rookie cornerback Rashard Robinson. But Robinson broke up a pass intended for Burbridge a few plays after.

3. CB Rashard Robinson. Held his own against Burbridge, then gave up a couple catches to Jerome Simpson and tried to fight Simpson at the end of practice.

4. CB Chris Davis. Started at nickel back and got torched by Bruce Ellington, DeAndrew White and Bryce Treggs – pretty much everyone except Quinton Patton. Don’t expect Davis to make the final roster.

5. QB Blaine Gabbert. Threw two interceptions during team drills, one of which bounced off of a tall screen attached to the back of a ball boy. The screen was supposed to mimic a tall defensive tackle with his hands up. During 7-on-7s, three ball boys with screens on their backs would rush the quarterback, and Gabbert kept hitting the screen. He must have hit it three times. The other quarterbacks didn’t hit it once.


1. TE Vance McDonald. Pulled a Vance McDonald.

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  1. Good to hear some of the WR’s are looking good. I hope it carries over into the preseason games.

    When does Ward playing outside become the norm instead of an experiment? Maybe we are already there.


    1. TE Vance McDonald. Pulled a Vance McDonald.

    Pulling a Vance McDonald should become a staple for describing dropped passes. I think he’s earned it.

    1. Should there be the verb “to vance”? as in “The QB’s numbers were deceiving because multiple of his passes were vanced”.

  2. Grant
    How do you think Ward has been progressing at outside CB? Does he look more natural there or is it still too early to tell?

    1. He looked better today than he did last week. On the other hand, he was covering Quinton Patton today and Eric Rogers last week.

    1. Also loves throwing 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and long. “I’m just giving it to my playmakers.” -PG

        1. MJ

          Some posters on here really have a beef….I suspect that Joe is just stupid with a short memory span….

  3. Jimmy ward is garbage. He’s gonna have trouble against tall receivers which is the majority of them in the league. He’s gonna struggle against small quick ones too. Oooooooh he shut down Quentin Patton. Big deal he’s weak. Rodgers burnt him like most of the receivers will. He’s in trouble already not covering deep routes and our lack of pass rush is gonna make it worse. Thanks Baalke. You really know how to pick em.

      1. Who has he even covered? What a pick 6 in like week 15? I don’t see anyone mention him biting extremely hard on a play action from centerfield that damn near gave up a td. Think before you post.

        1. Sorry ignorant one, but I’ll take the stats over your obvious bias any time, and they clearly show Ward was in the top 10 last season. Get over his rookie season already.

          1. Lmao. What stats? How bout look up the stats on who he guarded. And they want him to cover starting wrs this season? LoL. Sure buddy. Just wait til he gets burnt by real wide receivers this year and see how quick you change your tune.

            1. Your bias is clearly showing. I’ll say it again: get over Ward’s rookie season already.

              1. I agree, Mid and have said it a number of times. It was totally unfair what Fangio did to Ward in the Chicago game. Asking a rookie who is substantially shorter to cover one of the best tall WRs in the game (at that time) and with no help down at the goal line (not just once but three times if I recall correctly). Last year Ward got burnt a few times, but afterwards we learned that most of those were due to blown assignments by Reid.

              2. Who’s talking about his rookie year? Everything I’m talking about was from last season lmao. Your delusional BLIND faithfulness is clearly showing LoL.

              3. Nice try Obvious Bias, but smart fans know Ward was one of the best on the team and in the league last season; the stats add further support to that. It’s very clear that you’re searching for reasons to hate on Ward and nothing else.

              1. What he cover those receivers like twice? Lmao. You guys kill me. You wanna praise the guy for playing against bums and scrubs the last few weeks. Browns bengals with no dalton Rams and bears sorry receivers lol. Ok buddy. He got burnt by lions on tds. Try again roflllll

              2. It’s fairly obvious to everyone that you only see what you want to see. Your bias against Ward has no merit and you know it. Quit talking about this subject before you embarrass yourself anymore.

    1. It’s a preseason workout… Admit to hating Ward, and at least that way we will all know that your statements have nothing to do with the actual play by the db

    2. Hey ihatebaalke

      You’re going over plowed ground…otherwise known as being redundant…just to pick an argument…?

    3. Any idiot that refers to a player as “garbage” should STFU. These guys are professional athletes and ALL of them are superior to a couch potato who thinks he has the right to call them “garbage”.

      1. Yeah I would hope professional athletes are better than people that aren’t lmao. But compared to other professional athletes in their profession they are HOT GARBAGE.

  4. Thanks Grant.

    Ward may well end up the starting RCB at this rate. Personally I think it is an idea that has merit. Will just have to see how he goes out there when its real fire.

    Patton won’t be starting this year. He’ll be the #4 or #5 WR, and STs coverage guy. Again. Which is fine, and is the role he is best suited to. He’s never developed his route running. Good to hear Rogers is starting to stand out. White looked good this time last year too, so not surprised he is excelling in shorts again. We’ll see how he goes when the real stuff starts.

    I’ll say it again, Vance McDonald won’t make the team.

    1. “I’ll say it again, Vance McDonald won’t make the team.”

      I think this is very possible. He did show improvement the second half of last year with Gabbert as QB, but he does not seem to fit this offense as well as he did in years past. And with Miller now in the TE mix, I would not be surprised to see VMac being cut.


      How do the other TEs look? Anyone standing out?

      1. Yeah, I was one of those that was encouraged by what I saw from him the 2nd half of last season. But the drops are just killers.

        1. Wasn’t there some talk that VMac seems to be able to catch a ball thrown from Gabbert more “easily” than one thrown from Kap?

          1. Cubus

            I started saying that because I have eyes, which informed me that Gabbert throws a catchable ball with varying velocities to suit different routes. I don’t know that it’s written in stone, as surely there are some blind people who would argue the point.

      1. No piling on, from me, for bringing new information or opinions to the table.

        I remember when Vernon was “clang hands,” before the “Vernon Post” playoffs game where he dismantled the Saints?

        The sad part of all of this is recalling the Niners having great tight end choices and deciding to let them move on. Walker would be a great contributor still; and we’ve never been to a championship game without a stud tight end. Charlie, Russ, John (Frank), Trent, Vernon/Delaney….to Vance? I’m not feeling it (yet).

  5. That’s why Plain Garbage throws passes 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and long. He knows he can’t complete a long pass against the average ball boy.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. If we have a cover linebacker that can also stick his nose in to stop the run we’ll see a huge improvement over last year.

      I can’t believe some of the teams we actually beat quit throwing over the middle because the linebackers got almost zero passes defensed last year. Bowman was stilled injured, as exposed by his pass coverage and Wilhoitte just looked lost on pass plays.

  6. Victor Cruz
    5115, 206 lbs., 31″ arms, 9.5″ hands, 4.46 40, 1.56 split, 4.17 shuttle, 6.96 cone drill, 10’5″ broad, 41.5″ vert.

    DeAndrew White
    5114, 193 lbs., 31″ arms, 9 1/8″ hands, 4.43, 1.58 split, 4.18 shuttle, 6.97 cone drill, 10’1″ broad, 36″ vert.

  7. Grant, thanks for the breakdown.

    Great news about Rogers. No surprise Patton was outshined. He seems to be Mr. medium at just about everything. I have concerns Burbridge is a similar type receiver.

    Did you get a chance to see how Smelter looks?

    1. Agree about Patton and Burbridge. Smelter played with the 3s today and received zero targets. He looks a little sluggish right now.

    2. Patton has only survived because of the lack of any NFL caliber receiver on this team. He should have been cut 2 years ago. I suspect he will be an early release.

  8. Patton’s ST contributions might not be enough to save him a roster spot. Been dead weight for awhile. Probably would have been cut by now if on most other teams.

    1. Lack of talent at the position will likely save him again, though. He’s a fine #4/ #5 WR and STs contributor.

      1. Scoot

        I think his time has come. Smelter is bigger and stronger, White is younger and more polished, and Ellington is much more dynamic. Patton is a goner.

      2. White and Anderson have a year of experience under their belt which gives them a fighting chance and we still have Smelter. I guess you can throw Simpson in there as well. Rogers is unlikely to take his spot but given just how mediocre Patton has been, in fact mediocre is being too generous, if it comes down to a numbers thing rather then risk putting a hot rookie on the practice squad Patton could be shown the door.

        1. Certainly going to be a highly contested position. Patton will be in for quite a fight.

          I’ve pretty much written Simpson off. Probably shouldn’t, but just don’t see him making the roster.

          This isn’t directed at you, but just my thoughts on the competition – the UDFAs don’t excite me, aside from White (and even then, my feelings are lukewarm at best). Just not sure why any of them should be expected to be better than a WR that caught 30 passes last season, and is pretty good on the STs coverage units. Hopefully they look awesome in TC and earn the job, but at the moment it feels to me a lot of the desire behind seeing the UDFAs win the competition against Patton is the fact they UDFAs simply aren’t Patton (and therefore must be better).

          I agree with people that say Patton hasn’t looked like much if you want him to be a starting WR, but he was still the third leading receiver on the team last year. Sure, I know it wasn’t exactly hard to be the third leading receiver last year, and 30 catches is nothing to be encouraged about, but in my opinion what you want in a reserve calibre WR is someone that can play on STs and has the ability to step in as the #3 WR if needed and catch a couple of passes. Patton is that guy. A reserve WR. An ok one at that.

          The need for a quality WR to start opposite Smith (which Patton is not) is, in my opinion, clouding some people’s ability to see he is actually still a valuable guy to have around. Like Darrius Heyward-Bay is a valuable guy to have as a backup WR for the Steelers.

          1. Scooter

            In your opinion, is Patton giving it ‘everything’ like pushing the envelope…or can he see the writing on the wall ? I appreciate your allegiance to him (I like him too) but it IS a numbers game for the WR’s this year, and despite the naysayers, we have several good ones. Is Patton better than what we might find to replace him from waivers after TC ?…Thanks

            1. I think Patton always gives it everything. He’s one of the most energetic guys on the team. Another of the reasons he is worth keeping around – his energy is something the others can feed off.

              You say there is plenty of talent at the WR position, but I guess I just don’t see it. Find it very hard to get excited about this group. Lots of UDFAs and some mid to late round guys, and aside from Smith and Simpson (who isn’t the player he was 4 years ago), the only other guy to have had any kind of success (albeit limited success) as an NFL receiver is Patton last year. But there are a lot of guys at the position, so hopefully one or two step up to play next to Smith.

          2. Staying penalty free while getting the special team’s job done should be key for the No. 3 and No. 4 wide receiver.

            Two years ago we couldn’t get a snap done in time; and last year we actually fixed that (Tomsula staff’s biggest achievement).

            For next year, I’d like to see some winning plays on special teams; more returns beyond the 20 than in front of the 20 (don’t take it out if you can’t hit the 20); and very few penalties on special teams.

        2. CFC

          Rogers is unlikely what? He is Chip Kelly’s personal addition to this team and is the team’s only physically imposing WR, who also happens to be dominating. He’s guaranteed to make the roster.

          1. CFC

            Rogers is unlikely what?
            Did I say he wasn’t making the team?

            1. I don’t know. You were unclear. Unlikely to take Patton’s spot? On the roster? In line at Starbucks? In bed with Patton’s girl? I don’t know, from what you wrote, the best interpretation was the roster spot.

  9. Grant

    Good stuff. Seems the WRs will be Smith and Rogers, with 3 other guys to make 5 WRs, so that the team can also carry 5 TEs.

    Smith, Rogers, White, _____, ______

    Celek, Bell, Miller, Anderson, Cajuste

    How do Miller, Anderson, Cajuste, Dres Anderson, and Ellington look?

    Also, are you able to get a read on the DL and ILB positions?

    1. Thanks. Ellington and Miller look good. Cajuste has an injured ankle. Anderson and Anderson have been solid but quiet. Smelter hasn’t made a catch during team drills yet. Don’t count out Bryce Treggs.

      1. Grant,
        In your assessment, what do you contribute Smelter’ low showing on?
        Is he still being slowed by the injury that caused him to redshirt last season?
        I had high hopes for this guy.

          1. Thanks Grant.
            Really liked what Smelter did before being injured (in college), can’t wait to see what he can do when healthy.

          2. Right there, that huge softball, just waiting for you to knock it out of the park!!!

            By this time, if he’s still struggling with the physical effects, he’s a goner. I suspect it’s in his head and he needs to just get a few good days in a row lined up.

  10. Also, I note your slight of Ellington, which he’s earned, definitely. I started to wonder how Chip’s attention to fitness, nutrition, sleep, and hydration might impact incidence of injury. Has anybody looked into this? Also, have you been interacting with Saltveit at all?

  11. I recently read that Bill Walsh remarked that Jerry Rice was the fastest player he ever saw from 15 to 50 yards. Who’s that guy on the 49ers, other than CK7?

    1. Actually Kaepernick has the opposite of short area quickness(15 yard dash).

      He is a long strider.

      Don’t know why you cited him.

      To answer your question no one on the team has that 15 to 20 yard Jerry Rice speed.

      No one.

      1. Um, I said 15 to 50 yards. Kap has slow feet in the pocket, but after he gets going, he’s a rocket.

    2. If you look at Rogers CFL highlights and can remember Jerry Rice’s college film, you’d be stunned at the similarity. Play after play of outrunning DBs to get under the ball, able to get to the goal line.

      Plus, his trajectory has been a steady steep climb from humble beginnings. Quite frankly, I feel he may just transform the WR corps to something resembling its past glory and make whoever is taking snaps on Sundays look darn good in the process.

      Go Niners!

  12. WR depth chart looked like this today:

    X: Patton, Rogers, Anderson
    Z: Smith, Simpson, Smelter, Burbridge, Campbell
    Slot: Ellington, White, Treggs

    1. Grant, I was under the impression that the Chip Wagon receivers are neither X nor Z, but left and right….

        1. Grant, is that an indication that those two wide receiver positions are interchangeable, thereby diminishing the skill set differential?

  13. Blaine Gabbert is Mr. 3rd and out and Captain Checkdown. Throwing picks and taking sacks. How is Torrey going to be a threat when Blaine gets blocked by screens and check downs too much?

  14. I’d love to see Bruce Miller climb up the pecking order as a TE. The guy has better hands than VMac and ultimately will make VMac expendable.
    TE prediction:
    1. Celek
    2. Bell
    3. Miller

    The old McDonald theme is getting, well, old. I don’t see Kelly showing any patience with players who have been here for a few years but have not shown much improvement.
    McDonald, Patton, Brock, Carradine, and yes, Kaep could be candidates for this category.

    When Kaep is healthy he will get his opportunity to show, but until this takes place, we can only go off last years performance which left much to be desired.
    But having said that, Gabbert should be taking full advantage of his time right now – today’s practice didn’t seem to indicate that he did.

    I don’t care if either Gabbert or CK7 emerge as the starting QB in September. I do care that whichever QB is the starter plays much better than they played last year.

    1. How is that going to be possible with 6th 7th and UDFA receivers to throw to going up against every top secondary with this year’s schedule?

  15. Football Outsiders projects 4-12 season for 49ers

    By David Fucillo  @davidfucillo on May 12, 2016, 11:27a 171

    View of Jim Kelly’s offense by in Philly:

    I can’t tell you which is worse,:
    lifelong virginity or the eunichs curse,
    if I had to choose,
    well, I’ll give you my view,
    I’d rather be fit for a hearse.

  16. I’m unclear on how Harold can have a “sack” during OTAs – a sack similar to a real game that is.

    1. It’s what you call your virtual sack. Maybe he faked someone out of their jock and had a free runner to the QB.

  17. Hoping Patton gets cut. WR core should be (in starting order)


  18. Glad to see the WRs doing well, but I’m also taking that with a grain of salt. I hope Ward keeps improving. McDonald doing a McDonald isn’t really enough information. Does that mean he dropped an easy pass or a contested pass? Or did he prehaps bobble a pass right into the hands of someone on defense?

    1. Mid,
      I would venture (99%) that McDonald doing McDonald means simply not catching a pass. At this point, the circumstances on how don’t matter anymore to me.

      The real question is can VMac be counted on to make the big catch when we need it?
      My answer is no. And obviously he wouldn’t be my first option on the type of pass, but if he is the only receiver open I need to trust him to make that catch – problem is, I don’t trust him.

      At some point the Org needs to make a decision on whether they move on from a guy who has not improved and begin the process of upgrading the position. Moving Bruce Miller to TE might be the writing on the wall for VMac.

      1. It could also be the writing is on the wall for Miller. As in there was no other position for him, other than TE, since Kelly use FB’s.

        1. Miller will be on the team, which will carry 5 TEs and 5 WRs, with Cajuste being listed as a TE but playing both positions.

        2. Ex,
          As someone here stated, Miller is a “football player” who has played the game since he was a little boy.

          He was a very good DE coming out of college (UCF) and made the conversion to FB in the pros almost seemingly.
          He has better receiving hands than VMac and will leapfrog him in TC unless Vance has an epiphany and channels Dave Casper, which I strongly doubt.

          My only concern with Miller is his size. He is only 6′ 2″ and weighs less than 250 lbs which is not an idea size for the TE position. But then again, he has transitioned pretty well when making a position change before so who’s to say he won’t do it again.

          1. Delanie Walker is 6’0″ and not as good a blocker or receiver as Miller, though he is considerably quicker and faster.

          2. Miller is a great blocker that can seek out and hit linebackers correctly. If the Niners are going to win games, he’ll be in them.

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  20. Great post, Grant. Sounds like you focused on the players, with good insights.Just what I wanted to hear about.

    Well, posters will get on my case, but I still advocate trading Patton, Vance and Bruce Miller. If they cannot bundle them for a higher draft pick, they should trade them singly.

    Now is the time to do it because if they wait until the TC, other teams will just wait until they are cut and pick them up for free. This way, the other team would have time to work them into their system.

    I think they have seen enough, and instead of wasting valuable practice time on them, trade them away and let the other players get more reps. I know it sounds cold, but maybe they could help their new team, and will thrive with a fresh start.

    Sorry to hear about Gabbert, but to be fair, Kaep had a lot of passes batted down during games. Hope the drills help improve their passing skills.

    I know you doubt Ellingtons’ durability, but I think he will fit well into the Chip Kelly system.

    1. Nobody would get on your case for suggesting a SENSIBLE trade, especially if it was the first time you did so. But this is, what, the 408th time? Give it a rest.

      Oh, and Miller is a TE and won’t be going anywhere. He’s what’s affectionately called a “football player.”

      1. Baalke loves to accumulate draft picks, and other teams who need a better FB will covet him. Miller ran a 4.8 forty. Do not think that is fast enough for a Chip Kelly scheme.

            1. No true 49er fan would ever think or suggest trading or letting go Bruce Miller.


              1. Walsh let Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott and Roger Craig go. I think Miller is expendable, especially since Chip did not have a FB in Philly.

                Last I heard, Bruce Miller was told he was no longer a running back. he was told to become a TE. He may not even make the team, with 6 TEs (including Cajuste) on the roster.

                I hope the Niners get a good draft choice for BM, after some team loses their FB to injury, and offers decent value.

                I hope Bruce Miller goes to a team that will use him a lot, so he is happy, and productive. Here, he might languish on the bench.

      1. I think he has seniority, and they will decide later, who fits where. I was surprised Thomas is at RG. Last coaches had Devey there with Thomas sitting, because I think they said Thomas was only good on the left side.

  21. Early guess for the Week 1 WR depth chart

    X: Rogers, Cajuste
    Z: Smith, Smelter
    Slot: Ellington, White

      1. Not exactly brimming with experience, but there’s a Super Bowl winner, a great role model, who learned under Boldin and is one of the league’s legitimate deep threats. Behind him is a fascinating blend of size, speed, quickness, and skill.

        I’m excited to see what Chip does with all his pass receivers this season. It’ll be a stark departure from the last couple of decades.

        1. Behind him is a fascinating blend of size, speed, quickness, and skill.

          You should be writing Niners propaganda pieces Pork. This would fit in the game day programs or media guides perfectly.

          1. Thank you, Rickety.

            It’s true. It’s fascinating because it’s impossible to know who we have. White was a superb complement to Cooper at Bama, Rogers is enigmatic in his length, Smelter is a big dude with enormous hands, Ellington has shown game-breaking ability, and everyone on here seems enamored with Cajuste, though I’ve no idea what he brings to the table, honestly.

    1. I understand how he can look good running around in shorts against no real defense but I think it’s a bit premature to think Rogers is a week 1 starter. I’m aware that Kelly likes the kid but there is a reason he not only went un-drafted but remained unsigned after spending time in camp with Dallas and after a tryout with the Patriots just this past December. I have to really think that with as bad as the Patriots need a star receiver if they saw something in Rogers he would have been kept around. Now that doesn’t mean he’s a bum I’m just suggesting it might be a bit early penciling him in as an NFL starter just yet.

      1. There’s a propensity to get too excited about individual reports this early in the attrition process. Many of these guys fade into the background once the hitting begins. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate them. I certainly do, Grant….

  22. Ill say it.Vmacs problem is not hands its confidence.he has absolutely none granted hes dtoped a few passes but he showed sings of improvement last season.he has less than like 60 career targets in 4 seasons he needs some confidence if he could find that he’ll be fine. still think he makes the team celek always injured and mac is a great blocker just saying.

    1. I agree that confidence is part of his issue, but even in college he had a tendency to look to run before he had the ball. It may be a concentration issue, especially since in at Rice he made some spectacular catches (those on which he had to concentrate) and dropped easy passes.

      I have been a proponent of VMac in years past when his efficacy as a blocker was important in the offense, but I do not think he will be as important in the new offense.

      1. Maybe the coaches should instruct Vance, once he gets past the sticks, to just concentrate on catching the ball and fall down.

        Vance is a liability if he continues to have balls clank off his hands.

        I agree with Scooter. He is expendable, especially if Bruce Miller becomes a TE. Maybe they should trade him to San Diego.

          1. Yup, if Vance starts to run before he catches the ball, then drops it, it is ‘brilliant’ to just let him keep doing that. The last coaches did that, and we all saw the results.

      2. JPN,

        Very good point about the diminished reliance of blocking by the TE’s in this offense. VMac’s best attribute is not as valued in this system which may lead to his release. It will be shame if it happens though. He has the perfect size and athleticism to be a real weapon in the passing game. Unfortunately the consistency in securing the football hasn’t developed along with it.

        1. “He has the perfect size and athleticism to be a real weapon in the passing game.”

          During the 2014 Championship game against Seattle, there was a clip where they showed Vernon and VMac talking as they were going to the line of scrimmage. I was very surprised at how much bigger VMac was/is than VD.

          Why can’t he just spend 30 to 60 minutes every day on the Juggs machine, like VD used to do? I would think if he was doing this we would hear about it just like we did with VD.

          1. Cubus,

            I don’t know how hard he works at it but sometimes it can’t be fixed. Whether it’s concentration, hand eye coordination or something else, some players just don’t develop the ability to do it. I do agree with JPN that another team will pick him up if he’s released though. Somebody is going to be convinced they can fix whatever the problem is.

        2. I agree it will be a shame. I had high hopes for him. I do think another team will pick him up if he is released.

  23. Seb i agree but also disagree. vmac i dont see as expendable once again celek is always hurt always.there is not one te that we have that can block anywhere close to ad good as vmac and we are going to run the ball alot.i just dont see why we wpuld let him go.i love miller hes just not tall enough in todays nfl for a te i still think the te will be vmac,bell, miller celek goes down in preseason

    1. I am hoping Busta Anderson emerges.

      Vance is a road grader blocking, but if he has passes clank off his hands and they are intercepted, he is too much of a liability. I agree with what Scooter said.

      1. If Anderson could assert himself through training camp, and Bell does the same with improved blocking, that would bode well for a nice pair of TE’s moving forward….

        1. Since they are using Driskel on ST, maybe they should try him out as a TE. He has the height and speed, so he may help the team, and being a QB, he must be smart enough to know all the routes to run.

    2. East, I hear what you say, but I do not want to assume Celek will become injured. Most of his injuries were minor, no ACLs, so now that he is fully healthy, I hope he shines. Last year, he made amazing catches in practice. Hope he shows that during the games.

  24. I see that R Robinson likes to talk. Maybe he should shut up, study hard and put his nose to the grindstone. First he needs to accomplish something before he starts talking smack like Sherman. Sounds like he will be easily rattled and put off his game, so the less trash talking he does, the better.

    1. You’re an unapologetic moron, Seb. All the great CBs are filled with exactly the temperament Robinson is showing.

      1. JC, rookies should keep their head down and learn. Being cocky and talking smack just confirms my belief that there was a good reason why he was suspended from the team at LSU.

        Assuming Robinson is a great CB is telling me more about your football acumen, and you calling me names just confirms it.

        1. Robinson’s temperament is exactly what we need and every rookie should try to imitate.

          I read he got into small fights with Simpson. We need more of that.

            1. Seb

              You’ve more than earned a whole heck of a lot worse than that name. There’s not a poster on this blog who appreciates anything you write. Digest that for a moment.

              And then tell me the 49ers can’t use a 6’2″ CB who runs a 4.29 40 and acts like he owns the field. The cockiest CB ever is also the best.

              1. JC, Frankly, I don’t give a damn. Do you think I appreciate some of what you write? Usually it is some drivel, trite or a screed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

                Saying that some cocky 20 year old noob who was kicked off the team and picks fights in practice is on the same level as Richard Sherman means you are not really very bright of have a clue. So he can run fast. Big deal. He is also a bean pole and will get crushed by some savvy veteran. Baalke really reached on this pick, and if he succeeds, it will have to be after he grows up. Picking fights in practice means he is not disciplined, and is definitely not a team player. If a fellow team mate can get him upset enough to fight, imagine what an opponent will do, especially after burning him a bunch of times.

                The problem is- you cannot differentiate between confidence and hubris. The difference is ignorance, and you fall on the wrong side of that spectrum.

              2. JC is right about a lot of the best players being cocky though, Seb. I don’t mind seeing young guys show some brashness, being willing to get amongst it. Much better than meekness. Shows he has confidence. Very important commodity in athletes.

              3. I’m big on a confident corner and Robinson has the tools to back it up. He’ll be starting next year if he keeps his nose to the grindstone, and he’s the perfect risk versus reward player you want to roll the dice on in the 4th round….

              4. Seb

                Again, you’re an unapologetic moron who’s allowed to stick around because you’re a volume shooter. You write 100 comments and 0 of them are appreciated by anyone. It’s obvious you don’t give a damn, because you continue to waste everyone else’s time on here.

                Case in point: Robinson already weighs 185, which is just 10 pounds lighter than Sherman, who is 8 years older and an inch taller. But you don’t care about reality. He’s only 15 pounds lighter than Dontae Johnson. It doesn’t matter. He’ll add the weight.

                And another sign you’re a ginormous donkey: Simpson is the guy picking fights in OTAs. Robinson didn’t take kindly to it? Good!!! I don’t want some pansy-arse beach trying to shut down AJ Green and Julio.

                I know you’re not going anywhere, but just remember, there is not a single person on this blog who gets anything but more stupid by reading anything you write.

                Happy Friday, my friend.

              5. JC, I see you are my new tag team antagonist, so I hope you do not take it too personally when I say that I feel that you are such a mental lightweight, I kinda feel sorry for ya.

                Have a nice day.

              6. Seb

                It’s all in good fun. Everyone on this blog knows you’re a tool. If you ever write anything that’s worth the time it takes to read, I’ll let you know.

              7. Scooter, ALL football players are brimming with self confidence. However, being cocky and arrogant are not desirable if you cannot back it up. Imagine some TE who weighs 260, and has a running start to block Robinson. Robinson will get blown up. I fully expect some 6’3″ 220 lb WR is going to run over RR, be easily able to screen him away from the ball, and carry him downfield because RR does not have the bulk or strength to bring him down.

                Of course, I hope RR does well, but he had red flags draped all over him, and his belligerence to pick fights in the OTAs just means to me that he is not disciplined and under control. Maybe he will grow up, but so far, he is not starting material to me. He may have skills, but his mental make up has lots to be desired.

              8. JC, its all in good fun? Why am I not laughing?

                Please, I beg of you, stop reading my posts. We both will be a lot happier.

              9. JC, Simpson is vested veteran, and should not take guff from an arrogant rook. It was reported that RR instigated the second fight, that he sought out Simpson.

              10. Not many CBs are going to outmuscle a 260lbs TE with a full head of steam, Seb.

                This just appears to be another topic we will disagree on. And not all of the guys in the NFL are brimming with confidence. Complete load of rubbish. These kids are now coming against the best players they’ve ever had to face, and you better believe there are going to be a LOT of these guys that lose their confidence as they are no longer the most athletically gifted player on the team. Confidence is easy to have when you know you are the best, and keep getting told how much better you are than everyone else. Won’t be that way except for the select few in the NFL.

                So long as he keeps working hard at his craft, and doesn’t let his emotions lead to many unnecessary penalties in games, I don’t see any reason to be concerned about him being brash. This team needs as many self confident players it can get.

              11. Scooter, look at the Warriors. They have players brimming with confidence, but they are not full of hubris and pick fights. They may play with a fiery intensity, but are humble enough not display arrogance.

                The Niners, being a 5-11 team, should not be arrogant and bombastic. Until they start winning games, they should be quiet, humble, and put their nose to the grindstone. Even if they do start winning, they should realize how easy it is to regress, and stay humble, so they do not give the other team any more incentives to win.

                Arrogant and cocky is fine with a savvy battle tested veteran like Sherman, even though I do not like him, but an untested rookie CB who has only played 8 games in his career should be more humble.

                Confidence is rubbish? Maybe you mean OVERconfidence.

              12. Draymond Green talks trash all the time. The whole team is known to be one that talks trash.


                So yeah, nice example. They are indeed a good example of a confident team.

                “Confidence is rubbish”? If you are going to paraphrase what I say at least do me the courtesy of maintaining the meaning behind what I said. That’s not even close to what I said.

              13. Sorry, Scooter, I have been victim of that so often, I do not want to project that inference on your post.

                You just made my point. The Warriors can be demonstrative because they are the World Champs. They earned the right to strut.

                Let Robinson win a playoff game before he starts trash talking.

              14. Yet, during the interviews, they seem pretty humble, give a lot of credit to their team mates, and universally praise Kerr for making a system where defense and team work trump individuality.

              15. Robinson came across as quite humble in his media session afterwards.

                You are making a lot out of a little push and shove at practice.

                Btw, the Warriors were trash talking before they won a championship. Check the date of the article I posted.

              16. Scooter, Draymond is talkative, but he is just one player on the team. Overall, they may be confident, but realize that trash talking just gives the other team more incentives to play harder. The Warriors do not seem to be a trash talking team like some other teams, with the exception of Draymond, and he can back up his talk with his play.

                Sounds like Robinson got a talking to, if he said those things after the practice. So do you want the meek mild Robinson, or the brash, cocky arrogant fighter? Cant have it both ways.

              17. Sure you can, Seb. On the field I want him to be himself. If that’s a guy that likes to talk, is a bit brash, then go for it son. Above all else, play confident. If off the field he tones it down and is more humble in front of the media, then great. It shows some maturity to go along with his attitude.

        2. Wouldn’t keeping their head down mean they are meek and would not that make you question their fire and desire to be leaders?

          I guess I like that the kid has a bit of fire. As long as it doesn’t become disruptive and habitual it should be fine. Just a competitor out there. If you read the transcript of his interview I think he comes across rather well.

          Hopefully his past mistakes are behind and he can concentrate on what he does best.

        1. TrollD, no I do not want a Milk toast team. I want a team that does not get upset easily, who respects their opponents and acts with class. I want a team that does their talking on the field through their play, instead of their mouth.

          Talk is cheap, but it can be very expensive if the other team uses those words to gain more motivation to shut them up.

          Robinson, as a raw rookie who played very little due to being punished, really should shut his mouth and play hard. The last thing in the world the Niners need is a loose cannon on the field who will cost them games because some noob is reckless, undisciplined and out of control.

    2. Seb

      You really are just the saddest clown in the ring. Who said the following?

      “As a young player, I think the most important thing to do is just go out there and work hard and get in the film room, study, and know the playbook.”

      Time for you to go.

      1. JC, maybe you do not realize it, but I wrote those things almost verbatim. So guess you are agreeing with me.

        1. SebMoron

          You wrote those words almost verbatim to state what Robinson should say, after he had already said it, while ripping him. Those quotation marks belong to Rashard Robinson. You’re unbelievably stupid.

          Time for you to go.

          1. Yup, they all say that, but once on the field he reverted to the brain dead, easily upset clown act, picking fights because he got torched and needled about it.

            So now you claim you want him to be cocky and arrogant, but then quote him being humble. Sounds like you do not know what you are talking about, or are just talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    1. Robinson was a big risk, but considering the players chosen after him, it was not a very wise decision , either.

      Kenneth Dixon RB, Dak Prescott QB, Devontae Booker RB, Dean Lowry DE, Seth Devalve TE and Cardale Jones were all selected after Robinson.

      Even Paul Perkins RB, was chosen 16 picks later, and with Hayne retiring, drafting a RB earlier may have been a better strategy.

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